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tv   President Obama Holds News Conference on ISIS  CSPAN  August 5, 2016 12:25am-1:11am EDT

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time, there was thought that this video was related to the attack. later it was shown that the attacks were corrugated, it was not spontaneous. the question is what does hillary tell the families? we do not have recordings or independent evidence about it. we have spoken to as many members of the families as we could locate and who were willing to talk to us. some of them said she did not mention a video. specifically they said she gave indolence is, said this was a terrible act, did not mention a video. smith andst patricia another family member said she mentioned a video. we have not given this fact check a rating because it does seem like a he said, she said
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situation. we cannot verify what happened in this conversation. said it wasthat she a video. some of the initial intelligence around the incident pointed to the video. people may remember that susan rice went on the talk shows and spoke about the video. there is no evidence that the video was some sort of manufactured excuse. it seems to be what's one of the leads they were generally pursuing at the time. that is accommodated situation. it is a sad situation. that is what our reporting has found. host: we go to a democrat in south central carolina. caller: good morning. i kind of question some of the objectivity of your guest language here. you have already admitted that you go for the more spectacular ratings. to me, you said that hillary speaks in lawyer talk and i'll
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trump just wins it -- donald trump just wings it. in with the controversy about what has been going on in the newspapers recently. did you take into account that the fbi director had rescinded some of his testimony the day after he gave it in regards to whether hillary lied or not? it seems to me that there is quite a few factors that you guys pick and choose how you want to present. host: we will get a response. don't recall the at the fbi director rescinding any of his testimony. he might have made additional comments. i am not aware of that. we get a lot of reader feedback of people who have strong
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opinions on politics who tell us they do not like our reports because we are biased, or they do not like our findings. when i say to them is that we are trying to give you credible, accurate information. we give all of our sources. we lay out all of our findings. if we got something wrong, we are human beings, we make mistakes. we try to correct it promptly. i would ask people who do not like the findings that think we are biased, what is wrong in the report? we feel like people can look for themselves in our sources and gauge the accuracy. a lot of readers will disagree with the ratings. they will say i do not like you rating it mostly false incident mostly true, even though i agree with your fax. feelings run very high on both sides. we feel like our method is a
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sound method and we invite people to look at our sources. host: ohio, independent. are you there? caller: hello. host: go ahead with your question. caller: i have a comment and a question. number one, this is my comment. obama twice.arack i wanted to vote for hillary clinton, but she got beat. happened withg the benghazi thing, now the e-mail thing is going on. i feel that i just don't trust feel that ifso donald trump does not get his way and somebody says something bad about him, he will push the
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button. that kind of scares me. this may be the first time that i may not vote. that is kind of sad. here's my question. , i amn the two candidates on social security disability, i am just wondering, who is going to keep social security whobility in place, and wants to get rid of it? on top of that, social security for like my parents or my son -- host: okay. guest: good question. i cannot speak specifically to social security disability. i can speak about social security generally. in this election, both donald trump and hillary clinton are supportive of social security.
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the democrats have traditionally supported the program. -- there isen talk been a lot of different talk within the democratic party of social security. some say they need to reduce the rate of increase, this gets really wonky, as a way to rein in government spending. others say don't do that. bernie sanders was publicly opposed to that. others say raise social security for the poorest seniors. it is a modest amount that is your soul retirement income. the republicans have talked about privatizing elements of social security as a means to save money. donald trump has said we will not do this. this is one of the most popular programs in government. we should not -- it is politically a bad idea to touch
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social security. that is his position. his running mate, mike pence, he has favored some of these privatization plans. donald trump is the candidate. we fact checked harry reid during the democrat convention that said donald trump and mike pence want to privatize social security. we rated that mostly false. we are pulling that up for our viewers. they can see it. a republican in mississippi. i getting the view that lers do your cal not have a view of what is going on. clinton has been in the political arena for 30 years. donald trump has been a businessman. his business has nothing to do with this election because he was a businessman.
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clinton, you have to hold her responsible a little bit, a lot really. waters forsting the and the voters. host: we will leave it right there. a republican in scottsdale, arizona. caller: hello. thank you to c-span. i'm going to consummate you, complimentppelman -- you, angie that you will throw all this propaganda as and believe we will believe it. you are so biased in your reporting and how you brought things through. the sunday program from chris walls was very interesting. the only had one great question
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he asked her regarding benghazi. here is my question. i'm disappointed. has asked her, and he had the opportunity to do it, and that is when you were in the situation room for the four hours you were in there, where was obama, and were you watching live video of the attack with the drone? no one has asked her that question. host: let me turn to our guest. guest: that comes up a lot. where was president obama? we have looked at this before. they were not watching live video of the benghazi attacks unfolding. that is something that has been repeated. there is no information to support that. we have not found any information to support that. we have done some fact checking where we looked at where was clinton. the attacks happened at night in
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libya. that was in the middle of the afternoon in washington. no one was in their bed. callers was saying we were biased. but which way are we biased now? we get it from both sides. new jersey, democrat. caller: good morning. confused. when you spoke of that chris wallace interview, and hillary got pants on fire for all those phone calls, e-mails that were supposed to have been spent, houses that were supposedly -- thousands that were supposedly sent over her computer. how can hillary sits at her computer and send thousands of
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e-mails and be the one that is sending them. it does not make sense to me that she could be the one that sent those e-mails and is accused of being the one that sent them. there is no way that i could conceive that she sent thousands of e-mails because if she did that, she would not have anything else to do. host: ok. we take your point. guest: these are all the e-mails. let me back up a little bit. controversy ise what hillary clinton became secretary of state, she did not want to use a government server. she wanted to put all of her e-mails on a private server that was in her house. some of the messages she sent at the time, she was concerned about her personal e-mail becoming public. that is what she said that then. during the campaign, she said she did not want to use two devices.
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the idea being that you have a state department device and her personal e-mail device. for all the one system of her work and personal e-mail. the thousands of e-mails where the e-mails she sent and got back from her staff. a lot of these have since been made public. attorneysned is her went through her e-mails and deleted everything they thought was personal. they turned over the state department e-mails to the government. that is what they have been going through and making public. byis not she sat down herself and typed out thousands of messages. there were thousands of messages exchanged between her and her staff. host: let's talk about the democratic national convention, the republican national convention. we will start with hillary clinton at the dnc. she is talking about the obama administration and the economy. take a look.
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ms. clinton: i do not think president obama and vice president biden get the credit they deserve for setting us from the worst economic crisis of our lifetime. [applause] our economy is so much stronger than when they took office, nearly 15 million private sector jobs. 20 million more americans with health insurance. an auto industry that just had its best year ever. angie dobnic holan. guest: we will give her credit for the auto insurance -- health insurance and auto industry. she said there were 15 million private sector jobs, the actual number is not 15 million, it is 10 million. we rated her half through on that.
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she got to the 15 million number by counting from the very lowest point of the presidency. if you count from the day they took office, they were still losing jobs when they took office. in went down and then back up. then again was 10 million. host: let's look at donald trump at the rnc in cleveland. mr. trump: these artifacts. -- are the facts. decades of progress in bringing down crime rates are now being reversed by this administration rolling back criminal enforcement. inicides increased by 17% america's 50 largest cities. int is the largest increase 25 years. [booing] capital's,on's killings have risen by 50%.
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[booing] they are all nearly 60% in baltimore. in the president's hometown of chicago, more than 2000 people have been the victim of shootings this year alone. almost 4000 have been killed in the chicago area since he took office. rated his statement half true. he is correct in his numbers about the homicide rates going up in the largest cities in a single year. the problem is that it looks like it is just that particular year. the long-term trend is going down. the murder rate has slowed significantly since the 1990's. when we talk with knowledge us, we asked how significant this one-year increases. they said we cannot even tell you because the crime statistics
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fluctuate your year. you need to look at long-term trends. murder rates are being driven by your particular cities that have problems, houston, washington, baltimore, and chicago. in most cities we see these trends going down. trying to paint this picture that crime is on the rise, but the statistics overall, looking at the long-term, they showed declining across the country. host: let's hear from maria, independent. caller: good morning. i wanted to bring up stories that have not been sufficiently explored. the first one is the fact that right bar brought out that khan is retired from a firm that represented the clinton foundation. he is from a group actively recruiting muslims to buy their
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way into the united states as citizens. hillary clinton claims to love children and women, and yet her husband has gone 22 times to a place with a convicted pedophile. host: where did you get that information? caller: breitbart. the third thing i wanted to when up is the fact that he was at oxford, bill clinton took a trip to the soviet union. nobody wants to explore that. -- is, ithing is that am sorry -- have a response to what you said so far. guest: i'm not sure i have a response to what she said about mr. khan. this is a conservative website. we have fact checked a lot of claims of what people see on
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bretbitbart. it is extremely conservative sites. it is promoting a point of view. as far as bill clinton visiting the soviet union. that is on back sometime. i think that has been investigated several times. i would have to look at the research on that. biography, bill clinton and hillary clinton, there is a lot of research done on it. we have books about them. whenever we have fact checked about either of them, we have decades of reporting to look at. host: you can look on their website where they had bill clinton's file and his scorecard over the years. caller: good morning. i think you and your producers do a fantastic job fielding the calls from the public, we are a difficult lot to put up with.
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having allr in democrats sometimes, all republicans sometimes. hillary clinton live a times on sunday with chris wallace. times -- lied eight times in the last year. like australia, taking guns away from american citizens. thank you. guest: the astro the example is an interesting one. we have looked at it -- australia example is an interesting one. they did a gun buyback where they purchased them. clinton has mentioned that. she has not put that forward as a proposal. i believe the republican comments have been that is one way -- that her candidates --
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comments have been that is one way other countries have done it. she has emphasized back rent checks and making the system -- background checks and making that system safer. not in are you are gunshot, you are not publicly advertising gun sales in an ongoing basis, those private sales are not background checks. a lot of the mass shootings we have research at the fact, they are often people buying guns legally. it is hard to see how tightening background checks what happened prevented that. if they do not have a criminal record, if they do not have a record with the mental health system, they can buy guns legally. flagstaff, arizona,
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democrat. good morning. go ahead. caller: good morning. pretty much what is on my mind says, theis, as it way things happened going for donald trump. the things he has been saying, doing, what not. i don't think that's something the republicans believe in. not like that. them for backing away and saying nothing at times. they don't approve of what he is saying and doing. i don't know exactly. is that conservativism? is that the party in general? trump,think that donald how do you put this, i think he might be by pollen -- bipolar.
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i do not mean that as a joke. i have studied psychology. go too far't want to down that road. that is your opinion. i want to end with this by politifact. 500 promises, 500 promises from obama that he made on the campaign trail. we have been tracking these promises. we have a section called the obama-meter. we are planning more coverage for later this year. we will see what he has a conflict and what he has been unable to fulfill. projectvery interesting that is tracking an entire presidency. we are also getting ready for the next version. we have been collecting campaign
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promises from donald trump and hillary clinton. we will be tracking their campaign promises, seeing if they can achieve their agenda. you can stay current with all the promises they have made on the campaign trail. website,o to the facts politifact' >> "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, what is the current state of the zika virus in the united states, and whether experts are concerned as the olympics begin in rio. also, jonathan rauch will discuss his recent cover piece, "how american politics went insane," in which he characterizes the major presidential campaigns.
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as well as the division between the white house and congress. be sure to watch "washington journal," live, beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern friday morning. >> committee of next on c-span -- coming up next on c-span, we will take you to the pentagon, where president obama updates us on the fight against isis. then, an update on the zika virus and the risk to women 's health. then, the national security panel. the viceollowed by presidential candidate tim kaine. yout can watch all of our videos at anytime. here, you can type in the name of a bigger, the sponsor of a bill, or recent event topics.
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click on the program you would like to watch, or refine your search with our many search tools. if you are looking for the most current programs and a want to search the video library, our homepage has many videos ready for your immediate home viewing, such as the day's "washington journal," so, if you are a c-span watcher, check it out at >> on a visit to the pentagon today, president obama addressed members of the press after meeting with his national security staff. he talked about the fight against isis and the $400 million cash transfer to iran. this is about one hour.
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[background conversation] pres. obama: good afternoon everybody. i just met with my national security council on the campaign against isil. i want to thank them for hosting us and their continued leadership of our men and women in uniform. i last updated the american people on our campaign in june, shortly after the horrifying attack in orlando. we have continued to be relentless in our fight against
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isil. on the ground in syria and iraq, isil continues to lose territory. tragically however, we've also seen that isil still has the ability to direct and inspire attacks. so, we have seen terrible bombings in iraq, jordan, lebanon, saudi arabia, yemen, and afghanistan, attacks on an istanbul airport, a restaurant in bangladesh, celebrations at a church in france, and the musical festival in germany. losses in iraq is causing it to shift to tactics we have seen before, an even greater emphasis on encouraging high-profile terrorist attacks, including in the united states. as always, our military, diplomatic, intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement professionals are working around the clock. with other countries and with communities here at home to share information and to prevent such attacks.
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and over the years, they have prevented many. but as we have seen, it is still very difficult to detect and prevent lone actors or small cells who are determined to kill the innocent and willing to die. that is why we will keep going after isil aggressively over every front of this campaign. our air campaign continues to hammer isil targets, 14,000 strikes so far. 100,000 sorties, including isil those hitting core. stark contrast to isil, america's armed forces would do everything in our power to avoid civilian casualties. with our extraordinary technology, we are conducting the most precise air campaign in history. after all, it is the innocent civilians of iraq and syria who
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are suffering the most and need to be saved from isil's terror. when there are civilian casualties, we take them very seriously. we work to find the facts, be transparent, and hold ourselves accountable to doing better in the future. we continue to take out senior isil leaders and commanders, including isil's deputy minister of war, a top commander in anothernd significant loss for isil, its minister of war. safeof isil's leaders are and we will keep going after them. q, forcesound in ira keep pushing isis back. iragi forces with coalition support finally liberated falluja. now they are clearing areas near the euphrates valley and a strategic air base 40 miles from
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mosul, the last major stronghold for isil in iraq. given the success, the additional 560 u.s. support personnel i order to arrive last month will help turn this base into a logistical hub and launchpad for iraqi forces of the push into mosul. coalitionin syria, a of local forces, backed by our special operations forces and airstrikes, continues to take the fight to isil as well. it is fighting its way into a town that is a gateway for terrorists coming in and heading out to go to europe. which is why isil is fighting hard to hold it. as isil is beaten back, we are getting vast amounts of intelligence, some in documents drives, which we will use to continue to destroy networks and stop foreign fighters. we continue to intensify efforts
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against al qaeda in syria. it cannot be allowed to maintain a safe haven to train and plot attacks. i do want to step back and note the broader progress that has been made in this campaign so far. three years ago, isil was racing across iraq to baghdad itself, and to many, looked invincible. since then in iraq, isil has , at sinjar, and routnow at falluja. in syria, isil has lost in numerous locations. they lost territory across vast stretches of the border with turkey and almost all major transit routes in ira tell taracca. in syria, they have lost in
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numerous locations, losing territory. isil has not been able to reclaim any significant territory they have lost. i want to repeat, isil has not had a major successful offensive operation in syria or iraq in a year. even isil's leaders know they will be losing. in the message to followers, they are i think recently a technology thatsingly a they may lose the key cities. we will keep hitting them, pushing them back, and driving them out until they do. isil turns out not to be invincible. they will inevitably be defeated. but we do recognize at the same time, that the situation is complex and this cannot be solved by military force alone. that is why last month, the united states and countries around the world, pledged more than $2 billion in new funds to help iraq stabilize and rebuild communities. it is why we are working with iraq so that the military campaign is matched with political and humanitarian efforts so isil cannot return by exporting divisions or grievances.
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in syria, as i have repeatedly said, defeating isil and al qaeda requires an end to the civil war. alliesime and its continue to violate the cessation of hostilities, including they just attacks on citizens and medieval sieges against cities like aleppo, blocking food from families that are starving. it is deplorable. the syrian regime has rightly earn the condemnation of the world. russia's direct involvement in these actions raises very serious questions about their commitment to pulling the situation back from the brink. to u.s. remains prepared work with russia to try to reduce the violence and strengthen our efforts against isil and al qaeda in syria. so far, russia has failed to
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take the necessary steps. given the to terry writing situation -- given the deteriorating situation, it is time for russia to show they are serious about pursuing these objectives. we will continue working with allies and partners to go after isil wherever it tries to spread. at the request of libya's government, we are conducting strikes and support and we will continue to support the government's efforts to secure their country. in afghanistan, one of the reasons i decided to largely maintain our current force posture was so we could keep eliminating isil's presence there. we delivered another blow last month when we took out a top in afghanistan.r finally, it should be clear by now and nobody knows this better than our military leaders, that even if we defeat isil on
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the battlefield, the military defeat will not be enough. so long as their twisted ideology persists and drives people to violence, groups like isil will keep emerging and the international community will continue to be at risk of getting sucked into the global k-a-mole where we are always reacting to the latest threat or lone actor. that is why we are working to counter violent extremism more broadly, including social, economic, and political factors that helps to fuel groups like isil in the first place. nothing would do more to discredit isil than when it loses its base. we are going to be working with partners, including muslim countries and communities, especially online, to expose isil for what they are, murderers who kill innocent people, including muslim families and children as they break their ramadan fast. refuse to let
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terrorists and voices of division undermine the unity, values, university, and pluralism that keeps our nation strong. one of the reasons why i -- one of the reasons why america's armed forces are the best in the world is that we draw on skills and talents from all backgrounds and faiths. i think the entire world was inspired this past sunday when muslims across france joined our catholic neighbors at mass and in a moving display of solidarity, prayed together. it has to be the message we echo in all countries and communities. peace be with you, and also with you. now, before i take some questions, i also want to say a few words on another topic. as our public health experts have been warning for some time, we are now seeing the first locally transmitted cases of the zika virus by mosquitoes in the continental united states.
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this was predicted and predictable. so far, we have seen 15 cases in the miami area. we are taking this extremely seriously. our cdc experts are working shoulder to shoulder with florida health authorities. there is a very aggressive effort underway to control mosquitoes there and pregnant women have been urged to stay away from the particular neighborhood we are focused on. we will keep working as one team, federal, state, and local, to slow the spread of the virus. i want to be clear, though. our public health experts to not expect to see the widespread outbreaks of zika here we have seen in brazil or puerto rico. the kind of mosquitoes most likely to carry zika are limited to certain regions of our country, but we cannot be complacent because we do expect to see more zika cases. even though the symptoms are mild for most people and many may not know they have it, we have seen the complications for
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pregnant women and their babies can be severe. encourage i want to every american to learn what they can do to help stop zika by going to in addition, congress needs to do its job. fighting zika cost money. helping puerto rico deal with the crisis cost money. research into new vaccines, nih just announced the first clinical trials in humans. that costs money. that's why my administration proposed an urgent request for more funding back in february. only did the republican-led congress not pass our request, they worked to cut it. and then, they left for summer recess without passing any new funds for the fight against zika. cdcnwhile, those at the d and those on the fornront
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lines have been doing their best by moving money from other areas, but now the money we need to fight zika is running out. the situation is getting critical. without sufficient funding, nih clinical trials could be delayed. so, this is not the time for politics. more than 40 u.s. service members have now contracted zika overseas. states, we know of more than 1800 cases of zika connected to travel of infected areas, including 500 pregnant women. zika is now present in almost every part of puerto rico. now we have the first global transmission in florida and there will certainly be more. meanwhile, congress is on a summer recess. a lot of folks talk about protecting americans from threats. well, zika is a threat to americans, especially babies, right now. so, once again, i want to urge the american people to call congress and in
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tell them to do their job, deal with this threat and protect the american people from zika. with that, i am going to take some questions. i am going to start with someone who just assumed the second-most powerful office in the land, jeff mason, the new correspondent association president. jeff? >> and happy birthday. president obama: thank you very much. jeff mason: as islamic state loses territory, you and other officials have said it is becoming a more traditional terrorist group. are you satisfied strategy has shifted sufficiently to address that change? given your comments this week about donald trump's volatility and lack of fitness to be president, are you concerned that he will be receiving briefings about isis and other sensitive national security briefings? president obama: i've never satisfied with our response because if you are satisfied,
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that means the problem is solved and it is not. so, we just spent a couple hours meeting with my top national security folks, looking at what more can be done. it is absolutely necessary for us to defeat isil in iraq and syria. sufficient, but it is necessary. because so long as they have those baces, they can use their propaganda to suggest that somehow, there is still some caliphate being born. that can insinuate itself in the minds of folks who may be willing to travel there, or to carry out terrorist attacks. it is also destabilizing for countries in the region at a time when the region is already unstable. so, i am pleased with the progress we have made on the ground in iraq and syria.
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we are far from freeing mosul and raqqa. but what we have shown is, when it comes to conventional fights, isil can be beaten with partners on the ground, so long as they 've got the support from coalition forces we have been providing. in the meantime though, you are seeing isil carryout external terrorist acts. and they have learned something. they have adapted from al qaeda, which at a much more centralized operation and tried to plan very elaborate attacks. what isil has figured out is, if handful ofnvince a people, or even one person, to carry out an attack on a subway, or at a parade, or you know, some other public venue and kill scores of people, as opposed to
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thousands of people, it still creates the kinds of fear and concerns that elevates their profile. outin some ways, rooting these networks for smaller, less complicated attacks is tougher because it does not require as many resources on their part or preparation. but it does mean that we have got to do even more to generate the intelligence and to work with our partners in order to degrade those networks. and the fact is, those networks will probably sustain themselves even after tisil is defeated ni in iraraqqa and mosul.
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bubble we have learned from our efforts to defeat al qaeda is that if we stay on it, our intelligence gets better. and we adapt as well. eventually, we will dismantle these networks also. this is part of the reason why however, it is so important for us to keep our eye on the ball and not panic, not succumb to fear, because isil can't defeat the united states of america, or our nato partners ourselves, though, if we make bad decisions. we have to understand that as painful and as tragic as these attacks are, that we are going to keep on grinding away, preventing them wherever we can, using a whole government effort to knock down their propaganda, to disrupt their networks, to take their key
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operatives off the battlefield. and that eventually, we will win. start making bad decisions, indiscriminately killing civilians, for example, in some of these areas. instituting offensive religious tests on who can enter the country. those kinds of strategies can end up backfiring because in order for us to ultimately win this fight, we cannot frame this as a clash of civilizations between the west and islam. that plays exactly into the hands of isil and the perversions, the perverse interpretations of islam they are putting forward. as for mr.


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