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tv   Donald Trump Campaigns in Green Bay Wisconsin  CSPAN  August 6, 2016 12:52pm-1:54pm EDT

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who votes for me knows that i will be doing my best to deliver on everything i have said. i may need to ask for your help, to put pressure on elected officials to flood the internet or the old-fashioned mailbox so they know that people are watching. that is how we will get it done. i hope that people will take this election seriously because i should take you seriously. together, i think we can create the kind of future that every one of our kids and grandkids deserves. thank you very much. [applause] everyone please give a big round of applause for secretary clinton. we really appreciate it. thank you for your time. [applause]
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search. if you don't want to search the video library, our homepage has many programs ready for your viewing, such as "washington journal" or the programs from that day. if you are a c-span watcher, check it out at endorsed paulp ryan, john mccain, and kelly ayotte. he made the announcement in green bay, wisconsin. he is introduced by his running mate, governor mike pence of indiana. this is about one hour and 20 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next vice president of the united states, governor mike pence. ♪
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gov. pence: hello, wisconsin! for those of you who do not know me, which is most of you, i am mike pence. just a few short weeks ago, i was honored and humbled beyond words to be nominated to run and service the next vice president of the united states of america.
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i have to tell you, i joined the campaign in a heartbeat. the phone call came at 11:00 at night with my wife by my side. i heard the familiar voice at the other end. mike, it is going to be great. i said, yes, because you have nominated a man for president never quits. he never backs down. winner, andter, a until very recently, looks like he was fighting all on his own. now, we are united. this movement is united and we will elect donald trump to be the next president of the united it's of america. [cheering] pence: i just have to tell you, i come south of highway 40 in indiana.
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we talk kind of straightforward and plain. donald trump gets it. frustrationds the of the aspirations of the american people more than any other leader in my lifetime since ronald reagan. genuine article. at two were in a game usually reserved for talkers. when donald trump does his talking, he does not go to towing around all the rules of ness that correct the political class lays in the way of men and women. he says it like it is, and he will make america great again. [cheering] pence: the funny thing is, the party in power seems helpless to figure out our nominee. of course, i'm referring to the media.
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[booing] pence: think about it. democrats and the media have kind of the same problem. they keep thinking they have done him in. then, they turn on the tv the next morning and donald trump is still standing strong than ever before and fighting for every american to make this country great again. the man has got resilience. extraordinary leader. he is never forgotten -- has never forgotten the men who grow with their hands, build roads and bridges, tend to the sick. a lifetime of building structures around the world, he has done shouldered shoulder with those men and women who
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raised the structures to the sky. he has never forgotten the people who do the work in uniform as well. his devotion to our soldiers and veterans comes straight from his heart. donald trump will stand with those in uniform and those who have served. i will tell you what. as chief law enforcement officer of the united states of america, president donald trump will support our law enforcement community with the resources that they need to do the job to protect their family and come home safe to theirs. donald trump will be a president who restores law in order to every city in every community in this great nation. [applause]
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pence: it really is amazing. at the very moment that america is crying out for something that will take our nation back in the direction of strength and the other party has answered with a steel agenda in the most predictable of names. people in both parties are restless for change ready to break free. the other party has nominated someone who represents everything this country is tired of. did you see that speech the other night? i watched most of it, i watched most of the speech. i did not see all that. i had a hard time staying awake just like her husband. [laughter] it was long and late.
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it was not just that, it was the same old same old. did you notice that? more taxes, more spending, more borrowing, more bailouts and more obamacare. and just this week in omaha, did you hear about that? the democratic nominee actually spoke the truth. did you hear about that? she said we are going to raise taxes on the middle class she -- she accidentally spoke the truth but she quickly corrected it. really just earlier today, i heard she was called out by the press for saying that the fbi director had not concluded she had been dishonest. it was handled e-mails and what she said today was that she had
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circuited her remarks. let me say that in women of wisconsin, for the sake of our security, and the sake of our prosperity, and that sake of preserving the high standards of integrity in the highest office of the land, let's decide here and now that hillary clinton will never be elected president of the united states of america. [cheers] they tell us, i heard in that speech, they tell us is the best we can do. the morning after hillary speech, official washington put out the numbers. 1.2% growth.
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an hour tdp. the slowest economic recovery since 1949. they tell us this economy is the best we can do. but donald trump and i know it is not the best we can do. it is just the best they can do and when donald trump becomes president of the united states, we will cut taxes, balanced budgets, negotiate strong trade deals, repeal obamacare and we will put the american people back to work. [cheers] their record abroad is just as bad as the record here at home. seven and a half years years of barack obama and hillary clinton's policies have weakened america's place in the world. terrorist attacks at home and abroad, heartbreaking scenes. our ally in france a catholic , priest just days ago.
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laid to rest after he murdered in the very pew of his own church in france. history teaches us that weakness arouses evil and weak leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton on the world stage has aroused the enemies of freedom around the world. whether it is moving red lines, eining resets with russia, or paying ransom to terrorist sponsoring states. we cannot have four more years of apologizing and abandoning our friends. america needs to be strong for the world to be safe and on the world stage, a president donald trump will leave with american strength. [cheers] donald trump will rebuild our military, stand by our troops,
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defend our allies, confront radical islamic terrorism and donald trump will destroy isis at its source. >> [chanting] usa! usa! governor pence: the choice could not be more clear. if you weaker tonight, find your neighbors and friends who do come study this is. it is change versus the status quo. it really is. the american people can elect someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in washington, d.c. an establishment now that for far too long as been peopled by folks who are used to saying one thing and doing another while they file a mountain range of debt on our children and grandchildren. or we can do what you all have
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done and come november we can choose a leader, a truth teller, someone who will stand strong on the world stage and fight every day to make america great again. [cheers] so i say it is my high honor and distinct privilege for the sake of our troops who deserve a commander-in-chief who will have their back, for the sake of hard-working americans and businesses who deserve a president who will get washington, d.c. off their back, for the sake of a supreme court that will never turn its back on our god-given liberty or
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constitution, i give you the man who must be the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. [cheers] ♪ mr. trump: so how good is he? [cheers] special. he is a special man. a special person and he has become my friend. there is a lot of people here. [cheers] hello, everybody. your football team is going to have a great year. [cheers]
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i watch. you have the quarterback in the whole deal. i think it will be a very good year. [cheers] if you get into that super bowl, i will be going. i wrote something down before and i think it is important -- i love you too. [cheers] because we need unity, we have to win this election. this is truly one of the most important elections, certainly in my lifetime. because we are about to go -- we are in the wrong direction if we loose and maybe it is gone. supreme court justices, always remember that. so many different levels, when you see what happened with crooked hillary today, it was a disaster. she had a disaster. she lies. she lies.
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badly. i wanted to say to the group, i had a great really time when i was in wisconsin and i did not quite eke it out. i thought i was going to but it worked out. you built me up, talked to me about politics, and when i left here i said i think i learned a lot. [cheers] i loved it. i have many friends in wisconsin. they are incredible people. you are incredible people and we are going to have a lot of fun. this campaign is not about me or any one candidate. it is about america. [cheers] it is time for a change. we need a change. a real change, not an obama change.
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remember obama change? we don't need an obama change. we have had enough. it is time to change a rigged political system that works only for the insiders and to replace it with a government that serves the people. [cheers] have to do it. and i know both sides. i've been on the other side. believe me. i like this site better. this is a movement. this is a movement like they may be have never seen in this country. according to the political pundits that truly hate me. this is a movement that some say -- most say is one of the great phenomenas they've ever seen in politics. some say's the single greatest phenomenon.
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the media doesn't want to talk about it, we have done something -- we, all of us together. i'm a messenger. we have done something truly historic together. standing before you as nominee for president and i'm not a politician. [cheers] i'm not part of the system. iran against the system and i'm probably better off running against the system. i ran against the donors. i'm my own donor essentially. i have a lot of money under this deal. this is a very expensive crisis. i funded the primary. now i am in for over $60
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million. i'm largely funding my campaign as a go forward. in addition to that we have raised tremendous amounts of money and much of it from small donors. $61. as a republican, that does not happen. it happened because of what you are seeing in front of you today. just prior tor june to get a story -- donald trump has not really done too well with fundraising. that is because i did not know if i was getting the nomination. i will not raise funds -- i would've had enough. i would have said bye-bye politics. but i wanted to make sure. so i got it and then i started raising money for the republican party and we raised a lot of money. we started really on june 14, flag day, my birthday.
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june we raised approximately -- think of this, $51 million. can you imagine? [cheers] they couldn't believe it. they don't give me too many headlines. i do things they think are fantastic. i say there is no way they can cover this badly, and they cover it badly. i gently tell a woman i love her 80 and let the baby cry, it is ok. that did he had a voice that is superior to to paparazzi. he continued to cry., i told her to after about 3 or 4 minutes, and try to speak and it was in jacksonville, we had this massive crowd, filled up the stadium. and the baby is screaming. i said, i would like to reverse
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my order. perhaps you could take the baby out. i did it so nicely. she was happy. even the baby was happy. it stopped crying. [laughter] baby,you can take the with every possible? the next day in the newspaper it says "donald trump throws baby out of arena." [boos] they are very dishonest. that was a tough one. i just said reporter come up to be backstage. mr. trump, sir why did you throw , the baby out of there? i said i was having fun. i was so nice, i was so nice. everybody likes me. the baby likes it. the mother like me, we had a good time. i try to keep the baby in but the baby had such a powerful voice. i want to find out it baby is because it with the sponsor the baby. that they be will sing someday
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in philharmonic hall. new york city. [cheers] the great philharmonic hall. i'm not part of the system. i ran against the system. i ran against the donors, largely my own donor. i'm running against myself. never thought of it that way. and against the status quo and the status quo we have to get rid of because it is not working. the country is a mess. that is why put up a lot of money. while the democrats nominated a candidate of special interest and really a candidate of total corruption, you take a look at what she is doing. the republicans made history by choosing a nominee from outside of this very corrupt the system. it is a corrupt system.
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you want something done, they can do it for you. that is not necessarily and usually it isn't good for the country. that is why we're going to be able to deliver real change and real safety and real opportunity to all americans. we have to unite. remember that. accomplished ive have done by putting together a really fantastic scene including , mike pence of indiana. [cheers] he has done an incredible job. my wonderful staff of people that really love what we are doing and are working so hard. my family, my friends, and its expanding all of the time. but i need a republican senate and a house to accomplish all of the changes that we have to make. we have to make them.
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i understand and embrace the wisdom of ronald reagan's big tent within the party. big tent. remember? ronald reagan. great man. great guy. remember he included reagan democrats and independents and republicans. a lot of people. we are going to have the same thing. there a lot of democrats in this room, are there a lot of democrats? raise your hands? i don't think we need to many to be honest. i embrace the wisdom that my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. ronald reagan. [cheers] stated by ronald reagan.
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pretty good. we will be the big tent party. we will have a lot of crossover. a lot of bernie sanders people because of trade. because bernie sanders knew we were being ripped off by trade. trade is a disaster with china, with japan, mexico with vietnam. , so my countries. with every country. every country. we don't win at any level with anything. as a unified party, we will lead our country to unity as well. very important. we need unity. we have to win the election. [cheers] we have to when it. -- win it. otherwise our big movement was not as big as we thought. that is not good. that is why november 8, we have to get everybody you know and all this voter id nowadays, a lot of places aren't going to
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have voter id? what does that mean? you will just be walking in and voting? yet to be vigilant. but we will have disagreement, but we will disagree as friends and never stop working together toward victory. and very importantly, toward real change. so in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. [cheers]
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paul ryan. a good man. he's a good man and a good guy. and we may disagree on a couple of things, but mostly we agree and we will get it done and do a lot of wonderful things. he is a good man. while i'm at it, i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. for his service to our country in uniform and in public office, and i fully support and endorse his reelection. very important. [cheers] we will work together. i also fully support and endorse senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire.
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a state i truly love. primarily because that was my first victory. but i love new hampshire. i love new hampshire. one of the most beautiful places. she is a rising star and will continue to represent the great people of new hampshire so very well for a long, long time. senator kelly ayotte. working hand-in-hand we will grow our majority in the house and the senate. we need that. we have got to get things done. arm and arm we will rescue the nation from the obama-clinton disaster, which is exactly what it is. [boos] that has bled our country dry and spread terrorism unabated
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across the world. that is what is happening. you saw it just now, maps came out yesterday. they said isis is far bigger. it is all over the place. we will get rid of it, folks. our military is depleted. we will build up our military. we are going to get others with us, believe me. we will get plenty of others with us. and speaking of others, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get along with russia? [cheers] wouldn't that be nice? they talk so big and so brave and so tough, they are the tough ones. hillary is real tough, give me a break. wouldn't that be great? we got together with others and we knock the hell out of isis. [cheers]
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together we will lead our country back to prosperity, security and peace. ok? when you look at the world and what's happened. we have the queen of corruption. the queen of corruption. she is a disaster. i said before, if crooked hillary clinton becomes president, terrorism will destroy the inner workings of our country. believe me. they are loving it. she wants to have 550% more people coming in from syria and that region into our nation.
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we don't know who they are and where they come from. we don't know if they are isis, some will be. and look at the damage that is done in san bernardino with a couple. probably he became radicalized by her. a couple. these were friends of theirs. these were people that gave a party in celebration of the birth of their child and they were gunned down. 14 people killed, many injured. take a look at orlando. take a look at orlando. how disgusting that was. take a look at the world trade center and so many other places. go to the toughest gun laws anywhere in the world, go to paris and take a look at that. 130 people gunned down. you know if people had guns on , the other side of the bullets are flying and give the direction, like you sir, and you --
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[cheers] first of all, if they knew guns were in the room, they probably would not have gone there. they were just sitting ducks. 130 people. in san bernardino you had 14 people. but in paris, just like this, it -- get over here. boom. 130 people, many still in the hospital. many so gravely wounded. it is horrible. if they had bullets flying in the other direction, maybe they would not have shown up and if they did, i will tell you what, would not have that kind of carnage. you would have had people lying on the other side of the floor instead. [cheers] hillary clinton wants to do major damage, as you know, to our second amendment. hillary clinton wants to put
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judges -- she wants to put justices of the supreme court. she will make them nice and liberal. wait until you see what that does to your rights. wait till you see what that does to your second amendment. you will not recognize it. you will not recognized it. national rifle association, nra. they endorsed me. [cheers] they are great people. wayne, chris. they love this country. they endorsed me early. and it is really an honor. they are phenomenal people when you get to know them. they love the country. they take a lot of heat, but they love the country. i will tell you that right now. i heard mike, governor pence talking about 1.2 growth, 1.2% growth. the lowest in memory since the 1940's. when you think of it, the
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lowest. a lot of differences between all of us. but i thought i would mention, i have known hillary clinton over the years, i've known her. she makes statements. [laughter] she makes statements and they are statements coming out of the playbook. we can't get them for this, for this. i heard i have the best temperament. people tell me i have the best temperament. i have a temperament to win. [cheers] we have to win. she said not so long ago, i don't like donald trump's tone. she is reading it off at teleprompter. [laughter] i don't like donald trump's tone. and i said, we need a tough tone today. we have people -- we need a kind tone. we have people being beheaded all over the middle east and other places.
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we have crime that is rampant. we have people in the middle east being drowned in steel cages. this is like medieval times. and she is worried about my tone. they chop off heads and drown people, bury people in sand and then they ask me, mr. trump, -- of the debate they say i won. mr. trump, sir, how do you feel about waterboarding? i say chop off heads, drowned people, i'm absolutely ok with it. [cheers] these people. can you imagine what the enemy, isis in this case, can you imagine what they must say as they spent the day chopping off
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the heads of christians, come back, get together and start talking and they say waterboarding is not allowed in united states? waterboarding is not allowed. folks, we better get smart and we better get tough and we are playing games with hillary. we are playing games. she is not the right person. everybody knows it. her single greatest achievement is being caught in a crime and getting away with it. true. 33,000 e-mails. [chanting]
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so i wrote this before on the way over to another rally at a very nice place. very full and very nice in iowa. we love iowa. don't wait? [cheers] and i thought it was accurate. unstable -- and she is. hillary clinton lacks the judgment that bernie sanders has. got that judgment. judgment the temperament and moral character , to lead this country. plus, she is a weak person. we don't need a weak person.
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he just said, plus, she is a criminal. she is a dangerous liar. who has disregarded the lives of americans and who has put all of us at great, great risk while what supporting economic policies that have destroyed our economy. we have a long way to go. she is unhinged, truly unhinged. and she is unbalanced, and you can see in the words of a secret service agent who just wrote a book. i bought the book. i wanted to see what he had to say. she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office.
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from the bottom of my soul, he said, i know this to be true. he was there. style, disdainful of the rules set for everyone else. hasn't changed a bit. she's unqualified to become president, and she really is. and bernie said that, too. [applause] [chanting] trump! trump! trump: what great people. no games. it is true.
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one in one way she is a monster. ok? look at what happened. look at history. in another way, she is a weak person. she is actually not strong enough to be president. no she has both. ,but she is not strong enough to be president. she will be a disaster. she will be a disaster. she would be so bad for our country, and i'm not just talking about justices of the supreme court. she will be so bad for our country and we can't let it happen. we can't let it happen. mike pence told me a story and maybe i should not say it, but i found it interesting. one of the reasons -- the primary reason he's in politics is because he watched the crookedness of the clintons when they were in the white house.
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and he said he ran again and he ran again. and he won. here is a guy who does not quit. never ever. [cheers] but he watched the clintons and i'm sure they will be thrilled to hear that, but the actually got him into politics, which is interesting. then we make these horrible deals. the iran deal, horrible deal. they get $150 billion and how about $400 million. [boos] think of it. $400 million in cash, different currencies, different denominations. a lot of people say that money went toward terror. i'm nicer than that.
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see? i don't have that horrible thought process some people have . i say some of it with the terror. but a lot of it went to the bank accounts. it went into their pockets. they are sitting there. could you imagine these guys sitting there with $400 million in cash? do you think they're giving the money to terror? they are giving that money to money them ,and i guess terror will got some of it. most of it they kept. the concept of paying $400 million in cash is mind-boggling. who can authorize such a thing? where did they get it? what did they do? go to a bank teller and say give me $400 million in cash?
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i want to in euros. i want it in swiss francs. rapid up. -- rap it up. we will come back in 10 minutes. ok. it is just inconceivable. so we are witnessing a horror show in this country and throughout the world. you look at what is going on throughout the world. with the saints people. that same people. these people funding terrorists. these people are funding terrorism. for us to have given $400 million to basically free our hostages. now obama, just like he lied about obamacare, which was a tremendous lie, that was a tremendous lie, remember? you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor? really? how many people have been able to keep the doctor or their plan? [boos] keep your plan, keep your doctor. it is not working that way.
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it is going to be repealed and replaced 100%. [cheers] and honestly, i hope i win because we will do a great job. we will make america great again. we will make america great again. [cheers] but i actually think that regardless of who wins, obamacare is going to fold. in any event it is so expensive. people can't afford it and the country can't afford it. other than that it is just wonderful. so in texas, they just had almost a 60% increase. now the increases are starting to come out. the big increase will be announced on november 1. the election is november 8. folks, they want to delay it because it is election changing. it is a mess. it is election changing and they want to change it.
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we can't let that happen. because the numbers, and i can see some of the numbers already, the numbers are going to be astronomical. they will be so big, so will horrible and the health care, the plan is terrible. and we're going to take care of everybody. but we're going to end up with a great plan that costs much less money for the people and much less money for the country. this plan is a total rip. it doesn't work. it is going to fold because economically it's a disaster for the country. what about people that are at 30%, 40%, 60% increase? i think it will be worse than that on november 1. we better get smart and better start thinking properly. i want to talk about what is going on at the borders. because money -- we will build it.
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[chanting] >> build the wall build the wall build the wall mr. trump: listen. we have people coming to our country that should not be coming to our country. we have thousands and thousands of people from certain terrorist states, from certain parts of the world that we are allowing to come into our country. most of the politicians, almost all of them don't even know where they are, where they are being put. they know nothing about these people. this could be the great trojan horse of all-time. and hillary wants thousands more to come in over and above obama. the wall is getting color -- taller every day.
1:40 pm
-- thethink it is obama-clinton foreign-policy has handed huge portions of iraq, libya and syria to isis. huge portions. it has undermined stability in egypt and you know they have to do over there? it empowered iran as never before. iran three years ago was dying. in fact, when they were marching in the streets, if obama would have just encouraged it a little bit, it would have been taken over by the people. but obama played ball with the thugs running it right now. think of this, we're making a deal in the deal is not made and they are dancing in the streets of iran saying how stupid the americans are to be making this deal.
1:41 pm
the leaders, and in particular the leader of iran, is calling us stupid and the deal means nothing. and yesterday, i think he just said that the united states is essentially nothing. this is our great partner. but when you have somebody -- if i was making this deal, if the other side was bragging about it, i'm not making that deal. i'm not making it. i'm walking. but we kept it going and we should have never, ever started negotiating that deal until we had our hostages back. we should have walked. we should have doubled up the sanctions or walked. they would have -- and i say it. before the plane reached new you -- york city or washington, will you could just turn it around. take your hostages. when you think about it, you probably read today and yesterday, one of the hostages was waiting for a very long
1:42 pm
time. obama said that it had nothing to do with the hostages. that he would not do that for kidnappers. he would not do that for kidnapping. no, no. think of that. you have to think about it. it was the same day. we have to be exactly accurate. the money came in and one of the hostages, a good guy. i saw him interviewed on television. but did he say he waited forever? somebody said, no, we are waiting for something. and here obama stands up yesterday and for seven minutes is telling us one thing had nothing to do with the other. just a lie. at least be truthful. we're talking about the same day.
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$400 million and we could have had something that would have been a much better deal and you know what? i'm all in favor of will deals when he gets to nuclear. we should have walked. we should have walked with $150 also be we should assets are, we don't have the money. we can't pay. we owe almost $20 trillion. we love you, but we can't give you the money. we don't have it. they will get angry and they will be upset and two days later you'll be back negotiating. you just saved yourself $150 billion. $150 billion. we have terrorists pouring into our country, we have people coming in. i don't know if you have seen this, maine knows. i was up there yesterday.
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a great place, a great governor. while doing a great job. i think the most important issue facing civilization right now is radical islamic terrorism, and we have a president that refuses to use the term and we have crooked hillary who does not want to use it. she's been forced to use it by will me. she said i will use it. i think she called it radical islam. i will use it. i will. just like transpacific partnership. she called it the gold standard. it is a horror show. it is all says bad or maybe worse than nafta, signed by her husband, which cleaned out many of the states in our country, cleaned them out from manufacturing. moved to mexico and other places. nafta a total disaster. ,nafta signed by bill clinton. , he never suffered the ravages because he signed it and then he
1:45 pm
got out and other people did suffer with it. we are going to renegotiate nafta and if they don't want to make a great deal for us, at least a lot of them come if we can't wait make a great deal, and she couldn't do that if you wanted to. number one, her donors would not let her. her special interest would not let her. her lobbyists would never let her. number three, she could not do it anyway. even if she wanted to. we will renegotiate. did you hear her the other after years of saying how wonderful it is and if you look in new england and new york state and pennsylvania and ohio and you look at a lot of other places, one of the reasons i won indiana so big, one of the reasons with the great bobby knight. that's gold standard. what she said about tpp. one of the reasons i won was because carrier air-conditioning
1:46 pm
from indiana to mexico. they let go of 1400 people. i know how to stop it and you heard me before. there have to be consequences when mexico takes our companies . and not only mexico, there have to be consequences when china devalues its currency so that our companies can no longer compete with china even though we make better products. i have friends were manufactured. we make better products. they can't get their product into china. when a few times arrive where right they can, they have to pay an incredible tax. beyond what anybody would even think possible. yet we open our doors and just throw all the stuff. lose our jobs and it is very sad. look, as maine knows a major , destination, and has become a major destination for somali
1:47 pm
refugees. we admit hundreds of thousands of refugees into the united states from many of the most dangerous and unstable regions in the world, and you are getting them here. you just don't know it. anybody in this room from a terror territory? all right. a practice. this is a practice. it will continue under hillary clinton, except it will expand 5-6-7 fold. i don't get it. i don't get it. i know they will vote democrat. but they will not be voting. how can anybody even think this way? the washington times reported of the somali refugees, the program in minnesota that the effort to resettle large groups of somali
1:48 pm
refugees is having the unintended consequence of creating an enclave of immigrants with high unemployment that is both stressing the state safety net, tremendous problems with safety and creating a rich pool of , potential recruiting targets for the islam terror groups. aren't we smart? we are having this problem across our refugee and immigration programs. here are some examples. i will you be a few examples, and this came out of the senate subcommittee just recently. the boston bombers, remember those horrible, disgusting people? the boston bombers arrived through the political asylum process. the younger brother applied for
1:49 pm
citizenship and was naturalized on september 11, 2012. the older brother had a pending application for citizenship. and look what happened, we took them in. are we smart? the moroccan national who came to the united states on a student visa was arrested for plotting to blow up a university and a federal courthouse. great. a uzbek refugees living in idaho was arrested and charged with providing support to a terrorist organization in the form of teaching terror recruits how to build massive and very dangerous bombs. we let him in. an immigrant from syria later
1:50 pm
applied for and received u.s. citizenship was accused by federal prosecutors of planning to go to a military base in texas and kill three or four american soldiers, execution style if possible, more than that if at all possible. a college student who immigrated from somalia who later applied and received u.s. citizenship attempted to blow up a christmas tree lighting ceremony in oregon. an immigrant from afghanistan who later applied for and received u.s. citizenship and a legal permanent resident from the philippines were convicted for plotting to join al qaeda and the taliban in order to kill
1:51 pm
as many americans as possible. as many as possible. an iraqi immigrant who later applied for and received u.s. citizenship was arrested for lying to federal agents about pledging allegiance to isis. his travels to syria and how many americans he wanted to kill. two immigrant from pakistan who later applied for and received u.s. citizenship were sentenced to decades long prison sentences for plotting to detonate a bomb innd a very big bong -- bomb the middle of new york city. an immigrant from yemen who later applied for and received u.s. citizenship was arrested for trying to join isis.
1:52 pm
he was also charged with attempting to illegally by -- buy firearms to try to shoot as many american military personnel as possible. so, i just say, what are we doing? what are we doing? hillary clinton wants more and more to pour in. you almost say, politics aside, whether you are democrat, whether you are a liberal, a republican, a conservative, what are they doing? what are they doing? i don't care who you are, what the hell are they doing? [cheers] we're going to have strong borders. our southern border will be very powerful.
1:53 pm
we are going to stop the drugs from pouring into wisconsin and every place else. [cheers] the heroin epidemic is beyond belief. in new hampshire, a great place, that is really where i realize the extent of what is going on. when i meet with the people of new hampshire and they tell me the biggest problem they have is heroin. i said, it can't be. with a beautiful lakes and streams, so beautiful. the biggest problem is heroin. you have to be kidding, they can be right. and it was. their youth is being poisoned and then you go to massachusetts and you go to north carolina and south carolina and you come here. you come here. i just left eye what. -- iowa. you go to iowa and you see the tremendous problems they have with heroin and drugs that pour in from the southern border.


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