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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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nation is literally suffocating under federal regulation. -- candidate donald trump let's hope future president thatd trump --will reduce relation to make a possible for businesses to thrive again. if you are looking for job growth and opportunity for people, you have to also think about it from the employer's point of view. host: numbers on the bottom of your screen for betsy mccaughey, former lieutenant governor of new york and supporter of donald trump and you can delete work in "the new york post," where she is a columnist. and she has written a book obamacare."ing --the "washington post has the "washington post" has this headline. "donald trump named his economic team --
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"donald trump's new team of billionaire advisors could threaten his populist message." what do you think? guest: i do not think that is true. this is not a nation of and the. thise who are not rich -- is not a nation of envy. to have on your economics team not just academics -- and he has some impressive academics like but also people who have done it in the real world, built companies, that is to his credit, not his discredit. host: we want to show a short clip of president obama at a news conference this week, asked by a reporter about donald trump's fitness for the presidency. we will look at that and get your reaction. [video clip] >> yes, i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. week, and het
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keeps proving it. the notion that he would attack a gold star family that had made such extraordinary sacrifices on , the factour country that he does not appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle means that he is woefully unprepared to do this job. host: what is your reaction? guest: business this as typical -- dismiss this as typical partisan blather. host: anything else?
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guest: it is obvious he is speaking on behalf of his favorite candidate, hillary clinton. let's get back to the facts. host: that's get back to the calls. danny in virginia, republican line for betsy mccaughey. good morning. caller: good morning. isst of all, ms. mccaughey right about the recession coming. people do not have money to buy anything. we have a big problem coming. free-trade.e to so donald trump is right to the question is, can he actually or put in agreements tariffs or whatever he needs to do? because the agreements are designed to not allow changes to be made. once they are put in, unless you have unanimous consent from also met torres, you cannot revoke them. that is my question. ,hank -- from all signatories
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you cannot revoke them. that is my question. thank you. to look atll have those treaties. obviously, treaty power lies with the senate, not just the president. it is regrettable that under president obama, that was usurped. president obama should never have been able to reach an agreement with iran without the advice and consent of the senate. let's hope donald trump -- and i respect theill -- nine states constitution and the allocation of powers among the branches. constitutional history for many years. i have a phd in constitutional history. nothing host: to richard, lake placid, florida, independent caller. good morning, richard. rip arrested: yes, good
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morning. guest: good morning, richard. richard: good morning, ms. mclean. basically what we have in washington is one party. and the republicans and the democrats will come together to keep the power and the control of the people. and we saw that, we saw an example that with boehner and the republicans took over the house and the senate, that they campaigned on eliminating obamacare which they did not do. and open borders, they were going to get control of the borders and close them down and protect the u.s. jobs to the people which they did not do. they absolutely have done nothing. everything in the republican party. we need an independent to get away from the total control. the people now are being used
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as i'm not going to say slaves but close to it. guest:: i'm really glad you're calling about this, richard. caller: thank you. guest: i believe one of the reasons donald trump swept the republican primaries, knocking down 16 professional politicians who were up on the stage with him is that he speaks very candidly, and it was refreshing to the people and it gave the public some hope that the nominee for president would actually listen to them and their concerns. and one of the reasons that i'm a trump supporter is that i want to see an outsider in the white house. i was actually disappointed this week when donald trump vowed to party pressure and endorse john mccain and kelly ayotte and some of the republicans in their primary contest. we need to challenge more people to challenge the go along to get along career
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politicians in washington in both parties. host: that being said, a lot of writeups of it being a rough period for donald trump recently, the things he has said or continues to say, there are old numbers out there and talk of a, quote, intervention, whatever that exactly might mean. what's your sense of the state of the donald trump campaign at this point? guest:: i looked at the most recent poll, the nbc/"wall street journal" poll which was completed on august 3. t was completed after the kahn dustup, after both conventions, and it's true that mrs. clinton has pulled ahead somewhat in several states and nationally but let me point out that even that poll shows that only 22% of likely voters trust mrs. clinton. the poll also shows that a majority of the voters
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questioned believe that donald trump will do a better job with the economy and a better job on crime and maintaining law and order and national security within the united states. those are two key issues. host: there is a tweet from karen on the economy point that says ms. mccoy, please comment on leading economists that trump's plans would substantially increase the debt. do you see it that way? do you agree with that? guest: the major architects of trump's plan are surprise siders, four of whom have substantial experience from the reagan years and the same warnings were issued in the reagan years, that cutting taxes would increase the debt. but the fact is that what we have learned is that when you slash corporate taxes, you increase economic activity which is desperately needed if this country. we're languishing along at 1.2%
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growth, far below what it should be and far below the 4.5% growth during the reagan recovery and the 5.4% growth during the kennedy recovery. both of those presidents, j.f.k. in the democratic party, ronald reagan for the republican party, slashed corporate taxes and brought in tremendous extra revenue because of increased business activity. and that is exactly what will happen again. host: before we get back to calls, i'll point out that mr. trump's team of economists and advisors does not include any women. your reaction there? guest: i thought that was really meaningless. i don't look at people's decree contentionals -- credentials based on their gender. i thought it was a well put together team. host: let's go to ron.
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thanks for waiting. caller: thank you, good morning, betsy. guest: good morning, ron. caller: i have two points. one, you said the tax rate is 35% but we know the rich people have every deduction in the world because mr. romney only pays effective tax rate of 12%. that means the rich have every loophole in the world to take and bring it down, including corporate taxes that you just spoke about. so if we would just have the 15% that you talked about and eliminate every single tax loophole that we have, we'd have it even. and the other point is, mr. trump has not released his taxes and we would like to see them. so we know exactly what he is doing. because he outsources everything that he makes except
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the hats, just the hats. host: ron, thanks for calling. guest: hats off to you for that question. let me address it because i think you raised several important issues. let's start with what i call the tax shames. this is a part of almost every election now, tax shaming. hat it is, a shaming of high earning people who, through perfectly legal deductions, like deducting property taxes, deducting appreciation allowances, etc., reduce their tax liability from the highest rate to something lower. it was really a feeding frenzy against mitt romney when he released his taxes. it's a major reason that mayor mike bloomberg, another very successful businessman who ran for mayor three times in new york, did not release his taxes. he refused to release how much he paid or what his final tax rate was. he handed reporters for a few
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minutes a highly redacted tax form. that is, most of the numbers were crossed out. and he did because he didn't want to be a victim of that tax shaming. to me i've found it really surd the notion that successful people should pay more than the law requires them to pay, that somehow paying more than uncle sam tells you to pay makes you a better person. nobody i know pays more taxes than the law requires them to pay. so if you have a grievance with the law, we should change the laws and in fact donald trump has proposed tremendously simplifying tax law for individuals so that most of us would be able to file our taxes on just a simple piece of paper and a lot of those, quote, loopholes you referred to would be gone. so i agree with your spirit that we need a simpler, fairer tax code.
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i don't agree with the strategy of tax shaming people who use the law or abide by the law who file a perfectly legal tax return and then are dragged across the carpet and embarrassed for paying something less than people thinks they ought to pay. host: you can read more about that opinion in "the new york post." here's the headline to betsy mccoy's piece, the tax shaming trap, new is the place to read her current column. anthony is calling from new york city, staten island. guest: i'd like to point out one more thing before we go on. host: sure. guest: although donald trump hasn't released his tax return and i would advise him not to because otherwise if he did, the entire rest of the 96 days or so until this election would be taken up in a similar feeding frenzy with reporters picking up every single line in his tax return even if he's complied with every letter of the law, which i assume he has.
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but here's what we do know about both these major candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump. they've both filed financial disclosures, and i've looked at them very carefully. mrs. clinton's 11 pages on which she lists her sources of income. it's all paid speaking engagements and royalties from books she's written about herself. so we can say 11 pages, mrs. clinton's line of work is self-promotion. the blabber. then we look at donald trump's financial discussion form, 104 pages on which he lists 185 profit making ventures, real estate, commercial buildings, residential buildings, golf courses, money making ventures all over the world. and in addition, substantial management fees, he earns managing other people's
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properties because he's so good at it. i looked at that and thought, hmm, what should americans pick, the blabber or the builder? and considering the very serious condition of our economy, it seems to me we are better off picking someone who knows how to run businesses, has an economic plan to restore growth in this country rather than somebody who just talks for a living. host: all right. let's get that call in from staten island, republican named anthony. anthony, thank you for waiting, you're on with betsy mccaughey. caller: let me get to my points quickly. one of the reasons i'm supporting donald trump is not just because he just understands the economy and the business but because he understands the economy and the business in depth. mr. obama wants me to go to school and upgrade my degree and wants me to get certificates and i have been in business in information technology for almost 15 years and i have a degree in computer
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science. and i live in new york city and i cannot get a job for over a year. my last position was replaced by someone who has an entry level position. and the company i was working for with headquarters in germany, has spent a lot of time on getting in people with h 1 v 1 visa for the traction of the time they could spend on bringing somebody who has a u.s. citizenship, somebody locally. never two, the war has been -- we've never been directly in a war with russia but we've been in war with germany and japan and the middle east, anywhere else. nd the cold war is over. if we become friends with russia, then there's no nato. nato never protected us. nato never fought terrorism.
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and if there is no need for nato, then we have just saved a billion dollars. now, hillary has been running for the office for the past 30 years. she has had opportunities to make the changes with the reset buttons and relationships. guest: reset button, remember hat. host: anthony, you still here? caller: i'm still here. host:ing anything you want to wrap up with before we move on? caller: one last point. when i actually applied for some jobs like bank of america, which are local companies, or foreign companies like credit swiss or deutsche bank, you know the swons i get? the company is restructuring, so we'll get back to you at some point. guest: i want to address
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anthony's call because so many people are having this experience and it's outrageous. let me compare what i've already said about donald trump's economic proposal, and this is a man who knows how to create jobs. he has the experience running companies to know what punishing corporate tax rates and suffocating regulations do to business investment. and as i mentioned before, business investment has been steadily declining in this country. if companies don't invest, they don't buy a new truck they canada hire a driver and if they don't invest in more computers they can't hire people to work in their officeses. business investment is key to economic growth and increases in productivity. so here we have hillary clinton's economic plan. i urge you to go up on her website and take a look at it. it is called the fair growth plan. and the phrase economic growth never appears in her plan.
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it's all about redistributing the current level of income among other people. and secondly, she has such a list of regulations she wants to impose on the economy, new rules about who works heart time or full time about who can arn a bonus, gender and racial preferences from college on through job creation. again and again, more and more regulations on business. even regulations on what kind of investments businesses can make. she requires that they be, quote, farsighted as if uncle sam would know that. the result is that uncle sam, the federal government, is going to be in every boardroom looking over every manager's shoulder. it should send fear into the hearts of every business owner or manager. that is going to kill this economy and anthony has it just right.
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host: let's hear from hillary clinton this past friday talking about economic issues. ms. clinton: i really believe the core of his support -- i'm not going to speak for everyone who supports him because i think there have been some quite distressing statements coming out of his rallies and his supporters and who has aligned themselves with him. but i think the core of his support really centers on the disappointment in the economy that so many americans feel. and what i have been saying is, you know, i want to bring this country together. i think we have three overarching goals. we need more economic opportunity. we need to protect our national security, and we've got to work towards american unity. so i have been trying to understand what it is that has driven people to support trump. and i've met with some people.
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i have listened to them. and so many of them are looking for an explanation as to why they lost the job they had for 18 years when the factory closed and nobody cared about them. what they're going to do when their whole life was spent mining coal and they made $80,000 a year and barely can find a job making minimum wage, why the centers of so many old industrial towns in america are hallowed out and people are turning to opiates and heroin. the list goes on. and that's what i've heard. recognize we have to that of course some of the appeal is citizen phobic -- xenophobic and racist and massagenistic. we have to acknowledge that.
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let's not lose sight of the real pain that many americans are feeling because the economy has left them behind. st: your reaction, betsy mccaughey. guest: that response is hypocritical. she's warned she's closing down the coal mines and she's turned her back on those who make their living in fossil fuel. she's taken a stand against tracking. i personally know how destructive this is as a former lieutenant governor of new york state. tracking would bring so many jobs and so much prosperity to the southern tier of new york state as it has to neighbors pennsylvania. and so when she talks about her sympathy for the coal miners, those coal miners know she is
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their number one enemy. donald trump on the other hand, and he'll reiterate this in his speech at the detroit economics club tomorrow, has pledged to revitalize all aspects of the energy industry in the united states, not just green energy but fossil fuel energy as well. we can produce our own oil, our own coal, our own natural gas. we can become energy independent and at the same time put so many more people back to work. so hillary clinton is at the least a johnny-come-lately and more likely a hypocrite when she pledges jobs for coal miners. host: donald trump's speech around noon time eastern time we'll have live on c-span and tomorrow night in primetime. once it happens, of course, you can watch it any time you want at next call for betsy mccaughey
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former lieutenant governor is lisa, independent. caller: betsy, thank for you coming out in defense of donald trump. to me it's a vote for national ism and a vote for hillary is for international bankers. i don't understand why people don't get that. they're demonizing them so badly and it's just like hillary sold uranium to the russians and the media only talks about trump asking them or her emails as if he's the traitor. that's all i have to say. also, the destruction of europe now by the muslim immigration is coming here and people don't even see it on tv. host: thanks, lisa. guest: i sympathize with your call. i think you raise good points. host: in getting ready for the segment we found this headline, g.o.p. mccoy said this election is a war between good and evil. what were you saying here,
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betsy? guest: that was when i gave a speech in cleveland at the g.o.p. convention. i was actually talking about the struggle within the state of connecticut. connecticut is one of the most heavily taxed states in the union. the democratic party has literally had a chokehold on politics in connecticut for many, many years. they've driven out families and businesses by taxing them to death. they've driven down property values. they've destroyed economic opportunity in the state, and i was explaining to the delegates in connecticut that with donald trump at the top of the ticket, this is an enormous opportunity for people in connecticut to really rally support for economic growth. not just at the top of the ticket but all the way down the ticket in an effort to turn connecticut into a red state, a
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republican state. if you look at the 34 states in the united states with republican governors, you will see that they have higher economic growth, they are more friendly to fossil fuel development, they have much lower business regulations, and much bigger job opportunities, and people are voting with their feet to live in those states. texas, florida, other states where you can go and work and the government doesn't take away everything you have in taxes at the end of the year. host: to david, king george, virginia, republican caller for betsy mccaug, ey. caller: good morning. guest: good morning, david. caller: good morning. i think the republican party actually needs to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. first of all, it was us, the republicans, who crashed the economy. and it was us the republicans who refused to raise the debt
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ceiling and caused us economic growth. it was us the republicans who shut down the government. and now it's us who put up a candidate who stood on the national stage and said he's going to go out and kill women and children. now, any true american no matter if you're republican, democrat or independent, any true american that would have a low hat has standings that represent us is crazy. and i encourage every republican that is a true american that do not believe a man can get on a stage of the most powerful military in the world and saying he's going out and killing women and children. we need to think about that. have a good morning. host: betsy mccaughey. guest: i believe he has his facts wrong and thank him for calling and glad he's paying attention to the political
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process but don't think it's a fair representation of the republican party or the current candidate. host: you of course have a background in health policy, what are your thoughts on the status of the health care law and what mr. trump has said about replacing it? guest: obamacare is currently collapsing. if you've seen the current headlines. it's in a death spiral. many of the major insurers say they're probably headed for the exits in 2016 and no longer will be offering the obamacare plans on the exchanges around the country. and as you can see, even in the current year, the premiums are scheduled to go up as much as 20% or more in many states including my state or the state where i was lieutenant governor. new york state. and why is it collapsing? well, it was a poor design encumbered with tremendous regulations that prevented people from buying the kind of
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insurance they really wanted. so let me tell you what i would do, and i believe this is consistent with donald trump's approach. number one, and i'm going to reach down to get obamacare because i brought it with me. next time around, congress should keep it short. e don't want another 2,572 -page obamacare style bill that no one in congress reads. in washington when they say they want comprehensive health reform or comprehensive anything, comprehensive is simply their synonym for unread. give us a series of short bills that members of congress will actually read before passing it. when i first saw obamacare here , i thought of something that james madison said in federalist 62. he warned congress against ever passing laws, so voluminous,
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that was his word, so voluminous that no one will read it or so frequently change it that a reasonable person doesn't know what the law is. that is obamacare to a tee. so let's not make that mistake again. and there are several other -- go ahead and finish up. guest: there are several other painful lessons the american public has learned from obamacare that must not be repeated. number who twrks whatever congress passes congress must live by, no special subsidies for members of congress so that their health plan is, quote, affordable when the rest of us don't have truly affordable health plans. number three, no one size fits ll required benefits plan. the fact is washington doesn't know what kind of health insurance everyone wants and no
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reason to require 50-year-old people to have pregnancy coverage or the family with no children to have pediatric coverage. that's what obamacare does and pushed the cost way beyond what many people can afford. really our, and this is key, the main reason obamacare is collapsing. do not require everyone to pay the same for their health plan. right now under obamacare, people with serious chronic conditions, serious health problems are charged the same as some young healthy person who has virtually no health problems at all. now, of course we have to look out for the person with the serious health problems and subsidize the payment of their premium in some other way. but this current one price for everyone health insurance concept is like telling people
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well, you can feed a great dane and a chihuahua on the same budget. it's not possible. 5% of the people in this country with chronic serious illnesses consume 50% of the health care. those are the people who have signed up for obamacare and that is the reason that the premiums are going up, up, up every year. more and more of the healthy people are dropping out when they see the cost of this insurance. so those are four things. and finally, there's another key here. do not pass health reform and pay for it on the backs of seniors. obamacare, over half the cost of obamacare was paid for by cuts to medicare. $716 billion in future medicare spending canceled and moved over to pay for obamacare. and seniors can already see the impact. their doctors are paying less.
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it's harder to find a doctor willing to take you on as a new medicare patient. hospital payments have been slashed and nurses are working harder on the floor. you push that call button and wait longer. seniors are now trapped in the emergency room under something called observation care. and when they leave the emergency room, they're handed a whopping big bill because they never were officially admitted to the hospital. there are more and more reasons why seniors are seeing the impact, a very punishing, dangerous impact of obamacare on them. we can't do that again. host: a couple of calls before we wrap up. democratic line. billy, go ahead. caller: hi, i have two questions -- two comments. one is that i'm from indianapolis and donald trump talks about how kerry took his business and took it over to mexico but then outsourced all
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his jobs to other countries. and number two is that you want to put him in and he has no political background at all, period. so what is there to do about it? guest: let me address the second question first because it's a really important question. you're suggesting that only someone with a lot of experience in politics should run for president. but clearly a majority of the republican primary voters disagree with you. we are tired of the go along to get along professional politician class. and i'll tell you one big reason. the republicans in washington, just like the democrats, have ignored the urgency of revitalizing our economy. they've been in washington now for several years watching growth get slower and slower and slower. under the obama administration's last seven years, growth has been under 2% . in the 20th century it was
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routinely 3.5%. we can't support our families and offer real opportunity to our children and grandchildren when growth is so low, under 2%. and yet the congressional budget office is predicting under the obama administration's policies, it will continue to be that anemic 2% more or less level into the indefinite future. so we need a businessperson in the white house who will restore economic growth and get this congress working again on economic issues. it's the number one issue facing this country. it's the need for growth. host: todd, north carolina, is our next caller -- david from todd, north carolina, independent caller. hey, todd. caller: hello. host: you're calling from a town called todd in north carolina and your name is david? caller: that's correct. host: thank you, sir. comboip hello, david.
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caller: hello. two things. c-span, we need a lot more debates this season as we finalize this election. host: you mean presidential debates? caller: yes, more frequent. and for the caller, i'm wanting to know about bailouts and seeing how she doesn't agree with the current system, what about having to pander to third parties like insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies through patent laws and all this? guest: i have to tell you i'm very, very disappointed with the insurance industry. they definitely sold out the american public when they went along with obamacare. and if you look carefully at what's happened, obamacare passed a law requiring that all of us buy the insurance industry's product, and secondly included in that big fat law i held up a moment ago, provisions that not only reward the insurance company by forcing us to buy their
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product, but actually hand them large amounts of money at the end of the year to offset any losses they incur by selling those products. so i would agree with you that this particular law has been a total giveaway, a total bailout to the health insurance industry and should not be repeated. host: steven is on the line from everett, massachusetts. steven on the republican call, hi there. >> very thankful you took my call and i appreciate it. just a quick thing. i was wondering, betsy, i can't pronounce your last name. uest: mccaughey. caller: if you can answer something for me. i'm disabled and the last raise i got was about maybe 4 1/2 years ago. now hold on. so what bothers me is i hear
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everybody wanting $15 an hour to work at mcdonald's. everyone wants a raise, everybody wants this, everybody wants that. and i'm a political junkie. i started watching this when h.w. bush went into kuwait. that's how long i've been watching news. and the last phrase i got was four years ago. and i'm in the state of massachusetts. i didn't even get a raise because i do get food stamps. and what happened was i got a $15 raise and then they took $22 out of my food stamps. and then you have to understand is the food goes up, the rent goes up. everybody wants their money and are getting it. i didn't even get a raise. so how come democrats or republicans or independents or the third parties, how come no one is saying anything about people like me? and i would appreciate it if
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you could explain that to me and thank you very much for your time. and one more thing. finally there's a donald trump supporter on c-span. thank you. guest: i'm sure i won't be the last donald trump supporter on c-span. there are many, many donald trump supporters. and let me point out that what you're experiencing, no increase in your revenue, your income and yet you're seeing prices go up. that's what almost all working people are experiencing as well. the fact is the average worker hasn't gotten a raise since about 2000 because in real dollar terms, the economy has been so flat, and that's why, never mind the call for minimum wage hikes, most people don't earn the minimum wage but whatever they're earning or getting revenue the way you do, they're not getting an increase and that's why we have to jump-start this economy. and let me close by pointing out that moody's analytics has just issued a report on the two
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candidates' economic plans and they warned unambiguously that hillary clinton's plan will not promote any increase at all in private sector business nvestment. that means you cannot expect any improvement in job opportunities in the private sector if there's no increase in business investment. no company can hire another driver until they buy another truck is the simplist example. if you want to see an increase in economic activity in this country, real job growth, you need to support a candidate who knows how to create jobs, not he blabber, the builder. host: betsy mccaughey, it author of "beating obamacare" senior fellow at hudson institute. guest: currently. i'm at the london center
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>> c-span's washington journal. coming up monday morning, ed lopez, cochair of republicans /weld on why he and other republicans are supporting the libertarian ticket. and with the announcement that the joint strike fighter is ready for combat, a business .ditor looks at the history be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7 morning.ern every
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>> among those appearing on the sunday news shows today, ohio governor john kasich, former new york mayor rudy giuliani, and senator tim kaine of the genia. they discussed polling results and other news this week. governor kasich: my actions have spoke louder than any words. think about this. i want to know when anyone had a convention where they did not go in governor did not the convention hall. some people were really furious with me about that but i thought i did what i needed to do. --ever went in that hall to leave it or not, i wanted to show respect to the nominee.
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>> can trump when ohio? governor kasich: can trump when ohio? you will when parts of ohio. it is difficult to be able to win in ohio. i i remember george bush being 16 points down to dukakis going into september. so, let's calm down. everyone should calm down about it. there's certainly an opportunity chump to win this election. hillary clinton was extremely careless in the handling of national security information -- not just one or two, but thousands and thousands of pieces of national security information. -- former federal prosecutor. if i had done that, i would have
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been prosecuted. it is a clear violation -- what she did were criminal acts. know, mr. mayor, director call me said he would have to prove there was intentionally transmitted or mishandle classified information -- "our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case." >> many reasonable prosecutors would have wrought such a case. i would've brought such a case. i would have won such a case. hillary clinton skated because she is running for president. she clearly violated the law. senator kaine: i have heard hillary clinton say over and over again, with respect to the e-mails, i made a mistake. i have learned from it. i apologize. i think chris wallace and hillary were talking past each other last week. she was saying what director call me -- director come
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acknowledgedy -- director comey acknowledged to be true. aris might have been asking different question. she said over and over again i made a mistake, i learned from it, i'm going to fix it, and i apologize. saidd in an interview, you she said you would do it differently. what does that mean? be more transparent? what does it mean? kaine: the same thing she has said, knowing what i know now, i would not have done the private server in that way. i know that this is something she has learned from and we are going to be transparent, absolutely. republican,
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presidential candidate donald economiclines his agenda in a speech to the detroit economic club. our life coverage begins at noon eastern here on c-span. on tuesday, president and mrs. obama welcomed the singer more -- singapore prime minister to the white house for official state visit. a state dinner and then after dinner toast by the two state leaders.
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president obama: now, we all know how seriously singaporeans take their food. [laughter] president obama: in singapore, even the street vendors earn michelin stars. some pressure this evening. we have a lot to live up to. attempted to offer each of you a singapore sling or for those of you who know it's unmistakable scent, you will know why we are not serving a -- here in the
10:49 pm
white house. thate honoring bonds stretch back at least 180 years, when singapore was still a colony and the united states was not far removed from being one ourselves. the first prime minister was a planter. his memory lives on in a church bell that now rests in the museum. it was cast in the memory of maria for father, paul revere. you may have heard of him. it is a reminder as we pursue a more prosperous order, we are bound together by family and
10:50 pm
friendship. it is the dedication of our men and women in uniform flying f-15's together and is the excitement of our students and entrepreneurs who cross the ocean to learn and work with each other and it is the leadership of a son of singapore respected all around the world and a respected partner of the united states. each of us giving our best, united by our shared ideals, our faith in this nation, and our belief that here we can build something special together -- what is true of singapore is true of the relationship between our two countries. and so, as singapore repairs to andbrate its national day, 50 years into a shared journey with the united states, i propose a toast. thank you, sir. to prime minister and mrs. lee
10:51 pm
and to the friendship and partnership between our peoples -- let's continue to build something special together. onward, singapore. foreignng darling language] onward, america. chairs. prime minister lee. -- cheers. prime minister lee. prime minister lee: mr. president, mrs. obama, distinguished guests -- i would obama for hismr. very kind words.
10:52 pm
we are delighted to be here and we are touched by your warm welcome and gracious hospitality. we appreciate mrs. obama's personal efforts to make our visit a successful one ever personally overseeing the excellent arrangements for the state dinner. mr. president, when you address the u.n. in 2014, you said that when nations find common ground not simply based on power, but on principle, then we can to can make in enormous progress. and i am proud to say tonight, on the 50th anniversary of our diplomatic relations, our two countries have shared much, ground and made rate progress together based on shared principles, convergent interests, and mutual respect. i remember my first meeting with you at the senate. 2007. may you were in the midst of a hard-fought presidential campaign, and not yet the front
10:53 pm
runner for the democratic nomination. [laughter] i wasminister lee: but struck by your focus, your informed interest in asia, and your determination. your years growing up in indonesia gave you direct experience of southeast asia's cultures and challenges. as president, your personal leadership and your decision to rebalance asia has one america new friends and strengthened old partnerships, including with singapore. over half a century working issues, singaporeans and americans have made many enduring and close personal friendships. i am happy to see many of singapore's old friends here tonight such as steve green. played amay not know, certain midnight golf game
10:54 pm
between the lame-duck president though clinton and our prime minister on a rainy night in brunei during a meeting, which led to the u.s.-singapore free trade agreement. [laughter] [applause] prime minister lee: which it shows what can be done even during lame-duck periods. singapore admires america's vibrancy and capacity for self or numeral. these qualities attract the best and brightest from around the world. thousands of singaporeans study in the u.s., attracted not only academiccellent education, but the unique dynamism of your campus and the ethos of your society. this is something that singapore hopes to emulate as we seek to tap into this spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. the national university of
10:55 pm
singapore has set up overseas colleges in silicon valley and new york, so our students from singapore can in turn with high-tech startups, and we are also launching a u.s.-singapore 50th anniversary scholarship to promote greater exchanges and understanding between our young people. not just through sheer individual talent, but by working together with members. at this year's international mathematics olympiad, the u.s. team came in at the top, beating singapore. remarkable,so in a open, and collaborative manner. you invited students from other competing countries to the u.s. to train with you, including two singaporeans, who benefited from the exposure. is what globalization means. you compete, but you also cooperate and learn from one another. sport, 200, some of
10:56 pm
singapore's olympic hopefuls have come to train with america's beth asked leave -- best athletes. ncaa champion in 200 meter butterfly and we hope that he will do well in rio. extends totion afghanistan and the middle east. we train alongside each other on professional courses and joint exercises. my own experience as a soldier, i have personally experienced the dedication, the competence, and the warped the of our hosts. i made good friends, and we still keep in touch after many decades, and they include my fortary sponsors at leavenworth in kansas nearly 40 years ago and they are here tonight.
10:57 pm
[applause] prime minister lee: america is a great nation, not just because of your power and your wealth, but because of your high ideals, openness, and generosity of spirit. cause,.ursue a common after they 70 years second rolled war, america is still a welcome power in asia. we hope that these strengths and youities will remain and will remain in our region for many more years. to mark the 50th anniversary of our relations, singapore has
10:58 pm
named an orchid hybrid in honor of president and mrs. obama. breeds a hybrid of native to singapore and hawaii, where the president was born -- most of us believe. [laughter] prime minister lee: we think it is a fitting tribute to america's first pacific president and a beautiful symbol of the flourishing ties between our two countries. ladies and gentlemen, please to the healthoast and success of the president of the united states. to the president. thank you very much. [applause]
10:59 pm
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