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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 9, 2016 7:05pm-7:58pm EDT

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opponent in that primary. business executive paul nehlen. live coverage here on c-span and your comments as well. it will be tuesday, november 8 for the presidential election. we'll be talking about presidential results. donald trump on the campaign trail in north carolina, speaking this evening in fayetteville, but it's his comments in wilmington, north carolina earlier today that are drawing criticism. his comments about hillary clinton being able to appoint supreme court justices if she wins the presidential election. here's his comment earlier today. donald trump: hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks.
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although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. but i'll tell you what that will be a horrible day, if -- >> the number of democrats calling that an assassination threat, a death threat. here is senator warren tweeting about that this afternoon -- donald trump makes death threats because he's a pathetic coward who can't handle the fact that he's losing to a girl and a response from the national rifle association saying that donald trump is right. if hillary clinton gets to pick her anti-second amendment judges, there's nothing we can do. they also say that there is something we will do on election day -- show up and vote for the second amendment and that again from the national rifle association. and up next here on c-span, we're going to show that you speech from wilmington this afternoon from donald trump. it's about 50 minutes and those
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comments on appointing judges, etc., we just showed you, they're about 40 minutes? ♪ make no doubt i love this land od bless the u.s.a. where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land od bless the u.s.a. i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who
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died who dave -- gave that right to me ♪ donald trump: thank you, thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. so amazing. rudy just left. he just said i don't believe this. this is unbelievable. nobody believes it. [cheers] >> the crowds we're getting. i'm the messen jer but i'll tell you what, the message is the right message. we're tired of incompetence. we're tired of not taking care of our military. we're tired of not taking care of our vets, who have been taken care of very poorly. we're tired of so many different things so our mayor, my friend rudy giuliani just walks out and says i don't believe this. this is incredible. what he hasn't seen -- and your
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governor, by the way, who's a great guy, and he's now seeing it. they're walking outside because there are thousands of people outside that can't get in i said rudy, you think this is bad, go take a look outside. i want to thank pat and rudy and i want to thank everybody for being here and we're going to have a good time. we love north carolina. we love north carolina -- we did really well in the primaries, if you remember. we're doing really well now. we have to win. that november 8th date is so important. it's so important. i bring things up like the judges, the supreme court justices. you could have as many as four -- i guess there's a scenario in which this president could pick five supreme court justices and if you pick two that are left, left, left it's going to be a disaster for our country. your second amendment, the national rifle association
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endorsed me and they endorsed me early, a long time ago -- [cheers] >> and they're great people. wayne, and chris, they're great people but if you do something with this, i tell you what, justice right now -- you lost a great one with scalia. we want to replace with justices very much like justice scalia and that's going to happen and so important. so -- so if for no other reason -- one of the most important elections for a lot of reasons, not just that. but for a lot of reasons and -- but that's so obvious because for whatever reason, they say this could be the presidency, this next four years, where you'll pick more supreme court justices than anybody has ever had the opportunity to do and believe me, i'll make you very proud of those justices. they'll be good. ok? so we had an incident a few days
7:11 pm the 400 million anybody know what that looks like? that's a lot of cash. and honestly, it's so sad. think of it. ing to iran, a terrorist statement i happen to think they have plenty of money. we've given them there are 150 million -- billion. so the $400 million -- i happen to think it goes into their demts switzerland, personally. people say no, they use it for terror. but i also think that when you ave 400 million in cash, different denominations. did you see the size of this? they did, i guess, release the pictures after all. they released pictures and
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interesting -- i sort of think it goes into bank accounts, right? i sort of think they take it, they probably use some for this, some for that, can do a lot of things and obama said that he did it because we don't have a working account with iran. do you believe it? how long does it take to set up an account, right? you don't have a working account, you set up an account, right, laura? you set up an account. it takes about -- well, look. what's going on in this country -- folks, folks, what's going on in this country is insane. and we have people running our country that don't know what they're doing. they're grossly incompetent and it's time. we have to make change, real change. not obama change. we have to make change. whether it's sergeant berg tall where we get bergdahl, who
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was a traitor and they get five of the greatest killers that they've wanted for eight years. i call it the five for one trade. or the iran deal where we get nothing. we get nothing. ultimately they have a beautiful path. they'll get way, way earlier than that. they'll get nuclear weapons. oh, if you get trump, you're going to see a lot of changes to that deal. going to happen fast. you're going to see some big changes and really -- i saw what president obama said, that the $400 million in cash was not -- had nothing to do with the elease of the hostages, right? it really doesn't work, does it? does it? remember obamacare? you're going to keep your doctor, you're going to keep your plan? over and over again. it was a lie and in fact, if he didn't make the lie he would
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have never gotten it approved because most democrats -- many of the democrats didn't want to do it. it was only that that got them to sign it, to approve it. and it was a lie. and the $400 million and from what the rumor is and from what the reports are, the hostages couldn't leave the airport until this other plane arrived. they don't know why but i think we all have a pretty good reason why. it's all a big lie. it's all a big lie and it's so sad to say -- see. and let me tell you, hillary clinton is going to be four more years of obama but maybe worse. audience: boo! maybe worse. going to be four more years. four more years of isis, four more years of high taxes. you know, yesterday, i had a big event, really. turned out to be a very big
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event in detroit. good event. very good. we got wonderful reviews and a lot of good comments but the thing i'm doing, i'm cutting taxes big league. especially for the middle class and especially for businesses, because businesses are dying. that means small businesses, businesses, period. businesses are leaving our country like they've never left before. they're going all over. they're going to mexico, that i can tell you. mexico is like the eighth wonder of the world. i've been telling a story, a friend of mine, good friend of mine, good guy. he builds plants for cars, for computers, massive plants and i said to him how are you doing? and he's worked in north carolina, by the way. i said to him how are you doing? he said phenomenal. it's like i think the biggest in the world at this. that's what he does. great guy. i said how's it all going?
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he said you have to see mexico, donald. it's the eighth wonder of the world. what we're building there is like never has been built. i said how are things going in the united states. i'm more interested in, that right? america first, folks, america first. [cheers] donald trump: america first. get a little tired of these deals, where they actually put -- you know why. because of lobbyists and special interests and people representing and people wanting it to happen. it's just not that they want other countries to benefit over us. there are reasons for us. when i raise money and i'm putting up a lot of my own money for my campaign. i'm funding me and i'm raising money for the republican party and we're getting a lot of money
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from the small donors. remember be a few months ago, i wanted to make sure i dot the nomination before i startled. i took a lot of heat from the press, the world's most ishonest people, by the way. >> terrible, terrible. those cameras will not move and show how many people are in this auditorium. those cameras are not going to move, unless we have a protestor. is there a protestor up there in the corner? if we have a protestor, that's the only time they move. because they're showing something that in their find mind is a bad thing. but i like that. then the cameras show these massive crowds and people say wow, was that a big crowd. i go home to my wife and say how's it going? darling, your speech was very good. were there any people there?
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i say yeah, about 7,000. you had to see outside. thank you, and i love you too. who said that? who said that, huh? thank you. thank you. but i came up with rudy from new york and we're driving up and we're going block after block after block, the linebacker. and i said are those people going to be able to get in? they said the place was already full and rudy just said man, i've never seen anything like that. maybe a couple of days before an election but this is what's happening. because of the fact we have a movement going, folks. because people are so tired of it. they're so tired of it. [cheers] >> so -- and by the way -- and by the way. voter i.d., what's with that? what's with voter i.d.?
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why aren't we having voter i.n. and in other words, i want to vote, here's my identification. i want to vote. as opposed to somebody coming up and voting 15 times for hillary. audience: boo! >> well, and i will not tell you to vote 15 times. i will not ell you to do that. ok? you won't vote 15 times but people will. they'll vote many times and how that could have happened is unbelievable. the governor just told me they're going before the united states supreme court, justice roberts and maybe they can get a stay. let's see what happens, ok? let's see what happens. that's a very important thing. but i wrote a few things down
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and to me, so important. yes, darling, thank you. unstable hillary. lacks the judgment -- now, bernie sanders said she lacks judgment, right? and nobody said anything about it. no problem. he said you lack judgment and during one of the debates nobody said -- it was fine. when i say it they say that's terrible the way you talk. she cuzz, she lacks judgment. she lacks temperament and i'm the one that used "unfit" many, many months ago and now they turn it around, use it on me. unfit? i'm unfit? that's a first. but she lacks the temperament and the moral character to lead this country. very simple. she really does. she's a dangerous person who doesn't tell the truth, which has been proven very loudly. i don't think we've ever had
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greater proof of that of anybody. and she's disregarded the lives of americans. you see what's happening -- with what she's done with her server and you know why she did that. so i just look at this and i said that if she gets elected, destruction the of this country from within. remember that. remember that. she will allow people into our country that will do damage -- that will do damage, folks. you look at what's going on in the world. look at france. take a good look at france. i have pretends that go to france. they used to love france. they say no, thank you. they don't expect to be going back for a long time. i have one trip, i said how was your trim to france?
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he said france isn't france anymore, we're knot going anymore. so many people are saying that. look at germany. what's going on with the -- germany. look at the problems. we have enough problems that are going on in our country right now, we don't need additional problems, folks. we don't need additional problems. and for all we know, this could be the great trojan horse, this could be. we don't know who these people are. now, they're coming in through obama and i looked at a chart yesterday and for years it's sort of like this, a little uptick and the last number or period of time it's like wa, wa, they've never seen anything like it. they're letting them in and again, you can't vet them. you don't know where they come from. look at the damage that two people in san bernardino,
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probably radicalized the guy, the woman coming in. look at the damage in orlando. look at the damage that was done in orlando by one whack job, one sick whack job and you know what he was scream something he's screaming what they all scream and we have to get smart, folks. we don't need the problems. and we've already got those problems, just so you understand, because they're coming into the country and they're being put where nobody even knows where they are. it's like, if i were the enemy, i would say i can't believe they're that stupid. they're taking my people and they're putting them all over the place. because you have a great military right here, and our military -- [cheers] >> our military cannot be beaten but you know what can happen? when we don't know where they
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are, where they're coming, from you get them all over the place. and folks, it'ssome. you don't need many. one person in orlando. two people. look at in france, 130. now, they have the strictist gun laws -- strictest gun laws anywhere in the world. france, paris. 130 people killed and i've said 100 times this man or that woman or that woman or man had a gun in paris or san bernardino and the bullets were flying in the other direction, would have been a whole different story, folks. [cheers] >> for those foolish people that say second amendment, would have been a whole different -- i go a step further. if these people. bad people. bad, sick, sick, people. if these people knew there were
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guns in the good guys' hands, they probably wouldn't have gone in the first place, all right? gun-free. you know what a gun-free zone is? that's like -- oh, they study where the gun-free zones -- if they would have known you had guns. if they would have known that they were going to be shot at from the other side, would have been a who i will different story. maybe wouldn't have even happened in the first place. they better not come here, he said. they better not. so recently a book came out, a couple of weeks ago. a secret service agent, and made a statement because she said the other day she short circuited. hey, could you imagine if i said that i short circuited? [laughter] > they would be calling for my
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execution. electric chair. they'd bring back the electric chair. it would be a whole different ballgame if i said it. believe me. but the secret service said she simply lacks the integrity to serve in the office. from the bottom of my soul, he said, i know this to be true. her leadership style, when is volcanoic and impulsive and she makes bad decisions. ok? hey, it's one thing to make bad decisions. it's another thing to be wacky and make bad decisions. [cheers] >> she is disdainful of the rules set for everyone else and she hasn't changed a bit. this is -- that was the good thing. i couldn't say the bad things that were said. it's so much. nobody would even believe it.
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you have to see this beautiful. nobody would believe becausest so terrible, so terrible. and she comes across like this woman, nice, easy, but she's not and she's she's -- listen, she's not a leader. not a loader and she is a liar. -- leader and she is a liar. ey -- hey. 33,000 emails are gone. ok? 33,000 emails are gone. that i gone. how do you get rid of 33,000 emails? who sinds 33,000 emails? do you know how many that is? i think that's like 24 hours a day reading them or sending them but it wouldn't matter. for years. 33,000 emails are missing and she's so guilty.
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she's so guilty. i think it's a tremendous blotch on our country. i really mean that. i think what happened over the last two weeks with respect to her, especially in light of the fact that general petraeus and in others have suffered unbelievable consequence. i think it's a tremendous ballot on our country. a tremendous blot. just remember that. but i just looked at this, the economic failures of obama and clinton, etc. obama-clinton economic policies have produced 1.2% economic growth, the weakest so-called recovery since the great depression. this is like unbelievable. 1.2. do you know if china goes to 7% or 8% it's like a national catastrophe. what they do is cut their currency, they devalue their
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currency big league and then all of our businesses continue to be drained out of the united states. all our money, our jobs. they make our product, sell us to us. no tax, no nothing. they devalue -- devaluing is sort of like cheating. i have great relationships with china. i have great businesses with china. in sanhe bank of america francisco with the group -- thank you, man. got to win north carolina. thank you. thank you. but it's cheating. it's really cheating. and when i look at these trailed deals, it's so sad. $800 billion, with a b dollars a year on trailed with. china alone it's $400 billion and $500 billion and
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in 18 years people in the audience are making less money than they were 18 years ago, and in many cases they are working to in three jobs, but making less money now than they made 18 years ago. come out, real wages. they are giving road, so it is supposed to be the other way. hey, bud, how about me? i never worked harder in my life. it, because i have met so many incredible people. a tremendous understanding of this country, because i am going to places i have heard about, have known about. i am stopping everywhere, and i e the carnage that nafta has
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brought. i see upstate new york, north carolina, but new england, new england got really wacked. you look at ohio, what is happening there. like it is going to happen. it is getting worse. is going onan, what with the car plants being built in mexico is unbelievable, and they are moving. we were talking about the auto workers yesterday where they have lost over 100,000 michigan, which is our car capital, and it is not the car capital anymore. mexico will become the new car capital of the world in a short time. now, think of it, and that's only because we allow it to happen. mexico, and i respect
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the leaders of mexico because they are much smarter, but much smarter and more cunning than our leaders. but you have to see what is going on. indianahe reasons i won was bobby knight, because he is the best, greatest, but one of the reasons is that carrier air-conditioning but 1400 people go and they are building a plant in mexico. we are not going to let it happen. if you think you have great jobs, companies are negotiating from north carolina to move to mexico, and other places. make possible by our federal government, made possible by the --ple that connected this enacted a suicidal pack for this countryn. -- country. i cannot believe i am a
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politician. but i have been watching for years, as the government tries to keep businesses from leaving and going to other countries, and i have seen low-interest loans, 0% interest loans, subsidies, forget it. that will not work. carriergoing to work is moves to mexico. good luck. have a nice plant. i hope my friend builds it. when they make their air-conditioners, and they think they are going to sell the air conditioner to people living in indianapolis, where they come from, for similar prizes, and they think the airport to sell it there and have no repercussions? with me, they have repercussions, ok? with me, we inform them that if pay ave, you are going to 35% tax on everything or air conditioner that pours across
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, andow very secure borders two things will happen. one of two things. one of two things are protected. if you get them in time, they are not moving, throws it all off balance, offkilter. number one, and people would say, why doesn't anybody use this, why doesn't anybody mention it? are controlled by lobbyists and locations, and carrier goes on, i am using carrier as an example, hundreds and thousands, thousands of companies, and millions of jobs we are talking about. i was looking at numbers -- i will not repeat the numbers, say they can't believe they are that high. what it is thousands of companies and millions and millions of jobs, and you say why aren't -- why doesn't somebody else a what truck is trump is saying?
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we rate $82 million last month. $82 millionised last month, and a lot of it was small money donations. it averaged $61 a head. the total that we raised, and effect in may i told you i was taking the heat, because they said donald trump did not raise any money. i told you why. i did not raise it because i was not sure i had the nomination. if i had the nomination, i would have gone to turnberry and played golf, in scotland. but i got the nomination, and now we can start, and we raised a lot of itin june, in small donations, and we raised $82 million in july.
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people are going, even the the people who truly hate trump, they say that ing, and people want to hear this message, an important message. say and you hear what i just said, you charge a territory tax, and guess what -- and people say, why haven't the politicians spend smart, why haven't they done it? because they are controlled by people that work for many of these companies, and they are not going to do it, whether it is donors or special interests or lobbyists, they control because they want it to happen. honestly, i think it is a total disgrace, i think it is a total disgrace. and formillions of jobs the thousands and thousands of companies that have left our to speakif i were here
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to every one of those companies for five minutes -- [booing] bye-bye.: they were so quiet. i like the hillary protesters because they are so quiet. protest -- the birdie bernieers were -- the protesters have a lot more spirit. i think we will get a lot of voters, if you want to know the truth, because they understand that trade is killing them. if you of thes, fact i wrote, which is the armies. lowest -- forget
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it, probably much higher. when they announced 1.2%, that isns it is lower, and 1.2% starting to set records. the national debt, almost $20 -- then -- $20 trillion national debt under obama has doubled. figure at, doubled. i think by the time he gets out, it will more than double, but we have to be accurate because they not quitet is doubled. believe me, by the time he gets out it will have more than doubled. the national debt is doubled, and the bad part of that, you think of the national debt has doubled, our infrastructure, we would have beautiful i was, you see where 50% of the bridges are in danger in this country, and the roads ways are messed.
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he hadd says four years no problems, and he has these big trucks be in the wheels are getting wiped out because of potholes on the highways. you think with that doubling of the national debt you would good shape from the infrastructure standpoint, right? we are in very bad shape. $800trade deficit, almost billion, nearly 24 million americans in their prime earning years are out of the labor force, right? in the last seven years, another 14 million people have left the workforce. think of it, these are the real numbers, not the 5% nonsense. you look for a job, you cannot find your job, you go home, you go your parents, friends, do whatever. you gave up and now you are considered statistically employed. those people are not employed. these people are great people. there are plenty of them in here. people, the most
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loyal people, the smartest people. so many of my people, they are so smart. i do noty, trump -- know if he has a right --we have the smartest people and the best and the hardest working. we have the smartest people. we will put iq's among some of us, you can say all of us can against any of the iq's that we have to do with. i would love to do that. 14the last seven years, million people, one in five american households do not have a single member in the workforce. pretty bad. homeownership -- this is one that is amazing to me. today home ownership is at its lowest rate in 51 years. you own homes, and used to be the dream to own a home, right? the american home.
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lowest that it has been in so many years. 51 years. million people and more americans are dependent on food steps, and 2 million more latino americans live in clinton,nder obama and under obama because clinton is going to carry on -- i do not know if you saw, i gave a and decrease yesterday, but clinton will double up your taxes, and she is trying to say that she will double up your taxes. massivegoing to have ma tax increases if clinton gets in. enjoy it, folks, if you get that. african have it american youth are not employed. how sad is that? american households are earning $4000 less -- listen to this 1 were 16 yearsthey
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ago. many workers are earning less than 1970 in real dollars. 1970 -- that is a long time ago. they are earning in real dollars less money. , we are goingan to create millions of new and really good paying jobs. it is interesting, because the pro-obama people say about the are bad jobs.y i have heard it from many people, they are trying to defend him, but they are bad jobs. the good jobs have left. but we will create millions of new good-paying jobs, but good jobs, it is so important. it is so important. everyone's taxes will go down. hillary clinton has supported tax increases on the middle class for her entire career. she has voted for higher taxes 235 times in the senate.
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that is all? i thought it was more than that. 235 times. i hope there is not a decimal point in there. i do not think there is. voted for higher taxes to 35 times in the senate. now she is planning another trillion tax1.3 increase. that is what the tax increase , folks. not like you are not already paying enough? she will be taxing businesses that are already in deep trouble out of business, then we will make -- and this is so important ivanka trump, so great, so great. we're going to make childcare expenses tax-deductible for working families.
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and just many, many other we are going to make some unbelievable changes, and it is so easy. regulations -- i am traveling all over and meeting with owners, even people who are being laid off because of this. regulations -- if i told you, and i'm so surprised -- this is the biggest prize -- if you have a small business and i can say you have one of the other, a major tax cut like we are going to bring it down to 15% from more than double that, but if i told you that you are could have a massive tax decrease or really substantially -- but in a real way, cut regulations, hundred percent of the people i would talk to would take the regulations, if you could have one or the other. it is amazing, that surprised me. it surprised to them, too.
7:45 pm
everybody -- businesses cannot form anymore. is sotory burden incredible that you cannot form businesses -- very hard -- and businesses in existence are being put out of existence for regulations that do not do anything. we want safety regulations, environmental regulations. we are not people that do not want these things. we have to have that. we want clean air, clean water. we want clean water. that -- and there are certain things that you want to do, but to do that you do not have to destroy our country and our businesses. so i just wrote this down today. hillary wants to raise taxes. this is a comparison. i want to lower them. hillary wants to expand
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regulations, which she does vaguely, can you believe that? i will reduce them very, very substantially, 50 as much as 70%, 75%. henry wants to shut down energy production. i want to expand it. electric.tric, lower hillary wants to a, essentially abolished the second amendment. either way, and if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people -- maybe there is -- i don't know. but i will tell you what, that will be a horrible day if hillary gets to put her judges -- right now we are tied. you see what is going on, because scalia, this was not supposed to happen. justice scalia was supposed to be around for 10 more years at
7:47 pm
least, and this is what happens. that was a horrible thing. so now look at it, so hillary essentially wants to abolish the second amendment. speaking to the nra folks, who are great. -- and i will tell you, so they endorsed me, they endorsed a very early. why sons are members. i am a member. i think we can at the national rifle association, the second amendment to the justices, they almost go in a certain way and in hand. the justices are going to do things that are so important, and we have such great justices. use on my list of 11 that had ttedcted and respected -- ve and respected and gotten great, but ifittle bit equate, you do not do what is the right thing, you are not going to have a second amendment, you are not going to have much of it left, and you will not be able to protect yourselves, what you
7:48 pm
need. burst intod guys your house, they are not looking about second amendment and do i have a right to do this, ok? that that guides are not going to be giving up their weapons, but the good people will say, oh, well, that's the law. no, not going to happen. we can't let it happen. we can't let that happen. hillary clinton wants to have totally open borders where people flow into our country and they take your jobs and they do lots of things. and i want people to come into our country, but they have to do it direct process, they have to do it legally, right? so you have drugs pouring in, you have everything coming in. in new hampshire, great state, they have a tremendous heroin
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problem. we will stop the drugs pouring into our country from the southern border. we will build a wall -- [cheers] mr. trump: walls do work. walls do work. doesn't lookgee, that way, but she is. invade foreigno custard. since you spent -- for two years, three years i have been saying we have spent two dollars trillion.- $2 i will get the accurate number. they do not know the accurate number. he had no idea what we are doing. we are sending equipment over and the enemy is taking it. humveesover 2300 pum
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that are currently armor plated. i thought that meant like 230 was too much. 2300 humvees and they got stolen, taken by the enemies. outlays have these great allies we always become who end up being worse than the guys we're trying to get out -- so terrible. hillary and president obama "radical use the term islamic terrorism. -- terrorism." big problem, the problem. hillary wants to release violent criminals and criminal offenders from prisoner.
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-- from prison. enjoy yourselves. i want to work with our police. our police are so incredible. they do not get the respect they deserve. not getting the respect they deserve. and we are going to in our country restore law and order. we have to. we have to restore law and order. and the police will be cu careful and study, but what happened in dallas, where all of those people were shut down -- shot down, absolutely, absolutely for no reason viciously shot down, and so many others. i was with one of the police groups the other day, they are endorsing become and i said that was terrible in dallas, and they gave me a list of eight other in the last while where the same smaller number, but the same thing was happening, where police are being killed. cherishto respect and
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our police. school choice we want, common core we do not want. we got to get rid of common core. bring education [indiscernible] mr. trump: and, folks, we have to renegotiate with nafta. going back to the wall, mexico is going to pay for the wall. that i can tell you. politicians, you do not know me, they do not understand me, and i am. 50et a group of fift people who have been running our country forever and they said we cannot support donald trump. the reason -- because i am not going to hire these people, i do not want to these people. take a look.
7:53 pm
take a look at these people, these are sort of like the people that have been involved with washington, eking decisions, militarily, on defense, take a look at what has happened to our country. our military is depleted. our vets are not being taken care of. cannot be isis. can you imagine general george patton, spinning in his grave, douglas mcarthur, and we have so many people in this section of the military state, and i love it -- i love it. and you imagine them seeing that we cannot beat these 25,000 or 30,000 people? we are fighting a politically correct war. politically correct war? you know what is going on.
7:54 pm
you know what is going on. these are the people that chop off heads. these are the people that in steel cages drop steel cages largehe waters and drown lovers of people. these are the people that bury people in the fans. we got to knock them out. i was against the war in iraq. it should not have been in the war in iraq. a destabilize the middle east, but we should not have gotten out the way he got out. the way we got out was insane. and obama gave a date and that folks?isis happened, hence, the birth of isis, congratulations, hillary clinton. she should get, if i am isis, i call her up and i give her the most valuable player award, ok? with libya,tee you,
7:55 pm
which was her baby, and all the other mistake she has made, obama talks now, because obviously for him that is the builder alternative, all right? but he has been an incompetent president. he has done a harmful job. and i guarantee you that if he had it to do again and he would only say this to his wife, but he if he had to do it again, he would not have chosen hillary ofnton to be his secretary state, because she made so many horrible mistakes and caused so many lives -- cost so many ones, and i mean lives both sides. she is a net. she is a net. inepts.s . edit think she is allowed to run for president of the united states when she deleted 33
7:56 pm
, it will always be an embarrassment to our country. it always will be. so i want to thank all of you for being here. look, i am going to be around, we are going to be coming around to north carolina a lot. got a winner, important. people are great. my daughter-in-law comes from north carolina. i am here all the time. people, the people are great, the military is great. we are going to make america great again. we are going to start winning. we are going to put america first. we are going to make america safe again. but never, ever forget we are going to make america great again. thank you. thank you, everybody.
7:57 pm
i will be back soon. thank you. god bless you. ♪ you don't always get what you want you don't always get what you want you can't always get what you want sometime thatise -- but if you try sometime ♪ can get what you need
7:58 pm
i glanced at her hand was going to m eet her connection can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but ou