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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 10, 2016 12:43am-12:59am EDT

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with mr. jimmy look pretty ill we decided that we would have a sorbent my favorite flavor cherry red he said one word to me i said to him you can't always get what you want ♪ the state department issues its report on international religious freedom. we have coverage at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. book tv on c-span two. 40 hours of nonfiction authors every weekend. courturday, the supreme
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greenhouses of linda 's book. she speaks at politics and prose bookstore in washington dc. danahen, afterwards with lasch. she argues the u.s. is splintering into two countries. coastal america and flyover america. you can't run a country you have never been to. guyis interviewed by benson. >> it seems in so many ways not just people and flyover nation, although they are targeted, you have a yanking back-and-forth. it goes back to, we need you to show up a certain way to vote. that divide is kind of scary. it is affecting whether we will be able to equally defend
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ourselves against a major threat. >> a journalist looks at how some school policies are having a negative effect on black female students in her book, "push out." veryrgues schools are the institutions that are criminalizing black girls. at, you can watch our programming any time and your convenience. go to our home page. click on the video library search bar. review the list of search results. click on the program you would like to watch. if you are looking for our most current programs and you don't want to search the video library, our homepage has many
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programs ready for your immediate viewing. such as today's washington journal. is a public service. house speaker ryan won his primary on tuesday. after his victory, speaker ryan talked to reporters and answered questions about his legislative agenda. this is 10 minutes.
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speaker ryan: good evening, everybody. first of all, i want to say thank you and welcome to janesville, wisconsin. i want to recognize all of the candidates who sought federal, state, and local offices in wisconsin today. it is hard work, and i am grateful we had so many candidates take part in the democratic process. i want to highlight one candidate in particular who was on the ticket tonight in wisconsin. mike gallagher. mike gallagher won the eighth congressional district republican primary. he is a marine veteran with an impressive background in security. the eighth district is an area that needs to stay republican. it will be a hard-fought race, and i very much look forward to campaigning with mike. i also want to speak to the residents of southern wisconsin. on behalf of janna, myself, and our kids, thank you. thank you for your trust. thank you for your confidence.
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thank you for your support and efforts. i am a fifth-generation janesville native, and i have been honored to serve this congressional district since 1998. it has been one of the best experiences of my lifetime, and i am humbled that so many want to see me continue on their behalf. the people here, they know me well. they know that i believe that to serve is to work to become part of the solution, not be part of the problem. they share my desire for political leadership that is inclusive, not divisive. they look at the horizon, and they look for hope, not fear. most of all, they want someone who works to effectively advance our founding principles. look. there is a lot of real frustration in this country. there is a lot of anger that washington is just not working and that seems irrevocably broken, and people want to see congress and their elected leaders tackle the tough
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problems, not duck those tough problems. they are sick of the paralysis, and they are hungry for results. and all too often, washington fails to provide those results. in times as uncertain as these, it is easy to resort to division. it is simple to prey on people's fears. that stuff sells, but it does not stick. it does not last. most of all, it does not work. around here, we look beyond the noise and the static. our strength comes from the principles on which our country was founded, self-government and liberty. our inspiration comes from the notion that the condition of your birth does not determine the outcome of your life, and our desire is to see everyone get ahead and that our children are left better off, and so because we want to bring people together and not divide them, because we want to break the gridlock, not perpetuate it, because we want fresh ideas, not outdated ideas, republicans are
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offering a better way to fix this country's big, pressing problems. by taking a better way, we can reignite our nation's economic engine. we can lift people out of poverty and get them on the ladder of opportunity. we can restore our constitution. we can have real patient centered-health care, and we can keep our country safe and free. this is how we turn this passion of the moment into a hard-won future, through ideas, through inspiration, through inclusiveness, through an agenda that we can be proud of, through an agenda that can unite people. so we will take this agenda to voters across this country this fall, and i am confident they will reward our efforts. between now and november, i am committed to doing everything i can to make sure that the status quo, which is not good enough, is not continued, because we can do better. we are going to make the case that house republicans are
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offering new ideas for a new day, and let it be known that we cannot afford another four years like the obama years, and let's be very, very clear. that is exactly what hillary clinton and her party are offering. we can get this country back on track. we can tackle the country's biggest, most pressing problems before they tackle us. we can restore the optimism that is there in that small business owner from janesville. we can restore the optimism that is in the heart of that farmer, from elkhorn, that is in that worker that gets up at 6:00 to work at the tool and dye in racine or kenosha. they want their american dream, and i'm going to do everything i can as a representative from the first congressional district and as speaker of the house to try to make that possible. i just want to end with this.
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i want to thank my employers, the people i work for here in the first congressional district, for hiring me to fight on their behalf. i simply want to say thank you very much for your confidence. i appreciate it. questions. how about some local guys , charles benson, i thought i heard you. >> do you think your landslide victory here sends a larger message that donald trump is doomed in november? speaker ryan: i do not think it means that he is doomed in november. people in wisconsin know me very, well. look. you know me, charles. i am a local guy. people know that i mean what i say and say what i mean, and i do not do it in a mean way, and i think that is the kind of politics, the kind of policies that wisconsinites reward. i would not ascribe anything other to it than that.
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how about bauer. i just want to get some local folks. i thought i heard bauer. ok. yes. that is not even a question i will bother entertaining. there is no point in having that conversation. >> up against donald trump -- what is your reaction to donald trump saying about the second amendment -- speaker ryan: i have been a little busy today. i heard about this second amendment quote. it sounds like a joke gone bad. i hope he clears it up quickly. you should never joke about that. i did not hear the comments. i only heard about the comments. >> all are calling donald trump dangerous.
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speaker ryan: look. i think it is very clear that the trump-pence ticket will put good judges on the supreme court, and we will find far better receptivity of our gender agenda that we are trying to get on track to fix this country's problems than the hillary clinton administration. that much we know. frank. let me go to frank and then kelly. >> [inaudible] speaker ryan: no, i do not see any point to it. you get to the end zone, and you act like you have been there before. i have not even thought about that. look. we knew we were going to do well. we received the vote we were hoping and expecting all along, and that is just kind of how -- the outcome is exactly what we were hoping for and expecting, and desperate candidates do desperate things for attention. i think that is what you saw here. kelly? yes. welcome back.
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>> [inaudible] speaker ryan: you're talking about the question? i have not even heard it. i am not going to make a comment more than what i have heard. no, i do not want to do it that way. pretty busy today. with any endorsement for anyone, there are never blank checks. let me say it this way. i believe here in wisconsin, we tell people what we believe our principles are and what we will do if we get elected, and then like what happened here in wisconsin, we did it. that is exactly what we're trying to do here as house republicans. we have taken our principles, liberty, free enterprise, upward mobility, equality, and applied them to the principle of the day
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and offered a better way, offered an agenda so that the country, which does not like the path we are on, actually has a better path from which to choose. that is the kind of agenda we are offering the country. we believe that is what people are hungry for in the nation, and that i think has been validated right here in the first congressional district. thank you very much. i appreciate it. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] opponent talkcan to voters. he talked about immigration, trade, and national security. this is 20 minutes. mr. nehlen: thank you.
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thank you all so much. i'm so glad to see you here career at especially glad to see all the orders. importantrofoundly message for our district and for our nation that i need to share with you, but before that, i have a few very brief comments. first, tonight, we defied everyone's expectations for this campaign. just the fact that we are all here tonight demonstrates that our message played across the district and the country. despite the desires of our opponents and despite their corporate buddies' efforts to silence us, our success is a testament to each and every one of you. i believe a little perspective is in order here. we took on the leader of the world's globalist movement. when you take on paul ryan, you are not just taking on paul ryan. you are taking on the chamber of commerce. you are taking on the koch


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