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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 11, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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already have student debt by making it easier to refinance and repay what you all as a portion of your income so you do not have to pay more than you just not right donald trump -- it is just not right donald trump can ignore his debt but students and families cannot refinance their debt. toe's something else i want -- emphasize. i don't think anyone in america ,s talking about this enough and that is a four year degree should not be the only path to a good job in america. [applause] you should be able to learn a skill, practice a trade, make a good living doing it. so many americans have the talent and will to succeed, whether their kid is right at a
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war older people displaced by automation and outsourcing. long, big promises about the power of training -- the of training and re-training have not delivered like they should. it is my anyone to be trained for a job that does not exist. here is what we are going to do. we will support-already union programs. new tax credits companies tomore offer paid apprenticeship that let you earn while you learn. we will do more, including a national campaign to dignify skills training across the board. i think we have to reverse what has become a kind of commonplace
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, which is everybody needs go to college. in fact, more than half of the jobs that will be available in 2020 do not require a college four-year degrees. for welders and machinists and technicians in so many others, let's get the word out, jobs for really good people right now, and there will be more in the future if you get tells an high school, at a community college, apprenticeship program or other program. and i want to acknowledge the role the community college here has played in working with companies like this one to make sure people do have the skills. i imagine some of you might be thinking that all sounds good,
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but what about trade? after all, trump talks about it all the time. let's start with this, it is often passed trade deals have been sold to the rosiean people with scenarios that did not pan out. those promises now ring hollow in many communities across michigan and our country that have seen factories close and jobs disappear. too many company lobbied for trade deal so they could sell product abroad but then they instead moved abroad and sold back into the united states. enforcement, particularly during the bush administration has been too lax. home that would competitive.
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the answer is not to rant and off fromut ourselves theother side of the world, answer is to finally make trade work for us, not against us. so my message to every worker in michigan and across america is deal i will stop any trade jobs or holds down wages, including the trans-specific -- transpacific partnership. i oppose it now, i oppose it and ashe election president. i bought to defend new york manufacturers and steelmakers
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tradingair chinese practices. i oppose the only multilateral trade deal that came before the senate while i was there because bar.d not meet my high as secretary of state i fought hard for american businesses to around the world and stop underhanded trading practices like currency manipulation and that's left of intellectual property. as president i will stand up to anyone else who tries to take advantage of american workers and companies. [applause] and i am going to ramp up appointing for the first time a cheap trade .rosecutor i will triple the number of enforcement officers, and when , wetries break the rules will not hesitate to impose
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-- tarrifs.ra [applause] now, mr. trump may talk of big game on trade but his approach trade -- fear, not trade. fear that we cannot compete with world, even when rules are fair. fear that our country has no walls.but to hide behind usa was as fearful as strong, michael phelps and coweringles would be in the locker room afraid to come out and compete. instead, they are winning gold medals. is not afraid to compete.
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we want them to sell even more and create even more jobs here at home. corporations do not abandon profitable operations in the united states to move abroad shareholders a quicker return. before he tweets -- [applause] about how he is really the one who will put america first and trade, let's remember where trump makes many of his own products, because it sure is not america. he has made trump ties in china and since in mexico and that a
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michigan. we created a website. it we list 100 places across the united states that are already producing similar goods. one positive thing trump could do to make america great again make great things in america again. which candidate will fight for an urgentthis is need. we need to grow the economy and make it fairer. is not rising fast enough and certainly not listing all both. since the crash, too many of the gone to the top 1%.
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putting short-term stock prices time investment in and research. while corporate profits are at near record high, paychecks for budge.ople have barely incomes are growing fast -- are up with theto keep cost of living. i believe every employee to the ceo suite and factory floor contributes to a business of success. everyone should share in the rewards. longially those putting in hours for little pay. encouraging -- encouraging a new tax credit. fight forly, we will patrioticgressive or tax code.
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outsourcing jobs and production could write off the cost. must makeop that and them pay back any tax break they received them any level of government in our country. for those that move their headquarters overseas to avoid taxes their fair share of , they will have to pay a new exit tax. if they want go, they will have to pay to go. wall street corporations in the rich should finally pay their fair share of taxes. that is why i support the rural.ed buffet multibillionaire should not be able to pay a lower tax rate than their secretary. [applause]
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we should also add a new tax on multimillionaires. crackdown on tax gaming by corporations and close the kerry interest loophole, something i have advocated for years. close the carry interest loophole. myth out there that trump will stick it to the rich and powerful, because somehow he is really on the side of the little guy. don't believe it. not when he pledges to rip up basic rules that hold corporations accountable.
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when he wants to scrap regulations to stop looters from poisoning the air our children breathe and the water we drink. trump will roll back the tough rules we have imposed on the industry. i will do the opposite. i think we should strengthen those so wall street can never wrecked main street again. trump even wants to abolish the consumer financial protection bureau. a new agency has already returned more than $11 billion to 25 million americans who were of byadvantage corporations. then there is the tax plan, he moneygive trillions to managers. nationald explode the debt and eventually lead to massive cuts and priorities like care, and health environmental protections. in his speech monday he calls tax loophole.
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let's call it the trump loophole . it would allow him to pay less half the current tax rate on income for many of his companies. rate thanay a lower millions of middle-class families. one nonpartisan expert at the tax policy center described this nice deal, fory donald trump. nice hard to say how because he refused to what every candidate has done and release his tax return. [applause] but we do know the 400 richest
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taxpayers and america would get an average tax cuts of more than $15 million per year from the trump loophole. tax,there is the estate which trump once to eliminate altogether. if you believe he is as wealthy says, that alone would alienhe trump family form dollars. -- trump family $4 billion. they would get a $4 billion tax americans9.8% of would get nothing. just think of what we could do billion? we could provide a years worth of health but we do kids.3 million i think there is a lot of better ways to spend the money. monday i will be in scranton -- , pennsylvania, with vice president biden. tell me what you
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value, show me your budget and i will tell you what you value. donald trump wants to give trillions in tax breaks to people like himself. i want to invest it in veterans, officers, and so much more. can then draw your own conclusion about values. he is making a big promise, but , he maysers have said not stand by them. on tax cuts he doubled down to the richest americans and corporations. what are the differences between donald trump and me? what i will do come laying out my plan, and i will
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stand by them, and want to you to hold me accountable for delivering results. this reminds me of the old saying, if it sounds too good to is.rue, it probably the thirds us to question, which candidate can you caps on to go to bat for workers and middle-class come it is not enough to pay lip service to be .n your side we have to recognize how americans actually live and work in the 21st century and then solutions that make your life easier. we know women are now the sole or primary breadwinner in a rowing number of families. we know that more americans are cobbling together part-time work out on their own, so we have to make it easier to be all workers and caregivers at the same time. that is why i have set out a
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make quality, available childcare to all americans and limit the to 10% of family income. on monday trump offered his first real idea on this topic. dismissed ideas about childcare. it was not an expensive thing. now he said he wants to exclude payments from taxation. because it is transparently for rich people. get -- because she would get 30 or $.40 on the dollar for her nanny and little trying to to families afford childcare so they can get to work and keep a job.
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i think instead we should expand -- expand the child tax credit to provide real relief to tens of millions of americans working and struggling with the cost. the same family that his plan ignores. the more we do to help working families, the more the entire economy will benefit. i don't understand why trump is that.t will only makeve life easier for moms and dads. skilled, talented americans in the workforce and grow our economy. that is why every other advance economy already has it.
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raising the minimum wage will not just put more money in the pockets of low income families, means they will spend more at the businesses in their neighborhood. that even theing original automakers understood way back at the beginning of the when they decided to pay the unbelievable sum of day to auto per workers. they were criticized by businesses, they have the best answer, we want people to be able to buy our cars. economics we need to get incomes and wages rising, and it will help the grow and bey fairer. from texting and expanding security, it does not older americans.
2:20 pm ease i often think the same thing about comprehensive immigration arm. we already have millions of people working in the economy and paying 12 billion per year security, even though they are undocumented. moving toward reform, we will unleash a lot of new income and playingnd level the field so american workers cannot be taken advantage of because workers can be ex employers, which is one of the reasons we have this disconnect. , strengthening unions does not just serve members, it and benefitser pay and working conditions for all employees. [applause]
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so i have also set i will defend and improve the affordable care act. includes giving americans the better choice of a public plann health insurance that will help everyone afford coverage. these are all causes i have worked on for decades, and i believe they point to a fundamental truth about the economy. seem like zero sum when you are competing for a job, promotion, or contract if someone wins and loses, but that is not the full picture. if you step back, you can see we are all in this together. together, we can all rise together. you know what i like to say, we together.ronger fourth question is this, who
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can bring people together to get any of this done? well, i believe i can't because serious, can provide findy leadership that can common ground to and on it based upon hard but respectful with the other side. leadership that rises above personal attacks and name-calling, not revels in it. i just do not think insults and bullying is how we are to get things done. think that is the appropriate approach for us. time when democrats and republicans actually work together. i know that's true. as first it is how we created the held -- the health insurance program.
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9/11 -- new rebuilt york after 9/11. so i am convinced based on my experience that we can do this. asked tim reasons i be my running mate is he is a record of working across aisle to get things done as to bring together and
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leaders from across the economy, from a lot of different places jobs andbout competitiveness. we need the best ideas that are .ut there making a difference we need to pull together. the bottom-line is this. president tofor build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. [applause] based on what we know from the -- wantspaign, he once americans to work for him and his friends at the top. he has offered nothing on ofdent loans of the cost description drugs, nothing for
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rurals or struggling communities. a new futureild with clean energy and advance agriculture. nothing for the cities to cyst in the barriers of the graces him. nothing to create new opportunities for young all. -- nothing for cities to racism. the barriers of of trump ideasn that even republicans reject. as we heard him say at his convention, he believes that he country, but our clearly he does not know the michigan. he does not see the businesses and labor unions, local clergy coming together every single day to better.ngs yes, they are still a long road
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ahead, but michigan is on the rise, and everyone is contributing. that is america at its best. i hope you will work together to strengthen its own communities. i hope you will work to get out vote in november. we are able to win, you all to work with me. build the kind of progress in america deserves to see. we will do this together. let's go out and build the future. [applause] thank you. ♪
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>> hillary clinton in michigan plan and morejobs here on c-span. we are expected to hear from john nunn -- donald trump in an hour from now. we will open up the phone lines reaction to some of what you heard from hillary clinton. here are the numbers to use -- supporting hillary clinton -- --porting donald trump for all others -- you can also send us a tweet.
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@cspan. hillary clinton talking about trade, laying out her tax plan. their attitudinal and manufacturing company in warring, michigan. here in verse from vanessa in florence, south carolina. i think you guys are doing a wonderful job. you look great today. i just heard hillary clinton speak. i agree with her. i think we can make a difference together. it really sounds good, and she vote.ave my time -- patricia and
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wilmington, california. caller: i just want to say she is awesome. yes, we are stronger together. i live in a community that many people are poor, and they need awesome. yes, we are stronger together. i live in a community that many people are poor, and they need that assistance. she has my vote 100%. >> does your town have organizations or small factories clinton one hillary spoken today. spoke in today. , it does.s from arkansas. caller: i just want to say about regulations that trump
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poses to remove the restrictions on the epa regulation for the coal in power industry, i'm a power industry worker, subcontractor. i own my own business. the epa regulations that have regulated power generation just about out of business. take a look at duke energy. oklahoma gas and power. i work all over the country and world, so i see the regulations affecting the power industry itself. they are having to rebuild power plants. it is no longer valid for epa regulations. you feel it is because of the epa regulations of the past years? caller: yes, most of the only. i have went from over 5000 hours -- to barelymerely
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making 75,000. >> what would you like to see do first to? >> i would like him to get rid of the regulationspa because i work directly in the power plants, and they are the safest and conscientious of the environment of any industry out there. i think they work really hard in-house to promote good neighbor, good clean air. they invest tons and tons of money in smokestacks and scrubbers. then the epa will regulate so the billion-dollar investment in smokehouse is no good. -- smokestacks. hillary clinton speaking in .arren, michigan going to show you donald trump
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shortly. and hearflorida next from maria, a hillary clinton supporter. she is just amazing. if you listen to her plan, you see. thank you. anything specific about the plan that you like? i think she is just all over the map with it. precise, knows what she wants to do for the country. amazing.he is if people do not want to vote for her, that is their problem. everyone should vote for hillary rodham clinton. >> going to our independent line hearing from michael in new york. caller: good afternoon.
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thank you for c-span. from what i heard on the last speech, therehe are a lot of great things for clean energy and making sure corporations pay their fair share. whether you are donald trump or clinton, talk is cheap, mean nothing unless they are filled with action. there are many things liberal with, but unless it is accompanied by action, it means absolutely nothing. >> on jobs, hillary clinton said sheof the first things would do if she is elected president is to create the biggest investment, provide the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since world war ii. on the issue of infrastructure repair and building, here is trump stands.
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bigld trump's infrastructure dream, they write hotels, casinos and luxury golf to rebuild wants america. nextnts to build the generation of roads, bridges, wants to spend a heck of a lot of money to do this. is " the atlantic." a fraction of what we are talking about. we need much more money to rebuild the infrastructure. donald trump monday in new york. going to illinois on the donald trump line.
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a fraction of what we are talking about. we need much>> she just repeatee things president obama ran on. president obama said admittedly they were not there. health care is not working. i heard blue cross blue shield will go up 50% increase on premiums november 1. yets not been announced until right before the election. all the things she is saying has artie been tried and did not work. i hope people realize that. same stuff, little bit different words. >> the next caller supporting hillary clinton. i support hillary. hillary the only thing that bothers me, i am a coal miner.
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epaink they should cut the regulations. it is thousands and thousands of people that work in the coal mine who needs the job to support their families. those coal miners mean their jobs. that is the only thing i have against her. i think she has a good character, better than trump. they are closing down the power plants. we need the power plants. they shut the lights off. everyone would be screaming. we need coal. >> how long have you been a -a one for eight years, and i love it. >> support hillary clinton.
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trump --pport donald we expect in about 25 minutes to us each to orlando for by donald trump. from hillary clinton happened in warren, michigan. the former governor, not sure if she was in the audience or watching, tweeting that hillary clinton her best speech of the campaign, in my opinion. great plan. taking a look at where things stand in the race in michigan, poll.test presidential this is real clear politics. has hillary clinton 6.6. the latest data on that was last
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week, august for. the latest press poll in particular has hillary clinton at 46. donald trump at 36. two palm beach gardens, florida. susan, good afternoon. caller: i have noticed and out, i think his name was walter, earlier made a comment. he was for mr. trump. he was very concerned about his own business and had an issue with epa regulations. at that it was interesting the voters for trump are interested in their own businesses. as the man who just called er supportsn hillary clinton and that's what does. i think he sees the betterment of the country. realizes that he loves to work
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and whatever they need to do to safe for people and to and the country better safer for kids, energy, clean air, the drinking water is what interest is what is looking out, versus what the other person was looking at. that is what we as a nation have to look at. >> when you talk to your friends, do you find that a common value in terms of why you jacob --in terms of why you vote? or do more of your friends think like you do in terms of looking interest ofbroader the country? i happen to come from an does have mr. trump
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friends. i have had experiences around them and people he knows, so i realm,ave to say in that they could care less. -- aboutabout them themselves, their business and what is good for them and their pockets. what anyone says, on tv, i think he is a very nice man in person, but he is not running because he wants our country better. he wants to run the country because he wants to say he can do it. i don't care what people say about on tv, i think he hillary as a person, i think she has served the country time, and i think she will try to prove what is best for people. think that is a growing for people. i think if people really look at it a come if you care
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man, all ofellow these little things, you need to focus on oured to country so we can be protective our country and allies of our country. host: thank you to suzanne. a couple of comments on twitter -- and on twitterem who says how can hillary make a face? and keep a straight how can people watching keep -- this? one moreof color. emily, hello. say i: i would like to hillary clinton
2:42 pm her flag p if she wants to be the president a very bad as the united states of america, why i have never pin on herar a flag lapel? have you ever seen her wear the flag pin? way back when when she was of eight, i have never tv,ed at the picture now on she is never warned the flag pin on her lapel. host: tell us why that is an you? caller:ue for is retired u.s. army with 24 years. patriotic. if she is patriotic and wants to be the president, she don't show
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it because you show you are patriotic by wearing the flag pin. if you look at donald trump and everyone in his campaign and they presidents before, always wore the flag pin host:. we will have a chance to see donald trump in about 20 minutes or so. isarticle headlines what he talking about this afternoon. he is meeting with 700 facing a gauntlet of questions about -- from evangelical christians. news story.oomberg they write that it will be a friendly room for the gop be high but there will expectations at a private meeting sponsor five the american renewal project. 3:00ll show that to you at eastern. againl follow that once
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-- once again with your calls comments and tweets. until then, a look at this upech that was just wrapped by hillary clinton in michigan. [applause] ms. clinton: thank you. you can really feel the energy that is driving the states come back. and detroit, we have new businesses opening. the auto industry just had its best year ever. over in ann arbor, tech firms
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are starting. here, you are on the front lines believe will be eight through manufacturing renaissance in america. -- will be a true manufacturing renaissance in america. [applause] i just was given a short, but tour by johnher -- couch who was telling me how as, andpany was started for most of its early history supply in 2000 as the market began change and some of the auto companies began to realign, they were faced with a choice. we all face choices in life, we? this company could
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hey, our business is not going to be what it was. up.ot to just fold let's just quit. that is not what happened here. here is what can happen across america. now what is largely an aerospace company. because of the workforce -- host: just to let you know, we show you all of this. event ind trump florida getting underway at little bit earlier than we thought. then i said i hope you can
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get out there and really support me and fight for me and endorsed me and all of those political things. it was like a silence in the room. said, what is this, what is going on? where was the enthusiasm? i could see that me. really liked they know i get it. evangelicals in the primary. he said i cannot win that state and that i would win with the evangelicals and massive numbers. pastors jefferies would be on television saying he was great, television.od on a great way of speaking. he would say donald trump may not be perfect, but he knows how to win. as good, andot
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maybe he is not as perfect on bible, but i did go to sunday school for many years i .ill tell you he said he may not be perfect, but he is ours, and jerry junior got up and said when ronald reagan and jimmy , you had oneunning who was absolutely perfect, sunday school teacher, and jimmy carter. bible.ord in the a good person, a very good person. reagan who had gone through a divorce and was probably not on paper the same. jerry junior, who are the saida fantastic person, his daughter was under pressure from the
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evangelicals and to endorse jimmy carter. he said i can't do it. that is when you have the iran hostage crisis and a lot of things were happening to our country through weakness. he said i can't do it. ronald reagan. he said he was always so proud decision. jerry junior would tell me it was one of the great decisions. you are talking about what turned out to be a great president. pastor jeffers would get up and perfect, but he knows how to win and dean is going to win for us. then i got to meet him. guy.tastic he said things that were just very nice, and i appreciated.
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such great support with the evangelical community, christian community. the religious community. i am in the room with many of the pastors. going like well, we cannot really do that. ? said why i know you like me, why aren't you endorsing me? i said why not go strongmen and women. women. we had reverend paula. terrific person by the way. they are strong people. they said we cannot do it. i said why jacob it is almost got used to this thing around this thing around her neck. i said why?
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and after a lot of prodding they don't want to lose our tax exempt status. i said what does that have to do with the tax exempt status? theasically has to do with c status that they cannot get involved with essentially freedom of speech. these powerful people with a great voice. you know that christianity and everything we are talking about .as had a very tough time you know in syria before the migration, if you were a syria, it was virtually impossible to come into the united states. muslim from syria, it
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was one of the easier countries to be able to find your way into the united states. just think of what that means. i did not know this. i did not know it played such a role. i said i want to check this out. do you ever get used to wrong, and youis just sort of live with it? they got so used to it. smartest people. people. old so used to it that they almost did not even know what was wrong, but they knew there was something wrong. we had a meeting three months later with a similar group. said by that time i had done a
2:53 pm
work. lyndon johnson. lyndon johnson in the 1970's. he was having a problem with either one or more churches . they were really going after him. he is a powerful guy. smart guy. tough. very much different from what we have today. we don't have tough. isis and all with of the problems. we need tough. [applause] and we need smart. but we don't have that today and it iftainly will not have hillary into and gets in. it will be four more years of this nonsense. it will be very interesting. so i have the meeting and
2:54 pm
explained to them about lyndon johnson. lyndon johnson wanting to silence people that did not feel him.od about in particular, one church in houston. one church in houston. maybe -- he basically silenced the pastors and the ministers priestsrabbis and the and people of religion. i said well, that is incredible. and for some reason the churches pastors, the evangelicals did not do anything about it. i know how tough you are.
2:55 pm
smiling. you all know. it you havenk of men and you have women. very powerful group. women. now you have religion, and that is not 50-50. 82%. whatever it may be. most powerful lobby there is. yet, you have been totally silenced. when they told me that we were in a building in manhattan. powereans you have less as powerful people. as people that are representing cases thousands of people all generally on sunday.
2:56 pm
that means you have less power walking up and down the street. that means you have less power than they do. if you look at what has happened to religion, look at what is , thened to christianity number of people going to churches and evangelicals know this also, it is not on this crime, it is on this kind of a climb. steady in the wrong direction. a lot of it has to do with the fact that you have been silenced. like a child has been silenced. strong, brilliant, great people do the right thing.
2:57 pm
not talking about fat people, but about great people. say don't do that donald. don't do that. ok, great people. i said i will take this into my own hands. this is what i am good at. i started telling people about it because it really had an impact. some of our finest people are silence. your power has been taken away. i don't want to insult anybody but your power has been taken away. you even mention an as opposed you like that person, you should be able to go out and corner ande street essay trump is the best, he is
2:58 pm
best.enting as the or whoever you want, and i whoever you want. i know you're not going to say that with hillary. folks, youell you have two choices. you have got two choices. one choice you are not. so i feel confident. you should be able to even want that choice. you should be able to go out and say that is the one i want. also be able to want to represent, have someone who your feelings about life. that person, you should be able to talk about it. some of the churches do great work. they cannot do that. so i decide to work on it, and i have worked on it.
2:59 pm
then i was lucky enough to win primaries. the highest number of votes in the history of the republican .arty that is with 17 people. people.ith 17 highest number of votes. one of the majority of the states. it was like a landslide. a lot of that was because of evangelicals. well. never forget doing we went to south carolina. you will have south who are and evangelicals. thing,hat is a good isn't it? i said no, no. i voted three -- for trump.
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which i appreciate. presbyterian.t i have to admit. first presbyterian church of jamaica, new, jamaica, new yorkt in queens, new york. and i'm proud of it. i'm going to take this into my own hands and i and going to figure a way that we can get you back your freedom of speech. it was taken away. [applause] you know, this wasn't -- this was an taken away as part of our constitution when our great forefathers went out and 4 -- and wrote it. this was lyndon johnson in the 1970's. this is an something we need great legal dialogue on here and this was lyndon johnson in the 1970's.
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and lyndon johnson -- i respect lyndon johnson because he was one smart cookie. but lyndon johnson was a major player. he was a very tough cookie. and he was able to silence his critics by doing it. so we're going to get your voice back. we are going to get it back. when it looked like i was going have thesee still never trump, never trump, all these people, never trump. that's why i love mike. he's doing ay, good job. these such an amazing guy. we always got along. somehow, we always got along. and there are a few others, too. we have some pretty good relationships. is it, you know, we're going to do something. and when i got the nomination, and as we were getting a and is working on the life form, i said to my people, see if you can add in the johnson amendment. call it the johnson amendment.
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that we are going to get rid of the johnson amendment. [applause] now i wanted to come and explain it because a lot of people don't detail, in kind of depth i have explained it to you today. i was at a couple of pastors a few weeks ago but they weren't really sure. i hope you can spread the word. this will be so great for religion. but it will be so great for the evangelicals, the pastors, the priests, for america. no, they took away your voice. they took away the voice of great people. they took away the voice of people that want to see good things happen. it's not like they took away a bad voice, and evil voice. they took away a voice -- and i mean, took it away. in this rumorople
3:03 pm
there. but if you were in that room with me, they were silent. they didn't want to get involved with good things. so we are going to put it together. and we actually put it in the platform. and i have to say the republicans were great. they were great. [applause] i will get it approved, too. we will get it out. we will be able to terminate the johnson amendment. and you will have great power to do good things. and religion will start going instead of this way -- i mean, christianity, when you think of what's happening, you look at the numbers -- i talk about sunday school and people don't know what i am talking about anymore. it's true. they don't know and talking about. instead of going this way, you're going to be going this way. you may be going this way, but we are going to bring it back. because it's a good thing. it's a good thing. they treated you like it was a bad thing. but it's a great thing.
3:04 pm
president, elected one of the early things, one of the absolute first things i am going to do is work on totally knocking out the johnson amendment. now, it is not going to be that hard. even. the democrats, the power you have is so enormous, it's not like you have -- you represent 2% of the country and is going to be difficult. you probably 75% 80%. and if you want to put your full weight -- can you imagine if all of you people started calling up the longer will -- the local conga men and the local senator? i mean, they don't have a chance of winning that one. and i don't need lobbyists like hillary clinton needs, and pay them a fortune, by the way. we don't need lobbyists. they get paid a fortune and have total control over hillary.
3:05 pm
special interests, all of these people. they have total control over her. they paid -- before -- the hedge fund or's tater $48 million. ers paid her fund $48 million. i'm funding me. where doing well in florida. and were doing well in ohio. [applause] -- rasmussenly just came out. 13 points down a few weeks ago. now on three points down. so something is going on. this happened in the primaries, too. you know. somebody got up the other day. it was geraldo rivera. geraldo is a good guy. he was in one of the fox shows. rich by betting against the donald trump.
3:06 pm
[laughter] so who knows. a bad way, that in but i've beat 16 politicians, etc. so i think we're going to win. she's a very dishonest person. new e-mails have come out today. you heard about this whole deal. made seems, is very upset because they made a recommendation to justice and justice turn down the recommendations. on now has never been seen. not the say that it hasn't gone on, but it hasn't been seen publicly where someone can go out and read charges that someone is so guilty, that other people's lives have been destroyed, including general petraeus.-- general and what he did was peanuts compared to 30,000 e-mails. a the other day, they had
3:07 pm
thousand e-mails. and these are probably the good ones. but they found a lot of bad stuff. pay for play. pay for play. it's illegal. what i hear -- it's just happening, but i hear everybody is upset at fbi. the situation was not pursued in this is having to do with other things beyond all of the things -- for a while, i said, wow, because there is point after point after point -- wow, she is guilty. and then however, we've decided -- it's really bad. never seen the inner workings of our government. it's looking so bad. a lot of things are happening to crooked hillary. you know,think, personally, i think that her single greatest achievement, when you can burn out or delete
3:08 pm
-- butver she did 33,000 of course, those were ok, but they were the wedding and yoga. [laughter] could see for yoga, two or three. pregnancy for the wedding, 10. but 33,000 e-mails? yoga and the wedding, right? and i made the statement before obama and hillary clinton, these are the founders of isis. these are the founders of isis because of bad judgment. these are the founders. some, well, that's not very nice. if they said it about me, that would be fine. valuablethe most player award. isis is going to present them with the most valuable player award. [laughter] you know, like in high school
3:09 pm
durin. [applause] most valuable player award. no, these are bad people. incompetent. isis, the jv,th remember the jv? it's gone from eight countries to 28 countries. they were trying to clean up the books. did you see it just came out that they were try to make it look like it was much less powerful than it is? attackse have been 143 over the last short while. countries. in 29 and we are allowing them to come in -- through syria, we are allowing them to come in by the thousands. and hillary clinton wants to raise it up 550%. in alldon't know -- fairness, we want safe havens. we want to help them in syria.
3:10 pm
we will get the gulf states to pay for because they have plenty of money and they are not doing anything. and if it would for us, they wouldn't be there very long, believe me. they've got nothing but many. and we are going to make them pay for it. but i have a big heart. i have as big a must anybody in this room. you got some pretty good people. i know one person in particular. he's actually better person that i am -- than i am, but that's ok. [laughter] but he knows that i can do stuff better. meaning -- open it up to you folks. so we are going to hopefully win. and the way we are going to lean is you have to get your congregations and you have to parishioners and all of your people and you've got to get them to sign those cards early. in many cases, you can vote before november 8. this way, there's no excuses.
3:11 pm
i joke a lot. i say, if you are sick, if you've got just the worst prognosis that a doctor can give and if you are lying in bed you just know you're not going to make it, you have to get up on november 8 and you have to vote. [laughter] [applause] honestly, you did not vote for romney. if you had voted for romney, it would have been much closer. you did not vote for romney, evangelicals. religion did not get out and vote. whatevernow why and the reason. i'm not sure why. a lot of different reasons for. the people did not get out and vote. but you have really now a one-time shot. that's it. it's a one-time shot to get out and vote.
3:12 pm
you have to get the people in your churches. you have to get them to go out and vote. whether you have bus drives or whatever you have to do. for instance, we have a close race in virginia. wewe get the evangelicals, get the different people that are represented by you, if we get those people to vote, we are going to win in virginia. we are going to win in virginia. if they don't vote, not going to happen. it's never going to happen again. --'re never going to happen have a chance again, 501 c3 for yourselves. you can talk about you like. think about that. you can have your people -- i mean, dialogue within the churches and temples and foot ever it may be. you can actually have dialogue, talk about who you want. it's never going to happen again, folks. how it happened in the first place is amazing. it told me what a great allah titian lyndon johnson is.
3:13 pm
how they got that through his amazing. he is a strong, tough guy. but you are never going to have this chance again. the reason i wanted to do this instead of a ho-hum speech where i say, talk about my childhood, talk about whatever, have a few people yawning in the middle -- you notice i took the teleprompters down, right? [applause] i had teleprompters. i had a speech. written by a professional. and i said i am not reading this. [laughter] and you have a chance to do something that will be earth shaking. i literally meaning, or the shaking. you got to vote. and especially in those states where we are represented -- i'm having a tremendous problem in utah. utah is a different place. is anybody here from utah? i didn't think so.
3:14 pm
[laughter] we're having a problem. i mean, because, look, you know, it could cost us the supreme court. we are going to have four or five justices put on. or having a problem. i have been given a false narrative. but we are doing really well in some states coming putting florida. how many are from florida here? [cheering] people outu get your to vote, we are going to in florida. upper one point down, it's even. and i haven't started yet. i haven't really started. -- to forget, i won the primaries by a landslide. and people were really shocked. you remember the story, where we had marco and jeb and we had, like, initially 17 people. and willmarco and jed do winner take all. one of those guys will pick up
3:15 pm
99 delegates. i said i don't want that. you have a governor for eight years and a senator who is a rising star and you have trump. then the first paul came and i have 48% and they had 12% and 11 the percent -- and 11%. and i thought i do like that. [laughter] we won by a massive amount and that was great. florida that you are in , most of you, many of you are in florida, but if you can send out the word to ohio, pennsylvania, some of those really important swing states, i'm telling you, we will -- we will do it. because were. close. we are very close. because we are close. we are very close. in pennsylvania, she wants the miners out of business. she is a disaster. she's a disaster. i think we are going to win pennsylvania.
3:16 pm
we become president, we are going to do something that will be so great for something we all love, ok? something we all love. we have 90 days. not long. 90 days -- when i started this, it was june 16. it's been a long time. boy, that's a long time. all of a sudden, we are down to 90 days. i think it is so, so important. i just gave a speech to a great organization, the homebuilders of our country, great people. my father was a home builder. that's what he did. he built homes. and i'm driving over here -- that was two hours ago -- and i'm driving over here and i said, you know, in a way, your home builders, too. but you are homebuilders with a spirit. your spiritual homebuilders. which is actually more important if you think about it, than the brick-and-mortar, ok? [applause] you that --to tell i wanted to discuss this because
3:17 pm
usually it is just one line, that we are going to get rid of the johnson amendment that nobody knows about. i explained it in more detail than i am a half you could spread the word to everybody, to all the other pastors all over -- and if you get everybody out to vote in florida and if you get everybody out to vote in, like, virginia, like, pennsylvania, like, ohio and some of the other states, especially the ones that are states, wepivotal will win. and you will see things happen for the evangelicals -- you will see things happen that you wouldn't believe. and really, most importantly, for religion, you're going to see things happen, for religion. all religions. so important. so i hope it can spread the word. on november 8, i hope you can get everybody out.
3:18 pm
and before then, you know, they have early ballots, especially in florida. they had early ballots and you can sign hundreds of thousands of early ballots for people that can't get out the vote, for just about everybody. and whatever you can do, i would appreciate. i say pray for me. i pray for you. i just want to say, whatever you can do, this will be an election that will go down in the history books. , for thevangelicals christians, for the everybody, for everybody of religion. this will be may be the most important election that our country has ever had. so go out and spread the word. and once i get in, i will do my thing that i do very well. probably,re it is maybe the only way i'm going to
3:19 pm
get to heaven. so i better do a good job. [laughter] ok? [applause] thank you. thank you very much, everybody. thank you very much. thank you. thank you all. they give. november 8. [applause] -- thank you. november 8. [no audio] [applause] >> let's take a moment. we are going to pray as pastors and christian leaders, we are commanded to pray for all those in authority. it's very clear that government rests on the shoulders of the lord and that justice and righteousness are the foundations of his throne. let's pray pray lord, we thank you that we have the privilege
3:20 pm
today of acknowledging your kingship, your lordship, that all government rests on your shoulders. we are also commanded to pray for all of those in authority. odd, we are asking you now, for in his strength and wisdom and protection over the trump family and all those who are connected to them. i pray, lord, that you give them clarity and wisdom. i pray, lord, that you give them new revelation of the work of the cross and the power of the resurrection. we asked, lord, for a manifestation of your presence that is so real, that he will hear from you with clarity and precision. god, we're asking you now to speak to those voices that can sometimes ring so loud it becomes a distraction. but we are praying for prophetic clarity. lord, we know this is a critical juncture for the battle of the soul of this nation. and we believe that the heart of this nation is your church. may you awaken the hearts of the
3:21 pm
nation, your church, for a healing of the soul of our nation. god, we ask you to go before the trumps and be their rearguard. we ask you, lord, as all leaders you have been placing an authority, to hear from you and recognize that all righteousness and justice belongs to you. and the foundations of our nation are established on our judeo-christian base and beliefs. so, lord, for the healing of our nation, for the healing of the nations of the world, we are asking you now to get the clarity, the wisdom, the direction, the guidance and the revelation of the work of the cross and the manifestation of your presence. we pray for all of our government leaders, especially right now, lord, we need wisdom more than ever. in jesus's name, a man. amen. [applause]
3:22 pm
>> if you'll be seated for a moment, we will have some announcements in the benediction arid this evening, we are going to open the doors at 6:25 p.m. make sure to wear your badges to be able to get in. you need to exit the same way that you have come in. but later at 6:00, all the escalators will be open to get act here. those that are checking into the hotel, you can start checking in at four clock p.m. -- 4:00 p.m. also, on your tables are these florida stand up sundays. if you can fill out the information, leave them in the bins on the way out other meeting this afternoon so -- orlando, donald
3:23 pm
trump speaking to some 700 evangelical christian leaders. and here on c-span, we will open up our phone lines and get your reaction. you can send us a tweet if you would like to. westbury, new york, adam, who is a donald trump supporter. your head. name is adam. i am a graduate student from long island, new york, really concerned about the future of our nation. i feel that there is not enough economic opportunity in this country for young people like myself. received my undergraduate degree and now i'm back in school getting a masters degree. i'm hoping that will open more doors. i feel that the way things are going in this country, you know,
3:24 pm
as i mentioned, there is not enough economic opportunity for young people. i feel that, if hillary clinton is elected resident, things will they the way they are. we will just have 2% economic growth. i feel that these free-trade deals have really hurt our country. primaries, i supported jim webb, a conservative democrat, really share jim webb's views. i know a lot of jim webb supporters coming clean myself, will vote for donald trump. county, a county presidentere wanted obama with 63%. he's going to win a lot of blue-collar democrats in ohio and other midwestern states mr. andp: arid mr. trump: -- other midwestern states. you mentioned your
3:25 pm
getting your masters. >> i am studying history and government. but my passion is historic preservation and have advocated for the preservation of the historic sites throughout the united states, especially base and aviation sites. it is really my passion, something that i want to pursue. announcer: thank you for being with us. this is eleanor in north carolina on the hillary clinton line. >> good afternoon. yes, i'm calling to say i don't know why mr. donald trump would stand in front of the pastors and callout hillary. this man is the devil. and looko look around at what he is tried to do. he is try to separate us as americans. we all came from somewhere. and if we don't come together as one, we are not going to have a nation with donald trump.
3:26 pm
he is not doing it for the united states of america. announcer: some people are noticing a different tone in that speech, by donald trump. one of our viewers comments -- jacobs, who is with bloomberg politics, on that note, on the tone of the speech rights -- judy is next on the others' line in diamond point, new york and go ahead. my for taking i think it is a big hypocrisy that donald is they're talking to religious leaders when all he does is spread hate and division between people. . i don't even understand why these religious groups invite him to speak. god is about oneness and about love. and all he is saying is hateful things to people.
3:27 pm
it just blows my mind that people would even support him. hillary is no better, but you need to vote your consciousness and you need to vote for joe stein --jill stein. libertarian party candidate will be on newsmakers at 10:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern. calls, san diego, a trump supporter. >> thank you for having me. foleyrse, my name is mike and i own an entertainment company. i live in san diego, but i am based out of los angeles. i'm voting for donald trump because i think that the country as a 51-year-old man we have -- at least in my life span, much less the last 240
3:28 pm
years -- almost everyone that ever ran for president has already had political experience. and the political experience is, like, they are all together in one big gaining and they don't ever get anything done. it's just arguing back and forth between the two parties. and they make all these promises to get all the money to win these positions, but nothing ever gets done. i've lived through so many of .hese elections my first vote was for reagan in 1984. and since then, every single, you know, promise that they may, whether it is immigration or the, you know, it's economy, stupid, i mean, all those things -- nothing has really ever changed in their tone and the way that they work. if we actually elected a non-politician for the first time ever, someone who was not
3:29 pm
in the game or owed somebody favors or was bought by the special-interest groups or the lobbyists or by anybody else, someone who was self-made, if you want to call trump that, he doesn't need to be bought by anybody. he doesn't have to do anything for anybody. he's just a guy who has enough money to go on his own. and i think that would probably be the best thing to choose. he may not have the best temperament, but i can tell you, again, after living through eight years with bill clinton, i mean, you are just putting him right back in the chair and having hillary there. announcer: donald trump speaking in orlando to solidify evangelical christian leaders. but there may be another reason as well. a reporter on yahoo! news --
3:30 pm
a similar headline this , sayingn on politico dozens of republicans urge the funds.cut off trump's and shift those contributions to the senate and house races. calls and this is george in indianapolis on our hillary clinton line. yogo ahead. >> donald trump is talking a lot of stuff. he's talking about winning. i think he would make a good car salesman. he would make a really good car salesman. clinton, weillary
3:31 pm
will show you her speech momentarily and again tonight at 8:00 eastern. thank you. to youf all, i wanted have a great sense of keeping a straight face. evangelicals don't forget, there was a survey done a few years ago where 44% of the american public believe that dinosaurs walked 10,000 years ago with humans. so he's preaching to that kind of mentality.
3:32 pm
and it's a shame that there is no way to separate state and church. but if you don't vote for hillary, you are making a big mistake. that's all i have to say. announcer: a comment on twitter along that line -- donald trump speaking this afternoon to a big audience of evangelical leaders. and surely in talladega, alabama . >> i'm glad you took my call. needsk that donald trump to go to the heart of the mothers and speak with them and let them know if all of these refugees come across the border and their mothers have lost soldiers and have died for our country, how do they know how many of those refugees coming in
3:33 pm
over here that are true isis and they could be shoulder to shoulder and shaking their hands as they come across the border because they voted for hillary clinton? and my kids, i want them to have a feature of some sort and i don't see it with hillary clinton. and it's not going to come about. and if they cannot go back and see what all the obama administration has done and then [indiscernible] said,ike donald trump there is a string doing the polling. she is just a puppet. i fully believe that our country is doomed. and it is just a difficult fulfillment. i believe that with every fiber of my body. announcer: here is lillian next
3:34 pm
up in baltimore. also a donald trump supporter. and make sureead you knew to your television or radio. >> i'm so glad you took my call. this is the same old same old i've been listening to for the last eight years. there's no change. and they say the awful things about trump. but we want change. i truly can't see how you can compare the two, first of all. this man is up there with all these religious people and they are all appealing to [indiscernible] what happened to trust in our lord our god? he's going to be president. i want jobs. i want change. and there is no change with hillary. there's no change. just the same old same old. a handful of nothing. host: donald trump's speech
3:35 pm
leaders,n evangelical but he also touched on the status of the supreme court and the eight justices and not moving forward on obama's nominee. here's harry reid saying that the democrats could force a vote on garland to potentially use a, procedural tactic to force a vote on merrick garland. the senate will be back until september 6. steve is on the others lie in. go ahead. steve, you are on the air. go ahead. basically not sure who to support them i know i will not be supporting hillary clinton. i would just like to say recently the human rights commission denied european
3:36 pm
indigenous status in europe. according to the europe -- the , 45% --sus bureau americans are going to be the minority in a mecca. host: -- in america. host: we missed some of your comments. gary johnson is our guest on newsmakers here on c-span and on c-span radio sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern. and of course, the debates are getting underway satiric 26. the first one is in new york in hempstead. october ninth at washington university. and october 19 at the university of nevada, las vegas. up, the speech by hillary clinton laying out some of her jobs plan.
3:37 pm
ms. clinton: thank you. thank you so much. i have to tell you, i am thrilled to be here for a number of reasons. first, it is wonderful to be back in michigan. [applause] theyou can really feel energy and dynamism that is driving this state's comeback. detroit, we have businesses opening, neighborhoods like midtown and eastern market are coming back. the auto industry just had its best year ever. [cheers and applause] over in ann arbor, high-tech firms are thriving. the next line of engineers are getting trained up in houghton. and here, at future amick, so well named, you are on the front bees of what i believe will
3:38 pm
a true manufacturing renaissance in america. [applause] and i just was given a short but mark and john,y who are telling me about how as andmpany was started for most of this early history was an auto supply company. in 2000 come as the markets are at change and some of the auto companies started to realign, they were faced with a choice. we all face choices in life, don't we? and this company could have just said, you know, our business is not going to be what it was
3:39 pm
we got to just fold up. let's just quit. that is not what happened here. what happened here is what can happen across america. you are in now what is largely an aerospace company. because of the workforce -- and the work ethic and the future amick, you are here. i saw the two halves of an 35 nosecone waiting to be put together.
3:40 pm
i talked with some of the workers about the absolute perfection that is required to do this work. and what i believe with all my heart is that what is happening here can happen in so many places if we put our minds to it, if we support advanced manufacturing, if we are the kind of country that once again understands how important it is to build things. we are builders and we need to get back to building. [cheers and applause] so we are making progress. none of us can be satisfied until the economic revitalization we are seeing in some parts of michigan reaches every community. to see thisspiring combination of old-fashioned hard work and paying edge innovation. i know my opponent in this
3:41 pm
election was here in michigan about a week ago. it was like he was in a different place. when he visited detroit on monday, he talked only of failure, poverty and crime. he is missing so much about what makes michigan great. and the same mr. when it comes to our country. he describes america as an embarrassment. he said, "we are becoming a third world country. look around you, my friends. -- go visit with the workers who are building rockets. that doesn't happen in third world countries. [applause] we have a lot of urgent and important work to do and that is what i am going to talk about today. because all the people that i have met throughout this
3:42 pm
campaign really prove how wrong this negative, pessimistic view is. best days are still ahead of us if we make up our minds to actually go out and make that happen. [applause] consider our assets. we have the most dynamic, productive workforce in the world. our none. we have the most innovative ,usinesses, the top colleges universities, community colleges, training programs in the world. and the best science and technology. we have a norma's capacity for clean energy production. are resilient, determined, hard-working -- there is nothing america can't do if we do it together.
3:43 pm
this because this is how i was raised. and i don't think mr. trump understands any of it. he hasn't offered any credible solutions for the very real economic challenges we face. emergede challenges long before the great recession and they have persisted through our recovery. there is too much inequality, too little upward mobility. it is just too hard to get ahead today. but there are common sense things that your government could do that would give americans more opportunities to succeed. why don't we do it? because powerful special interests and the tendency to put ideology ahead of political progress have led to gridlock in congress. frustrated not be
3:44 pm
and even angry when you see nothing getting done? feel no one people is on their side and no one has their back. and that is not how it is supposed to be in america. enough to benate your president, i will have your back every single day that i serve. [cheers and applause] and my mission in the white house will be to make our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. this is personal for me. i am the product of the american middle class. i was born in chicago. i was raised in a suburb. at thegrandfather worked scranton laced mail in scranton, pennsylvania, for the years. hard, myse he worked
3:45 pm
dad was able to go to college and eventually start his own small business. and then send me out into the world to follow my own dreams. how far those dreams have taken me, i have always remembered i am the daughter of a small business owner and the granddaughter of a factory worker and proud of both. [cheers and applause] so here is what i want. i want every american family to be able to tell the same story. if you work hard, do your part, you should be able to give your children all the opportunities they deserve. that is the basic bargain of america. now whether we will be able to on evenat bargain better terms for the first century depends in large measure on the outcome of this election.
3:46 pm
questions thatr i hope the american people will ask of both candidates. and that the answers should help make your choice in november crystal-clear. first, which candidate has a real plan to create good paying jobs? second, who will restore fairness to our economy and ensure that those at the top pay their fair share of taxes? [cheers and applause] third, who will really go to for workingto bat families? and forth, who will deliver the results that will make a difference in your lives? [cheers and applause] that come after giving a fair hearing to both
3:47 pm
sides, you will join the millions of people across our country supporting this campaign. not just democrats, but a growing number of republicans and independents as well. now when it comes to creating jobs, i would argue it is not even close. even conservative experts say trump's agenda will pull our economy back into recession. and according to an independent analysis by a former economic adviser to senator john mccain, if you add up all of trump's ideas, from cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations to starting a trade were with china to deporting millions of hard-working immigrants, the result would be a loss of 3.4 million jobs. [booing] contrast, the same
3:48 pm
analysts found that, with our plan, the economy would create more than 10 million new jobs. [cheers and applause] so let me tell you how we would do that. i believe every american willing to work hard to be able to find a job that provides dignity, pride and decent day that can support a family. one, we willn day work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since world war ii. [applause] put americans to work, building and modernizing our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our railways, airports, our airports. [applause]
3:49 pm
we are way over due for this, my friends. we are living off the investments that were made day -- made by our parents' and our grandparents' generations. underservedect neighborhoods to expanding affordable housing and repair schools and failing water systems as well. [cheers and applause] you know, i happen to think we should be ambitious. while we are added, let's connect every household in america to broadband by the year 2020. [cheers and applause] it's astonishing to me how many way, way,america, not far away from the cities, but in cities and near cities that
3:50 pm
don't have access to broadband. and that disadvantages kids who are asked to do homework using the internet. 5 million of them live in homes without access to the internet. so you talk about an achievement gap. it starts right there . and let's build a cleaner, more resilient power grid with more renewable energy to power every home in our country as well. [applause] sun country is going to be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century and create millions of jobs and businesses. it's probably going to be there china, germany or america. i wanted to be us. we invented the technology. we should make it and use it and it, which will help to grow our economy.
3:51 pm
[applause] and here is something that you don't always hear enough of from democrats. a big part of our plan will be unleashing the power of the private sector to create more jobs at higher pay. and that means for us -- [applause] creating an infrastructure bank take give -- to get private funds off the sidelines and complement our private investments. seedillion in government money could unlock more than $250 billion and really get our country moving on our infrastructure plans. $10we are going to invest billion in what we are calling make it in america partnerships to support american manufacturing and recommit the scientific research that can create entire new industries. [applause]
3:52 pm
when mark and john were giving me the tour and i was talking with some of the workers along wherey and asking them some of the precision machinery came from that is being used , it's what i hear all over the country. germany, japan, italy. i want to bring that precision manufacturing act to the united states. there is no reason we can't begin to make those machines ourselves and supply the rest of the world instead of buying from somewhere else. [applause] incentives,xpand like the new market tax credits, that can bring-- businesses and government and community together to create jobs and places that have been left behind. from neglected neighborhoods in detroit and flint to logging country, cole connie, native from ruralmmunities,
3:53 pm
areas ravaged by addiction and lost a jobs to industrial regions hollowed out when factories closed. as president, i will also make a major push to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs with -- [cheers and applause] national initiatives to cut red tape at every level and expand access to credits, especially through community banks and credit unions. i will propose a new plan to dramatically simplify tax filing for small businesses. [applause] right now, the smallest businesses, the kind that my dad had -- it was a really small business -- spend 20 times more per employee to prepare their taxes compared to larger companies. it should be as easy as printing out a bank statement.
3:54 pm
let's free entrepreneurs to do what they do best -- innovate, grow and hire. as mark said, this company started because of a drive down it,ad and thinking about talking about it, and then seeing one of the old oldsmobile future amek. if you can dream it, you should be able to build it. and we are going to get back to doing that. [applause] now donald trump has a different view. he has made a career out of stiffing small businesses, from atlantic city to las vegas. there are companies that were left hanging because he refused to pay their bills. and a lot of those companies script together what they could -- scraped together what they
3:55 pm
could to pay their employees and many of them put their businesses at risk. some of them ended up taking bankruptcy. it wasn't because trump couldn't pay them. it was because he wouldn't pay them. and that's why i take it personally. my dad ran a printing plant. tables.wo really long he printed fabric for bait -- for draperies. he would lay out the fabric and then he would take out a silkscreen and he would go down but the silkscreen down, pour the paint income and take this we ouija and go across the screen and lifted up and go up and go down and he would go up and down the other table. he worked hard. and when he finished, he would load up the fabric and put it in his car and take it to the business that had ordered it, may be a restaurant or a hotel or some office.
3:56 pm
he expected to be paid when he showed up. he did the work. he paid for the supplies and the labor that he often hired to help him on big jobs. he expected to be paid. i can't imagine what would have happened to my father and his business if he had gotten a contract from trump. up and submitting his bill and told we are not going to pay. and if you don't like it, sue us. my father could never have sued a big organization like that. i just don't understand it. i've met all kinds of workers, painters, plumbers. i met small businesses that andided pm knows -- pianos installed things and all who were denied payment and when back and told time and again
3:57 pm
that maybe we will pay you $.30 on the dollar or $.50 on the dollar. that is not the way we do business in america. so we've got to create more good jobs that are going to help more people. our modern service economy is empowering consumers with more choices and greater flexibility. but we do have to empower the workers in our service sector, too. care of ouraking children and our parents, they deserve a good wage and good benefits and a secure retirement. [applause] and it's crucial that every american have access to the education and skills they need to get the jobs of the future. so we will fight to make college tuition free for the middle-class and debt free for everyone. [cheers and applause] also liberate millions
3:58 pm
of people who already have student debt by making it easier to refinance and repay what ul as aport -- what you owe portion of your income. it is just not right that donald his debt bynore families cannot refinance their debts. [applause] and here is something else that i really want to emphasize. i don't think anybody in america is talking about this enough. and that is a four-year degree should not be the only path to a good job in america. [cheers and applause] you should be able to learn a skill, practicing trade, make a good living doing it. so many americans have the talent and the will to succeed, whether they are kids right out of high school or older people
3:59 pm
displaced by automation and outsourcing. big promisesong, about the power of training and retraining haven't delivered like they should. it doesn't help anybody to be trained for a job that doesn't exist. so here is what we are going to do. we will support high-quality union training programs. [cheers and applause] propose new trap -- new tax credits to offer companies to offer paid at junta ships -- paid apprentice ships that allow you to earn while you learn. [applause] we will include a dignified skills across the board campaign. commonplaceeverse a
4:00 pm
view, which is that everybody needs to go to college. in fact, most of the jobs that will be available in 2020 do not require a college four-year degree. so for welders and machinists and die makers and technicians and so many others, let's get the word out. there are really good jobs for people right now and there will be more in the future if you get the skills in high school, at community college, in an apprenticeship or other training and i want to acknowledge the great role the community college here has played in working with companies like this one to make sure people do have the skills. i imagine some of you might be thinking that all sounds good, but what about trade?


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