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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 12, 2016 2:29pm-3:31pm EDT

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-- you may not pay the fine. [applause] >> are you are ready to win? are you ready to win? [applause] >> it is such an honor to be here in erie, pennsylvania. a thousand, 9000 people. unbelievable. -- 8000-9000 people. we are so honored to be working with donald trump in the campaign. they raise $82 million in july to beat hillary clinton. [applause] >> don't believe the garbage you trump, theald , weblican party, all of you
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are going to put him in the white house and save this country together. [applause] >> we just had a great poll that came out, the l.a. times poll showed a tied election in spite of the biased media. this man will win, save our country, put us back to work again, put more money in people's pockets. we are in a battle for freedom. it is the same battle that james madison reaffirmed in the bill of rights, the same battle that fathered our country, the same battle we are here today to fight. how many people have been to the world war ii memorial in washington? would agree with me, you get out of it what you are willing to put into it. i've been there lately with my little guy, jack, who is now 11.
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you walk around and see those quotes from those heroes -- then, you walk up to that wall with 4000 golden stars on the wall. ,or every one of those stars 100 little guys did not come home to mom and dad. in front of those stars in gold in the like granite come it says here, we marked the ice of freedom. -- price of freedom. donald trump is going to help protect us, protect our country, secure our border, do the things to make america great again. [applause] >> and look at the choice we've got. look at the choice. hillary clinton has a problem with lying. lied, and she lied over and over and over again.
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she lied when she said she turned over those work-related e-mails. she lied when she said that nothing in these e-mails were confidential. she lied when she said she only had one device. [crowd chanting "lock her up"] >> let's beat her in november, ok? here's the difference. donald trump and mike pence will tell the truth. they will protect your second admin rights, they will protect our southern border, they will protect the sovereignty of the united states and our great country. the you want four more years of barack obama in the white house? do you want four years of hillary clinton?
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the you want to hear from the next president of the united states, donald trump? [applause] ladies and gentlemen, please welcome him now, the next president of the united states, donald trump! ♪ [playing "proud to be an american"] ♪
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donald trump: thank you. thank you, everybody. [applause] donald trump: thank you very much. it is a great honor. thank you. [applause] donald trump: thank you. amazing. what great people. we are going to bring back our
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jobs to pennsylvania, we are going to bring back our jobs to the united states. we are going to bring back our jobs, folks. i look at the numbers and i've seen what's happening in pennsylvania, was happening all over our country. you look at your state, new england, anywhere in the country we want to go to, all over, it is the same, manufacturing way jobs way down. you go to other countries, they are taking our companies. they are taking our jobs. now workingight harder than it ever worked on 18 years ago, they made more money in real wages -- 18 years ago, many of the people in this incredibly big room -- thank you for being here. you know, is 93 degrees out. [applause]
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donald trump: and they still have a lot of people trying to get in. just let them in. 18 years ago, people were making more money in real wages than they make today. some people are working three jobs. they are older and their working harder -- they are working harder and their making less money. that i've beene telling this story over the last -- is better than going to harvard and asking them to do a study. you learned in three minutes. mexico and other countries are building facilities, plants, the likes of which you've never seen. we're going to build the wall.
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don't worry, we're going to build the wall. [applause] donald trump: a friend of mine and a supporter command a big supporter, great guy, he builds plants. he doesn't want to build apartments or office buildings, he wants to build plants. i said, how are things going? he said very well. how are you doing in the u.s.? not good. how are you doing in mexico? it is the eighth wonder of the world -- they are building plans the likes of which i've never seen. he's building some of the greatest plants -- you look at for moving vast operations in moving vastrd operations to mexico. , thousands ofbs
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companies over the years have left us and we have a few things. we have unemployment from empty -- i saw it in new york state, i saw it in pennsylvania that you were great to me, you voted a big victory for donald trump. thank you. [applause] donald trump: that was a big victory. if i don't win pennsylvania -- and by the way my was talking to our great congressman -- where is he? here someplace. he loves the people and i have to say, of all of pennsylvania, he wants to see this state do well. thank you. [applause] talking,ump: but just back to a few of my friends that live here, we have a few of the friends and we see what happened with general electric where they
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are cutting way back. not going to happen. you know why they are cutting back. we don't take care of our miners and we are not producing coal and they don't need to make those big, big, beautiful -- you could call the locomotives, i guess. whatever the hell they are committee are big and powerful and they don't need them like they used to because we don't government work for us. they are not working for us. they are working for others. out general electric goes -- you see the numbers come i see the numbers. i just left parts of virginia and west virginia and the coal industry is decimated. are totally out of
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work. asre will be no such thing coal in this country pretty soon. we are talking clean coal. , we haveh the miners such tremendous support in west virginia, the mining parts of virginia, all over ohio. hillary clinton the statement not so long ago, she said we are going to put the mines and miners out of business. so, we are not going to let that happen. we are not going to let that happen. we are not going to let it happen in pennsylvania. a lot of your miners have already lost their jobs, but you have a lot of other jobs that are reliant on the mines. like, for example, general electric. what we are going to do is going to be so special, we are going
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to bring it back, we are going to bring back our jobs, we are going to bring back our companies. when a company wants to leave our country to go to another country and think they are going to make their product and because our politicians are byk, stupid, taken care of lobbyists, special interests, they are taken care of by lobbyists, they are taken care of by donors and special interests -- a friend of mine said i can't believe we're talking about a deal that took place a month ago. why can you believe it? it is good for the politicians. they are taking care of by their lobbyists and their donors and the special interests. even though you say we want general electric to produce more
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committed they don't want to -- or oney don't want to of the donors for hillary clinton says they don't want to come even know it's great for you and the state of pennsylvania, it's not going to happen, books. -- is not going to happen, books. that is not going to happen, books -- it is not going to olks.n you are going to lose your job, so you will now get two part-time jobs that don't add up to half of what used to make, that stuff is not happening anymore. they're going to build that if i were hereby years ago and it president obama put me and maybe secretary of
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keeping business in the united states -- that's my title, secretary of keeping business in the united states. [applause] donald trump: i like the sound of secretary of defense better -- oh, by the way, we are going to build our military. we are going to take care of our vets. we are going to take care of our vets, believe me. [applause] donald trump: but i like the sound of secretary of defense. i like the sound of secretary of the treasury i like the sound of secretary of state, but i would be good at keeping jobs over here. --ld i be wait a minute.
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[crowd boos] donald trump: i will tell you this -- the bernie sanders protesters were much, much stronger. they had much more passion, i have to say.
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interesting -- if i could speak to them for five minutes, we want a strong military, we want to take care about people, we want good education and good housing and good health care -- we are all in it for the same thing. [applause] donald trump: really amazing, really amazing. i will be your secretary of keeping companies in the united states. likeld go to a company carrier air-conditioning which decided to leave indianapolis and i would say, here's the story coming you think it's wonderful that you are negotiating with mexico come i'm sure you will have a wonderful plant -- if you bill that plant and you fire all these people who were so great to me -- indiana come i won that in a landslide -- the timing was good.
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i know what to do, hillary doesn't know what to do. did you see her yesterday? she has no clue what we're talking about. folks, she has no clue. crooked hillary, she doesn't know anything about it. by the way, and she did, she couldn't do it anyway because the donors don't want her to do it. i would go to them and say this is to keep them -- here's the , in this you leave case from indianapolis, you are going to go to mexico and make your air-conditioning unit -- every single unit you make that crosses our now very strong border, we are going to charge you 35% of the cost of that unit. [applause] donald trump: so simple.
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35% the cost of that unit, we hope you enjoy your new plant. very hot weather out there, very hot. 35% is coming to us. --e's what's going to happen we've lost thousands and thousands of companies. we've lost millions of jobs -- too late. i should have been there 10 years ago. nobody would have left. -- need the right messenger on your messenger in terms of this movement. you need the right messenger saying it. normally, they would call up whoever is putting the order down like the new president and it would have one of their lobbyists call up and they would say, hillary, i'm sorry, you cannot do that, they give you $2 million. she will say, ok, i will not do that. with me, i'm putting my money up , folks.
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rightsraising money for and for the rnc. funded my -- i primaries and i spent less than theody else in terms of primaries and i won in a landslide. paid 3, 5 times more and .hey lost who do you want in charge of your finances? and then they don't like me. some of them just cannot get over it.
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get over it. were just having fun. get over it. pledge, i hereby guarantee that i will endorse whoever wins -- all those pledges, they were signed so that i would sign it. and i would have honored it. even if i wasn't fond or didn't like, i would have honored it. take theseg to companies that haven't left -- i'm looking at your numbers, folks. you are not doing too well here. pennsylvania has lost one in three manufacturing jobs and snapped the. -- since nafta. nafta was signed by bill clinton. it is the single
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ever signeddocument in the history of our country and probably in the history of our world. one-sidedof the most documents i've ever seen. it allowed mexico and places to do unbelievably well at our expense. i will renegotiate nafta that is a disaster. -- tpp was a disaster. hillary was in favor of tpp. she said it was the gold standard. partnership. i don't think it can be worse than not that, but it's going to be as bad as nafta. nafta, but it's going to be as bad as nafta.
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she said it is the gold standard. she is reading from a teleprompter. it is the gold standard -- oh, boy. our country is in trouble. she said it is the gold standard. when she heard me make a speech and heard me talking negatively about it -- they don't talk evaluation, the single greatest tool is countries are that these countries are using -- so complicated, this agreement. i believe in trade deals. one country at a time. we will have one line. if they don't do well and they don't behave themselves and they want to start devaluing their andencies, we write them
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serve them a 30 day notice. how great are our police, right? [applause] donald trump: we need law and order. we need law and order and we will have law and order. firemen -- our police do a fantastic job. they are not recognized for the job they do. incidentsve 500,000 come on positive, beautifully handled, one bad thing happens, that one bad thing is on the news for two weeks and it's a disgrace. forhould be very thankful the job they do.
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pennsylvania is losing a lot of its business. right now, we're sitting here, were talking -- here's another one. go home. go home to mommy. [applause] donald trump: and your mother is voting for trump! it's true. [applause] donald trump: it's true. by the way, just to interject -- i was told this whole area is democratic. many democrat. -- meaning democrat. i was told that by a lot of different people outside and they said i can't believe that you have 10,000 people, you people outside trying to get in this guy came up to me and said i've never seen anything like it.
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he said, you are going to win in a landslide. [applause] because people are tired of lies, tired of losing their jobs, tired of seeing their companies and ripped out and going to other places. they are tired of china coming in and dropping steel all over the place to put your companies out of business, so we have to go to china to get our steel, which is happening very quickly. that is why the steel workers are with me, that is why the miners are with me, that is why the working people, electricians, the plumbers, the sheet rockers, the concrete guys and gals, they are with us. how come you relate to these
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people? my father built houses and i used to work in these houses and i got to know the electricians, i got to know the plumbers, the steamfitters, i got to know them all. i liked them better than the rich people i know. they are better. i like them better. and, we are going to put people back to work. it's going to go quickly. eerie has lost one in three manufacturing jobs. i flew over, you're looking at the plants, plans that 25 years ago, 20 years ago, 15 years ago, some two years ago were vibrant, wasno plant two years ago to vibrant, but you see them.
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they are falling over. the rain, the sleek, the snow, the wind, great buildings falling apart don't feel bad all over the country. upstate new york as a disaster. which hillary clinton said she was going to fix. the washington post is extraordinary dishonest, and that's fine, but they wrote a -- hillary clinton, when she ran for the united states senate, she said to the people of upstate new york, who were beginning to have problems nafta, of her husband's she said i will turn it around and create your hundred thousand jobs. -- 200,000 jobs. guess what.
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she got elected and did nothing. the only ones that benefited with the consultants and their people that helped her out. it is a disaster. upstate new york is right now worse than anything you have in the state of pennsylvania. she did nothing. i watched her yesterday, which is hard to do, because she is boring, ok? [laughter] [applause] donald trump: i watched her yesterday, talking about -- you know, it's putting, i said i will renegotiate nafta. what if you can't make a deal? we are to terminate and get out. very simple. are going to renegotiate different trade deals. , i of a sudden, two days ago will renegotiate trade guilds. that's trade deals. she's going to renegotiate trade
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deals the same way she was going to put 200,000 jobs in upstate new york. a total fantasy. i respect "the washington post." you know what they're doing -- the only way she gets elected is that they don't report on her. they have me on so much television. on cnn, the clinton news network -- [crowd boos] donald trump: think of it. , they had yesterday a scandal with e-mails. another one. i'm not talking about that 33,000 e-mails she deleted that can you imagine what was on those e-mails?
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e-mails were deleted. and she said, well, it had to do with the wedding and yoga. to yoga and five to the wedding. the lies and deception -- we are running like they run right now in a third world country, folks. you saw what happened. we are being talked about all when they were-- going over the charges against hillary clinton, one after another after another after people,-- and yet, the their lives have been destroyed for doing much less. so now they have a big scandal in new york area aids in the new
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york papers, but very little. -- in new york. they have it in the new york papers, but very little. our government is for sale. sale by ament is for crooked person. is they they are doing are trying to not talk about her. take a look. you go to cnn as an example. story after story about trump. trump. trump. trump. trump. announcedday, it was that people are tired of the negative hit jobs and cnn is starting to do very poorly. that's good. i like that. i have to say that fox has been treating us fairly. fox has been fair. but cnn has been catastrophic.
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it's so dishonest. but someone was explaining to me their theory. if they don't report on her, people aren't going to know how bad she is. look at her news conference. she hasn't had a news conference in 260 days. that last one wasn't a news conference. that was a few of her friends. they asked her a question. what did she say about the circuit, right? if i ever said that, short-circuited, if i ever said i short-circuited, it would be headlines all over the world. they would call for the death penalty. [applause] can you imagine if i said that i sure consecutive fashion that i short-circuited? i stand appear for months in front of massive crowds and she gets 300 people going to her events. she gets 300 people and then she
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reads something from a teleprompter and she goes home and goes to sleep. and then she wakes at then she goes again. and i'm telling you -- and nobody does anything about it. now me, i stand up here -- i'm not looking at notes. i'm not reading teleprompters. not easy. not easy. not easy. [applause] but -- but -- remember -- and if and youne mistake mention something wrong like harambe, the headlines are all over. she can say she short-circuited up here. president who short-circuits. is that ok? i don't want it. i don't want a president who short-circuits. we've got to deal with isis.
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we've got to deal with china. we've got to deal with lots of people. they are not sure can circuiting -- they are not short-circuiting. let me just tell you. over the last a while -- i told you big deal. when i said obama -- and of course, i'm being sarcastic. and they know that. i said he's going to collect his m.v.p. award. so i said obama is the founder of isis. [cheering] the founder. [applause] dishonest media people -- they are most dishonest people -- they say, oh, did he mean that? didn't he mean that? in fact, they like him so much because he has been so weak and so bad.
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i mean, he let this happen. they had aid states. they had eight countries. 28 countries. they are expanding. so i said the founder -- obviously, i'm being sarcastic -- but not that sarcastic, to be honest with you. [laughter] and they all said he should not say that. they should call him an enabler. call him an enabler. please an enabler. i said, that doesn't sound the same. these people are the worst. so listen, i said the founder of isis. and in fact, very soon he is going over to pick up his most valuable player award. did i say that? i say that all the time. so they knew i was being sarcastic. by now they are analyzing. did i really mean that? how could i say that?
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these people are the lowest form of life. i'm telling you. [cheering] the lowest. they are the lowest form of humanity. not all of them. 25% that areut pretty good, actually. but most of them. ok, so here is the story. so eerie has lost a lot. don't leave. i promise. we can fix it so fast. we will stop these countries from taking our jobs. we will stop these countries from taking hard companies. hold on. our job will come back. now i came up with a great plan. i'm lowering corporate taxes so our companies stay. so i don't even have to make the call. the corporate inversions. we have companies who save $2.5 trillion outside the country. they can't. get their money back.
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we don't let them. republicans, everybody agrees. why do we not want them to bring money back? because we don't have a president that can sit the leaders of both parties around the table and come in about five minutes, let them say let's bring this money back so we can work it in this country, right? that's what it is. so we are going to bring that money back in. we are going to lower taxes. we are going to keep our companies. and if our companies want to leave, they will pay a nice, big, beautiful tax to get their product back in. as with going to happen. [cheering] so the existing u.s. trade deficit, with tpp participating nations, has already cost pennsylvania 68,000 jobs, folks. no more, folks. we are not going to be the stupid people anymore. we are going to be the really, really smart people. it is going to be america first. america first.
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[cheering] america first. [applause] [chanting] >> usa! usa! usa! manufacturingthe bypennsylvania was caused hillary clinton and her disastrous husband's policymaking. every job killing trade deal for decades she has received so much, money. virtually every tax increase put before her. yesterday, you see, $1.3 trillion in tax increases. with the highest tax nation in the land, essentially, the
3:08 pm
highest taxed nation in the world. and of the industrialized nations, we are far and away the nation.text and she is proposing a massive tax increase. folks, we can't do it. it's going to make our country noncompetitive. it's already noncompetitive. . it's going to make our. country noncompetitive and we are not going to do it. i'm proposing a massive tax decrease. [cheering] for the middle class. for business. and businesses are going to pour in. and not since ronald reagan as anything like this been proposed. businesses, instead of leaving because their taxes are so high, they are going to stay. i will have to make those calls. i will if i have to. i mean my people will. i love it. i will tell them you're not
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moving. mr. president, i would like to move to mexico. you're not moving. or you will pay 35% tax. in that case, i'm not moving. so easy. [cheering] your call industry, your steel industry have been ravaged. worldl electrics of the have been ravaged. over the years, i've watched, for years, for 10 years, for 12 years, for 15 years, beyond obama. and i have watched how politicians have talked about stopping countries from leaving -- stopping companies from leaving. our states. and you watch. you know they give the low-interest loans. here is a low-interest loan if you stay in pennsylvania. here is a zero interest loan if you stay. -- it doesn'tour
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work, folks. that's not what they need. they have money. they want to go out. you want to move to another country. and because their politicians are so dumb, they want to sell their product to us and not have any retribution, not any consequence. so all of that is over. and i think you understand it. and hillary can't do it. number one, she can do it because the mentality isn't there. she can't do it. no. the mentality. she said fairly recently, i don't like donald trump's tone. his tone isn't nice. , here we have a country that's been taken advantage of by every country in the world. taken.inesses are being our jobs being taken. everything is being taken. isiswe have a world where is chopping off the heads of christians and many others, drowning people in steel cages, burying people in the sand, and
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we have somebody up there who wants to be our president that says i don't like donald trump's tone. [laughter] folks, we better get smart, folks. hey, look, let's see what happens. we better get smart. [cheering] we better get smart. we better get smart. we better get tough. and if we are not smart and we are not tough, we won't have a country left. in one of the things i want to talk to you all about before i leave is our borders. illegal immigrants are pouring into our country. in fact, -- [crowd disruption] i brought something for you people. -- ought i brought -- i didn't want to depress you. ok, look.
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the clinton legacy. nearly one in three manufacturing jobs in eerie, pa -- sound familiar -- have been lost since clinton has allowed a certain deal with china to happen. look at this chart. this is 2001, not long ago. this is now. congratulations, folks. i hope you're doing well. i hope you are doing well. i don't want to hurt them. i hope you're doing well. but you know what? you can't do well. when you have a government that is so stupid, that is so incompetent, you can't do it. here's another one, folks. this is what we are talking about. syrian refugees -- we have no idea who they are, where they are coming from, no paperwork. you saw what happened in san bernardino. -- frankly,ppened
3:13 pm
take a look at all over the world. take a look at what is happening. if we don't get smart and we don't get smart fast, barack syrian to comeng into our country by the thousands. i have as big a hard as anybody in this room and i want to build safe zones and i want, by the way, the gulf states to pay for it because it have plenty of money and they are not doing much. we will supervise them. opm, other people's money. we will supervise them, right? but they are going to pay for it. because we are protecting these people. if it were for the united states, those countries wouldn't even exist. it would be gone. the power we have is so a norm but we have people who don't know what they are doing. we have an incompetent president. we have people who don't know what they're doing. so look at this. look at this. syrian refugees admitted to the united states on a monthly basis. look what is happening. look what's happening. booing]
3:14 pm
now, in all fairness, we want to help people. can't take a chance. san bernardino, they walk in. a start shooting. the toughestst, gun laws in the world, paris, france. they walk in. they kill. 130 people. they wound so gravely hundreds of people. let me tell you because we are in second amendment, right, second amendment. if we had in san bernardino or in orlando or someplace, somebody in that room like this guy right here, right? or that guy with the blue make america great had on? or the guy with the red make america -- or that woman with the beautiful blonde hair -- i wish i had hair that looked like that.
3:15 pm
but if we had somebody and they happened to have a gun, san bernardino, they see him come in -- first of all, if they knew there was a gun where the bullets be flying in the other direction, they probably would not come in, ok? but let's assume they did. the carnage would not have been with the carnage was. we have to protect the second amendment. hillary clinton wants to kill the second amendment. [cheering] wants to kill. so here's our charge. i do a lot of these. i love the people. we have such a movement going on. who likes the snake? who likes the snake? do you like him? here we are with this. we know bad things are going to happen. we know as we allow more and more people to come in from these terror areas, bad things are going to happen.
3:16 pm
has anybody heard the snake? not that many. should i do it again? fix --, take of this. this is what is going on in our country. by the way, we are going to have a strong border. we will have a wall. it will be a strong wall and mexico is going to pay for. and we have no choice. and we have no choice. but think of this. wheres now a situation this was written by our wilson many years ago. i read and that really pertains to what is happening to the united states. and it has to do with being fooled. it has to do with a lot of different things. but when you're listening to this, think of our border. think of the people we are letting in by the thousands. and hillary clinton, you saw those numbers with the charts through the roof, hillary moreon wants to allow 550%
3:17 pm
coming into our country. [booing] how stupid are we? so, you're ready? you like it? are you sure? all right. on her way to work one morning, lake, a path along the tenderhearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake. his pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew. oh well, she cried, i will take you in and i will take care of you. take me in, o tender woman. take me in, for heaven sake. take me in, o tender woman. snake.the broken she wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk. then laid him by the fireside
3:18 pm
with some honey and some milk. now she hurried home from work that night. , she found arrived that pretty snake she had taken in had been revived. take me in, oh tender woman. take me in, for heaven sake. take me in, o tender woman, side of the broken snake. now she clutched him to herbalism. you're so beautiful -- now she clutched into her bosom. you're so beautiful, she cried. if i did not take you in, you died.inly would have now she stroked his pretty skin and she kissed and held him tight. but instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite.
3:19 pm
take me in, oh tender woman. .ake me in for heaven sake, take me in, tender woman, side the vicious snake. i saved do, i saved you, i saved you, cried that woman. and you bid me. heavens why? poisonousour bite is and now i'm going to die. woman, said silly the reptile with a grin. i was a snakewell before you took me in. [cheering]
3:20 pm
get ready, folks, get ready. we are led by stupid people. -- and youby leaders know, i didn't need this. i had a nice life. ok great company, a great company. some of the great real estate assets of the world. i may never see them. if i win, i may never see them again. and i love them. all over the world. but you know what, this is so important. and i watched what was happening with the iran deal and i watched what was happening with jobs. and i watched what was happening with trade and china makes $500 billion in trade deficits with us. i looked and i saw. take a look at mexico. you know the politicians say you will never, ever be able to get mexico to allow you to build a wall. i say, trust me. now they don't say that anymore. they say they won't put the money up to but the wall. so easy. , our trade deficit is so massive.
3:21 pm
money off the stupidity of the united states. mexico will 100% pay for the wall. 100%. [cheering] ok? 100%. but the story of the snake is what is happening to our. we are letting people in. many of these people hate us. many of these people don't have good thoughts. and you see what one person can do, one sick wacko can do in orlando. and then you see his father clintonbehind hillary with a big smile on his face. [booing] with a big fat smile on his face, right? red hat.s wearing a and i said, i hope that's not one of my hats. i was concerned i hope it doesn't say "make america great again. oh bad guy. bad guy.
3:22 pm
-- wrists -- prentice so horrendous son. horrendous son. we have to win, folks. we have to win. [cheering] hillary clinton is run by people who do this very professional. they are very good. they keep her out of the spotlight. she doesn't do press conferences. she doesn't expose whatever is going on up here, which isn't good. to doesn't expose her mind questions. is they they want to do want to try and make it through. we need strength. we need toughness. we need a strong temperament. we need a strong tone. at the same time -- at the same time -- let me tell you, at the
3:23 pm
real big, we need beautiful hard, because we have to straighten out health care. obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced. did you see? did you see what is happening with obama? did you see where the numbers are going? 30%, 40% and 50%. wait until you see what happens on november 1. november 1, they are try to delay it. you're going to get increases the likes of which no country, nobody has ever seen. anybody in the history of health , going throughs blue cross/blue shield, they just had almost a 50% increase in their premiums. the deductibles are so high that, unless you get hit by one of those general electric locomotives and you live for, like, a longtime prior to death,
3:24 pm
you'll never, ever be able to use your health care, the health care, the health care. because here is what is happened. what has happened. the deductible is so high, you will never get to use it. raises 18% to 19%. but now is going to go really bad. it is going to die of its own volition, but we have to kill it first. it's killing our country. it is killing our jobs. so here it is, folks. folks. we have to win pennsylvania. we have to beat this professional group of people that are running her further own purposes. we have to win pennsylvania. we win pennsylvania, we are going to win it. we are up in florida. we are doing well in ohio. [cheering] and i'm hearing we are doing well here. we'll find out. [cheering] here's the story --
3:25 pm
[cheers and applause] here's the story. we have to win the state of pennsylvania. i went to school here. my kids went to school here. we are going to win pennsylvania. if we win pennsylvania, i'll tell you what. we are very much on her way. the republicans do have a tougher path. not my fault. not my fault. for thetougher path presidency. it is just a tougher, winding road. that if we win pennsylvania, we win florida, where we are doing really well, i think we can win ohio. it will be over. it will be over. [cheering] it will be over. on november 8, you have to get out and vote or do some balloting and -- i don't care, look, here's the story. if you're not feeling well, if
3:26 pm
your so sick, if you go to to the doctor and he says, i'm sorry, sir, but you've only got itsw weeks left, and november 1 and he gives you the ultimate word, not looking good, you having got long left, i don't care and nobody else in this room cares. you have to on november 8 get out of bed and get out and vote, right? get out and vote. [cheering] cases, youetter of can do your early ballots. all in telling you, now look, folks, i'm just saying your jobs have been taken. your military and all of the other things -- we are going to save your second amendment, which is protection. we are going to get rid of common core. were going to bring your education locally. we're going to rip leo and replace obama -- all of these
3:27 pm
things. we are going to take care of our vets. you people in particular, because you have been devastated. supreme court, he said. yes. yes! thank you, who said that? who said that? thank you. look, supreme court, justice scalia, great. he was supposed to live for a long time. he died. this next president could have the most supreme court nominations of any president good pick more justices, -- it could be up to five. it's probably going to be three, probably four, could be five. ok? if hillary clinton gets to put hard leaning left judges on the supreme court, number one, your second amendment will be gone. our country will never, ever be the same. we will have problems like we've never had before. and you will have a whole different deal going, which we
3:28 pm
don't want, believe me. so here's the story. if for no other reason, i'm going to put -- and you know i hate through -- and i picked through federalist society five ist judges. i got really good marks. we are going to pick these people or people very like them. [applause] so here's the story. are you ready? we don't win anymore, you people don't win, that's for sure. you just have to look at the statistics, the jobs. we are going to start winning again. we are going to win so much that you are going to get sick and tired of winning. you are going to say, mr. president, you are going to send the conga's men to see me in washington. he's going to say, mr. president, we have to do something. the people of pennsylvania, and in particular our friends eerie,
3:29 pm
they are sick and tired of winning. they can't stand winning so much. mr. president, we just don't want to win that much. we really want to give other used to become aware it's good for them and that for us, at least a low bit. say -- i'mng to going to say, mr. congressman, i don't think you know your people very well. they want to win. and we want to win. and you want to win. and we're going to win. much.oing to win so we are going to win with our military. were going to knock the hell out of isis. we are going to win for our vets. we are going to take care of our vets. we are to build the wall. we're going to have mexico pay, believe me, 100%. we're going to win education. we are going to win the second amendment. we are to win all the things we discussed. we are going to win again.
3:30 pm
and you're going to be predator country again. we will not be laugh by people -- orer the world for now not knowing what we are doing, for a long other people to come in and just strip us for what we have. we are going to win. we are going to be america first. we are going to make america great again. and it's going to happen quickly. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you, everybody. [cheers and applause] ♪ "you can'tg stones's always get what you want" playing] ♪