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tv   Voters with Disabilities and Campaign 2016  CSPAN  August 13, 2016 11:45am-1:31pm EDT

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look at my t-shirt, thank you for keeping the dream alive and for standing together to erase the hate. that is not necessarily something i have control over like today's gathering, but you do. i am begging you to not let the flame go out. sandy hook, altavista, columbine, dallas, the list goes on and on. daily life in an urban city like chicago or orlando. do not let them become yesterday's headlines because it happened again. that is your choice to make. thank you. [cheering] [applause] >> welcome everybody. i am a hospital chaplain. --ould like to ask everyone
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before i say a prayer, i just want to say that i have seen an shot wounds in the hospital. i've had to been -- be with family members, and it is such a dramatic thing. any kind of hate is dramatic. ask for everyone to bow their heads. god, you come to us in many forms and many voices. we know that you are sophia, wisdom. we know that you are a rock, our rock in times of desperate needs. i pray for all the people here today that serve a common purpose. i pray for all those that have lost family members to gun violence. that arer all those subjected to any kind of violence to any kind of hatred. scripture and in
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other faiths and religions that span the world, the one thing that we know you are is love. we know that you accept all of us, no matter who we are. that you love each of us so dearly. you guide a speech day in our lives. , pray today for everyone here for families, for the world. , pray for our nations capital and the hatred we are experiencing right now as a result of this presidential campaign. we ask that you help us overcome everything, and that we lean on one another. but we know to be true is that he begins in the home. we come out loving, loving creatures. help each of us to raise our children, friends, family and love. love conquers all. i ask all these things in your name. i asked you guide everyone as they leave this place today.
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, back homeome safe to our family and friends. help us to spread but we know you to be, and that is love. amen. [applause] [no audio] gentlemen -- [applause] >> thank you. good afternoon. my name is aurora sexton. i am a writer, performer, a newfound activist. i am a american. like you, i am here because there is something profoundly wrong happening in our society. i can no longer bury my head in the sand, hoping someone else will find a solution. i grew up in the picturesque state of colorado.
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not very far from the columbine massacre. inntered my teenage years the wake of the denver university campus shootings. i began finding out who i was as a person, as i dared witness to the murder of matthew shepard. growing up in the lgbtq community, isolate my own eyes the pain and violence and foot -- i saw with my own eyes the pain and violence that my friends experienced. push theirs that children into conversion therapy or push them out onto the street. my community is a bright, vibrant tapestry made up of people of every age, color, creed, gender, orientation, and walk of life. seeking nothing more than a place of refuge, love, acceptance, and a family. that is what made the shooting at pulse nightclub so horrific. 49was not just a beautiful
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brothers and sisters that we lost. it was not just the shattered feeling of safety. aftermath that some people praised the worst mass shooting in modern american history. 49 less sodomites in the world. i think that is a good thing. . wish he had killed more i think all homosexuals should be lined up and shot. what kind of country are we living in where that disgusting display of heartless vulgarity is ok or acceptable? what kind of country are we living in where our conservative electorate officials cannot even acknowledge that the pulse victims were lgbtq? senate majority leader mitch any number ofted
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days when top rate -- talking about the massacre. , pam bondi, and rick scott of florida jumped in front of the cameras before the bodies of our brothers and sisters had gone cold to stain their sadness and concern for the gate immunity that they had -- gay community that they have worked against for the entirety of their political careers. to them i say, "shame on you." [applause] >> these pop -- these people have fostered an ingrained the belief -- transgender women like myself and the many odb qqq people i represent our creditors and would be -- many lgbtq people that i represent our [erd --rs -- are
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predators. if i have been, on a long flight, and i and running to the bathroom, i am not going to look under stall. it is the same politicians that continue to ignore the need for background checks and mental health evaluations. the same that ignore the mountain of evidence and dead bodies. the same that refuse to acknowledge that semiautomatic weapons of war that modem people like blades of grass do not belong on our street. that the elected officials do not speak for america. we speak for the country, and we demand reform now. [applause] >> i want to make something perfectly clear. i am not against owning a gun or the right to defend yourself. i live in nashville, tennessee. as commonere guns are
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as biscuits and gravy. i will admit, they made me nervous at first until i was trained to fire one. if i so desired, i could lead to sleep -- legally purchase one. i would have no problem submitting to a background check or mental health evaluation to get one. just like what 90% of the american public are asking for. dismantle theto second amendment. i am not here because i want to be. i'm here because i want -- must be. [applause] >> i have the honor and distinction of serving my community this year as miss gay usa. i can afford transgender women how toortunity to see make a positive impact on the algae bt q communities we work
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with -- lgbtq communities we work with. i cannot stress enough, there is a lot of work to be done. last year was the highest murder rate on record for transgender people in the united states, specifically transgender women of color. thanks to heightened visibility in mainstream society, lgbtq people are now disproportionately -- [no audio] >> -- orlando was a shocking wake-up call. a painful reminder of the long history of violence and hate that our community has endured for decades. didvictims of that night not ask to be martyrs for a cause. they did not have a gay agenda. they did not want to shove their lifestyles down anyone's throat. theirimply wanted to live lives as who they were born to be. to live in this incredible country where we are taught that
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you can be anything you want to be. no matter what side of the aisle you sit on, i think we can all desk at a we're in a point in our nations history that we can plunge into the -- that we are in a point in our nations history where we can plunge into the hate that we see , and still remind ourselves what make us decent and good. we cannot solve our problems we can startt being a little more kind to each other. having an open mind to people that we do not agree with or understand. we can put the lives of our fellow man before party and profit. that is the america i know. that is the america i love. that is the country i am proud to be a part of. we are all in this together. thank you so much for your time. got bless america. and you. -- thank you. [applause]
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thank you so much for your time. everyone am a grab some water and ice. -- grab some water and ice. look out for each other. make sure the heat is not getting to you. that you so much. please welcome to the stage chronic -- jer jeremy: good morning. my name is jeremy. i'm a student at ohio state university, and i and a founding chair of the students united against gun violence. we are a young organization in our recent formation and demographic. after the tragic that took place june, ido, florida in felt as though i could not hear the news of any more violence and not take action. in talking with other students,
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we realized that our voice had to be represented in this fight against gun violence. that we needed to do something. so we did. .e founded students united even before this coming school year has begun, we are engaging thousands of students, their peers, family members, and friends. activefocused on being participants in the national dialogue of making change, while also working on local initiatives where we haven't students on the ground. we are not a token youth voice. we are an equal voice in this conversation commanding change on this issue. this is so important. it is so important, because students and young people are disproportionately affected a gun violence. we experience this on college , andses, in movie theaters nightclubs, and in the
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inter-cities around our country. rarely a part of the conversation and doing something about it. the youth need a voice at the table when it comes to solving the issues that bring about gun violence. we are making that happen. we are incredibly proud of so many students here today from all across the country, joining you at disarming hate 2016. young people do not ask for change. we demand it. we demand it, and we think big. some people would call this naive. some would call it childish. i call it hopeful. we do not accept the notion of the status quo. we work to break the fixation on how things have always been in order to find better ways to solve the problems of our world. this is so vital in our work on
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preventing and violence. we are consistently told by politicians, gun lobbies, that gun violence is too complex to solve. while i agree it is a complicated issue, we know that we can change mindsets on opponents about gun reform could .n doing so -- about gun reform in doing so, we can change the nation. sadly, that is not the reality we live in today. it is not hard to see that guns ourletting the streets of cities. it is not complicated to understand that 33,000 americans will die at the hands of firearms this year. it is not complicated to see that there are politicians in the pocket of the nra, and that they care more about their campaign donations then keeping their own constituents alive. we must work every day to
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convince the hearts and minds of all americans that we can come together and find solutions. most young people look to the future with hope. we must cap into this sentiment in order to inspire action with look, i am standing here today as a heterosexual white male from the suburbs. the gun violence of the inner city will most likely never reach my doorstep. and, the gun violence of hate will most likely never reach my doorstep. but, this does not mean i will turn a blind eye to injustice. happenseeply about what in our country and i care deeply about the right to live free of fear for all people. through my leadership with students united against gun violence, i'm willing to make that a reality.
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such a diverse group of people together today, i'm reminded of a scripture about the fight against injustice. willys, "the good in us win, over all the wickedness, over all the wrongs we have done, we will look back at the pages of history, and be amazed, and laugh, and sing, and the won."n us will have our hearts beat with certainty that there is a mountain called zion and all the suffering will gather there and become song. wringing out from every corner from and to end, the nation's full spirit. .ike the caravan in the desert
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disarm hate 2016 on this august morning, i ask you, do our hearts beat with certainty? yes! > i believe that day and hour is now. we will look back at the pages of history and be amazed that, today, gathering here today we started a movement that will rank out into every corner of f the earth from end to end. today, gathering here our nation and elected officials us. hear it is not time to despair, my friends. it is time to hope, for we have too much work to do. [applause] gentlemen, cathy.
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[applause] >> position quilt takes its from the aids quilt. the aids quilt moves our country from fear to connection. since 1987, 54 tons of aids quilt has been made and are exhibited. quilt us.ids , it is a encourage effort to policymakers to change. invest in one year, panels have been made by people ages three to 96, including survivors of violence and even by the men in the san quentin prison and san francisco. 60 views and veterans -- youth
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and veterans in chicago are .aking panels when people share their visions vent gunw to pre violence, they make an investment in change. they move from hopelessness to action. vision quote inspires action. a gun owner from generations of gun owners made this panel. "be the change, together we can prevent gun violence." panel whichte this "in the suffering on both
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sides of the trigger. after orlando, someone wrote, "disarm hate." panels are made" in the town, they stay there. they are exhibited in community centers, schools, libraries, places of worship, and used in marches and rallies like this one. so, members of a church in san francisco are wearing these panels when the two silent protest outside gun shows in the day area. we need to move our country from fear to connection. we have a crisis of imagination in this country. .hat we imagine, we can create we can change or country. the power of art brings people together. we invite all of you to embrace
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quotes. beginning in your town or city. the panels will do the work for you. can prevent gun violence. join us. bless you all. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, mrs. spears and family. for joining so much us. i am here, audit today to speak of behalf of my family print i
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am a d.c. public school teacher and so honored to be speaking for you today. this has been a heartbreaking summer for nation. we have seen people of color continue to be the victims of police violence. we had seen police shot by a sniper while working at a peaceful protest. it should not be this way. has enough guns for every single person to have one. that is enough. tos does not even begin include the devastating massacre and ourn a landowner brothers and sisters at a nightclub in orlando. not include the
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everyday gun violence we see in our communities. as a queer woman, the orlando massacre shook me to my core. my like sina and queer heritage more shaking.e afraid to share in the open about who i am and who i love until now. attack on therst gay community in my lifetime. we are not afraid to take a children to queer evans for fear that there may be willing to harm us. it should not be this way. the simple truth is it is far too easy for violent people to
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get guns. we now live in a country with over 300 million guns and circulation. that is enough for every man, woman, and child to have one. it is more than enough. as far as i'm concerned, we should stop there. permeated every space of our society. i have to worry, as a teacher, school experience the school shooting? will my young children have to shooting aschool well? it should not be this way. we have fear when we go to a movie or out dancing. we have to be afraid that we may be the target of someone's guns. we may be found on the other side of someone's guns. it should not be this way.
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shooting as well? i'm scared, heartbroken and angry that this is where we are as a country. more than anything, i'm determined that we have to speak implement stronger background checks. get military grade assault weapons out of the hands of dangerous individuals. profiling stop racial that makes black people in our country fearful to want on the street. aboutd to be ineffectual our solutions. we will not stand for islamophobia, homophobia, racism as we work to make our communities safer. i want to live in a world that
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respects diversity and knows that love is love. of whoshould be afraid they are. we can create a safer and better world for our families and communities. we have to start now. who is with me? [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, dr. kelly. >> good afternoon, everybody. i am a new physician.
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40,000esent over physicians in training. we stand for health equity, a quality, and we fight for patients rights. we believe in the universal declaration of human rights. all human beings are created free and equal. act towards one another in the spirit of personhood. just as we have done, we will legislationurge regarding gun safety and prayer gun violence.
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as a physician in training, we will continue to stand in solidarity with the lgbt community recognizing that we mentallyion -- opposed -- he mentally oppose vehemntly oppose all dissemination. we will stand for our patients and our communities and proves that love wins always. thank you. [applause]
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>> i would like you to please turn to the video monitor. peek of ae a sneak forthcoming television commercial. it was filmed and edited by m r b films. we consider this a special preview. we believe that love will always trump hates. ♪
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[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage of very dear friend from california. after matthew shepard's death, she wrote a beautiful song matters."ve she has been raising money ever since. she is here today to sing a brand-new song for you today. it is called, "we can do better." >> hello, how are you? you are beautiful. i'm so glad you are here. heat.ies for the
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i did not do it. i've known jason for a long time. when i first saw his post that he dreamt this up, i said, this is going to happen. i was sitting in my apartment months ago, watching the news, trying to make sense of it all, trying to think how to process minend the dear friend of who helped arrange my piece rode me and said, have you written anything? i said, no, i have not been able. kept gettingld worse. he could not have the television on if i knew my daughter would be anywhere near the living room. about upstairs when i had
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10 free minutes, and i said, if something comes, i have something to say, if nothing .omes, that is ok too what i have is the fungi would like to share with you today. honored to be surrounded by people who are committed to change. people came from a long way to be here. i stand with you. i will sing for you now.
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>> there we are. [applause] >> amen. [piano] ♪ i've got a daughter five is close to ♪ in four hours she sings ♪ she loves her dollies, fireflies, ponies ♪ she likes to run in the park and stay up after dark ♪ she knows the colors of the rainbow. she likes the leaves on the trees ♪ she thinks monsters are just in the movies. , itou hide under the sheets
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will be out of reach ♪ we all know the monsters are real can we do better? otheran, by each it is one hell of a road if we go alone ♪ can we do better? ♪ i think we better ♪ be better try ♪ there is a mother ♪ she has a son ♪ and a lifetime of fear
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♪ there is hatred, fighting, sorrow. there is no time to pray fighting andiots, bullets dyinge is suffering and ♪ it might take a while to learn we are all someone child ♪ we all know the monsters are real ♪ can we do better? otheran by each ♪ can we do better?
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♪ god knows we better. area that't you hate and do better ♪ i think we better try dallas ♪ baton rouge ♪ falcon heights ♪ new town ♪ blacksburg portland
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♪ huntsville ♪ fresno ♪ wakefield ♪ chicago ♪ jackson ♪ london ♪ paris ♪ ferguson ♪ charleston ♪ stanford ♪ bangladesh ♪ columbine ♪ memphis istanbul ♪ new york ♪ tucson ♪ phoenix ♪ ft. hood ♪ colorado springs ♪ ft. worth ♪ san francisco ♪ jonesboro ♪ cleveland
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nd on and on and on [applause] themtil be can't hear anymore. can we do better? mean, for each other it is one itl of a road if we go alone. can't we do better? god knows we better. hate and dory that better.
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better.we you a rope. together, it will get better. we will weather the storm. when we make it to shore we will show them that love always wins. better. we can do better. i know we better. we better try. [applause] gentlemen, granted
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just -- randy driscoll. >> thank you for being here. drink water. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please doctors forhe stage america. >> i am a member of doctors for america. i'm a pediatrician in southeast d.c., in the backyard of congress. we identify mass shootings by
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hashtags and geography, but doctors oh that gun violence is hurting every community between the tragedies also. every year, 20,000 americans commit suicide with a gun. every month, between aurora, colorado and orlando, florida, over 50 women are showing killed by domestic abusers. every day between oak creek and tucson, 90 american lives are taken by gun violence. these are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, classmates, and they are my patients. my patience and their families are struggling with gun violence while many are turning a blind
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cold hard to gun violence. many are asking, what will we do about this? right now, more than 10,000 by homicide,killed unintentional shootings. children are also injured or killed in car crashes. you know what is interesting? when any of us talk about , we get tople safe have a grown-up conversation cdc law-enforcement and the . no one is calling us doctors communist or questioning our patriotism or threatening to take our gun licenses away. threateningve been
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for long time. lobbyists like the nra and the friends in congress have used the ticket limit to threaten the cdc from studying gun violence. some of our best and brightest minds are using research to save lives from smoking, car accidents, drowning. those same methods can help and gun violence. 20 years of ignoring questions that experts want to solve to help save thousands of americans from gun violence. 20 years of unanswered questions . since 1986, we have learned answers to other questions -- will ross and rachel make it as a couple on friends but coble tom cruise keep doing mission impossible movies? are there were songs than the macarena?
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.es all joking aside, they're are more important questions we should have worked on over the last 20 years. here are the questions that public health experts want to work on. how does gunknow storage, the way that a gun is it is usedct the way in a suicide attempt? imagine if there was funding to answer all of those questions. tot is why we need congress properly fund the research. that.t the only dr.
12:30 pm
many are demanding congress to research.n violence we need you, our fellow gun violence.and withn guide families mental illness or domestic violence towards recovery instead of tragedy. gun violencen on research and letting doctors ask about guns are the steps that we can take together on a very long, difficult journey to and gun violence. the time to start is now. thank you. [applause]
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>> please welcome to the stage, faith from new routine for america. >> thank you all. it is wonderful to see so many beautiful people out. you know it is hot up in fear in washington. myself.o introduce for those of you who don't know me, new routine for america got started when america was once a college campus. i was one of millions of americans who said to myself, really?
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after the fire nation of newtown, iarleston, was tired of hearing myself say, not enough has been done. i remember president obama's call to action that night when he said, somehow this has become routine. it struck me as truth that i could not live with one day longer. we rallied in front of the white said, enough. nearly one day later -- one year later, we're here, banded together with a commitment to be the change we wish to see in the world. we clearly can't be that change, as margaret mead herself said so well. never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. .ndeed,
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let me acknowledge each of you for being part of the state and this effort to set aside cynicism and resignation. to get out of bed after the massacre of orlando and the nightmare of dallas, the heartbreak of san bernardino and gore of aurora, it will take every ounce of compassion that we have to face a new day and call for a new in america, which is what we're here to today. we are here to tell our leaders we have woken up from the nightmare and shaken off our citizen -- cynicism. we are wide awake and ready to rally.
12:34 pm
back intot be lulled a false sense of security. today, but i hope you will take away from this rally is a deep commitment to hold our leaders responsible for the promise of a ,ake to keep us safe above all to work, to play, to learn, to love, to pray. but i believe has been missing his voice and awesome power of those americans who want to see common sense rules of the road who choose and those to cherish their families, health, and safety above all. let's never forget that we are the majority. we need to keep reminding those around us and our leaders here
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in washington of that fact. cannot could you to pretend that this is an issue the only democrats and liberals care about. we have to find a common ground that unites us to pursue of solutions that save lives. we have to stop making other for their personal politics. we cannot perpetuate the gabon in washington in our debate with our neighbors and our politics. we for their are a large and rus one.racy, and a beautiful we can find common ground and come together to prevent gun violence from taking away our freedom and joy. ultimately our democracy is in
12:36 pm
our hands. we have to believe that in order to get out of bed every day and fight for our children's future, our loved ones future, and the future of our country. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the enough campaign. washington! is shira tarantino. mom, an ally to the lgbt community. focus shifted my from performing weddings gun violence prevention activist in one instant. i received a call from a friend
12:37 pm
of mine in new jersey asking me where my kids went to school and how close i was to newtown. she told me about the horrific attack sandy hook elementary six-year-olds and educators were murdered by a gunman. i frantically contacted my friends in moms groups, .hose kids go to sandy hook it was collective trauma. less than one day later, my friends and i were gathered in the living room to make sense of this massacre. we were shocked, crying, and could this happen? we were motivated to make a change 50 better. out of our meeting froze the -- rose the enough campaign.
12:38 pm
finance safempaign neighborhoods free from military style weapons and high-capacity ammunition. we demand a federal law mentalng a critical health background check on every firearm sold in america. we demand that gun trafficking be declared a federal crime with singlepenalties on every straw purchase. as you all know, it has been an uphill battle getting congress to take action on gun before. float after vote -- vote after keeps getting passed up in favor of nothing. we're not giving up. the prevention movement, look to the lgbtq community as models of civic action.
12:39 pm
following the horror of america's worst mass shooting in history, burping another 49 -- ripping another 49 lives from us past june, the gun violence movement stands in solidarity with the lgbt community. concerns -- we all share concerns. hate rides unspeakable acts. the gay community has a history of standing up, shouting out, fighting back, and arming the landscape of america for the better. we are inspired by them. stonewall riots lay the
12:40 pm
framework of what would become the lgbt commutnity. since then the gay community has found their voices and stood up to oppression of all kinds. fight.t and fight and we fought for the matthew recognition,for federal recognition of gay marriage, and we're still fighting for transgender rights. what would have happened if we had stonewall remained silent? no community knows better than the gay community that silence equals death. the lgbtq communities and the movementnce prevention both want to prevent suicide and domestic violence. we want to eradicate hate crime. while every individual place part,ou -- plays a unique it is the easy accessibility of
12:41 pm
guns. have a congress does nothing but si congress has been silent on gun violence. gusilence equals death. once the legislative session congress and tell them to act. a ban on military style weapons on the civilian streets. grieve and every day we act. it is time to show congress and the entire country that we will not be silent.
12:42 pm
today, i'm charging you with the task to stand up delegate loud, and make your is is heard. vote and safety. the disarm hate gun rally does not end today. you keep it going. do what you do best and don't give up. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage the founder q history latino lgbt project. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. my name is jose gutierrez. lgbtq history the
12:43 pm
project. i'm very proud to be here. we are really concerned by the inident in miami, florida lgbtq were killed. affectedacre tremendously our community. spanish] in please support our lgbt community because we were really affected by this incident i'm going to introduce you to one of my friends. she will send a message.
12:44 pm
>> hello, everyone. my name is carla camacho. i'm coming from california with a couple of folks behind me. just to speak on orlando, some folks touched on it, but we don't have representation of more latinos. we need more representation. if you consider yourself an ally in any aspect, you need to center people of color in our stories and suffering. it was mostly put akins -- puerto ricans that died. we had mexicans, central americans, african americans, and undocumented people that died. their family could not come to their burials. they had to ask for permission dothat the government could the paperwork to claim their bodies. we need to talk about the core
12:45 pm
of this issue. we talk about gun violence, that affects communities of color. it affects black people and latinos and everybody who does privilege.mold of we need to center those people as well. >> we want to invite you to the against gun united violence. spanish] in please support. thank you. gutierrez, founder of the lgbtq history project.
12:46 pm
>> and coming from california along with some of my comrades in the back. another important thing, gun violence disproportionately affects poc. if we talk about disarming this country, we need to talkanothert the police and the militarizing the police. as an document person, i do not trust the police. i cannot call the police to protect me against someone who might have a gun. we might be putting my family in danger. also, i would like to mention that it is really comfortable to see a lot of hillary clinton , a lot of here hillary clinton signs, knowing that hillary clinton supports a lot of the displacement in latin
12:47 pm
america and has killed off a lot in latin america.olice and berta cacares, may she rest in peace and power. she was very out there against imperialism and imperialism also affects us and is also part of that kind violence. militarization kills folks not only here and abroad, but folks in latin america. communities here are affected by that militarization, i am affected by that militarization and my family in latin america so affected by that. i ask you to consider what it means to really disarm. that is a systemic issue of militarization and funding the police. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, mi ke. >> hello, washington. how are you doing? as you see this banner over here, when he started his thing, hate, i happened to be in barcelona. i was ceo of a great group down there with show directors, drag being in barcelona, there were six hours because of the time change. my show director called me and said, we lost two. i said, two what?
12:49 pm
he said, we lost two of our cast members at pulse. understand, there are no march is allowed because of the inauguration so it is a virtual march on washington and the rally is october 1 and second. october 1 is the vigil at lafayette park in october 2, the rally is that lafayette park in front of the white house. we have two march for the right s and a freelife vice against gun violence. a life free of gun violence will only become a reality but we have the following. universal background checks for all themselves including private cells and closing the gun show loopholes. thoseg gun sales to
12:50 pm
convicted of domestic -- banned the sale of assault weapons and military weapons to non-military civilians. then the sound of ammunition for military grade assault weapons. heavy penalties for gun sellers who allow purchases to people who did not pass background checks. bylect data of gun deaths the cdc. require safety training. develop a smart gun so that strolling guns have no value. that is basically our mission statement. the other part that is important to me is i lost three friends that i hired from st. petersburg florida. here is a picture. . know you cannot see it all 49 that died.
12:51 pm
as jason said earlier, they should not die in vain. they will not die in vain. our rally and vigil on october 1 second will allow us to talk about gun violence and these rules and regulations. aggregate father of the 38-year-old son, and now a gay grandfather of a 14 month old little girl. you want your children to have a better life. i thank you very much. forink the latino community supporting me as well and all those organizations out there. gbtq.edl all thosewebsite, things, and join us in washington, d.c. at lafayette park for the vigil and rally. i thank you very much. [applause]
12:52 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage thursday kids. the earth day kids. >> hi, everybody! (202) 748-8000 [applause] [applause] >> my name is leslie. i'm from philadelphia. i'm also founder of the earth day kids. i'm also a mother who lost a child to the gun 10 years ago. it is on my mind every day, but i am moving on, but it has to stop. right now we bring to the stage i will let him tell
12:53 pm
you something about it. [applause] from philadelphia. how are you doing today? there is a lot that could be said about nonviolence. sincelence israeli that is rarely the principle of peace. tooll not to too much -- do much talking today because i want the children to do the talking. that is why we call ourselves the earth day kids. maybe the greatest thing we can
12:54 pm
do is teach our children the principle of peace. this is what we do with the earth day kids. all power to the children. that is our future. withere is a lady here dayrs that say that earth kids. it has our greeting. if you have not gotten it yet, you will get it before you leave. let's go. >> this is call and response. i will do a call, then they will do the response. then, one of the kids will do the call, and you will do the response. got it t? i offer you peace. >> i offer you peace. >> i offer you friendship. >> i offer you friendship. >> i offer you love.
12:55 pm
>> i offer you love. >> i see your beauty. >> i figured beauty. wisdom comes from a higher source. >> from a higher source. >> isil abuse that source within you. >> i salute>> i salute that soun you. >> we must work together in peace to save our environment. >> we must work together in peace to save our environment. >> piece. one love. now, i one fight one of the founding numbers to do the call. he will do the response. got it? > i am an original earth day kid. [applause] >> i offer you peace. >> i offer you peace. >> i offer your friendship. >> i offer you friendship.
12:56 pm
>> i offer you love. >> i offer you love. >> i hear your needs. >> i hear your needs. >> i feel your feeling. >> i feel your feeling. >> my wisdom comes from a higher source. >> from a higher source. >> we must work together. >> we must work together. >> and peace to save our environment. >> to save our environment. >> peace. >> thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, all the way from philadelphia, i would like to bring to you on the guns to sleep. it.
12:57 pm
♪ ♪ >> ♪ eight is a jungle out here. down.e gun don't take an innocent life. a competition, not worth it. be great. you college graduate. be rate.
12:58 pm
get the comes out. up inndering, what i wake my next daydream, see another day? ♪ it is a jungle out there. peace on the street. piece on the street. we need justice. the guyseace for all and girls getting shot by the police for no reason. it is a disgrace. justice for mike. justice for my girl. innocent lives gone for nothing,
12:59 pm
just the color of site. we must work together. peace! bring justice to the families of the deceased so they can have some peace. ♪ it's a jungle out there. clap your hands. peace on the street. street. the peace on the street. ♪ peace on the street. peace on the street. street. the peace on the street.
1:00 pm
street. the ♪ street. the not the guns on the street. got to have peace on the street chill on the killing got to have not the guns on the street got to have the piece on the street ♪ >> if you guys want to hear this you can hear it right now on your phone. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to make sure that everyone
1:01 pm
is drinking their water. if anyone is feeling the heat today. you to putlace for your name and information because trust me, today is just one of many. please welcome to the stage rachel graver. rachel: good afternoon. my name is rachel graber. i am the public policy manager for the national coalition against a violence. everyone knows the firearm vaught -- mystic
1:02 pm
domestic violence statistics. president of -- the presence of a firearm in a domestic situation increases lethality by 500%. involvedss shootings domestic violence. surveyed by our colleagues at the national domestic violence hotline found of -- 10% said there are had fired a gun during an argument, 12% said their abuser had threatened to kill them, family members, children, or commit suicide, and 67% said they believed their abusers were capable of killing them. while these numbers are appalling, they can feel
1:03 pm
abstract, removed from real life. domestic violence and gun violence are not about numbers. they are about people. look around you. approximately one in four of the women and one in seven of the men standing here today are victims or survivors of abuse.cant physical maybe you yourself are a victim or survivor. to you, i say we honor your strength and your courage. you are the reason i am here today. to manyence is personal of you. it is also personal to us. hear stories from victims and survivors and from friends and families of those who did not survive. our executive director ruth herself a survivor of domestic violence. firearmsr husband used
1:04 pm
and violence to control ruth and her son. on multiple occasions law enforcement took the guns away, but he was always able to obtain new ones. years of abuse ultimately culminated in him shooting her multiple times and leaving her for dead. he killed himself a month later with the very same gun he used to shoot her. are committed to creating a culture in which domestic violence is not tolerated, society empowers victims and survivors, and abusers are held accountable for their crimes. with alloud to stand of our allies today, and we will continue to stand with you until gun violence is no longer a occurrence. together, we can overcome any obstacles. united, we have the power to change the world. thank you.
1:05 pm
[applause] ceasee to the stage from fire pa, share a good one. -- shira goodman. shira: we are a state wide organization and we are so proud -- we are standing with all of you here today. there are moments in our lives where we know where we were. our parents talk about when john shot.nedy was my generation talks about the challenger shuttle. 9/11. people now talk about sandy hook
1:06 pm
and orlando and dallas. i don't want to have any more of those moments. i want to have moments like this where people say, where were you august or team, 2016. 13, 2016. i want to say i was in washington with all my friends and together we started something. some of us have been doing this longer than others. new.of us are the more people we have, the more faith we have we will win. but we areg fight, seeing progress, we are seeing growth, we are seeing movement and together, we can turn this summer of fear into a summer of faith and fierceness. that is what we need to win. faith and fairness -- fierceness. others have been working on this for a long, long time, and moms i just met today who said, i
1:07 pm
have been e-mailing with you, i've been on conference calls with you -- these are the moments that give us strength to keep going. a cause that i believe in, but i am also inspired and motivated and committed every day to get up because of the mothers and fathers and sons and daughters we work with and whose pain i want to help turn into action and who i want to help prevent having anyone else join their club. that is why i do this. that is why on hot days and cold days and rainy days we are in allentown and pittsburgh .ighting we will continue to fight with you all across the country. i want you to meet one of those moms, faye dawson who will talk about her son then sent, and i think it is so important that we remember the statistics are the
1:08 pm
statistics, but the stories are real families and those are pains and holes in our heart and we can not a party any more of that pain or any more of those holes. i know together we can do it. and my friends from students united to prevent nonviolence -- i will also say it is up to us to start the work. we can we do not think finish it, that is what we will be doing. i want you to hear from my faye.d faye: good afternoon, everybody. >> good afternoon! first, i would like to express my deepest condolences to all of the families who have lost loved ones to gun violence, including myself. my name is spayed dawson and on
1:09 pm
january ninth, 2005, my son was shot and killed outside an after-hours club in the city of philadelphia. vincent was 23 years old and the father of two children. my son was killed by a very angry person -- by the way, who did not even serve 10 years in jail. here now for over 10 years and for 10 years, the guns have gotten bigger, longer, and have the ability to hold many more bullets. since no senseless gun violence laws have come into place, i think now is the time to say enough is enough and it is time to get the guns out of the hands of the wrong people and most of all, it is time to disarm hate. disarm hate. disarm hate. thank you.
1:10 pm
>> all right. pennsylvania! [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, when i first started my career in the film and tv business, i did a ofm called "camp." a bunch teens go away for a musical theater summer camp here and i'm sure many of you saw it. i met this next young lady there. she was top four on "the voice" to years back. late is in german, i would like you to welcome to the stage ms. sasha allen. -- ladies and gentlemen, i would like you to welcome to the stage ms. sasha allen. sasha: hi, y'all.
1:11 pm
how are you? i am here for love and that is all i am here for. i am here to disarm hate and i just hope you enjoy. s in thehe moon in seventh house and jupiter aligns with mars than peace will guide the planets stars e well steer the this is the dawning of the age of aquarius he age of aquarius aquarius
1:12 pm
and understanding sympathy and trust abounding more falsehoods or divisions golden living dreams of visions mystic crystal revelation and remind's true liberation aquarius aquarius aquarius ♪ thank you. i have one more with jason -- that is a good sign. this is a song that meant a lot to me. you will hear it. god bless you. god bless everybody. important. whenever he is ready. jason, are we ready? jason, are we ready? >> yep. ♪
1:13 pm
the [indiscernible] for the bible says so is new may [indiscernible] bless the child that's got his own own's got his
1:14 pm
yes, the strong get smart while the weak ones fade empty pockets don't ever make the grade yes your mama may have poppa may have but god bless the child that's got his own wnat's got his on hey, ahh
1:15 pm
money money, money, you've got lots of friends they're crowding round, crowding round your door, your door, your door gonehen you're and the spending ends they don't, they don't come round no more whoahoa, giverelations crusts of bread and such you can help yourself but don't take too much havemama may
1:16 pm
poppa may have but god bless the child that's got his own own ♪ got his
1:17 pm
>> live coverage from the rally to disarm hate and washington, d.c., having some signal problems now, hoping to correct those and return to our live coverage momentarily. >> ♪ but don't take too much have but may buta may have bless the child that's got his own that's got his
1:18 pm
own own ♪ got his [applause] thank you, thank you, thank you. disarm hate. i am so happy to be here. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together -- she just took us to church on saturday -- ms. sasha allen. ladies and gentlemen, i am going to direct you to the video monitor quickly here. please join us at the disarm hate march for a screening of this documentary by john ritchie, 7:00 p.m., church of the holy city, and manual center for worship and study, 16th street northwest. are beingnal flyers passed out. sponsored by the million mom
1:19 pm
march, we the people for sensible gun laws, project to chloe tv.olence, and please look at the video monitors, ladies and gentlemen. two masked intruders came into our house, came into our bedroom and started shooting. >> at least 27 dead -- >> as gunmen opened fire -- >> there was one thing in his mind and that was to kill a large number of people. >> walked into the lobby and opened fire -- >> young men laying their shot. >> and a man walked in the front door. i was face to face to them. >> it sounded like a gun. not a that was a gun show. andwhatever you want walk out. it was that easy. >> it's like a clause or
1:20 pm
something -- what it really is, it's a gaping hole. >> there is an investigation going on. >> he is not breaking the law is, technically. went to court, he said he sold it to him because he thought he was going to rob a bank with it, not murder somebody. obama: a universal background check for anyone trying to buy a gun. about gun is saying violence prevention, the nra comes out and scares the living daylights out of them. : there are only two reasons for the government to keep a record -- to tax them and to take them. president obama: all in all, this was a pretty shameful day in washington.
1:21 pm
we start thinking that this is normal. >> we are victims of gun violence and that is the way it is. people say don't let that define you. well, that is of you are. you can choose how. president obama: we need to feel the fierce urgency of now. [cheers and applause] gentlemen,nd students to end gun violence -\/ [indiscernible] [applause] >> hello. thank you everyone for coming out today. i would like to talk about my personal experience with gun violence.
1:22 pm
immigrant's dream is to have a better future. when my parents immigrated to the united states they held on to that very belief. at the came here for opportunity, education, and most importantly, security. a year before my parents packed up their bags for the american dream, to men -- two men wrote into their home. my father told my mother to keep their month-old daughter safe while he warded off the meant. my mother said, no, don't leave this bedroom, don't leave your baby. but he did anyway because he wanted to keep his family safe. that night, my father was shot three times. the morning after my father fell shooting -- my father's shooting -- because those bullets brought --
1:23 pm
>> obviously, some continuing technical difficulties from west potomac park and the rally to inarm hate taking place washington, d.c. this afternoon. we will continue to work on that. in the meantime, a portion of today's "washington journal." to hear now going from jeff mason from reuters news organization. s on martha's vineyard with president obama, following him. he is a white house correspondent. unfortunately, i cannot see any scenery behind you. he is joining us from skype. guest: sorry about the scenery
1:24 pm
in the background. unfortunate, that is my curtain. host: i was hoping for a lovely lake scene. tell us a little bit about what you are doing on martha's vineyard, and more portly, why the president repeatedly vacations their? guest: the president has come here nearly every year since he came into office. he has chosen martha's vineyard for a variety of reasons. one, it is an island that is fairly easy for the secret service to secure. two, it has a lot of golf courses and he likes to play golf. three, it is a place where celebrity is respected. i mean that by saying the locals comeand the tourists who pay respect to the public figures without going over
1:25 pm
board. host: you wrote recently for writers about how presidential vacations reflect the nature of the present themselves. his vacation plans compare to others? presidenty previous have had properties of their own to go back to for vacation. you saw george w. bush, for example, going to his ranch in crawford, texas and spending many weeks there every summer. you had his father going to the family compound in maine. going back further, you have the reagans going to the ranch in california. you had john f. kennedy going to the family compound in massachusetts. it is interesting. you compare that with presidents
1:26 pm
like president obama and president clinton, when he was in the office in the 1990's, who did not have properties of their own to go to. they would choose destinations to go to like martha's vineyard. clintons, when he was in office, did not own any property until the end of his time in office, when they thought -- washt in new york, which a residency, not a property. host: in the event that hillary clinton would win the presidency, which she change her vacation plans at all? guest: it is hard to say because it is sort of speculation. folks that i talked to said they think she would come back here. in the interim period since she
1:27 pm
left office and hillary clinton left her spot as first lady lady, they have vacationed in many other places. they have reportedly given up their places to pulling. they may choose places based on where it is most politically advantageous to go. that said, they do have a presence on the island. in fact, she is expected to be are in the coming weeks for fundraiser herself, and may or may not take some down time. host: what about donald trump? would you follow him if he becomes president? guest: the press corps would follow whoever becomes president just like we do with president obama. when i was writing that piece, i
1:28 pm
reached out to his spokesperson to ask where he likes to vacation, and her response was, mr. trump likes to work. he does not appear to be someone who likes to spend a lot of time on vacation, but if he did, he falls in the camp of someone who owns a lot >> and back live now to the rally to disarm hate taking place at west potomac park and washington, d.c., our live content -- our live rich -- our live coverage continuing now as our signal has been fixed. >> when you hurt the lgbtq community or any community you are hurting humans. shooting humans. need done reform. we need to talk about disarming
1:29 pm
, but what we are talking about are not just the physical guns and the bullets that pierce human flesh. havel know bullets and we all been hit by those bullets. those bullets, in a form when we call our lesbian sister dyke. those bullets come in a formal we call gay men faggot and tranny. those are bullets and we have to disarm those bullets. we have to do that. but when we disarm, we have to arm. we arm the educated population by giving them education on who we are, what we are, what we stand for, what we want. that is what we do when we disarm. .e must arm people
1:30 pm
thatve to show the world orlando was unacceptable and it was not unacceptable because brothers andbtq sisters. who were partans of our community. sandy hook, those were humans. you do not have the right to take human lives, because you don't like what they stand for. and when we gather here today, we send a message to the world and that is you don't have to like us. you don't have to love us, but you will respect us.


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