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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 15, 2016 10:15pm-10:35pm EDT

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host: so you've been a supporter of mrs. clinton since '08? caller: yes, sir. coverage you see any of her event today with vice president biden and did you see tonight? caller: yes, sir. and joe is like the greatest campaigner for sure. just tell you, it's time and hillary has had a long time to do a good job and so they have been. man, i'm just saying, let's just give women a chance. with her. host: duane, thanks for the call. on to athens tennessee. the line for undecided voters.'s your you're on c-span, go ahead. caller: yes, i'm voting for the and i'm not certain, i'm an independent voter. but i like donald trump because of what he -- if he can get his telling ight and start people what we want to hear, you
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us know his ideas on how to clean our country up. my favorite an -- president was truman, and he cleaned our country up. it up. lly cleaned host: david, what do you think the biggest issues you want to hear from mr. trump or any of on? candidates what are the number 1 issues for you? caller: bringing our jobs back. i know hillary won't do it, but donald, he's a businessman, and something, i've been unemployed since '09. since the one that's in there now, i got downsized because of there now, and i've been unemployed as long as he's been in there. can't find a job. can't make a job because of his -- every factory in every down and gone overseas and south of the
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border. host: david, thank you for your call. move on.o we're going to talk to brad in youngstown, ohio -- i'm sorry. in fairmont, west virginia. a trump supporter, you say. did you see the event tonight mr. trump, and what do you think? caller: yes. i think he is doing well. i think the media is trying to tell us he's not. e's doing better and better, and we're going to prove it at the booth. hope there's more smart people than the other, and he's ust a fresh air, breath of fresh air for me. i wish my dad was alive to see dad was a e my nonsense, get the job done. my mom is still alive and on our and she hopes she can live long enough to vote for him, because she's 84 and she's it's all, you know, nonsense. thanks for the call. let's go to youngstown, ohio,
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with karen on the line for clinton.s of mrs. karen, go ahead, your turn. hear : hi, yeah, i didn't him one time say how he's all the on solving problems in the world when he has no diplomatic experience. experience, other than being sued, you know, and through bankruptcies. so he was against the war. a lot of us. why didn't his opinion even a nt when he wasn't ever public servant, other than serving himself, and he still how.n't say but he's saying things that are impossible. going to stop these lone-wolf terrorists in every country on the face of the earth? named germany. he named france. how's he going to do that when that he doesn't want to do nation-building, and he doesn't want to have war? how do you -- and he's obviously not a diplomat of any kind.
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so -- and also, when did we win the cold war? not mistaken, china is our biggest trading partner and communist ll a country and so is north korea. so i just think he's really good spouting off, and he's a classic propagandaist, and you obviously didn't write getting h, as he's coached by somebody who's telling him not to raise his looking at the teleprompters. but he's still using words like "vicious" and at the same time claiming he's viivpassivist.pass also, i'd like to say if he's so religious practices that end up in violence against omen, we have plenty of violence against women in our own country that we can work on. domestic violence every
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is wed part of the reason have too many guns out there. host: karen, covered a lot of there. we're going to move on. thank you for your call. plainfield, new jersey, calling on the trump supporter line. hi, carolyn, your turn. are you there? caller: it's carol. host: oh, hi, carol. welcome to c-span. go ahead. caller: i'm in new jersey. hi, how are you. host: good. for trump. people -- i feel as mericans speaking for trump, he's a businessman. he did go bankrupt, but you're taking a chance on business. chances that you'll go bankrupt and i don't like the ay the social media twists everything around he says. think he has good ideas and a teleprompter? well, hillary clinton uses a teleprompter. has been in politics 30
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years and hasn't done anything in her career and she's always used teleprompters. starting out. he's not the pol tikzitition. businessman. -- not the politician. businessman. the one who was a movie star, and he became governor. he had no experience. we y he's better than what have now. give him a chance. don't like him in four years? host: breaking up a little bit. but thank you for the call. to farrah in go california. you can see the way we've clintonup our lines for voters, trump vote ers and those f you who are a third-party voter for libertarian party or the green party and the line.ided it's farrah on the line for hillary supporters. welcome to rrah, c-span. what do you think?
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fa-rah. it's host: go ahead. caller: this is what i think. hillary couldn't have a long, long track record of working with our country as secretary of and all the things she's does. she was even the first lady before. donald trump to me is an entertainer and he's a and not a successful businessman. everybody keeps saying this stuff about success. but anybody can get money from their father to get started out, million, 200, whatever it was, and he always says he's a self-made millionaire, which is not true, and also, his business ractices, a lot of them have not worked, like trump university. there's a lot of lawsuits him.nst and then just like the casino in city, he faltered on that and people lost their were doing ho business with trump.
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trump is not a politician. a lot of people, oh, he's not a politician, oh, he can do this stuff. he's not a politician and that's the major reason why: he doesn't know the issues. to say, okay, we're going to get rid of isis but he can't tell us how he would do that. says he wants to create more jobs. he can't really tell us how he's do that. when he's being pressed in a lot of situations, he says these up gs but cannot back them with nofact. like what he says against illary clinton and different politicians as he's been running. host: appreciate the call. we're going to move on. henderson, kentucky, on our line for undecided voters. decided?u're still not caller: no, i'm not. i really am not. lower-class citizen, and all they talk about is the upper class.and that's not even the issue.
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whole thing ut the is getting together and save our country. apart.ntry is falling if they can't get together and their butt eads out and do what they're supposed to do, then they need to get off of altogether. one wants to take our rights away. wall.nts to build the one wants to keep this one out. they're not even talking about really matters actually. host: and what matters most to election? , in this caller: what matters most to me in this election is saving our country. host: all right. appreciate the call. we're going to move on. you can see the way we have the up.s divided sharon calling from sugarland, exas, on our line for those that support donald trump. hi, sharon, go ahead. you're on c-span. a trump i, yes, i am
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voter, and the reason for that is, first of all, yes, everybody says he's a businessman and that he can't help the country, he can't do anything for the country. well, tell me what hillary has voter, been in senate. tell me what hillary has done office.e's even been in she's done nothing but get americans killed, sent over to benghazi. she lied to the troops, she lied to the people about her e-mails. crooked. she gets her daughter -- her daughter drops out of college she gets her a job making almost $900,000 a year when out there eople suffering for jobs, needs jobs, can't support themselves, have to live on welfare, living in what does she d do? trump's wanting to help people. trump has made millions of and have helped people build businesses. jobs.s given people she has done nothing. she backs up obama, which obama deepering us nothing but in debt in so many ways, and then they want to cut down trump about so many things, but trump
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is.a businessman, yes, he but what builds the country is business. is the lds the country people getting jobs, puts roofs the their heads, feeds people, feeds the children. i don't see what hillary has our people most of killed. since this has been going on, who started the isis deal? hillary.bama and but see, the media don't want to tell all that. do is media wants to talk bad about trump, wants to twist his stories. what the listen to good part of him is. look at her family and his family. goes and sleeps around with other women. and that's what we want in the presidency? host: sharon, we're going to move on. we gave you a little bit of time there. we want other calls in. linda from pittsburgh, pennsylvania calling in on the hillary clinton supporters. it's your turn, linda, go ahead. let's try this. linda, there you are. caller: hi, thank you very much.
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mr. trump issue with draft.five-time that's my biggest issue with mr. trump. his total incompetence. listen to him speak today, he made no sense. mr. is my problem with trump. host: all right. we appreciate the call. florida on our line independents. what are you thinking? caller: thanks for letting me finally get a call in. host: sure. caller: fundamentally, america needs to realize our constitutional accountability. donald trump represents that picture. secretary clinton and president obama have caused at least 7 1/2 years of devastation and upside confusion.t know we need to listen to what donald trump is saying. he's not a perfect individual. it by his talking, much like i am.
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he's plain-speaking, making solutions.has not as fast, not as grand and as politically correct. functional tally that we can understand. america needs to understand that freedoms.o keep our and return to normalcy of principles, normalcy of families, the foundation of is family.usiness address theailed to blackha black families, and there were difficulties, and what he had the whole eight years to do, he didn't. he threw them to the wind, under the bus, so to speak. lord, bless our country and give us strength to get up above the in and let's hope that donald trump does the right thing. host: thank you, robert. appreciate it. have a good night. david from palm desert, california, on the line for trump. time for a couple of more calls.
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david, go ahead. it's your turn. yes, i thank you, support trump. it's all about the economy, all about security, and that's my voting for trump and i would just like to pay my congresswoman helen bentley from maryland. peace. rest in thank you for taking my call. host: absolutely. columbus, you're going to get the last word tonight, calling on our line for independents. and wrap it up for us, john. caller: yes, sir, i would like comment that hillary clinton in my eyes is nothing more than a murderer. everybody gives donald trump the rough way to go. the media twists everything around. is probably the most honest man there because he's ot afraid to say what we the american people think. host: john, we'll leave it there, there. after a couple of speeches today, hillary clinton and joe scranton, pennsylvania earlier in the day and then a
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little bit later on, donald policy ving a foreign address in youngstown, ohio. you an watch those anytime like, of course, on our web site. we want to thank you for your this and you can follow 2016 election wherever you are, wherever you go, with the c-span radio app. that is free from the apple app play. or google national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: c-span's "washington thenal" live every day with news that impacts you. hillary clinton revealed her economic plan for the country coming up tuesday morning we'll discuss those plans with with the center for american progress. hen steven dinen, political editor for the washington times on the obama administration's 10,000 syrian refugees this year. the expectations for their approval, and the debate surrounding the refugee program.
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watch c-span's "washington journal" live eginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, tuesday morning. join the discussion. announcer: tuesday on c-span, a look at climate change and jobs. hear from new york university escander on tasha the risks google and facebook take by locating their cities.ters in coastal at two just look sectors that we think of as places of innovation, financial technological innovation, we can see that those centers with a one meter are likely to be affected. but the thing to note here is one-meter rise, the projection for when it is likely moves closer and closer as each scientific study emerges. ago, we thought this would happen in a century.
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may we are worried it happen within 30 to 40 years, the life of a mortgage. if you are in new york, you might think, okay, that doesn't more errible, you know, people from new jersey, can't cross the bridge, maybe it's not so bad. if you are google, you should be asking yourself why your building headquarters where in 30 years, it will be flooded. should e facebook, you be asking yourself why you are nvesting in locating your offices here. announcer: climate change and 9:00 p.m. ay at eastern here on c-span. marks the ust 22, of 1996 welfare law passed by republican congress and signed by president clinton. our special program looks back
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t the senate debate over the 1996 law. >> the current welfare system has failed the very families it to serve.ed >> i don't know many people who themselves liate standing on a line waiting for their welfare check. yeah, there's some cheats out there, and they're druggies and they're drunks. no 're out there, there's question about it. but a lot of those people simply yet eople who have not discovered a way out of their misery and their poverty. that the decided states and the governors and legislaturers out there in concerned about the poor as we are. s concerned about their well being and as concerned, if not more so, than we are about the their of welfare in states. announcer: and includes iscussions on how the changes impacted the poor. >> from now on, our nation's answer to this great social will no longer be a
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never-ending cycle of welfare. dignity, the e power and the ethic of work. today, we are taking an historic welfare what it was meant to be, a second way of life. announcer: monday, august 22, at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. ucla political lynn andofessor loin historian discussed their election.ns about the they also discussed the campaign styles of donald trump and hillary clinton. hosted by the hammer museum in about 1:20. this is [applause] you, claudia, and all of you for coming tonight to two distinguished guests who are not


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