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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 16, 2016 8:00pm-8:46pm EDT

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we need our military who did a great job to train the nigerian military on human rights and religious freedom. the challenges that face nigeria are great, however i believe, it is my belief that the united states and other western nations, we have a vested interest in confronting one of the worst crisises of our day. why did we care about nigeria? we care about people, mr. wolf, but why nigeria? the people of nigeria are suffering. there are facing some of the most unbelievable terrorist attacks. bono and knowledge that the situation in africa and nigeria, if it continues to devolve, it will have to be an existential list threat to europe -- existentialist threat to europe.
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germany, france, and other parts, there were 25 million people in syria and we have seen the impact. the population of nigeria is 180 million. we are already seeing reports of refugees crossing the mediterranean from nigeria from cameroon and other places. it's a quarter of the 180 million or more, not counting the surrounding countries, more to europe, it will be an existentialist threat. crisisy hope that this will be elevated to the place that it deserves. , humanher countries rights violations and persecution of people because of their faith. woman haschristian
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been sentenced to death, not charged with death, sentenced to death and has been in prison for six years for blasphemy, for taking a drink of water out of a cup. is justest, the west silent. a friend of mine, a catholic member of the parliament, which i do urge our government and their government to give a bulletproof car, when he advocated for christians, for all denominations. he was a catholic member. the only christian member of the cabinet was gunned down coming out of his mother's house. the west was just relatively silent. in china, china, we see the recent nba decision to cancel the all-star game in charlotte over north carolina's bathroom off. yet the nba plays basketball games in beijing and shanghai.
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there are catholic bishops under house arrest, and one of the finest, was made congress took .oly communion from bishops wonnobel prize winner who the nobel prize, his wife was not allowed to leave china to go to norway to collect the prize. chinese lawyers have been arrested and drove to -- they are suffering and being persecuted over and over and over. in the late 90's, i snuck into , where you see what they have done by repressing and there is a prison there and the number of tibetan monks have been sent to prison, 130 tibetan monks and nuns have kerosene on
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their bodies and set their bodies aflame in protest to the chinese government. yet the nba is going to continue to have games in beijing. for $50,000 organs to $60,000. au can go over and say in three-star hotel, they take your blood type, and they then go into the prison and test others and find somebody with your blood type and kill them. i have pictures. braces them up -- they them up. they are taking up the kidney. nba is going to continue in beijing and shanghai? cyber attacks. the number of companies in this region for being hit by cyber
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attacks, i would venture to guess the nba's website and computers have also been attacked. opm, the chinese have all of your records from 1980 up until last year. and then we see, we see the chinese purchasing movie theaters. amc and hollywood production some places in hollywood. these,e are purchasing do you think that richard gere will ever be looking do a movie about the persecution in china, seven years in tibet? the chinese government will shut them down. when asked, the head of the nba said, "it is just a business deal, just the business deal." as i said earlier, i would be foolish, it would be foolishness to suggest that people of faith in america arts parenting even a
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in america are experiencing even a modicum of the persecution that places like iraq, nigeria, syria, china. despite the cost additional protections religious freedom has historically enjoyed, it's a good standing in the american experiment is bailey being dailyched upon -- is encroached upon. that as a decay more than faceless, nameless victims in distant wars and hard to pronounce prison cells, and to no other stories, weeping at their wounds, fair and advocacy, we .ill find ourselves
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-eyed about the times, these encounters will make our own faith, belief, feelings, more robust and strengthen us for the days ahead. .r. martin luther king if you have not read it lately, dr.r. king's "-- read king's a letter from a birmingham jail. in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. of thoset the friends being persecuted of all denominations, all face around the world -- all faiths around the world? evil isin the face of evil itself. he said not to speak is to speak. not to act is to ask.
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i think we should speak, i think we should act. verygoing to show you two short films. one, nigeria, the other, a broader basis. [applause] [indiscernible] >> religious minorities rose. this trust breeds. violence goes unpunished. since 2010, boko haram has targeted schools. they make their prisoners --
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murdered. the same number of people in los angeles which are simply displaced. 276 girls kidnapped from school and almost all are still missing. it has caused 1500 schools to close and 950,000 children are without an education, which perpetuates the cycle of violence and threatens the future. [indiscernible] >> all of this has created one
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of the all of this has created e of the worlds most neglected humanitarian crises. to document a team the atrocities and raise awareness with churches in the west. what your situation is. [indiscernible] >> the whole world listens. when killings are taking place in northern nigeria, it is one little blip on the news. [indiscernible] >> the government should protect
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us. dressed in military uniform, and also come with military hardware . at the end of the day, you are a , just to your enemies like a villager. [indiscernible] >> atrocities. [indiscernible] >> u.n. of was quoted saying "nigeria is our guest failure -- failure."t among all the hopelessness is hope.
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leaders, organizations, and education must continue our standing in the gap. will you stand with nigeria? find out more. ap. wolf: this next one is true story. i think it will be clear what it is about. [train horn]
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>> [indiscernible] for decades. there are some things that time does not erase. sometimes, the only way forward is -- here is my story. i lived in germany during the holocaust.
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[indiscernible] >> it was a sunday in the spring that brought changed my life forever. >> if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also. is howyour enemy, this , toere called to live understand this unnatural virtue , we must look to jesus christ as our model and our guide.
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>> if weakness was a strength, if silence a statement to the .orld we must pray for those who persecute us. it is easy to underestimate prayer.
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[train passing] [yelling] >> help us, help us. [indiscernible]
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>> we choose it. enemies andlove our , tow god to please to rule rule within our hearts. [yelling from the train] [priest singing] ♪
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[priest singing] [screaming from the train continues] >> hallelujah. [congregation singing]
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[indiscernible] [congregation singing] [indiscernible]
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>> all those who called ourselves christians did nothing to intervene. [train whistle] ♪ [organ music] >> the reality was indescribably worse than these pictures. .ou cannot photograph something [congregation singing]
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24 hours, more than a quarter of a million people have fled from rwanda and its terrors. singing]tion >> anyone who ventures outdoors is fair game. red cross and you and relief u.n. reliefnd convoys are targeted. singing]tion [indiscernible]
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♪ ♪ i thinkf: -->> congressman will take some questions now. >> yes, sir? >> i'm a practicing hindu. one of my interests has seem to --of christians in the majority of muslim countries. they had hearings and commissions and talks and papers.
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more christians are being killed and persecuted and the end .esult is not any better it has gotten worse. my question to you, sir, is what will motivate western countries, especially the u.s.? i think we have a moral obligation to advocate for any group that is being persecuted because of their beliefs. i was the chairman of the muslim caucus on capitol hill. to -- the armst embargo for the muslims. when the war was fighting, i went down to chechnya to advocate for people. i think you seem things, the breakdown. this is to be a bipartisan issue. if a president reagan, scoop and tom lantos.
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the words in the declaration of independence were a covenant not only with the people of and 1787,ia in 1776 but a covenant with the entire world. that covenant has been relatively shredded. everything that take place in government, particularly in congress is downstream from culture. if the congress is not hearing from the culture, from the public about this issue, it ceases to be an issue. passedocide resolution breed it was wonderful. i appreciate secretary kerry speaking out. since that time, nothing has been done. i think the church needs to dominationsl the have to advocate. west are just singing and drowninglouder
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out the cries. andfact that the culture the public is not rising up. we do not have ronald reagans and henry hydess. effects,t mention the if any, from the u.s. commission on religious freedom. what are they doing? rep. wolf: i think they are doing a good job. i think the ambassador is one of the finest appointments that you could possibly have. i strongly supported his appointment. when we put together the commission back in the 19 90's, he was part of the group. the head of the national association of evangelicals thus together. once the commission was set up, the ambassador was actually on the commission. it is probably the best
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appointment or could possibly have been made. unfortunately, they had other ones in their that were not really good and then you had -- in there that were not really good. there was a long period of time where nothing was really passing. thatalled in the senate gives the ambassador more staff and power, more authority, makes his credentials greater in the state department i think the commission and the ambassador have done a relatively good help. they need more power. >> we heard them five or six years ago, but i have not heard anything, seen anything in the past, any of their actions. rep. wolf: biggest about a report three days ago. -- they just put out a report three days ago. he is probably one of the finest guys you can have. , hasna, the daughter
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spoken out. they have advocated. there has not been in the culture, the average member of congress is not getting telephone calls and letters and e-mails about this issue. out andchurch to speak it motivate the culture to move the administration. the commission, and the ambassador, they are both good people. >> the commission has a newsletter. if you go to their website, it is daily, they are doing tremendous things in the press, five to eight stories daily around the world. the new york times and washington post are not covering them. i would encourage everyone to google them. it is free to sign-up. it is one of the best way he can do to keep abreast of all these things.
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-- you can do to keep abreast of all of these things. >> in the back. the has notays, always spoken out. he's not spoken out against the genocide. much of the church in the western world seems to be asleep. there is sometimes great history,s as well, in particularly the church in america. what does it take to do that change in culture? what is the next step back and make that happen? rep. wolf: francis was one of callirst to speak out and what was taking place in iraq genocide. every time we went to the villages, they always said pray for us. inhink you need an awakening the church. when i see that film, i have seen that some 25 times. i get emotional when i see the film. withi walk in the camps
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sister diana, the media is not covering it, i think the church leadership, we need in the church today, we need more martin luther kings, if you read his book he lays out where this is going. the church has to provide the leadership. whether it is a public opinion idea, the american people would be motivated. the song simon and ?arfunkel sang called the boxer a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest? we are disregarding the rest and the church is silence. you, in northern
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ineria or the other places the muslim areas of the world, did you hear about saudi influences? rep. wolf: absolutely. , theu read looming tower writer writes that the saudis thatd -- i have been on border and have seen it. six weeks ago, nicholas kristof, we would never vote for the same candidate that he goes places no one will go. he talked about the saudi influence. it was so modern. in see the saudi influence
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albania. you have the saudi academy with anti-christian and anti-semitic text in the textbook. i think the saudi's have been the creators of a lot of these problems. it came up when we were there. at the end of every meeting i helping isis? is answer.e same turkey.i's, qatar, and -- you couldlowing fly to istanbul, reposition and the turks were allowing people to come in through all over the world to cross the border to come in and fight with isis. the saudi's. look and see who they have on
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representation here in washington. i personally believe what you need is a major study. i think their string is running out. they are having deep problems. they have come up over and over. read looming tower. rep. wolf: if i can circle back -- >> one of the challenges is you don't have too many martin luther's. initiative, wey have spent four months creating action packs for churches. we have sermon outlines. we have books.
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it is a 58 page free downloadable. we ask people to share that. it is not a plug for us. most don't know how to bridge. we tried to give them messages to do that with and we would encourage you to go down that it is on stand with it is individuals and churches. >> we have heard disturbing reports recently of the treatment of christians in iraq by kurdish groups with the ok from kurdish authorities. mr. toner: we had somebodyolf: we had from the christian community -- they are being pressured by the kurds.
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it is not a black and white issue. the kurds took the weapons away izitis.e it other side of the coin, is the point of the spear over there now. we have failed because we are not giving them aid. we went to the front lines with them. the weapons are all. the equipment is old. embraced them as they are. they are the point of the spear. if we put more training, more , ourtance, more humor military did a tremendous job in human rights training.
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we have to do the same thing. they have done some amazing things. it is a dangerous neighborhood. things todone some the izitis that are not very good. they are having issues because they are the wrong muslims. you can't go over there with a on your neck.fix or they are building mosques here. who knows what they are doing. they are going against our government and they want sharia law. rep. wolf: there are some reports of saudi money helping.
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coming andll for thank you for having me. [applause] >> thank you congressman wolf. gentlemen, thank you for coming. 8 -- join usber september 8. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]
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>> our campaign 2016 bus is in chicago. asking elected officials, what is most important to you or your state? >> probably the most important thing in our stay is education by far. at the tope things of the bad lists and bottom of the good lists, we need to do a better job starting early childhood education going forward. >> hello. i'm from the u.s. virgin islands. the most important issue is having the united states grant the virgin islands the right to
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vote for president in presidential elections. vote in theed to democratic nominations and republican nominations but we don't have the right to vote for president. we think it is right to have those hero celebrated by allowing us to vote for president of the united states. >> from the most important issues of the economic issue and jobs. part of the problem of people who are impoverished all over the country, they don't have a voice at work. i am a union member and a strong advocate for having that voice at work. we need to strengthen and enforce our laws and encourage people to organize and have that voice. thank you.
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the most important issue to me right now is criminal justice. we have been working in colorado on modifications to the criminal justice system. acceptor people to responsibility for what they did and repair the harm. >> good morning. i have the represent -- good fortune of representing the great state of louisiana. i am supporting hillary rodham clinton. i believe secretary clinton has all of the essentials necessary to lead us for such a time as this. she also provides an outlet so that we will be able to have the
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necessary evils of the day and stronger we are together. >> forces from the road -- voices from the road. >> coming up at the top of th hour, looking for clues about how rising seas and other climate impacts could change the economy. the event takes place at stanford university. that is not :00 eastern on c-span. a look at some headlines. the state department will release all of hillary clinton's deleted e-mails. they will eliminate the ability of them to remain secret. it remains unsettled whether they will be out before the election on november 8. headline, trump
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deposition video could go public. footage in a lawsuit he filed regarding a restaurant deal at his washington hotel could soon be released to the public according to politico. a chefified about pulling out of the lease. they have backed out of plans to develop restaurants of the real estate mogul's new establishment because of past controversial comments about immigration. another story from rollcall, curt schilling suggested he would consider mounting a inllenge to elizabeth warren 2018. >> one of the things i would like to do is be one of the people responsible for getting elizabeth warren out of politics.
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>> three years after a ruling overturned part of the voting rights act courts across the country have struck down a number of state laws saying they discriminate against certain groups of voters. the issue spotlight looks at voting rights and the impact on the 2016 election. it will feature the oral argument in shelby versus folder. plus a discussion on whether the voting rights act is necessary. here is what the candidates have to say. >> all this voter id. a lot of places will have voter id. what does that mean? you just keep walking in and voting? >> it is a sweeping effort to disempower and disenfranchise people --color for
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poor people, a young people. >> watch our issue spotlight saturday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span and congress back home in their districts. senatorgton state tweets that she had another productive day discussing america's energy future in washington at the civic northwest national laboratory. darrell issa attended the naming ceremony for the uss john basilone.


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