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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  August 20, 2016 6:19pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> monday marks the 20th anniversary of the 1996 welfare law, signed by president bill clinton. a special program looks back at the senate debate over the law. >> the current welfare system has failed the families it was intended to serve. >> i do not know many people who want to humiliate themselves standing in a line and waiting for their welfare check. yes, they are druggies and drunks, they are out there. no question about it. but a lot of those people are simply people who have not yet discovered a way out of their misery and poverty. >> we have decided that the state and the governors and legislatures out there in
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america are as concerned about the poor as we are, as concerned about their well-being, and as concerned if not more so about the status of welfare in their states. >> it includes discussions on how the changes impacted the poor. >> from now on our nation's answer to this question will no longer be a never-ending cycle of welfare. it will be the dignity, power, and ethic of work. today, we are taking a historic chance to make welfare what it was meant to become a second chance, not a way of life. >> monday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. in his weekly address, the president talks about celebrating the 100th anniversary of the national parks service. and representative mimi walters delivers the republican response. she discusses the house republican legislative agenda and the impact on national security.
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hello,nt obama: everybody. earlier this summer, michelle and my children and i headed west to the national parks. and i have got to say it was a breath of fresh air. we explored hundreds of feet of underground, standing beneath stalactites in new mexico. we hiked up a trail next to a waterfall in california and i even took some pictures of my own, which i thought were pretty good. but the truth is, no camera, especially one with me behind it , can fully capture the beauty of america's national parks. in denali, to seneca falls, are more than 400 parks and other sites capture our history and our sense of wonder. as fdr said, there is nothing so american as our national parks. the fundamental behind -- idea behind the parts is that the country belongs to the people.
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this month, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the national parks service. i want to encourage all of you to find your part, so that you and your family can experience these sacred places as well. if you are a military family, you can get in free through the joining forces initiative. and if you have a fourth grader in your family, you can get a free pass to come up by going to all across the country, the national parks service is getting ready for a big year. we are revitalizing the giant sequoias in yosemite, repairing the lincoln memorial, and enhancing the iconic entrance to our first national park at yellowstone. as president, i am proud to have built upon conservation. we've protected more than 265 million acres of public land and water. more than any administration in history. we have recovered wildlife species and restored vulnerable
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ecosystems. we have designated new monuments in california and in chicago. and the folks that stood up for a quality in new york. -- he quality in your. and we have more work to do to preserve our lands, culture and history. so we are not done yet. as we look ahead to the threat of climate change and protecting our public land and water, it is more important than ever. it can mean no more glaciers, it could mean no more joshua trees in joshua tree national park. rising seas could destroy ecosystems and the everglades, even threaten ellis island and the statue of liberty. so in the coming years and decades, we have to have the foresight and faith in our future to do what it takes to protect our parks and protect our planet for generations to come. because these parks belong to all of us and they are worth celebrating, not just this year but every year.
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thank you everybody and have a great weekend and see when the parks. congressman rogers: the first job of the government is to keep our country safe and if we have learned anything, is that the president foreign policy is not doing its job. look no further than syria, the faulty settlement with russia, libya, followed by the rise of a terrorist safe haven on this mediterranean sea. he made a dangerous deal with iran and he is not been enough to take on isis. you add it all up and what do you see? all across the world, our enemies do not fear us and our enemies -- and our friends do not trust us. the foreign policy has left a power vacuum, which -- are too happy to fill. so today, the foreign policy is not making us safer. we house republicans need to take action.
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it is not enough to sit on the sidelines, it is not enough to criticize, we have to put forward an alternative. and we have. we are calling it a better way. we are showing the american people what we will do in 2017 and beyond if given the opportunity. we developed a plan from the bottom up, hearing from constituents and working with all of the members of our -- and now we're taking the case to the american people. in fact, i am talking to you from a small business in my district that makes security systems for public buildings. i have met with people across my district and so many of them have told me that national security is an issue. it is an issue that concerns them the most. for the way is challenges we face. our plan includes 57 specific ideas to strengthen national security. we lay out our objectives to keep americans safe at home,
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terrorists to be the , and renew our national security tools. we put a lot of attention on defeating radical islamic terrorism, because rooting out this extremist ideology is crucial to keep america safe. understand that our homeland faces threats. order security to cyber security, and with the understanding that new threats will emerge, it renews our friendship with our allies, it makes sure our military and law enforcement officers have the tools they need to complete their missions. and make sure that veterans receive care they have earned. and it requires the federal government to work with technology experts and bring together the best minds in one room to find out how to combat cyber threats. president reagan called for peace through strength. and that is what it takes today.
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we will be safe when we are strong and i believe our plan accomplishes that. to learn more about our plan, go to our website. thank you. ♪ >> both tv is live, beginning at 7 p.m. eastern in washington for "race in america." a panel discussion about race relations, the relationship between police and the african-american community. and author of the presidency and black-and-white will moderate the panel discussion. annjoe and read -- joa reid. and the author of democracy in black, eddie s clark junior. and julianne malveaux.
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the torilla christopher murray, author of "stand your ground." michael -- f. michael higginbotham. watch live on tuesday on c-span2. for campaign 2016 committees bank continues on the road to the white house -- campaign 2016, c-span continues on the road to the white house. >> this is as real as it gets. >> we will make america great again. >> ahead, live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates. , and the, c-span radio app. >> on tuesday, october 4, vice president of candidates, mike pence and tim kaine will to in
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farmville, virginia. october nine, washington university will host the second presidential debate. leading up to the final debate between the clinton and donald university las vegas. c-span,erage on this is the communicators, where we look at the intersection of public policy and telecommunications. this week, a look at law enforcement and cell phone traffic. how do police use cell phone tracking? >> they use it a number of different ways. ey


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