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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 24, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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they will not be people who need the job. they will be people who are the best people for the job. [applause] he will bring jobs back. nobody, nobody in this country knows better than donald trump how to create more and better jobs. administration, this administration has presided over an economy in which we have lost jobs, we have lost people from the workforce, even the people who have jobs haven't seen a raise in eight years or nine years or 10 years. and there are reasons for that. and here's how donald trump is going to change it. first he's going to renegotiate our trade deal so they are favorable to the united states of america. [applause]
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! usa!] that will bring a lot of jobs back to america. second -- we will get to that. thank you for reminding me. we will get to it. second, he's going to reduce taxes. [applause] for you. for you. he's going to put more money in your pocket and she's going to take more money out of your pocket. [booing] people willt money, be able to spend a little more. businesses will be able to grow a little more by slashing the corporate tax we will bring our corporations back from overseas. and we will create jobs. donald trump understands and is laser focused on the fact that what comes first, america comes first. [applause]
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[usa! usa! usa!] americanism and she's about globalism. [booing] certain thatmake our military is expanded. [applause] the obama clinton plan is to reduce our military to pre-world war ii levels. [booing] how can we do that with the challenges we have in the world? an attack today in kabul. every day there is an attack by a radical islam is extremist. yes. i said radical islamic extremist. i'm not afraid to say it. donald trump's not afraid to say it.
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which means we're not afraid to stand up to them. [applause] and to defeat them. [applause] no timetables. new signaling we are going to withdraw -- no signaling we are going to withdraw. no drawing lines in the sand like obama did and then back off and back on. ff. with donald trump as president of the united states, if he draws a line, you better not cross that line. [applause] he will build up our army. he will build up their navy so we can have a two ocean navy. and stop china from expanding in the south china sea. [applause] he will build up our conventional forces and our special forces so we can fight
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these asymmetrical wars. and he will restore our intelligence services so that they are able to get accurate information about what happens. which this administration doesn't seem to be able to do. he will make all of those changes. and what is really close to my heart. i will tell you what's close to my heart. he will make every police officer in this country feel like they are respected, admired, and loved. [applause] you know why? and i have a very personal connection to this. i had five uncles who were police officers, two cousins who were police officers. and i stood at the bedside of too many police officers over 40 who lost their lives in the line of duty when i was mayor of new york city.
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and on september 11, another 37. i understand what it means when they put that uniform on. i understand what it means when they leave home. and my aunts would be worried, are they going to come back? when they heard of a police shooting they wondered, is it my husband? is it his best friend? when they heard about a fire, was it their husband or their father? my uncle was injured twice very seriously as a firefighter. my other uncle took three people down from the top of the brooklyn bridge. i know what our police officers are really made of. it's as simple as this. donald trump is pro-police and hillary clinton is anti-police. i know she doesn't like this. i know she doesn't like this but i'm going to tell you why she is anti-police.
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first of all, she finds them guilty. she finds them guilty immediately like she did the baltimore police officers. [booing] and then when they are found not guilty she never even apologizes. [booing] now, she's a lawyer. she knows we presume people innocent. for her everybody is presumed innocent except the police who are found guilty before there is even an investigation and then when they are found not guilty there's no apology. allowhe will not uniformed police officers to be around her. uniformed police officers were barred from the democratic national convention. [booing] embarrassed ofe the uniform. because they are anti-police like they are anti-military. they are preaching to a
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different choir, believe me. just go ask any cop in america how they feel today. they feel they have been targeted by this administration. and sometimes hillary clinton goes further than barack obama in making these pre-judgments on the police because she is pandering for votes. to me and to donald trump, pandering for votes means nothing. the lives of police officers mean a lot. [applause] enormously important that you understand, you have to go out and register. every vote in florida. we want to have the biggest voter registration drive that anybody has ever seen. because donald trump is going to
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bring to the polls as he did in the primary voters that haven't voted before. so we're going to need to count on you to go out and get those voters. are you going to do that for me? [applause] are we going to translate this enthusiasm into votes? [applause] are we going to get the press to write that donald trump can produce crowds that are 100 times the size of hillary clinton's? [applause] you think she can do this? no way. you know why? you want change. she's the past. donald trump is the future. it's going to be a great future. it is my honor to present to you the next president of the united states of america, donald j. trump. ♪
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>> thank you. wow. what a crowd. beautiful. what a crowd. thank you everybody. i am thrilled to be with you today in tampa. [applause] we love tampa. as you know, florida is my
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second home. place i love. it's an amazing state. and it's filled with so many incredible people. that's why i like it. people. [applause] for the next 75 days, we are going to have to work very hard together to win the white house on november 8. we're going to win. l comet had a great pol out from florida university that we are leading by two points in the state of florida. [applause] victory on november 8 will be a victory for the people. for the people. it won't be a victory for the pundits. it won't be for the special interests that put up all of that hillary money. and it won't be for the failed
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politicians. it will be a victory for you. [applause] maybe most importantly, for your family, for your country. victory for jobs, jobs, jobs. we are going to bring our company's back. we are going to have jobs in this country again. we are bringing our jobs back. manufacturing is down 40%. we are bringing our jobs back. and companies aren't going to leave our country so easily. there will be consequences when they do. it won't be so easy for them. but it will be a victory also for security. for prosperity. and it will be a victory for american independence. so important. [applause] we will reject the failures of
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the past and create a new american future where every child -- african-american, hispanic -- all children, can live out their dreams together in peace and in safety. [applause] we will bring back our jobs. we will rebuild our depleted military. [applause] we love our military. it's been so badly depleted, folks. at a time when we need it just about the most ever. we are going to rebuild our depleted military and no better people that are in our military. but we are going to rebuild it. we are going to take care of our great veterans. they have been left behind.
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we are to take care of our great veterans. we are going to unleash american energy. restore law and order. [applause] government make honest once again. which it is not now, believe me. the stakes in this election could not be higher. hillary clinton wants to raise taxes vary substantially and send jobs to other countries. that's what she wants to do. [booing] we are going to cut taxes gra dramatically. and bring thousands of new companies and millions of new jobs to our shores. [applause] and that is something i look so forward to doing. no one can do jobs like trump.
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if you look at florida. so many of the jobs we have on the beach. we have so many jobs in the state of florida. and i'll tell you what. those people level we have done for them. high wages, great jobs, health care, education. we take care of our people. we have to take care of the people of our country. the me. we are not doing that. [applause] clinton wants to pass more terrible trade deals like the transpacific partnership. she wants to pass it. [booing] we are going to stop the tpp. totally renegotiate nafta. one of the worst trade deals ever made by mankind. last americanery job. we are going to protect your jobs. they are not going to be disappearing from you anymore.
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[applause] 18 years this room, ago, were making more money and wages than they are making today. and today they are working harder and in many cases to a certain extent because of this horrible obamacare, they are working two jobs. so they are getting older, they are working harder, and they are making less. not going to happen that way, folks. not going to happen. of course, i'm working harder also. that's for sure. expand clinton wants to the job killing regulations destroying small businesses in america. regulations by the way are out of control in this country. every going to cancel needless job killing regulations and put a moratorium on new
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regulations until our economy gets back on its feet. and even then they are not going to be brought back. they are not going to be brought back. [applause] they are not going to be brought back. we need safety. we need a little environmental protection. we want clean air, we want clean water. what they have done on top of that has been insane. it's killing our businesses and it doesn't allow our businesses to compete with other countries and you are losing your job. s. we will create great numbers of american jobs beyond anything you've ever witnessed. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. [applause] the greatest.
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and speaking of jobs, and speaking of the fact that we're going to do a great job on jobs, evangelicals, people of religion, christians, jews, catholics, muslims, everybody. you've got to get out and vote on november 8. and there's only one person you can vote for. donald trump. we're going to do it. we are going to do it. we are going to do it. hillary clinton wants to put the miners and the steelworkers out of work.
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you have heard her. [booing] we are going to lift restrictions on all american energy and we are going to stand foreign cheating that threatens steel production in america. they are dumping all over this country. l to go out ofstee business so they can make it for us and charge us plenty. not going to happen. hillary clinton wants to expand job killing obamacare and put government in charge of your health care. you know where that leads. [booing] they tried that in venezuela. you see what's happening. not working. and many other places. doesn't work. and this is so important. are you ready? we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. [applause]
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-- and by the way, i have to tell you. one of the most incredible applause. people are dying with obamacare. it's a disaster. your premiums are going up by 40%, 50%. the number on november 1 and they are trying to move the date the cousins and election changing number is going to be close to 50%. they want to make it in december. they don't want to reveal the numbers. obamacare is a disaster. in the great state of texas they had almost a 50% increase going through blue cross blue shield. almost a 50% increase and the people are furious. you are going to have more than that and folks, it's not going to work. it's dying of its own weight. regardless of who becomes
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president it is dead. she's going to try and save it by raising everybody's taxes. believe me, we can come up with a plan that will be so much less expensive and so much better. and we will do that. [applause] we will create choice and competition and that's going to really make it swing. it's going to be an amazing thing to watch. all right. hillary clinton wants to trap children in failing schools. 100%. i want school choice. choice. choice. so you have competition. i want charter schools. and i want merit pay for our great teachers. we should have merit pay. nobody more important than a teacher. we should have merit pay for those teachers that are outstanding. we are going to put our kids on to the ladder of success.
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and that is a good education and then a great job. that's what we need. [applause] important for our inner cities. our inner cities are suffering like never before. they have been run by democrats for so many years. in some cases over 100 years. almost every inner-city is run by the democrats. nearly 4 in 10 african-american children live in poverty. think of it. youth african-american are not employed. 58%. more than 2700 people have been shot in chicago since the beginning of the year. not a long time. homicides are up nearly 50% in washington, d.c. and more than 60% in baltimore. run, ascratic party has
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i've said, nearly every inner-city in this country for 50 or 60 or in some cases over 100 years. over 100 years. they've produced only more poverty, only more crime, only more joblessness. and broken homes all over the place at record levels. hurting,suffering and and the people left behind, i say vote for donald trump. vote for donald trump. [applause] [trump! trump! trump!] thank you. what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose?
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it cannot get any worse. and believe me i'm going to fix it. i'm going to make it so good. so to the african-american voter, great people. to the hispanic voter, who have been absolutely treated terribly. i say, what do you have to lose? what? i will fix it. sure thatable to make when you walk down the street in your inner-city or wherever you are, you are not going to be shot. your child isn't going to be shot. last night i brought some incredible families of on stage with me -- up on stage with me. people who lost their child to illegal immigration. people whose child has been killed. people who have lost children. devastated. can never be the same.
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people that came into the country illegally. we're going to fix that problem. and we are going to fix our inner cities. and i say to the african-american parents. you have a right to walk down the street of your city without having your child or yourself shot. and that's what's happening right now. that's what's happening. to the hispanic parents. you have a right to walk outside without being shot. you have a right to good education for your child. you have a right to own your home. you have a right to have a good job. the democrats and hillary clinton policies, if she gets your vote, and i think we are going to do great with african-americans and with the hispanics, once she gets your vote do you know what she does? bye-bye, folks. see you in four years. she's going to do nothing.
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[booing] and you want to know the truth? she doesn't have the stamina to do it even if she wanted to. i'm asking for the honor of your sot so that i can -- vote that i can fight for you. that african-americans, that hispanics, that's all americans. we are going to make it better. much much better. because hispanic citizens have been suffering under this president, too. into president obama came office another 2 million hispanics have joined the ranks of those in poverty. million have joined the ranks of poverty. not of wealth. i want you to join the ranks of people that are making phenomenal living. that's what you want to join. childrenr of hispanic living in poverty increased by 15% in that short period of time. so i'm going to fight to give
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every hispanic citizen in this country a much better future. a much better life. and they know it. and they know it. and i don't know if you've seen what's happening, but over the last three weeks the polls with african-american folks and spanish-speaking folks, the hispanics, latinos, have gone way up. way up. they've gone way up. because you know what? african americans are tired of being used by these phony politicians. hispanics are tired of being used by these phony politicians. and everybody else in our country is tired of being used by these phony politicians. [applause] believe me. that header future means securing our border.
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to protect the jobs of all of the people living here today. and that includes african-americans, hispanic americans, and all americans. we are going to protect your jobs. we are going to also bring safety but we are going to protect your jobs. because your jobs are not being protected. hillary clinton wants to have a totally open border where people can just pour in and take your jobs and lots of other things happen. [booing] we are going to enforce our laws. yemove people who oversta their visas. dismantle the gangs and cartels. and protect jobs and benefits for hard-working american citizens. [applause] them areof african-american, by the way. and many of them are hispanic. we are going to protect your jobs.
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that includes protecting the jobs and wages of the hispanic citizen. and living right here in florida. so many living right here in florida. this is their number one complaint. theuse they don't know if next day they are going to have a job because of people flowing in illegally into the state and into the country. they deserve to have their jobs protected from illegal immigration and broken visa programs. and they are broken. all americans from all backgrounds have the right to have their jobs protected in their own country. hillary clinton would rather give a job to an illegal immigrant then to an unemployed hispanic citizen, an unemployed african-american citizen, or even to a veteran. believe me. [booing] be america first from now on. america first. [applause]
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[usa! usa! usa!] thank you. at the core of our america first agenda are three words. so important. these are so important. they solve so many problems. are you ready? jobs, jobs, jobs. why at the center of my economic plan is a tax cut for small businesses down to 15% from 35%. business will flourish. jobs will pour into our country and he was will be created --
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new ones will be created. and i mean all across the lands we are going to create jobs. we are one of the highest tax nations in the world is not the highest. and we are going to be one of the lower tax nations in the world. there are over 600,000 hispanic owned businesses here in florida. wouldy clinton's plan smother them with new regulations, drive up their electricity bills and then raise their taxes to as much as almost 50% higher than they are paying now. businesses would take a second hit with a 45% death tax so that you have a business, you want to leave that business to your children, you have been paying taxes all your life on that business and now the children have to pay so much that normally they have to either sell the business or close it up. it is not a fair tax.
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florida than anywhere else because you have so many family businesses that cannot afford to pay a death tax. a trump administration will be a true friend to small businesses and all working americans, that i can tell you. taxes,ans bringing down bringing down the price of jobgy and bringing down killing regulations that cause our economy -- cost our economy as much as $2 trillion a year. does anyone know what a trillion dollars this? we have two of them. we are also going to dramatically simplify our very, very complex tax code. block will be voting against donald trump, that i can tell
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you. and you understand that. so current tax code is burdensome and complex that we inte 9 billion hours he year tax code compliant. that will end under a trump administration. hillary clinton wants to make taxes even more complicated and by $1.3se taxes trillion on you and everyone else. her anti-energy regulations will be a tax hike on the poor. your energy bills are going to go through the roof. foundationo heritage , the obama clinton restrictions another half a million manufacturing jobs, twoce economic out foot by point $5 trillion and reduce
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person per$7,000 a year. that means you are making less money in 2030 then you are making right now. we've already done that 18 years ago. right now as a country, we have no growth. you saw that. a trump administration will end this war on the american worker and unleash an energy revolution that will bring advanced new to each andower every country. listing -- lifting the restrictions on all sources of increaseenergy will gdp by more than 100 billion dollars annually. we need that so badly. jobsver 500,000 new
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annually and increase annual wages by more than 30 alien dollars over the next several years. it will increase federal, state and local tax revenue by almost $6 billion over four decades and increase total economic activity by $20 trillion over the next 40 years. my energy plan will help put trillions of dollars back into our economy and we will be able to fix up our military, take care of our vets, be able to help you with your social security, which everyone else wants to cut to shreds. [applause] that being said, my all time a writ subject, trade. how stupid are we to allow this to happen to us?
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florida has lost one in four may factoring jobs bill clinton signed nafta, a hillary clinton-backed deal, one of the worst transactions ever signed in the history of our country, probably not as bad as will be proven in the future as this deal,le, incompetent iran but we will get to that a little later. that's another beauty. don'tly, these people know what they are doing. they don't know what they are doing. they don't know what they are doing. lost one in five of its manufacturing jobs since bill clinton and china -- china he put china into the world trade organization which was also backed by hillary. our trade deficit with the world is now nearly $800 billion a year. hard,k hard, we work so
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but if you don't have the right leadership at the top -- think of it, we have a trade deficit with the world of almost 800 ilion dollars. like bernie sanders said, she has terrible, terrible judgment. look at what she's got. take a look at the e-mails. she's got no judgment. on good news is if we win november 8, these jobs are coming back. they are all coming back. here are seven steps to bring back our jobs and create millions of new jobs. number one, i'm going to withdraw the united dates from the transpacific partnership talks which have yet to be ratified.
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number two, i'm going to appoint the toughest and smartest trade negotiators to fight on behalf of american workers so that we make great trade deals instead of incompetent and bad trade deals. we will bring our jobs back here bridge.s like a one way the only thing that comes into our country is drugs. a poor into the country and cash flows out. we have such bad leadership. i'm going to direct the secretary of commerce to identify every trade agreement -- being used to harm american workers, of which there are so many. think wehey rightfully are run by incompetent people. i don't blame china.
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i don't blame japan, mexico and even other countries. they are getting away with murder, but if i was them, i would be trying to do the same thing. on the winning side. we will be on the winning side if you elect me on november 8, i promise. [applause] then direct all appropriate agencies to use every tool under american and international law to end these abuses. we are being abused. the worst abuser is china. i like china. i've made a lot of china -- made a lot of money with china. world,iggest bank in the condos, deals, office buildings, bank of america buildings -- i've been great with china. they have no respect for our country. they have no respect for our leadership and we don't lane them. we want to put ourselves in that position and they will like us better than they do now. they don't like us.
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they are building a massive military fortress in the middle of the south china sea that they are not allowed to do. they are doing that and yet they are ripping us economically. we have tremendous power over china. we don't do anything. they build and build and build and they did not get environmental impact statements when they decided to rip up the sea. they said sunday night, let's build. monday morning, they were digging. a little different than our country. tell our nafta partners that i intend to immediately negotiate the terms agreementrrible signed by bill clinton to get a better deal for our workers and if we don't get the deal that we want which has to be good and has to make up for all these years of abuse and lost time, then we will walk away, which is
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fine. [applause] i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. the greatest in the world. any country that devalues their currency in order to take unfair advantage of the united states and all of its companies that cannot compete will face tariffs and taxes to stop cheating. and when they see that, they will stop the cheating. i don't think our politicians even though what is going on and they will stop or we are going to take in one hell of a lot of money. i'm going to instruct the united dates trade representative to bring trade cases against china both in this country and at the wto, world trade organization.
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subsidy and its behavior is prohibited by the terms of its entrance into the wto and i intend to enforce our rules. it's all very simple and they know it is coming. have called a lot of friends of mine and they know it is coming. a say what do we do. itshina does not stop illegal activities, remember this -- our trade deficit with $505 is approximately billion a year. inc. of that. 505 billion dollars. somebody said you're going to stop trading with china. is that good or bad? we have to straight it out. we cannot have deficits of $5 billion. we can start making things right here again and it will be very nice.
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[applause] to use every lawful presidential power to remedy the trade disputes, including the application of tariffs and we are probably going to have to at least use them in some cases because they have to understand we are not playing games any longer. steps, jobs and factories will come roaring back into our country. money toe the new rebuild our roads, bridges and airports. manufacturing is a matter of national security. manufacturing is being decimated. we are not going to have manufacturing. i'm so tired of seeing manufacturing buildings that
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employed thousands and thousands of people being turned into nursing homes. we have to build, we have to manufacture. we need to build, produce and create right here in america. [applause] let me tell you a few more things we are going to do. we are going to end government corruption. [applause] hillary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in a third world country. it's run like a third world country. sold favors and access for cash. sold accessors, she and wait until you see what has revealed. 50% of theke it is
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people who saw her had to make contributions to the clinton foundation. wait until you see what she did for all of those people. inse are not people who go and talk about how are you feeling. the people she met with outside of government -- [chanting quote -- chanting "lock her up, locker up"] deletedp: she even 33,000 e-mails to hide evidence of her crimes. whereimpossible to tell the clinton foundation and and the state department begins. she then lied about her crimes
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to congress over and over again. i don't know if congress is going to do anything about it. i hear reports they don't do anything. congress ought to act. she lied to congress 100%. everybody agrees and it takes so long for them to act. act, you wantey to remember what happened. let congress act today. but congress act immediately. -- let congress act immediately. the fbi did not act. .'m so disappointed i love the fbi. i have such high respect for the f yet i. how did they let that happen? she was so guilty. she was so guilty.
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the world is laughing at us and then you have will clinton meeting with the attorney general in the back of an airplane for 39 minutes. [booing] and he says they were talking about golf and their grandkids. give me a break. very importantly, bill clinton, after all of that and after the beautiful gift he was given, bill clinton essentially called the fbi director a liar when he said the fbi were was spouting bowl. can you imagine? they don't realize they know the f the eye director their political lives for refusing to recommend prosecution for hillary clinton's many, many crimes.
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director a calls the liar. clinton fromary facing justice for her illegal and corrupt actions. they were illegal and corrupt and i would imagine many people within the f yet i are extremely embarrassed. extremely. remember, bill clinton was impeached for lying and instructing justice and also had to give up his law license. people forget. hillary clinton created an illegal, private e-mail server, deliberately, willfully and with total premeditation. the first lawyer was right. i might like the first way better.
2:48 pm
i think iation -- like that. -- three -- pre medication. i love that. so to cover up a vast pay for play scheme. her actions made our enemies vulnerable to foreign hackers and we are vulnerable. that is what has happened. betrayed the security and safety of the united states, our military and all of our people. her actions are criminal. they are purposeful and calculated. she knew what she was doing. call for a special
2:49 pm
prosecutor to look into this. [applause] the problem is, with the administration rigging the system to protect her vast terminal behavior, the real jury is going to be the american voter on november 8. [applause] hillary clinton thinks she is above the law. honestly, she's got nothing going. there's nothing there. there's nothing for you. that's going to be four more years of obama, four more years of isis knocking the hell out of us all over the place and everywhere else.
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got nothing going. come november, the american thate are going to prove of is not a person worthy becoming the president of the united states. want four more years of obama and i think she would be worse than obama. i have been watching so carefully. hillary clinton doesn't do speeches. she doesn't do press conferences. .t has been almost 300 days she doesn't do rallies of any consequence. she doesn't do anything like this. she has failed at filling the arenas. look at her events. our arena isow packed, but they show her arenas that are empty.
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is.le don't know where she supporters and her have very little enthusiasm. enthusiasticle about her campaign are hollywood cases,ties, in many celebrities that are not very streetmore and wall donors, special interests, want tos, etc. that control government, not to the benefit of our country, but to the benefit of their wallet. even her protesters don't have the spirit bernie protesters have. we had a massive rally last night and we had some protesters. they raised their hands and people are so nice. thecameras don't even cover
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protesters. i like it when the camera covers the protesters. her protesters have so little enthusiasm and they are so boring that the cameras don't follow them, so it is sad. i like the bernie protesters better. they had enthusiasm. by the way, a reminder to everyone here, register to vote. this is a move. i'm going to mississippi and a little while. we have tens of thousands of people -- back to the corners. we set a record here. we always set records. [applause] instances, we have beaten elton john's record, who is a great guy.
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and he has can knows. i'd don't have a piano. have beaten elton john's record that arenas and together, we are going to restore ethics and honesty to our government. we are also going to restore safety. this botherson and me almost more than anything else because i know bad things are going to happen. increaselinton once to i 550% over obama, thousands and thousands of syrian refugees coming into our country. [booing] overall, her plan would bring in from all0 refugees refugee sending countries in her first term.
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this is at the same time we and europe and everywhere else is experiencing tremendous problems not only with attacks but with lone wolf attacks, the sickos who by themselves do tremendous destruction. san bernardino, look at orlando, you can look anywhere you want. the lone wolf attackers, the sickos and we are allowing them in by the tens of house and. how stupid are we? at have been very good predicting things. , bad things are going to the happening with these people pouring into our country.
2:55 pm
watch. we are going to build a wall, don't worry about it. we are going to build a wall. we are going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall, 100%. [applause] and it is going to be a big wall. ball.oing to be a real it's going to be as beautiful as a wall can be, but it's going to be a real wall and we are going to have connection for tunnels so people cannot tunnel under. we are going to have a real border, a real wall, mexico is going to pay for it, mexico right now, we have a trade deficit with mexico of approximately $60 billion a year. peanutsme, the wall is
2:56 pm
compared to the kind of money they are making in the united states. jobs toosing so many mexico and other places. there have to be repercussions from this. we cannot allow this to happen. countriesallow these because their leaders are smarter than our leaders, because their negotiators are utter, we have frankly very, very stupid people representing us. we cannot allow this to continue to happening -- to happen whether it's carrier air-conditioning or ford -- i can name hundreds and hundreds of companies, millions and millions of jobs. millions and millions. to continuelow this to happen. we won't have a country any longer. i'm going to suspend immigration wherever effective screening cannot take place and i am going to institute a new ideological
2:57 pm
screening program to keep out people who don't share our values of love and respect. [applause] forward, we are going to start promoting american values once again. to put the era of division behind us and to embrace a new american future based on our common values and our principles, our principles. [applause] and if people don't like our values and if people don't like our principles, tell them don't come in. [applause] i understand that the wall street donors and the washington
2:58 pm
insiders don't want change. we know why. they are making a fortune. they want things to keep going on exactly as they are. that is why they are throwing so much money to hillary clinton. powerful protecting the powerful. i used to be doing that also. i know the business better than anybody. i know this subject better than anybody who's ever run for any office. ok? 16 months ago, i was the fair-haired way and all the sudden i'm an outsider. it took just a few words -- i'm going to run for president and i became an outsider. [applause] insiders fighting for insiders, but i am fighting for you. that's why i'm doing this for i
2:59 pm
built a great company -- believe me, i didn't need to do this. this is a lot of work, a lot of energy, and i'm spending my money, by the way, a lot of energy, we are doing well. it is a movement. it is a movement. a real movement. we are going to get it turned around. we are going to stop crime. we're going to bring back our jobs and we are going to straighten out our inner cities and we are going to do a lot of things. and by the way, we are going to save our second amendment which is under siege. [applause] if in san bernardino or orlando or paris, where they have the toughest gun laws in the world, if you had this gentleman right there or this woman right here,
3:00 pm
right? or that gentleman right there standing there with a gun strapped to his or her side, when these animals came in and they started shooting people that had absolutely no protection, it would have been a whole different story, folks. [applause] inkling,ey had even an if they thought guns were in the room, they probably would not have even gone there in the first place, ok? very simple. we are going to protect our second amendment. i'm an agent of change and hillary clinton is a total defender of the status quo. can be toonk you happy with the status quo. i am asking for your vote so we can create the new american future.
3:01 pm
this includes millions of new jobs through lower taxes, less regulation and trade deals that put america first. appointment of justices to the united states in court. we are going to detect our freedom. that includes protect the second amendment. so important, folks. justices of the supreme court. remember justice scalia? that intellect. shelready have one and it chooses for or five, it could be a record in this country of new judicial appointments.
3:02 pm
if you do that, you have yourselves a whole different country. that does nottry focus on nation building. it's not going to work. policieslinton's unleashed isis on to the world in the first place. she will never have the judgment or stamina to fix the problems she created. it was just announced in a new poll that people feel the country is less safe today than it was before 9/11. that's a pretty bad call. and the the money trillions of dollars we spend, people feel less safe. in the meantime, our country is dying, our infrastructure is sick, our bridges are falling.
3:03 pm
our schools, our tunnels, everything is bad and all of that money was spent and wasted by people who didn't have a clue. we are going to change it around. he are going to defeat terrorism and keep the terrorists the hell out of our country. [applause] [applause] and finally, we are going to create a more inclusive society where no american is left behind. we are going to bring back jobs, opportunity, and hope to every community in our nation. are going to have a government of, by, and for the american people. [applause] this is going to be your
3:04 pm
country, your government, and you're really great future. it is going to be a great future rule of special interest is over. it is gone. if i win. worseon't win, it will be than ever before, you will see. but hopefully, you will not get a chance to see because we are going to turn it around and it will be a beautiful thing. thank you. we will bring america together as one country again. we are so divided, so terribly divided, so many ways. president obama is a great
3:05 pm
divider. he doesn't know how to put things together, he doesn't have a clue. to as oneing us country, united together in common purpose and common dreams and that is what it is. we dream of having it right. it will be right. a thriving economy and have a strong, strong border people are going to respect and the drugs are not going to be flowing across like gravy. powerfuling to have a military, not a depleted military like we have. [applause] part of our are military. our vets are going to be treated incredibly well. peacefuling to have a nation, a rising standard of living.
3:06 pm
i promise you. let's get out there and win on november 8. do, we will make america wealthy again. we have to be wealthy. we have almost $20 trillion in that. we have to make our country wealthy again and we have to make our country wealthy again. we will make america proud again. you won't be embarrassed like you are now with the a ran deal millionyou see $400 being spent on airplanes -- being sent on airplanes to terrorists who won't use that money for terrorist. they are going to put that money in swiss accounts. arrive withplane
3:07 pm
$400 million in cash. theyifferent nominations, have it right. it turns out it's for the hostages despite the lies of obama despite the hostages. [booing] he could not have been happy when his representatives said it was for the hostages. he could not have been happy. it's like obamacare. doctor, keep your plan, remember over and over again and some democrats voted -- over and over, he lied and lied. he lied about the hostages. $400 million in cash. we will make america safe again america greatke
3:08 pm
again for each and every american. you will be so proud of your president him and more importantly, you will be so proud of your country. thank you and god bless you. thank you, everybody. god bless you. [applause] ["you can't always get what you want" by the rolling stones playing] ♪
3:09 pm
3:10 pm
♪ ♪
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3:12 pm
>> donald trump ending a wide ranging policy speech in the key swing state of florida. he will head to mississippi for an appearance this evening. here on c-span, opening up our phone lines. for florida residents come we have set aside a line for you. we will look at some comments on twitter. there atweet us c-span. let's hear from john in north wales, pennsylvania, republican caller.
3:13 pm
caller: i'm a proud mobile supporting donald trump and i thought the speech appealed to the base of the party. after seeing the speech, i want to vote for him more because i want him in office for the sake of my kids future and the supreme court. thank you. host: a democratic caller from west virginia. good afternoon. i'm supporting donald trump because i think he would be the he would be the best for the coal industry and west virginia and we appreciate you on c-span for giving such good reports out about the election and everything. you do a wonderful job. we will be covering hillary clinton tomorrow afternoon about this time. go to florida, our florida line
3:14 pm
in saint heat is mary, a democrat. go ahead. caller: i'm a proud veteran and a trump supporter and i always hear these going to support the veterans and i'm tired of the status quote. i never hear that from hillary, nothing from hillary on's wording the vets. supporting the vets. host: what is the issue that's going to turn the vote in favor of donald trump? basically, i have been talking to friends of mine who were hillary supporters and continualit is just a pattern of behavior. from whitewater. it is a pattern of lies, a pattern of hager when you bring up -- pattern of behavior that
3:15 pm
some of the under people don't know and the ongoing lies. you cannot trust and in the status quo, you ask the end people if you are happy where you are at? when i think trump said what have you got to lose, they are frustrated. they arey boomer and saddled with no future. they are frustrated. they have no future and they want a change. they are tired of the status quo. 's recordlary clinton came up in this wide-ranging speech that covered trade and jobs and dealing with isis for what's good to bridgeville, pennsylvania on our republican line. this is cynthia. caller: thank you for the wonderful job you do at the span. i'm a big supporter of donald trump and i do believe that if a
3:16 pm
lot of people would just pay attention and listen to what he wants to do for our country, i think they would be encouraged and possibly change their mind. he is attempting to do what is right for our country and basically, i'm very interested in seeing truth restored. of wheret a quick look things stand in florida. this is the latest poll from real clear politics. this is one poll in a series of polls that has donald trump up by just a bit in the poll that ended on monday. so far, the rolling average has hillary clinton up by 3.5 points. we mentioned that we would cover hillary clinton tomorrow. not in florida, we will cover her appearance in nevada.
3:17 pm
we will have that live on c-span. and gailflorida next is in largo, florida. from largos is gail and i'm definitely a trump supporter. i believe if we have hillary in the white house, not only do we have obama, but we have many, many, many years history of lies and deceit. we have a supreme court we need to worry about. we need to look to the future for our grandchildren. i have a grandson in the military and i know how they feel. trump is the man that can pull us together. i'm 65 years old and i've never divisiveness in this administrative -- administration, and it is so very frustrating. i'm very much for trump and i think we need his leadership. host: part of the speech held
3:18 pm
with hillary clinton's ties to the clinton foundation. one of our viewers tweets this -- he says you bought favors, you bought access. i might argue that you are a bigger part of the problem. in bradenton, west virginia on the republican line, go ahead, tell me. you takingppreciate my call. i follow trump over all the different speeches, but every time i listen to him, it is a breath of fresh air. virginia and we have watched the economy dwindled down to almost nothing. it said the people who do not want to be retrained to do what they do in our nation, the coal they are able to produce. i'm glad donald trump has stepped out. a lot of people criticize it but
3:19 pm
if they are the the man donald trump would be, there be more people as qualified as he is to run, but they sit back and just criticize. i appreciate you taking my time and i appreciate donald trump for saying the things he needs to say and encouraging our people. this is a breath of fresh air. that we don't have two psy later on but this is a good andif we can get elected lower our taxes and do all the things he says he's going to do, lift up our military, we are dependent on each other and we to come together and be the nation god would have us be. denton, texas, we go to the democrats line. good afternoon. caller: i'm a democrat and trump supporter. it's time we take things seriously in the country and i
3:20 pm
have and so disappointed i what, kratz have done recently and -- what democrats have done recently. donald trump is a breath of fresh air. to be good ifoing they can get him elected and turned some of these things around. democrats have made promises they have not kept up with an taken the wrong routes and trump opens up a way for us to get on track. aside a line set for florida residents and go to that line next in pensacola, florida, it's margaret. go ahead. calling from the great state of florida. i want to say i'm 100% behind donald trump. hillary clinton and her crookedness goes back all the lying win she got caught during the nixon trial. she's a very crooked lady. i have been 100% republican and
3:21 pm
100 are sent behind donald trump . i don't want my guns taken away and don't want my libel taken away. christian rights have been trampled over for a long time now and i'm done with it. host: donald trump losing support among republicans senators, six or seven senators saying they will not support donald trump. one of them jeff flake and he says i don't inc. trump can or should when. but the arizona senator says he wants to support trump but that he has little faith at this point that he will change. i don't think he can win if he continues to run this kind of campaign and i don't think he should win if he continues to campaign as he is. let's continue with your calls. it is perry in california on our republican line. donald trump -- the
3:22 pm
people not getting behind him and should be ashamed of themselves. think he will be come -- she will become president that i don't believe any of the polls. this is our man and we are so happy to have him for the -- happy to have him. host: here's renee on our democrats line from illinois. caller: i just want to thank you for this form and thank you for the coverage on c-span for the democratic convention. it was phenomenal to allow us to see all the platform the democrats had fourth for our country and for our nation, to people the different touched by hillary clinton, not just the last 10 years and since she has been in office but for
3:23 pm
she got out of law school, how she has affected change in the lives of people across the country, people who were disabled, people of color, women, men across the board to change their lives and realize it is the will of god that all of us experience our god-given potential in life. i want to encourage those who are looking and thinking about who the next president should be to not just listen to all the rhetoric, listen to all the lies they accuse her of lying, but if you look at the trump campaign, it has been littered with lies trump do now, consist of and it's amazing to me how we say we believe god, and i do believe god, i am a believer. lies to we allow the continue to count on one hand and close our eyes to the other
3:24 pm
hand. we need god to bless america. humble themselves and pray. god loves everyone. he is inclusive of everyone. he's not trying to select this group or that group and i believe that is the platform hillary clinton has put forth and i am encouraging the people of god to pray that the will of god will be done in this election. thank you, c-span. blessing to our society and allow us to see the news conferences and everything going on. thank you so much. host: we will be covering hillary clinton's appearance in nevada. will talkhat she about the disturbing political philosophy of the trump campaign. fourll be a series of
3:25 pm
presidential debates, monday, september 26th in hempstead, new york. sunday, october 9 in washington university in st. louis. and wednesday, october 19 in las vegas, nevada. those will be on the c-span radio app and west jordan, utah, the republican line, it is deadly. caller: i just want to say i the warden wants hillary. she has not helped the black people. the only person she has helped this her and mr. clinton and in my opinion, they have sold this country down the river to other countries. they claim they are for women and they give money to countries
3:26 pm
and controlomen women. this country is in bad shape if that woman gets in. host: to our florida line, william in port orange. caller: i'm an independent voter, a marine corps veteran and also a retired law enforcement officer. i'm glad to see he's doing something for the vets and law enforcement. i vote for trump. host: one more tweet from joe, a trump supporter who says we have a voice for we the people. kevin, what did you think of the speech? caller: i think donald trump is one of the most unprepared people who has ever run for office, even on the state or local level. is goingd donald trump to articulate what is a rage
3:27 pm
filled planet or talk us through some of the toughest challenges gettingin terms of together, i think he can bring people to gather for only a few issues that involve ethnic and racial divides. i think he is terrible. host: we will wrap up on our florida line in key west. good afternoon. caller: i encourage people to vote for trump. he's the next president of the united states. he is right. he says the truth. there is no prosperity without the truth. trump speaking today in tampa and making his
3:28 pm
way to an event in mississippi. this is a tweet from sky news will bets donald trump joined by the former earlier of the u.k. independence party. he will not endorse him. he's there to tell the breakfast -- the brexit story. one more tweet and florida, senator marco rubio running for reelection. another issue -- we can and must do more to expand economic opportunities for america passport, agree? he links to a statement on the 20th anniversary of welfare reform. that's the focus of our issue spotlight. let's take a look. >> on august way second, 1986, president bill clinton signed a law aiming to reduce the number of america -- americans that
3:29 pm
depend on welfare benefits. 20 years later, c-span looks back at the 1996 debate over welfare and the impact on poor families. >> prior to the 1996 welfare law, how was welfare delivered in the u.s.? 1996 was thefore kind of welfare system most people imagine when they think about welfare. it was a true entitlement, a true safety net. when people were poor and found themselves in poverty, they could receive cash assistance from the federal government. somesystem obviously had benefits but was also very unpopular on both sides of the aisle. the assistance people received
3:30 pm
was scarce and not really enough for people to survive on. if they went to work and began making more money, they would no longer be eligible for the benefits. onbill clinton campaigning one of his themes, ending welfare as we know it. but the bill was not signed until almost four years later. what accounts for that? inwhen clinton took office 1993, he did immediately take action on the issue of poverty. he worked with congress to pass an expansion of the earned income tax credit. this was a very popular and effective program that is often forgotten about in discussions of welfare and the debate at that time in this country's history. is a tax credit that people with low incomes workingfor a bonus for
3:31 pm
more up to a certain point. after that, in 1994, clintona nd clintonst lady hillary were engaged in a deeply divisive debate with congress and the american people in general about the future of the health care system. clinton's efforts to reform health care at that time failed. the white house was occupied with health care at the time. then in 1995, a new congress was inaugurated. this congress was controlled by republicans. year in ao another half or so of haggle between republicans in congress and the white house over what kind of what kind of -- welfare reform would be enacted. the summer of 1996, almost 20 years ago to the day, clinton signed the welfare reform bill. in 1996.ill was signed
3:32 pm
what were some of the key changes that were made in the welfare system? >> i think the most important -- changeat welfare is that welfare could be taken for granted. ,hey either had to be working looking for a job, or they had to be engaged in vocational training. after the bill was enacted, it was really impossible for anyone in the country to receive welfare without doing something related to work. either working, or putting themselves in the position where they could find a job. in that sense, clinton did fulfill his promise to end welfare as we know. -- we know it. in the old system, people could receive cash benefits from the federal government, and the requirements for working were much less stringent. >> here we are 20 years later in 2016. what has been the impact of those changes over time? max: that's a difficult question
3:33 pm
to answer because, of course, during the clinton administration, american society was changing in other ways. for example, there was a changing perception around whether or not women should stay at home with their children, or whether or not they should go to work, as well as fulfilling the duty of motherhood. so, many women were going to work who had not worked before. also, the economy was doing very well. this strong economy gave women an additional reason to go to work. so, the number of women -- i should say the number of unmarried women who were participating in the labor force increased from about 53%, just over half, in 1991 to a most 76% -- to almost 76% in 2000. it was a dramatic and abrupt
3:34 pm
shift, and it was partly due to these changes in the economy and society, but it was also due to the changes in the law. and of course, the law required people to work if they wanted to receive federal cash assistance. another important effect that the law has had has been on different kinds of people who are living in poverty. for people who were able to find full-time work after the law was passed, the fact that the earned income tax credit had been expanded meant that their wages were supplemented with a tax credit from the federal government. and so, they were much better off financially than similarly situated people were before clinton enacted his poverty policies, including the tax credit and the welfare reform bill. on the other hand, people who were not able to fulfill the new requirements for work and training and searching for employment that the new law created, generally, it seems, found themselves worse off.
3:35 pm
there is evidence that poverty became narrower as a result of clinton's reforms, but it also became deeper. those who remained in poverty were in more dire straits. >> president bill clinton's efforts to change welfare programs dated back to his days as arkansas governor. following the republican takeover of congress in 1994, president clinton delivered a state of the union address where he repeated his desire to, "and "end welfare as we know it." president clinton: nothing has done more to undermine our sense of common responsibility than our failed welfare system. this is one of the problems we have to face here in washington.
3:36 pm
it rewards welfare overwork. it undermines family values. it lets millions of parents get away without paying their child support. it keeps a minority, but a significant minority of the people on welfare trapped on it for a very long time. i have worked on this problem for a long time -- nearly 15 years now. as a governor, i had the honor of working with the reagan administration to write the last welfare reform bill back in 1988. in the last two years, we made a good start with continuing to work on welfare reform. our administration gave two dozen states the right to slash through federal rules and regulations, to reform their own welfare systems and to try to promote work and responsibility
3:37 pm
of their welfare and dependency. last year, i introduced the most sweeping welfare reform plan ever presented by an administration. we have to make welfare what it was meant to me, a second chance, not a way of life. we have to help those on welfare move to work as quickly as possible. to provide childcare and teach them skills if that is what they need, for up to two years. after that, there ought to be a simple rule, anyone who can work must go to work. [applause] president clinton: if a parent isn't paying child support, they should be forced to pay. [applause] president clinton: we should suspend driver's license, track them across state lines, make them work off what they owe. governments do not raise
3:38 pm
children, people do, and the parents must take responsibility for the children they bring into this world. [applause] president clinton: i want to work with you, with all of you, to pass welfare reform. our goal must be to liberate people and lift them up. from dependence to independence. from welfare to work. from your childbearing to responsible parenting. our goal should not be to punish them because they happen to be poor. [applause] president clinton: we should require work and individual responsibility. and we should not cut people off just because they're poor, young, or unmarried. we should promote responsibility by requiring young mothers to live at home with their parents or other supervised settings.
3:39 pm
by requiring them to finish school, but we should not put them and their children out on the street. [applause] president clinton: i know all the arguments, pro and con, and i have read and thought about this for a long time. i still do not think we can punish poor children for the mistakes of their parents. [applause] president clinton: my fellow americans, every single survey shows that all the american people care about this. without regard to party, race or region. so, let this be the year we end welfare as we know it, but also let this be the year that we are
3:40 pm
all able to stop using this issue to divide america. no one is more eager to end welfare. [applause] president clinton: i may be the only president who has actually had the opportunity to sit in the welfare office. who has actually spent hours and hours talking to people on welfare. and i am telling you, the people who are trapped on it know it does not work. they also want to get off. so, we can promote together education and work and good parenting. i have no problem with punishing bad behavior for the refusal to
3:41 pm
be a worker or a student or a responsible parent. i just don't want to punish poverty and past mistakes. all of us have made our mistakes. and none of us can change our yesterdays, but every one of us can change our tomorrows. [applause] announcer: you are watching c-span's special program marking the 20th anniversary of the 1996 welfare law. president clinton vetoed two welfare bills before signaling his support for a third piece of legislation in 1996. it passed the house with overwhelming support from republicans, 328-101. 98 democrats voted for the measure. the senate vote was 78-21 with 25 democrats voting in favor. here is a look at the debate that took place in the days leading up to the final passage. >> mr. speaker, sadly it seems
3:42 pm
clear that the house will abdicate its moral duty and knowingly vote to allow children to go hungry in america. sadly, our president, a member of the democratic party, the party of franklin roosevelt, will sign this bill. does this bill allocate sufficient funds to provide employment for people who want to work? no. does this bill provide adequate childcare so parents can leave their children in a safe environment? no. does this insure that people with welfare can take their kids to a doctor? no. does this bill do anything to raise wages so people can work hard and not see their children grow up in poverty? no. does this bill reduce the value of food stamps for children to push these children into poverty and hunger? yes.
3:43 pm
mr. speaker, i know that scapegoating poor children is politically popular this year, but it is not right. we must stand up for our country's children. i urge my colleagues to reject this immoral legislation. thank you, mr. speaker. [applause] >> the gentleman from florida. >> i had two minutes to the gentleman from georgia. >> the gentleman from georgia is recognized for a period of two minutes. >> mr. speaker, the bill we are considering today is a bad bill. i will vote against it and i urge all people of conscience to vote against it. it is a bad bill because it penalizes children for the action of their parents. this bill will put one million more children into poverty. how can any person of faith, of conscience vote for a bill to puts one million more kids into poverty?
3:44 pm
where is the compassion? where is the sense of decency? where is the heart of this congress? this bill is mean. it is base. it is downright low-down. we are a great nation, we put a man on the moon. we are the world's only superpower. we did this not by running away, by giving up. as a nation and as a people, as a government, we met our challenges, and we won. this bill gives up. it throws in the towel. we cannot run away from our challenges and our responsibility. and leave them to the states. this is not the character of a great nation. i ask you, mr. speaker, what does a great nation -- what does it cost a great nation to cover
3:45 pm
the world, only to lose its soul? this is an abandonment of our morality. it is wrong, it is just plain wrong. children, those in the twilight of life, the elderly, i agree with my colleague. what we're doing here today is wrong. i think you all, my colleagues, you have the ability, you have the capacity, you have the power to stop this. >> the gentleman's time is expired. >> your vote is your voice. raise your full -- your voice for the children. vote no! >> the gentleman will suspend. the gentleman from florida. >> mr. speaker, i come over here to do something i have never done before, and that is to
3:46 pm
trespass on the democrats side. and i hope that you will give me your understanding in my doing so. i do not do it out of smugness or arrogance. i do it out of coming together. we have heard a lot of name-calling. a lot of rhetoric, a lot of soundbites that we have heard all through this debate. we have come down a long road together. it was inevitable that the present welfare system was going to be put behind us. today we need to bring to closure an era of a failed welfare system. i say that from the side of the aisle because i know the democrats agree with the republicans. this is not a republican bill that we are shoving down your throats. we're going to get a lot of democrats support today. i think the larger the support, the more chance there is for
3:47 pm
this to really work, and work well. the degree of the success that we are going to have is going to be a victory for the american people. for the poor. it will not be a victory for one political party. it is time now for us to put our hand out to one another, and to come together to solve the problems of the poor. you know, without vision, the people will perish. unfortunately, we have not had vision in our welfare system now for many, many years. it has been allowed to sit stagnant. we have piled layer upon layer of humanity on top of each other. we paid people not to get married. we paid people to have children out of marriage. we paid people not to work. this is self-destructive behavior. we know that, we all agree with that. we have heard many speakers.
3:48 pm
my friend john lewis thinking we're going the wrong way. but i also see some of my colleagues who have fought for different changes within the welfare bill, within the human resources subcommittee of the committee coming to closure. where they do not believe this is a perfect bill, and i can stand here and say this is not a perfect bill, but it is as good as this congress can do, and it is as good as we can come together. we have included the governors in balancing out their interests and see what they have been successful with, and how they feel that they can be successful. we have talked to many members on the democrat side. and to my republican colleagues, i say, we are not through. we have another long road ahead of us. we see problems arise within this bill that we are going to be passing today. it was unexpected to hear that the president was going to
3:49 pm
endorse this bill and announce his signature of it, but let's now be patient with each other , let's work with each other and let's bring this era of a failed welfare system to closure. >> mr. speaker, i rise in opposition to the bill. if this passes today, it will be a victory for the political spin artist as a defeat for the infants and children of america. we all agree that the welfare system must be reformed, but we must make sure that reform reduces poverty, not by bashing poor people, but by having real reform. the cuts in this bill will diminish the quality of the life of children and poor families in america and will have a devastating impact on the economy of our cities. food and attrition cuts will result in increased hunger. local government will be forced to pay for the federal government abdication of responsibility. how can a country as great as america ignored the needs of
3:50 pm
america's infants and children who are born into poverty? the bible tells us that to minister to the needs of god's children is an act of worship. to ignore those needs is to dishonor the god who made them. mr. speaker, let's not go down that path today. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from florida. >> mr. speaker, i yield the balance of my time to the distinguished gentleman of the budget committee, mr. kasich. >> the gentleman may proceed. >> i would like to congratulate the gentleman from florida for his relentlessness in being able to pursue welfare reform. and he deserves the lions share of the credit along with chairman bill archer who has done an outstanding job. although i do not see him on the floor, ron haskins, who has lived with this bill -- he has
3:51 pm
probably lived with this for about a decade, feeling passionately about the need to reform welfare. you know, it was pretty amazing to watch the president of the united states come on television and say he was going to sign this welfare bill. and the reason why it is so amazing today is that because the american people, during all of my adult lifetime, have said that they want a system that will help people who can't help themselves, but they want a system that is going to ask the able-bodied to get out and begin to work themselves. and this has been delayed and put off and a million excuses as to why we could not get it done. and i just want to suggest to my friends who are in opposition -- and i respect their opposition. many of them just didn't talk, many of them were not able to talk as they were beaten in the civil rights protest in this country. i respect their opposition.
3:52 pm
but the simple fact of the matter is that this program was losing public support. the cynicism connected to this program from the folks who get up and go to work every day for a living -- and i don't mean the most fortunate, i mean those mothers and fathers who have had to struggle for an entire lifetime to make ends meet. they have never asked for food stamps. they have never asked for welfare. they have never asked for housing. and they are struggling. but are counting their nickels. they don't take the bus. they don't take the transfer because it costs money. they walk instead so they can save more money to educate their children. these people were becoming cynical. they were being poisoned in regard to the system, and they were demanding change. and we all know as we have watched the history of congress over the decades, that when the american people speak, we must
3:53 pm
deliver to them what they want. they said they wanted the vietnam war over. it took a decade, but they got it. public cynicism and lack of support was rising against this program. it was necessary to give the people a program they could support. but i also want to say that the american people have never -- if i could be so bold as to represent a point of view -- have never said that those who can't help themselves should not be helped. that is judeo christianity, something that we all know has to be rekindled. our souls must once again become attached to one another. and the people in this country and judeo christianity said it is a sin not to help somebody who needs help. but it is equally is said to help somebody who needs not to learn how to help themselves. but i say to my friends who oppose this bill -- this is about the best of us. this is about having hopes and dreams.
3:54 pm
after 40 or 50 years of not trusting one another in our neighborhoods, and having to vacate our power in our authority to the central government in washington bureaucrats, this is now about reclaiming our power. it's about reclaiming our money. it's about rebuilding our communities. it's about rebuilding our families. it's about cementing our neighborhoods. and it's about believing that all of us can march to that state capital, that all of us can go into the community organizations, and we can demand excellence. we can demand compassion. and that we can do it better. we marched 30, 40 years ago because we thought people weren't being treated fairly. and we march today for the very same reason. and what i would say -- let me take it back and say many of my friends marched. i was too young, but i watched
3:55 pm
and i respect it. and what i suggest that the end of the day is that we all are going to have to stand up for those who get neglected in reform. but frankly, this system will provide far more benefits, far more hope, restore the confidence in the american people that we have a system that will help those that can't help themselves, and at the same time, demand something from able-bodied people who can. it will benefit their children. it will help the children of those who go to work. america is a winner in this. the president of the united states has recognized it. he has joined with this congress. and i think we have a bipartisan effort here to move america down the road towards reclaiming our neighborhoods and helping america. and i would say to my friends -- we will be bold enough and humble enough when we see mistakes are being made to be able to come back and fix them.
3:56 pm
but let's not let these obstacles stand in the way of rebuilding this program based on fundamental american values. support the contras -- congress reform. >> for those who say we're not going to provide for those in need. that we are here to vote on welfare -- let me repeat -- the combined programs will increase from nearly $100 billion this year to $130 billion in six years. hardly a reduction in expenditures. let me repeat -- the total programs i have just described -- food stamps, ssi, foster care, child care, the new block grant to take the place of afdc -- all of those programs will
3:57 pm
seek from the taxpayers of america $700 billion over the next six years. nevertheless, our taxpayers should know that we will save ion for this55 bill program and is reformed and more efficient mobile cost $55 bi assumedss than it was if we had left everything alone and get the entitlements where they where. i believe much of those savings are going to come because we are going to do the programs better. we are going to be pushing people to do what we should have been doing all along. off the road, into work. off dependence, into independence.
3:58 pm
not looking to someone else for responsibility and look to their own responsibility and everywhere we turn in this deal, there are provisions for those who just cannot do it. there are emergency set-asides. emergency allowances. but are provisions where it just cannot be done to provide some of what must be provided in addition to the basic program. so as one of our very distinguished senators, senator rick santorum, for whom i extend my great appreciation for his help on the floor on many occasions during the foodstamp -- during the debate on this welfare need, he did a remarkable job. he came to the senate well-informed on the subject. he at one point said, welfare reform has been and will continue to be a contentious issue. this legislation is tough love, he said. i concur. but i do not believe there is anything wrong with that, either.
3:59 pm
i have some concerns about provisions in this legislation. other members will have their particular concerns and the president has expressed his. unfortunately or fortunately, depending upon your philosophy of governance, it is possible and probable that even the president's signature -- we have not seen the last of welfare reform. when he has signed it, we will probably see a completed law and we will carry it out, but probably in due course we will see where there are some areas that need some repair. some fixing. but i believe we should not under any circumstance take a bill that is as much on the right track as this but perhaps imperfect in other areas, we should proceed. we should let the reform move along. for today i believe that the
4:00 pm
best hope we have to fulfill the promise we'll made to the american public to change these programs as we have known them is to pass this bill overwhelmingly today. making fundamental changes to programs -- some of which are 60 years old -- will surely require adjustments and additional tuning as we begin to see how this legislation unfolds. but for those who seem frightened of this change, and for those who want to find the areas where they have concern, and that might need some repair in the future, i merely ask is it possible that this reform welfare program can be worse than what we have? i cannot believe it. i cannot believe it. >> yesterday after the president announced that he would sign this legislation, i said, and i quot


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