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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Tampa Florida  CSPAN  August 24, 2016 10:54pm-12:38am EDT

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the news, politics, and american culture. including an examination of the rise of racial incidents, their origins and possible solutions. at 10 a clock eastern, and tony martinez -- 10:00 eastern, honey martinez talks about his book "chaos monkeys." an insider's perspective on the silicon valley tech world. the future and effective online marketing and social media. also this weekend, the washington post reports on america's nuclear arsenal. recounts hisyber missions in iraq and afghanistan. president on the movement to increase workers wages. go to book for the complete weekend schedule. tabak,donald trump in florida. he was introduced by senator jeff sessions and rudy giuliani.
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this is 90 minutes. [applause] >> fabulous crowd. and to offer coming out. thank you for being part of a movement that is going to put america on the right track again. [applause] the american people are right. if we would just listen to them. they want a lawful system of immigration. that serves the national interest. what is wrong with that? we have had politicians promise for 30 years they will fix the system and have never done it. donald trump will build a wall and fix it.
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[applause] this movement is dealing with a lot of issues. there is another issue and that is jobs and wages. more workersin than we have jobs for, don't we reduce wages and make americans unemployed? that is one of the things that is happening. that is why we just have declined significantly. also bad trade deals that close high paid manufacturing facilities. doesn't that eliminate good jobs and result in lower wages for the average american? it absolutely does. donald trump understand both of those. he has stood up for you. he asked it up for america against the establishment. and advocates for reform in both of those areas.
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let me ask you one you think -- one more thing, if you believe the country is on the wrong track, that changes need to be made, as i believe and you believe, do you believe hillary clinton has the will, the strength, the determination or the knowledge to change this country? [no!] that is exactly right. she thinks things are fine as they are. much less having the will or determination to take on the powerful establishment that has run our country too long. a strong person with clear values will stand and fight for us. donald trump is that person, in my opinion. [cheers]
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friends, that is how i came to decide early on to support donald trump. i believe what i have seen of him in the last two days as we have traveled together and have seen will start moving significantly in his direction, big crowds all over the country, don't tell me something is not happening. something big is happening. [cheers] are taking their country back. and they should. man thatspeaker is a is very close to donald trump. they have known each other for many years. rudy giuliani. [cheers]
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rudy giuliani, america's mayor. come on up, rudy. [cheers] let me say, he is one of the greatest law enforcement officers in the history of the american republic. i had the honor to serve under him and the reagan administration. he knows more about how to make a nation and our city -- city save than anyone in this country. safe that anyone in this country. rudy giuliani. [cheers] >> thank you. you just heard from one of the most knowledgeable and one of
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the best united states senators that we are lucky to have, not just for the state of alabama, but for the whole country. there are not too many that understand the issues and fight hard for the people like jeff sessions. let's give him a big hand. [cheers] i have no jeff since he was a little boy. just like i have no donald trump for 28 years. i can tell you what kind of man he is. man they are viciously attacking on television. he is a very good man. man who has built a tremendous empire, financial empire. immensely thects carpenter, the bricklayer, the plumber.
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his father taught him that and his -- he has never forgot that. he knows his success do not come just because of him. he knows a came by building a person whofrom the is the entry-level employee to picking the very best executives. that is how he built what he built. by the way, he was the first person in the construction industry to appoint women to high executive positions. [cheers] he is a man who is brought up a wonderful family and you have gotten to see them and know them. that tells you an awful lot about what kind of man he is when you see his children and what they are like. it tells you a lot, and i'm going to tell you over the 28-29 years i have known him, i have mostly been involved in law
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enforcement one way or another. even the mayor of new york -- being mayor of new york would like law enforcement. i'm surrounded by police officers. trump comes upld to see me, whether we are having , ther or on a golf course first people he says hello to our my police officer's. officers.police they all love him. [cheers] he has the right values. he is exactly the right man for the time that we have now today. god has been very good to america. we should say that humbly and we should say that every morning that we get up that we are so made it so that we were born in the united states of america. [cheers]
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[usa chants] i want to say something for the media that is covering this. do you think that hillary clinton could produce a crowd with this kind of enthusiasm? [no] i can't think of only one really enthusiastic crowd that would gather for hillary clinton, a grand jury. [cheers] what would i'd love to present that case. -- boy, would i love to present that case. they would have enthusiasm. [cheers]
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her. going to beat unfortunately, the department of justice that i served for more of my life than anything else, i held the lowest position in one of the highest positions and i love the department of justice. i gave a lot in my life to it. executed the mafia, colombian drug cartels -- prosecuted the mafia, columbia drug cartels, wall street, corrupt politicians , i gave a lot of my life to the justice department. my justice department, i am embarrassed of and i believe is that -- a disgrace by their
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refusal to handle the case against hillary clinton like they would handle the case against you. i am more than willing to predict when the history of our day is written, the scandal you're watching unfold is going to be like the teapot dome scandal in the 1920's. maybe bigger. it is going to be bigger than watergate. office and heeave did a lot of bad things. but it was not raking in millions and millions of dollars through a phony charity. sure how much money was involved in the teapot dome but i bet it could not be too much more than the hundreds of modes of dollars in clintons have been getting and turning the state
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department into a pay for play operation. [boo] back in the 20's, you cannot destroy e-mails. there were no e-mails. i guess nixon was just not as shrewd as hillary. he never destroyed those tapes. next and did not destroy the tapes. he kept them. -- nixon did not destroy the tapes. he kept them. they must be thinking, what a jerk he was. if you want to be a criminal, you destroy the evidence. someone who has grown up and law enforcement, -- in law enforcement, i am outraged at what i see. crime after crime after crime.
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these are not just unusual things that she did. these are not just stupid things that she did. these are not just accidental things that she did. this is a woman who has federald numerous elegies. she has lied under oath. she has lied to the public. i have no doubt she lied to the fbi. she exposed to all of our enemies some of the most secretive information we possess. which is the reason why it is redacted now. even a senator like senator sessions can get to see it because it is so secret.
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she exposed that under server -- on her server for china, russia, qaeda, isis, or for any good hacker to get. keep up the lives of american operatives in jeopardy by doing that. -- she put the lives of american jeopardyes in at doing that. i disagree with the conclusion of the director of the fbi. i believe she should have been indicted. i agree with his findings. she was extremely callous -- careless in handling top-secret information. we are being asked to elect as our president someone who is extremely careless in handling national security information. [chorus of boos]
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do they think we are stupid? yes, yes they do. they have always thought we are stupid. we let them get away with it. this is like a bad child. you don't punish them for the first crime. what they were doing back in arkansas, whoa, man. she is with the rose law four. -- firm. he is the governor perry you have to go with that law firm to get a contract in the state. a compliant press. didn't cover it the way they should. they got positive reinforcement. what they were doing in arkansas was like minor league baseball. compared to where they are now, now they are in the major leagues.
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now they are getting $30 million from a money water -- launderer. millions of dollars from dictators in countries in which women are not allowed to drive, in which women are not allowed to appear in public dressed the way they want, in which women are oppressed. and she is a feminist? give me a break. [boos] you want to prove me you are a feminist, hillary, give the money back. -- proved to me you are a tminist, hillary, -- prove o me you are a feminist, hillary, give the money back. bill, give the money back from the speaking fees. what a bunch of phonies. literally, as i analyze this
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with these new revelations they your day, your literally -- literally can't tell where the clinton foundation ends and the justice department begins. you want something from the state department you pay lot of money to the clinton foundation -- a lot of money to the clinton foundation. speaking bill big the bill --. -- to bill. you get hillary to intervene with the irs. s so that thousands of identities who the government is seeking from switzerland are not sent. she directly intervened in that case. that alone is a federal felony. all by itself, it is a federal felony. she traveled to geneva and committed it.
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department.tice this justice department is a disgrace. standard forerent her. because she is the democratic nominee for president. let's talk about donald trump. [cheers] here is what he is going to do. he is not to change direction. she is more of the same and worse. i will tell you, i believe deep down barack obama has to be saying, why did i ever appoint her to secretary of state? i have a lot of disagreements with barack obama's policies.
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i think it foreign policy has been terrible and his the mystic policy has hurt us with obamacare. i believe he is an honest man. i do. [boos] we can disagree. i know that the clintons are not honest. i think you sitting there saying , i ruin my legacy -- ruined my legacy. thisthe history of administration is written, it will be overshadowed by the paperboy -- pay for play state department. donald trump will change that. sure that he whennt people to office -- he appoint people to office, when they promised not to do something, they will not do it.
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they will not be people who need the job. who are the people best people for the job. [cheers] he will bring jobs back. country knows better than donald trump how to create more and better jobs. administration has presided over an economy in which we have lost jobs, we have lost people from the workforce, even the people who have jobs have not seen a race and eight years or nine years or 10 years. there are reasons for that. here's how donald trump will change it. first, his go to renegotiate our trade deals so they are favorable to the united states of america. [cheers] a lot of jobsg
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back to america. second, he's good to reduce taxes. -- going to reduce taxes for you. [cheers] he will put more money in your pocket. she's going to take money out of your pocket. money, businesses will be able to grow more. will reduce the corporate tax and bring corporations back from overseas. we will create jobs. understands and is focused on the fact that what comes first is america. [cheers]
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he is about americanism and she is about globalism. certain thatmake .ur military is expanded the obama-clinton plan is to reduce our military to pre-world war ii levels. that with the challenges we have in the world? kabul.ack today in everyday there is an attack at a radical islamic extremist. yes, i said radical islamic extremist. i'm not afraid to say it. donald trump is not afraid to say it. it means we are not afraid to stand up to them.
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and to defeat them. [cheers] no timetables. no signaling are going to withdraw. sandawing lines in the like obama did and then back off and back off and back off. thing, whenyou one donald trump is president of the united states, if he draws a line, you better not cross that line. [cheers] he will build up our army. he will build up our navy so we can have a two ocean navy. and he will stop china from expanding in the south china sea. he will build up our conventional forces and special forces so we can fight these asymmetrical wars. he will restore our intelligence
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services so that they are able to get accurate information about what happens which this administration does not seem to be able to do. he will make all those changes. what is close to my heart, i will type what is close to my heart, he will make every police officer in this country feel like they are respected, admired, and loved. [cheers] you know why? i have a very personal connection to this. i have five uncles who are police officers, cousins were police officers, i stood at the bedside of too many police officers. over 40 who lost their lives in the line of duty when i was mayor of new york city. on september 11, another 37.
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i understand what it means when they put that uniform on. i understand what it means when they leave home and my aunt would be worried whether they would come back. when they heard of a police shooting, they wondered if it is my husband. is it his best friend? when they hear about the fire, was it their husband or their father? my uncle was injured twice very seriously as a firefighter. my other uncle took three people down from the top of the brooklyn bridge. i know what are police officers are made of. -- our police officers are made of. donald trump is pro-police and hillary clinton is anti-police. i know she does not like this. i'm going to tell you why she is anti-police. guilty -- binds
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inds guilty immediately -- f them guilty immediately like she did the baltimore police officer. when they are found not guilty, she never even apologize. .he is a lawyer she knows we presume people innocent. is innocentryone except the police were found guilty before there's even an investigation. when they are collecting, there's no apology. she will not allow uniform police officers to be around her. uniformed police officers were barred from the democratic national convention. because they are embarrassed of the uniform. they are anti-police like they are anti-military. they are preaching to a different car. any cop in america
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how they feel today. they feel they have been targeted by this administration. clinton goeslary further than barack obama in making these prejudgment on the police because she is pandering for votes. pandering for votes means nothing. the lives of police officer's means a lot. it is enormously reporting that you understand that you have to go out and register every voter in florida. we want to have the biggest but a registration drive than anybody has ever seen. donald trump is going to bring
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to the polls as he did in the primary, butchers that have not voted before. we're going to need to count on you to go out and get those voters. are you going to do that for me? [cheers] are we going to translate this enthusiasm for votes? [cheers] are we going to get the press to write that donald trump can 100 timesaus that are the side of hillary clinton? [cheers] you think she could do this? no way. you want change. she is the past. donald trump is the future. it is going to be a great future. it is my honor to present you of the uniteddent states, donald trump. ♪
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mr. trump: what a crowd. beautiful. [cheers] thank you, everybody. i am thrilled to be with you tampa.n [cheers] as you know, florida is my
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second home. the place i love. it is an amazing state and it is filled with so many incredible people. that is why i like it. people. [cheers] days, we're 75 going to have to work very hard to gather to win the white house -- together to win the white house on november 8. we just had a great pull come out from florida university about half an hour ago that we are leading by two points. [cheers] our victory in november will be a victory for the people. for the people. it won't be a victory for the pundits. it won't be for the special interests that put up all that hillary money. it will not be for the failed
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politicians. it will be a victory for you. [cheers] importantly, for your family, your country. victory for jobs, jobs, jobs. we are to bring our companies back. we are going to have doubts back in this country again. back in this country again. manufacturing is down 40%. companies are not going to leave our country so easily. there will because the qantas when they do. -- consequences when they do. it will be a victory for security and prosperity. it will be a victory for american independence. we will reject the failures of the past and create a new
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american future where every job -- african-american, hispanics, all children can live out their dreams together in peace and safety. [cheers] jobs.l bring back our we will rebuild our depleted military. [cheers] military.r it has been so badly depleted. at a time when we needed just about the most ever. about the just a most ever. we are going to rebuild it. [cheers] we are going to take care of our great veterans. they have been left behind. [cheers] we are going to take care of our great veterans.
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we are going to unleash american order. restore law and [cheers] and we will make government honest once again. which it is not right now. [cheers] the stakes in this election could not be higher. wants to raise taxes very substantially and send jobs to other countries. that is what she was doing. wants to do. we are going to cut taxes dramatically. we will bring thousands of new companies and millions of new jobs to our shores. [cheers] that is something i look so lord -- so forward to doing. no one can do jobs like trump. , so manyok at florida
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jobs we have on the beach, we have so many jobs in the state of florida. i will tell you what, those people love what we have done for them. high wages, great wages, -- great jobs, health care. we take care of our people. we are not doing that right now for the rest of the country. wants to passn more terrible trade deals like the transpacific ownership. -- partnership. we are going to stop the tpp. .otally renegotiate nafta one of the worst trade deals ever made by mankind. last americanery job. we are going to protector jobs. they will not be disappearing anymore.
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room, 18 years ago, were making more money and they arein wages that making today. many are working harder now and they are working two jobs. they are getting older, they are working harder and they are making less. not going to happen with me. [cheers] of course, i'm working harder also. [laughter] that's for sure. expand clinton wants to the job killing regulations destroying small business in america. regulations are out of control in this country. we're going to cancel every needless job killing regulation and put a moratorium on new regulations until our economy
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gets back on its feet and even then, they will not be brought back. [cheers] we need safety, we need a little environmental protection, we want clean air and clean water, but what they have done on top of that has been insane. it is killing our businesses and does not allow our businesses to compete with other countries. you are losing your jobs. we will create great numbers of american jobs. beyond anything you have ever witnessed. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. [cheers] the greatest.
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and speaking of jobs, and speaking of the fact that we are going to do a great job on jobs, evangelicals, people of religion , christians, jews, catholics, muslims, everybody. you have to get out and vote. vote on november 8. [cheers] there is only one person you can vote for, donald trump. we're going to do it. [cheers] we are going to do a great job. put theclinton wants to coal miners and still workers out of work. you hurt her. you hurt her.
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restrictions on all american energy and we are guilty stand up to four and teaching which is what they are doing. productionens steel in america. they are dumping all over this country because they want our steel to go out of business so they can make steel for us in tar just plenty. not going to happen. -- and charge as plenty. -- us plenty. not going to happen. [cheers] hillary clinton was to put government in charge of health care. wants to put government in charge of health care. they tried that in venezuela and did not work. are you ready? we are going to repeal and --lace obamacare and create
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[cheers] you,e way, i have to tell it dollars gets one of the most incredible applause. the bar dine with obamacare. it is a disaster. people are dying with obamacare. they're trying to move the date because it is an election changing number, it is going to be close to 50%, could even be more than that. they want to make it in december. obamacare is a disaster. texas,great state of they had almost a 50% increase going through blue cross, blue shield. the people are furious. you will have more than that. it is not going to work. regardless of who becomes president, it is dead. he will try to save it by
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raising everybody's taxes. -- she will try to save it by raising everybody's taxes. you can come up with a plant that is so much better. plan will come up with a that is so much better. we will have choice and competition. that will make it work. it will be amazing to watch. hillary clinton wednesday cap wants to trap children in failing schools. i want school choice. and meritrter schools pay for our great teachers. we should have merit pay. nobody more important than a teacher. we should have merit pay for those teachers. we are going to put our kids onto the latter of success. that is a good education and
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been a great job. -- then a great job. [cheers] this is so important for our inner cities. our inner cities are suffering like never before. they have been run by democrats for so many years. almost every inner city is run by the democrats. nearly four in 10 african-american children live in poverty. the gate percent of african-american youth -- 58% of african american youth are not employed. beenthan 2700 people have shot in chicago since the beginning of the year. not a long time. inicides are up nearly 50% washington dc and more than 60% in baltimore. the democratic party has run
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nearly every inner city in this 50-100 years. over 100 years. poverty,uce only more only more crime, only more joblessness and broken homes all over the place. to those suffering and hurting, and the people left behind, i say, vote for donald trump. [cheers] what do you have to lose? it cannot get any worse.
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i'm going to fix it. believe me. voters,rican-american great people, to the hispanic voters who have been treated what do yousay, have to lose? what? i will fix it. i will be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city or wherever you are, you are not going to be shot. your child is not good to be shot. last night, i brought some incredible families up on stage with me. tople that lost their child illegal immigration. people whose child has been killed. people who love lost children. devastated, can never be the same. people that came into the country illegally. we're going to fix that problem.
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they go to fix our inner cities. -- we are going to fix our inner cities. to the african-american parents, you have the right to walk down the street up city without having your child or self shot. that is what is happening. [cheers] parents, youic have a right to walk outside without being shot. you have a right to good education for your child. you have a right to own your home. you have a right to have a good job. the democrats and hillary clinton policies -- if she gets think we will do great with apt americans and hispanics. african-americans and has been spared once she gets and hispanics.
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once she gets your vote, she will say goodbye and then come back four years from now. so thatng for your vote i can fight for you. hispanicsericans and and all americans. we will make it better. [cheers] hispanic citizens have been suffering under this president too.since president obama came into office, another killing hispanics -- 2 million hispanics have joined the ranks of operative. -- poverty. you to join the ranks of people making phenomenal livings. [cheers] the number of hispanic children living in poverty increased by 18% -- 15%. giveoing to fight to
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every hispanic citizen and much and much better life. seen't know if you have what is happening, over the last three weeks, the polls with african-americans and latinos,peaking folks, and they have gone way up. [cheers] african-americans are tired of being used by these phony .oliticians hispanics are tired of being used by these phony politicians. everybody else in this country is tired of being used by these phony politicians. [cheers] meansf that better future securing our border.
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protect the jobs of all of the people living here today, and that includes african-americans, hispanic americans and all americans. we're going to protect your job. he will bring safety. but we will -- we will bring safety. but we will protect your jobs. hillary clinton was to have a totally open border where people can come in and take your job. enforce our laws. remove people who overstay their visas, dismantle the gangs and cartels, and protect jobs and benefits for hard-working american citizens. [cheers] and many of them are african-american and many of them are hispanic. we will protect your jobs. that includes protecting the jobs and wages of hispanics
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living here, so many living here in florida. they don't know if the next day they are going to have a job because the people flowing in a legally to this day. they deserve to have their jobs protected from illegal immigration and broken visa programs. all americans from all backgrounds have a right to have their jobs protected. hillary clinton would rather give a job to illegal immigrant than to an unemployed hispanic unemployed african-american citizen, or even a veteran. believe me. be america first from now on. [cheers]
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[usa chant] thank you. at the core of our america first this also three words: many problems, jobs, jobs, jobs. [cheers] why at the center of my economic plan is a tax cut for small businesses down to 15% from 35%. [cheers] business will cloris -- floors -- flourish. jobs will flow into the country. we going to create jobs.
11:44 pm
the 5%. you're one of the highest tax nations in the world. if not the highest. we're going to be one of the the world.ations in there are over 600,000 hispanic owned businesses here in florida. hillary clinton's plan would smother them with new regulations, drive of their electricity bills, and raise their taxes to as much as almost 50% higher than they are paying now. family-owned businesses would take a second hit with a 45% death tax. you have a business and you want to leave the business to your children, you have been paying taxes on your life and now the children have to pay so much that normally they have to either sell the business or close it up. that's not fair.
11:45 pm
more important than anywhere else because you have so many family businesses that cannot afford to pay a death tax. a trump administration would be a true friend to small businesses and all working americans. [cheers] ,hat means bringing down taxes bringing down the price of energy, and bringing down job killing regulations that cost our economy as much as $2 trillion a year. remember. $2 trillion. does anyone know what $1 trillion is? we have two of them. we're going to dramatically simpler by our very complex tax code. -- simplified our very -- simplify our very complex tax code. h&r block will vote against our tax policy.
11:46 pm
our current tax code is so burdensome and complex that we waste 9 million hours a year in tax code compliance. that will and under a trump administration. under a trump administration. hillary clinton wants to make taxes more complicated and will trillion onby $1.3 you and everybody else. regulations will be a tax hike on the poor. according to heritage foundation, by 2030, the obama-clinton energy restrictions will eliminate another half a million manufacturing jobs, reduce economic output by $2.5 trillion and reduce incomes by $7,000 a person per year.
11:47 pm
that means you are making less money in 2030 then you are making right now. we have artie done that 18 years ago. country, we have no growth. you saw that. the trouble administration will end this war on the american worker and unleashing -- unleash the revolution that will bring vast new wealth and power to our country. [cheers] according to the institute for lifting therch, restrictions on all sources of america energy will simply $100ase gdp by more than billion annually. we need that badly. had over 500,000 new jobs annually and increase annual
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wages by more than $30 billion over the next seven years. federal, state, and local tax revenue by almost $6 trillion over the four decades. increase total economic activity by more than $20 trillion over the next 40 years. my energy plan will help put trillions of dollars back into our economy. we will be able to fix up our military. we will be able to take care of our veterans. we will be able to help you with your social security, which everybody else was to cut to shreds. wants to cut to shreds. [cheers] with all of that being said, my all-time favorite subject, trade. how stupid are we to allow this to happen to us? florida has lost one and four
11:49 pm
manufacturing jobs since bill clinton signed nafta. deallary clinton back to .- clinton-backed deal we will get that -- we will get to that a little bit later. people don'tse know what they are doing. they don't know what they are doing. for the last one in five of its manufacturing jobs since bill clinton put china into the world trade organization. by hillary.ked our trade deficit with the world is now nearly $800 billion a year. , we work so hard.
11:50 pm
if you don't have the right leadership at the top, you are wasting your time. you are not getting it done. we have a trade deficit. almost $800 billion. like bernie sanders said, she has terrible judgment. no judgment. look at what she has. take a look at the e-mails. she has no judgment. if we win on is, november 8, these jobs are coming back. they are all coming back. [cheers] here are seven steps to bring back our jobs and create millions of new jobs. one, i'm good to withdraw the united states from the transpacific partnership talks. [cheers] they have yet to be ratified. number two, i'm going to appoint
11:51 pm
the toughest and smartest trade negotiators to fight on behalf of american workers so that we make great trade deals with other countries instead of incompetent and bad trade deals. herell bring jobs back instead of having this one-way bridge that goes out of this country. the only thing that comes into our country is drugs. we don't do anything right. we had bad leadership. i'm going to direct the secretary of commerce to identify every violation of trade agreements that a foreign country is currently using to harm american workers, of which there are many. think we are run by incompetent people. japan orlame china or mexico and these other countries
11:52 pm
. they are getting away with murder. i blame our leaders. we will be on the winning side if you elect me on november 8. [cheers] i will then direct all appropriate agencies to use every tool under american and theseational law to end abuses. the worst abuser is china. i have made a lot of china money. they are tenants of mine. deals, office buildings, bank of america, so much. i have been great with china. they have no respect for our country. we don't blame them. we want to put ourselves in that position very soon. they will like us better than they do now. they don't like us now. they are building a massive military fortress in the middle
11:53 pm
of the south china sea. they are not allowed to do that. they are doing that and they are ripping us economically. we had tremendous power over china. economic power. we don't do anything. they build and build and build. they don't get environmental impact statement from the decided to rip up the sea. they said, so the night let's build. monday morning they were -- sunday night, let's build. monday morning, they were building. i'm going to tell our nafta partners that i intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that horrible agreement signed by the clinton to get a better deal for our workers. if we don't get the deal that we , then we will walk away. [cheers]
11:54 pm
i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. the greatest in the world. any country that did values the currency in order to take it -- unfair advantage of the united states and all the companies that cannot defeat -- competetaxes to stop the teaching. when they see that, they will stop that you can. -- cheating. i don't think a politician know what is going on. we will take lots of money. i will instruct the united states trade representative to bring trade cases against china both in this country and at the wto. the world trade organization. china's unfair subsidy and its by ther is prohibitive
11:55 pm
terms of its entrance into the wto and i intend to enforce our roles. -- rules. that is all. they know it is coming. they have called a lot of friends of mine. they know it is coming. if china does not stop its illegal activities, remember this, our trade deficit with china is approximately $505 billion a year. $505 billion a year. you will stop trading with china. is that good or bad? you tell me. we have to straighten that out. we can't have deficits of $500 billion. we can start making things right here again. it will be very nice. [cheers]
11:56 pm
i'm going to use every lawful residential power to remedy -- presidential power to remedy the trade issue. we will probably have to at least use them in some cases because they have to understand we are not playing games. if we take the steps, jobs in factories will come roaring back into our country. money toe the new rebuild our roads, bridges, and airports. manufacturing is also a matter of national security. our manufacturing is being decimated. we not going to have manufacturing. i'm so tired of seeing manufacturing buildings that employed thousands and thousands of people being turned into nursing homes.
11:57 pm
we have to build. we have to manufacture. we need to build. we need to produce and create right here in america. [cheers] let me tell you a few more things we're going to do. government to end corruption. [cheers] the stateinton ran department like a failed leader in a third world country. she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. favors. she sold access. wait till you see what is with all of those people. a list by 50% of the people that saw her had to make contributions.
11:58 pm
wait until you see ultimately what she did for all of those people. inse are not people that go and talk about how are you feeling. the people she met with outside of government -- ]crowd chanting "lock her up." with outsidee met government as secretary of state, so many of these people make contributions to she even e-mails to hide evidence of her crimes. it is impossible to tell where the clinton foundation ends in the state department begins. she then lied about her crimes to congress over and over again. she lied to congress.
11:59 pm
i don't know if congress would do anything about it. congress not doing anything. she lied to congress 100%. everybody agrees and it takes so long for them to act. by the time to act, you're going to say, what was it? let congress act today. let them act immediately. [cheers] the fbi did not act. i have such respect for the fbi. i am.ointed, i love the fbi. for theuch high regard fbi. how did they let that happen? she was so guilty. she was so guilty. the world is laughing at us.
12:00 am
then you have bill clinton meeting with the attorney general and the back of an in the back of the airplane for 39 minutes. give me a break. very importantly, bill clinton, after all that and after the beautiful gift he was given, bill clinton called the fbi liar whennd liar -- a he said the fbi director was spouting "bull." they don't realize that they of the fbi director their political the fbi director their political lives refusing prosecution of hillary clinton's many crimes. then he calls the director a
12:01 am
liar. fromid hillary clinton facing justice for her legal and corrupt actions. they were illegal and corrupt. the fbi saved her. i imagine many people within the fbi are truly embarrassed. -- extremely embarrassed. for clinton was impeached lying and obstructing justice. and also had to give up his law license. the clinton created in illegal private e-mail server deliberately and with total premedication. -- premeditation. maybe the first play was right. was right. [laughter] i like the first play better.
12:02 am
premedication. -- way better. premedication. i like it. premeditation.- i love that! she did so. vast pay forer play scheme. her actions made our enemies hackingle to foreign and we are vulnerable. we have become so vulnerable to foreign hacking into trade the security and safety of the united states, our military, and all of our people. our actions -- her actions are criminal. they are calculated. she knew what she was doing. i called for a special prosecutor to look into
12:03 am
this. [cheers] the problem is with the edministration rigging th system to protect her criminal behavior, the real jury is going to be the american voter on november 8. [cheers] helly clinton thinks she is above the law. she has nothing going. there is nothing there. there is nothing for you. four more years of obama. former years of isis knocking the hell out of us and everyone else. nothing going. come november, then the american
12:04 am
people -- the american people are going to prove that she is becomingson worthy of the president of the united states. [cheers] we don't want four more years of and i think she would be worse than obama. i have been watching so over the past month. hillary clinton does not do speeches. she does not to press conferences. do press conferences. she does not do rallies of any consequence. she has built at doing the arenas -- failed at filling arenas. they should show those arenas. they are empty. [cheers] people don't know where she is.
12:05 am
ave very littleh enthusiasm. enthusiasticle about her campaign are hollywood celebrities, in many cases celebrities that are very hot anymore, and wall street donors, special interest, lobbyists, etc. that want to control government not to the benefit of our country, but the benefit of their wallet. even her protesters don't have the spirit that bernie protesters had. we had to protesters last night. we had a massive rally. -- some protesters last night. we had a massive rally. they raise their hand and were so nice. the cameras don't even cover the protesters.
12:06 am
her protesters have so little enthusiasm for her and they are so boring. the cameras don't follow so it is sad. i like the bernie protesters better. they had enthusiasm. by the way, a reminder, to everyone here, register to vote. we have a movement going on. i'm going to mississippi and a little while. we have tens of thousands of people. we are only confined by the size -- we set a record here today. we always set records. [cheers] in four instances we have beaten elton john's record. he is a great job. yet the piano and i don't have a
12:07 am
piano. and i don'tpiano have a piano. we're going to restore ethics and honesty to our government. you're also going to restore safety to our country. hillary clinton, maybe this bothers me more than anything to -- wants to increase by 550% thousands and thousands of syrian refugees coming into our country. [boos] overall, her plan would bring 620,000 refugees from all refugee sending countries in her first term. this is at the same time we and
12:08 am
europe and everywhere else is experiencing tremendous problems not only with the tax -- attacks and lone wolf attacks. you look at san bernardino, you look at wherever. orlando. you can look anywhere you want. the lone wolf attackers, the sicko, we are allowing them in by the tens of thousands. how stupid are we? mark my words, i have been good at predicting things. i predict a lot of things. bad things are going to be happening. things are going to be happening. you watch. we will build a wall.
12:09 am
don't worry. [cheers] andill build the wall mexico is going to pay for the wall 100%. [cheers] be a big going to wall. it is going to be a real wall. it is going to be as the wall can be. we're going to have protection so people can tunnel -- cap tunnel. -- can't tunnel. mexico will pay for it. mexico right now. we have a trade deficit with mexico of approximately $60 billion a year. the wall is peanuts compared to the kind of money they are making with united states.
12:10 am
speaking of that, i have said this, we are losing so many jobs to mexico and other places. repercussionsbe from this. we cannot allow this to happen. we cannot allow this countries because the leaders of a smarter than ours. the negotiators are better, because we have very stupid people representing us. we cannot allow this to continue to happen whether it is carrier air conditioner or ford or any other, i can name hundreds. millions of jobs. we cannot allow this to continue to happen. we want to have a country any longer. immigration suspend wherever effective screening cannot take place. i'm going to institute a new ideological screening program to
12:11 am
keep out people who don't share our values of love and respect. [cheers] forward, we are going to start promoting american values once again. put the air of division -- error of division behind us. of division behind us. embrace a new feature with our common values and principles. [cheers] valuesle don't like our and if people don't like our principles, tell them not to come in. i understand that the wall street donors and the washington insiders don't want to change. they are making a fortune.
12:12 am
to keep goinggs on exactly as they are. that is why they are throwing so much money to hillary clinton. protectingowerful the powerful. it is very easy. i know the business that within anybody. i know the subject better than anybody that has ever run for any office. 16 months ago, i was like the fair-haired boy and now i'm the outsider. it took a few words. run for president. i became the outsider. [cheers] it is insiders biking for insiders. i'm fighting -- fighting for insiders. i'm fighting for you. i built a great company.
12:13 am
i did not need to do this. this is a lot of work. i am spending my money. we are doing well. it is the movement. we are going to get it turned around. we're going to stop crime. we're going to bring back our jobs. we will straighten out our inner cities. we will do a lot of things. we are going to save our second amendment which is under siege. [cheers] if an san bernardino orlando or , if you had the gentleman right there or this woman right here, or that gentleman right
12:14 am
gune standing there with a strapped to his or her side when these animals came in and they started shooting people that had absolutely no protection, it would have been a whole different story. [cheers] if they had even an inkling, if they thought that guns were in the room, they probably would not have gone there in the first place. we're going to protect our second amendment. i'm an agent of change. is a totalnton defender of the status quo. i don't think you can be too happy with the status quo. vote so wefor your can create the new american future. includes millions of new
12:15 am
jobs through lower taxes, less regulation, and trade deals that put america first. it includes the appointment of justices to the united states supreme court. [cheers] we will protect our freedom. the includes protecting second amendment. so important, folks. justices of the supreme court. justice scalia, we would have to get people of that thinking and intellect. we already have one. if she chooses four or five, it could be a record of new judicial appointments, if she puts people in that are radical left, you have got yourselves a whole different country.
12:16 am
we will have a new form policy that focuses on defeating isis, not nationbuilding. nationbuilding, it does not work. never going to work. hillary clinton's reckless policy unleashed isis on to the world. she will never have the judgment or the stamina to fix the problems she created. it was just announced in a new poll that people feel the country is less safe today than it was before 9/11. pretty bad poll. with all the money we have spent, on the trillions of dollars that we spent -- all of the trillions of dollars that we spent, people feel less safe. our country is dying, our infrastructure is sick, our roads are terrible.
12:17 am
our schools and tunnels. everything is bad. all that money was spent. bywas spent and wasted people who did not have a clue. we are going to change it around. we are going to defeat terrorism and keep the terrorists the hell out of our country. [cheers] anally, we're going to create more inclusive society where no american is left behind. [cheers] ,e going to bring back jobs opportunity, and hope to every community in our nation. once again, we're going to have a government of, by, and for the american people. [cheers] be yourgoing to country, your government, and
12:18 am
you really great future. it is going to be a great future. role -- rule of special interest is over. if i win. if i don't win, it will be worse than ever before. you will see. hopefully you will not get a chance to see because we going to turn it around. it will be a beautiful thing. thank you. togetherring america as one country again. we are so divided. we are so terribly divided. so many ways. president obama is a great divider. he does not know how to put things together.
12:19 am
he does not have a clue. we will bring it together as one country. in, purposeericans and common dreams. we dream of having it right. it will be right. we will have a thriving economy. we will have a strong border that people are going to respect and the drugs are not going to be flowing across. we will have a powerful military, not a depleted military [cheers] . [cheers] -- military. [cheers] our veterans will be treated incredibly well as they have to be. a are great people. -- they are great people. we will have a peaceful nation. a rising standard of living. this is what i promise you. let's get out there and win on
12:20 am
november 8. we will make america wealthy again. we have to be wealthy. we have almost 20 join dollars bt.$20 trillion in de we will make america proud again. [cheers] you will not be embarrassed like you are now. deal or when you see $400 million being sent on who will to terrorists not use that money for terror, they'll use that money into bank accounts. they have plenty other money for terror. they have a plane arrived with $409 in cash -- $400 million in
12:21 am
cash. $400 million in cash. it turned out that it was actually for the hostages despite the lies of obama. it was for the hostages. [boos] he could not have been happy with his representative said it was for the hostages. obamacare, if you remember. 20 times, keep your doctor, keep your plan. then some democrats voted because of that and he lied. he lied about the hostages too. $40o million in cash. we will make america great again for each and every american.
12:22 am
you will be so proud of your president and, more importantly, you will be so proud of your country. thank you, god bless you. [cheers] thank you, everybody. ♪ >
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headline,ington post now hillary has a big clinton foundation problem, too. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> is this another self-inflicted wound? >> i think it has to be considered one. i think a semi-to the pattern and what we sow with hillary clinton's decision to set up a private e-mail server.
12:30 am
it is difficult for the average perception of the person rather idea around the idea that more than half of the private citizens play clinton met with gave money to the clinton foundation and they wound up giving $156 million. a not insignificant sum of money. that does not does not mean that there was in a quid pro quo or anything like that, but when you look at it, it does not pass the smell test. that has been a problem for a while. it may not be good enough for someone running for president. >> robby mook very quick to shoot this down, it says it is not taking into full account all of the meeting she had with public officials and heads of state.
12:31 am
what is your sense of their response? chris: she had hundreds of thousands of meetings with all kinds of officials, but the ap story delineates that. again, when more than half of your meetings with private citizens are people who have given $156 million to the clinton foundation, any reasonable person who is not a partisan will say that does not look great. it is not the same thing. i think that is very important to know. but the clintons often operate sothey are both lawyers, they operate in the legal definitions of these things. no laws were broken.
12:32 am
hillary clinton always said that during the investigation of the private e-mail server. and there is no legal proof of anything here other than commonality, correlation. these people met with her and they gave money. but elections are not decided in a courtroom. they are decided in the court of public opinion, which has very different rules will stop in this, perception really does matter, and the perception does not look good. >> hillary clinton and bill clinton follow their own set of rules. the argument today by her critics saying she should've known better. chris: i heard a lot of democrats say how did know see this could've been a problem? this was related to her e-mail set up. no one in the state department said, let's just set up your official state e-mail address. again andmes up again, that there is maybe a blind spot as it relates to some of these matters and how things
12:33 am
look. i do think there is a common thread that ties those e-mails with the clinton foundation and the state department, that message of, well, you are just going to have to trust us. we know from polling that 55% say honest and trustworthy do not apply to mrs. clinton. we know there is an issue that, and these things -- issue there, and these things only exacerbate it. >> is it time for hillary clinton have a news conference? chris: it has been 250 plus days -- i always say i was 39 the last time she gave a press conference and i'm an old and at 40 now. this is someone who is the favorite objectively to be the 45th president of the united states, and you are not setting a good precedent when you choose not to engage with the press outside of very rule-oriented
12:34 am
sit-downs, or sit-downs with jimmy kimmel, who is not a reporter. >> where does this put her campaign? what is your overall sense of the state of the race as we approach labor day? we have been in this for the last couple of weeks. >> i feel like the labor day start is a quaint vestige of racist past, because when you have the two least popular presidential nominees in major party history, the race has already been defined. donald trump continues to struggle with inability to rally the republican base. and the sort of casual republican behind him. she does not have that problem on the democratic side. she is outspending them drastically. by every measure that we typically use to gauge campaign a far betteris in place than he is.
12:35 am
>> back your essay. you say it is clear up until based on what you know, hillary clinton did not break laws or do anything intentionally shady. it does go to the narrative of whether we can trust hillary clinton. does it matter? has it begun to have legs, or will inbe doris -- or no longer be a controversy 48 hours from now? >> there is this common thread that binds the e-mails in the clinton foundation and the state that department. cash and the state department. that goes to a fundamental question people have about her which is the honest and trustworthy question. i don't think it goes away. even if it did disappear, it reinforces the idea that people have out there. that said, she is running against someone uniquely able to take good news days and turn them into bad news day for him. change the subject in ways not beneficial to his campaign. in a typical race, i think this would be a very problematic
12:36 am
-- it would be very problematic for secretary clinton. in this race, it is certainly not as bad. if trump has struggled to litigate these things in the way an average candidate would. >> finally, do you think that the foundation is to be more transparent in the money it accepts, but where it is spending the money? >> i tend to think transparency is always a good thing. as a reporter, one my frustrations was when the mccain-feingold act passed, it made it more difficult for us to track where money was going. money is always going to come into politics through a various number of channels. the issue is, can we track it? do we have to disclose it in a common and quick way or not? my concern with these things is rules and make rules that make it harder, not easier for the public to learn about these things, especially true with the foundations and other things that are vast.
12:37 am
but again, let me make one quick point. to me, i don't think what the clinton foundation does seems largely indisputable as good, whether lowering the cost of malaria drugs or their work on hiv-aids, the issue is you have to separate that out from what people could be using donations to the clinton foundation to hopefully get. that is a totally separate thing than what it does. this is not whether the foundation does good or not. the foundation does good, period. it is, what do these donations mean for the people? what do they hope they mean, and what does it say about the clintons? that is where i got to spend most of my time. >> "the fix." a must-read. cillizza, the editor, thank you for your time. annor: