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tv   Mike Pence Campaigns in Purcellville Virginia  CSPAN  August 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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a protector of near east policy for military and security studies on the current and future role of the u.s. in the middle east. c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. donaldng up on c-span, trump joins senator joni ernst and other members of congress at an event in iowa is interviewed to veterans. animal-rights activist be getting -- activists speak at a conference in los angeles. the national park service and are so great is 100 anniversary this month. the c-span radio app makes it easy to follow the 2016 election wherever you are. it's free to download from the apple app store or google play. get all your coverage or up-to-the-minute schedule information for season radio and c-span television. popular times for public affairs
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and history programs. stating to history coverage. app means you always have c-span on the go. >> donald trump was in iowa for the second annual "roast and ride" by senator joni ernst. speaking from the state fairgrounds, the republican nominee talk about veterans issues, immigration policy, and reaching up to african-american voters. ♪ >> ♪ proud to be an american ♪
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♪ mr. trump: thank you very much. thank you. thank you governor, thank you. i am thrilled to be in iowa. so many good friends. i have become friends with so many people in iowa. love the people and love the state. isill tell you, iowa fortunate to have the best and most dedicated public service in the country. including governor terry
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branstad, lieutenant governor kim reynolds, state gop chairman, senator chuck grassley, and of course a person of gotten to know very well, who is a tremendous person, senator joni ernst. tremendous. [applause] that is called an incredible roster. you are very lucky. a lot of states would like to have that roster. i want to take a moment to thank the bikers in the audience. there are a lot of them. trump.ll them bikers for they have been so good to me throughout the campaign. i want to thank them, i really appreciate it. a lot of fantastic group of people we have. what a fantastic country we live in.
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[applause] more than anything today, i want to express my gratitude. because all over the country we've had such mentor support to our amazing veterans. a lot of them are in the room. thank you. [applause] i will not let you down. believe me. they have been letting you down for many layers. i will not let you down. to them we are going up -- together we are going to win this state in november. and we are going to win the white house for the american people. [applause] the white house will soon become the people's house. [applause] we will tackle and fix the problems that have gone unsolved for many, many years.
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failing schools, crumbling infrastructure, broken borders, bloated bureaucracy, wasteful spending, and the government that doesn't work. it doesn't work. [applause] this is a campaign about big ideas designed to help every day people. everyone going to help everyone. these are the people that work hard, but who don't have a voice. their voice has been taken away. it's also a campaign about restoring honesty and accountability to government. the whole world has been shocked about hillary clinton and her pay for play state department. [boos]
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mr. trump: it was just announced that her important calendar records will not be released, even though they have them, to the public until after the election. there is too much stuff on that. terrible. it's protection from a corrupt record system. it's disgusting. [applause] as i have said many times in recent days, it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. that is what has happened. it's sad. the clinton corruption scandals have been there for a long time. and it has been sad, sad, sad for america. the foreign servants, the
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deleted e-mails -- how many? 33,000. the deleted e-mails. the secret schedules. the lying to congress -- it's all just too much. we are going to have a great victory on november 8, i can tell you. [applause] thank you. how much more can voters take? not much more. thank you. hillary clinton thinks she is entitled to be president. by the way, she has very bad judgment. even if she thinks that, she's got that judgment. so far she has proven she thinks she is above the law.
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but the truth is the opposite. her criminal conduct at home and failed interventions overseas simply make her unfit. unfit to serve in the oval office. i believe that america is ready to turn the page on this very sorted -- very sordid past. we don't want another four years of obama and clinton controversies. they are not only dangerous, but frankly are exhausting our people. have you even keep up with it all? the clintons have had their time at the stage, but now it's time to close that chapter in the history books and open a brand-new beautiful chapter/ . [applause] thank you. thank you very much.
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that is why this is such an exciting year to be a republican and to vote republican. we are going to do a great job. this year the gop is offering the voters a chance to break up the corrupt establishment and create a new american future. [applause] last opinion, this is our chance. i really believe that. this chance will never come again. remember, justices of the supreme court. remember that -- it will never come again. i really believe you are not can have this opportunity again. the big banks and wall street donors who want nothing to change are throwing millions and millions of dollars at my opponent. these are the same people who paid bill and hillary clinton $150 million for speeches, i
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guess some other things. hillary clinton's campaign is all about protecting the powerful. and i understand that very well. i think nobody knows the system better than i do. our campaign is about protecting those who have no power. they don't have power but they are great people. we are going to change that. they will be great people with power. together we are going to work. we are going to give working people a voice for the first time in many decades. they have not had a voice and a longtime. let's talk about what it all means. for our veterans, it means a guarantee that they can seek medical care at either a pa va facility or a a private medical doctor, with
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us paying the cost. [applause] and thank you, we've had such incredible veteran support. uniform all across the land. never again will we allow a veteran to die waiting for the care they need from a doctor who is a fine doctor, but you can't ever see him. usually 6-7-nine days. people are dying in line. that's not going to happen. we will protect those who protect us. these are great people. it's our turn now. at the center of our change, and this is a change agenda, there is also a plan to fix our rigged economy. it's rigged. the government just revised the growth numbers. it was a big story. we have horrible growth numbers.
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they were announced last month. they made a mistake. the number announced was so bad was too high and had to be a readjusted downward 1.1%. just so you understand. 8% gdp orrops down to 9% gdp, it's a major catastrophe. and the same with other countries. they do things you don't want to know about. they make it impossible for your businesses to compete. they consider it a catastrophe. here we are with no growth, 1.1%. and we have the same leaders that are incompetent. we are going to make a change. [applause] we are going to make america grow again. that begins with supporting our family farms right here in iowa.
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do we have any farmers in the room? stand up. that is a lot of farmers. [applause] wow. beautiful. one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. especially if you like farms, right? family farms are the backbone of this country. remember that. and i know what is happening to you. we are going to end the epa intrusion into your family homes and into your family farms for n o reason. what they are doing to you is a disgrace. of a loting to get rid of those regulations that don't mean anything except costing you a lot of money and time. in many cases you lose your homes over regulations. we will reduce taxes.
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[applause] the thing that most surprised me all over the country talking orut the massive tax cut production by a lot of regulations, 100% of those i talked to feel more strongly about the regulation. who would've thought that could happen. they feel more strongly about getting rid of these horrible, really horrible regulations. that is what we are going to do. [applause] we are going to protect the renewable fuel standards, corn-based ethanol, eliminate job killing regulations like the waters of the united states rule. neededvide desperately tax relief.
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lied to youama about his support for the renewable fuel standard. income trust hillary clinton far less you could even obama. out.ill sell you her donors will be the only ones that are happy. believe me. just like obama, he made lots of promises, and said bye-bye to iowa and lots of other places. the most 90% of farms are family-owned and family managed. it is not only a great american tradition, but a vital component of america's economic and national security. hillary clinton wants to shut down family farms like she wants to shut down miners in
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steelworkers. she will do this not only through radical regulation, but also by raising taxes on family farms. higher than 50%. and it just so you understand, i am cutting taxes massively. she is raising taxes massively. [applause] taxng to the pain, she will family farms again by as much as 45%. and you have already paid your tax, right? now i've you are going to do it again, and the situation. on top of that, her anti-energy agenda will drive up of the cost of energy. another attack on agriculture. war ongoing to end this
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the american farmer. you are going to like donald trump so much, i am telling you. we get it. stopping double taxation on family farms. helping to ensure the family farm tradition in iowa continues to thrive and flourish with your children and grandchildren. you will be looking down and you will be happy. we hope you are looking down anyway. [applause] you will be very happy and very proud. we are going to make a very powerful and great trade deal. right now we have horrible trade deals. we have the worst trade deals. our country loses. our trade deficit with the
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world, we lose $800 billion a year. who makes these deals? to those going through hardship, let me coat somebody that i got to know well, reverend robert schuller. tough times don't last, tough people do. i think it is a great quote. [applause] i know you are going tough times with farms. i have been so honored to have the support of the evangelical community. incredible people. and i hope we can continue to count on evangelical support on november 8. get out and vote. we are going to do something very special. by the way, i am presbyterian.
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can you believe it? very proud of it. we won't get rid of the johnston amendment, which a disaster. happened by lyndon johnson, which is a horrible thing -- it denies or pastors their right to free speech. it has had a huge negative impact on religion. a huge negative. we will let you are pastors, your ministers, your rabbis, we will let them speak again without losing tax deductibility. [applause] we will let them speak. we want them to speak. right now they cannot speak because they will lose all of the benefits that east to -- they used to have. 1954, a complete disaster. pastors will be talking about
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it, it's so important that everyone in the evangelical community and other religious communities get out and vote november 8. again, this would be a one-time shot. it's going to be gone. it was only put in 1954 by lyndon johnson. so important that you get out and vote. we will get rid of it. it should have never happened in the first place. [applause] how much the evangelical community is deeply committed to helping those in poverty. i know it for a fact. my economic agenda can be summed up in 3 beautiful works. jobs, jobs, jobs. [applause] which we don't have now. i don't even have to mention the tremendous construction workers in this room. i think i have every one of
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them. built?know how much i you have a lot of construction workers in iowa. i was surprised to see how many. i love this state and hope they get out november 8. i in asking for the support of all americans that want more opportunity, higher wages, safe communities, competent leadership, and honest government. very simple. [applause] we are going to send the son special interest packing. and we are going to once again have a government of, by, and for the people. remember, and we sometimes forget, republicans are the party of abraham lincoln.
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pretty good president, right? i said i'm going to be the most presidential president, and then i thought about abraham lincoln. he's pretty tough to beat, righ t? he was pretty good . but that was a great republican. which brings me to a subject that is so important and personal for me. nothing means more to me than working to make our party the home of the african-american vote once again. used to be. [applause] there are millions of african-americans in this country who have succeeded so greatly and you deserve a government that protects and honors their incredible contribution. so many have been so successful.
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we also have to talk about the millions of african-americans who remained cut in poverty and failing schools. they are trapped. i have spoken to a lot in recent days. i have spoken about the deplorable conditions in many of our inner cities. builder, as an a american, it offends my sense of right and wrong to see anyone living in such conditions. they are living in terrible terrible conditions. beyond the lease conditions. bad. almost 40% of african-american children are living in poverty. abject poverty. including 45% of children under the age of 6. in detroit, half of its residents do not work.
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in milwaukee, almost 4i n 10 african-american men between the age of 24 and 54 are not employed and have no prospects of employment. more than 6000 african-americans are the victims of murder every single year. just yesterday, because in of nba star dwayne wade, a great guy, was the victim of a tragic shooting in chicago. she was the mother of four, and was killed while pushing her infant child in a stroller walking down the street. shot. it breaks all of our hearts to see it. it's horrible. and it's only getting worse. this shouldn't happen in our country. this shouldn't happen in
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america. [applause] so we send our thoughts and prayers to the family. and we also promised to fight for a much much better tomorrow. across chicago, more than 2700 shooting victims since january of this year. shot of that, 2700 people since january. tolerate as a society this level of violence and suffering in our cities. those who would deny that, and you know there are many that do, and they have their own reasons, many are not good reasons -- this is a national crisis. this is a crisis that requires urgent action. the has no business.
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none of these people have any business that support going on running for elected office. none of these people should be even allowed to run. they are a disgrace. [applause] decades filled democratic policies, the policy of hillary clinton have created this high crime and crushing poverty. absolutely crushing poverty. so many communities under democratic control, we have that schools, no jobs, high crime, and no hope. it can't get any worse. say votesuffering, i for donald trump. i will fix it. [applause] african-americans, hispanics, vote for donald trump i -- i
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will fix it. it will get fixed. [applause] and in all sincerity, what do you have to lose? it can't get any worse. what do you have to lose? let me tell you what you have to gain. millions of jobs, far better schools, safe communities where you can walk outside and down the street with your child, with your wife or husband, by yourself, and not be shot or killed him and not be mugged -- killed, and not be mugged. we will have safe communities. the african-american vote or has seen what has been happening with me and i tell you, i think we have a lot of support out
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there. they are tired of what has been going on. and the hispanic community, likewise. [applause] ofthey are sick and tired what has been going on. it has been going on for decades. by the way, how quickly people have forgotten that hillary clinton called black youth super predators, remember that? super predators. they were insulted. but now people forgot. i am running to offer a better future to the citizens of detroit, of baltimore, chicago ,ome all across this great land inner-city and outer city, all over. everybody, we are coming together and have one great country, greater the and ever before -- greater than ever before. [applause] mr. trump: what is sad is african-americans have given so
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much to this country. they fought and died in every war since the revolution, they lifted the conscience of the nation in the civil rights movement, they sacrificed so much for the national good. now is the time to put a new agenda in action that expands opportunity, insurers equality, and -- ensures equality, and protects the rights of every citizen, including african-american citizens. we have to stop the crime, we need to stop the bad education, we need to help with housing, we need to solve inner-city problems and we will. i will fix it. [applause] this includes one of the most important rights of all, the right to live in safety. i will work with communities, police, and with federal law enforcement to make communities
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safe and secure for all of our people. end thelso going to discrimination that traps parents and kids in failing government schools, our schools are a disaster. [applause] mr. trump: the republican party and me is a party of school choice. you will see a big difference. [applause] a big, bigp: difference. and another right wing to talk about is the issue of immigration enforcement. every time an african american citizen or a hispanic citizen or any citizen loses their job to an illegal immigrant, the rights of that american citizen have been totally violated, they are losing their jobs.
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[applause] an economict is question. equal protection under the law must include the consistent application of our immigration laws, very simple. these laws were passed to protect american citizens and lawful residents of our country. for instance, federal law protects the ability of american workers to seek jobs and employment. when government suspends those immigration laws, in order to carry favor with special interests that give them campaign contributions, costing americans their jobs my they have been denied the protection of their laws. in recent days, the media as it usually does has missed the point on immigration. they have missed the point. [applause] all th meeting --
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all the media wants to talk about -- and they have no idea where the number is, no control over our country. and really for the well-being of everybody, but in particular the 300 million americans and more, and all of our hispanic citizens and all of our african-american citizens, legal residence who want a secure border, and i mean secure -- they want drugs to stop flowing into our state and communities. and it they want a growing economy. [applause] mr. trump: and they want a job. my goal is to provide good jobs, even great jobs. good schools and safety to every hispanic community, african-american community in the country. but really, what is it?
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every community, to every single community. it we cannot do that if we do not secure our border. we cannot do it. [applause] mr. trump: on day one, i am going to begin swiftly removing criminal, illegal immigrants from this country. [applause] removing: including the hundreds and thousands of criminal illegal immigrants that have been released into the u.s. and united states communities under the incompetence obama, clinton administration. [applause] these international cartelf thugs and drug will be, i promise you, from the first day in office, the first
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thing i am going to do, the first piece of paper i am going to sign, we will get rid of these people on day one before the wall, before anything. and our great law enforcement, they know who they are, they have been living with us for years and they do not want to put up with it anymore. we are going to get rid of them, day one. we start day one. [applause] [whistling] mr. trump: the reign of terror will be over. and it will be over fast. remember, our law enforcement, who by the way, should get a tremendous hand for what they have to put up with. [applause] mr. trump: they are great people. they are great people.
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but they know these people. i have met with so many of the top police. they know these people. they know these people. they know all of them. they know the good ones and the bad ones. we are going to get rid of the criminals one hour after i take office. [applause] i'm going to bring them back where they came from. in this task, we will always err on the side of protecting the american people. we will use immigration law to prevent crimes and will not wait until some innocent american has been harmed or killed before taking action. we will move justly, but we will move fast. there won't be any games. believe me. [applause] there will not be any games. [applause] these are bad people. [applause]
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eering] oh wow.p: what a team. we are going to build a great wall on the border and the two -- and we will institute --national e-verify, reform welfare entitlement, and have an exit entry system to ensure those that overstay visas are quickly removed. we don't enforce our visa expiration dates. then we have open borders and nothing but crime. it is going to end. i'm also going to cancel all unconstitutional orders, executive orders that you have been hearing about, a little bit of an excessive executive order
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president -- and the power of the rank-and-file patrol border officers to finally do the job they were meant to do. now, what is hillary clinton going to do, governor? what is she going to do? not much, right? she has placed amnesty in the first 100 days combined with her elimination of virtually all routine immigration enforcement. in other words, totally open borders. which we will see -- this is a massive crime wave. it is not going to happen. it is not going to happen if i got elected. believe me. [applause] mr. trump: most alarmingly, she has pledged to keep president obama's executive amnesty directly disregarding a supreme court injunction. she pledged to add another
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executive amnesty in violation of both congressional law and the u.s. constitution. these actions from hillary clinton will trigger a crisis greater than almost anything we have seen. this will be a constitutional crisis like we have not seen in our country. in effect, she is pledging to abolish the law making powers of congress and assume the powers of an imperial leader. she is not in an imperial leader, is a shape -- is she? i do not think so. i don't think she is an imperial leader. she does not even look presidential to me. she certainly doesn't. this executive amnesty would bypass congress to allow millions of work permits to those ineligible to receive them. hillary clinton's legislative plan, remember this, is to give illegal immigrants access to obamacare social security, medicare, and u.s. welfare. i can see one man does not like that very much.
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that would not happen here. her plan will functionally and -- end enforcement of the visa overstay rules, another open open border degree. she will close down detention centers at border crossings, meaning she will have an open southern border that will bring nothing but crime and destruction. this is not to mention that she wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees flowing into our country. [boos] mr. trump: and she can't even say the words radical islamic terrorism. and she supports sanctuary cities and catch and release policies that are getting innocent americans killed. let me tell you we will end that , so quickly. if i get the support -- i need the support -- will i have the support? you are not a big one for sanctuary cities, i know that. [applause] mr. trump: i have met with many
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of these grieving families, including a family that is truly incredible. the family of sarah ruth, a n "a" student straight a , student. a young beautiful woman who was killed by an illegal immigrant released from the border by obama and obama administration with horrible policy. and then released again after the killing. i have been so inspired by the courage and bravery by so many families. and i have that family with us today. and i would like them to step up and say hello. these are incredible people. [applause] mr. trump: that is fine. let them stay. [applause]
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[cheering] >> 30 weeks ago today we were watching our daughter walk across the stage getting her bachelors in criminal investigation, not to know that 15 hours later she would be killed by an illegal alien. they arrested him. the judge set a bond of $50,000 a week after my daughter was killed, he is running free. everything we do, while the the fight we are doing is to save the next person from having to go through what we are going through. [applause] >> sara's life cannot be just another life that was lost because of the obama administration. like mr. trump said, they let us down. they had him, they let him go, they had him again, they let him go.
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and i want to thank you so much for all his hard work, everybody that has tried to help keep the story out there, trying to prevent this tragedy from happening to another person. if hillary gets in, it will continue to happen to everybody. trump. go trump. [applause] trump"]g "go mr. trump: thank you. >> thank you. what an incredible family. this happens so much. thousands and thousands of people. the crime is unbelievable. there is a reason we just got endorsed by 16,500 border patrol
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agents. they know the system better than anybody. it is easier for them to relax, but they want to indoors and say and see a- endorse strong border. we need a strong border if we remain a country. i want to thank them in particular. hillary's plan is very dangerous and divisive and radical and reckless. it is wrecking the innocent lives of so many people. and we will have an unprecedented crisis allowing people to come in. you are going to have a crisis like we have never seen. if i am elected, we are not can crisis.oing to have a we are going to have a strong great country again. the choice hopefully will be clear to the people of iowa and throughout the country. a vote for trump is a vote to have a nation of laws, a vote for clinton is a vote to have
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dangerous open borders where anybody can just walk in and do whatever they want. on every issue our campaign is about making life better for working people. but we can't accomplish that goal unless we break up the special interest monopoly and give the power back to all of the people. that is what we are going to do. many have said that the establishment media assault on me -- they have said it, that the assault on me has been the greatest that they have ever seen in the political history. -- history of our country. i feel it i know it. , even today some major papers filled to mention how strong our failed to mention how strong our poll numbers have become over the last two weeks. we are doing very well in iowa. we happen to be leading, by the
8:45 pm
way. [applause] mr. trump: but they refuse to print it. but they will start, they have no choice. they have no choice eventually. the media is totally dishonest. tryinge a rigged system to deny people the positive change they deserve. they take phrases and statements, chop them up out of context, and discuss them for days and days. always trying to demean and belittle, whatever they can do. our incredible movement, because we have a movement -- and this is one of the greatest movements, probably one of the greatest they have ever seen in the country. many have said that. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to take our country back from this death spiral that it's currently in. imagine if this much media attention was spent telling the truth about the real problems
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facing our country. [applause] mr. trump: imagine if the media spent as much time telling the story of sarah ruth, one of the great young people. one of the truly great outstanding young people. all of the ugly things being said by hillary clinton and our opponents, and you know what they say about me and boy is that untrue -- they are spending hundreds of million dollars on phony false ads. and most people know it, or we would not be doing so well. believe me. she is funded by the big banks and wall street donors. and nothing more than a desperate attempt from a failed leader. that is all she is. remember she lost badly to , barack obama when she won. and i think she will lose badly to donald trump. [applause] mr. trump: believe me. she is clinging in order to keep
8:47 pm
the rigged system going. there is nothing they won't say or do, no lie they won't tell, no amount of money they won't spend to try and bully voters into giving them what they want. they lie like i've never seen anything before. the commercials are phony, they are disgusting. and even people on her side are saying that is going to far. this november the american people are going to reject the cynicism of the past and embrace the optimism of the future. we have a great future. [applause] the old attacks are not going to work anymore. the clinton fear mongering is not going to resonate with anyone. but the most radical factions of the far left base, and it has
8:48 pm
-- i want toft empower the people. hillary clinton wants to scare the people. empowering people begins with 3 simple words. and you know what they are. our economy is going to soar. we are going to make our country so strong and so powerful. we need the power. other people will not want to mess with the united states of america. [applause] mr. trump: wages will rise, we will make new friends abroad, and we will achieve what we have not achieved before. we will achieve a lasting peace through strength. we will be a country of laws and success. our cities will be safe, sound, and secure. our government will be ethical and responsive. rule by special interests will be over, over, over.
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[applause] mr. trump: the rule of the american people will begin. let's get out on vote on november 8 and create the future our children deserve together. together we will make america strong again. together we will make america wealthy again. which we have to do. together we will make america united again. we will make america safe again. we will make america great again, greater than ever before. thank you very much. thank you joni ernst. ♪ [applause] [applause] ♪
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♪ >> you can't always get what you want ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪ but if you try sometimes you might find ♪ ♪ you get what you need ♪ >> for campaign 2016, c-span continues on the road to the white house. >> we need serious leadership, this is not a reality tv show. it is as real as it gets. >> we will make america great again. >> ahead, live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates on c-span, c-span radio, and
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monday is the first presidential debate from new york. and on tuesday, october 4, vice presidential candidates debate at longwood university in virginia. and on october 9, washington university in st. louis will host the second presidential debate. leading up to the final debate taking place at the university of nevada, las vegas on october 19. live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates on c-span, c-span radio, or in his weekly address, the president talks about the zika virus. and senator alexander has the republican response, talking about his home state of tennessee. obama: earlier this
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year, i got a letter from a woman named ashley who is expecting her third child. she was extremely concerned about the zika virus and what it could mean for other pregnant women. i understand the concern. as a father, that letter stuck with me and it is why we have been focused on the zika virus. today, i want to take a few minutes to let you know what we have been doing in response and talk about what more we can do. since last year, when the latest operative zika started in other countries, agencies like the cdc has been preparing for it to arrive in the u.s. in february, more than six months ago i asked congress for emergency resources the public health experts say that we need to combat the cut, like mosquito control tracking the virus, , accelerating new tests into vaccines, and monitoring women and babies with the virus.
8:53 pm
republicans in congress did not share ashley's concern, nor that of other americans expecting children, they said no. instead, we were forced to use resources we need for fighting cancer and other diseases. we took that step because we have a responsibility to protect the american people, but that is not a sustainable solution. congress has been on a recess without doing anything to protect americans from the zika virus. so we have done what we can on our own. our primary focus has been on protecting pregnant women and families planning to have children. for months the cdc has been , working with florida and other states. other agencies have moved to develop a vaccine. and we are working with the private sector to develop more options to test for and prevent infections. for weeks, the cdc emergency response team has been on the ground in florida working with
8:54 pm
, the excellent public health officials there. folks with a strong track record fighting those diseases like zika, they know what they are doing. still there is a lot more that , people should do and it begins with basic facts. zika spreads mainly through the bite of a certain mosquito, and most infected people do not show symptoms. but the disease can cause serious problems when pregnant women become infected. even if you are not pregnant you , can play a role in protecting future generations. because zika can be spread through unprotected sex, it is not just women who need to be careful. men do as well. that includes using condoms properly. if you live or travel where zika has been found, protect yourself against mosquitoes that carry the disease. use insect repellent and keep using it for a few weeks, even after you come home. wear long sleeves and long pants to make bites less likely.
8:55 pm
and stay in places with air conditioning and window screens. if you can get rid of standing , water where the mosquitoes breed. and to learn more about how to keep your family safe, visit but every day that republican leaders in congress wait to do their jobs, that is another day the experts must wait, and that has consequences. it means weaker control efforts, longer wait times to get diagnostic results and it puts , more americans at risk. one republican senator said there is no such thing as a republican position on zika or a democratic position on zika, because mosquitoes bite everyone. i agree and we need it more -- need more republicans to act that way. this is more important than politics. it is about young moms. today, ashley's new baby is healthy and happy and it needs to be priority number one. that is why republicans in congress should treat this like
8:56 pm
the threat it is and make this their first order of business when they come back to washington after labor day. it means working in a bipartisan way to fully fund the zika response. a fraction of the funding will not get the job done. you cannot solve a fraction of a disease. our experts know what they are doing, they need the resources to do it. so to all americans, make your voice heard. and you should know as long as i am president we will do everything we can to slow the spread of the virus and put our children's futures first. thank you. senator alexander: when tennesseans woke up and opened the largest newspaper in the stigma the front page headline read, very near collapse. it was not about a bridge or a foreign dictatorship, it was the description of the obamacare exchange in tennessee, which more than 230,000 people used
8:57 pm
last year to purchase health plans. what does, very near collapse mean? it means this november, when people are signing up for 2017 obamacare plans there will be , fewer plans to choose from and they will be more expensive. this picture will be the same for many americans. next year, tennesseans will pay an increase on average between 44%-60 2% more for obamacare plans. even for a healthy 40-year-old, non-smoking person with the lowest price on the exchange, the premiums increased last year $262 a month and next year, $333 more a month. and as the policyholder, they will not pay all of it. because a large portion of
8:58 pm
obamacare premiums are subsidized with tax dollars. tennessee had to take extreme measures to allow increases because insurance companies said, if you do not raise rates, we will have to leave. and if that happened then those , in tennessee will only have one firm to choose from. that is what is happening in states all over the country. obamacare plans are locked in for next year. according to the consulting firm evolution health, those americans purchasing insurance in the exchange regions next year may only have one insurer to choose from. people buying on the exchanges will have only one insurer to choose from in five states next year. alabama, alaska, oklahoma, south wyoming, according to the pfizer foundation. and in one account to, it could
8:59 pm
become a ghost town, because no insurer can afford the plans on the obamacare exchange. that leaves 9700 people in arizona with no obamacare plan options for 2017. before obamacare became law, republicans warned president obama and democrats in congress that this would happen. in february 2010, i spoke for republicans at a white house summit on health care and warned president obama that the premiums for individual insurance would rise under his proposal. but warnings are not much use now, americans need action. as the governor of tennessee said, the federal government needs to address the situation. they created the problem, he said, so they will need to address it. in other words, the next congress, it does not matter who is the president, will have to
9:00 pm
deal with the mess that obamacare has caused and the pain it has caused the american people. americans have a choice in this election, they know what democrats will do if they are in charge. democrats will increase the control of the private health insurance structure. they will spend more taxpayer dollars to prop up the collapsing exchanges. republicans have a better idea. we want to help americans struggling with the cost of health care insurance immediately. we would do that by giving states more flexibility to give individuals and families options to purchase low-cost, private health insurance plans outside of the obamacare structure. the problem of solving obamacare takes more than a five-minute radio address, but helping americans struggling to purchase private health insurance is something we should do immediately. in order to avoid a near collapse of thti


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