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tv   Primary Night Coverage  CSPAN  August 30, 2016 9:45pm-11:31pm EDT

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debbie wasserman schultz winning over tim canova. >> how has his politics, how did that fit or not fit into this congressional district? >> hillary clinton one very easily over bernie sanders in florida's presidential primary in march. it was kind of in the wrong place for some of his progressive ideas. it's a liberal leaning district but it is not the kind of bernie .anders groundswell there are a lot of retirees. his seems like it would be a itg shot for him their false
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really helped him build a national base. >> house at never cap was her departure as the chair of the democratic national committee. >> she really started to ramp up her campaign and this was even before the scandal the convention. more events.aving really looked like someone who had been, had a fire lit under her campaign. hillary clinton came to town and
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dropped in on her election headquarters. >> we will hear from debbie wasserman schultz. she was in the sunrise quarter earlier today but let me talk to you about some other results. any surprise in that result? >> that was one of those races that was difficult to call because in past florida elections, indictments haven't necessarily kept incumbents out of office. that is one of the bigger results of the night. for both patrick murphy and marco rubio, significant wins in each of their primaries. let's talk about the democratic race. what happened?
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>> it was a real collapsed by the alan grayson campaign. the democratic establishment was firmly behind patrick murphy from early on. they saw him as more electable because he is more moderate. a opposed to grayson, more of liberal firebrand. where been several weeks murphy has been going after marco rubio. they hardly mention their primary rivals and murphy is pledging to be a harder worker than marco rubio, pledging he won't one for president -- run for president. now i think we will get to what could be the most expensive and ugliest races for senate in the country. >> alice -- alan grayson's wife
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also losing. >> that is correct. up the race between senator rubio and senator murphy. you talk about the negative tone we heard from marco rubio going after the lack of record for patrick murphy. what can we expect in the terms of the amount of money being spent. >> i think rubio is going to get a lot of talk talk. he had been careful to distance himself from the presidential we havewhen needed and seen democrats try to tie him to trump as much as possible. endorsed byot been hillary clinton. she hasn't campaign for him whereas president obama has endorsed him. i think we will see a lot of
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those presidential elections campaign teams play out here because florida is the nation's .argest murphy did not debate in primary. the denied the kind of preparation that rubio had. the debate in this phrase could be really interesting. it will be murphy's chance to really introduce himself to the broader electorate and the spotlight will be on him when that happens. conclude with one final question and that is with donald trump campaigning in florida as you indicate a key state for hillary clinton and donald trump, will mr. trump campaign with senator rubio? and see.l have to wait
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iconic ago in july, an human restaurant and that was going to be the first time he would attend the campaign event but that is that was called off after the dallas police shootings. there is not been a similar opportunity for the two men to appear together. >> there are a few jobs that are in political journalism. >> thank you for being with us. we appreciated. >> thank you. >> we want to hear from you. in a couple minutes, we will hear from debbie wasserman democratice
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congresswoman who want in a closely watched primary challenge but sandra is joining us in washington, d.c. good evening. i actually grew up in south florida. >> what part? >> from hollywood. say is that the people of florida just showed up tonight, they showed us tonight what i have known all along and that debbie wasserman schultz is a lifelong fighter for self order families -- a south florida families. debbie is actually someone who has experience in south florida. she was in the florida state house, served as minority leader there. tim canova is really an outsider and the people of south florida know that. debbie is a fighter for women and i'm so happy she won her election. >> thank you for the call.
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we have a line for florida residents. congressman patrick murphy is the winner of the democratic primary, and on the republican of a contest for senator marco rubio, easily winning his primary challenge with 70% of the vote. he made the formal announcement on june 22 in washington and winning today's primary. we are keeping track of donald trump's speech tomorrow evening. he will be in phoenix arizona.
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the washington post reporting donald trump making plans to fly to mexico tomorrow. washingtonp is in tonight for a campaign rally. the trump campaign hoping they can put washington state in play for the general election. .dam is joining us from florida good evening. >> i'm actually in the city of hollywood and i thought i was in the district for debbie wasserman schultz and i was very much in support of tim canova during this campaign and little did i know that i was redistributed and i'm curious as to how that may have had any sort of effect on the election. throughout much of the last
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couple months, we have received a lot of information locally in the city about tim canova. there has been a lot out there and i really wanted to get a littled i felt disillusioned and disappointed. to wrap up my time here, in the last four or five days, there has been a lot in terms of outdoor advertisements. unfortunately, that looks like a little tooeen late. had that started two or three weeks ago, maybe it would have been more of a challenge but i do wish her well and i will definitely be supporting her but she was definitely given the challenge and hopefully she will take into account some of those things tim canova brought to this campaign. >> adam from hollywood, florida.
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>> we will go next to eric joining us from massachusetts. >> thank you for taking my call. know mattern-win what when it comes to the republican party. i'm a little disillusioned because trump is the nominee. however, if you debbie wasserman schultz one, which she did, and cruise the party is corrupt and had her opponent one, it would have approved the party had gone so far to the left with does wellthat it just for the republicans no matter what. >> who are you going to vote for? >> i'm going to vote for gary johnson. next from houston texas, albert.
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democrat line. >> good evening. i heard the whole primary. heer rubio lost the primary, came back like donald trump was the man of the hour. is he just following along with the idea that since he's in my party, i must face good things in i really did mean it at the time. when do us voters, i have three sons that live in florida and
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they call me on the time and ask what do you think. i said i don't really know what to think. i would really like to know your opinion on that. >> the great part of this program is my opinion doesn't count and we want to hear from you. think you for sharing your thoughts. are awaiting the results in arizona. the polls are about to close. in about two minutes, 10:00 eastern time and we will have live coverage tomorrow evening. donald trump will be in phoenix. this is a long-awaited speech on immigration. you can listen to it on c-span radio and with all of our programming streamed on the web at joe from st. petersburg, florida
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. big results in your area with congresswoman brown losing. >> she is under indictment, she should have lost. is thewasserman schultz reason the republican party is in charge in florida. as the chairwoman of the democratic national committee, she did nothing to support any type of democrats in the tampa bay area. her only support is in south florida and fort lauderdale and in that area. she has caused the republicans to take over the whole state of florida because she hasn't put any support behind any democrat besides herself. >> a jacksonville losing,
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becoming the fifth house member to lose in a primary challenge of this year. >> i want to thank the best volunteer supporters and constituents in america. so much for your love and your support and friendship and for knocking on doors. practically living in our campaign headquarters. , i want to of all thank the people i have had the privilege of serving for newly 12 years in congress and 24 years at a public servant in this community for giving me the greatest professional privilege of my life.
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the chance to be able to be our communities voice, the chance to stand up for the principles and values our community stands for. this is a community with an incredibly progressive heart that has lifted me up and helped me to be able to shout from the cantops the idea that you in america use government as a catalyst to improve people's lives and that is what i believe. [applause] here what our people believe in and today, i am so proud to be the democratic nominee for florida. [applause] thank you so much. thank you so much.
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besides my incredible supporters and friends who have in here with me for all of these years, there are thousands and thousands of doors i have knocked on, ball fields i have stood on, publix i have shopped in. we spend a lot of time running around this community and i want to thank most of all my incredible family. all of you know my amazing husband, saint steve. for 25 yearsarried this year. my incredible children, shelby, rebecca, dave. and my amazing parents, who are
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the ones that raised me to believe that a little girl in america could grow up and be anything she wanted to be and around our family dinner table, of our faith, tradition of repairing the world and helping to make the world a better place when we are fortunate, that it is our responsibility to help make sure we can uplift others. that is what my parents taught me my whole life. [applause] my dad gets mad when i make them cry. [laughter] what i did so many years ago was i took those values and made a career choice. in the 80's when most of my friends in college were going down the corporate path and
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making as much money as possible, i saw another way. i saw ipad lit by the idea that i could devote my life to helping make other people's lives better, that i could be in there swinging every single day and be the voice of people who have no voice, to amplify the voices of others, to go to the state capital and the nation's capital, to make sure we can really have people standing up for the idea that we can have an everyone,at works for that the people have a chance to reach the middle class, get a job that pays them well, not just the pittance the republicans are willing to throw the crumbs out. make sure the people all across this community have a chance to send their kids to college and that they're not having to pay for it into their 40's and 50's. college debt eclipses credit
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card debt in the united states today and that is an acceptable and it's only republicans that stand in the way of changing that. we have been forced to vote in washington 64 times two or .ppeal the affordable care act enough is enough. as a breast cancer survivor my ownomeone face with mortality before the affordable care act became law, i can assure you the 129 leanne americans in this country who live like i do with a pre-existing condition are not going backwards to these battle days where insurance companies could drop us. my wonderful constituents who can keep their kids on their insurance until they are 26 are not going back to the days when they had to worry every single day that their young adult child
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that make enough yet to be able to decide to pay for health care because now they can make sure until they get more firmly on their feet. my senior that has given me the greatest joy professionally to represent them, they deserve better than a doughnut hole that is so wide that they have to ask the pharmacist to break their pills in half said they can double the length of time does prescriptions last. the affordable care act's closing that in saving millions of dollars for seniors on a fixed income. that is what public service is all about, going to bat for people who need to make sure someone is focused on their well-being and that is what i will want to do every single day. [applause] election.t a general
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tomorrow, we turn to the general election at the national level have to put up formalities for the democratic nominee that will carry hillary clinton all the way to the white house. so goes the nation and we commit right here and now that brower county florida will carry hillary clinton to the white house. she will win florida. .hank you all so much i love you all and i cannot wait to get back on the trail. [applause] i have one more important thing. want all of my incredible staff past and present, there
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of our extended family members who have been here with me over and over again. anyone here, there are so many of you, we had former staffers , current, fly in staffers come from all over. this is my amazing, incredible team still coming. this is the best professional public service team that any member of congress or any public servant could ever ask for. please join me in thanking the team. and then two more.
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[applause] i think everybody in this room and practically everybody across the district, as much as i'm known as just debbie, jody is known as just jody. and she has been the most , loving,e, focused campaign coordinator that you could ever have. she has two beautiful grows of their own, a husband we could call saint jonathan. thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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the other one i want to thank by name is the remarkable steve. [applause] this is the other steve in my life. this steve has been absolutely amazing. we have been together for all 24 of the years i have been in public service. i have a feeling we will be involved in many, many more. thank you to the two most incredible team leaders anyone could ever have. thank you all so much.
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[applause] florida, thate, he was a mensch alternate have reelection battle but winning over tim canova, a law professor . our phone lines are open and we floridaing results from and arizona. the polls in florida have closed. challenging senator john mccain in the republican primary in arizona. i want to share with you some news from the washington post. this has been breaking over last hour or so. donald trump waiting a meeting in mexico with that country's president. donald trump is considering jetting to mexico city tomorrow for a meeting with the mexican president.
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according to the washington post, the mexican president invited donald trump in hillary clinton to visit last friday. the washington post confirmed. donald trump sensing an opportunity decided over the weekend to accept the invitation. donald trump we giving a speech tomorrow. we will have live coverage here in hillary clinton delivering a speech before the american legion. donald trump is scheduled to speak before the american legion thursday morning and we will be covering that speech as well. market joining us in chicago on the republican line.
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marco rubio winning the republican primary and patrick murphy winning the democratic senate primary in florida. good evening. >> i just want to make a comment. debbie wasserman schultz is the consummate politician. she said this is her sixth term in the congress. why don't they have term limits for these people? same thing for senators. >> roger is joining us from sanford, florida. the results from your state and night. , the republican enthusiasm exceeds the democrat enthusiasm. won his primary in the total number of raw votes.
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onlya close primary versus one million votes for the democrats where patrick murphy one. rubio with a very strong turnout by republicans, which will be a harbinger for november's turnout. clearly independence did not vote in this election but with marco rubio speaking fluent corridor, the i-4 clearly this is a race where he has got the wind at his back. marco rubioupport in the primary. but we are going to vote as independents for marco rubio to be the best senate candidate in november and he is going to clearly have the best chance to
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win that race. >> one note that during the court of this campaign, we will show you the key house senate and governor's, part of the campaign 2016 coverage and we latecontinue through october, maybe even early november. election day is tuesday, november 8. steve joining us from honolulu on the democrats line. >> hello to all the voters. i want to congratulate marco rubio for his wonderful speech and victory. with his speech, he included all ofthe minorities, citizens our country. my proposal to solve the problem of disenchantment and from bothction
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parties is that if the two major winners of the parties consent of theude one or two highest go-getters from their , ity on the general election think we will have a lot more choices and interests among the this idea i have had with me for the past couple weeks and i am glad i was able to get on the phone and call you and i hope that you guys agree with me and if they consent to fromd sign for it, i think each party, two of the highest go-getters for the candidacy, i think this will solve the problem of the lack of interest among the voters.
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>> thank you for foaming. -- phoning. mike is joining us from columbia heights, minnesota. >> good evening and thank you for your time. my comments are very clear. for the democratic party, i'm happy to see a woman when and it's a good this is a country that once all people to have a chance. i believe the democratic policies force people into welfare and keep them down. it's time to look at that seriously because as soon as you pass the health care plan, look at it. in the policies they continue to have trickle down. could have been a better
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job with the health care deal from the beginning. up tohey did was set it make it look like we have to struggle to get it to go through and now we will come back and fix it later. to be onn't want welfare. most people want to be working with jobs. that is what republican parties have been trying to do so thank you for your time tonight. >> senator tim kaine was in lancaster, pennsylvania today with a speech aimed at donald trump. later today, he will travel to florida. senator kaine and hillary and him will be campaigning together on labor day, ohio monday. will expect donald trump delivering a speech on labor day. is beenus on the phone
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callas are. thank you for being with us. what can we expect tomorrow evening? work inhis has been a progress based on what the trunk campaign has been telling winners today. that donald trump faces a top decision with this immigration speech. he's trailing so it's not just in the national polls but the swing states, especially in these state with a significant hispanic population. on one hand, the campaign wants to maybe soften the rhetoric and appeal to a bigger tent and try to show hispanic voters there is something to be had for them in a donald trump campaign. on the other hand, they need to to not cast aside the
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who is his electorate saying immigration as his name on the issue and his hard-line approach as one of the reasons to vote. >> now in the low single digits. hillary clinton has been relatively quiet on the campaign trail. we haven't seen her publicly. we will see her tomorrow in phoenix. design, theyat by have been content to let trump get paid to news cycle and debate is -- for a wild, it worked out for them.
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it's true the polls have tightened now. the convention bounces are done and things are resting back to where many people view the race. and much more scripted message. that might force the clinton campaign out the sidelines and put the pressure on them. do more of these events out there. this iser development, a headline of donald trump weighing the possibility of traveling to mexico tomorrow to meet with the mexican president. he is on the west coast. would not be a difficult trip for them to make in mexico and
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be in phoenix, arizona for a speech tomorrow evening. what you are hearing about this possibility? >> with one of these things where it would be very difficult. you think about how long it takes president obama when he is going to a foreign country. on one hand, if trump pulls off and is able to meet with them, show thepotentially sort of gravitas and the -- that he can be trusted on the world stage, especially if he was able to announce some semblance of an agreement or a joint press conference or anything that wased the mexican president willing to work with him would areainly help him but you
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heading down to a country where if you are donald trump, you have been saying your entire campaign that we will force this well and make you pay for it. we could see this potentially going badly for him but i think the author ultimately sweetening that trip in logistically and trying to make sure he gets to his other events as well. the consistentn issue he has had since he announces canada's the in june last year. how does he soften the rhetoric without looking as if he's trying to pick it took out after an additional group of voters and alienating the base that supported him in the republican primary? >> conservatives do point out that from the start while trump had this hard-line, he also said
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we are going to make sure that are able to get here and come back fast. what you could do is return if you have never committed a crime or how the family would be considered a productive member of society. that could be something that conservatives are open to. onthe flip side, softening that respect like i said earlier. it will be difficult to soften his base. they would have to come with sort of a hardening on rhetoric on other fronts or the hope that
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if you are trump, you can keep the pressure really hard on hillary clinton and continue to frame her as so dangerous that it would be worth your bases while. >> covering the trump campaign in the immigration speech. his work also available online. think you for being with us. and the headline tonight from florida and the democratic primary, senator patrick murphy is the winner. on the republican side, senator marco rubio is the winner. he spoke earlier tonight in the -- area.rea will step
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♪ >> thank you very much. it's great to be with all of you. thank you for coming all the way over here. i really appreciated. todd wilcox is with us today. he has an incredible future. i'm so grateful to him for being with us today. we are old enough to know each other over two decades. thank you all for being a part of this. thank you. i want to begin by what i always try to do and what i should remember to do is thank my lord and savior jesus christ. in mytake great solace state teaching that he will come
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again in glory to love -- judge the living and the dead. my family, my wife, my kids, i thank them. , will tell you right up front they have school tomorrow. she will be there. this has been an unusual road back here with you tonight. i was prepared to become a private citizen. i was excited about what that meant. i just couldn't be at peace with at this critical moment
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in our nations history. with the potential that chuck schumer with all the issues facing america. the thousands of people who called and supported us and helped us along the way, i'm grateful to you. >> it as a clear choice to make. politics are at its best when it makes clear choices. this election will present america a clear choice for the future of our country. i'm proud of my service and the things we achieved in my time as speaker of florida house. i'm proud of the fact that i sponsored and wrote and we passed the the accountability
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act. i'm proud that i sponsored and we passed the toughest sanctions on the terrorist group has below. i'm proud i wrote and we passed a law called the girls town act that goes after human trafficking. recently just passed the foreign aid transparency act so we have more accountability and transparency over how your taxpayer money is the extent. i'm proud of the fact we got really obamacare bailout fund so your taxpayer money cannot be used to fill out private insurance companies. [applause] after far too long a wait, recognition for a segregated unit of our armed forces who
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bravely served our country and waited far too long for the recognition they deserve by receiving the congressional medal of honor. haveroud of the work we done on behalf of the people of our great state. and i'm also -- including 5000 veterans, whose cases we have processed. that is why i am asking the people of florida to return me to the united states senate so i can continue this work on your behalf, and we can have a senate that returns to its proper role in our constitution, and it begins at day one. we have a supreme court vacancy, and we must confirm the next that willice, someone apply the constitution as originally intended, not any way they want it to mean. if the constitution
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means whatever you wanted to mean, it means nothing at all. the democrats and their hand candidates will be our opponents. if the constitution means whatever you wanted to mean, it means nothing ati looke difference. like any candidates for the senate, patrick murphy from west palm beach will have to justify to people why his candidacy is the right one for you to vote for. he has tried to do that in the past by talking about how successful he has been in the private sector. the problem is, it is not true. he likes to say he has dual degrees from the university of miami, but the university says it is not true. he likes to say he has extensive years of experience as a cpa. cbs news found he has not worked a single day in his life as a cpa in florida. he also likes to say he started a small business. he started no business, and never got a single contract to clean up the gulf. so he will not be able to run on the promise of his success as a private individual. he will have to account for his
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four years in congress, where he was ranked by a nonpartisan group is one of the most ineffective members of congress. that is a hard thing to achieve in a congress that has been as ineffective as ours over the last few years. [applause] sen. rubio: he will have to answer for his liberal record. he likes to call himself a centrist and a moderate, but let me tell you about his voting record. patrick murphy is an enthusiastic supporter of the nuclear deal with iran. and he was still a supporter after iran got $400 million in ransom, and took three more american hostages, even after iran captured sailors and try to -- tried to humiliate them, he still supported the deal. he said it would bring us peace. the last guy who said that was a prime minister from england in the 1930's, and he regretted his whole life. patrick murphy wants to close guantanamo and release
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terrorists or bring them to america. patrick murphy supports the import-export bank, sponsored by your taxpayer money, where the loans go to politically connected companies, and when given an opportunity to vote for an amendment to ban countries it heponsor terrorists, does not. he voted with obama 94% of the time. he is an old-fashioned liberal, and his ideas are wrong for florida, dangerous, and they will leave us a full marble -- able as a nation. you may ask yourself, how can patrick murphy, who has done nothing in his private life to be successful and nothing in his four years as congress, how can someone with that record the elected to u.s. senate? the answer is, he has a sense of entitlement. because when everything you have ever had in your life has been given to you, you think you deserve it all. i understand in many parts of the world, people come from
10:34 pm
families that are politically connected and influential and dominate government. but not here in america. here in america we are entitled , to nothing other than the liberties our god is given us. here in america if patrick , murphy wants to be a u.s. senator, it does not matter how well-connected he or his family is if he wants to be , senator, he has to earn it, and beat the son of a bartender and a maid who came to this country in search of a better life. [applause] sen. rubio: so i look forward to this campaign because the best ones are the ones that give you a clear choice, and this will be a clear choice between someone who has achieved things on behalf of our state, and plans to achieve things in the future. and someone who thinks he is entitled to the job because everything he has ever wanted is -- has been given to him before. that is not how it will work for the u.s. senate, not this
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important state, and not at this important time in our history. this is no ordinary time. america finds itself at the proverbial crossroads. we have been here before. the truth is, that for over two centuries each generation has , stood where we stood now fit -- stood now. called to make the choice what type of country , do we want america to be? what kind of country will america be when our children are our age? i believe there are only two coup ways forward. my children and yours will either be the freest and most prosperous americans that have ever lived, or they will be the first americans that inherit a worse off than the ones given to their parents. couldad we are on, they inherit -- that is
10:36 pm
the road we are on right now, and that is the road patrick murphy will lead us on. but i believe in a different path if we do what needs to be done. if we rebuild our military, which he supports cutting and i support rebuilding. if we reembrace free enterprise, which he does not believe in, but i believe is essential to our prosperity. if we re-embrace the things that made america special and open doors of opportunity for all americans, no matter what your parents did for a living, if we did all those things that i believe our children and grandchildren will be the most prosperous americans. that is the road i ask you to choose. [applause] sen. rubio: that is what i have always been about. that is what i will continue to be about, if i am honored to serve you as your senator. i look forward to the opportunity. this is a time of great
10:37 pm
challenges and extraordinary opportunities. it is an exciting time to be in public discourse in america. i believe our opportunities are even greater than the problems that we face. to do that, we have to have the right people in those positions, who do not just believe these things, but have done these things, are on the right side of the issues, and can show how they get those things done. i have, and patrick murphy has not. that is the exciting opportunity that awaits us now and i hope we , embrace it. so we can have a senate that embraces its role in the constitution. a senate that will be a check and balance for the executive branch when it goes too far, no matter who wins this election. the only person in this race will not be a rubber stamp for the executive branch and the selection is me. and that is what we need in the senate, more than ever before. [applause] sen. rubio: i am privileged and honored to stand before you today.
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as i was walking into this gathering, i walked through the kitchen of the hotel in the back room and ran into some of the folks breaking down a pretty good party that happened earlier in another room. it reminded me of where i came from. and i will always say it, because i think it speaks to not just me, but our country. it was in rooms like this where my father worked for decades, a bartender behind a little rollaway bar. we did not have one because we were trying to save money. that is what he did for a living. he stood behind a bar like that all those years so i would have the chance to be anything i wanted. all my parents wanted in life was for their kids to have all the opportunities they never did. and i know, that have they gone anywhere else in the world, they could not have achieved that. they came here with nothing, barely spoke english, had no money, connections, education.
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yet somehow they were able to own a home and retire with dignity and leave all four of their children better off than themselves. that is not just my story, this is our story. are as a nation and as a people. this is how i want us to remain. but we did not become that by accident. we became that because the men and women who stood before us did what needed to be done, and the time has come for us to do what needs to be done. we will be able to leave for our children what our parents left us, the single greatest nation in the history of mankind. >> senator marco rubio when on to speak in spanish. he was in the orlando area earlier today. from look at the results politico. an overwhelming victory, getting 72% of the vote, with more than 90% now reporting. patrick murphy on the democratic side, winning over alan grayson, getting
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nearly 60% of the vote. we've been talking about the other developing story, donald trump now confirming he is traveling to mexico tomorrow. he issued a tweet just a short while ago, and it states, i have accepted the invitation of of mexico ando look forward to meeting him tomorrow. listen to the schedule, donald trump is in washington, he will likely be in mexico tomorrow, and then he will be giving a speech tomorrow evening at 9:00 phoenix,ime in arizona. we will have live coverage of that speech or tomorrow evening and your reaction to his speech on immigration. keep an eye on the results in arizona. at the polls have been closed for an hour and a half in both scottsdale and phoenix, arizona. kelli ward is challenging senator john mccain. let's listen in. i think the mccain
10:41 pm
campaign has been trying to tone things down and not put the expectations for his performance up very high. i am looking forward to those first results coming in, and i want to say, a heartfelt thank you to all of you. raise your hand if you volunteered. guys. you my staff is amazing, and my family. you can come up here. my dad is here, too. my mother and father in law are somewhere. their way back there. i could not have done this without my family and my awesome momand, my awesome kids, my was at my side almost the whole way through. she took one for the team at
10:42 pm
when the mccain team tried to knock her down in that restaurant. but we were not having any of that. this has been a hard-fought battle. it is an inspiration to people in our state and across the country to say, we're not going to take it anymore. we will take -- we will tell the establishment, no more. and when we give the senator mccain that great 80th birthday it, yes, heill say is 80. we will give him a present later tonight, the gift of retirement. i thank you, and i will be back up to talk after we hear their results. thank you so much for coming. [applause] [chanting kelli]
10:43 pm
>> a very brief speech by republican kelli ward. no results yet in arizona. bothe waiting to hear from senator john mccain, who turned 80 yesterday, taking a sixth term in the u.s. senate, and kelli ward, trying to profit from that and challenging him on the ballot in arizona. the speech is coming later in the evening. we will continue with the results in florida and the 23rd congressional district. debbie wasserman schultz faced her own democratic primary challenge, and she won with just over 52% in that district. here is the former chair of the dnc from south florida, as a she declared victory in sunrise, florida. rep. wasserman schultz: i want to thank the best supporters and
10:44 pm
constituents. [applause] thankasserman schultz: you all so much for your love and support and friendship and for knocking on doors, making phone calls, practically living at our campaign headquarters. all, i want to thank the people i have had the privilege of serving for nearly 12 years years as a and 24 public servant in this community, for giving me the best professional privilege of my life. to be our communities voice, the chance to stand up to the principles and values that are community stands for, this is a community with an incredibly progressive march that has lifted me up and helped me to be able to shout from the rooftops
10:45 pm
america that you can in use government as a catalyst to improve people's lives. [applause] it isasserman schultz: why our people here in broward and miami-dade counties are here. today, i am so proud to be the democratic nominee. [applause] thankasserman schultz: you so much. [chanting debbie] rep. wasserman schultz: besides my incredible supporters and friends who have been with me there areyears, thousands and thousands and thousands of doors i have have stood areas i
10:46 pm
in, malls i have shopped income a we spend a lot of time running around this community. i want to thank my incredible family. [applause] all ofsserman schultz: you know my amazing husband. have been married 22 years, my incredible children, shall become a rebekah, and dave, the twins who just started their senior year, which i cannot parents and, my amazing who raised mees to believe that a little girl in america could grow up and be anything she wanted to be, and that around our family dinner table, the idea of our faith and
10:47 pm
traditions of repairing the world and making it a better place whentable, we are fortuna, that it is our responsibility to make sure we can uplift others. taught what my parents me my whole life. [applause] rep. wasserman schultz: i am sorry, my dad gets mad when i make him cry. values and those made it a career choice. because in the 1980's when most of my friends in college were going down the corporate path and making as much as money as humanly possible, i saw another way. i saw a path that was what by devote myhat i could life to making other people's lives better. that i could be the voice of people who have no voice, to amplify the voices of others, to
10:48 pm
go to the nation's capital to make sure that we can really have people standing up for the idea that we can have an economy that works for everyone, make sure the people will have a chance to reach the middle class, get a good job that pays them well, not just a pittance that the republicans are willing to throw at them. that families across this community have a chance to send their kids to college, and that they are not having to pay for it into their 40's and 50's. college debt eclipses credit card debt in the united states of america today, and that is absolutely unacceptable. and it is only republicans a stand in the way of changing that. andave got to make sure work together. [applause] rep. wasserman schultz: we have been forced to vote in
10:49 pm
washington 64 times to repeal the affordable care act or dramatically change it. enough is enough. as a breast cancer survivor and her ownwho has faced mortality, before the affordable care act became law, i can assure your that 129 million americans who live like i do with pre-existing conditions are not going back to the that old days where insurance companies could drop us or deny us coverage. my wonderful constituents who can keep their kids on their insurance until they are 26 years old are not going to go back to the battle days where they have to worry that their kid may not make enough money to pay for health care. because now they can make sure until they get more firmly on their feet that they can stay on their parents health care. they have given me the greatest or professionally to represent them, they deserve better than a , that they have to
10:50 pm
to cut thermacist pills and now so they can lengthen the times those pills last. saving millions of dollars for seniors on a fixed income. that is what the book services about, going to bat for people who need to make sure that someone is focused on their well-being. and that is what i will do every single day. [applause] we haveserman schultz: a general election, right, broward county? [applause] rep. wasserman schultz: tomorrow we turn to the general election, not just to the 23rd district, but at the national level. county,that in broward we will have a democratic nominee that will carry hillary clinton all the way to the white house.
10:51 pm
as florida goes, so goes the nation. we commit right here and now that broward county, florida will carry hillary clinton to the white house. she will win florida. for theu all so much incredible support. i love you all, and cannot wait to get back out on the trail. [applause] i havesserman schultz: one more important thing. one more important thing. i want all of my incredible , so many of us, extended family members who have been here with me over and over and over again. you, former many of staffers came back, we had former staffers fly in, they
10:52 pm
came from all over. this is my amazing, incredible team that is still coming. professionalest, public service team that any public servant could ever ask for. so please join me in thanking them. thank you all so much. [applause] and wasserman schultz: then, two more, i want to single out two people. where is jody? [applause] [chanting jody] rep. wasserman schultz: i think
10:53 pm
everybody in this room and practically everybody across the district -- as much as i am known as just debbie, jody is known as just jody. and she has been the most focus, dedicated, campaignick-ass coordinator that you could ever have. she has two beautiful girls, a saintd who we should call jonathan, just like i am married to think steve. -- saint steve. and the other one i want to the remarkable steve. this is the other steve in my life.
10:54 pm
steve has been amazing, we have been together almost 24 of the years i have been in public service. we have been involved in many campaigns together. i have a feeling we will be involved in many, many more. -- thank you to the two most incredible team leaders anyone could have. [applause] >> from sunrise, florida representative wasserman schultz getting a lot of attention. she had to step down as the chair of the dnc to become -- because of accusations she was tilting in favor of hillary clinton winning in a race in south florida.
10:55 pm
includes broward county, the 23rd congressional district. the polls in arizona have been closed for about an hour. noording to, results in that four-way republican primary where senator john mccain is vying for another term. kelli ward, also in that race, giving him the biggest challenge. celebrated his 80th birthday yesterday. the winner of this race will face ann kirkpatrick in the arizona senate election on november the eighth. right now donald trump is in has confirmed he tonight he will travel to mexico tomorrow to meet with mexico's president in advance of the speech we are covering tomorrow evening. goes as scheduled, at 9:00 in phoenix, arizona. and, another spoke earlier tonight, here is it -- his
10:56 pm
speech in its entirety. >> good evening everybody. it is so wonderful to see everybody here. i am somewhat aware of the election returns. it is not over until it is over. i can start off by saying i am not ready to concede anything yet. [applause] >> thank you. votes havee absentee been cast, we are down to about 6000 votes. we need to win today by a landslide, and we need a good turnout to overcome the 6000 votes. in weight and see -- wait and see mode.
10:57 pm
i will talk about what we accomplished. we came out of nowhere. tomorrow, whether we pull out and upset here or not, or if we win tonight by long odds, the general election against the democrat-- against a in a republican area. and if we do not pull it off tonight, i get some sleep tomorrow. [laughter] has been a long road, january 7 is when i jumped in. folks said we did not have a prayer, but we kept praying. -- ae had a lot of faiths lot of faith in ourselves and the grassroots. help will be there along the way. and there were a lot of rough times over the past eight months. day to find out
10:58 pm
the president of the united states had endorsed my opponent. [booing] mr. canova: i am not asking for boos for the president. but it is not every day you wake up to find out the president is against you. i sent to richard doll, this is going to be a good day. and it was. it was our best fundraising day because the grassroots all over this country were upset about it. they were upset because they saw what was at stake, a concept between a career politician who swims in corporate money, and the grassroots. this campaign has always been of the people, by the people, for the people. [applause] somebody said to me won athat barack obama
10:59 pm
senate seat two years later. i am an educator, i have been teaching for over 20 years now. in my office, i have several posters. one is of sir michael jordan. [laughter] mr. canova: the basketball player. i started shaving my head when i realized i wanted to be like mike. jordanposter, michael says he has missed 20,000 shots, 10,000 games, i do not remember the exact numbers. 150 times i had the ball with a second left, and i failed. each time i failed, i failed, i failed. and that is why i succeed. ass a lots us on our times. everyone gets knocked on their
11:00 pm
butt a lot of times. the test of character is getting back up on your feet. this movement has been knocked on its feet -- knocked off its feet, time and time again. what thisintain that is about is that we are fighting for american democracy. his has been a rigged system, and everyone knows it. thatuse to shy away from word rigged just because donald trump likes to use it. [laughter] mr. canova: it is rigged. when you have a primary day in august of all days -- actually, choose months ago they august 30 because it is the day most likely to have a hurricane. they do not want a high turnout, they do not want to have debates or discussions. if we had the election to our three months ago, we would have lost the race i 20 or 30 points.
11:01 pm
let's see what happens the rest of this evening as we keep counting votes. my guess is, it will be a tighter race. lose, look how far we came out of nowhere. [applause] i have a lot of folks to thank for this. first and foremost, i think my family. when i told them in december i was thinking of running against the head of the democratic national committee, i thought they were going to tell me i needed to relax and sit down. without fail, every single one of them said i should do it. you have prepared your whole life for something like this. [applause] i think my mom and dad, where are you? please raise your hands. my brothers, i see ted here, where is tom?
11:02 pm
i think tom is still counting votes. but i love tom and ted. my cousins are here, i have so many cousins here today. my childhood friend, ritchie four fieldened up offices and did so much. we have our consultants. [applause] mr. canova: people who have lived here for ages and want to challenge the establishment and may have believed in us. i have to give a huge shout out for all those wearing the blue canova t-shirts. the greatest operation. the greatest field operation.
11:03 pm
i remember i was a college graduate, i went overseas and backpacks for a few months. i came back to the u.s. still not quite sure what to do with it was october of 1982. i went to see who was running for congress in my local race. this was in new york. i volunteered for this guy and we walked to the door. campaign in aess heavily republican district. but i remembered that election night, there were more people in the room than here. a lot of more drunken people there. [laughter] beenanova: i might have one of them. that night i decided i would move to washington, d.c. and get a job on capitol hill. it took a few months and eight landed a job on capitol hill. i worked a few months for a u.s. senator. there are many people who stepped up over the last few
11:04 pm
months on this campaign. at some point, scattering to the winds. but you do not know where it will take you or how this campaign has affected everybody in this room. i just want to say i love you all. the fight goes on in the fight goes on to reclaim democracy, to reclaim it from a corporate oligarchy that has bought and paid politicians who are no longer accountable to the people. see aat is what you growing inequality in the distribution of wealth and income. this is why you see such high
11:05 pm
levels of hidden unemployment. hopelessness, a lot of stunted dreams, college induates graduating deeply debt and cannot find jobs that are living at home with their parents into their 30's. these are some of the issues we talked about time and time again. and it goes beyond inequality of income. it goes beyond persistent poverty. as we have talked about in this campaign, a goes to the quality of our drinking water, threats to our very existence in south florida. when you do not have drinking water, what are you going to do? so this campaign was about progress for all, not for some. a progressive tradition of roosevelt, kennedy, martin luther king junior. it has been dormant for too many decades. god bless you all.
11:06 pm
thank you. [applause] thank you all for being here, let's see what the election results bring, no matter what it brings. ♪ >> plane rides and presidential transparency, the story available at thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me.
11:07 pm
>> some alarming parallels between access we are getting or not with the clinton and trump campaigns. what did you learn? i found most surprising, i have been doing this a while, is that neither candidate has the press on his or her airplane. especially surprised me with mrs. clinton because she is running a more traditional campaign. mr. trump's flying his own plane. but either way, this robs the public of glimpses of the candidates, and more importantly, because people say we do not care and it is all staged, which i do not agree with, it is symbolic of their approach to the press, which can be very controlling. mr. trump has been a more accessible in terms of interviews and interacting, so the onus is more on mrs. clinton in this case. you think this is a
11:08 pm
precursor to what we can expect in a trump are clinton white house? guest: absolutely. again, the signals, perhaps surprisingly, the signals from mr. trump's camp are even more alarming. mr. trump has done some frankly horrible things in terms of making it easier to sue reporters. but you know what is going on in his campaign, you see him, and know what he is thinking. case, she ison's very, very guarded. and the e-mail server story that we have been closely following about verys not only sensitive national security documents, it started with an e-mailsto take certain
11:09 pm
and turn thousands of them out of the public searchable records. as important just aspect of this e-mail scandal. host: in one of the analogies in the campaign964, by republican barry goldwater. is that a fair comparison? here is a candidate who famously, famously fought with the press and made it a talking point. yet he had them on his plane and came to like it. if you go back, and read the coverage of these campaigns and what the atmosphere around them was like at key points in the campaign. in mrs. clinton's case, she is the first woman nominated to the democratic party, and we do not know what the bible was like around her when say, she loses in michigan. -- what the vibe was like around
11:10 pm
her when say, she loses in michigan. oft: you give examples november 1960 three, when vice president lyndon johnson was sworn in after the assassination of john kennedy. more recently, when air force one became what you called a flying bunker as president george w. bush traveled from florida to various parts of the country before returning to washington, d.c. were on board during not historic event. what is your take away? wast: some people say, that air force one. have two historic candidacies, and there are moments when you want the press to be there. aidso not want to rely on and family in that moment. -- you doigrate them, andwant to rely on aides
11:11 pm
family in that moment. not to denigrate them. the press cannot be objective, but that is not true. if they talk tomorrow reporters, they would know reporters really do care, especially when they are in observational mode. host: when you reach out to their campaigns, what did they tell you? the trump campaign did communicate to me, but did not have anything to say about the plane. the clinton campaign has told reporters they will have them on the plane after labor day, very late in the process. plane. they do not provide a why. they say she does a lot of interviews, but the context of this call, she has not done a press conference in nine months. she is done interviews, she is out there enough. maybe some people would agree
11:12 pm
with her, but again, by historical standards, she is not out there as much as any other presidential candidate before her. know, this is a story we in the media talk about. but do you sense that the public cares about this, and if not, should they? they probably don't, and see it as carping from reporters. and in some ways, they say good riddance. but i think what they will find is that they will miss us when we are gone. it is not about us, it is about the information we get. and you want to know that your presidential candidate is being transparent, that democracy is working. the transparency is in good supply. whether you care about us or not is beside the point. do care about the information we are paid to ferret out? host: why do you think the trump
11:13 pm
and clinton campaigns have been so reticent to allow reporters on the plane or make the candidate available to the press? guest: there are two good things that light. in mr. trump's case, his ownlane has partly been his home for years. he probably does not want the press in there, that is where he is used to having a private space. i say, too bad, get a bigger plane. case, i thinkn's there has been an arms length relationship with the press for some time. and while that has always been around eight years ago, she had reporters on her plane and there was much more interaction. i think she has gotten hunkered in and sees some strategic runfit here that helps her against mr. trump when he is out there so much. she lets him flail around, as he does that sometimes.
11:14 pm
but it should not be second to political imperatives. in your you write piece, this is about something much bigger than eyewitness accounts and plane rides. the column available online. thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> coming up on 11:15 in washington, the polls in arizona have been closed for just over an hour 15 minutes. we are waiting for results. senator john mccain facingwashi, challenger kelli ward in his the for sixth term in united states senate. as soon as we have results we will have them for you, as well as results from senator mccain. we also want to let you know, there is a race in the fourth ray strauss.
11:15 pm
we will have those results also. as we wait, remarks by fbi director james comey, talking about cyber security and a recent breach of election systems by russian hackers. mr. comey: thank you, i think he had dire straits for his walk-up song, i like that better. thank you for the introduction and the opportunity to share some thoughts with you. -- let mey thinking start by thanking symantec for keeping so many of us safe from the threats we worry about every day. i want to give you a sense of how the fbi is thinking about
11:16 pm
those threats. some sense from our perspective as to what we think all of us can do together, and focus a little more on the fbi and tell you how we're trying to contribute to reduce the threat across a variety of bad actors. i cannot get on the stage without talking a little bit about a problem which we call going dark, which is encryption. and i will take your questions. and i hope you will think of a question which has nothing to do with secretary clinton's e-mails. [laughter] mr. comey: threat, thewith the actors all of us have to worry about. we started the top of the stack with the nations stage. muchies that are getting more sophisticated, much more aggressive. state-sponsored -- syndicates
11:17 pm
are getting increasingly and increasingly sophisticated. tose interested in selling the highest bidder, the way they boys done it. down, the purveyors of ram somewhere, spreading like a virus a virus all across the country and the world. boys done it. down, thewhere, for people runna business, it becomes a challenge on.een paying to get down, the activists, the motley crew with all manner of motivations, some that are hard to figure out it all, who are toerested in information embarrass and expose and send messages. and it is not about money for them. at the bottom of the stack, which may surprise you, we would
11:18 pm
put terrorists. the reason there at the bottom of the stack, terrorist organizations around the world, especially the group that called themselves the islamic state are proficient at using the internet to spread their message of hate, to recruit, to communicate for operational purposes. they are literally able to buzz of fellowkets travelers or would be terrorists, 24 hours a day, and that has an enormous impact on the fbi's counterterrorism work. but what we do not see them doing yet, is moving towards in developing the capability for computer intrusions. that has to be the future of terrorism as we make it harder and harder for them to get physically into this country to kill people and do damage. try tothey are going to do damage through the internet.
11:19 pm
in that stack of actors we worry about, let me talk about how we see them operating. an overarching theme is increasingly sophisticated, larger scale attacks from all of those actors, combining multiple techniques, and especially combining inside knowledge that is harvested through social media, through all the ways we have come to understand the potential human vectors they might use to get into our organizations. as all of you in the room know this. we get our systems harder and harder for people to get in through the outside, the weak link remains our people. and the threat actors know that, so they spend time trying to understand how they can get in through human beings, through wasuiting someone who disgruntled, unhappy, looking to damage an employer or make extra dough on the side. and what are they after?
11:20 pm
access,er information, advantage, whether that is political or economic or ideological. we are worried of course not just about the loss of data in pursuit of those goals, we worry every day about the potential for the manipulation of data to accomplish the same in licit ends. illicit ends. they are more than just attacks on our infrastructure. their attacks on employees and customers, attacks on security,, economy, on our basic freedoms. the sony attack was an attack aimed at free expression. it was the act of a bully looking to silence speech in the united states and around the world. harassment,ion and of sony pictures.
11:21 pm
what can we do? everynot possibly prevent attack, especially the more sophisticated actors. but we believe this behavior, no matter where it comes from in that threat that, is to terrible. beers -- these are not people committing computer invasions while high on crack, or in a rage after finding their loved one in the arms of another. these are dispassionate at a keyboard while they act. this offers us a chance to change behaviors. that as an audience potentially deter herbal, not drug-addicted or desperate in the way a bank robber or mugger might be. more productive and less reactive. and we has a government need to recognize that the answer is not just us, it is the government
11:22 pm
and all of our private sector partners. there are three joint goals we have in this regard, three things we must all do together, then i want to talk about how the fbi in particular can contribute. but all of us can do three things. vulnerabilities, we can equip you in the private sector to understand hackers and and theirinals, techniques, tactics, and procedures. you in the private sector can help us in the government understand the same thing. together, we can use that information to harden our target. we can make with that information a decision that cyber security be a priority at all levels of our organization. risk that leaders will think of cyber security as something as one among many risk factors.
11:23 pm
we risk have a conversation abot in quarterly meetings. folks need to understand that cyber security must be an integral part of everything we , non any kind of enterprise matter what type of work we do, because we are living our lives in the digital space, cyber area of affects every an enterprise. it is not just about our systems, it is about our people, our processes, the way we interact with of the world. cyber security has to be part of every single thing we do, nearly every conversation in an enterprise. that is the first thing we can all do together, share information to raise the focus and reduce our vulnerabilities. can all work together to do a better job at reducing the threat for their reasons i said. terrible --s is to
11:24 pm
this is deterable. i will talk about that in a second. and, we can do a better job collectively of mitigating the damage. liam the government and private sector can help people understand better quickly what just happened and what is the past to restoring our processes. that is what we think everybody can share in terms of goals. the pieces that we in the fbi can uniquely contribute we break down into five parts of our strategy and i will share that. the first thing we are trying to do is focus better on people, and we mean this in two different respects. better on people that work at the fbi, and taking talent to work at the fbi. when the fbi has done its work for over 100 years, is physical
11:25 pm
focus. ourselves, where did it happen, and whether it was a bank robbery, fraud, payoff to an official, that is where we do the work. the bank robbery happened in the chicago suburbs, so the chicago field office will be responsible for that. it has made good sense for a century. the challenge we face today with of the threat that comes to us at the speed of light from anywhere in the world is that physical place is not a meaningful way to assign work any longer. so where does it happen when you talk about an intrusion happening from the other side of the world, aimed at multiple enterprises simultaneously or in sequence? that is different than it ever was before. we have change the way we are assigning work. we have now created a cyber threat team model where we
11:26 pm
assign the work in the fbi based on ability. which field office has shown the chops to go after which slice of the threat we face, and assigned there. this has done two things for us. it allows us to put the work where the expertise is, and creates a healthy competition inside the fbi. because everybody wants to be at the front of the list for important threats they come to us. so we assign in the cyber threat team model, a particular threat that comes at us from a certain nationstate. we assign that to the little rock division because the little rock division has demonstrated tremendous ability against that threat. fools aboutot important physical manifestations because that threat will touch particular enterprises around the country, and the ceos of those enterprises will want to know, has the fbi been here to talk nature, and what is that
11:27 pm
of the investigation, and how is it going? to make sure we can accommodate rhat need, we will allow fou other offices to help the team in little rock. offices will be able to assist in the investigation, but the lead will be in little rock. and the air traffic control will make sure we are not duplicating effort or sending can -- confusing messages. we are trying this, we have been doing it now for about a year and a half. seems to be working pretty well. it has set up healthy competition within the fbi, but we are confronting a challenge in a way of doing work we have never seen before. so we are eager for feedback. we want to be humble enough to
11:28 pm
understand that just as our world has been transformed in our lifetimes, the way in which we do our work is transformed, we have to be open to changing when it makes sense. the cyber threat team model is at the core of our response. experts thateam of we call the cat team, the cyber action team. we have preassigned pools of expertise that can jump on an airplane and go anywhere in the world in response to a terrorism threat. we have built that same capability with respect to cyber. is a particular intrusion, let's say sony in los agents, we have the talent, analyst talent, technical talent already assigned to the cyber action team that is ready to deploy at a moments notice to literally fly to los angeles to support the investigation.
11:29 pm
second, we are focusing on trying to steal people you're trying to hire. and those of staff cyber teams we need the talent. this is an enormous challenge for us, as is for everyone in the government because we do not have the dough. we cannot compete on dough, but we can compete on mission. -- we try toervade competitors -- we have had limited success, but the good news is, the more we show people the nature of our mission and just how fun it is and how rewarding it is to have is your mission as the fbi does, protecting the american people help uphold the constitution of the united states, that attracts a lot of talent. one of my children described what our problem is in recruiting. she said dad, the problem is, you are the man.
11:30 pm
i've up it was a compliment, so i said thank you. she said dad, i do not mean that in a good way. you are the man, who would want to work for the man? i think she is right, but i said, if people saw what this went -- what this man and woman at the fbi are like, and the challenges we face, i think they would want to come work for us. i do not want to share too much about our recruiting strategy, because her interests are not too aligned, but i want to make sure people understand what it might be like to work for this man and this woman into this for a living. and we're we might naturally demonstrate when you are 108, you can also five. when a smart kid comes


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