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  Donald Trump and Mexican President Deliver Joint Statement  CSPAN  August 31, 2016 8:46pm-9:01pm EDT

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> >> the democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton at the american legion national convention early today in cincinnati, ohio. if you missed any of that, you can watch it on our website,
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donald trump, the republican nominee will be at the same event thursday morning at 9:00 eastern time. the american legion national convention in cincinnati. our live coverage as our road to the white house coverage continues here on c-span. of course, tonight, donald trump with his much awaited speech on immigration in phoenix, arizona. he will be at the phoenix convention center. that is scheduled for 12 minutes from now. 9:00 p.m. eastern. we plan to bring that to you live here on c-span. in while, hillary clinton campaign released a web ad today that is critical of donald trump's immigration policies. let's take a look at that. [video clip] >> there certainly can be a softening.
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hardhad people say it's a decision. you are going to have a deportation force. have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. they have to go. deported.oing to be we do have a country or we don't. i will build a great, great wall. we will call the great wall of trump. -- call it the great wall of trump. >> again, donald trump liven in phoenix arizona at nine a clock eastern time tonight.
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earlier today, donald trump was in mexico where he met with the mexican president and the two men met with the media afterwards and among the responses to that event, this statement from hillary for america chair john podesta quoting from part of it. donald trump has made his outlandish policy of forcing america -- mexico to pay for the giant wall a piece of his campaign. but the first opportunity to make good on his offensive campaign promises, trump chuck. -- choked. in this statement, jason miller from the campaign was saying part ofs was the first the discussion and relationship builder between mr. trump and president of nato. that would have been inappropriate. that theyrprising
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hold different views on this issue and we look forward to continuing the conversation. mr. trump in phoenix, arizona. a speech on immigration coming up about 10 minutes from now here on c-span. you will have it for you as soon as it gets underway. in the meantime, we're going to show you that event from mexico city, at least part of it where the mexican president joined a donald trump speaking to the media after their meeting. pres. nieto: buenos tardes.
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representatives of the media, good afternoon. 8, the american people will choose the next president of the united states of america. there is no doubt that the electoral process will continue ,o be one of vibrant debate lots of ideas, and intent citizen participation. honoring the great tradition of democracy in the united states of america. publicly expressed my respect to both mrs. hillary clinton and mr. donald trump. as we have done with my good friend, barack obama, the next american president will find in mexico and in this government a neighbor willing to work constructively to further strengthen the relationship among our nations and face our
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common challenges. i strongly believe that great opportunities lie ahead of us if we decide to seize them together as true friends, good neighbors and strategic allies. always from a relationship based on mutual respect. while we may not agree on every matter, i am confident that we we will move together forward and be more prosperous and secure than ever before never losing sight of the fact that freedom and independence are the indispensable foundations of all that we cherish. any close relationship needs to be re-examined and renewed. we should always be open to discuss what works and what has
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not. how can we improve upon things for both sides? how can we clear up misperceptions and understand each other better? with this. this spirit if you days ago i sent a letter to presidential , candidates. mrs. hillary clinton and mr. donald trump proposing to meet and talk constructively about the joint future of our countries. i have met today with mr. donald trump and i will look forward to meeting again with mrs. clinton with whom i had the pleasure to meet here in the past. we may not agree on several issues, but your presence here shows a fundamental coincident, our countries are very important for each other.
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the united states is very important for mexico just us mexico is very important for the united states. we share the busiest order of -- border of the world. crossed legally every day by more than one million people and over 400,000 vehicles. trade surpasses over half $1 trillion. we innovate and produce together. in matters of national security cooperation on a daily basis between our governments is increasingly important for both our countries to face the challenges of a complex world. the conversation we had between mr. trump and myself was very open and constructive. the purpose was to get to know
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each other and learn about each other's views on the bilateral relationship. on trade, i shared with mr. trump my conviction that i fully believe that nafta has been good both for the united states as well as mexico. are exports into mexico close to $200 billion. according to the u.s. chamber of commerce, over 6 million jobs in america depend on exports to mexico. mexico buys more from the united states than from germany, spain, france, italy, japan, and the united kingdom combined. many jobs in the american manufacturing industry were not lost to other regions of the
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world precisely because of the development and because we have developed a competitive north american joint manufacturing platform. on average, 40% of the content of mexican exports is made in the united states. as partners, we should work together to keep jobs from leaving our region. however, this does not mean that the free trade agreement of north america cannot be enhanced for the benefit of both sides. nafta is a 22-year-old agreement. the next american president will find in my government a partner willing to find ways to modernize nafta. so it can be more effective in
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creating more good paying jobs both sides of on the border. i do not believe trade should be treated as a zero-sum endeavor. where one must lose so the other can win. quite the contrary. it should be seen as efforts creating value for both sides and making our region the most competitive and innovative in the whole world. regarding border issues, my views are clear. the border should be transformed into an asset for our region. we have made tremendous progress in recent years working closely with president obama and with the next u.s. administration, we should step up our efforts to
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make sure that the mexico-u.s. border is more efficient and secure. however, a large number of american people perceive the mexico border as a real problem. because undocumented people and illegal drugs across the border -- drugs across the border -- cross the border illegally. it peaked 10 years ago. it has been steadily declining since then. in fact, when speaking about net migration, it has been negative. we know there are challenges including a growing number of non-mexican nationals that cross our countries creating humanitarian crises.
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however, this is an incomplete vision of the border issue because it does not take into account the illegal flows that travel south, guns and cash, every year. thousands of weapons and millions of u.s. dollars in cash enter illegally into mexico from the north strengthening the cartels and other criminal organizations that create violence in mexico. and they profit from selling drugs in the united states. this has to be stopped. what we need is to have a comprehensive approach to the border whereby we can take into account the flows of undocumented people, illegal drugs, weapons, and cash. many lives can be saved in both our countries.