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tv   Congressional Agenda Preview  CSPAN  September 2, 2016 12:05am-1:11am EDT

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this will be shocking if we don't have a number of questions. all right. >> i was wondering if you could elaborate on the changes that you would support for the aca given as you said the chances for repeal are not the greatest for the next couple of years. >> it's no secret we support repealing cadillac tax. we support repeal of the employer mandate, but if repeal is not in the cards at least lowering the threshold from 30 to we support repeal of the 40. medical device tax in the health care tax. so, that's four of them right there for you. we have got a long list that we would be glad to share with you. we are concerned about some efforts by republicans and others to put -- to attack the
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current exclusion of healthcare benefits from taxation. i think we have done a good job about negotiating with them on the hill and their recognition that they need to go slowly in that area. >> i would like to shift of the text-- from texas for a minute. i saw the chamber of commerce put out a statement in relation to that apple stated investigation, the 13 billion-dollar euro find and talked about how it gave the perception that american companies were being targeted, going on the hill for the last few months and treasury is also talked about the possibility of invoking section 891 to attack-- to respond to this commission -- discrimination against
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european companies in european -- and european citizens. with the chamber's take on that? >> we have not looked at the a 91 issue at this point. we do have to look at what responses would be appropriate. withthat you have done respect to apple is extraordinaire. eu has done with respect to apple's extraordinary. they are clearly targeting us companies although, they also target european companies, but us multinationals operating in europe are particularly inept of -- i doubt that sorting through comp lex tex loss. there is such a thing as going too far in trying to address that and we think that's what the eu has done and is threatening to run roughshod over sovereign tax law and that in fact is what the irish are
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upset about and in fact, many in europe are upset about that from different finance ministries as they consider the implications of what that eu has done. is not -- has done. this is not just about island and apple. it's about every sovereign tax authority in europe and they all know it and they have to imagine what the world will look like if this is allowed to continue. so, so, it's a very serious issue. we appreciate the administration strong pushback on this matter. rare that helpful and we are able to work with the administration on a matter like this and we appreciate it. it is a serious issue. it is not just about apple. it is about president. about sovereignty of national tax authorities. we take its use. >> any other questions? one in one in the back right there. [cheers] i'm curious how you see
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the health sector in the aca plane into economic growth over the next year or so. i'm also curious how the outcome of the presidential and congressional election will affect how you lobby for the changes you want. let's face it, we're facing a situation where the insurance market is responding to the aca and the failure of young healthy people to sign up leading to losses and insurance is the aca market exchange and wondering whether it was to five. if they don't,, how is that going to impact the economy? it would be a remarkable amount of disruption and uncertainty. our insurers will make sure it belongs to the chamber. they will make decisions that they have to make. if government cable of step in
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-- stepping in a way that may or may not cents. notice out there and doesn't lead to a single-payer system or totally the opposite way which is a very deep rethinking of the aca. i think you could go either way. it because he disruption, maybe it should be repealed. love our members have adopted to the aca. the other ways, the statistical payor. -- single-payer. in english type system where doctors work for the government or is it being medicare type arrangement? 18% of the economy is driven by health care. anything that is a huge disruption is going to have a
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negative affect on become a. as far as the election goes, who gets into the white house, hillary is not going to sign massive changes to the aca. whatever gets through congress or might get by filibuster was to get beat up. i was in the house when she testified on health care reform and she is smart on these issues. would trump move for a repeal of the aca and disrupt being -- the entire process, i guess we have to wait and see. i think there are plenty of things in the task force that the employer community supports and there are some things in there we don't support that if there is a willingness to move forward with improvements to the aca, there is bipartisan basis to do that. no matter who wins the senate, democrat or republican who keeps the house or who's in the white house-- i guess the big unknown is will trump feel he actually has to move to repeal because he said that on the campaign trail
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or something halfway in between. >> good morning. i like to ask you about immigration. given the proposals from the two candidates, we are to know, i want to ask you how optimistic you are for the next administration to find reform after so many years and why we should be or should not be optimistic. i'm optimistic. if not, i would be dispersed -- depressed. i'm an optimistic guy. we have had conversations in the house and senate. the medical with the white
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house, we can get things done. it will not just the border security. the key is timing border security while other things kick in dependent on certain parts support of security being incremented. i know you have heard that before, probably, but the question is what are the triggers and are they the kind of triggers that can be ignored ? there are some things on the edges that deal with enforcement. nothing that is strictly related to enforcement-- well, over the top enforcement or kicking people out of the country. by the way, the touch and release, the touchback and release we were negotiating that back in 2007. interesting to see these ideas come back. we should call it the greyhound solution also where everyone gets a greyhound down to mexico and they stay there three days and then they come back. there's a lot of reasons that's unworkable, but we will
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negotiate it. i think despite the rhetoric that we saw last night i think there is room to get some decent legislation done. i'm not going to tell you what would be the senate bill. we will have to find something about these overstays. i'm proud to say in our chamber we have a section about these overstays. we have some suggestions. recognizes the status quo can't be sustained. we have to move forward. it has to be more than just enforcement. what would be the areas? not only border security, what other areas? >> i testified on the hill many time on mandatory implement verification. we carefully negotiated that. getould need, nothing will
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out of the senate without steps to legalize the undocumented who are here. very tight steps. the tenure regime of the senate. year regime of the senate. the register here could break a logjam -- right to stay here to work could break a locked on. the citizens here to work be legalized. that is out there. every work programs was a huge issue lester. we did not explain it as well as we needed to. they're good for the coming. they also compliment border security. but they all part of one big train with little box cut behind each one? probably. last chance for questions.
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if that is the case we will end on that positive immigration note and thank you all so much for coming. we really appreciated it and hope you got a lot out of hearing for these two experts. if you have any follow-up questions still hesitate to contact the press office. thank you. >> along the gulf coast of florida today, already feeling some of the effects of hurricane hermine before it heads up because of the carolinas. it is good to be taking a path here at the miami herald that they mapped out heading up the carolinas on friday and saturday. first landfall the hurricane in florida in about 11 years. .howing a possible path congresswoman from the area is feeling -- filling sandbags while carter's numbers are off and away from capital -- congress members are off and
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away from capitol hill. also a link to find places to fill your own sandbags. prepare for the hurricane. other members showing what they are doing back in their home homeicts and hums debts -- states. this is from senator gary peters. four of a- day motorcycle ride across the state. rk farm.arm -- po some of the entertainment from the state windsor fair. home state of ohio. here's a picture of him and the gentleman who runs the fair there. tim scott from south carolina. visiting a hospital with a sickle cell patient. patient some
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chick fila. while members of congress are out, they will return next tuesday. we will bring you live coverage of the house on c-span. the senate on c-span two. we put together a preview of what to expect from caucus. here's a look. >> country returns from its summer recess on tuesday, september the 60 we will preview for key issues they are respected two take up. and, defense programs policy, gun violence, and the possible impeachment of the rs commissioner. you also get an update on those issues. we will start with a look back at how congress has dealt with funding to combat the zika virus . on july 14, the senate voted for a second time to block zika funding. minorityjority whip --
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leader harry reid and john cornyn explained their views on the issue. >> again, i assume my friend believes that you keep talking about something that is untrue. let's take, for example the zika situation. no one disputes the fact that these mosquitoes are ravaging and horrendous. they have been dangerous and terrible. that is since recorded history. they cause death and illness. it is hard to comprehend. for the first time in the history of the world, we have a mosquito spreading a virus that causes women to have deformed babies. badly deformed babies. what we did, on a bipartisan
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basis, they got together and came up with a zika funding measure. i thought it was an etiquette -- inadequate. we agreed with the centers for disease control for $1.9 billion. we said, ok, we'll go along with this because it is an emergency. like all emergencies, whether it is flood, fire, wind, this is an emergency. $1.1 billion, no offsets. we passed that with 89 votes. every democrat and virtually every republican voted. went to the house of representatives. here is where my friend's logic comes in. remember, what we sent to the house of representatives.
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here is what they sent back to us. there is no disputing this. even though he can say this a million times if he once. -- wants. under the bill we got back, planned parenthood, an organization where hundreds and thousands of women go for their care. women in america want to make sure they have the ability to not get pregnant. why? because mosquitoes ravage pregnant women. under the logic of my friend, the republican leader, they don't need to go to planned parenthood. they can go to their boutique doctor.
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they can go to emergency rooms and say i'm sorry, i did not birth control. can you help me? that is not what emergency room's are poor. for is what plan printed as -- parroted -- planned parenthood is for. the vast majority of women who need help, that is where they go. under the legislation we got back from the house, there is no money to be provided for that. mr. president, we know that the republicans don't like people like environmentalists. what did they sent to us? -- send to us? they had to do something to attack the environment. they're going to eliminate the cool water act which makes it extreme and dangerous.
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-- extremely dangerous. that is why the epa looks at the so closely. the clean water act is the law of this land. it has been for decades. they eliminated that. the republicans get up here and talk about this. mr. president, the bill we got takess it relates to zika $500 million from the veterans administration. that is what they did. you can't make this up. what was it to be used for? processing claims. a way to speed up better and claims. -- veteran claims. give them $500 million to speed them up. gone with the music the bill. ago, and ravaging
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epidemic swept africa. ebola. it was terribly hurtful to africa. people in america were afraid. we had nurses and doctors leaving to treat it. it is still around. they are still putting out it. -- putting out fires as we speak. the bill we got back from the house took $107 million from ebola funding. that money they took helped fund zika. just an effort to show how crazy they are over there in the house as speaker boehner said, they
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could not get something passed their unless they did something to take care of the right-wing crazies. they struck a prohibition on the confederate flag. they wanted to be able to apply it -- fly it. that did the bill we have. how could anyone with a conscience vote for that? we are not going to. >> moments ago our democratic colleagues failed another test. a test to whether they care more about american families or about special interest groups. this is what i'm talking about. a test our democratic colleagues failed is one to see whether they care more about averting these devastating birth defects
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caused by the zika virus or whether they care more about the special interest groups that raise money off of legislation designed to solve problems and prevent public health disasters like this. unfortunately, they made the wrong choice. they failed the test. this is what the zika virus can do. this is an example of microcephaly. you can imagine what this does to the baby's brain, what this means in terms of trying to provide medical care, tried to make sure this baby -- trying to make sure this baby has a comfortable life until it passes away. the prognosis, the life expectancy of a baby like this is not very good. that is an understatement.
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zika is a preventable disease. with mosquito eradication, with proper precautions that people can take, not leaving standing water in places where mosquitoes can reproduce, if we do our job here by providing be adequate -- the adequate funding needed to avert this public health crisis, someday, hopefully not too long, we can come up with a vaccine so pregnant women do not have to worry or live in fear that this might happen to their baby. just yesterday, the harris county public health office in houston confirmed the first baby in texas born with zika racists -- related microcephaly. this tragedy depicted by this
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photograph is real. it is at our doorstep. this case was one where the woman involved had traveled to south america where we know the zika virus is present. all of our public health officials are telling us that it is slowly working its way up from central and south america and is literally at our doorstep. this is not the time to refuse to do our duty. and simply coast through the rest of the summer. we're talking about lifelong irreversible problems that take lives and affect families for years to come. experts across the country that i have visited with, they say we need to act. they are not alone.
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it was just last night when our democratic colleagues asked us to act with urgency. today, they turned down the very money that they had argued for last may. they decided to gamble with the lives of children like this. instead of protecting them. they ignored their own calls to get this done quickly. they have refused to pass urgent measures that would protect the country from a public health crisis. as i have said when i started, this is a test today to see whether our democratic colleagues care more about babies like this or special interest groups. they failed. it is as simple as that. i want to make sure everyone understands how we got here. two months ago, a bipartisan agreement was introduced to handle the zika threat. that was two months ago.
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senators worked together as we are supposed to do to come up with a bipartisan compromise. after about a week after was introduced, it passed. overwhelmingly. not one democrat opposed the $1.1 billion appropriations amendment that was attached to the military construction appropriations bill. until recently, they seemed to agree with us. this is a major public health crisis. particularly as i have said because we expect the mosquito-borne virus to hit the mainland in places like texas, florida, louisiana and other warm parts of the country.
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we expect it to hit the u.s. mainland in full force as temperatures continue to rise. the legislation we passed here in the senate was reconciled as it is explode -- supposed to be. the bicameral, bipartisan compromise is what we considered earlier today. after senate democrats decided to block it for the first time a few weeks ago. it seems that after they called upon us to pass the bill in may, they decided it was on its urgent as they once said. for months now, senate democrats have talked about the need to get this legislation passed to prepare us the zika virus.
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it was the democratic leader who said this on may the 23rd, 2016. it is not july the 15th. he said, instead of gambling with the health and safety of millions of americans, republicans should give our nation the money it needs to fight is he got, and they should do it now. not next month, not in the fall, now. this is the democratic leader. when we delivered on his request that he made on may the 23rd, he votes no you that he voted yes to pass the senate bill at the same level at this conference report -- at this conference report provided. -- as this conference report provided. in an amazing reversal, senator murray of washington, he worked with senator blunt from missouri to, with the original amendment, he then voted against his own
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amendment. but in may, he's hearing a different tune. he said amylase and communities are expecting us to act. terrance are wondering if their babies will be born safe and healthy. in congress, we should do everything we can to tackle this virus without any further delay. that was on may the 26th, 2016. today, again, the same senator who said these words voted no. you have to ask yourself, why? what do they consider that is more important than stopping this? what could it possibly be? what could be more important, more demanding? what could be a higher priority
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than voting to fund the research and prevention that would stop this from happening? it does not end there. the hypocrisy we have heard on june the 20th, the senior senator from new york, the next democratic leader in waiting said, every day we wait, every day is increasing the risk that we will have problems with zika. that is not exactly a profound statement, but it is a true statement. my point is, people are pretty disgusted with what they have seen here in washington these days.
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people rather than trying to find consensus, they find ways to say no and to block important legislation like this. this is the very definition of dysfunction. i have to tell you, i am beyond disappointed at the hypocrisy demonstrated by all of our senate democrats voting for the funding at the 1.1 billion level we now for the second time to vote against this rescue appropriation to prevent this sort of thing from happening. it really is the on frustrating. it is disgusting. if there's anything good in this, i would say fortunately, months ago, the obama administration finally agreed with senate republicans to set aside more than $500 million for
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unspent funds for the ebola crisis. i think it was $589 million that was set aside for that purpose. that is no excuse revealing to act comprehensively. this is nothing to play around with. this is a life altering, a devastating birth defect that is preventable. what could be more important? it is our job to send this bill to the president's desk. as long as i senate colleagues refused to do so -- refuse to do so, as long as they refuse another chance to protect our children from devastating birth defects, there's not much we can do about it.
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there is something the american people can do about it. they can call and write to the senator, they can say, i don't care what your objection is, it better be pretty darn important if you're going to block funding that would prevent this from happening to my baby. health experts across our country need the resources to study the virus, to contain the virus and to keep it from spreading. as i have said, hopefully to develop a catching -- vaccine. for the democratic collect to block their legislation again months after saying it was urgent, and amounts to tying the hands of our doctors, local public health officials and researchers from city to city.
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clearly, the responsibility rests with them. when we see locally transmitted cases of the zika virus in the united states caused by mosquitoes carry the virus, the responsibility will be with them for refusing to act in light of the call by public health officials that this is a real public health emergency. to take this bill hostage is not only hypocritical, it is profoundly irresponsible. i don't know how some of our colleagues can sleep at night knowing they are putting these babies and families at risk. there is no excuse for blocking this critical funding. as i have said, there is a test that was taken today and our democratic colleagues failed. >> joined on capitol hill, season -- senior congressional
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respondent with the washington examiner. there were a number of outbreaks during the summer break for congress, a number of outbreaks of the zika virus. what action did the obama administration take and what did we hear from lawmakers during the recess? >> the obama administration can fit more than $70 million to existing fund to the center for disease control to combat the zika virus. in congress, the legislators are talking about whether or not to approve additional funding to pay for zika funding like vaccine and mosquito abatement. they have not reached an agreement. there is a bill about putting $1.1 billion measure that is now sitting in the senate. the senate will consider when it returns. that is up for debate right now
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because a lot of democrats are opposed to this legislation because the money comes from other parts of the government. they wanted to be on the spending. there's a big debate going on whether to approve it or make changes to the democrats are saying we need to make changes. republicans are saying, let's approve the bill. more than $700 million is paid for. >> the senate gets right to work on the street they take a vote on september the sixth when they come back. that's a good funding is now included in a bill that includes veterans issues and also planned parenthood. how does the issue get resolved? >> it is all grouped together in military construction and veterans affairs legislation. that is a $82.5 billion measure. it looks like it may stall again because democrats are opposed to the idea of transferring funding to pay for this. a big chunk of the funding would come from obamacare.
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some health-care exchanges that were never developed in u.s. territories. i predict it will stall again. it will be back to square one. we are entering a fall where mosquitoes will go away for the winter and this debate may simmer down without resolution. >> the debate over overall funding will not go away. we have a deadline of september the 30th to get this continuing resolution passed. how does that shape up? >> government funding expires. progress has to take some action. what is being discussed is passing legislation that would continue funding at the current levels and go on until either a lame-duck session of congress or a new administration in january 2017. those in the two possibilities. it is highly unlikely to pass
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the individual 12 appropriations measures by the end of september. they are too far behind on that. they will have to look at either a temporary funding measure or what we call some kind of grouping into a few bills to pass them together. >> staying with us as we look to another issue that cars will have to address. -- congress will have to address. that is the programs for the defense department. john mccain took the floor. >> we are about to vote on a couple of motions to instruct the conferees on the defense authorization bill and also on the defense appropriations bill to move forward. all of these votes are very
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vital to the future of this nation in a time of turmoil and a time of the greatest number of refugees since the end of world war ii, threats throughout the world and attacks on the united states of america. mr. sullivan, a very -- appropriately, his motion to instruct the conferees is for us to account for and authorized funding -- authorize funding for the recent actions taken by the
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president of united states and secretary of defense. 8400 sailors, airmen and marines within afghanistan, for the european your insurance -- reassurance program, to fulfill a commitment that secretary carter made at the dialogue within the pacific theater, the list goes on and on. every time we turn around, we hear of another increase in our military presence in after rack -- iraq and afghanistan. and buildups in eastern europe which was decided that a meeting of the nato nations. with all of these promises and commitments, we see no request for additional funding to take care of these new issues and new requirements for our military activities. i think that senator sullivan's motion is entirely in order. does it make sense to have these very large note -- multibillion-dollar increase of requirements and announcing with
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great fanfare and never coming over once to request additional funding? that is disingenuous. i urge my colleagues support for the motion -- colleague's support for the motion to insist that the final conference include authorization for the commitments that are described in the motion. the second is the issue that has been plaguing us and has been a subject of great discussion and debate and heartache on the floor of the senate and that is the issue of the afghan special immigration visas. this is heartbreaking that members of the united states senate for their own parochial interests, just a couple, woodblock -- would block this legislation which calls for the
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ability of us to bring these people to the united states literally risk their lives on our behalf and allies are in danger as we speak. my colleagues don't have to take my word for it, i would like to say for example, the ambassador, probably the most distinguished the geomet i know, wrote recently and said, speaking of these interpreters, this is truly a matter of life and death. i repeat what he said, this is a matter of life and death. i know hundreds of people who have been threatened because of their affiliation with the united states. some have been killed.
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many are in hiding praying that the united states keep its word. we can and must do better. general betray us -- petrayus said many have been essential and often saving american lives, they have risked their own and their families lives in the line of duty. general petraeus stated eloquently that these individuals put their lives on the line to save the lives of american servicemen and women and we have members of this body who block such a proposal to allow them to come to united states of america. remarkable. remarkable. general nicholson said it is my firm belief, our commander in afghanistan, said, it is my firm belief that abandoning this program would significantly undermine our credibility and the 15 years of tremendous
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sacrifice by thousands of afghans on behalf of american and coalition partners. i say to my colleagues, this is straightforward. why we are even having to do this is still a testimony to the nature of the way we seem to be doing business around here and that is that people would literally put the lives of our allies in danger for their own interests and own amendment that they are demanding not only be taken up them up but past -- passed, which has nothing to do with the lives of these great individuals who saved the lives of americans. whose lives are in danger according to our military leaders and our most respected diplomats. retired general stanley mcchrystal, known to all of us, to protect these allies is as much a matter of american national reality as it is --
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reality -- morality as it is national security. we're talking about our moral obligation here. i hope and pray that we can get a unanimous vote on this motion to instruct. we're going to have a vote on the defense appropriations bill. i understand that it probably will fail and sme -- that to me is an unbelievable act. given the situation of the world today and the threats we face that in the words of the director of national intelligence in the words of the director of the cia, that there will be further attacks on
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united states of america that my friends on the other side of the aisle are refusing to take up the legislation that pays for the defense -- defensiveness nation. i don't like revision to the defense appropriations bill and i have made it clear. i want to have us take it up and amend and make it better. maybe some of us, maybe a majority of us have priorities that are not in the bill. suppose we don't like the fact that they appropriated a billion dollars for an icebreaker that has nothing to do with defense, this long laundry list of porkbarrel projects that the call scientific research projects. i want to amend those. a lot has happened since the appropriate and bill -- preparations bill was first passed.
12:51 am
we should have the ability to amend and make it better. instead, we are being put out on the path to a continuing resolution which there will not be debate. there would not be amendments to make it better for the men and women who are serving. the president just announced we are going to have 8400 men and women serving in afghanistan instead of 5400. shouldn't we take that into consideration? shouldn't we accommodate for that as is our role in obligation? we have the power of the purse. we are now looking at a situation where we have a world that is literally on fire.
12:52 am
that is apparent everyday we pick up a newspaper turn on the television. instead of having a robust debate and discussion and amendments as to how we can best defend this nation, we are going to again have my friends on the other side of the aisle stop us from taking a top. -- it up. why? the democrats leaders -- democrat leaders said they do not want another mccain amendment that would increase funding for the fence without -- defense without increasing the funds for nondefense. if you're talking about the cia or homeland security or other agencies of government to protect this nation, then fine. >> we are back with the washington examiner
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representative. that is in a conference committee now. what are some of the main difference is they have to work out between those two measures? >> the big issues, most important of funding. in the senate bill you have $602 billion for defense. the house does something a little different. they added $18 billion by taking money from an overseas contingency operations fund that is basically for more spending. the senate does not have that. you were unable to get it passed because democrats wanted to demand equally great spending on domestic provisions. that is a tough area to work out. the other issue is guantanamo bay. one of the signature issues, the president would like to do -- close it. they added that makes it difficult to transfer the chinese out of guantanamo bay. making it harder to -- detainees out of guantanamo bay. make it harder to close. and there is an acquisition reform provision that house
12:54 am
members do not fully agree with. they will have to work out those things. the president is starting to veto this bill over the guantanamo bay issue and racing defense spending. democrats if you're going to raise defense spending, then he had to raise domestic spending. -- you have to raise domestic spending. >> what is the area compromise? this is a must pass bill? >> that is what the fed talks will say. we must have the defense authorization bill. we must do it. it is really important. they're going to have to find a
12:55 am
compromise on this. i think you'll have to end up dropping the $18 billion. i think that will go away. >> you will be back with susan shortly. as a look at another key issue that congress may address, and violence -- gun violence. they spoke on the floor to talk about the summer police shooting -- summer's police shootings. >> we are all stunned by the events in dallas. we are outraged. an attack on the people who protect us is an attack on all of us. our hearts are with the dallas police department.
12:56 am
our hearts are with the victims and especially with their loved ones. they wear the badge too. being a cop white or cop husband is to prepare for the worst. you could buy them such for -- who could fathom such poor as this -- horror? this is not justified. there will be a temptation to let our anger pardon our divisions -- harden our divisions. debate and tatian to let our anger sent us further into our corners -- there will be a temptation to let our angers send us further to our corners. let's divide those -- defy those divisions. they do not control us. the blame lies with the people who commit these vicious acts. no one else. as the president rightly said,
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justice will be done. we also have to let the healy -- healing begin. this has been a long week for our country. it has been a long month for america. we have seen terrible, senseless things. every member of this body, every republican and every democrat wants to see less gun violence. every member of this body wants a world in which people feel safe regardless of the color of their skin. that is not how people are feeling these days. sometimes we disagree on how to get there. sometimes we disagree passionately on how to get there. having this debate, let's not
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lose sight of the values that unite us. the values that brought those protesters to the streets of dallas. the values that brought those protesters in washington last night. respect. decency. compassion. humanity. if we lose the fundamental things, what is left? we need to take a moment here for reflection, or thought, for prayer, justice, action. let's let justice be done and let's also let some healing occur. i yield. >> the gentlelady from california's recognized for one minute. >> thank you mr. speaker.
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the ambush and murder of police officers during a peaceful protest is a tragedy that care is at the heart of every american. i agree with the speaker that this must not harden our division. but should unify us as a country. we are all horrified by this despicable act of violence in we share in the shock and grief for the officers killed, their loved ones, and the entire dallas community. when they left their homes, earlier in the day, there is always the chance that they would be in danger. right now, we don't even know the names of all of them. their names have not yet been released. i do want to acknowledge brett thompson and those whose names are yet to be released as well as those who are wounded
1:00 am
including a sibling. many questions have yet to be answered. whatever the motivation of the perpetrators of this horrible crime, it is clear that those perpetrators have an agenda of evil. we have seen too much death and heartbreak. as martin luther king wrote, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. that reminds me of the song of st. francis, which is the anthem of my city, that i call upon now, st. francis appeal to the lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. where there is darkness, may i bring light, where there is
1:01 am
hatred, may i bring love, where there is despair, may i bring hope. i associate myself with the remarks of the speaker. justice must be done, according to the president. mercy must also be done. as we do that, as we seek mercy and justice, i also want to reference the remark of america dallas, when he said we must get to the root causes of what happened last night. in that spirit, i also want to acknowledge that we have to get causes ofand the root what caused these tragedies. in the spirit of martin luther king and st. francis, we must continue to work the work of nonviolence and demand an end to senseless killing everywhere. we must do so by sharing our common values, our faith in the dignity and worth of every person, the spark of divinity that lives in all of them and our tremendous grief in the loss of life.
1:02 am
just in particular, for the families of the police officers, thank you. thank you for sharing your loved ones with us. we pray that it is a comfort to you that so many people mourn your loss and are praying for you. thank you, mr. speaker. >> mr. speaker, normally the -- conversation might be lengthier than it will be today. this week has been a sobering week. a sad week. i want to congratulate speaker ryan on the comments he made this morning.
1:03 am
he said that every republican and every democrat wants to see less gun violence. he then went on to say that sometimes, we disagree on how to get there. sometimes, we disagree passionately on how to get there. he went on to say that in having this debate, is not lose sight of the values that unite us. let us not lose sight in our common humanity. he then said we need to take a moment here for reflection, for thought, for prayer, for justice, and for action. mr. speaker, the majority leader and i have had a brief conversation on the floor where he said to me and i agreed that we need to sit down together and try to see how we can bring this country, this house together. on a way forward to, as the
1:04 am
gentlelady from texas said, to decrease the tensions that exist between citizens and law enforcement officers. to ensure the safety of not only altonofficers, but castille, whoando lost his life. innocence that appear to be horrifying and unacceptable. i think all of us in this house and all americans should, like the majority leader suggested to me, and i have responded, to come together and deescalate the tensions in our society. the confrontations that we see too often. the rash rhetoric, the hateful rhetoric in some cases that is being used.
1:05 am
i thank the majority leader for what i believe to be his very sincere and heartfelt of thoughts along those lines. and so, we will not engage in a colloquy of differences, but a colloquy with careful consideration and try to serve the people of this country and each and every individual in this country towards a safer, more assured life in america. and i yield to my friend. >> thank you. i thank the gentleman for yielding. i thank him for his words and our conversation prior. the gentleman is correct. too many families are mourning losses this week. i believe all americans are praying for the families whose
1:06 am
innocents have been murdered and ambushed. it is time for the nation to heal. it is time for the nation to unite and a time for justice to be done. i think, for that to start, this house is to be an example. and i thank the gentleman for being willing to work together. as we have so many times before. and as we know in this house, people come from many different parts of this nation and have expertise. and had a conversation with dave reichert, who had tremendous expertise. his conversations, talking with john lewis. there is the ability within this house to help this nation unite and heal the wounds out there. i think the gentleman for being willing to be a part of that. and i yield back. >> i thank the gentleman for his comments. my hope, mr. speaker, is that
1:07 am
all of us will be willing to be a part of that solution. not the problem. >> looking at issues ahead in congress, we're joined by susan of the washington examiner. a bipartisan group of house members that majority leader mccarthy talked about in the clip we just saw. they met this week in detroit to talk about policing strategies. and gun violence legislation. what have you heard from the house speaker and from the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, about the prior to on looking for the violence legislation? -- gun violence legislation? sara: both parties want to do something. the problem is a get down to gun control which is a tough issue in congress. you have republicans really behind a bill that would make some minor changes in terms of who can obtain a gun if they are on a terror watchlist, where the senate democrats and house democrats really want to do a blanket ban on anyone on the
1:08 am
terror watch list. from purchasing a gun. they also want to expand gun control at gun shows and other transfers where there are no background checks. and so, neither is willing to budge. and that is where we left it. at the end of the summer. i think what you're seeing here with the republican leadership is a reaching out. they want to find out -- just get the two sides talking, so we don't have what we had early this summer where democrats were on the house for demonstrating and basically disrupting the flow of congress, because they were demanded some kind of action on this. and i think house republican leaders by reaching out and having a forum, they want to stem that from happening in the fall. they are talking about how they can move forward on some kind of legislation, a compromise. getting there is another matter. i'm not sure that will happen. >> do you think that members of the democratic party and the house that would like to see sit-ins happening?
1:09 am
sara: it is a political issue and it could help democrats and bolster their image to voters. we can't rule out politics played a big role in what actions democrats take and how the news influences. that could inspire democrats to get on the floor. >> paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, and the president have talked about the need to make changes in the nation's criminal justice system. what proposals might we see? sara: again, another tough one. heading into an election, there are republicans who are unwilling to take the next step. changing the threshold so that drug offenses are lessened in terms of prison time, you saw the president take a lead on this with many of the pardons he has put forward. during his term, more recently the summer. i think it is a tough one for lawmakers. there are a lot who are behind it. there is a bipartisan effort in
1:10 am
the house and senate. even with the republican leaders. there are groups of republicans who are fearful of doing anything that looks as though they are weakening the stance on crime. because the public is also worried about elevated crime levels. i think it might become. there is a real urgency to move forward with this bill, but i don't think they will get through it this fall. >> we look at another issue that up,ress is looking to take the impeachment of irs commissioner john koskinen. backed by members of the house republican freedom caucus. >> our rise to give notice of my intent to raise a question of the privileges of the house. >> the gentleman may give his notice.


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