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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 3, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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cooredyoarprab ok en you will bekawi t eahat the ki ocata stock adjustme ifi wh migratn. the lasthi i wilpoint out out th ithat $2500 number, threont'absurdnd nsense is cesita ry rticul way ocauling e impa, which ist sud l mlion immignts ling in t iarved yesterday and the capital stochano time to adju. that'abrd ft, whahaen is they came in over the last 50ea and the capitastk padil time t aus all ght, so those e my t wrong models in the bomarket and torose youhe right mol.hewe wrongn extly thsame w. you' -- thewereoced on e ablute numbeoforrs congntthe u. rlly wh maers instead isothe ouit numr of workers but t
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lave numrs of ffen kis wke. so jits do n cpete with engineers r bs it mak aotorsee thinabt rkers of diffent types wke of the same type compengitea other d, to simplify thing let jt age there artw tys of worke. unskilled and il ime, that over fiveut that turnoutoe an appromaonf the u.s lar rket. we define unsll a noncle a sll a coeg bacay llege e rkers coetwi the each othean noncollegeorrsompeteit ea other forob
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iigntan won,e e tt ts big buhi o be ds. thbl ds e sshahi school that is where e grantsre th he ffenexrice ve.
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wlo athshe men, ty e spreut tt sortf anomething. thsce iigficant here-exssve 's re o or re where the few wenver here? y e thernyveure at l? degesn tholge e a very sllha oth lar rc thesereoungerom. th is wh we arseng orrelaont e twn weekly wesnd imgrio ts is jthe regressi le. thiss l e ta th iwh we get. ikhe is lely --
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boasoefficnt ene replatthis wh t she wenwh dweet upward slinli. clearthis i m'sag imsi oth y-is iss t mewages. ife okt n' wagessi thsa melweetyose 's,hethe were colle-ucedomen,e's geinea. ataso wh e pil elierwwe hri or has to wi a cmear sty -- cpont -co mpmeary sry
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othoyothe coeffients a u. cy. n show you t coficien a u. e cy estit wh y s ith t cofiendrs from -.4 two mis .348. eltity o -.22. ts andardo stematal revwed efficient t lerur odel, us wen in e d't e ytng. ife haveom, d'ge anffts wre therinal hythis is mpterong inhat minuteeengha aitng to that
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nualarng even siifanmot fft on migranth m he do wi t lorupy. iont want toak the sharofom, s ts posive coefficnt oda'ts tt is really besmangabor dend we neea dfent modelf bodendhais me phtite give e eimioth has not be dcribedet w've had he crsen capil d tremends rtl ange tt okla ith this a vue-added ere onhe genac gre aarr
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services. this is manufacturg. wh wseis augdeea ofheha of gdcongro mafaur. ne ofhis shlde chf surpri. thbl a ong a where we e ei t mt gwtand vae ded. s profsialnd business serces. inince. a bomg seicbad onomy d owdgcomy th ieflect ithe gdp shar. it is not sprisinweeea t re wkers a w wse mian cininit p' d y s he wenntin thlar forc is and ha a strong correlation wh n's wages. gernmenand it is ao actly e me size.
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adding f u don't beevnyinel iave said,ake it thaife d 2010o theat targer ge elaicy is nloer there. -2 toatw spreadsheweet onheli dlail delk eople mrationf verothe soh the nth tms of gdp. l have dis movsome people from e uttohe rt thsa js d wld s gdp increa. that sai t cffient on thshe wom sugst
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stctallaw inhe eimes and have seen a l o tt evidencerom etn d giovanni athe rllisn't that chomtion bwe migran and niv fobs. awa that wehould be relyautiousboelvi estimas athehi iac ofmmigrationreheid ank you. ppus isssn th coue esons for thpalis. we have ouha aho. if m presu tsum up cole tngwaste on se of my own synthisf is lirarethe is atrg ssageerhawehould t
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swoieabt e pacts immigrationn e domestic bor market. ere are three thin to th. eoe w md appearor but ty eat. ompeteroductacr marks. they also consume. they b food and hsi, etc. iheapitaltock adst cath dsonsnteoly not only becae the laboinput is relatively small but it is lavetae. ifo'rextpolating fm st tres, you ju lkt ats into hpe a y ha aieacre ith exnsn the labor supply. the thirisheotn of mplimeer -
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complinty thimgrants. if youavaigger supp avlable you opeleho n workn theiten wasng dish. thenhaimprov t econocs t rtaan busins d lo it to expd d re op two athreil teacitave to hav mark ltalavvy, the itss and waer these are l damners on wh we mighttherwi expect toe hafueffect. is inirstion must by eanason abo rettndhe models. i grewp haveo al wh coracty wldewecse of dord res. voidwi -- ouhi, ats e roescorary aument u nak
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who is most likee to se if lyhe short tm economically i igingomodwoin in minown, and y tell atern immigrant com ans not going to hur y yosay inhe las50ea t numberasoubledth is no ve rssuring. wh ithcountergumen >> i wi te e first crk at bad. eotically, iigti cld ,oarto those minin wke tonyumber l sll woer oeven high ild works if ty reha concenat. itur out that immigrants can'notoocate in plate- nd not to locate plas wherehewod mpe rolyanth'pa o wh igoing on.
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anhefeaturef miatn ate have not really lk about is the cthath a ve rpoiv imgrtsreheirst ones to ki of me out oa market wh t eno i n dng well, a tt tually has a net for t u.s. bo maet as wellbeusitin of dfusecsion ilol bomaets and makest ls harmfuto ptilar lotion. th' what would y. d't knowf there's ytng se. o d hi the a workerwho ha suffed in the last 2years r nuer of reon fo emp, mini. mings sappeangecse we buy t se projt for ear somewhere else. main djo.
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there are bshe i pple -- somef eorkershore maybeld and opefi type oobthe are e ndat tbe more hurt. denser, o economy, a -- ourcomy has dozens of other rc which are dangerg the sameypof jobs. b ofincina tt heard om immration, the soti to the fac that the e no more manufacturinor ningobs islearly n due toigrati. ifouoo at thpocyoint, it ia alr rtf the obm,hat i ulday onis, o ould lookt cost andenitshould rolyay no, look at oth ia sitiveutio y. of crsduti, traing, mo mobilit ancreasing
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e ily for peop tmo across lab markets. iss one order ofagtude a solutio forho tes of workers atou bhed laveo immiatn. >> twohings. e, want to pick up oth co. let'prenwe are in a world erthe the of us ar listened to on theatnal ste. we reducmigratn rriers and leanmo migrants,k? disls tnk not st about t ct retraing worrswhh we neect all thti. th is somethg economistto sebout all the time, but it ner really happe ipolicy cost is actllin inngbo ecaonnd health pic hi me autduti, cae ha kids pmary scol and my local primary school has very anen polationbecause i's ry mian and t kids move
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and ouof the gdes, and ty co very diffultodute because eyre minfr o aptmt buildg o district to another ey mo fm prince gr's unty to monomy un, or ve .ea,r to d. whatnot mef oskids, to get he, ve been tou aotand any pshogical rves. theyeehe wh glh. ey need- i think we need thk out those costs no mor erar pas, but there a iac that we ne tthk ouas societth g misd. thaitissed. -- that get misd. y otheqution m b paicar for gvai. wealked about thwo o george bja, enostt harvd. heas n bk mi out
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nexton, ielve,ot coincideal in ti f the elti. bestndstdi ithat i isea tbe pul book, budi ohipast wk rhe th preseinnerear. e ece of tt a analysis ate d last yeaof the - owages s mii othe mao at ltsa ss influofmmigrants fm cu iolodapaicarly mii. it w ail of 1980 ovni has wrienesns sohere has bn se ckndouh. ifhi bk tsovag that setng tt will did a lot of aention, so i am inreed in comments omoun tt. >> y, e maricoroversy. it's t at eoyigin in le.
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wodiktoo sechnd guwhit is od researc hont,f ureoe makehoesnhe researc anthe are poan cic, t thk uimely, two things. fit -- firs h iornts iso e erall miation deba? ot's consern evaluion th fw refugs atom whichs verdiert from0% of t iigrati in the u.s., which f economic reass. te's saye e talking abou refugee unghis seems he is an aroxima scenar iwhh omsday of ges wod come. w muchffect do we fi?
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tebetaedecse first per did not finy fe, d is pap fd some fe. would y at sumring two ne- we he very parsed ta onia i thaperiod memewealcula aure wage without0%bservaon buwelshave ahoe, cae there arefithi ara little bgeth oers. inthdeficits a unghe rket thashldav low aecd,eoe wh edatn, bh spic and n-spanic and men and wen i cannot find any fe whatsoerand ife find something,t aosive blip ofag. but therarso aec that e chmaer outhe, d ere ar some that you can nsuc, whi c ge a
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negative eec erare otrameshayou ca cstcthat gis you e pote eec, so that er iso mh noise in ts da, th jt ki eryinan sang this onspecific sample is thenly rht one, ioring whathe oertell you, seems me tt you needuite a l ofah wt e swer is anyowa to gi, rath tn letting e ta ea my poi ithat, aer orinth da,e n't fi vy much effect the. t thatllho suld noe the focu--haal sul nobehe focus oth imgrion debate, becau a rgpart of imgrioinhe u.s.s enoc driv, whic isifferently distribed. arethisight bo lift rht e boatift is a vy tre seanunfortately eris
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miaminf da on ateriod. tnsuthere i bette ir.o wh iou imyesearcis that firmsdjted que well adteinheay youou pric th kd shift io odinthingshat wod ke adnte othe inowf w skilled worker a ts probly accountsor the fact thou basical find thg the y ovniescribed i >> wldiktopen it up. ere shlde mrophone atilbeassed ou,o hope y he tsf eson pleaseaiuntil you t the mi tn idenfyouelso you owhe dhesoe knowhe you a cing from. --o kw eryou ar congro rhewi wcong amera. i rs wt to thk u r
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ur remarksod. e hehis we a sing asres atdeit t naon rtoc aroun imgrio when u get wn a loc lelits mu mo pgmic vw, s war seeing many cies aosth countr who anttional trngottctnd retn miationopulatnss ey rtf eideloen sttees. rtfhaes ipaicar pcethat areorr rust lt cie ociesikst louis,hi a st i ntrasto this narti aut peinimgrts stlouis tulyas pn to ha the faste gwing imgratio -imgrant polaony 2020 threon f tt becau nyits soava clinpolaonnd rkrc of theif you ca spe riablerod e in polaon and t ang workrc a h tt ght imctheumrs woondetis
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th. is is interestg. e of t dferenc betwe imgrioanrahai inismeina tt b inheebe d resechs atra isls eminating so localobecseome seorarshnking significantl ofoue,t dreasinth presf gdsbu athe lol vel,ay itoeno gerate anyosiveulplr ntthe bsreon a erarso enomists who ha fnd negive efct o trade on bs imgriois difrent, -us noal ts is a relivy un pso with aombinaonf ople who doanl job s erinreing grp
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eoe ara ia caonn detoevitale . comistso inreinobn e muiperffts of atacting bs if y attract se js, you crteth cnectedob icarorof- thk miatn aomof at flarinheggga denitely. thfa tt a dtribution evts somofhe shrkage ofur lab fces interein and isome loliesorthan other i tnkhat imgrion is more eecve way ogenerang cajo than oeryp of meanms which are ao work. araants are easr toosive ecom cdion so rt lt citietrtheir ritiztheir
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onie i in iisntesng searchbumore is need jus add one brief ing. i lk authedjtmt thcata sck there aittle t of itrywhhs at it easiero ju uth dn. in se tse locions, e scolare ki o dayg, d 's ha tadjust the capilto dnwds onof thehings at migrants d, eyuprthe housg rket, e bl-sto aueioinhe centeba the? i. i'm from t rsofodaon heewoo"w waedorrs
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st yesrd, fish a inted dat wh m ts .o it iinhe iuehawill h th snds incter, so enurage u l rdt. one t cimheak in hi book wch am inreed hr u ken,s tt eris aually an fiency gain in e ony of $ billio bsstially, to - eential i reesents dli ith was of wke. enagecne -- enag deine, tre is diritive eecorhe owne ocata businse atmmraonoeist diritewethro ,oertowns o binse sohe ia diriti efct inisou elationf 00ilon.
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ihicalculiof50 biio ato u ke of at >>haisxalyhefft. stands onhessptn that labodend comes dn. that icuyowaed outf isxarathtrng efcicy gain inconomi. ats e deth wav ft for0 ars, iou s. ou mickey us molsso me rliic tn he. onis a dng a mh re phtitethg. e thins atapalant csired fid ts calcation. ith appromaon cata adjusts the same way. youssume theab dan cue ali, e fien efct is zo. toook at t empiral idcen odtivityffts iignt ts ccuti asmeze pduivity efct,lus fid pital.
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iou s it isotvea starngoi f ts nvsaonthway i see it. isappotetoly arhat hectuallwe with at i s llg ge m cdi , thatashe "wainon examer b tt is wrong >> qstn re arwi the darenof melandecit thanksor therentations. yoconclud re or ssou coen -i n'kn iit was a toway, me ou the idfilng shoag. it smso tt the ia o fillinshtas and shortage analysisompetes wi the idea aadstle capit sck. it see tt inimmigrts fl orgeis an
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alrnivo forcg pil flho srtesani wondenghafft at s rs allowing the capil stock, and doesn'that cnge wke to t high wes im ing to talk abt e ephant in e omor montuncunt iigrant woers veusate wke. siatnhi h bn anngndroblwill chgen e nextw yrs, e crsen e nim wage. atill haen ifan tha tin requirent for ineanghe nim gefftshe bin tod ty reorundocuntorkers
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orrshath ha, cae ey ca't fo toay tm t sars at eyave be ping? lelt affec t we r native workers anth nuer of umpye i ve hrdhe tm eder daynovery mh a fect." bnot su if that can quantifiedpaicar ith mio tuio wh is >>ur hatt thohtn ats --y inhohts tuly i tnk mods -- ecoms dels a rllgo atookingt alchges in ge a im ur-- coum oth lerur n a oderbut t lerur
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oninimumaganthefct eloent ishaitoe no rlldectmpymt. that sai we don't knowha happensheyou gorom th mimumag whaowwhh c'tvete y ect, t to $1 th ia ge jp. ev t suliomolsi n'thk any of uwod believe what atouo. f- t tnkro th eloyer' pspti f a co. u' sgein tt e plerwhisn optimizer becausi'an enomist, i thk he is opminge is gog ooathe probity ting tohio re pil-intensivproduconf whater he oireti eoeeosfirg a tthmimu wage
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ri o getti cghan find. im risk-arscata owner, wl n wt te ny rks, so wld belve ren e sft o catareplacing bo tn uncunted iignttang e acofab. th'mymmia thoug. d thk a tki about lelmmraon n nim wage,heueion ofha wouldapn ene crseinum wage inenal is aite bit of anpe questi, becae thk ha aotfvincha retilymahaeso't seemo affect eloenve mu othat gup e eaou bth pple usmo efficnc tre i lor costs tan incas fm $9.5 $1wod aot
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acal d a sury riltalorkersn lirn, e op w s th ty e id ls. th wldin paidinumag wch is low. if the mim we $, th wldhe domeed immras l losklelel e kindf keanorrsand otr sptsin theen tt ey e onheoo, eyust d't ve social seri nuerhat mahes athg, and inot tha theren gr econo, ke peoe aim in eure. eyreotelng dru, ey e ing jo. e esonfowinumag wod crsehagrp,es th' by theaythifree thhege pai10o % ss
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i ulsath tre is a quti o wt nimum wage uld d b tres ao, - mimu als wancase to 5 n gog appen in one yr,t is gradual. th timgou binrein tolssewh wld hapn r pocyespons psie ionwa and not vy aublthother y,utt aossibity i, i guesit s meinalg e ne of, ist atreoaitor -- iitetr aifo invaontoilthe shtas tcomyors miatn the luono at io't ally hen sw to
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at thereinofwo sid o thsa cn,n wa erisn testg ame omisry wh wshut dn e rds 19,he w aotf ncn abt at muftungas ing too whout all this wofoeanthe s a big anys o ts,ndhath great prsi hpened a thsa alys ited t, is aomion tangllur jobs? ebesimilaro the da b ainof illtres athose are t sesf e same cn. ueiohe? >> tnkouni farme. can yovefyhaalyo nueronmmraonncde botheg iigration, op wh holvad immraon vis,s ll asndocumente andeoe o erstayhe
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visas? send, i looat ive,,.c., wre i obrved ttn fulot of eonruiojo -office ilngs, wki on ros, noting houses appear to , etr iigrant legaorndumtei haveo ea a frlere istl lae unempymt of africaamic mesn t city, therepprs tbe a sutaiaimctn isity th ia't quitrence wi theoric sdies tt u have done, a ionder you cod eatoha >> t nbe a fm the census ri to reh eversile person w iredi ithe unedtates. ese arth estat fro
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whh op starto lcat e mber oundocunt, d enouubachow ma inreegly h my jud gally. -- enter lally. espeleovarnd, but eumrs we e e ees weavto incdeot domeedndndumente . outhe cotrti js d ghneloent inhelack mmithe y are seeing thho-ccu tt a loof the e bsonbyom peopleantherefore eyre enelod. eansha my unplme ou.s. citizens highonf icis thaso jo payelivy tt, and r lfareenefitsre
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relave gerous,nd somof esuncument do noav access to e me welreso you ulsath a pheto rktrger. e plmentatofeople with no gh schlegemo imgrants is abou70 tive iabt %. tives have access to aotf otherenits --0%. natives haveccs to aotf othebefi. th he unemploynt sunc mic iurce now if thearouofhe js. in ssethinnte ve dfent agf jobre that atome companies would ha t shrink. erislely proemf epg bs. ke imi tt lot ofho op at th lel of uciomaavsosss with our whole ase dg use, a a tsehis that em aite t smalr the imgrt cmutywhis working vy gh levs. is ha tte. wod sayhathbe wcan
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dooige t immigrants artakingwajobs ito try lk statal over e ti tsee oflashere bs of mian he own a avshnkg bsf natis. , cities oosite thatrehrinarcrti the nsf bs. sang te em out andee at happens to mee rican-ameran gs e js, d't al think that is the way it goes, but seeoe will be rsuadebyour ty of thiing. i inth iextlthe appealf tting together tha onwod lve the otr. w't think tha haenand inacit will deroy so othe lol bs >>indie] [laughter] hiis job --
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>>f ur, unrsnd. yojust p two facts toghe an-- yea soy, d n mean that u arsangha i'm it to sath ts is t argument that geny yi thuncunt suldea and those bso be cated for thnative colle aew re queions a he ry short rpoesishaok? weuswa to hear qstns d ge lce -- ange some awers. i amurrent working with e eranontinealroup, but i am here on a o-yr visa fr iland. in 12 dsi will havtoea beuse my visa will r o. how pplacal gisas ov he? ha ce er her iave
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woed evedayfo governnt t ted cz and with t arin ntinenl ou i uld have to coin a cpa tt ey ulha t pay $000 an convince the immigtionffe at an erican cant vey job, whi basicalny eranou do. re the ukied peoe, d wre unsll pple alwein here when people who arcong or d very willing to wk e toldheha tgo home aft a yea >>s atnoerueioup ar y? y st questio or re
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trereo visas folo sklewoerinhe.s. exptoramily mbs. the aotf sechnd hecotrs dtser usul nie say eyre ver this t erarom genel nctrions. inost resear, this b rk eec iretily limited. europeas probl rhtow refugs. they tnk it'more linketo theactheha iored this obmndhe inolain h treontoignt ow h been eath ts ll be aise b eop ao has someiffere, chor sonrs stems, ch sir tser demdn e labomarket thakureaimgrts
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charr find jo wh i talto the iayhe ameran systein this see em to be bter. pelereere in the bt lfe u ve to mian is j. bo f tircomynd for imgriothe lost rtully- e ge paicar l. iant toha all oou palis. yo c fd lo riei otofhis lirare alo th sdi fm her cotrs. a w useeng nocent the lle 1to0 nu brk. anrestros e cad this lelo e ftf e evors and on the we level.
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thanyo ppus >>omronight, dcuio on themecafoerare syemitstone oducernd soalntpreupeter's in ls, esenof cri that hpsbud a nleed ilenetntcolleg o'brno at moras e scsi. heres lo. done tfoer dsak tm els ough th a wthss weavth tnghere i liv called aeven-d nic a ree-pa fm. e pts itn the foerlacement, onearsa tohi ptectiv servis kehiyog rs ay, , n'wa tm renymore e cond cy they kee ththd pyoetoosr care he kidshoave lived hseor5 ouhos eicaern st ce.
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wh hpens wn erhi that, erti setngal teags t out. d owi d. whatre we inin famil u y u are groued u don't get pocketon ts nt th ia eaul, unhelpful thing atouid don't iagn. learn om this. wh wd't is sayoar go, t, neranto see u ai ats t at hapnsn fami. wh ihaento the ks reatlywhat is thmessage ofha yofe le wo, u e inchesal thbefiof man phanrostis thear10 feet tl. a disssion t arin ster ce st wh peter samusoomronight 9:00 stnn c-sp.
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w dcuioonowhe miatn suis affecti 16redeiacaai. th ialst5 nus. "whitojona cties ark doinings w krorn,hexeti eort eenr r miation sdies. he's hertoisssond ms miatn ee ts ekthngwaed imgriospche ven wedndaan h t iuef aecnghe potil ldspendts pa oth 26 elti. o much foroing u toy. gut: tnkouoravg me. host reminviers fst srt wt t the ctefommigration studie tank.wre ahi 'ronnet cis.g and we heine formatn and do usl in tk stuff. we have a blog, doubcation and we arth only
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thkan othmmraon ise.c si oth 'rinav oiger enforcemenndow levelof wlook ag, the enocs and theaw enforcen angs and everhingbo iigration. stok. to ayo rction na tmp immigrati ee layinouhi policon weesday gh gut:el w i ani s ncned becaus f t ndhe eanda campaiadeemeandeng a over t pceaygll kin thgs, coractory things, ings dfent tha what ey imgrion, iseemedikafr year ofunngsr.mmraon controhestl dn hath we fo alarming, nd of tuly. wn e spee auay haen, was queleed. t's prabheest imgriopeech yomee foa jo ptyas eve
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gin. w,y oy qbb wlde ulha bn ce ife' iad downhe intsity of ibecause itas at rly sohe w aot of sortf llg and ra-rahndllhi iv ia t s ll rm, mht have be btebeusiteay ee. sstti he h 10 pnt ne them illeg iigrati a t educinlegal imgrio we-iord bsntive in e lyhi ift was a ruis iig ve beemo efctive. t e bsncf e ee w y oi ink hardo guth. ho: u ota pcen e dalrk dly news abt trump'imgriopolicy sayi tt riedn a he nes smteupbo how tdeal mmras 1 lln rrtly inhe cotry. inisemks wedsd night, heaith tt'th theiry issue,
1:11 am
ise,ei -seri t boerndtointheloof mmras. to u rewi him sin w a he the sendy su os at sothing that needso dlt ncrely es is definitela secondarise. se t rso ts s co issueithim ith ding thimie hwasang t wel a t ieg ie -it auay close to2 this pot, 12 milln hem, roundhe uwith miatn oreptation foe, ande' gngo do it woea. atas nonsense. at n gng to haen spts ve everai wd rndg u andertg erod hhad to walk thatac the question was w se gointoalthac peh, think he areed aroialy hesaid, e rs thinge ve is fithprle thgo i-- yhi ouilgaimgrio is thgstwvercng
1:12 am
gos. one ishat doo u authe he.ega tt e at teconda qstn. e rsow do u ke sure d't havenough 1miio ie dn eoad? ceouixhat'a t heer then to are pelehore sllhe. mef em wl go to amnesty, probly. a presenalanda suld nobealngbo that imy opinioan tt s e t wn wk t ago taedusg pliy lesi autell, i aesty if yoet th sy opaback tes a whatavyo a bz llthe wordus by to-nesty owbut ev bon that, it's simply iesnsible to ene ecatg ou tt til yo fith pbl. ebe w uail outhbont y fhe at in iein the first plac host: we are tki wh rk krikorian om the ctefo sdi autond trums iigti pn ich he ld out a secth stedsd nht re takg yr ll
1:13 am
moatcacall 2-7-80. puics 2-8-01 dependts 20248-800 have spiali r oswhardomeed imgrtsivg t ute can cl024800 that ertied was ts pvis lky t anda aut peapoftening h miationtanstae butn nit,e emto meutery filybo i nendn cte. dyothkhanged betweehatime hcoided ofrppacan actll devenghe spch? dinthcolef week befe t sec--hi tki abouthi sofni thg ihink t cpan stadn't dided wt ey we goingo . a-campan nar,
1:14 am
n a cnolly id colef e sho aoue sd,is hat sionnmmraonoi t beetmid. issotheayo n campaign. y're gog ft -well, not sten but ifou'reoi tmake t t d get or wi. asee,t'notain abt steng bau hs t tainabout l ellegal alnsnyrehich w aum inannever ou heai it heay i see iis not souc ahae or potr teror ty're ungor . auay wt ref ndf a gut rctn. t itngrod e r e d t d s, nd ept l es ieg ie. that n aoly. e d.t h gut rctn. e spee ts weekas turng nto eaio re-wldolieth are tulyhis ate n . host: oy. wee lkg wh rk orornitthenr
1:15 am
inpenden sdies alsof the bo feyfo and on, bh lega lel,hi w p o i 2008 awe a h omas mecahrgh imgriothug01 upexn r nesri plnsinrohi mala, iependent. od mni, ec. gd rng, era. mri ani ntoay i le era. u kn, iamhe aan imgrt se, a iam cnt lal. t wt w, he lineto come re rump, u owh 0% tameod itohe hians.h aclison mteto clto th d'tatr er isni, e est re out yo she caresbo yr te. democtsand olve
1:16 am
thimgrioisesth wod ve de wn obam otthhoe and t na. d tulyoba septe thaane hians otrreside. but u e stilaing to s ty re eep. w,ool t iigti oueetoto it sowhe,ecsehaishe ivgaps to erydy ifn ve years whave anoth 12illion peopl icth's l pa a iant to ge rk cncto go thugh al that. wl, mn,he fst thg tnko notes ats lal hs imgrt. de d veoumthug a t oo. ers l obuauacyo ers es youav toy,apwo y he ll o a, u ow, mbe th sulbe ltl n gngo it that dferent the'alysoi tbe aot hpso hrgho a lel iignt avtoaior ilependi owhator you'reomg . inis, lel
1:17 am
migran haveto i le iieg iignts cu li. d iegalmmra m n ha pers ye b t pnt ishe cti i le g into the utesteshi t r l mianreaiting e ulbeegmmras eaingbroad r ei tu. whereotofsss rerdo legal miation t e rski o frns uishat se peop a itg in athtiet a oereoe e stutng in li a geininir a it's wng itnfair. wt abouthnoonha democrs vead a cnce to fithsyemndhehan' t. eyeti ainfoth vo o - gut:he'somhi t th. i me,urg esenoba' fit o yrshead mariesn thous of ngss no wt hwod vepassed asd ulhave meinwodavbe rrleo ia nsi'm vy ad he dn dit he oorni
1:18 am
te osto movon healthrendotmmraon cae al,mmraonas impta t pridt am he n -himoer ia yfwedescennt vit w jt rehoasrily he r yer two d ft rone usdidn't thim heidt in it was ry imrtt and e st mad s tt pory. tth day, at lt a batae ithmoh aot fisllshoant mo miatn,or aes, ls enrcen tt whenheha e an. dn'ta i
1:19 am
apong perfmebyhe tial capong stut whh rpoib f its caiocontent and acra. visincaprg callerouaye s imgrt t ds not deta ttndumte mian we out res ds h notr tis. cnctoix e miation ste b his rey set oangea. toeethsyemessed . tet'let ma are fact tt llnsf mian wharhe d ce here as ildren th we out tir famies ou ty treat diertlth oerwhar he? the thing icore a they cl is there a. ey havus theerm drme rhe ks,llegal mian buger a chdr. eris ce make r ney rotidbut unrtaty,he ia up
1:20 am
ofroems. thacalre a lislati hacome ueval tesn core h vedow reatedly paryecse i inudes peoplwhca he teags aopseto peoe oamhe a18ons d oromhi le at somethg likehere a that was narwl tailod r ds who reay me you yng d ent their olchdhd here, t o came he at 1 yes o, d erwere oer ementso is meini can veitan sometngha cod ve pasd. e obm is,hathe un bthe been use soald mpheivefm adcates. eyavus them pter chdr. raerhafithr problem wi oarted bi ttas ndf ghand hasome compromiseancouldas they usedheasinofn thissg say ts i
1:21 am
unman whhabeen he sinc18onths oldndev haroleitthe policend doeselinchl ande want tooithar a kl amera'enie ll2 lln, illel iens sulge amsty. atinofdvtising wil nowork. thpelehoufr e op li t callerho fraly ulha h h probl fed ifongresanth adnistraonerwiinto look justn naowayt e obm std siims pr f aigr sue. ho: t picy of dapwhh areedhildren whwerought ove dal trp sayheou g r o th awe. do y aee iest:heroblemitac nothat ilegalid op w came aki. etidely m opiobut the prleist' ilgal.
1:22 am
core tno pasitn e prident saidnc cones faedo pass ite id cannotaifor congress, wi do it anyway. th'nothwadecry work the prlewith da a fa wldesil whi for a illel immra pen of forgn borki ith t pridt n allow tma laonis own regaless of the bsncof e issu--f psent oma su aexute oerayg theunine che erydaynd erody sulbeap and it rked, sllro, still constitial i -upex is stenr moatic le. he sood mni, mu aerndoan problem thmmigraon
1:23 am
th sulshut that depame do. they a t wsteoe. smuchle have done dageo isountryhai's unbelievle i meerin97and they pl by th rulesnd ce a studt sa got maieanraedy two dsnd i play t res tt eunngor e presiden, d't ke th one oth. th of themreia. both of themrehes. th are ngo. doldrump is thworst. hiwi ce t count o a tourist visanshwoed re illegally. kn t law oimgratio isandme on tourist youannot workn isoury th's ju iegal. i uld nowo eher. ste's let rk resnd
1:24 am
gut:here are sever tng yoentioned -- t fst pty was lkg ouwath buaucracinhemmraon st. i rest this game o picki the buauat when trereroemli , our vhe dmv in vgia work ok. oeruruccies li the pt officanth pelereot t probl. i's t policies and stutns that iset up in e op hherp where the obm is. op who compln aut usc is the agey at doeth eecas and that sorof thing fo immras,heeoe o worthere e not bad. 's just ttheare being giveanmpossible tasth cannoteay b aomplisd oply in sense, wh dyou exct
1:25 am
hest beating up on people ithfid cae 's noth're doing to donald trp'slan, accdi to th "whiton po,"heloed t fsility a t cost cost ofiverting ateast 5 milon undocumte 51igrantsou b bwe pot bli-6$.biio in eorme ctsvethe next fe ar w asleogtically and in rmof finanal ihi plan? es 's early asle. heidot say 5 mlion ppl th a pki aumber. eyreayingbo hf. hepeficall sd erne o s restedilbe moved. prede om's enfoemt prioties now is th jt l glots of a st iegal aens.
1:26 am
eyreot askg ngressor eon to be abltoetn d po aitnaeoe. they a n en inall the dentn citi and fdi th have now. th is sce cts. it'emeny feasle onof thelementth h talkedbohat the bad ste -an ean li sysm at is ee th ccked t sia sury . i's luarand a t pele uset. weset mthk nk rling tt t r almpyers will t stuc atllecsee velrdy ug t cpurs we havthinfrasucre shou trerean tng whe erisot a lot o exa st. -boominis corollinmmigraon is part of bei in the cotr bune.
1:27 am
u enthmoy at's nessy to dwh y he to do oecon tbe teed tmake iigti coroseem iosbl 's noimssible host: une w he jesro poucker,ho ian good rng. ll:owreouoi? i f tmmraonoly %. 'll t fault ocore. ey cannot mep th a reonablelatoorth o sovebo uroled'sas atea hhaa annd hiary d't. which isand a nctuarstate,ever mind ci. ta ttheeople all e mend thearni ppl
1:28 am
loof thed't rknd -- i have hed is first hd they say it'bettero s he d llt chk cae eyet st amu mey as rkg hos a mimu we. th'onthg. the hethg i t 1 have agnsru's imgrationlan as know meeople rsally whha bn her, kids tt my ki py thhahabe he 1or1 ar eynlkn t american y. ifouenth bk to atal ovezua. itill be psoseence t them bau le t eris vaatg. yowa tta aut cng ofif th ithon pbl iav wi tnsanabt e miatn. st l'gi mkechce are tt su irst oll kids o
1:29 am
did tulyomhe vy yog aavspt ei enrehihos re, i f amnestyo emottily en frt pt omki o de ttasnfcentn . it'the brdeamstth caot beonded uilft weix the proem yomeiod sitngp miesndhiis a bzwd e othesi uses. nodys ttg a fali gs peoplean alws bk and joinhe fil meer --ecseeople n wa g back a jn eifaly mbs. heaiitasoness faul i's ngress fltutt' also eesvedministratn. ngss has to ke theaw but erar kds of waysouan enfoe or n eorced e l. th isothing th puic and docti admisttis d puican anemrac ngssn e l spsie r.
1:30 am
uch a sshat everyby s pief . made otr inabt lfe. th iornt thi t unrsnder iwhile'm rehe are peoplwhge a eck and't rkth happsheerhear imgrtsr eranbumost pelen welre a actually workg and ttg lfare a suppme. that'thpot welfa s thissue isot blk-d-ite. yohe you are sitti aun aldawahi rlivnd ttg welfe ecoroure rkg. ouhos,mmra hoeholdsthvast mory at areolctg me forof lfe veomodin the work the as f tts r immiatnysmris in pelehoo't ve l of ucio and w he ds our welfare sysm is sied ssidize people oork and ha kidsnd our poo we aremporti pplwho wi initly be inwelfar
1:31 am
cae --t esotatr w my bshework -they can never ed their own ildren because thearso orly ecad that in a modern onomy,heir skills d't y a loofon. they can get jobuthe caot earn loof mon a th wl end owelfar 's nosoucanllal aliebeusth d'coec mu wfa. we have a legal migration st tt iortingotof pelehureds othsands erye, o cannot be -- edhe own cldren. y are doingha itakes no see. host: donald trump ses b addresngllalnd legal imgratio. he ss he wouldanto imement iolic certiciofo those ski to ent the cntry tmake surehat th le . w you dth? es he ll iexeme vettg,t's another one of
1:32 am
estrump labe. we aea do thatasal i both regulmmraon and oncen immignt is re if he was to bome a citin. you si sething that says i not belven polygamy arantoet a green u te tt t only areou urlfot a pygis that th y dnosupport polyga. deogale d this luecrni along. weav ttest that u e t annarchistveifou don't ha aomb to roat somne ifou s y a,oureot lod come here and at was a probm om 100ea ago. noi's differt alng i's dil lam. e politic ptsf la nothregious rts. sms to be pfectly ausiblfor somebody who wl ttle here -- y wouldotay
1:33 am
you are a muslim -- it ulbe r yone who is an iigrant, yoha atame tt says believe inreomf ee or i lie ateoe can chan thr relign e t go tan religi -- basic lu questions. meeoe llie, ofoue eyre. ty e and are founlar thathey li, eyane poed itlsses a meagto op aoa some guyn kianasot terrorist but tdional d-school mli a hres thishihehes thinking ouimgrating to joihi itayi believe at yo c lveny rign they wan ielvehaeoe n sult religusiges enf d't like it. meath and saymeca is not f m i lloto. we d'wa people whbeev in thastf. sts e eao eput utleou bdaerous eyould l othfo. e't tt vi pfing
1:34 am
quesonark gut:ot ceary. bo kpi o pelehore danrous le rrists osuorrsf rris -weo at yw. e poiniso epeoe t o rejec the bic priips t constutn enf ey are not llg yby. d't nteople vi io our ciety o ini's ok to thw ysffheopf budi a kl emveif eyreotoi i themsees peop wh oski o reogde vue sulnobe alweto en in our ciy. do n mter whheth wi kl yone ono welrdyeawi tt eson p xte ve0 om liis on our moat le. caerood moin hoare yodog?
1:35 am
i nto ke cmebo doldru. i a.scizen. lemeivyoan emp, i yowa to ma ari gat yoha tstart omheop aredo amic. hes rrd ta ren dy d a's e rsexpl ndceib] th d'ta autorgn mpieemoyg eran l t flo tt na trp ke[iiscernle ho:hais l tunck 'm t rehaheas king autoly. t tmps mri imgrtstoavhithe vesen rnbrd.
1:36 am
th'fi wh . d't reneayr otr. th'thde pt imgrioth erydy re wh. y mry seo fm ro ordo aabfr aoaan yoara s.itenason ast' litatvebo ageshaki oimgrio shldapn. 'anmpta pnt weakonmiiopeleer ar as gaimgrts onmiioevy year d lly nttooueha o tt o hbas, ve a ltle ki ou. cize. rene w mri oar adtebyn eraniten amorha a everydys r ats ila t people ev ie d iigtion, we a still tki 4,000 miants p yrndhat's tndg migratn.
1:37 am
that's mo tn y uny thwod iis e ba aut legal imgrioisot about yes o no, wargog he or n,t'arweoi t keep it athe higlel i w wl he bngt dn a moreusinleev. ste e talkg to mark siornbout the donald trump immigration plan he laze out- he laid out wednesday night. on of the plan was focused border security and stopping the flow of immigration. wallenterpieces building a . there is a piece in today's "new york times" that points out --
1:38 am
ndds havbeen tunned i ples -hodooutop that yobud wa? you do not st it. -its wa gngo be a t d mousga. buthe e drugunnels. th a n alwaybrging i immigrants. ha sn ctes ofhe tuels, ty e pretty inlved. you e t into spe tt netori in dishwaer is is r ugs. inever into sto iss mionception ople ha autenngr walls is tl. yohave tha psoelnd tenogyehd . erare
1:39 am
otr thin wwi pbably edo do. e rder patro edmo othground petrinrar. it'rar whe u n checonhe grnd ande e themn south koa cae e rtkoan arconstalyiggingunls dethbordero t in. e eahat th isothg c f oe d r l d th'thenoft is spl ls it's meinweill ways he to kp wh. rtf it ipeleryg tuelnd oclimb er th'noanrgennotoo it. wh y dveer y ckoucainheare. loedy car t ds t me tt o c bakn. the e sophticateca thveth c pop my calo aecd,ut i lk it anay because9%f e op out the o ghwa to still my car d't kn h to do that mcar ises lnab wn i loed the
1:40 am
or. it's t voedlthoug it's t voe bel 's noinlnab. st ke on our repuican le om odbridge, virgia ll: e ing that wfoet abt fixi t immigrati syemwh y cmend yr ginityour dumts yopay evytngp onan yopayo fs.hen they d't give you theisa, y d't get your money bk. std of gnghe to lose ne ty woulraeriv eimoy lellango the.inscnie] is --henlsoshe hawe t wa iir a d n cba
1:41 am
-- did notomba. ifa that we tathe th w? hostl's t rk cncto respd. gues wt w sing isou y ur feeupro and you have thave tpafoth mecadending yr sa and y g tneowou n'gethmoy ckhi te. theoint othvi ess coverhe cosof ocessi t visa. it doesot meanouill gethe vi. u are paying tapy,otayg be approv. eriso y arndhaif ourispres goingo basedn es beusth'thwaits. the n a lot of xper money atoein i 's malyunded t fs op pay. the fs haveo veth
1:42 am
workev ithe work invols rning u down sw ss down. sta up ocontraing ewabt na tmp's immigrion plan aheaiout th wk -- this is t oni ge of new york times. es l mguess, they ar ait . ho: eyreak dn vel e points that readin his ee. eyaiso othpointsf e planayotorouas he letshem ou e planoept e op that hearte woulddd hunddsf oundofew is bs. ddd not let thutwould ndds of thoundofew pris bedwhelsfillin lolai. eyre a gift t pva, for-profitrin dury d uld ensureny aes
1:43 am
th singboard dortation. so, calling on loc offia detain immian. ma combat a tooloracial profilg. waedesrc tt trautize ince pple anis not a w h'sdetriri -- uresponse? gut:ou have to detn ilgal imgrants befe u send tm ckif you don't, th got nothi to lo. ere iso ason for them show to hri, for instanceif eyillose the hearing beusi's in tirntes r ay. if the get caug, eyilenup in the me ace th we yway. ifhey d't t ught, then ey get to ve your loernd stt tting wn roots. lel migran are aos
1:44 am
e fition oa flight risk. 'm t ying ery illegal imgrant o caut wa s bdetain but the fault ttg should be they ardein uesthe is a reallyooreonthwath obama admistti arohe ihat nollalmmrant shoulde taed unls there is vy goodeason. thesa -- we need tfl that ound. tt ques mordetentn ac sbet. ho: "e shgton tes hat thdecric they n eray eivis illell oba d clinton veena gn tthre oth world that the.swill pte i tt lyncras illegal iigrants toinan
1:45 am
alteateou. guest: thinkhe is understing it. hla cnt esotavmu oan imgrion pl. if you gto heweite, lk at immigrio t daltrp te has detlealkinds ecics about whathewa d psumably thspchs uphere now with more spifs.he hillary clion si iclhe t oy thin e has beenoncrete abt his shwi n deport anilga miantoy in the future who s ucinto t cntry or has ld to o ste partment and gotten a sand nole. ne of those people will bdert uil thear convicd a viontely. litelly, 's putting out an inviti. eak into america fag a visand overstay d u lle ableo stay as lo ayodon't ll somebod orell dope. stweava t callers
1:46 am
upexwe have john is callg inn r demoat line from enewilnois, od moing. ll: goodorng. i thin e migratn suis gat ame w donaltrump would be daster,nd ignora disaster.otg r hiwod aisaster. 's su aiskeo tt how much seo dlis llary inn. he does not wa ise as a softenin it is softening but he's ra olookinwe for his ba. as y pnt o, sd theye reut of here, heaihes speakingrohigut. h believ tt ene id it. it has tdo withiignorae that and so my sues aut w e worlgot thwaits.
1:47 am
thate gngo ve to deal th host: t'lema rpond. guest: t cleisight, when donald trumpaiweanupport all 12 milli illeg alien thats cae dn't know mu aboutt and mosteoe don't. ifouo to b at the end ofheaynd they saweav to deport his people, they not kn what theyrealng about. mo pple don't knowha ty e talkg ouon anyssue. thgsre comiced. e fact i once peop g t him d idhais nothe way wkslike the insurce mmcial aboutowh's t the way it works, sothg mir ppened here. what deuputng for was a sue of policies atanix e obmsveif it's no going toe a mac nd of making a ieg aen dippear overnight. host: nt,wenny from
1:48 am
hytslle, myland, and --hos undocumented miant. caller: thank you, fm e st time i spoke with yo y a ts ow. i d a new baby. guest:onatatns. call: my busins gwi. ncth, have employed otr veeoe m company. i watched pgr o pbabout e ndition of pele moving om sou arica to the.s tre is no human being on earth tt ulmove thatay, walk hundreds mes in t desert, sm ro the
1:49 am
ocean tween the u.s. and mexico jt cause is coming he to collect welfarchecks it is unreasab tnkg en u inlike tt. host: only have few seconds left. guest:e's right, there are n a lot of peoplwho come here because they are cintoet weare. nobody in honrasa i edo get to america to sign uporoostamps. what they come herbeusthey have relatives oromodsa there is work here and ty me here for jobs and to jo rates d enhey find that becae they are poorly educad,he ndf jobs they can gean eyet job they don't pa chth cnofeed their own ildren noatr how nyobs theyork. they and abusing lfare.heroblem is not that i's maet. it's somethin that keepseoe re becse there is such mismat wh
1:50 am
e de siety we have. st: what dyothk na trp ou--hod opose to people whoretarting the bunesses after ty meere. gut: he says he is illeg but hetarted company. that's are acdotes of ilgaalienshoilpeople and all atpocyant be de based on invial ecte ihas toe baseon the broader eec, and t brd fect of illegal imgrion isostile to the unitedtas even though some individualllalcr--om ilgal immigrtsreerct fine like the caer sw less -- le e color. ho: the executive dict for the centerormmration studies, tnkouor joing us. up next, wwill tk about thfee gap for pele- r tehers when it comeso sari. the president ofhe
1:51 am
oi ufrom new yorkit to talk about imin the u.s. anthvalidi of recent clai of it being on thri. nd chris sparks swann t latest resear usf corra pisenin schools and e mb o studen aected by physical nishme last year. c-spa's'washingtonoual beginning turdayorning. jo t dcuion. next, the fute t two payolical syste thisaseld at the freedom nference. iabt one hour 20 nus. i agog introducey woerful nests. th a bvearticipants. first, i wt to go thugwhat were trying to d this ia very divisive
1:52 am
ectionear. lot oftrg feelingsbout bo candidates rit now. weava versitof opinions. all three tse people ve meinto add to the nvsaon the goals t cngfo u teorits to let y deta t dcuion. we he the presidenofhe tional consulting compy,e s rv othe board of n of nonprofs clin decracy allice proam third y citizen gament laborary, the atlant h caedimolorado's alrnivtoarl ro. [laughte enough is enoh n i are is incredible , rdener ne thiwead jean. ne
1:53 am
you have probably hit- read s best of the b lu. thk he ione ofhenl pele i kw o kehis ti ling critical thinkg andgood taste in cigars he have kellyshis exutive director of mps, colorado. and she has a pet wallaby. it is the cutest tngve it is on itagram thghwe would kick this off ginea othe panelis d pouny lay out what they thi authieltion. let's arwith y, ted. >> first, i nt to y ank you for having mhe. special thank you goesut to b d claudia. i veo tell youbeg e
1:54 am
--vod resint beral, fl a little bit ke circuanal. [laughte i'm hay to bhe. this is somethini'm definitely looking forward to. en lk at the 2016 elti, thk at is important fmen e context as to w u lics anal what is hpengn rmof the evoluti oou rts. thk ere isuch a level of diseranchisement and distrust that it is me an he er enn t 30 years i'veon potil workndore th i think anyone h sn t st0-15 years ats why endedp th ump onheepublican de that is y h berni sanders on t doctic si. all of my democrac ies,
1:55 am
sa lten, we have to pa teion tour fareft because atapnein the republanarty is gog to to us if we don'figure outow to addresit given thatthne problem i e is wnow have aross where the y da cte poti h become thwawe doolicy polics i'thfirst pers tsaas lo aits ga i wildo inrd to wia race because in ord texci power, you have to ha per that is whate haveone in colorado forumber of years and ha a resurgee democratth a he. e e ing we do heres at we do policy togetr. wh i find frustrating ist easier to poison aelheto g one. have two mn- t many
1:56 am
op he did not poisonndot a shov. we should be wchg e se ofarjosobecause that mb iring when y ph esvotersthey go trump. i think ts could be coetitivra, rticully given the uavab rin with hla a tmp th ithframe r me starting. wa to co bk to the econicumrshasteve did rlier. thtimes s been better th decrs aneplicans. >>hank you f t steamboat instite. we attend loof these conferences ani e loof famiar faces. think one of the tngth dofn that we will sit in aoom and surround ourselves with peoplwhthk kes
1:57 am
and weill all agendod bo h it t apocalypse andibals arth wot. yewe have notaken loof me to ve reainep, ne toughonrsio with our liberal cntpas. ted is an ilenius. there notr way to put it. he is largely -- h anyonre e ueprinon how democra n lodo? white puics erywhere shldar whyeplins should care. is a great bo aut ngerm political infrtructu a why is so imrtt. th w cated lgely and pushed in the checwath was te having this coertion wre are all coming foar alough disagreeing b igood fah to talk abouwhat ian
1:58 am
ly uglylection. it is meinwe havto face. we have never had ye wre th candidas are so hedy erne. frankly, theru pple will sahillary sucks, and th hiary people will say that tmmp sks a bh inthe other wl brinon thapalse andhaof the argument. i haveot heard aooecho
1:59 am
-- based on vote disengagement, th tells me it iti f us to rethink how wdoolicas a busine minfoar we contin t w wha neo r,eople ll ntueo diseage and b -- weane rwdhinking and can thinkbo wt a shining ci on th hloremra and reblancod ok like. james, you wa tta i >> ihought was going to be the e taking a contrarview. most of th pundits who anaze the electionrergngver whhehiary will w ia ndon jns type landslide or a saddam hussn type laslide aughte asmeeveryo would be thsame view. age th ted, i je t
2:00 am
premise that t ectn s been decided. thk gust itoarly t dear a winner. acowledge that hilla clinn is the fore seon thbe so far. y go to website calle electi bting, u' find prabities based on bets at ople are making in actua maet ese are people risnghe own moneonheutmef the election. i think it is an iri bting rk. thesthgs are not alws gh ex w setng like a 4:1 underdog a pse thfigure for trump ijust abt %. soundlike not very much to put thain perspectiveif rolled a pair de d ked what was going to rl, yourest bet wodeev, because is th most


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