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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 3, 2016 2:00am-4:01am EDT

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premise that t ectn s been decided. thk gust itoarly t dear a winner. acowledge that hilla clinn is the fore seon thbe so far. y go to website calle electi bting, u' find prabities based on bets at ople are making in actua maet ese are people risnghe own moneonheutmef the election. i think it is an iri bting rk. thesthgs are not alws gh ex w setng like a 4:1 underdog a pse thfigure for trump ijust abt %. soundlike not very much to put thain perspectiveif rolled a pair de d ked what was going to rl, yourest bet wodeev, because is th most cmo.
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the odds of seven are about 1:6 a lile under7% if w rolli aaradise, you ul't sathere nwaou argoing to roll seven. ju give up. ea oth probali, think trumhaa ot theomparison doe't wor extl bau aaiof dice, -- you kw erthraomnesss. th pits, it is aor colicatesystem. you are asinunrtaint let's ta authe sources of uncertaiy. e time. leio, ah lot can ppen in 74ay the poibility ofves, terrorism attac, other attack on police, that st thgs
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orhis we m not anticat anotheunknow de hi i the dete meertrp a unpredictae guy. memepelaonn w um did ia datdon' paou th sdn e imies, evyone d well thatru, he lost. th did focus gros d they idrump one. ru w.. also, the pls. you mentionega jns. a lot of theseollsavshn cnt in thleue lge number of ppleier uecided or thd-party optn,ary johnson
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orilstein. guy, mcmfinr mein third-part cdited't as welin thectual ti a th din polls. jo andern 10 s pollin 2 a g ls tn 7% the one exception rs per who goalst9%n 92 thk out ro pot , thcalmaur teen to say crazy tng onning on a ptfm skepticism abo tradeea a immigrio much le nald tmp [laughr] ish we ha ts yr 19f ross perohad gotten
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e nomination. ifetotn e puic nonaon th is myakis tt elti. l'di i it iwell-kwnhathese are o t mos hat cdidates inmecan history. 53% arinsadn farae ewflinton. 61% unvoble ofru. i nto owroyogu, w d g he? you tnkhat amic vote g the politia they serve? e theyeay atad wl,irst o, tk abouhiar ifouave spt ur entire life hin dpsr vi ing on in your all--ll
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--ll a ppltrto dig upironoundt's writte out yotry to tear do yr arteanmake to something u e t, and for while, a medimainth w gng afr r wl,f ur you nuerwi bdone. ofoue wl defenve at theame ti a s h s handlethe-il situati w necessarilthrit cion inheir pce d otheha handl isince en iwh iis onond um ihi his ref emp oth dirust a denfranisent. pele a pse ife n't paatntn to t fa tt eyreweill ntueeeg meinlike th hpe i think tt dvi more thnetive numbers ohiar anit maye qstionsbout her orerhact. >> d'thk ater nuerwere tt eain 200 when she waslso thinitable
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moat nin. yodid ha a tented politianater. butnye but hillary but the mocratic se s grpy d socialist. o tught bernisaer s intoe rious. i wod hooupot earlr about w iss inonn both pti. i attendedotcoenon i was struck tt d uzot oed fodeined tenrs thparty nominee. it was mynderstdihath people whoerooingerhi own suorrs. gotoo frs ppti tominee aute wainhe halfotrp'
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acptance speec and cnt' spch clinton was inrrupteby heckle alet don times. u ulte they werehese hi-la-rhants of reblans gehele ao t eyre outsiders. t delegateathe conntn. [laute rell trump bngntrued cey ckrs rememreos he id- he hado at ,e ids'tli
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the evanpoliceeptmt nderfu yi, ipeapleni. >> ts aexplofhe leveof disfranchisemt and distst took oflater t decric side th it didn e repuic se. d attaedarerit --ndad theanders campaig been more aggrsi,t ul ha bn much me competivdecricrimary beuswh y thinkbo i th isoonwho paedne bill his eircaer spt stf s career as a inpenden scbehielas siast t esotethath an and igtea sef ople ateay outse his rhor don'ha a rl connectionithi wh tt yso iits le aut theolicieh's taing about d rebo t rhoric and t psi hwas givi a pple we aracted to tt. thi tt the same typef
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dynamic weawapni wh um >> n tt d n snd mu te aemra bore isear head nev r f fi under theanr t rt whosnonatione s seekg. >>higo back to ahey ha whichs that i thinkhe decricars-3ycles behindheeplin rty. remb t 2006 uc, 08 uc. i rember -i s tting up a uc and iad gonthug stic da y to fur t whats e ght mb ofeople who uld sh ufo thisaucus. we werbln out of t wer sote wl wall people
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o had cng t tse new libertarian,onau voti. eyusca in and to over these rhis. it wasefe e a rt we sawheame thg in t caas this ar in colodo with bnisaers pele. just absolutelca i bw the doors off moatause absolulyeahiarat the uc a tn ok oveathe precinct levelndouy level, weilsee wh hpens athe state lel. i think e tu ce t decric mhi coro fundenlly differt than what wsaa argo. >> what i'm aring tre is
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a t disn thin t rts b iismpta that th a ufi. atoepa lk ke >> speinas docrat, thinwe are havg better ott tting somef e ification. d't ink folks e into n ft cce iwhethethey wl gouto te paicular wh younr vors lle make somkind of connecon i want to te f one pot at kelly me. this will ctrersial i think a lot wt publican pay d you e ci tay isheesult sds thayo sod. thheeaar movemt and af tnking isou ba wato refm e rt that okff morthan i thi some ofheeople itlly made the instmenthohthath were gng to . now, if i reoui ulbe sowhat uetecse l of e op who fdeth
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effort areowan off. trump n t pbl. weilnodonying abt it i ulbeisd f becae you e tting p to clean itp. >> i g aoln rlr is week asking if tirubc and rty casurviva umlo. thbac function of polical pay to co after the coetioisvean after the mie s en chosen, to uni binan nomine and the republica me big de o othis afirst. e fir debate in aust 2015. was, rst qstionsk the yo w wl not pdg to suprtheot- rts possiblesa any indepeent candidy? lyru'ha gs up.
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this me repuics rvs so th wt o -i n' remberho, bui expect it ca fm e top nks ofhe andidas were dud tsuor t pty minee. fastorrdo mchheits wn to tmpkach, a ndheay -- cruz theyre no ngound tth ple. sd i am t in the hitf doing pele o su m family. trump ts the nomation a z asich, rne he fused eor h.
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if trumpadun as an dendt and spoith electi forepublicans, th pay uld ha rovedro that eilengh ts ydav sd was nevea puic, is ov i the rublica c rebuild. rublicapay oi, cordintoheules th h s u cr, kic whyuming that um les shldither e them fl coelled to suorth nominee? t's say so febnd challengashho comes io
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ossend in 2024, he thkst tter sus his purposesf t pty remains dided. wonder howhear c continue tunio ty n't unify hi t nominee. repugnant the might find nomee. ete spd the cororsl mment earlier. the risef ings likespnd much of that h sff direc rponse t that youakinhe sta of corado and h franchised l over theountry very succesul. hink, loofhi
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is fctionf im going toeter, sorry- a functi of finance reform. roh nae ror mey hasoved from thcaides themselveso frastructure .eroessow a ters c no longer hold the candide themsve resnsle for each they can s, ii't see at- y at, progressow id that. accountabit, someone okg t blot an sin no i did not like emoved l ofh sponsility andadth rhetor wse
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i wanto start their cae, sotalk about holding you nose andotg r someonei thinjohn mccaiis gat g , agreful for his fuls rvice to this uny. think his- was in e on ia t,talk about but ichgi our whole ndape. when i think odold tru a ho manyeople are refung to dorse tm, i look back to lodo politics. corado tdso be aiccosm of and thahaenatnally. d mays? he t e nination, republican cay -- pay corado.
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once peopllenemo aut mth did tt was t e pathorhe cgressm, former in t american constituon rt and -- third rt almost created aar- crisis inheta bcreating a differt balan. i uld like tremind erybody that afteranweotory gane we he e abilityo ll together. maybe not on trump. i stl think there is a patto trump and we should ctie have those cversations, pushing ckn ospele. rolng ss ou20% of , 5% of republicans
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decided howhear going ve d n't until tober. ats ba that if donald trump wants to win, mu tn out for m. tirink there is a path to -- tirbut if thepolye does happen. the is ao hopen e horizon. iant tohallen your aly. 2010? you said people learne about himnd decedft learning ate was not their cuof tea u nnot say that wt ppened with trp. jebu a john kasi and ted , lz andth minornes gned the pledge afr vi gone through a lst o, probly two debatesittrp. knew athewe
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pledgi t they signed it on e theo thehole idea tmp is azy. , i don'ta dald trump risl they snethis pledge knowi w,t they were pledging amonth tngs, sporting doldrump if he became e nominee. they did it thhe eyes open t not aerfectnagy bui am tin to fwa thinking in terms of -- ok, we haven is state, sfed et cseo an implosiont e top of theicket. tan analogous whe, therwere a
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lot of unhappy pplandet we were ab tpu i togher d put somebody onheallot lar that lot opele got behi a entlly, we praid despe e fact that colorado h bn swinging me tohe deep, dark, bl-ppl side. >> irobablshouldn't saying ts, peop a gng to watch isnd say whyoun't you get yo mthhut? lge par is how we played avily with scott. the one o is w gngo be runni against t fst time. that raises an interein question.
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ey came inndladn - race, but th tne oundidt nclast ti awell. around anhilite it and turned itnt liabily. is, thk e estion stinks. its per borg. it means it is mh rd t track the ne andrack who is respsible r whatesge. aargelso aring that percengef voters who are undecided anthis is going to beroht out. i have a question for jame but you cacheck been sin you ha de a lot of analysis of voters who ethe
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uncomfortablwi trump, what t songest argenfo not votingor tmp andhat wod ur ansr tit >> thetrgest argumenorot voting f trump? thesishene the mocratmade athe convenon ic is,e aunable natic who is goingo art a clr r. [laughter] >>hais pretty much it. auter] est argument again ths,ts rd to ara clr rk. -- nuclearar. [lghter] he has nevereeknn engage in phycal vien, least as an adt. is picture people are inng him, is pbay false one. >> i want to askou qstion about clto
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t same eson. ats e best ansr i >> i think iisorry for uncided voters, wheth t vote for hilla a n. i wod ve to y that n the issue,utt . suritcago after chacr and trust, it is fficult. the e-mail situati inot going end. the e many of tm. atistill therere goi to be a couplesss wk. we mhts llet used to it. wh you do a comparison of quificatn trump and hillar, i know ts omil disagr wh m but tre is aumt forndid vors what lbj d
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tholdwater in shroom ou i don't think we should , alyoha tdo is sw cl odonald trump lkg and at takes care it e othenote about donald um and this is what i fi frightinabout his candicy and about their stragy. w is to way he ca ivp ue-colr white ve. pennsylvan, ohio, wisconsin, the stel ste and in ordero tt,he ings you have toay- when you st t tha--or me, as a oud liberal, lieng trump' secat the convention, was fascited and horrifd how took the police shooting iident,urd it in l a oeranacsed threde of beinghene
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inth race btin i knowyoare all going to digree with me. [laute listen, ha been ying to crtehis up little bit. helucollarote is ver imrtant. what dyo tnk tt e moaticar has fostered th bprenting a enviroenl en. aivioump - based on iigti and others th hbrght to the owou the decraticar hdlth diertl >> there are twoesnses t that. three - hillary' numbers for nohite, ey are gh
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were seeing ghumrs an for therede. seco, i thk u have to be carefulo make a spl rration oray tha bl-claoters are ing to me cled to vote no r lly because o t im t eirmeal anda. because wh y pl the afl nuerndhe more trade ieedr be-ll-le io membersthey don't necessarily ma tt conntion. ere argoing to be poetof at, butouant make tha asmpon >> o point. i n tnk thahillary clton is doing a goo job. wh you're tking auter abit io't think she is ayg os bf
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fes. jrnal, ert was an aic aut the fac that hilry cnton, though e nounced eay on wh e clinton fndio tt ll woulbe leaving a ty ul no longer te rporat dotions, acal changed thr an ohaanoh yes inup,at hiaryso chsecast. we are clinton. th doenohe wn ey are leapnghat they are gng toe theseew rulfoowing wkeba back ibemecoennt. it makes it hardoreoe fe theyre rulollowers and buildrust that weeeded r her.
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it does t an- seem lik they care very much. >> ts mfrtratioon is iss. left, wef us onhe ne t embrace the greathis the clinton unti h done. [laute riousl v, as aic so whaifheto aolic apoa t fundraisi and brght it io the spactoo good. at say toha tnkod thank god mee okha prch en fd frustrang in rm of public policy chang if you look at themot money in fndioth nuer kee gngp d . wh y lk the te of, wh wrer to as wked prle, just fction ne
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eyonnutorevail a lot ofhaishae don' thk out having fouatn neypeita tu on instnt typof perspective >> o u saeehath eas conflict of inre? cls cnt can remain at the unti. i inthe e odrgen to be de does that ok optal b? crs ha they handled wl th thprs,neay thewi b t brdndheerhe were not, no. >> i almost thinth ty
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ofoue igoing look d. >> i almt inth tyo themlv aerce by muddng up as much as posbl thsimpleits, theor i los. theynnnc last week that they wl longeta fei ancorporate donationifrs. clton is eleed preside. wh ds atell you? if youavnobe flowing this, yolen athelinton untion has bn taki ren d rporatdonatis. by t w, there isomethg wrong wi ibeusthey go to st iwhen she becom pridt. mrs. clinton sd a intervw iseek th tre aotf smoke year but n fi. ll kind ofhi i that tsa what ds this mea it mnshamrs. clinton i nove good at ts. e s certain la o litical skls. that is wh hpe wn you
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