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tv   Discussion Focuses on U.S.- Turkey Relations  CSPAN  September 3, 2016 4:25pm-5:26pm EDT

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viously, the ypg has not tolly withdrawn yet. the grt fear is that turkey gog wt gfurther, that turkey might nto there, or ght want to go sohwest well below the borde tolo a possibility of the two parts t kurdish-held area linking of. u th iwh the turkish me into jarabulus iabt. iabout blockingheur omei able to link t two salitswhh they currently hold anif they do thabyust staying alg eiboer, it n rk, and the rsoto be skeptaland then the great danger is that the ana of the tuis kurdi btlefield has iny widened a t chaos
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sya,e just added another larfaym it. mr. misztal: before we go to esons from theudncha , aru. picy options here? do we ill thk tkeas a countrth we ne, pecially when we e alg threa, but it is a cotrth is not lining up with ourntesan objectives there. it is a country trying tsh us that we neethem more an ey need usand at the same meavg this democratic cris aho. what suld u. prioriebe i meanwhat shoulu. iean, whatbe, - shld u.spriorities be that long list of issu we have with tury,nd maybe, al, given your background,ha shouldongress be thinkin ou mr. makoky: let me talk about policyptnsbeuse a t of times, exeti ideaso come om congress. so regarding syriai ink we
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bacally veo find some wa to manage thiselionship because turkeyoereinery importt. it is member of nato there no provision for exllg anyone fm nato, no would we wt . turkey is stratecay located, and it is in our interestoet ong with them as much as ssible ey have, hever, co a problematic ally. i inwead no choice but to try to mage it do thinkusas we ve a ro-btom need for turke they also ha a rocboom needorat whatever theonelti of eir military igog b i thinth are goingo nt to associated with nato rath anitrussia or some other kindf eurasianrouping. reover, we over half of tuey's ade isith the west. i think turk wl ilbe lied strongly to thees b
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weilineasingly s a turkeyhatrs to express sovereigy th tt western context. do not think tres mac rma except to try toak re that the turks do not pk a fight thhe kurds, d to ur turkey toitraas soo asosble. noonr-rmi think weo haveo ck witth possibility, again i am not being oitbut we need to reck wh e ssily that rhs unprectle turkey llltimately move outf e stn orbi and we ha t lo ceflyt alternatives e se foranyears -- im sorr im goinon a bit here, but througho t cd war,
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tuey's stragivalue tt itadhe longest borr th e viet union sie e ld warits poan w summed up the by the late richardoloo when w assistant secretary f roanffrs in 1994. he said turkey is at the cte ofve iuef importance t thunedtas on the euraanontine. thatas reay enhe rationale wi o ratns withury ncthen. weavto prepare a plan an kindf okor other aas thate n rk on eurasian problems fm. mrmita any suggestio erthat might be? mr. kokyeaern europe certainlhas poibilities. kn there are issues ou r 97rey withussia. am not a lalxpt. t seems to me from e y i re it, there is the
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possibily r ses in bulgaria andomiabecause e tuiohachged since 1997. lel authorits d ssn exrtneed tlook at it carelly. in addio wkn the krg, e iraqkus, would love have u. presce ey would be delighd. thk is a ryricky infous to range in the currenciumans, particular wh r baghdad focus. . szl:ic maybe you can talk abo t vuef mocracy, and wt c dto trtotachhe losses er mr. daor: i would giby sang -- cking up on what al sd ithat there is
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the uel irony cspac thri about howhenid at ibendhis coup, at rehan anything else in turkey, moreha democratization,orth a pane againstsis what the , united states hacoteon is maiaing a sblance of stability in tury se. d with theoup atmp tt wathe first me wheret tuly seemedike there is the frightening possibitof disruptive, destabiling violence, which s en been rtred by the resgee e r agait e pkk. and e tt kd lki foarisomhi that will prccupy policymakers moran more, is the rl ssibility destabiziowiin turkey. w th that said, there mit be a tendency to lk tt as sera fm the estionf decry. obously, we do not nesri feel that y. therarreal rso to thk that t coup tet iel
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wagog to be diupvet , prend e ggest threat tourkey's stability,ut unrtately inevab, er ishe possibityhatue's sponseo e attempt will be in itself destabilizg,ilbe intsf that to demoac d thheouattempt now overth iththreat that turkey ifangnd thehreat that the peoplinhe unid states have toeltuey fac unrtaty, think so r thunedtas,he administrati's meagg has ennconsient. redays after the cou t unit steraed the issue of towg rk out onato cause of the doccy requemts. whh idoesn't and it was not the ialimtori this up. after ising these coerns, in iedte point wre they wereotiky be helpful, a montana lfat, biden nto rkey, this aft
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showin sport f turkey fo the past monthth mht hav be t oornity to start rainsome of the ncns, anthvi president sai noinabt any of our coer aut the extent t purgeshawe gng on, about attemp tprece ading kuish politil gus. sohis isoi to be -- e quti tsuort turkish democrizio aa strae and difficulti ian evitab difficult onebuso r e prch has bee muddd enou tt i doot ink its ceary lpg. mrmita thank you. with that lemeurit oveto e dience queio. ea be sure to state your mend affiliation andakit questi. s,n e co r here. >> i am anntesd tin. would someone pln is map ea? mr. misztaur veryuilyheelw areas , are ars thatreurntly
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ldy ri kds . koky: byheayi id light green. o pointi was loli. rrabout at. hereas iblk are held by is. the eainreen a hd by ansstmt of syrian rebel groups, and e heareas e he bthsyrianege. the pi os,es the syrianege. ye mr. koky: cod just qukladd? at was trying to illtre the gat turkish concernis athe two kdi salients will link up eith aturkeymmiately feedhroughapref jabulus and then sprdi in the syria borderer or to theou. thk e inwe actuall ha to watch is wth t turkish liryoeinact ve southwe ttrto block mo carly any ph.
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mr. misztal: a sfa-- i thk important thi tnote isnef the ass that i believe thturkish milita deded to movishakurdis foesad moved into e euphrates ver ancaptured a to, which -- mrmavsky: withur suprt mrmita with the u.s. asnghem to do this, which mo othtwyellow areas vi closetother. d what youavse ithat turkey has notusstped cauring jarabulus, wchs an is-hd wn th a movinsouth, and the fear ith will fighting noisis, but e ri kds anwe will have alliefiti ea oeratr than fightin r realnemiesn syri yes. >> would lik-- ndceib]
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nely dnoage th manyf uromnt let me sreomofy thouts about syria. no hde and [indisrnle it is xewi t p, ic is trostrgizio th he ntuous aess to terrorist gazationin turkey. theres cilarn rkey. kk- [indceib] we believe ware inarership thhe.sinhis fight agait rrism, s coopation pofhawe are resolvedo continue ouright ait rrism in that see. crs wdo not associate ont e rris orgazaon we do t have any good orad teort gazations, we do noha a partn trorist orgazaon so thfit
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against e rris gazaoninyria, because ey are a mn re ain r national securit ell a t cp attet -- anheteort organizaon whh are fhtg ait. l mal menti, underling tt,t is rftlnarato have i ullike tassureouha itould be wiinheulof la a a the lalemies th a ailable forhe aconre tak. -pa of something se
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authorities to aclike that. rk will ntue to be a al of the u. is ay,,t d it wl aal. wexpt the s.o act like at. thk u. . sztal:ha y for yr mmts. over here. mrit. if wcod itorhe crho cinto you. lu: ne ly. i hearhe are so many teortsn rk, but i wod keo ghght one bjt. when lerion of- happed tk so many crice. welshad u. vunteers who joinedhepganth a de rightowanwere itg r em to meack. wavlo of lo as kurd aamerics. and enurkey went to ralu iseemed like mac -- eryindippeared, isis went awa a rhtow is e a huniri csi
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chic wpons have ense byheursh govnmt ainst vians. vianha been lled. at is methinth ian you tk abouth. . sztal:ha you. iimrtt highlight couple tng the k a u.sdesigned rrist orniti. e g not. althought welcoided that there a lksetween the two ganization mrmakovsky: ybi llum inuily. e g n ou. terrost li. i coulsewhthturks would see that as a t aiction. e d,itwhh e g is sociated, it is a syanursh polical party that h i ogi ithpkk.
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it venat eog. uno it isnderstandable th turkewould e it apa of the p, wer,t s not en attacki turkey, at least t untith rent, ts irmish of colef days ag a wn turk eer jabulus. itaseea very effti fiti fcegainstsis for the it stes anthefe a very iorntarern getting riofsis. its in turkey's test to oicoli wh e g. as forhe jarul teor, ifhait does help tcrte the ciumans r e expulsion is fromyr, it is a great thi.
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soo is pointt uld b i thk eris every rsofo tuey to elt lge a sues wh iwoise is sing tuisfoeso ut maybe,e do not kw exactly whatapned, may that s cause kurdh rc wt nort atompot,e expect the ypg wi move t et the euras ve ty oicoli, as the rkh fee nier said tk's te, d turkeyta angtsorr, th ihi it is a plus. wt pps,owerishe ttfid betwn rk a the kurdsilyprdsrom rkey a iq syriath e rkh intervenons intoe seen as a ve ris gaveoryr, for
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u.s.ntests, r e gh ait is, anfoulmaly r rk ielf. . miszl:t iornto pot out thats r crent u. sategy cceedth ragywhh s als raqq the is pil in syria, t rd tt pital sposed to be op bth yp a t rd goeso ypg-he triry syan kur he idndhe u.asaith iis not the le for syrn rdtoak raqqa. it is largely sunni ty hangccretake tt city ulste ctiatensio. t r ragys rrtl lyg tinthat rd, so y llout tween s.nd the pg bau o fiti bwe turkish and kurdish rc wlderus
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in danger ats e timate goalf s. mison mrmavs: e rkish governntnd theurkish pridt s id -- d is ncwi wt im rr i dinocah ur nam-- >>indiscnie] mrmakovs: do nothi i t rht. 'm o g, bad arg. i thk syncs witwh y idtuey's als t ly to go afr is butlsafr the d. sof ft turkey pursu that goal aggrsilythe are gointoe oblems on many lels, includg t fht agnst is. mr. mita l's seif we haveth qstnsn the audience yes, on thsendow ba tre. brkethk u. ne bok lling fromheast tw comments,'m ndinwh a tue's objectiv isya gog aie? is iwiin t y iba
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acsshe eupat? is igog burtherha at is it en isisracad? at what inarthe ow ojt gng to aieved? givehaiteqreth bng syriaonr anss i ghngebs other caon when has hypoetally consodated its power d taisd self a anndurinfoe,ou aad beillingo tertaianidea ofury,f ctiinso sort of conflict in thnoh -- ju cious, rongho questis t. mrmavs: ryrilyyour first queson answers itself. tue's itl al- e u. spo w f t ppo of expelli is,hi has been accomplisd. what woulde thk eafr
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evyo's pot vw tt th turshresyanrmy ales -- if they are capae -shoulde e one holdg jabus,ndheurkish mita, if possie,hould widr. thk at wou remova al frti point, thpotentl frti pointetenurkey d e kurd after l,heursh tn is right across the bordefr jabus. tuey could reallruthgs from there ithe fr sian ar is cablof holding ings. gardina teia opatn or claboraon syria, doan not al s ipese as youroblkn, erwas so fhtg tween ri gornment tros and e ypg -- a ltlbioff thma
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fuheout in the yellow saen ani ulnorule out ctalooraon agasthe rdift meoi -- if hse that h ierest. h h an unlating laonipith the kus,t tis working moreloselyit emanatim fing off thhe t thk thatou bth lyreofottial llaborion. . szl:ur ithba ere. h ndceib] my questiowod be,here we nyllatnsgast tury, athewere hping is, daish. thissue was avinfr tueyo ri
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d w after thidr aist lu do yothk -- becae we he someewan theyreayg at figerof e sue, of is, e gettg into theeb gupthat turkeysuprtgs is , evtuly going tdisappr, or do u inth are going useure d fect eop asel bi: ll jones, amith amstinrnatiol. th inoanmnestyueio t erisuc--t em th wn talk outh tuisar, we' tki abt ems if they rehi unie tetr force. anwh ithste t turkh my do abo kw ts int?
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. szl:xcelle question. t'- y gs nt t keho t qstnsan then wha twr u founel mrmavs: y n'i it d enou i llake yo qstn, bil beusits syo swer. i n kw. but i ulsathis -yo knowwh ior yr estion isheacth ith afrmh t coup tet, we over % t fg office, the genelsnd adra othe turkis milita, ve eitr en arrest oreve ats shocki aunof rneror a mity. d i do tnkneey oecve of the incsi io rabulu was to send thmeag wth it is accurater t,erps
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ti wl lltoend a meagth t tkish milita is stl mar power in the regn. i ulsay one other in ouit r lo te a this we knownlfr pssepts and thki ogossipe l hear fr o fends and sourc - foa longim erdog had been ierted inheilar movingntsya,ndhe lirytsf appantly had sied it seems psie at l o threstceamfrom liryeadershoreo longerart ofheilitar-- . szl:hich would incle, i wldoi o, e mmder ofheecond my the k,heomnd of th spiafoesthcommanr th abase, so all iortant sionth would have haan important role to ayn y opatns nick, nal thoughts? mrdanforth: answer yo quti a this gger issue
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thrhetor has been ratcte to anbsd vewhe you have one se yi tt turkey isuprtg isis and theth sideaying that the pkk and the ypg are e ral eqvalent of isis. neither of tsetaments help psuing ration pic that canri t uted states antuey togher to prerv --ure at ihink erye reiz ithultima goal, ich is a sustaable pital soluti to do tursh kurdish question. and we he said nber of things and written authi s rtnly incumbe on the ited states to make rehat itpocyn syria does not empower the g,hepd in y atak a fair political ttlement in turkey posbl t has me it more difficult ent ems li aturshidis no long test ithe political
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selentitr. mr. mita tnkou, thanyoevyby r coming toy. as i am rehiwill n be the lastaj develme that weavinury, i encouge you to folloouwritin analys a partispolicycent.o. u n ll alan at the ceeror american progre. we hoptoeeou all soon. thank you. mr. makovsky: thk u ry much. [alause] lawmakers making the stf
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the labor day weenbefore headg cko pitol hl next wk r giative sissma sharing what they e up to on twitter had atconsinongressman thisho with e lsu pridt whos in wcoino watch s school ta oth badgers footballeatoy. d e michan cgrsm postedhipho thhe head coh the westernicga football team,ishing the plays cks they beginheir seon anas for the new hampsre senator,hes outsi ring a four wheer inewport wi supporters. inoncticut, senator mph sharin ts of m tuin from aal across the state, which included 126 miles and 22 tos.
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linkt pvides a leak- for ose to learn me ou the troubles. onewsmakers, senatorasdy about epcincoressional agenda, whichncludefuing fothe zika virus. helso tas about flooding in his state and the situatio there. crs thesasters untry, including lisna i think there wilbe disaster funding action. iteeds to be addressed. e publicans ved on a package atou he funded za, decrats opposed. d t h ce tohe contenl ited states in more significa w. i am hoping we can orcome ffences and actuallyas that. chris murphy and a wki on a mta health bill. its ve significant piece of legislati.
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coann ece has already passed the hse. were hoping to get a vote on th iseptember and it would like to see that hapn. i know there is other bill th wldele that ndg. we wl ve a busseemr. >> you can see the rest t interview with senator cassidy onewsmakers, tomorrow at 10: a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern. ac-anrgyou can watch lical programming a te at your cvenience on your detop, laptop or mobe device. go to our ho pe and ick on the de library seah bar. ty ithe name of a speaker, the sponsor of a bl and rie the list osech results. ick on the program you would likeo tch. or refinthe search with our ma tools if you do not want to srcof thvideo library,he homepage hama crent programs for
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meateiengsuchs e washington jrn o eves coverethat d. is puic service, so if you ara cpawaher, check it o. ts labor day weekend, amican htory tv oc-an has three days of feur prramming. nit on ctures and history kefield college professor oliver rosales shas s personal historyndth histors outhatnal farm worke aocti. >> cve was blonghiup the mome of farmworkers. theyere sudden becoming engaged in fighting fo rht wages and working condionan also mobiling fo piticians. weill talk about ts ter, we mtied it inhera history, o oth best friends of the family is the kennedy faly
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stti wh john,herobert and theichdren. on americaning arfas, we sit the naon securityrcves agege washington uversitwith the director, for the 50th anniversary ofhe freedom of information act. ohmaas was a crusadewho picked up thisrit ngssman as aosns, donaumel his atenonheloor the house is a pretty good planation of why the bill became aajority bill. he said,t has gotten soig inlv some in a differe pieces of our liv, medicare passes, social sury and so foh, we edhe right to get theecords out of the agenes a bable t uphol ouowstandard of libert freedom. >>onday mning, e national
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rks serce marnghe 100 anniversary at the arlingto house, the robt lee memorial. spoke with the former direct a bndon buys, the rmer manager oth house w will ors t rtoration of th msi and grounds. we we ftute that we reble to reallyair our eciceeds for all kinds of musm jeshe come forheto, d for the ysal construction th needed to happen, nousfor thuiin but for the ground and gde. donateder generously $15 million to make that happen. >> forhe amecan history tv hedule, go to c-span.or. a makespan radio easy to follow t 26 election. it is free toownload.
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you n t dio coverage and upo-the-minute schedule operatns for-span television d soodstimes f our polaroam stay up-toaton all the ection coverage, the c-sn radio a mns you alwaysav c-span on e . detroitd umwain rlr today where aend religious service a prominany -- at predominany black church. ske to the congregaon about issues portant to the african-american commuty and at heould do if eleed president. this is st under 1 minutes. ha y.rump: it is soic [applause] . trump: thank you. th is so nic uswrote thithother y
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knowinth i would be herend i mean it from t heart and i wod keo jteaitnd think u will understd better thai
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there iserpso ti o leaders can keo me heal our cntry and sport o ople, d provide a greater platform to e ack churches d urgoers. you rhtve day by your commitand your famils. you rae ildren in the ligh ofod. and i lllws ppt ur urch, wa, and defend yr righto worip iortant. i am hertoisn to yr ssage, and i hope psence re will also help uroi
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reachewudiences in our cotry, and my these spitn your prayer.needou chstn itisot the past, but e esent of fure. make it roer make it stroer ppuse] ent tgreat, great leads keisp ckson, dr. jackson. and so many others. d many others actuay ttg re darrl scotwhhas been with me for slo.
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thank you. we are takg emacfr meco aneverywherelsbeuse th are go i will ha ahance discusonowo t ery amic othe latter for ccs r grade educatn d eajobs. but da iant toet you know, at i ahere to listen to youand i veeen doing at had a fantastic interew
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thheisp jackson. he is ben don'
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its on h lacth i hop toui the furof the rt b me poantly,he future of e country t couny.
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our whole cotrlos t when fos. a o nio and wn anneur, a hurt togeth, d a's so true. we are all broers ansiers,altog.
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african-eranommuni h ffed from dirinaon d ere arma wngthat must sti be made rightth wi bma right i nto ke ameca prpeus forveone. i wanto keheity th ecomic ey the wld weano atwe can do at ain.
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oppouniebere, and th' nyma pplinetroit when ieeag falli, ople ouof work, inoth rdips this inflis d'm dermedo sething abo . i wi dsomethg about it doethis ne. some peoe have strengt. that's e mine. gethings don foanwhha heard it, thgsreoi tturn aroun tomorr will be bte e past and i were tain ouridingp e reet a s a tselosed ores d people sti oth delk and no bs ando acvi. weill geit turned ou, paor believe me. ppus we are gngo win aias a
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untry d we a gngo n aifoalof oureoe. wa two wh you rew the ndofru bwe many of s stifficult hours, through t migd faceanthrougpele lik shop jacks a d jks. iortant peleavnodehow important th are. w these hard tis r r couny,et us turn aga t r riiahetage to li t sl o nation. i'm so dplgref tbe here tay, and its pye atmerica of tomoowth thamicof tomorrowi b one unitytotherness, d pee.
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d rhs we can a the word prosrity. veryrospers. i'd keo ncdeita paagfr fstohn chapte ur st groups i spk d' owha b we know. if you wt,e n y it together no o h er enodutf we love e otr,odov --iv iusndisovis ma comple u d at's true. anyou so muc isaseen an honor. anyosi ank yo >> we ha another tleow. preacher.
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hoy,ou y ce a moment myifani nt to ve you methin >>hank you. igog ba blesngo you. mrtrp:ha you. ts arayer shawl rahtroisrael is prar aw-- wheneve u e yi fm coast to cot inoyoju ce om mexico,ndourelying fr cy cy,he ian anointinofhe pow ogod.
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thg else could hp r t e weofod. there are intoe mes in your le whenouee foak, you are intoeel wn the anointg llifyoup. i ay or thisernay and i sted or it. i nt to t thisn u. ppus anunr:ft that,onald umtong neighborhooin
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trt thenarson, a .ati o dro th sckutsidehe chiho home of ben carson to eak wi aesent. [indistinct coersatis] >> wh's youram e kid thhetraight a's. hdiget straig 's. >> thank you. e moved. u e lkg aeal este king >> warabt adtoo. >> iill send y aopy of
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hertf e deal >>llight, ceen trump: tha y very muchgood lu. >> hava wonderfuti. ve gd r you. >>ottrp. en youo t plsvo trp. [iudle] [iisrnle]
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hyidouhi oyour vit detroit >> ledt. rllu bk?> lid . jrnismiton li ery day witnews a pocy iue sunday mning, kellnne cwa shesheatt omhe tru caai iluding reactioto ismmraonpeh lling hi tp mexico and his avere t afcaameric cmutyhen tksboean-pierre thlastevopntinhe 16amig inclung dal trp'outrea t afcaamericans, history to meco -an t tnsrtio report f t aocte press on t ilemention an
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imct othnefarus that gutehe usef mmerci dres. whitojonali at 7:00 easte, nd mni. anunr: c-sn ntues on e road to the ithouse cora. moayfterno, a le om cvendithiar cltoinicpridti caide m kane they lay oupls r the enomy. then, ll stein a ve esenalanda spe from detit. ry johnson continu h tr in d mnes, ia. watcth lorayn cpa an c-spaorg. announcerede omas erseashiweenfoth .2 summit in cna
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hes so meengith th chese pridt discu global aai a bateral retis. theyooa walknatda he ia okt eir tectn. peinanrin] ba:sually- qck, thanyo [audibl
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th i butul for-ased presenjiinspki ndin
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notabl onrsioible esidenjiin [speang maar] a this local -a ndf ee t.
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[inaudib] esenoba:er reeshing, its ryic a loofherowth you are w --g naible]
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esenjinpin [eaking mandar] noce presintba will ma ichina r eumt fo headi t laos to me wi tt cntesater and other oicls right w, we learnorabt the overseasri with ck l, ovina evw of t g suit >> as you owhe is the 76th
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seety of the treasy. heas alswi eerncin thheubc sector andn hwas professor d ecivvi psident of new rknirsity and s wa bokgs.ewith he h aaywoeditcivil ciy. ti ive tht
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i will n salnyim let meddhapeapthe g2 atheumt vel launched i 20 iwashinon. e height of the cris was launcd at the fan nierlel 1999. both were crisesns tis. one a sponse to the asia naial crisis, and in 200 thuned stas ok the lead to face the great nancial cris deitthdiiculti othe politil sideinarcur twyears ago, there we tensnsi inthe g2has suiv athmajor teatnaecom forum to idthwod economy. it inorepresenting all the worl it represts a huge part t wld.
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wks with thre wh e f,nternational ititis,
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