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tv   Tim Kaine Delivers Remarks on National Security  CSPAN  September 6, 2016 9:02pm-9:44pm EDT

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humanitarian crisis in sudan. live from the house foreign affairs subcommittee begins at 2:00 eastern. now remarks from vice presidential candidate senator tim kaine, the virginia democrat spoke in wilmington, north carolina about immigration, isis and the middle east and was crit cal -- critical of donald trump. >> what a treat to be here in wilmington. what a street to be here at the hanablock u.s.o building which great rovided such a service to our vets and families and friends. i want to thank the general for s kind introduction but also
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for his service. the general and i were chatting backstage and he indicated in the 36-year marine career he and his family moved 25 times. so forget about just the challenges out there when confronting an enemy, just being in the military and being a military family is about sacrifice and chance and i honor that in him. i honor that in lieu tenant colonel rhodes who led us off with the pledge of allegiance. i had a chance to meet with the mayor of wilmington a few minutes ago and visit with him. state representative suzie hamilton and dan bloom and for all of you for coming. i'm so glad we could be here in wilmington, a city that means a lot to me. i'm here to talk about national security, which is the most serious obligation of any president. this is a topic that i've
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immersed myself in for many, many years. when hillary clinton asked if i would serve as a running mate, she told me that a clinton-kaine administrations's achievements will be measured by real differences we make in somebody's home or neighborhood or school or workplace. she told me that my governing experience as a city councilman and mayor as a lieutenant governor and governor and as a senator would help make sure that we measured our progress by tangible differences in people's lives. she also told me that my expertise in national security would make her make sure as the commander in chief that america continues to lead the world in this most challenging century. as the mayor and governor, i was responsible for the safety of my citizens for respecting our service members and military families, for supporting our virginia guard which was
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deployed in two wars during my time as governor and for taking care of our troops when they came home. virginia's pretty similar to north carolina. one out of every 10 virginians is a veteran. not one out of every 10 virginia duments, one out of every 10 virginian is a veteran. on the senat i serve on the foreign relations committee. i represent a state that has deep ties to our military diplomatic, humanitarian and intelligence efforts. i lived overseas in honduras at a pivotal time in my life and saw from abroad the role that american leadership can play and our obligation to get it right. and now my old son a proud marine who is based nearby is deployed overseas for the second time. so when it comes to american national security, i take this
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personally. being president is the hardest job in the world. every president needs a solid partner because no challenge that makes its way to the oval office is easy to solve. harry truman a proud veteran said it best, the buck stops here. every day a president deals with late breaking challenges in a world of incomplete data and conflicting advice. we trust a president with the command of our armed forces and even with the codes to our nuclear weapon. the president has to assemble the right team, ask the right questions, process enormous quantities of information and then make quick and resolute decision. that's why it takes a very special person to sit behind that desk. somebody with a steady demeanor, solid judgment and it helps to have really thick skin. now, let's be honest, this
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election has been pretty unusual. we're used to republicans and democrats rg act policies and priorities, that's the way it oug to be but within certain boundaries. i did not vote for john mccain but i admire and still admire his service, his sacrifice and his example. he's my committee chair on the armed services committee. i didn't vote for mitt romney. but i have deep respect for his seriousness, his entrepreneurial energy and his faith. the choice we face this year especially on national security is very different. on the one hand, we have the clear and consistent vision of hillary clinton, a approval leader with an even temperament and the qualification equal to any candidate in our nation's history who has not only served on the armed services committee but has also been the nation's chief diplomat. over the course of this campaign, hillary clinton has laid out her core belief that
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the united states is an exemplary nation. she recognizes that we're not just a super power because of our economic wealth or our military might. no we're exemplary because of the example we set. for decades america has championed values like liberty, decency and compassion. we're not perfect and we'll never be perfect. but there's a reason why people all over the world look to the united states, ask for our help in time of trouble and follow our lead. on the other hand, we have divisive and dangerous rhetoric of an untested candidate donald trump. now, i don't need to twist or spin donald trump's words at all. because once americans hear his words just as he said them, just as he said them, they'll reach the same conclusion that national security leaders, democrats, republicans have
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reached. donald trump is not qualified and temper mentally unfit as america's commander-in-chief. [applause] donald trump trash talks our own military and those who sacrifice for it incluing john mccain, an american hero and perform o.w. he -- and p.o.w. he picked a fight with a virginia gold star family whose son died saving fellow soldiers. dislike for our allies. he would toss alliance i aside and said he wants to "take everything back from the world that we've given to them." trump has offered empty promises and divisive rhetoric. under his leadership, we would
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be unrecognizable to the rest of the world and we would be far less safe. i want to compare hillary clinton's views to donald trump by looking at three areas of the world. let's start by looking at the middle east. hillary clinton understands that our security depends on finding ways to address a rising tied of extremism across this wide arc ofiness thattable. working with allies to defeat isis, countering iran's continued aggression and defending the state of israel. in a region that's fraught with challenges there's no substitute, no substitute for building strong relationships. that's why i've help lead congressional delegations to turkey, kuwait, jordan, lebanon, eamplet, , the u. qatar, saudi arabia and israel. during three trips to turkey,
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i've met with government officials, u.s. troops, civil society and religious groups to talk about the threats posed by isis. we visited a city not far from the syrian border and met with syrian refugees. and over the course of five trips to israel, i've discussed everything from missile defense to human rights to economic cooperation. meetings and experiences like this on the ground and in the room give you essential knowledge about the people and places that impact the safety of america. hillary has that. she's been sitting across those tables for years. and hillary's on a first name basis with virtually every head of state in the region. that's one reason why she was able to facilitate a cease fire in gaza between israel and hamas and twist enough arms to put sanctions in place to iran leading them to a diplomatic
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breakthrough in iran's nuclear program. it's how she's put forth to enforce the nuclear agreement and insure that israel as a jewish state is secure. donald trump doesn't have credible plans for these challenges. apparently he doesn't have real world use for his experiences. he said most of his knowledge comes from reality tv. said "he uses his insight from shows on cable news." on middle east policy he's been all over the map. there's only one thing that's consistent, how dangerous his ideas and rhetoric really are. let's -- [applause] let's look at iraq. in trump's first campaign speech he claimed that he had the foresight to say, don't go to iraq because you're going to
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completely destabilize the middle east. that's what he said. he said it in 2001 and 2002. it's one of his main rationales for his candidacy and it's completely made up. he said "if we decide against a strike against iraq is necessary, it's madness not to carry the mission to its conclusion." in 2002, trump told national security expert howard stern that he was still in favor of going into iraq. in 2003, he said that the war looked like it had been a tremendous success. and in 2004, given the information that president bush had, he might have made the same decision to invade. now, these days, he rails against the decisions to pull troops out of iraq, a decision set in motion by the bush administration claiming that that decision led to the creation of isis. but folks, here's the problem.
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in 2006 trump said we weren't pulling our troops out of iraq fast enough. he said we should "get out of iraq as quickly as possible." there's no escaping these facts. donald trump has misled the american people over and over about his position on iraq. he was for vading iraq. then he decided he wasn't. hef was for leaving iraq and then he decide he wasn't. he says whatever he feels like at any given time because you can do that when you're a tv star. but you can't do that when you're the president of the united states. [applause] he's doing -- he's doing the same thing with libya. now a days trump said he was never in favor of taking action there. at a g.o.p. debate he made the incredibly claim that he never even discussed the subject in public. trump is misleading us here too.
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back in 2011 when the u.s. was weighing whether to intervene, trump said because its leader gaddafi was killing a -- his people, america had to act. he said if he were president he would have a no-fly zone to protect libyans. if that sounds like the policy that hillary clinton supported, that's because it is that it's the policy that president obama and hillary supported. instead of playing an armchair general on the "today" show, hillary was in paris engaging in furious round the clock diplomacy with representatives of the libyan transitional government to put that no-fly zone in place. her relentless efforts led to a u.s. resolution, a coalition air campaign that saw zero loss of americans lives and that ended
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gaddafi's slaughter of innocent people. it sounds like trump should have been pretty pleased with that outcome, right? nope. donald trump now thinks we would be so much better off" if gaddafi were still in charge of libya. and yet by trump's own admission, gaddafi was a man "knocked a pan am airplane out of the sky. this is not a good man. this is no a sane man. but saddam was a man that donald was to do business with. two years before 22011 when muammar qaddafi was set to visit the united nations and no one would let him stay in new york, an p allowed gaddafi to set laborate tent at his westchester county estate. when he was looking for a place to stay in america and because of his human rights track record
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and the pan am bombing, others were turning him away, he found one guy -- one guy who was willing to host him, donald j. trump. you were saying something about judgment, donald? let's look at iran. nanks part to global sanctions, a global sanctions coalition that hillary clinton assembled, president obama ultimately achieved a historic agreement that put a lid on iran's nuclear program without firing a single shot. i worked hard on this in congress. out of a belief that we have to exhaust diplomacy. we have to before we contemplate other alternatives. i worked across the aisle with the republican chairman of the foreign relations committee, republican senator bob corker to craft a bill that set up a constructive process for congressional review of an iran deal. that process ultimately improved
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the deal by strengthen our hand of negotiations instead of under cutting it through partisan politics. but we have no idea how donald trump would handle iran and frankly neither does he. to try to figure out what his plan would be about iran, conservative talk show host asked him how he would deal with the kutz force which is the military yunes that actively undermine our interest in iraq and syria. trump replied that the kurds had been whoreably mistreated. he talked about the kurds because he had no idea what the kutz force was and that the kurds and the kutz force could not be more different in the same interview, trump couldn't tell the difference between hezbollah and hamas either but don't worry, he said, eventually "i will know more about it than you do and believe me it won't take long." i wonder how much comfort our
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israeli allies would find in that promise or in other ideas he's had like donald's desire to be a neutral guy when it comes to the peace process as if you could be neutral about the desire for peace or to make israel pay for the defense aid that we provided. israel is our strongest partner in the region facing renewed wave of terror attacks and in an rea where sice sys posts daily threatses, his idea is to pat them on the back. that's no way to treat an ally or a friend. when it comes to isis, hillary and i will intensify their strikes on their strong holds in iraq and syria that's already shrinking the real estate that's sys controlling in the region. hillary and i believe that congress should finally do its job and take a vote on whether the american military should be using force for now over two
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years against isis. we will keep pursuing diplomacy so that fueling isises's expansion will launch an intelligent sunshine and insure how to coordinate with our allies and will harden our defenses here at home. trump doesn't think our military is up to the task or american is up to the task of stopping isis. he's literally said "we can't beat them. he has more than once called our armed forces" a disaster." he said that the armed forces of e united states is "in shambles." that "they're going to hell." i don't know how anybody who has met with our men and women in uniform could think that much less say it. as a military father donald trump's disrespect for our military absolutely infuriates
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me. and when i -- [applause] and when i hear him say all be "the best with the vets," i have to wonder how a guy who sits better in charities and who brags about avoiding paying taxes i have to worry about how he will every stand up for vets. he said "he knows manufacture than the generals do." knows more than the generals do. though, i bet most of the generals knew that isis was led by a baghdaddy. donald wasn't up to speed on that important fact. a sad fact groups like sys sys are kind of rooting for trump. a recent article interviewed a number of jihadists and many are hoping for trump to succeed in the campaign. they've even put out recruitment
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videos feoffing him since donald trump's talk of this un-american banning of all muslims plays right into their hands for propaganda purposes. [applause] donald trump has said that his plan to defeat isis is secret but it's a secret he's glad to talk about frequently. he said, it's simple just bomb the oil fields and take the oil. let's play that one out. if we bomb oil fields it will create massive fires, ok? so then we would have to do something to put out fires. that would involve sending in an awful lot of contractors and others to put out fires. and since there's a civil war going on if we put contractors and others to put out fires we would have to put a lot of troops to protect them in putting out the fires. and that doesn't even take into account the pipelines and refinerys that we'd have to
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either build or take over or the other problems concerning every aspect of his plan after the first day. that just doesn't interest him. now, in other times trump talks about disengaging and letting syria become "a free zone for isis." and sometimes he talked about dramatically increasing the use of american ground troops in syria and iraq and sometimes nuclear ed about using weapons which would cause massive civilian casualties. you know this, the power to authorize the use of nuclear weapons require as profound understanding of our long standing posture of deterrence. -- nuclear the knew triad has formed a three part structure of our defense and our readiness. when trump was asked about the nuclear triad it was clear he
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never heard of it. but he said he loves nuclear weapons because the power of the devastation is very important to me. and for some reason he thinks we should let more countries obtain nuclear weapons. when trump was asked about his loose talk about using nuclear weapons, he asked "then why are we making them"? if this was the only blunder he made this the campaign it would be disqualifying of course. hillary clinton not only understands nuclear weapon he helped cement a treaty with russia. as president she has a plan to protect us from nuclear terrorism to furrer reduce the chance that these weapons would fall into wrong hands. second part of the world. let's talk about russia and europe. hillary oversaw hard nosed negotiations with the russians for a new start treaty to
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greatly reduce our country's nuclear stock piles. the treaty proved that it was still possible for our nations to find common ground on some important points and there have been others, the destruction of the syrian chemical weapons stockpile for example. ut that kind blind us to the fact that in so many areas, russia cons to be a very challenging adversary. hillary has gone toe-to-toe with putin. she worked to strengthen our military corporation with nato. putin accused hillary clinton of helping democratic opposition movements within russia and now hillary has a plan to support our allies to weaken the kremlin and to advance america's long standing commitment to a dwhrurep is free and at peace because a strong european partner is always an american
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interest. we have hundreds of thousands of american who is live in europe. hundreds of thousands or millions who visit europe and tens of thousands of american troops who are deployed to europe. a strong jurep an american interest. that's not what donald trump wants. maybe it's no surprise why russia seems to be backing trump. but the better question is why trump seems to support russian interest at the expense of americans ones. here's what we know. just the evidence. one of donald trump's sons said ssians make a -- up a pretty disproportionate part and we see a lot of money pouring in from russia." trump's been pursuing deals with russian officials and developers with deep ties to russia since the late 1980's. a putin associate paid him millions to bring the miss
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universe pageant to moscow. as long as donald trump keeps hiding his tax returns we have no idea how he might to stand to profit from these deals from russian interest or what they might be holding over him. but something strange is clearly going on. trump's long time advisor resigned recently after allegations of corruption, illegal payments and financial ties to kremlin supported officials and organizations in both russia and the ukraine. his longtime advisor and campaign chairperson. his go-to defense person appears regularly on russia's government funded propaganda channel. donald trump has publicly encouraged russia to hack america and give him information that will help him win the election. no wonder the former acting c.i.a. director michael morell says he believes that trump is "an unwitting agent of the
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russian federation." now this isn't a partisan issue thrsm's widespread alarm on both sides of the aisle. foreign policy experts including many republicans wrote an open letter denouncing his views on russia and nato. and it's why more than 50 prominent republican foreign policy experts have said they cannot vote for donald trump under any circumstances. these -- [applause] these experts know that vladimir putin's long standing goalle is to break the post war international order that has kept peace in europe, that is kept peace in europe for decades. so they don't understand why trump is calling nato obsolete and talking about abandoning our allies or why his campaign weakened the republican party platform's commitment to defending ukraine. or why he claimed russia would never go into ukraine two years
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after putin had already invaded the country and annexed the crimean peninsula. or why he's openly celebrating the united kingdom's vote to leave the e.u. even though it emboldens russia and could lead to a more fractured europe. or why he's encouraged russia to commit espionage against his own country. each one of these positions stands in stark opposition to decades of american national security goals, but they matchup perfectly with vladimir putin's wish list. it has to make you wonder. hillary clinton has proven she can work with putin if it's in america's interest. but she's ready to stand up to him too when he's taking steps that are against our interest. she'll make sure that our allies across europe and around the world never have to wonder about whether america will honor our long standing commitments when
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she's president, we'll have their backs backs because we eed them to have ours. [applause] in the nato treaty, there is an obligation to do collective self-defense. donald says that maybe archaic and wants to dispose of it. the only time that collective self-defense obligation has been triggered was after the u.s. was attacked on 9/11 and our to our aid.ies came so what does that say to nato allies that a presidential candidate is saying it may be time to tear up that defense obligation? thelly let's take a look at word part of the world. too often has said we forget to look south even though our own hemisphere is so critical to our security and prosperity.
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a clinton administration would engage with the flourishing democracies in latin america. with ourot to work neighbors to address issues like drug trafficking, crime, poverty. we need strong principled american leadership because if we don't step up, others will and our partnerships can be a powerful advantage to us at home and in the world not only to national security but economically as well. i have a special connection to latin america. i worked with jesuit missionaries 35 years ago. i learned spanish and taught kids carpentry and welding. my spanish wasn't good enough to teach then but i taught carpentry and welding and i got another close look at a military dictatorship. experience in honduras and the friendships i formed their inspired me to devote my life to
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expanding opportunity for everybody. last year, i returned to the region. leaders andh lawmakers to strengthen the economic insecurity ties between our nations. in colombia, i met with the president to discuss the peace talk which resulted in a historic peace deal in the last month. in honduras, i met with resident hernandez to discuss security issues like how to combat gang violence so young people don't need to flee their country to come to the u.s. just to be safe. these weren't quick drop buys, these were real working meetings with heads of state and when we had disagreements, we want afraid to them. that is how you know whether a friendship is a friendship. no friendship is tested until you have a disagreement and you see what you can work out. compare that to trumps embarrassing stunt last week.
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he centerpiece of donald trump's campaign is building a wall in making mexico pay for it. that is the centerpiece of the campaign. when donald trump decided to do his first visit with a foreign leader and he finally had the chance to look to mexican president in the eye, he said the subject never came out. , on the central issue of his campaign, when he had the chance to bring it up, he choked. donald trump isn't such a great negotiator after all. and then he was too embarrassed to admit it. trump said they didn't discuss payment for the wall but the president tweeted the first thing i told trump was that mexico is not paying for any wall. [applause] just hours after his first international's foray into
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foreign relations, trump wasn't .n online feud how about dealing with an adversary? be glad it would was only a twitter war because in a few months, donald trump to have control of the armed forces. sawas reported that trump what president pena nieto said and trump said, quote, i can't let that tweet go unanswered. and so he rewrote his immigration speech that he was giving later that night in phoenix to be even harsher. baited with a tweet in that same evening donald trump detailed his plans to deport 16 million people, 11 million who are here without documents and five million people who are american citizens who he says wants to strip their birth rights because they were born to those that were not citizens.
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the opening paragraph of his speech, they'll all be gone. they'll all be gone. and he repeated the same litany of offensive stereotypes about immigrants. stereotypes that were perpetrated about irish immigrants, italian immigrants, jewish immigrants from central and eastern europe. you could have taken that speech and plugged in different nationalities and run it pretty much anytime in our history and
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it would be sadly familiar. immigrants who he treats as a convenient scapegoat for problems he doesn't know how to solve. well, hillary and i have a plan for a comprehensive immigration reform, a reform that expects -- that respects our status as a country -- nation of immigrants and a nation of law. it would include a challenging path to citizenship, helping employers figure out the bona fides of their employees, border security, protection for dreamers, a comprehensive immigration reform proposal that is supported by the american public and has already drawn bipartisan support for its major pillars in the senate. in our first 100 days in office, we're not going to be about becoming a deportation nation. we're going to be sending a proposal to congress that will keep families together and that will let america be what it's always been, a place where people from all over the world can bring their talents, energy, start new businesses, pursue their dreams and make our country stronger. [applause] senator kaine: so these are just a few of the differences in the
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middle east, russia and europe, latin america. differences between donald trump and hillary clinton. we know issues can arise anywhere. some of the issues we're talking about today may turn out not to be the ones we'll be talking about a year from now. and so maybe the most important thing to know, the most important thing to understand about hillary clinton and donald trump is how they make decisions. hillary is a strategic thinker who pulls together a top-notch team, challenges them with tough questions and then makes a firm at the significance. i know this because i've seen her do it. my colleagues on the senate armed services committee, even republicans, talk about what a great teammate hillary was as a committee member. what a great colleague doing the home work, mastering the details, getting into the weeds to get it right. working hard for military families to increase survivor benefits, to make sure that you tricare was available.
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that's hillary clinton. and i think we can agree that on the toughest issues the quality of the team you put together is one of the most important guarantors of the decisions that you make. donald trump is different. he doesn't just think he knows more than the generals, he thinks he knows more than everyone. he's told the american public, quote, i alone can fix it. and he's even had the -- his principled advisor is himself. so here's my conclusion. like every one of the families of the two million men and women who serve in our military, whether active duty, guard or reserve, i want a president and commander in chief who knows the world, knows its leaders, knows the strength of our military, knows how to conduct diplomacy and knows how to make a decision to keep america safe.
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[applause] senator kaine: i trust military clinton to make these decisions with full knowledge that the life of my son and his friends may be riding on the outcome. [applause] senator kaine: and the prospect of the emotionally volatile, facts challenged, self-obsessed and inexperience donald trump as commander in chief scares me to death. [applause] senator kaine: if you want to read more about our plans in
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this area, the important rule of national security, there's a new book that's out today. it's called "stronger together," which lays out the clinton-kaine vision for american foreign policy in significant detail. we are stronger together. we are stronger together. you know this in wilmington. the military knows it better than anybody. i've often said about my son that if you had told me he would change as a result of his military service and ask me to predict what the change would be, i would have gotten it wrong. i would have gotten it wrong. i don't know what i would have said. but it turns out the change has been going from free agent to team player. that's what the military, that's what the marines has taught us. has taught him and it's prove of that proposition. we're stronger together. donald trump doesn't understand that. and at this point in his life,
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we'd be unrealistic to think he would. and that's why i'm proud to be on this ticket with hillary clinton. she will be a commander in chief with a cool head a steady hand, an open mind. i trust hillary to put together an a-plus team, to ask tough questions and make the right decisions under pressure. i trust hillary to lead with the consistent principles that have always been our nation's trademark. i trust hillary with the lives of our men and women in uniform. with hillary clinton in the white house, the rest of the world will never forget why they've always looked up to the united states of america. thanks so much for coming together and thanks so much for all you do for north carolina and for this nation. appreciate it. [applause]
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>> you think continues on the road to the white house. >> i will be a president for democrats, republicans, independents. >> we will win with education, with the second amendment. we will win. quite live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates on c-span and monday, september 26. tuesday, vice presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine debate in farmville, virginia. and sunday, october 9, washington university in st. louis hosey second presidential debate leading to the third and final debate taking place at the
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university of nevada las vegas. listen live on the free c-span radio app. donald trump holds a campaign rally in greenville, north carolina. mr. trump recently received the support of 88 u.s. generals and admirals. >> thank you, thank you. it is great to be


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