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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 10, 2016 4:54am-5:45am EDT

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more percentagewise the further you went down the income train. every year we were the top five country in the world with new and small businesses. we are not in the top 10 anymore. i will oversimplify, but if you run a bank and it cost you as -- but if you are running a bank and it cost you as much to open a bakery as it does to process a $51 loan, you would not make as many -- $51 million loan, you would not make as many lines. hillary has explained this. here's how i will signify the rules. here is how i will cut taxes. if young people who own college debt and can qualify for loans can get the loan, we will suspend other debt repayment for the first three years they are running their business. [applause] you get the idea. i mean, she's the only person that has told you what she's
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going to do. nobody else seems to want this election to be about you. you hear the debates? why are they talking about that? this is about you. can we get more jobs? can we get more businesses? can we raise income and do it together? should we do it by being stronger together or building walls? >> stronger together. >> can we make america safer and stronger? there was an interesting article yesterday in one of the newspapers analyzing the military leader's who had endorsed her and the ones who had endorsed her opponent. they said she has more senior military leaders on average. they are younger and more closely in touch with the security challenges we face. one of them is a former commander of nato and said he appreciated the fact that mr. trump wanted to spend more money on the military but said we
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don't need that much more. we just have one or two things we need to do better in and he said the military is not a disaster. it is a treasure. we should honor it. we should honor the parents of fallen soldiers no matter what their religion is. he said -- [applause] then he said an interesting thing. he said i wore the uniform in this country for 35 years and i can tell you we will not kill our way out of it. we have to work our way, argue our way and win our way out of this because of our belief that we are stronger together. which means that it is absolutely crazy to go around terrifying and alienating american muslims who love freedom, hate terror, worked themselves to the bone, raise their kids with good values and are trying to build a better life here. we need everybody to work together to defeat these problems.
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[cheers] so that is it. it is a really simple choice. -- when you read the peeper paper every day, it is about who can say the worst thing about whoever. it is not just the candidates. surely there is something i can think that is bad to say to you today. we are celebrating the lives of -- the life of a man who died at 43, today. his funeral is going on. this was brought to me by somebody who went there first and came here. i have now lived 27 years longer than this man. but he gave 43 good years. so here's what i want you to think about tomorrow. don't you want to live in this neighborhood were no young
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african-american male is afraid to walk the streets and walked -- and walked out? [cheers] let me finish. and don't you want to live in a neighborhood where when you see a police man or woman in uniform or placement, you are glad to see them because they are helping your kids stay safe? [cheers] you want both. tonight, when you watch the news, think about this man's life. playing football at pitt. probably thought he would live to be 90. he did not know the day or the hour, he made a huge difference. and he didn't make it by ignoring the real-life flesh and blood challenges of the people in his church and the people in his community.
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this is about you, your children, and your future. the only two things that can from having the best 30 have been 40 years this country has had maybe ever in terms of economic and social progress, massive discovery. everybody in this audience under 30 years old has a legitimate chance to live to be 100 without the threat of alzheimer's or .ementia that will create tons of jobs. i think we're on the verge of this. we have to pick a good leader and not be derailed by gridlock in washington. , sheught to be president is the only one with a standing and the understanding to keep us
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saving give us pay sonata to grow our way out of this mess we're in. [applause] you, go tell your friends and neighbors about this. people say everything i read his bed and it is a make any difference yes it does. it makes 14 million jobs what the difference. it makes the minimum wage equal pay and family leave what the difference. pay off being able to that college loan without bankrupting yourself moving out of your parents house. [applause] >> it makes all the difference. don't substitute anger for answers. don't substitute resentment for responsibility. empowerment comes from being stronger together. we can do it.
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you can do it. to do it has to win pennsylvania. that is you, thank you and god bless you. [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] ♪ this road was paved by the hopeless and the hungry this road was paved by the road to change will you raise your hand with a
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call your name to get off your feet ♪ >> for campaign 2016, c-span continues a memo to the white house. >> we are going to get things done, big things. >> the will of one great american future, our potential is unlimited. live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debate on c-span, the c-span radio app and demo 26th is the first presidential debate live from hofstra university that are october 4 vice president to candidates governor mike pence and senator tim kaine debate at longwood university in virginia. on october 9, washington university in st. louis hosts the second residential debate
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lydia to the third and final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump taking place at the university of nevada, las vegas. live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates on c-span. listen live on the free c-span radio app or watch live anytime on-demand at >> donald trump spoke of the family resource councils voters summit in washington, d.c. yesterday. he talked a lot his plan if he is elected president for religious liberties, school choice in the economy national security and combating isis. this is about an hour. [applause] [laughter] >> they took my job.
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i'm so honored to be standing in front of all of you spiritual people. who understand the meaning of god, the meaning of love, the meaning of righteousness. and i don't have to wonder whether you understand the meaning of right and wrong. i have had two great gifts given to me in my life. one was that i was able to meet the recently made saint, mother teresa. [applause] >> how that occurred i can get into another time, if anyone wants him to ask me about after this event, i will be glad to
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tell the story but for now, suffice it to say that i found myself standing in front of the great saint, and she blessed me. the second gift was being asked to portray pope john paul ii in a wonderful miniseries, and in researching the role i was overwhelmed to find that he had selected me to play him. something. i'm bringing these, you know, these saints to everyone's consciousness because having these experiences together with living only as long as i have, i've come to know what good is and what bad is. and i know i can distinguish who
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donald trump is and who hillary clinton is. i feel there's a dark cloud over the country now. we are all witness to hillary clinton's lies and corruption. we are witness to president obama covering every false move that she makes, and making them appear right. and we are witness to our so-called football heroes that are supposed to set examples to our young children that mock our national anthem. my heart aches watching donald trump day after day pouring his heart out telling the american
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people what he wants to do to save the nation. how can anyone doubt his sincerity? i can only feel if god allows truth to be said and heard, that we will see donald trump the next president of this great america. [applause] >> and he will lift the dark cloud that hovers over us now, and so it is with the greatest honor and greatest respect that i introduce to you now the next president of the united states, donald trump. [applause] ♪
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>> thank you very much. jon, a great actor. isn't a great person? he is such a great person. and he's really been with me a long time in a lot of different ways. he's been incredible. i just want to thank jon and i hope he makes another movie but quickly because i love his movies. in particular, i wanted to thank our host tony perkins for his years of leadership, and we know all about that. [applause] donald trump: and we will express our support for tony as he deals with the aftermath of the terrible floods in louisiana where two weeks ago i spent some
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time and i saw some incredible, incredible people. thank you. amazing. amazing. one of the greatest privileges of my journey as a type i spent with the evangelical community and the support they gave me in those primaries was absolutely incredible. i have to tell you. [applause] donald trump: all across the nation, a lot of people said i wondered if donald will get the evangelicals. i got the evangelicals. i'm going to make it up to you, too. you watch. there are no more decent devoted or selfless people that our christian brothers and sisters here in the united states. true, so true. [applause] donald trump: i've witnessed that incredible generosity all across this land. gotten to know so many people. i saw during my trip to
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louisiana where christian volunteers raced to help their fellow citizens in need. franklin graham is an example. he brought the most incredible people and equipment to louisiana. [applause] donald trump: and he didn't want anything for it. he's a great man. it's that spirit of giving that we will need to rebuild louisiana and to rebuild this country which is in serious, serious trouble. [applause] donald trump: yet our media culture often mocks and the -- and demeans people of faith and you understand that. all that time i hear from concerned parents how much harder it is for a christian family to raise their children in today's media environment. it is right, isn't it? it is right.
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not even close. your values of love, charity and faith built this nation. [applause] donald trump: so how can it be that our media treats people of faith so poorly? one of the reasons is that our politicians have really abandoned you to a large extent. and hillary clinton, you can forget about her. [laughter] donald trump: so let me say this right up front. at trump administration, our christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended like you've never seen before. [applause] donald trump: believe me.
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i believe it. you believe it and you know it. you know it. and that includes religious liberty. remember, remember. [applause] i recently had a chance to visit a church in detroit. great faith ministries international your stand up if you're a member. that's great. that was an amazing experience. [applause] donald trump: and the bishop, what a great guy. in my remarks i spoke about how african-american church, and this is all across the country, for centuries have been the conscience of our nation. they are unbreakable faith and spirit overcame some of the most difficult periods in our history, leading us all to a better future. very true.
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amazing. this was such an amazing experience. this is the power of faith. it's the power to heal. it's the power to unite. it's the power to make all of us live better lives, all of us. [applause] our nation today is divided. nobody likes to say it, but we are living in a very, very divided nation. it will be our faith in god come in his teachings, in each other that will lead us back to unity. [applause] each of us here today has a role to play to bring our country together, united in common purpose and in common values.
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so let's talk today about some of the things, it is a great things, that we can do together to create the american future for everybody. not just a certain group of people but for everybody. the first thing we have to do is give our churches their voice back. it's been taken away the. [applause] donald trump: the johnson amendments has blocked our pastors and ministers, and others, from speaking their minds from their own pulpits. if you want to talk about christianity, if they want to preach, if they want to talk about politics, they are unable to do so. if you want to do it, they take a tremendous risk that they lose their tax exempt status. all religious leaders should be
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able to freely express their thoughts and feelings on religious matters. i will repeal the johnson amendments. [applause] donald trump: if i am elected your president. i promise you. [applause] donald trump: so important. thank you. so important. and i must tell you from the heart, this started a building of mine in manhattan. i had 50 pastors in a big conference room. and we actually had 50 pastors, two rabbis, a couple of priests. we were all talking and we were there for two hours. and at the end, it was a lovefest. we all agreed. it was like a lovefest. and i said to them, we were high up in the building on fifth avenue, and i said to them, i'd
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love your support. and i know when i can get support. i'm quite sophisticated. and i know they wanted to give me their total support, 100%, just like ahead in the primaries. and i said i really would like to support, and they didn't really know what i was talking about. as i said, what's going on? they said we can do that because we would be violating the laws, and i said what's the punishment? welcome we could lose our tax-exempt status which, of coarse, is massive penalty. i said tell me about this. and we sat down and we talked about it when did it happen? 1954 or so. lyndon johnson was having problems. powerful guy. i actually -- you have to gain respect what is it to do. can you imagine that this guy single-handedly, he was having problems with churches and there was a church in houston that was giving him a hard time.
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maybe for very good reason. and he put in an amendment that basically stopped our great pastors, ministers and others from talking under the penalty of losing their tax exempt status. so we were looking down onto on to the sidewalk and the people walking on the sidewalk. and i said, so folks, what you are telling it is those people walking way, way down there on the sidewalk have really more power than you do because they are allowed to express their feelings and thoughts openly and without penalty. and one of the pastors who i knew very well, and these are powerful people, these are strong people with magnificent voices and just, and magnificent hearts, much more important to -- importantly. they looked at me and they said that's right. they have more power than we do.
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we are not about to express. and that's what i said, we have to start thinking about this. i thought about it, and we had a large group of pastors and i said i have thought about it. if i become president we're going to knock out the johnson amendment. we are going to do that. it's not going to be hard. not going to be hard. [applause] donald trump: when you think from the standpoint of political, you have more than that. let's see men are 50%, women 50%. you are much more than 50% added together. i believe that's one of the reasons why you haven't seen christianity and other religions within the united states going like a rocket ship, like a pulse -- polls have been going in the last four weeks, our rocketship. i really believe that. because you are great people. the people that you rely on on sunday at all during the week, they've been stopped from talking and speaking by a law. we are going to get rid of the
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law. we are going to get rid of it so fast. i'm so proud to say on this, i don't want to take credit, but you had 50 people in the first meeting and many more in the second. i'm so proud, i was just telling this to tony, to say that was my idea. i figure it's the only way i'd get into heaven, so this is going to be -- the only way. [applause] donald trump: so we will get rid of this, and we're going to let your great people speak, and you will see something happen that's going to be very, very good. ok? so important. i hope, which means you have to get out and vote on november 8. you cannot, you didn't vote four years ago that you didn't vote. you didn't. well, you did. a few of you did. believe me, i know. i look at the stats. you didn't vote. but this time you really, this is your last chance. this is it. we will never had this opportunity again to help you can get everyone of your friends to just get up, your family and
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friends and get out and vote, ok? november 8. [applause] thank you.p: and if you we're going to win by a lot. that's not even going to be a close election and if you don't, could be a very unhappy november november 8. we are also going to repeal and replace disastrous obamacare. [cheers and applause] donald trump: which gives the government control over the lives of everyday citizens, at the numbers are been disappeared your premiums are going up by 50, 60, 70%. the deductible is so high you never get to use it unless you're going to live a very long and very complex bad period, very, very long. it is a disaster. it's a disaster. everybody knows it, and it's
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going to die at its own weight anyway but we are going to get rid of it and replace it with some great, great alternative. much better health care at a much lower price. [applause] hillary clinton wants to have completely government run health care, which would be a disaster for the liberties and freedoms of all americans. that's what she's aiming at the that's what obama wanted. he didn't quite get there but he got this and you see a bad this is. one of the biggest issues in this race is going to be the issue of school choice. [applause] and i can't: possibly emphasize this enough. millions of poor and disadvantaged students are trapped in failing schools. the education crisis afflicts all communities, but none more so than the african-american community.
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none. the democratic party has run the inner cities of america for 50, 60, 70 years, some cases over a hundred years. over a hundred years. their policies and their politics, and to particular the politics of people like hillary clinton, have produced only poverty, joblessness and rising crime. when she was running for the senate in new york state i'm she said she's going to produce jobs, jobs, jobs in upstate new york. it's a disaster. she's going to produce jobs. big thing. jobs, we are going to bring back jobs. it's been a catastrophe. we've lost tens of thousands of jobs. she never did a thing. it was all talk and no action. just like what she's doing right now, all talk and no action. talk and talk, and nothing will happen. only bad will happen. but you just have to ask the
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people in upstate new york, she won because of them, and she produced absolutely nothing. jobs left. today it's one of the worst, one of the most depressing places in this country. just remember that when you hear her talking about jobs. i know jobs. she doesn't know jobs, that i can tell you. [applause] donald trump: i have outlined a new civil rights agenda for our time. the right to a safe community, a great education and a secure job . and and i say to african-americans parents, i say to the hispanic american parents, and i said with great respect. our your -- inner cities are a disaster. crying, no jobs, education is the worst. in many cases almost worldwide bad. in many cases actually worldwide bad.
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i say with respect, what do you have to lose? it can't get any worse. it can't get any worse. you choose donald trump, i'm going to fix the problem. you will have safety. you will have good education. we are going to get jobs because we're going to bring our jobs back. mexico is taking our jobs. so many other places are taking our jobs. what china is doing to us is horrible. what do you have to lose? i'm going to fix it. i'm going to fix it. [applause] school choice is at the center of the civil rights agenda. and my goal is to provide every single inner-city child in america that is trapped in a failing government schools the freedom to attend the school of their choice. competition the schools will get , the better and better and better. [applause] donald trump: and that means a private school, a religious school, a charter school or a magnet school.
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school choice also means that parents can home school their children. [cheers and applause] donald trump: 100%. hillary clinton opposes school choice because she has controlled totally, totally like a puppet by special interest. her policies will force millions of african-american and hispanic children to remain stuck in failed government schools leading to higher unemployment and more poverty. the poverty levels in this country nobody will believe. nobody will believe. my plan will break the government monopoly and make schools compete to provide the best services for our children, including every african-american and hispanic child in this country. every single one of them. [applause]
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donald trump: this proposal begins with a $20 billion block grant from the federal government to states to pursue school choice programs. however, -- that's good, right? [applause] donald trump: however because 90% of education spending is at the state level, i will campaign to get the states to we allocate another $110 billion other education budgets to school choice programs. [applause] if we do this, that would mean $12,000 in school choice funds for every disadvantaged student in america. what a difference this is going to make. that money will follow the student to the public, private or religious school that is best for them and their family.
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you are going to have choice. my administration will partner with the leadership of any iner-city, anybody, anybody the inner cities of america willing to run a pilot program. they will be a lot of them to provide school choice to every child in that community. in baltimore that would mean $15,000 of funds available for student. as your president i will be the biggest cheerleader for school choice you've ever seen. [applause] donald trump: this means a lot to me. because it means i can turn things around again. common core, but were going to end it. [applause]
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donald trump: i will fight for every child in this country. who deserves better futures. the african-american community has heard my message , that i am going to make communities safe again and i'm going to bring back jobs and i'm going to bring back great educations. don't be surprised, remember this, november 8. don't be surprised because we have been given a lot of support over the past three or four weeks. on november 8, i get more african-americans and hispanic votes than anyone thought possible about a month ago. and you see what's going on. people are starting to hear about this and they're saying wow. wow. they're liking it. again, it can't get any worse but it's going to get a lot better. but only if i do it.
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the democrats, what they've done is incredible. hillary clinton would be absolutely more of the same. rigid. they would never change. remember, 100's not going to change, it's not going to happen. let's talk about another issue that will define the future of this country for generations to come. the united states supreme court . [applause] donald trump: earlier this year, we lost a great justice antonin scalia. the next president will not only have to fill this seat but as many as four others. but we could end up with a total of five judges, one president, would be record-setting. probably three, could be four or even five. peoplepick the wrong
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will, you have a country that is no longer our country. one of the most important issues frankly other than maybe defense because we're going to build up our military. were going to take care of our veterans. we're going to protect your second amendment, so many things . but one of the most important, some people actually think it's the most important is the filling of the seats of the united states supreme court. you see what's happening right now, for four and you see how bad it is. we're going to pick great judges, i've already put a list of 11, the federalist society highly recommended. there's great reviews on these 11 people and we are going to put truly great people. maybe we use judge scalia as the ultimate example of what we are looking for, ok. [applause] donald trump: this will
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determine whether or not we remain a constitutional republic, frankly. that's what's going to happen. i have pledged to appoint judges who are upholding the constitution, to protect your religious liberty and apply the law as written. [applause] donald trump: we reject judges who rewrite the constitution, who oppose their own personal views on 300 million+ americans. i've made public a list of judges, as i said, who will guide my selection process. hillary clinton has refused to provide such a list. if you saw the list, you would walk out of here not feeling very well. because she knows the extremist judges she would pick would be rejected by the overwhelming majority of the american public .
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they would be rejected. these judicial pics would allow her to completely take over american health care, the american economy, american religious liberty. not to mention your second amendment which is on very thin ice right now as you know because of the fact that we are here for. if they pick one judge, as you know you can kiss the second amendment goodbye. and we don't want to see that. another issue that is of great importance to everybody in this room is the issue of course of national security. just today it was announced that north korea performed its fifth nuclear test. its fourth since hillary clinton
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became secretary of state. just one more massive failure of the failed secretary of state. [applause] donald trump: she failed at everything. her policies have also put iran onto a path of nuclear weapons . and i have to say, it gave them overnight an absolute power. they were dying three years ago. sanctions were choking them. it would have fallen but obama didn't support people that would have taken over and in this case probably would have taken over the right way. they had no support. but look at what's happened to iran in such a short period of time. but remember the ransom payments, it was $400 million two weeks ago. then they made a mistake. this is cash. remember, they said they paid cash because they couldn't open a bank account?
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there was no way of sending it into a checking account? all lies, just like obamacare was a big lie. you can use your doctors, 27 times, right? 27 times. use your doctors, use your plan. it turned out to be a lie, it's all a lie. it's a rigged system and its a lie and i'll tell you what, i'll tell you what. for those who haven't been reading the paper over the last few days, it turned out to be $1.7 billion in cash. and i actually said, they said that money is going to be used for terror. they don't need it for terror, they got $150 billion. that's in addition, there's 150 billion they are giving them. this is going into their swiss accounts. they're not going to use it for terror, they have plenty of money for terror. $1.7 billion in cash. massive, big that's of cash. you saw them. cartons, they've never seen anything like it. i've seen a lot of cash, i've never seen anything like this. [laughter] donald trump: 1.7 billion.
5:35 am
can you imagine these guys? they stopped, remember they wouldn't give them back to us and they waited for hours and obama kept saying no. even the hostages said, they kept us waiting for a certain claim to come in. not to take them back, they were waiting. it was just another lie. can you imagine these people sitting there? they see $1.7 billion in cash? they think we're stupid. they think we are stupid. they won't be thinking for long. [applause] donald trump: very sad. at the same time, isis is hunting down and exterminating what it calls the nation of the cross.
5:36 am
isis is carrying out genocide against christians in the middle east. we cannot let this evil continue. [applause] isis must be destroyed, has to. we have no choice. to defeat isis, we must use military warfare but also cyber warfare, financial warfare. and ideological warfare. it's a whole different ballgame since 50 years ago and 200 years ago, it's a whole new world. we must also establish a bipartisan goal in the united states, and international bowl
5:37 am
-- goal with our allies of defeating radical islamic terrorism. [applause] donald trump: words that our president won't use and words that hillary clinton won't use. just like we won the cold war by identifying our enemies and building a consensus to guide a long-term strategy, so to must we do the same with islamic terrorism. by the way, president obama has allowed syrian refugees to pour into our country at unbelievable rates. and hillary clinton wants to allow 550% more but it's almost impossible to get a christian in from syria. they take others but they don't take christians. very rare, very rare. so i said that we need to take
5:38 am
safe zones, we want to take care of people. but we absolutely cannot allow this potential, tremendous threat to continue and we have to stop this. this is going to be potentially a catastrophe for our country. it's from within, it could be the all-time great trojan horse. did you ever notice, you look at the migration trail and see people with cell phones. some of the cell phones have the isis flag. printed on them. some of them have things far worse than that. so it was the failed policies, you have to remember, of hillary clinton and obama that unleashed isis in the first place. if they did the right thing, you wouldn't be talking about isis right now. now she wants to get rid of, oh, we're going to get rid of.
5:39 am
she tells them already, there will be no boots on the ground. you don't want to say it. don't say it. now they are saying i hope she wins. they are dreaming of having her as president. they dream about it every night, having hillary clinton but even if you believe and i can understand that, no boots on the ground. you don't say it. let them think they're going to go through hell. don't say it. [applause] can you imagine the great general douglas macarthur. can you imagine the great general george patton or one of our great general that we have today, general flynn, who is here someplace. i love general flynn but can you imagine these people saying , i mean, they're basically giving up the strategy.
5:40 am
there will be no boots on the ground. if you don't want that, i fully understand. don't say it. don't say it. could you imagine macarthur saying where going to fight the enemy and move our troops in about a month, we're going to hit from behind. [laughter] donald trump: we're going to hit them from the front and everything they say turns out to be true. i hate to say this, there's a lot of evangelicals in this room . maybe we shouldn't be so honest when it comes to military strategy. i hope i didn't lose your vote for saying that. [applause] donald trump: just look at what her policies have left us with in iraq, syria and libya. the problem is, hillary clinton is trigger-happy, she really is. she's trigger-happy and yet she says, there probably will be boots, it turned out to be another disaster.
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she has brought us only war and death. she's just too quick to intervene, invade or to push for regime change with people we don't even know who they are. sometimes they are far worse. this creates the power vacuums that are filled by terror and groups like isis. my administration on the other hand will work with any country that is willing to partner with us to defeat isis and halt radical islamic terrorism and by the way, that includes russia. if they want to join us on knocking out isis, that is just fine as far as i'm concerned. [applause] donald trump: it's a very
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imperfect world. you can't always choose your friends. but you can never fail to recognize your enemies. we have some real enemies. unfortunately for our country, our enemies probably hacked into hillary clinton's emails. these are the same emails she destroyed after receiving a federal subpoena. using software in order to bleach the email so you can never, ever see them. she even mysteriously lost 13 different phones before the fbi got to them. and many were destroyed with a hammer. did anybody ever hit a hammer, maybe two or three people.
5:43 am
they were just released from prison, those three people. can you believe this? destroyed them with a hammer. the old-fashioned way, i guess. the other night, in the commander-in-chief forum, did anybody see that? how did i do? [applause] donald trump: good. we have a big debate coming up, who knows what's going to happen there but i will say every poll will has me winning big league the commander-in-chief. the polls came out after that event and we won big league. now we have a debate coming up. i don't imagine any of you are going to be watching the debate. i won't, i promise. hillary clinton answered questions on her emails horribly. she lost, that's why she did so poorly, she was terrible. she was honestly, i shouldn't be saying this.
5:44 am
she was terrible. [laughter] donald trump: she keeps talking about the emails every time she talks about them, she talks about them differently.


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