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tv   Hillary Clinton Holds Meeting on Terrorism  CSPAN  September 10, 2016 12:31pm-12:48pm EDT

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memorial. we will also be at the memorial at the pentagon where we will hear remarks from president obama. also at shanksville, pennsylvania. join us tomorrow for live coverage from the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks c-span radio, and on monday, there was a conference with legal analysis on some of the immigration issues for the next conference. watch that live on monday on c-span two. also on monday, the house oversight committee looks into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. ont is life at 5:00 eastern monday on c-span 3.
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this news item from the business insider. hillary clinton received mixed reactions friday night over remarks made at a campaign event in new york city. shallmocratic president nominee said, "you could put half of trumps supporters into what i call the basket of it."rables -- you name her comments reflect on the tone of donald trump's present shall campaign, one that has, at thes, emboldened some of most extreme groups. said that sheaign revealed her true contempt for real americans. you can read more from business insider. yesterday, the democratic presidential nominee met with national security experts in new york, following that meeting. the former secretary of state
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met with reporters for about 15 minutes. mrs. clinton: good afternoon. group.met with a i asked them to join me for a candid conversation about some of the most challenging issues facing our country. i believe that america's national security must be the top priority for next president. to do that job, you need to constantly seek new information and new perspectives, test your assumptions, ask and answer hard questions. that is what today is about. i'm grateful to these men and
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women for sharing their insights with me. wille our conversations continue. as i said many times, i believe in a bipartisan foreign-policy. towill not always see eye eye, but when it comes to questions of war, peace, and the safety of our country, we cannot let party affiliation stand between us. we need to put partisanship aside and work together for the good of all of us. i know we can do it. i have seen it happen under both republican and presidential -- republican and democratic presidents. that will be michael -- michael if i am elected this fall. topic of our conversation was isis and terrorist threats. we discussed how isis is finding ways to convince young men around the world, and some young women, including in our own country, to get assault weapons
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or strap on bonds and kill large numbers of people. we talked specifically about a thategy to protect us from threat here at home. we went into detail on what it would take to search our intelligence to help us detect and prevent attacks before they happen. we also discussed methods to disrupt online recruitment so they stop reaching and radicalizing young people on the internet. one of the points that one of the participants emphasized, which deserves a higher priority in the counterterrorism strategy is the role of local governments at home. while we protect the homeland, we need to take the fight to isis. that means smashing their strongholds, denying them safe havens, dismantling the global arms.k of fighters, and
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it does not mean sending contingents of combat troops to take and hold territory. that is neither wise nor in the interest of the united states. it is exactly what isis once. instead we have to intensify support on the ground. i support deploying more forces and trainers as needed. as i said earlier this week, i also believe it should be a top priority to take the leader of off the battlefield, just like we did with osama bin laden. that will help us focus the effort to make it clear that no one attacks the united states or aspires to attack, without being
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brought to justice. today we have talked about what we have to do. i would stand up and omissions team to bring focus to this effort. we will devote the assets necessary combined with the capabilities of our allies and partners on the ground and the precise application of forces. we know how to do this. we have models to draw from. it will be a paramount priority for me as president. it will send exactly the right message. history tells us that we need an approach that is comprehensive and deals with multiple over overlapping interests in the region. as we have been reminded in just the last one he four hours with reports of another nuclear test threats korea, we face from many parts of the world.
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indeed, isis and north korea's quest for a nuclear weapon are not entirely unconnected. the greatest threat of all would be terrorists getting their hands on loose nuclear material. it is vital that we bring the northtogether to stop korea's dangerous game. in discussions of national security, it can be easy to get hired in a tactic, overly focused on the threat. that's not lose sight of this larger project of american leadership. it is about creating more peace prosperity,d, more more human dignity. that is what we also have to be focused on every day. there was a number of very excellent suggestions about what we can and should be doing here at home to try to bring our american muslim community much more closely and welcomed into
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the struggle against radicalization and recruitment. i'm anxious to follow up on the ideas and some of the model programs that are currently underway. i'm humbled to be supported in this race by a growing number of retired military leaders. earlier this week, 95 retired generals and admirals endorsed me for president. in the past 48 hours, another 15 has joined them. so have people on both sides of the debate who have defined our foreign-policy. their support is an honor. i'm grateful for it. it is also a signal that the selection is different. i do not want to rehash everything my opponent has said in this campaign. no conversation about our national security would be complete unless big knowledge that the nominee, on the other side, promises to do things that
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will make us less safe. national security experts on both sides of the aisle are chilled at what they're hearing from the republican nominee. that may be the number one reason why this election is the most important in our lifetime. i'm not waiting until november. i'm bringing democrats and republicans together now because i plan to get right down to work on day one. the stakes are too high, and issues too serious, for anything less than that level of preparedness. american should be able to count on their president and commander in chief to provide rational, confident, and even killed leadership, especially into mulch was timed -- tumultuous times like these. and very grateful for the men and women i met with today. experts with a broad range of
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understanding, and willingness to share their insight. i look forward to continuing to receive their advice in the days and weeks ahead. i will take just one or two .uestions >> [indiscernible] mrs. clinton: i think it is clear that the increasing threat posed by north korea requires not only a rethinking of the strategy, but urgent effort to convince them neighbors, most particularly china. this is not just a u.s. issue.
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i think we have an opening here that we have not had for the last several years, that i intend to do everything i can to take it manage of. support andgoing to equip our allies in the region with the missile defense systems that they required to protect themselves. that is not something that either the north koreans, the russians, with the chinese in the region, are particularly pleased about. what is the alternative? we will not let anyone who is a treaty ally and partner of ours be threatened. we will not let north korea pursue a nuclear weapon with ballistic missile capacity to deliver it to the united states territory. that is absolutely the bottom line. if other countries want to assist us in this effort, we welcome that and will engage in
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intensive discussions as soon as possible. statement out a earlier today saying you support president obama's call for additional sanctions on north korea. they have faced sanctions for years, and clearly, it has not stopped them from moving forward on their nuclear program. how would more sanctions help? would you consider the kind of negotiations you have push forward with iran? the clinton: the answer to second question is yes. we faced a similar problem in 2009. in our effort to stop iran from creating a nuclear program, it did not stop them. they were able to require and put into operation a significant
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number of centrifuges. , despite our best efforts, were not enough. although we have international sanctions against north korea, some of which i helped to negotiate, they are not enough either. they are not enough for the very same reason i was responding about. they're not enough because china has not made the decision that it needs to make. north korea poses a threat to the region and poses a threat to relationshipsable that china has always valued with north korea. we will have to look at how we will tighten the sanctions. i do think there is a role for sanctions. north korea relies on goods that can be smuggled in -- with nort.
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wei think there is a lot more we can do. it will be at the top of my list in dealing with china on how we will prevent what could very well be a serious conflict with north korea. >> [indiscernible] jennifer, you know it, you don't talk about leverage until you produce leverage. i do believe we have leverage with china. extensive based on my discussions, when i was secretary of state, there is even a conversation starting with china about how to handle the changes in the north korean regime. china has no interest in seeing the kind of buildup which we will be doing. this, we will not
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leave our friends and allies unprotected. we will do everything we can to put a missile protection system against anything north korea does. the chinese are not happy about that. we have a lot of leverage. we will exercise that leverage. we will put together the kind of negotiations that i think can ofd to a beginning containing and controlling the north koreanhe government, which has the danger of affecting everyone, including china. thank you all. >> secretary clinton, do you have response to donald trump appearing on russian television -- every day that goes by, this becomes more and more of a reality television show.
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it is not a series present shall campaign. serious presidential campaign. it is not beyond one's imagination to have a candidate for president praising a russian autocrat like bodnar putin, and throwing his lot -- five new vladmir putin and throwing them.t in with we are living in challenging times. that was certainly reinforced by the excellent discussion we had .oday no one who wants to assume the responsibility of being president and commander in chief, should be making the kind of reckless and dangerous statements, and identifying


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