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tv   Secretary of State John Kerry Briefs Reporters on Syrian Ceasefire Agreement  CSPAN  September 13, 2016 2:03am-2:36am EDT

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the death penalty, although it sounds great, is flawed public policy. it costs less to lock somebody up for the rest of their lives than it does to put them on death row because of the appeals involved, but then you find out somebody gets released because they are categorically innocent, what price do you put on that? that is the united states of america. that is the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] mr. johnson: there was a poll done on active military personnel three weeks ago, and their choice for president of the united states was me. [applause]
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mr. johnson: what i would like to think that means is this guy is saying some people need to understand. that is we need to have a national defense. when we are attacked, we will attack back. when we involve ourselves in regime change, it has the unintended consequence of making things worse and not better. in my lifetime, i cannot think of getting myself involved in a single regime change where it has turned out to be better and not worse. [applause] mr. johnson: how is afghanistan for an example? we were attacked, we attack back. i supported us going into
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afghanistan in 2003 because we were attacked. after being in afghanistan for seven months, we went out al qaeda. we should have gotten out then and left our options open for coming back to get osama bin laden. 13 years later and apparently, we are going to spend another 20 years there or apparently for some we will be there forever. we need to get out of afghanistan now. [applause] mr. johnson: has life in this country ever been better? it has not. come on. we get along better with people, we communicate better than ever, our kids are smarter than ever. the number one law enforcement tool we all have is in our pockets, it is in our smartphones.
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we are communicating and dealing with issues. black lives matter. we are dealing with this in a way right now that is more efficient, and he will come to deal with this, we are recognizing it as a country, a great and wonderful place to live. [applause] mr. johnson: my last pitch to all of you, if elected president of the united states, i will bring an end to the imperial presidency. [applause] mr. johnson: this is a constitutional office. bill weld and i are going to serve as good stewards of this constitutional office.
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[applause] when i come to new york city, i will not snarl all the traffic . there has to be a smarter way to travel and i will find that way. i pledge i will be the most frugal president to serve in your lifetime. [applause] mr. johnson: you cannot do this if you're not going to lead by apple. saturday afternoon and you are all here. you have no i yeah how honored we all are that you are here. thank you so much. whoa. and lastly -- [chanting "gary! gary!"] mr. johnson: you are too good. you honor us and you honor me. thank you.
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thank you. audience: woo! [cheers and applause] >> for campaign 2016, c-span continues on the road to the white house. we will have one great american future. our potential is unlimited. i had, the the live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential candidate. september 26, the first debate live from new york. then, governor mike pence and senator tim kaine debate at longwood university. universityshington in st. louis hosts the second presidential debate on october 9, leading up to the last debate taking place on october 19 at the university of nevada.
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live anytimetch it on demand at >> the house oversight committee is holding hearings this week related to the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of states. the record.look at see it on c-span three. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. and coming up tuesday morning a discussion on legislative rider readies and the role of his home state on the key battleground state and 2016. pennsylvania, it
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congressman brendan boyle will discuss his role in the oversight committee and hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. and political reporter will review the primary. c-span'so watch washington journal beginning live tuesday morning. >> former president bill clinton stepped in this week for his wife hillary while she recovered. pennsylvania. it is 35 minutes. ♪
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[applause] mr. clinton: thank you very much. [cheers and applause] mr. clinton: wow. let me ask you something. [cheers and applause] mr. clinton: thank you. [applause] mr. clinton: didn't the congressman do a good job for hillary? i thank you so much. and i want to thank your county executive, who is here. give him a hand. the senators, representatives, reverend, thank you for being here.
2:12 am, county thank you very much. i want to thank the pittsburgh colosseum for letting us use the space. [applause] mr. clinton: thanks to the community empowerment association and the safe passage afterschool program for helping with our art project which is here. i also want to say that i am very aware that while i'm here there is a funeral service going on for reverend eugene freedom blackwell. and i'm very aware that although none of us know the hour or the day, cancer claimed his life too soon. when he was doing a world of good. and i'm very aware that he spent
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his life building bridges instead of walls. [applause] mr. clinton: so what i would like to say, what i always try to say when someone younger than me passes away, is that the rest of us have to live for them a little. none of us know, when i turned 70 a couple weeks ago, i became the oldest man in my family for three generations. i had no earthly idea it would happen when i was a child. it was a miracle of medicine. we get all caught up in these campaigns and everyone is calling names and you forget, life is fleeting. and when you get older and have more yesterdays than tomorrows, you ought to be more upbeat and forward looking because everyday -- every today counts more. every today counts more. we should be thinking of how we
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can live for others and give younger people a better future. i follow this campaign and i realize that everybody has to worry about rating points and people would rather see a fight than a discussion. but look, we have enough road rage in america today and all over the world. i think president obama -- i want to thank you for voting for him twice, by the way. thank you. [cheers] mr. clinton: i hope i have a little credibility on the economy. my opinion is, over the next two -- few years people will look , back and give him more credit for what he did than they do now. especially since so many people in congress were trying to make sure that nothing happened. whether it is on immigration reform or infrastructure or you
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name it. but the truth is, there is a lot of road rage. because that financial crash we had eight years ago this month had a very long tail. after inflation, 80% of our people have not had a pay raise. well over 90% of the income gains have gone to the top 1%. that is a long time. most american families, including a lot of them in this part of pennsylvania and south of here and north of here, after you adjust for inflation they are living on about what they were living on the last day i was president and the cost of living has gone up. we have to understand that we honor people's disappointment.
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their frustration. but when i was a little boy, my mother started teaching me, and it has taken me a lifetime to learn, sometimes i still forget, that you almost never make a good decision in anger. we have one candidate preaching anger and another one offering answers. one candidate rubbing salt in the open wounds of resentment and the other taking responsibility to sew up the wounds and walk us into the future. [cheers and applause] mr. clinton: one candidate says i will make america great again. he means by that i'm a white , southerner, i know exactly what he means. i will give you what you had 50 years ago in the economy, and i will move you back on the social totem pole and give you someone to look down on. hillary says it is time we care down the totem pole and move forward together. [applause]
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mr. clinton: the truth is, we live in an interdependent world and an interdependent country. our greatest asset going forward is that compared to other, older big economies, we are younger, more diverse. we are more diverse racially, ethnically, religiously in terms of our skills, natural resources, there is something for everybody in america. but there are lots of mismatches out there. so, you have one choice as somebody who has offered you an economy that makes us stronger together. one where we grow more and one where we grow fairer. and you have got to do both. one person is making you mad
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every day and saying blame somebody else. and i grew up among the people who seemed to like that the best today. i hope i will be the last president ever to be able to say i spent some time as a little boy on a farm without indoor plumbing. there might be one or two other people who can say that here. but you have to be pretty old to say that. [laughter] mr. clinton: but look, it is a great political story. but i promise you in the wintertime, the outhouse is overrated. [laughter] mr. clinton: depending on how far south you live, it is overrated in the summertime because you have to start looking for the snakes. [laughter] mr. clinton: why am i telling you this? because i want you to laugh. is a wacky year. and anger is bad. but i want you to think about this. saying i will make it great the
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way it was 50 years ago ignores two things. first of all it was not so great , for a lot of people 50 years ago. if you were african-american or latino or a first-generation immigrant, if you belonged to some religions, and if you were gay, forget about it. it just wasn't so great for some people. and secondly, saying i will make it the way it used to be is like me saying i would like to be 20 again. i would. you know? [laughter] mr. clinton: but i would not vote for somebody who promised to make me 20 again. [cheers and applause] mr. clinton: look, what we need
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to do to grow faster and grow fairer is straightforward, affordable, achievable, and has been recognized by economic experts from the right to the left to be something that would produce a great jobs boom in america -- both for people with college educations and noncollege people. we need an infrastructure program that rebuilds the roads, infrastructures, airports and the water systems. there are a lot of babies all over the country drinking water with too much lead. if you took them all up and put things down that were clean and new, you would create a kind of jobs and give our children a healthier future. we need affordable rapid broadband in every rural
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community in america. there are 5 million children in this country, some living not far from here, who get homework assignments that require them to get on the internet and they cannot do it. she is the only person that has talked about this. we need a plan that recognizes that we can bring back manufacturing jobs. you know how many jobs have been brought back to america since the bottom of the crash under president obama's presidency? 900,000. [cheers and applause] mr. clinton: you know what the net migration is from mexico to the united states was? talk -- all wall thi hims him wall talk.
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all this wall talk. from 2010 to the end of 2014, -15,000. more people went home than came. now they are having a tough economy. it is fixing to get worse after the trip he took down there. [laughter] mr. clinton: but -- we are laughing but it is a serious matter. if you are going to shoot at something, you at least need to have the right target. we have got to make jobs. we can make manufacturing come back to america more and more. but she is the only person with a serious plan to get modern manufacturing and train people for it. she is only person who said i will help you get free college if your family income is less than $125,000. and i will help you get debt free college whatever your income if you're willing to work 10 hours a week. and, if you already have debt, i will help you pay it off no matter how much you owe. you should be able to refinance that debt. a college loan is the only loan you cannot refinance. if that one proposal passed, overnight 29 million americans
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would save more than $2000. [cheers and applause] mr. clinton: i will let you decide whether you want to pay this back with three or four years of public service related employment or if you don't want to do that or can't no matter how much you borrowed, you can turn your college debt into a home mortgage-like instrument where you pay it off over 20 years and never have to pay more than 10% of your income no matter how much you owe. [applause] mr. clinton: we need to do that. she is the only person who says we need to read dignify -- dignify skills training. plumbers, pipefitters, zillion other things that are open to people without a four-year degree. there are no high-quality training programs in the area. she wants us to invest in labor union training programs that are
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great. she wants to invest in community-based training programs that are great. and she wants to offer a whole new deal to corporate america. i will support cutting your taxes if you will leave at your jobs here, invest in internships, training, and share. want to do what they did in indiana -- i don't know if you read about that. $2.9 million faster, profitable. their profit margins were going up. in they are still going to shut it down, through 21 -- 2100
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people out of work, for short-term gain. you know why? because too many of these companies are being almost terrorized by big short-term investors that demand a profit after one year and one day. is this good business? actually, it is not. these companies pay the chief executive officer, big chunk of his or her income based on whether or not they make that target in one year and one day. you cannot run any business on that and expect to be strong for long. the companies in this country that are run for the benefit of their customers, their employees, their communities, and their stockholders, all the stakeholders over anybody's 10-year. better than those throwing them under the bus to
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get an annual share price. -- an annual hike in share price. [applause] so, she believes we have to switch back to a stakeholder place are we all count. we ought to reward companies that do that. there are lots of them. they are not all run by democrats. some are run by republicans. this is not a partisan deal. this is what you think is good business. we know that people who take care of their employees and take care of the community, they make more money. we know that people who let the finance tail wag the business dog, they make it look like they are making more money because they take their profits and buy back the stock, jack the price up, sell the stock and put some money in the bank and that is what happens. one of the things that has made life so hard for president obama is we kept creating these jobs, but only $.61 of corporate
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revenue were going to pay the benefits. when i was president, the average was about $.66. we finally created enough for jobs that the labor movement started tightening and we got it to 62.5 cents. that is why wages have gone up a little bit in the last year or but we ought to live in a country where we can say we are not antibusiness. we think you can be pro-business and prolabor. we want you to make a profit, otherwise we can't have job. but we don't want you to pony up the profit every year by throwing people under the bus. we want you to be able to sell overseas. we are only 4% of the population. we have got to sell something to the others. we recognize that it may be economical for you to open a new plant somewhere else, but don't shut down a profitable one here just to make a cheap profit in a year and throw people in the street. [applause] mr. clinton: look, i was a
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governor for 12 years. and hillary went through all of this with me. when a plant closed in my state, i tried to go there on the last day. when i was reelected, a machine -- a sewing machine plant, singer sewing machine plant, that had been there since the 1920's was closing. i went there and i shook hands with all 600 people when they walked off the shift for the last time. guess what? no one was mad at them in the community because they cannot -- could not make money anymore. because the economy had moved on. you have these hard-working people not demonstrating, not angry, saying, governor, find them something else to do. these people stayed with us all those decades. we respect them. we wish them well, that they can't make money doing this anymore. that happens.
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but what carrier did is not that. they said we can make plenty of money here, but we can't make as much money next year and pay the top management their bonuses and keep these wolves of short-term gain at the door. hillary says, "you want to cut business taxes? be good to everybody and i will cut your taxes. share profits, train people, invest in america, we will have lower taxes. try to take it away, i want you to pay more, so i can retrain these people and put them back to work." [cheers] mr. clinton: and she is the only person you can vote for who has a plan for that. now i want to say one other dating. -- now i want to say one other thing. we all know how her opponent has done real well in west virginia and eastern kentucky because the coal people don't like any of us
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anymore. they all voted for me. i won twice, and they did well. now they all blame the president when the sun does not come up in hillary's opponent says, this climate change is just a chinese hoax. well, i just got back from florida, folks, and there are republican mayors down there who are supporting hillary for president. they know it's not a hoax. the sea levels are rising, and they've got to figure out a way to get people's houses elevated and to keep them from being overcome by this. in coal country have a beef with all politicians, but it is not denying climate change. the beef is this -- employment in america peaked in 1920. coal production peaked in 1950. for the last 30 years, more and more coal has been taken out of wyoming because it is closer to the surface and lower and sulfur content.
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then we had the natural gas movement. shale contributes to lower incomes in coal country because it is cheaper and less polluting. then the global recession and warmer winters meant you cannot sell so much of it overseas anymore. all of this is being blamed on resident obamas climate change policies and those rules have not taken effect yet. i don't want you to laugh. a lot of you will identify the trip when i was born in arkansas, our income was half of what it is. i made a list the other day about how may different things i've been to earn a living. just shy of 30.
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i had a hard time holding jobs. [laughter] i never looked in the mirror when i got in the morning -- up in the morning and wondered whether i could make tomorrow but in yesterday. when hillary and i married and my daughter was born, never had one day where looked in the mirror and did not think i could give my daughter and better future. you have millions of our fellow citizens who get up everything the day and look in the mirror and think, all of my tomorrows will be just like yesterday. i can't do anything to change my circumstances. i can't do anything to help my kids.
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this drug epidemic is running wild. we have all these problems. what we need to do is get better at nipping these problems in the bud. we should have done more a decade ago to help these people get up the mess they are in. [applause] you can't do it. i went down to eastern kentucky and i had all the time people than the strictly against me. peoplethe trump demonstrating against me. i said, come inside and demonstrate. you did well and i was president, let's have a talk i said, here's what i conducted home -- conducted held. you can vote for whoever you want. you can't have what you had your super. hillary sent me to tell you that we need to go into the future together. we are stronger together. if she wins, she is coming back for you too. don't you forget it. [cheers] she is the only person you can vote for. the only person who has actually offered a serious plan to get people real incentives to invest in coal country and indian country and neighborhoods like this one.
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[applause] cities that have been left out and left behind. rural america. this drug epidemic is an equal opportunity, multiracial, bipartisan murderer. i have had the sad duty of the last couple of years to call five friends of hillary's and mine who have lost their children. one family lives on our block in new york. this is the only one in my lifetime where the addiction rates are higher in small town and rural america and they are in urban america. too many people getting up and looking in the mirror and say they can't make tomorrow better than yesterday. she was the first person to say that this is the plan for drug treatment and prevention.
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here is the plan for comprehensive mental health. here's the plan for investing in these areas of people something to look forward to when they get up in the morning. we need answers, not anger. she is the only candidate offering them. [cheers] i realize i'm not very good about talking about what is in the headlines read i happen to think this headline -- election is about you. i understand why there are a lot of votes for mr. trump's statements with immigrants. i with on implement rate under 5% and we have a recession. i agree with president obama and hillary that if somebody is all biting and paying taxes, the last thing we ought to do is break up their families to my cake the kids out of school, send them home and bring a


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