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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 13, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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state. a.m., james penn dell of the boston lobe discusses the primary,, who is facing a challenge for reelection. ♪ primariese and senate take place in three states today. new hampshire, rhode island, and delaware. former president george w. bush will attend two fundraisers for senator marco rubio. mike pence visits house republicans, reportedly together support for the trump campaign today. and speaking of ice presidential nominees, with recent -- vice , hillaryial nominees clinton and scrutiny over running mates ability to perform if they find themselves commander-in-chief. your thoughts on if vice president will fix -- vice
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presidential picks influence your choice for president. we talk about mike pence and tim tone, and their ability perform as commander-in-chief should that role be called upon them. do you think about vice presidential nominees in who you choose for president? democrats, call (202) 748-8000. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 . call (202)s, 748-8002. you can post on our c-span facebook page or twitter. we take a look at senator tim kaine from virginia. he is the vice presidential nominee and pick for hillary clinton. it takes a look at him in light of the recent health issues over the former secretary of state. this is thomas kaplan this morning writing, saying nine vice presidents have assumed the
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vice presidency -- have assumed the presidency during a president's term. host: that is in the "new york times," this morning. taking a look at the role of vice presidential nominees, especially concerns over illness. this is the story in the style
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section in the "washington post" -- residential illness and the silent treatment. i take a look -- presidential illness and the silent revenge. amendment allows the transfer of power to the vice president of the president is incapacitated.
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host: what do you think about the current choices for vice president? and do those choices make a difference in who you will decide in voting for this coming november? -- mike pence, or senator tim kaine. do a factor and you're voting this november? democrats, call (202) 748-8000. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 . independents, call (202) 748-8002. you can also post on our c-span ontter page, @cspanwj, or joe from georgia starts us off on the republican line. what do you think about a running mate, when choosing who you vote for president? caller: i've been calling your
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great network for over 30 years. i feel great about mike pence. he is super. i think with trump and pence we have the best ticket for the taxpayers in history. steve moore, the trump economic advisor, says trump is cutting taxes and it's going to appoint conservative judges. they relate to trump and i think that got for bed, something were to happen to trump, i think mike pence is one of the top taxpayer candidates in the country. he would be a great president if something happened to trump. host: aside from his economic policies, what do you think about mr. pence? what would make him a good president? caller: he has had a great record is a member of congress from any of years. ,e was extremely conservative had the best interest of the taxpayers and heart. he is a good social conservative, pro-life. all around, i would have total
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confidence in him as president of the united states. i think he would be a great one. i'm fired up and energized for -- pence ticket. host: did you level of support for mr. trump rise when you chose was defense -- mr. pence? caller: it sure did. i've been admire her of him for a while. it certainly did. when he named steve morris's top economic advisor and put pence as his vice president i got so fired up. have a difficult time sleeping at night. that's how fired up joe mccutchen is. host: from anaheim, california, on the republican line -- angel. go ahead. we are talking about them vp
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nominees. -- the vp nominees and if they factor into your decision for president. caller: i support donald trump and mike pence. host: what about mike pence specifically do you like? caller: he is capable enough because he has the experience to be able to take over the presidency. host: is that because of his time in the senate? because of his time as governor of indiana? caller: both. he is capable enough to be able to assume the presidency. , in caseice president the president is incapacitated or unable to perform from his reasons. is much appropriate. choiceud donald trump's for him as a running mate. host: let's hear from gerald in
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wilmington, north carolina. democrat line. go ahead. caller: i'm very satisfied with the democrats nominee for president. i would support him. i like the vp. host: what is it about mr. kane that you like specifically? caller: he is a whole lot of -- ebolawhole but better qualified to be president on the republican side. -- a whole lot better qualified to be president on the public inside. host: did you know tim kaine before he was chosen? real familiar with his time a senator and governor of virginia? caller: for one thing, he's not a racist. south, you of the
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get racist. three fourths of them are racists. kay in missouri. independent line. am -- i must say that i don't think -- the vice president does influence my decision somewhat. but i really think in particular, this year, there is to have anson election. minions have actually done a wonderful job. i think we should just all wait for the powers that be through the media to tell us who the front man is going to be. as far as i'm concerned, tim
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kaine has a wonderful personality. it's in a way, preferable to the others. quotes io have some would like for americans to consider, if i could. -- is his gourmet doll , who said in the united states, we have is welfare for the rich and capitalism for the poor. host: thanks for the call. what's your next from paul in portland, maine. democrats line. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say that hillary clinton made a big mistake with her choice of a running mate. i don't understand why she didn't try to get bernie sanders as a running mate. i think she would've won in a landslide. john kennedy picked lyndon baines johnson, who at the time,
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was his archrival, and they were going to try and do to kennedy what they want to do to trump this time at the republican convention. there would to try to take the nomination away from him and give it to lyndon baines johnson. kennedy made a smart move, and chose lyndon baines johnson as his running mate. if i had been hillary, i would have done whatever it took to get bernie is my running mate. i would have promised him the world. i would have said you would have been the most influential vice president of all time. whatever it took to get him. more people 30 years old and under voted in the primaries for bernie sanders then trump and hillary combined. it's beyond me why she didn't try to get him. i firmly believe that she would've won in a landslide, without a doubt. basically, that was my comments. in maine. was paul,
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asking about vice president of nominees and if they factor into your decision for president. let us know as well. democrats, call (202) 748-8000. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 . ts, call (202) 748-8002. on twitter, not in the least. yes, was leaning towards trump to start, but picking pence sealed it. eas the clinton, but kain causes me to vote stein. recently, responding to hillary clinton in the comments she made about the whole basket of deplorables. here's mike pence. [video clip] pence: hillary clinton's low opinion of the people who support this campaign should be
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denounced in the strongest possible words. the men and women who support donald trump's campaign are hard-working americans. teachers,oal miners, veterans, members of our law enforcement community. members of every class of this country to know that we can make america great again. so let me just say from the --tom of my heart, hillary they are not a basket of anything. they are americans, and they deserve your respect. [applause] host: that is mike pence. if you want to see his statements in full, you can go to our website, "time magazine," has a piece on its magazine website, talking about the process of the parties
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have to make if they had to come to that decision. some of what it says from "time magazine." there's a vacancy on the democratic side after the candidates have been nominated a convention, the rules are simple. democrat national committee is responsible for filling vacancies in the nominations for the office of president and vice president. according to the party rules and bylaws, article three, section one, there are no rules that would prevent the party leadership from holding a meeting in deciding unilaterally on a replacement. it also goes on to say the dnc did not return a request for comment. side, theublican republican party rules are more particular, reprising -- requiring party members to vote --
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host: more information about those processes available at "time magazine." let's hear from stephen indianapolis, indiana on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. for vice selection president would not have swayed me either way. i'm just now getting to know him, he seems like he's a good guy. but mike pence on the other hand , he was in trouble here when running for governor. he might not have even gotten back in. thatdone a lot of stuff tea party people do here. they don't care about the workers. host: specifically what has he done in your state? caller: he denied obamacare. he did everything he could that
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right-wing republicans do. bitoesn't surprise me a this he was selected by trump. trumptyy, human humpty can fall off that wall together. host: susan is in columbus, indiana other public in line. caller: hello. -- on the republican line. caller: hello. i think trump and mike pence would be a good candidate for president. host: why mike pence, specifically? caller: mike pence is from columbia's -- columbus, indiana. as you know. and he would be a good president. vice president. host: the previous caller had said that mr. pence was doing things that upset him particularly, he said that he was in trouble as far as his reelection was concerned.
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caller: i didn't think so. no. mike pence has been a good governor here in the state of indiana, and i liked him ever since he's been in office. host: we will hear from another indianan. columbia city, indiana, democrats line. jerry, good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: fine, thanks. and yourself? caller: can't complain. beent rid of pence, we've trying to get rid of him since he first got elected. for indianathing but take it back. host: what do you mean? caller: he reverted back to discrimination and the tea party methods, which is back, as far as i'm concerned. the right to work law, he got that through.
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he's done everything he could do wrong with indiana. think trump for picking him. -- thank trump for picking him. host: what do you think about tim kaine? he's had much more experience than mike pence has. he's been a governor, senator, pence was a congressman for a little bit, but he never did anything in the congress. i can't remember anything he did but stand behind bush when he made a speech. next inrl is fredericksburg, virginia. the line for democrats. caller: good morning. thanks for c-span, pedro. i have a question. is mike pence was all that great, how come you didn't make speaker of the house? -- how come he didn't makes bigger of the house? host: i will let you answer your own question. caller: if he was all that great
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, after he made that statement about hillary and her bid for election, he went straight downhill and they decided they were going to put him out there anymore. he has to be independent and some of the things that he is saying. and a lot of the things he is saying, he's mimicking trump. it doesn't look that great. far as tim kaine, what are your thoughts on him being from virginia? caller: i'm from virginia, and so far, everything is going pretty good with him. he's very versatile. he seems to be very knowledgeable about what's going on not just here, but as far as foreign affairs are concerned, he seems to be very knowledgeable about that as well. host: you living in the commonwealth when he was governor? caller: yes. host: what were his account was months as governor? -- the compliments as --
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accomplishments as governor? caller: he did his job and stayed out of the limelight. and that's good. he was doing his job. everything seemed to be going pretty well. host: the vice presidential pick for hillary clinton, tim kaine, was recently speaking amongst supporters and was asked about hillary rodham clinton's statement about the basket of deplorable's. here is tim kaine responded to that. [video clip] tim kaine: the important thing is if you let deplorable statements go unchallenged, that's actually divisive. i would call on others to condemn deplorable statements. there are too many people who are supporting donald trump, i'm talking about elected officials, who don't go on record and condemn deplorable statements. the guy wants to be commander-in-chief of the military but says the military is a disaster. that's worthy of public condemnation.
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this is someone who goes after a judge who is mexican-american and says the very fact of his heritage makes him unqualified to render a ruling in a case. that is a comment that is worthy of condemnation. at our best, we condemn comments in attitudes and ideas more than we condemn people. you can sometimes in the heat of the moment, adjust that little bit one way or the other. but if you don't condemn deplorable statements, if you don't condemn divisive statements, then you allow our politics to become divided. host: democrats, call (202) 748-8000. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 . independents, call (202) 748-8002. device presidential choices factor -- do vice presidential choices factor into your choice for president? the only group to whom a vp pick
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is relevant is the voters of his home state. if it came to that, i'll take president kaine over president trump any day. president obama will be attending a rally for hillary clinton as part of his efforts to help her. "washington times," they say he will attend the nominee rally in philadelphia, pennsylvania. a crucial battleground straight -- battleground state. host: from maryland, we hear from bruce on the independent line. bruce, good morning. caller: good morning. to what the vice
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president of the democratic party said. i guess i'm one of the deplorables. and tired of and he plays the race card all the time. makes certain assumption that half of a strong supporters are a basket of deplorable's. that's not a deplorable statement? don't cut me off. listen very carefully. yesterday, i showed up for the trump rally in downtown baltimore. and there were protesters protesting donald trump. for i suggested my support camed trump, one of them over and spit on me. my turn to confront that person, three or four people assaulted me, pushed me around, and a police officers broke it up. and they wouldn't arrest him. and i argued with the police officer, why isn't he being arrested for assaulting me?
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the use of a kind of deplorable's in the democratic party. host: that said, what do you think about mike pence? caller: i'm going to be honest, i don't know that much about him. i don't know that much about his record. himselfway he expressed , he is calm, cool, collected. good contrast for donald trump. i like donald trump. he is brash sometimes. pence, i like his comments and his personality. compared to the democratic candidate, i hate even mention his name. maybe he is the discriminatory person. maybe he is the racist. of that phrase being thrown around so much by the democratic party. maybe it's the democrats that are the racist. caller: that's bruce -- host:
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that's bruce in maryland. we hear next from florida on the democrat line. caller: good morning. mike pence is a choice for vice president, along with donald trump, is a travesty. any learned person, any rational person, would be able to see that. why specifically in mr. pence's case? caller: mr. pence did away with -- he wants the right to work states. which means you can pay employees just about anything you want, which is a slap in the face to most americans. andever mentions unions what the unions of done for this country. giving people a decent wage. he doesn't seem to be for the people. trump was in the gambling business, gambling is an addiction where people lose everything they have.
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that's what i think these people are about. i think they are about just getting as much as they can for as long as they can. host: are you a supporter of hillary clinton? caller: i don't ask support hillary either. she didn't go with bernie. bernie's ideas were fabulous. she is a particularly seem to embrace them. a little bit about it, the $15 an hour, but then she goes down to $12 an hour. she says now. it's just gotten out of hand. and the press hasn't been covering it. thatjust a shame journalism has deteriorated to the point that it has. i'm sorry to complain so much, but it's obvious, people, what's going on here. there's a blackout in the news. if you would see joe scarborough
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this morning on msnbc, it was around this. that's bill and sebastian, florida. speaking of florida, senator marco rubio, who is running for reelection, says that he has managed to get former president george w. bush to headline a pair of fundraisers for the senator next month, going to miami herald. will be the4, you special guest at a miami luncheon for rubio. you will then play the same role in a palm beach reception. the campaign is yet to announce the location for either event, the donors were sent save the date invitations on monday. the minimum contribution requested to attend either gathering -- $2700. for 20 $5,000, they can participate in a chairman's roundtable and discussion with president bush. if you go to the pages of "usa today," it takes a look at some , the senatorial and
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congressional races across the united states. the profile pennsylvania. what's going on there. reporters for "usa today," say this is how much impact mr. trump could have down the ballot is a worry for republicans in that state and a hope for democrats. host: that is an "usa today." three primaries take place across the united states today, new hampshire, rhode island, delaware. we hear next from donald, franklin, indiana, democrat line. donald, go ahead. you are on. caller: i was calling in to let
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you know, in the beginning, i was considering a crossover vote. i voted democrat my whole life. i was considering a crossover vote for donald trump in the beginning. my was and is speeches, especially about working people. when he picked mike pence, he showed me that evidently, the working people are not his interest. in the state of indiana, mike jobs ofaims all these been created because he's been governor. i'll agree with him, there's a lot of jobs. they are minimum-wage jobs. if you want to work in a filling station or for a fast food restaurant and fight to make your ends meet, then you've got extra jobs. then he turns around and cuts the throat of all the working by signing what they call the right to work bill. which is really a right not to pay your share for a union and i'm not back in the unions, per se, i am backing what they
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represent for the future of other workers in the same industries. they push the price -- the wages up for the people below them. he goes in and just cuts their throats. makes it almost impossible in the state now to go around and talk to people about the wages and stuff. when he took mike pence as his vice president, you are talking about the vice president's effect the way people think about the way they are going to vote, in my case, it secured my vote, and again, i think hillary know, i have a few doubts about some of her prospects, but her vice president is articulate, there is acceptable to take over the presidency of the united states. if mike pence takes over the presidency of the united states, they're going to make more money than we are, in the middle class
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will shoot up there. the middle class here is going straight to the toilet. donald and franklin, indiana. we are next from christopher in falls church, virginia. independent line. few comments about mike pence. i saw him this morning on the news, he was basically asked about david duke and stated very clearly with factual basis that he had disavowed david few commt mike pence. i saw him this morning on the duke and it always disavowed david duke. press,appointing is the this was on numerous channels, either made comments like you really believe him? or rolling their eyes. trying to cast aspersions on what this guy was trying to say, objectively. i think it's really disappointing the way the press .s handling this election they can be objective. it seems like everybody has got
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to be an advocate for their own side. harold ford on "morning joe," was saying we have to do this as a hillary clinton supporter. the guys supposed to be on tv, being a commentator. and yet, he's an advocate. i just wanted to say that i wish that journalism class to get a little objective and give the voters something to think about, rather than everybody being an advocate. that's just my two cents. host: from washburn, maine, you are on the republican line. caller: no one has done more damage to this country in the 90's than bill clinton and those who voted for nafta. and now we're looking at the way things are going, it's unbelievable. upstate new york, i was down there last week. raise to live there. it looks like somebody bombed the place. in new york, they are tearing down buildings. carrier moved out over 10 years ago. nobody destroyed more jobs than
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bill clinton with nafta. host: for vice presidential nominees, what do you think about mike pence? caller: 10 times better than the other guy. no question about it. --t: wanted to say that? what makes you say that? caller: the democratic party is destroying the country. they want to open borders. some republicans want. if we don't secure the border, we are in trouble. in maine. is les, the primary the takes place today, the phone call this morning saying new hampshire's kelly ayotte is the last of income and stiff is a primary this year. a sleepy race that has an cause for the headaches that some of her republican peers have endured. hermine opponent is former state senator jim rubens, who attacked her for supporting legislation reform this immigration reform.
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rubens lost a 2014 seven primary to former senate scott brown. host: we will get an update on that later in the program. you can find out more about these races as they took place across the united states. the people involved in them by going on our website, c-span.orn that later in the program. . colleen in georgia. immigrant line. -- democrats line. caller: everyone is degrading hillary clinton, including mike pence. they don't want to call david duke deplorable. went on russian tv and told russian tv that our military was a mess.
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it was all out of whack and everything like that. they are playing that all over russia is a propaganda tape. out onwants to call them treason. if that an hillary clinton, i guarantee she would be right there in jail now. for michigan, this is late and on the democrats line. picked who hillary has as a running mate, i agree with whatever decision is. about the minimum wage, they are registered and raising it. i was at a rally in lansing, yesterday, the minimum wage. when i didn't think about or realize is the person that may have to take care of us, clean us, or feed us when we get in to the group home, that person is now working at minimum wage. i think they need a raise.
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they are literally wiping some of else's butt. host: danny is next up on camera, massachusetts. and depending line. -- independent line. caller: i'm calling to answer your question about whether the vp pick affect my decision. i called on the independent line, but i'm not enrolled. here in massachusetts, independent is a party and enrolled is you are not a member of any party. i voted for both republicans and democrats all my life. i look at the life they've chosen before they decided to run for vice president. tim kaine has had a life of service and has made a lot of personal sacrifices to serve the underprivileged and the poor around the world. advocated against the lgbt community, he has
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advocated for praying away the gay. the comments both of them has made is why look at. it's important to me. they closely represent what i believe in. i strongly believe that the republican vice president candidate is not even remotely close to what i would consider american values. manny in cambridge, massachusetts also about mike pence. some people reference that he was asked about david duke, and according to "huffington post," and others, he refused to say that david duke is a deplorable supporter of republican presidential nominee donald trump.
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host: moral that available -- more of that available on the "huffington post," website. caller: i think it's very important who is nominated for vice president. you have to look at them, can they take over the job? i think mike pence would be a fantastic president. he's a wonderful speaker. i agree with his morality. they can't help who is going to be like david duke, who is going to be supporting them. i don't think they have tried to get him, and they have denounced
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that they don't want him as a supporter for their plan. i think this is one of the best decisions trump has made is to have mike pence as his vp. i would vote for him to be the next president if that should happen. thank you. lynn in houston, texas, independent line. go ahead. caller: yes, me, personally, i like mike pence. i think he would do a lot better job. i would like to make one more comment about the deplorable thing. host: why do you like mike pence specifically? caller: i think he's a lot more presidential. on right tos stance work state. i live in one and i do like that. but being classified as may be a deplorable, at least trump and
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mike pence, they have said they didn't want david duke's vote. but hillary clinton also said that she admired robert byrd, and he was a former kkk member. but when it comes to the vice president, yes, i'm leaning towards trump trade i really like mike pence. nominee -- did a factor in to your decision for president? democrats, call (202) 748-8000, republicans, call (202) 748-8001 . independents, call (202) 748-8002. the "new york times," features a picture of the goldstar family, talks about his resting place in
7:41 am
arlington national cemetery, saying 19 rows down in 20 to the mimi is the map that robinson wanted to know, the difference between her father -- host: "new york times," features
7:42 am
that story if you want to read for yourself. that is the picture of the gravesite the you will see when you go to the website. next from oklahoma, sharon, oklahoma. republican line. you, penswant to tell and trump's probe with a right way to go. i think they need a chance to operate this country. work, as his right to each state and the minimum wage, this is what's destroyed america right now. everybody has to make such large amounts of money. our jobsat drove overseas. our work sort it small, and the more i learn, the more i made, and the more i made, the more i wanted to work for these people often on. i've been in business for myself. i tell you what, this minimum wage deal is crazy. host: let's hear from dorothy,
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in baltimore, maryland. democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. i like to make two statements. i'm going to talk about the vice presidency, but i also want to talk about the deplorable statement. first, i want to say trump, the decisions that trump makes in vice president as well, he got the president of citizens united in his campaign. trump. , these aretionalist people that were for citizens united. pence, heresidency, has businesses pulling out for the bathroomde, law, re-up to show your birth certificate before you use the bathroom. that's not good. the deplorable statement, this may be harsh to say, but i believe that all trump voters are deplorable. the me say why i say that. one, trump said that pows were
7:44 am
losers. if you went to war during his presidency and they were captured, he would leave them there. then he said he would torture families of the islamic state or whatever. that includes babies, two or three-year-olds, the women. and you think that trump is going to be a good president? anybody voting for a man who says those kinds of things -- host: it will take one more call. independent line. anyone foron't blame being upset, including that last woman speaking. but i think all of us, as americans, are avoiding the biggest problem that we have as voters. our president said that our vote doesn't count. bernie sanders said that he doesn't count. donald trump says it doesn't count. whenve to understand that
7:45 am
people are voted into office and don't represent the people that voted them into office, we have to scratch our heads and wonder why don't our votes count? they didn't get the things done that we voted into office for. and the only way that our votes will account in this country ever again and actually be able to make a difference and let every voter play a role in the changes of our nation is when we votes.the power of our and the only way we can do that is if we put in place a new voting system, where we not only vote on these people who lie to us for our votes, but we also that the lower branch of our government, the house of representatives put on the floor of our house that affect our lives in the
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direction that our nation goes in. that's edward in connecticut, the last call for this morning. withg up, conversations two pennsylvania legislators joining us this morning. up first, republican congress and keith rothfus and later on, democratic congress and brendan boyle who represents part of philadelphia. we'll be right back. ♪ >> at, you can watch our programming at any time at your convenience on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.,mepage, and click on the video library search bar. search results and click on the program you
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on tuesday, october 4, vice president of candidates governor mike pence and senator tim kaine debate at longwood university in farmville, virginia. 9, washingtonober university in st. louis posts the second presidential debate. leading up to the third and final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. taking place at the university of nevada las vegas october 19. live coverage of the presidential in vice president of debate on c-span. listen live on the free c-span radio app. or watch live or anytime on demand and "washington journal," continues. host: the first of two brazilians -- pennsylvanians joining us. good morning. guest: it's the first of two notre dame grads. i went to the law school and he went to the undergrad. host: thank you for pointing that out.
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republicans in the house would hear from mike pence. what is that meeting about? guest: we get an update from the campaign trail, the issues he is hearing and the concerns that we are all hearing across our district, in western pennsylvania, but with a state of the economy is and what we need to do to move forward and get to a much healthier place where people's incomes are going up and job opportunities are coming. host: is this a public support for donald trump? -- is this about building support for donald trump? guest: it could be. i think this is part of his path as the vice presidential candidate to get out and sell the ticket. host: what would you like to hear about him, and what would you like to talk to him about as far as the campaign this year? i got a chance to speak to mike and laid out the important of the agenda we set forth in the house with our tax reform proposals and health
7:50 am
care reform proposals, defense proposals, antipoverty and upward mobility initiatives. we will be working on understanding that the legislative branch needs to have a much more prominent role in with been going on in this town, when we have delegate so much authority to the regulatory state that we have an washington, d.c., the continues to turn out regulation after regulation. 600 major rules under this of menstruation costing hundreds of billions of dollars to implement. host: you talk about better wage proposals. you would describe them as a reason to vote for donald trump. over the last year we put together these proposals. some of them have been kicked around for a couple of congresses. our health care reform legislation with dr. tom price and republican study committee. a lot of these ideas have been put together, concrete proposals that speaker ryan says let's be the party of proposition not just opposition. and understands that a donald sign thatnes -- will
7:51 am
legislation and hillary clinton will be no. if we are concerned about the status quo, bumping along the bottom the way we have been for seven years, we need a new direction. in that new direction is set forth in the better way agenda. taking a look at tax reform proposals and talking about the significant increase in gdp growth we would see. that translates to more job and more money in people pocket -- in people's pockets. host: you believe the donald trump embrace these idea. he supportsid -- the reins act. i think we have leadership from the white house that would help. if any agency puts out a regulation in this economy the costs $100 million or more to implement, bring it back to congress for an up or down vote. we are the voice of the people. the people should have a say. we are supposed to have self-government. congress, through the government of the people, by the people, for the people happens. donald trump said he would find that legislation.
7:52 am
contents ofton's this bureaucracy is turning out the policy that she would prefer as opposed to what the market people would prefer. host: keith rothfus of pennsylvania, a republican from that state. if you want to asking questions congress orents of the president of campaign, democrats, call (202) 748-8000. republicans, call (202) 748-8001 . for independents, call (202) 748-8002. you can also post your thoughts on twitter. by the end of the month, the federal government might run out of money. where do we stand as far as not making that happen? guest: we are trying to figure out what continuing resolution would look like. it's unfortunate that we are at this point. i've been a critic of this process of continuing revolutions -- resolutions. iran in 2010 and expressed frustration in 2010, why is it
7:53 am
that congress can't get his job done on time? we know the date is coming, we know the government needs to be funded by then. people back home know they need to pay their taxes, it's april 15. if you have to file an extension, you are filing a payment to make sure you get through. you can go to the local school board and say we are not ready on that first tuesday after labor day or the week before labor day for school. when you continuing resolution on summer so we can get ready. we know some camera 30 is coming. to passa responsibility 12 appropriations bills. i've been frustrated that we haven't done that. that hasn't been done on time since 1994. it's been a bipartisan program. it's only been done on time for times since 1977. it's a chronic problem that we need to address. i introduced a congressional pay-for-performance act. my contention was, if we didn't get 12 build out by the end of july and the senate didn't do its counterpart by the end of july, stop paying us until we do. you have two months to reconcile
7:54 am
differences between the house and senate, and get something on the president's desk by september 30. and september 30 is just a few weeks away and we need to fund the government. there's discussion whether the should be short-term through december or longer-term going through march. that's a conversation we're having right now. we're very concerned about the impact on the defense budget right now. under the continuing resolution, you would carry funding from the previous year. , agets a little detailed little inside baseball, but we are spending about $1,067,000,000,000 in the discretionary part of the budget. under the continuing revolution, that would be frozen. the bipartisan budget act that was passed, he would go up to $1,070,000,000,000. almost all of that going to defense. we continue to hear from those in the defense department about concerns that we have with respect to adequacy, readiness, etc. host: one of the sticking points
7:55 am
is the funding about planned parenthood. guest: it's been very frustrated that harry reid in the senate would choose to make this an issue. the fact of the matter is, we have $40 million going to health care, and the funding bill we passed through the house in the conference committee between the house and senate, we're talking about a handful of planned parenthood clinics in puerto rico. the wheedling just ruptured in the bill, we have money for research for vaccines, for spring for mosquitoes, public health to be administered through certain entities within puerto rico. you won't find the word planned parenthood in this legislation. yet harry reid has chosen to hold hostage work on vaccines and work on spraying so that he can throw yet more taxpayer dollars at planned parenthood, which already receives $500 million in taxpayer funding. it's unconscionable they would take that tact. host: calls lined up for you.
7:56 am
this is kathleen from chicago, illinois on the democrat line. you are on with our guest. good morning. a couple ofou give seconds, i want to ask this gentleman here, he said some things that sound reasonable a few minutes ago. but i want to ask you in general , as a person, not as a democrat or republican -- how can you stand behind somebody like donald trump? iran, ory says that if whoever, with role of a finger at the u.s. ship, he would start world war iii? how can you stand with a person that says if you can't get isis, he will kill their women and their babies? how can you stand with a person that openly mocks somebody who is disabled? how can you stand with a person that you know, yourself, is not fit to be the president, simply because he is who he is?
7:57 am
he's not talking about hillary clinton said his supporters are deplorable. i hated that she used that word. but look at what he's been day one, getting rid of mexicans and calling them rapists and murderers. everybody says that he is a bully and says he is strong. i have seen three incidents -- i kid you not -- one with donald trump was on that podium, and he thought someone was going to jump up on that podium and attacked him. the first thing he did was turn around and look like he was going to run off that stage, he was so scared. host: we will our guest respond. guest: thank you for the call. we have some serious problems going on in our country. we have an economy that is stuck in neutral. i talked constituents all the time who were frustrated with the lack of opportunities, the lack of getting ahead with their own wages, the health care debacle that we have seen insurance cover is dropping out,
7:58 am
people losing their health care plans. how devastating the economy has been. struggling small businesses. itgress has no idea how bad is out here. we're looking at the better way agenda which would restore healthy economic growth with incomes, make more opportunities available for people. get the health care reform we need. that's were we should be focusing. we can always focus on what one canada does, that we need to be focusing the selection on policy. who is going to sign that policy. and do not forget, congress has an oversight responsibility. over thertunate that last 15 years, we have seen a inl hard partisanship set in this oversight response ability. i think of the benghazi committee and the way they were investigating the secretary of
7:59 am
libyaand what happened in and how it became trench warfare . we have a bipartisan response ability to oversee what's going on in the executive branch. expect that a republican house and senate would conduct robust oversight over a president trump administration. the party scene members of the republican party called donald trump out -- you have already seen members of the republican party called donald trump out on what he has said. caller: good morning. i haven't called in, but i've been watching everything. , would like to thank you republicans, for hanging in there. we need to get you into office. i would like to say, please give me enough time. i would like to say something. i've been watching both of these candidates very close. at first, i wasn't for trump. now i am. because the other direction, the
8:00 am
would -- i don't care what anyone says when they call in. anyone with the size of a brain of a grain of that is not the example that i want for my children or my precious grandchildren. i do not own diamonds. ,y jewels are my grandchildren and everyone who was listening better think of that. you hang in there and you keep going, and let's vote in a different change. host: that is diane. guest: one of the things i have been thinking about a lot lately, and it comes out in the op-ed i did, we do have three separate branches of government, the executive branch, the president, the most powerful person in the world, the judiciary, and their specific
8:01 am
"branches. the decades, you have seen a diminishment in the authority and power of the legislative branch. people are struggling out there in the country. they are for leadership in this town. leadership does not just happen in the white house but the other branches. i think this is an opportunity. you see a much more robust legislative branch. an actsaid he would sign at the reign of regulation, some people actually have a voice. you are going to see some give and take i believe with the trumpet administration and republican congress. host: from florida, independent line. mike, you are next. good morning. know the would like to
8:02 am
president always has these bad policies of the country in the wrong direction. can you tell me what your party has done since he has been in office to try make things better for the average american? his policies are so bad but what are your policies? guest: great question and that is all we put together the better wake agenda, putting in detail what our health care reform plan would be. we see the continuing fallout of the affordable care act and the damage it has brought for many people. some people have gotten health insurance through the affordable care act and the important thing is to go back and see what was done in the everyone else's premiums to skyrocket, my summoning people lost their plans when the president promised they would not and why do they see significant increases in premiums when the president promised they would go down. by a losing access to their doctor? are health care reform plan is
8:03 am
aimed at providing real health care reform that will open consumers and patients and not bureaucrats. i am looking at legislation ipass out of the house that we have the senate will take where we talk about the war on cold. there is a small subset of power plants in the country that use waste coal. this is cool that was minded decades ago for the fuel on hillsides,eft polluting streams, landscapes, apa'sth the one-size-fits-all regulations on the small number of plants that we that waste coal -- and have 200 million tons already in pennsylvania -- those were closed down, resulting in the loss of 5200 jobs for pennsylvanians. yes --tion has said, look, let's have regulation standard.
8:04 am
that is the kind of initiative we are looking for, responsible and prudent regulation that lets the economy grow, keeps people on the job, keeps middle-class people on the job. keith rothfus joining us, he serves the 12th district. (202)-748-8000 democrats. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. (202)-748-8002 independents. there is a quinnipiac university poll showing shrinking lead for inlary clinton and a rise donald trump support in the senate in a dead heat. how do you think it will play out in pennsylvania as far as this november and d believe the numbers? guest: it is a dynamic environment think people are focusing and after labor day. i have to mention the tremendous when in washington last night, although i did not make the game, i was studying for this
8:05 am
morning and other things today, but there is a lot of fluidity out there. district parts of my are people have waited in line for over one hour to get time for mr. trump. of interest and i think i would expect a lot of ebbing and flowing over the next few weeks as people take a look at where the country is headed and is my hope that people focus on policy. to be abouton needs policy and not personalities. and you look at the policies we have advocated, versus the status quo for mrs. clinton, no one is talking about the debt. we are more than $19 trillion in debt and the money has to get paid back and it is to higher interest rates. years, the interest on the debt will be $850 billion. now it is under $200 billion, but in 10 years, eight hundred $50 billion, more money we spend on defense budget, and we have
8:06 am
got to get a handle on the spending problem. part of it is economic growth. when you get back to 4%, 5% economic growth -- which we can do -- and it is interesting, there has been talked that we will not get growth and that we are resigned to the 1% or 2% growth -- do not believe it. growth in theous 1960's, 19 80's and 1990's if we have the right policies out of this town, but when they regulate and tax and direct government spending as opposed to a more free economy, that is are we get into trouble. shirley from alabama, democrat. morning. caller: good morning. host: you are on. caller: thank you for c-span. host: morning. go ahead. caller: i just want to say one thing about the deplorable comment. when she said that,
8:07 am
there is a statement my grandma always used to say, birds of the feather flock together. and what she means by that is out of all the horrible things he has said, despite what he said about megyn kelly and word on tv and the disabled person -- all of those things are thuggish. they are not presidential. just because he has now been calmed down -- but does not mean he will be a great president. and his leading up with this putin -- in russia -- are you serious? what is the matter with this man? this is why this so hard for those of us who are rational to understand why anyone can vote for this man. one more thing. the things he said about congress, congress has done nothing ever since president obama has been in it because all
8:08 am
they want to do is make him look bad, and it makes me sick. if i could respond to that -- congress has been quite a bit actually. we have prevented another $850 billion in deficit spending that this president wanted to have. we have preserved tax cuts for 99% of the american people, prevented the closure of guantanamo bay detention center. there has been significant legislation on the opioid epidemic. that has been a very difficult and big issue in my district. significanted infrastructure legislation, the first long-term highway bill in the very long time. we have done legislation relative to our modern very important
8:09 am
in my district, but again, you need to look -- when the candidate says something, what has been the reaction of members of their own party? republicans stand up and criticize donald trump. i have get to hear a democrat --ticize hillary clinton when she talked about it being a on septembernow 11, 2012, hillary clinton sent an e-mail to her daughter and this is an al qaeda [indiscernible] the next day, she talks about it the nvidia, telling the family of these falling americans that .verything this is not the kind of leadership we need to have. if you look at -- this is an opportunity in the election to the voice of congress, initiated through the brother wage act and you couple
8:10 am
that with a robust -- what i would hope would be bipartisan oversight -- president obama came and gave a speech, state of the union the couple of years ago in which he laid out his agenda. he says of congress does not act, i will. this unilateral kind of executive taking action without us. that is not the way it was designed. you sought the number of democrats stand and applaud that address. donald trump came to the house and said the congress does not act, i will. you would not see when republican stand and applaud that. we have three branches of government and there is supposed to be healthy tension between them. this is what the founders designed to diffuse power among the branches. have a viewer that says republicans declared war on the president. guest: you can go back to 2009 and the meeting at blair house, where the president began
8:11 am
talking about his initiative and it pretty much let republicans come a long way and that may not be a direct quote but something to that effect. the president has decided to go his own way on many items. and the american people did not support that. look what happened in 2010, when they rammed through the health care law and as mrs. pelosi said, you have to find what is in it, but a lot of stuff is not the good in it. while one might say that is obstruction, there is a responsibility for oversight that congress has. i would expect a republican congress to have robust oversight of the republican administration. host: heroes marty for michigan. on the republican line. caller: how are you both doing? to buy for your public service and c-span is always a good
8:12 am
-- thank you for your public service and c-span is always a good place for no moderators to jump in and put your opinion in there. i wanted to say that listening , it is reallys sad to see a country so divided right now. i am native american and i support donald trump and i don't think necessarily we have the two best candidates in the world, but people think trump will start a war. well, we have a congress and hillary clinton voted for the war. be listening to some of the callers, i am a republican and i am sick and tired of being called a racist. i am sick and tired of people saying my party does not support blacks or hispanics or minorities whatsoever. it is out of control. can they support
8:13 am
the woman who says that her mentor and the conscience of the senate was the kkk member? it is out of control. clinton has pushed in past comments that she wanted not a wall but the barrier. 120 4 trillion dollars of unfunded debt and six plus million people in poverty and 48 plus million people that are on government assistance. the national debt will hit over $20 trillion out of -- after obama is out of office. this to an to put end and it does not matter to me which party it is but it has a stop. host: we will let our guest respond. guest: a couple good points on the division in the country. i think people are tired of division. i think the rhetoric plays to that division. i think you have either side, there is a significant part of
8:14 am
each party. i consider myself a true believer. he was a figure ideas out there and know which way the country is going and i think it is important to have mutual respect. i think in some of the journalism out there, people like to generate controversy, but i think it is so important to focus this year on policy and not personalities. listen to rhetoric of then see what is it that would be different in a trump administration or in the clinton administration? marty mentioned the thing about war and what congress should be and should be conducting oversight, absolutely. i remember back in 1980 as an 18-year-old -- i gave go in my age -- there was debate in the
8:15 am
carter and reagan campaign. people were saying reagan was too old and conservative and he would start a nuclear war -- he is the cowboy. ronald reagan talked about peace or strength, and we have got to get back to understanding this be a roled that can for much good in the world. used chemical weapons against its people, president obama came out and said -- i don't think he had a plan but he said, look, the world is a better place because of leadership that americans show. the burdens of leadership are heavy, he said, that is true. back to that. we do have a responsibility, i think, as the leader of the free world to have that moral clarity and to see what has been going on in the middle east and to have this directional foreign
8:16 am
policy. on the other hand, you have secretary clinton making a decision, according to the city, to go into libya, this is one year before benghazi debacle. i do not think enough scrutiny has been paid to that decision. learning the lesson of going to after longyard -- and hard years and the tremendous price we laid -- we -- moreour soldiers than 40,000 not coming home, 16 800 combined and you have to be very careful when you are talking issues of war. i think congress and its house would be very aggressive in oversight of either administration. host: republican line, ernie from pittsburgh. -- bernie from pittsburgh. guest: morning. goodwin last night. caller: good morning.
8:17 am
specifically by myself, but there is a problem that faces a lot of seniors my age. i am 77 years old. i am a person who grew up in 1957. i worked on most every day in my life and i wore a uniform for four years. do not say thank you for my service because i do not ever want to hear that. like i have said, i have been paying taxes on my life. the couple of years ago, i had personal problems. this is a problem with a lot of seniors and another problem -- we have plenty of signs if anyone wants to stop by. but what i am saying is i ran into personal problems financially, and i had to end up going on income tax payment programs. told me that after a couple of years, we can sit down and figure out the fines and penalties to reduce the program.
8:18 am
i did that, and then i tried to talk to somebody in the irs. well, you cannot get an answer on the phone because there is an advocate and he sends you to one person and they send it to another. it was 3.5 hours on the telephone without talking to a single person that could give me anything. my point is when you are trying to make these payments and so forth and they told you you can last week i went into the office and i spoke to a lady. her basic advice to me was, go ahead and take a loan out on my house to paid off. this makes me very disturbed. said, i have paid my dues. i am 77 years old. i have an income of $18,000 and this is a concern that i get from my government. host: let's let our guest respond. guest: bernie, first off, thank you for calling in and in a
8:19 am
different way, i will say that i appreciate your service to our country. this raises a great issue that i think collars and viewers should appreciate. we have been talking with pedro about policy stuff and elections and all that. there is a lot of work that members of congress do that is under the radar. i called constituent service work. i have three offices in my district and bernie is in monroeville and i represent part of monroeville, whether he is in my district or not, he may be in congressman murphy or doyles , but i have three offices in my districts in the north hills of pittsburgh, beaver and johnstown, but we take calls all the time from callers like bernie with an issue and we are on the phone with the irs and there are numbers we can call, whether at the irs, social security, medicare. if there is a constituent who was encountering a difficulty, i
8:20 am
would encourage him or her to reach out to their local member of congress and see if they can't try to break the gym. i appreciate bernie calling in with that. host: our guest with us for the next couple of minutes, keith rothfus of pennsylvania, republican, and (202)-748-8000 for democrats. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. for independents, (202)-748-8002 . the new york times in an editorial takes a look at an effort by some of the house to impeach the current irs commissioner. talk about this. is this something you agree with or why not? guest: i agree with that. imagine if you were the knotted it by the irs -- were being audited by the irs and you give this some kind of run around to the irs that viruses given to congress. there has been a real issue with fundamental precepts of public service not being followed.
8:21 am
you go back to targeting of people for political beliefs. that is not the role of an executive branch agency. when you have an investigation -- oversight investigation going on and you have the head of the irs come and testify and it is not truthful, that is another violation of the precept of public service. george will have a good column this weekend and it had something to it the regulatory state and the part of the executive branch has. we have allowed this impeachment power to atrophy. this is a power that the legislative branch had. we were supposed to have three co-equal branches of government and they're supposed to work and hold each other accountable. when you have the higher -- the irs had, who oversaw an agency that destroyed records seven months after they were called in
8:22 am
a subpoena, nobody has been held accountable. that is a serious problem. put yourself in the shoes of someone who was being nodded and irs -- being audited by the irs and see if you have the grace that the commissioner has gotten. host: this impeachment has been used since 1876. is a: to my point, that sign that the powers of atrophy. activity, have more for example, and i think i would follow that in the oversight. is a public servant euros violated the public service precepts, you have to look at the constitutional remedy the founders gave us. host: does he lose his job? guest: if the house impeaches him, it would go to the senate and then it would be tried and they determined the penalty. host: what would you accomplish it be a patient went through? guest: accountability -- if the impeachment went through? guest: accountability.
8:23 am
they need to know they are not above the law. that is one of the distinctives for this nation and the ofeptional nation -- nature this nation. when you have agency officials that are not subject to it, that is a serious problem. int: we will hear from matt massachusetts, independent line. caller: good morning. first, i would like to save thank you for offering this forum to america. the second thing is that the congress, when bill clinton was impeached for various things, including lying under oath, congress should have physically went to the white house and removed him from office. he was impeached finished his term, and while i am on the topic, hillary clinton brings up saying that half of trump supporters are deplorable,
8:24 am
basket of the portables -- well -- basket of the portables -- well, while her husband was in office, her husband inserted [indiscernible] into her but, so what would you call that? in my opinion, anybody who knows the history of this man and votes for hillary clinton after she stays at that individual, they are deplorable. veronica, up next to illinois. democrat line. -- thanki, i am sorry you, representative. i am trying to contain myself because i was very offended by that caller's statement by her frying to a woman's body part, but -- by referring to a woman's body part, but my subject is on the military. i was all military-based and i
8:25 am
am very patriotic. my husband is caucasian and i am african-american. i was very much a republican for long time, and i actually voted for bush when obama ran the see howme, but when i him, the republicans treat it is like this superiority complex that some republicans have. they do not like to see him in position. of doing all these investigations on fbi director do clinton, why don't we infrastructure. why don't you spend real money to help real problems for people? thank you. guest: thank you for the call and thank you for the service that your family has given.
8:26 am
thanked thenk we family members of enough because when people are in the services, that is a lot of stress and pressure put on them. ,ack again to the last caller too, it is important for people to be taking a look at policy we are looking at going forward and what is the next four years going to look like and the laws that are past and the solutions that are had. we have passed significant infrastructure legislation in the last couple of years, both on water and highways. superiority complex ic is seeeen the elite -- that i is between the elite and it comes out in the deplorable, that mrs. clinton had and you go back to 2008, when then senator was in san francisco and
8:27 am
said the thing about pennsylvania clinging to their bibles and guns. that rhetoric is not helpful. we need to talk more to each and i am going into the city of pittsburgh with some frequency and there are a number of democrats and they say, you have got to talk to each other and to understand what the issues are. it is ok to have policy differences. it is legitimate. when people do things that they should not be doing, they should be held accountable for that. this is the reason president clinton was impeached in the 1990's. when people doit was not just ae back then. laws againstlic sexual harassment. that is what that was all about. behink that we need to
8:28 am
careful with the language we use, articulate policy differences, hold people accountable for they are not predefined with the precept of public service. and the failure to correct the record after he understood what he said was not to to congress beingn you have people audited by the irs, that is a serious issue. host: you talked about rounding up the fbi, and a story this morning talking about more subpoenas for documents. is this a good use of time? guest: it is troubling with bed drip, drip, drip coming out. when you had done march 3, 2015, the story about the e-mail server and that same day, they issued a preserve preservation letter, preserve those documents and the next day, a subpoena and iran march 4,
8:29 am
march 25, there was a phone call between some clinton operatives and people at this network in the next day, the records were deleted. that is a serious problem. the records were destroyed. we all know the famous a two-minute gap from the watergate tapes -- famous 15 minute gap from the watergate tapes. thousands of these e-mails. for whatever reason the 2009, this is clinton made the decision to use a first of its kind private server, a shield to all of the records so that she could control everything. this is not the way things are supposed to work in our country. orhink the fbi has questions we have questions that the fbi needs to answer. host: one more call. quickly,rom pennsylvania, republican line. guest: you said it right. that is my hometown. host: richard, go ahead.
8:30 am
caller: good morning. questions.e brief trump,the question of but when we build -- when the bailed out wall street, and i have a daughter that has 100 loan, and i wonder if they will ever do anything for those people since wall street caused this habit can we bailed them out, will they help them any? also, i am a marine veteran from ge in vietnam and i noticed when i get back, i did not get the gratification, and of course, a lot of people get it now, which they deserve, and i hear some of the things on the party stating something about vouchers and maybe or maybe not keeping up the v.a.
8:31 am
i am for term limits. i wonder if he will have anything for that. brief thing is social security. it makes you unsure of which were there going on that. that is all i have right now. guest: great number of points. thank you for your service. you mentioned the idea -- you are talking about the v.a. -- we have a moral obligation to stand with those who stood for us. the scandals that have plagued the v.a. and there are concerns across the aisle. this is something we have to continue to look at. we passed legislation to give veterans some flexibility and if they have to wait longer than 30 to see a specialist, aren't
8:32 am
there is an issue more than 40 miles away, there have been problems with administering the program and we continue to work on that. that is a thank you and it is making sure we are taking care of those. that is a big priority for many members of congress. the college loan crisis, at one point, $3 trillion in debt -- is that the number we have? loan debt, a big part of the solution is more robust economic growth where we have more job opportunities and rising wages and summation that kids have taken on this debt are going to have an income to help down.ay it at the same time, we had to look andlternatives education community college. i have done a lot of work with trinity college and the programs they put together from looking at folks who may need a four year degree and there are ways to get there and doing some part-time work, the outlook
8:33 am
together, there are eight packages available and we have a tremendous amount of aid available. we have to look to the colleges to be more disciplined in the way they are raising tuitions and you compared the tuitions to inflation index and it is not good. when we see repeated increases in college tuitions and you look at some of the building going on in the college campuses and you scratch your head. it is a real problem, but appreciate [indiscernible] oft: keith rothfus pennsylvania, joining us for a discussion. tanks are your time. guest: thank you for having me. host: we will get from democratic congressman brendan boyle of pennsylvania talking about the final two weeks of congress before the november elections. it is our ongoing effort to bring viewers a place where public policy is debated.
8:34 am
we will show you some of the more interesting holiday displays that members of congress have created by the washington, d.c., offices. we begin with one of the longest-running displays outside of the office of one of the long-term republican congressman. we are in the rayburn house office building, south of the capital building. 33 rayburn. there is the fallen heroes display. tell us about this display and how long it has gone on? -- and howrade >> long it has gone on. >> we started this back in 2004, and more members of congress kept saying, can i get one out, which was great, and we put them in front of their office. when we moved here to get to the rayburn building, my staff and i
8:35 am
decided that the right thing to do was to do the screens, which you see here today, and to use the point in my district, so that is the reason why we just started making difference [indiscernible] faces, aged 19 to 42 on the panels -- why did you start doing it? >> first, i regret that i voted to give president bush the authority to go into iraq. i blame myself for that. i blame i saw in my weakness because i did not believe it was justified and it has been proven that distortion of intelligence is what led us into iraq, so my was tod apology and it remember those who gave their
8:36 am
life to this country, and that is when we started this in 2004. often did you how stop and take a look at some of the individual volunteers here? >> from time to time, you get rings on your mind and you realize that so many of these young men and older men -- that their life is over. i just stop and look at the neighbor to and read about when killed in the history on that individual. the most amazing thing is walking down the hall to see someone i did not even know who is stopping and looking at the faces, and from time to time, we have had a family member say to and they say, i just saw my son's face on the wall and i appreciate it very much. >> can you talk about the
8:37 am
individual that was the emphasis? >> michael, i went to his general in camp lejeune in the first week of april and it was still early in the war, and this is ipo's photograph. i sat there with his wife in camp lejeune and i cried with lettershe read the last from her husband that was written one day before he was killed. is toole purpose of this .emind people that war is hell i have never been to war, but i know when i look at these cases and all the people look at these cases, congress needs to meet the congregational -- the constitutional duty to look at more and not just let the president send them overseas to die for this country. >> you have gotten letters from for doingnking you
8:38 am
this but you were saying earlier that you do not open to many of the letters. >> i do not. it was my mistake of voting to send our young men and women to war in iraq, so i have opened one in that one was enough. i cannot read it without getting teary. the gentleman wanted me to know his son. hisanted to tell me about son being an altar boy, one in to go to college, and [indiscernible] walter jonesn north carolina, thank you for sharing your display with us. back to you. our next guest is representative brendan boyle, democrat from consuming the, a member of the oversight and government reform committee. that committee conducting a new round of hearings, taking a look at the fbi and hillary clinton.
8:39 am
what is the nature of the new meetings and other necessary? for theirst, thank you limey to be back and the service that c-span does. this is absurd. and ii director told me think they testified for some six hours and answered every and i do noton komi, who i have a lot of respect for, if there had been enough evidence to charge someone, i have no doubt he would have done it. now that the republican majority in the committee did not get the results they wanted, they want to investigate the investigation of the investigation. this is absurd and a waste of time and money. i think that we should really move onto more important things. by the way, the folks in flint still have not gotten the help
8:40 am
that they very much need and deserve after poison being in their water and families, such as mine, that it concerned about traveling to south florida and the zika virus and because of one mosquito, a whole family's life has changed forever. those are the sorts of things in congress that we should deal with. not to mention, keeping the government running as government funding expires in a few weeks. let's get to the serious matters ofgovernment and not so much the investigation. host: our previous guest uses jerkords "to, drip, drip, made --drip nature" at this. keith a happen to like great deal but i respectfully disagree with them. there was not to rip, drip, drip .
8:41 am
there was a full investigation. ,he fbi wrapped up including the director, and they said that no charges were warranted. wouldsonable prosecutor bring charges. i think it was a mistake for secretary clinton to have gone down this path and follow the advice she supposedly got from former secretary of state colin powell, but we go down a dangerous path in this country when we attempt to criminalize. there are a lot of folks who do not like we do not agree with hillary clinton. that is fine, completely legitimate, but we have to be careful and not to it they do in other countries that really are the banana republic, or the attempt to criminalize and prosecute political opponents. that is a mistake and also over my lifetime over the last 39 years, both parties have drifted uncomfortably close to that line
8:42 am
of political differences, and i think that is something we have to push back. host: an oversight hearing takes place at 9:30 today and you can watch it and do it in the get it on our c-span radio app. brendan boyle a member of that committee and joining us for other topics. if you want to ask questions, (202)-748-8000, the line for democrats. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. (202)-748-8002 for independents. -- talk aboutton that for a minute. but you think about the handling of that information and when she got pneumonia and what she did with that information. amazed that, i am someone had the monument and they kept up a full schedule. i know how i act when i am sick and when i had pneumonia and i probably would have been in bed. it is amazing that this becomes [indiscernible]
8:43 am
credit forher attempting to power through. at the for 1.5 hours campaign a knowledge that they should have more quickly told people what was going on. in the heat of an election, everything becomes this major scandal and it is really bizarre because it of skiers are real issues that we are talking about. to me how the things that are sometimes big issues in the campaign completely different from the actual issues that we deal with them government and the issues that are important to the american people. when i am back home in philadelphia and suburban philadelphia, very few people talk to me about the sort of issues that are hot, and inside politicos year and inside the beltway. the issue is that most people in
8:44 am
isdistrict and neighborhood is they care about the bread-and-butter issues and far less than sorts of things host: we talk about inside the belt. host:one more inside the bubble comment. develop axelrod sent out a tweet thatvid axelrod said antibiotics can take care of number one nick, what is the cure for an unhealthy pension privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems? guest: [laughter] i think it is showing a certain degree of independence by saying that, but i think on the pneumonia issue, it is much to do about nothing. in terms of the transparency issue, both candidates, every nominee of the major party has an obligation to release full tax returns, release full medical records. i think that as we move forward, we should require this legislatively.
8:45 am
had donevious nominee that before. to thisrump, remarkably day, has not released tax returns. his medical records to this point has been a short letter from a doctor that was written while he was in a limo waiting down the stairs and it declared that he would be the healthiest president in american history. george washington i think was pretty healthy from all records, so i think that moving forward on the tax record front and on is somethingront that we in congress need to look at and require. one way to address this and completely clean this up is when someone becomes president of the united states, they come under the care of been able dr. -- of the naval doctor. having been able dr. to just two of basic physical of both nominees, that is an independent
8:46 am
person, they can certify the person is physically fit. i think that might be the direction we should go in. give the public a piece of mind that the person is helping this important job and it also hampers down on some of the silliness. host: this is larry to start off . alabama, democrat line. you are on, go ahead. caller: good morning. i hope or the soon-to-be president, and hillary gets better, and i would like to ask you a question pertaining to this plan that donald trump has. one, i would like to make a statement before pedro hangs up on me. donald trump opposed to 15% deduction of the luckiest people on here and some of these large [indiscernible] who will pay the rest of the 85%
8:47 am
of the tax? on my comments, i would like the focus to go to paul manafort is .ied to russia google it and see how much money that paul manafort is taken from an attending and stirring it into different bank accounts. also, i would like to know why these people want to vote for trump when he has declared bankruptcy four times and got people who are suing them and all the campaign workers on here who are not getting paid and are planning on suing them. host: thank you. guest: first, i thought barry was going to talk more about the alabama football -- i thought larry was going to talk more about the alabama football, given how will they started out the season. there are couple of things in which the caller said and i wanted to pick up on how you mentioned one of the oversight
8:48 am
reform committees. it is remarkable to me that we are actually in an whichon and went -- in one of the major nominees has praised a dictator like vladimir putin. i represent one of the largest constituencies of ukrainian america in the country. what has happened in crimea and eastern ukraine and continuing to happen is a disgrace and is , for the first time since the end of world war ii, we have had the boundaries in europe attempt to be redrawn. vladimir putin is a dangerous , for the first time since the end of world war murderer and we must have a president that is sober and realizes that and is not somehow closely linked to the proven --
8:49 am
to theputin regime. i am not saying this because i'm a democrat, but i never thought we would see the day were either nominee was praising a russian dictator, but particularly the .epublican nominee and it isrkable to me quite dangerous. by the way, that is another reason why i think donald trump needs to release his tax returns because according to one of his sons, there are financial leaks in terms of investors who hold the debt, much of the debt that donald trump currently has, so these are serious questions and i think that we need to be very clear eyed in terms of the threat. host: here is from massachusetts, sheila, independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning.
8:50 am
thanks for taking my call. i would like to know if mr. boyle could justify the fact that there are thousands and thousands of e-mails that are missing that were never turned over to the department of justice and how they can possibly put an end to this .-mail debacle it is absolutely sinful that democrats do not want the real answers. also, i might remind him of the reset button that hillary had with russia. thank you for taking my call. bye-bye. guest: in terms of the e-mails, i do believe that all the ones that are legislative and official in nature should be turned over. the fbi has wrapped up a long and lengthy investigation, so i the that they are satisfied matter is resolved. for political reasons, they just .ant to keep it going
8:51 am
there are some question that by setting up her own personal e-mail created this issue. if she were to do it all over again, she would absolutely not do it this way. the irony is that the glen of the reasons she did it this way was for convenience. in has proven to be about as inconvenient as possible. when fbi director testified in front of us, we have a challenge, just as a government, in terms of classification system. there are documents that suddenly become classified that were unclassified at a certain point, and there is one famous secretary of state where they had written something in his book and that later became classified. well, you cannot make it classified once it is published in the book, so this little episode of actually opening up a can of worms in which the
8:52 am
decisions are made in terms of classification and that is something we could tackle on a bipartisan basis because we are in the heat of a political campaign and it will mercifully ended a couple of months. the issues we are talking about in terms of sensitive data and in terms of classified documents, these are important as americans because beyond whatever differences we may have , we are americans first and we are reminded about that every single day when we see the threats out there to us, to all of us. we just had the 15th anniversary of september 11, 2001. those murderers were not looking to kill democrats, republicans are independents. they were looking to kill americans. making chili deal with the national security of the united astes and we are doing it strong and in smart way possible, i think the only way that we get these sort of systemic and permanent changes we need is on a bipartisan basis. host: in virginia, democrat line. morninggood
8:53 am
representative boil. guest: good morning. caller: how are you doing? guest: good, to her. caller: i have two issues that touch on. on president obama and one on mrs. clinton. are you a member of the oversight committee? guest: yes, i am onto committees. one is the government oversight and government reform committee and the other is the foreign affairs committee. caller: great. thank you for your service. let me ask you this question. do you think bread and butter or americans also want to see the government run correctly? guest: no, i think clearly the american people want to see their government run correctly, as do i, and my comment is more
8:54 am
sometimes when we are here in the bubble and inside the beltway, there will be this hyper focus on the political minutia and i will be as guilty of it as anyone else that dominates the conversation, and going back home, it is the best thing that can happen because when i am in the diners in northeast philly or in coffee shops in montgomery county, when i get asked about back home is so different from the conversations that we tend to of politicaly kind junkie circles in d.c. that was more my point and sometimes taking a step back and of political junkie circleswhat may be the bf the day and instead remembering that it still is a major infrastructure problem. we are in the last situation where we have had job growth without the sort of wage increases that have happened in
8:55 am
previous errors -- erez and what that does. this heroine epidemic, which appears seemingly out of nowhere over the last couple of years, each has affected the number of families from suburban philadelphia to western pennsylvania, to new england in every part of the country has been affected by this. the issues more that affect most people's lives than to be different from the issues that we will focus on here in the day-to-day campaign. host: here is north carolina, independent line. david, hello. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span. was trying to get in the comments on the counterpart from pennsylvania's statements, but the transparency issue with the clinton family, hillary clinton
8:56 am
was in public service for decades and has been scrutinized, ostracize any can understand the need for privacy there, but when it comes to transparency, republicans have very little room to talk. when his every policy that donald trump has and tea has words that say, believe me. like what they say about the aca -- you have to look past it to see what is in it. just like you have to collect trump casino what is in it, but one thing that really bothered me is when he talks about all these different things. there hasd war ii, been a republican administration and the republican controlled congress, [indiscernible] see, andbody to
8:57 am
whether with a split congress or party democratic-controlled we suffered a credit downgrade in american history and it is since the tea party way and we have suffered a credit downgrade because of the obstructionism in the government shutdown with green eggs and ham. .uest: thank you a number of points there. first, in terms of transparency, an excellent point that it is ironic that some republicans want to make this an issue when they have not released any tax records. becoming the first major party myinee in my life -- in lifetime to not do so, a nominee who was not released any medical records. if you're going to attack the democratic nominee and transparency, before you throw that rock, make sure you're not doing it from a glass house. in overall economic point, the caller is correct.
8:58 am
there is no doubt that once our guest star did -- start to become a fiscal issue in the early 1980's, that would hold from one million -- one trillion to 4 trillion, that continues to the early 80's and we were paying down the debt of the last four years in the 1990's and it then to explode again with 1.3 trillion and the second one that happened in 2003, which was trillion, both of which were paid for, so of course, after the great fault in the recession in 2008, our debt hiked again, and the concern was getting the economy back on track. when we focus on the deficit, the annual shortfalls that we are running, when you compare
8:59 am
our deficit to the size of our economy or gdp, right now is right around the historic norm for the post-world war ii era, so our deficit is manageable and has been coming down. it has come down 75% in the last seven years. that is not so much of a short-term problem. what we face is more long-term issue with the debt, picking relation of the deficits over the last 40 years, 50 years, but as we have a population that ages and that goes into retirement, so not so much today, not so much the next five years, but beginning about 10 years from now, especially the 20 30's, it doesn't show we run into a long-term debt issue. that is where we have to improve the political climate. that is where c-span please a showingrvice in hearings and educating people about government because the kind of decisions we will have to make to get this long-term
9:00 am
debt issue under control -- they will be compromises and they will be the kind of things that are easy to demagogue, but if we really want to educate people about the serious issues we are facing and if we reach that it is absolutely necessary that we have folks in government that are committed to working together and constructively and not so much screaming and yelling at the other side, coming up with absolutely no solution. host: our guest is brendan boyle. he serves the philadelphia and glenside areas of pennsylvania. tony from virginia on the republican line. caller: good morning. listen, i'm retired navy 34 years. i'm just wondering. the present administration -- you guys in the congress have the right to oversee just about everything he does.
9:01 am
third been some issues about things that he has done so far as far as changing rules along the way. because inr us november when there is an election, you seek our vote to go and represent us in general, of course. sometimes i do not see where you guys are looking out for our interest. this is why most of us are going for donald trump because he is not a politician per se. he's a regular joe. he's trying to find a way to help a guy working 40 hours a week and has to pay 50 hours of work a week bill. -- you are congress not doing anything about it. you're supposed to represent us. so far, you really have not worked too much.
9:02 am
erest: i think the call for the question. insed to do work in projects that part of virginia weather was a lot of military and navy presence. i was struck by the sentiment of the caller is something that i've heard a lot and i understand. deepan enormous and frustration with what is going on in the country now. there's this tendency among some donald trump supporters and i also think you sought with bernie sanders supporters in the primary. folks that are in now don't get it and we're going to try something new and we are to upend the political system. i understand that sentiment. i get it. i come from one of those hard-working, middle-class families. dad was in the job 20 years ago that paid more than the jobs they had just recently retired from.
9:03 am
i get it. and frankly, a lot of people are justifiably and understandably angry about what has happened in our economy, these big changes that have not been good for some of the people. the way to deal with that frustration and that anger is to channel it constructively and positively. just saying, you know what, i am fed up, all the politicians have messed up. i'm going to go over to some guy who is absolutely no experience, who seems unstable, who has a shockingly low amount of knowledge about basics of public policies, and trust that person with the nuclear codes and making decisions of war and peace about a country -- that is dangerous. that is something we can just not do. i very much respect and admires of those foreign-policy conservatives that have come out in opposition to donald trump .
9:04 am
what they have done is a pretty patriotic thing and they have put country ahead of party. i would just purge all the american people, especially those were fed up and frustrated , before you actually make the decision to vote for someone like trump, release it down and think about if this is someone you want in the oval office making this sort of decisions as president. host: donald trump put out an ad recently looking at recent statements by hillary clinton. i want to show you the ad and get your reaction. [video clip] to wealthy donors, hillary calls tens of millions of americans deplorable. >> you could put half of trump supporters into a basket of deplorable's. homophobic,st, xenophobic, islamophobia, you name it. >> people like you deplorable. you know what's deplorable?
9:05 am
hillary clinton demonizing hard-working people like you. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. host: do you agree with that statement? is the so-called all right who have been extremely excited by the trump campaign. those people like david duke and his kind -- i do find them deplorable. i do not know how is he would describe someone as a grand wizard of the kkk. it is legitimate to say that. what is unfortunate when she said half of trump supporters are like that. i would not make that same statement and would not agree with that. what was frankly smart about the ad is that he attempts to twist it and play into this notion somehow that she is part of an elite that is talking down to the american people. as someone who grew up in a regular middle-class family, i
9:06 am
know i can't stand being condescended to or can't stand the idea that there are these elites who look down and talk down at the amerco people. it's ironic because donald trump is one of those elites who lives in a penthouse in manhattan longer than i've been alive. the fact that he is suddenly dressing himself up as this working-class populists is pretty hysterical. nonetheless i think it's an effective ad if people really believe that hillary clinton or the democrats think that about all trump supporters and not the very hard-core, racist, david duke types that you have seen animated the trump campaign and away that they have not been animated in quite some time. host: you talk about minutia in the campaign. is this a bigger issue or minutia in your mind? guest: it is hard to say right now. i have a sense it is somewhere in between.
9:07 am
certainly the other side is time to make it like a 47%, four years ago. comment four years ago. just go on twitter and read some of the things that david duke and the alt right is saying, cheering everyone up trumps speeches. trump refused to condemn him and acted like he did not know him when asked about it during the campaign. i cannot really imagine john mccain or mitt romney answering that question in the same way whatsoever. that is legitimate to point out. we have to make sure that we push back against any implication that we mean that all trump supporters are that voteallers that say they for trump -- i do not think he is a racist or support of david duke at all. i think that would be very unfair. to deny that trump has those sorts of supporters out there and that they have been very motivated by him would simply be naive.
9:08 am
host: let's hear from a democrat and fairfax, virginia. john, good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i don't know where to start. i have been in this country for the last 35 years and i can tell you that when you see congress people work out the difference, go out and have a coffee together without attacking each other. when you see a congressman lying about an issue, no one pushes him. i'm not attacking you, congressman. the problem is us. we have seen congressman who do nothing for the district except to insult every time they get elected. and we still reelect these people and come back and attack each other. fix country -- if we do not things whether you are democrat or republican and do not put the people first rather than your
9:09 am
party, we will never grow. american people don't understand. if there is a habit in this world, this country is the habit in the world. people do not realize that and we are losing every minute of it. i'm not attacking hillary clinton or donald trump, but i'm crying inside when i see my country the way we are attacking each other and the way we are calling names at each other. every time we have seen a politician admiring putin, i get so angry. i'm sorry to say this, but we are the problem because we elect the same people over and over again. you calling from fairfax county, virginia, an area just like montgomery county, pennsylvania. mentioned he was an immigrant who has been here about 35 years. i'm a son of an immigrant.
9:10 am
my father immigrated 46 years ago in 1970. i wish that for those who are anti-immigrant that they could actually talk to naturalized citizens because they would find that they are unbelievably and deeply patriotic and very much believing in this country. i very much agree with the sentiment of the caller that says we need to put country first. he might be a low the pleased to know that behind-the-scenes and behind the cameras, there are many of us at capitol hill who actually get along regardless of party. speaking for myself, i have a number of republican colleagues that i'm quite friends with, including the previous guest who is on, and get along with quite well. i do think there's a challenge though that over the last 5-6 years increasingly, when you have elected officials who are being punished in the primaries
9:11 am
for instances in which they compromise with the other side. we say we want people to get along and stand up for what they want to believe in, but be willing to compromise for the common good, but when someone says a principled conservative is willing to come over and compromise on immigration or a principled democrat is willing to come over and compromise on some important matter, and then suddenly in a closed primary, that person is being punished for that you for being somehow into your and working with -- in mpure and working with other sides, it is finding more difficult to work against them. not just fornt elected officials but for all of us as americans to make sure
9:12 am
that we do not punish those who might be -- i'm thinking of former senator bennett of utah who is conservative on 95% of the issues, but the reason he lost in 2010 was that he was not seen as conservative enough. there are many examples on both sides of the aisle. that is something if we are going to have a more constructive congress, that is something we need to address. host: hear is pat for massachusetts on the republican line. caller: hello, congressman boyle. like to say hello to you. it is a shame that hillary ed byon's dog bg impropriety all the time. making a $100,000 investment overnight up till today. just the appearance of impropriety, apparently she has
9:13 am
never done anything wrong. of course, the stuff in libya and syria as secretary of state was really something. the thing i would like to ask you is that you have said that colin powell recommended to hillary that she use a private server. colin powell doesn't recollect that. so which one of them is lying? thank you very much. guest: thank you for the call. but i was repeating is that according to numerous press dinner and also in the e-mail exchange, former secretary of state colin powell, someone with whom i have a great deal of respect, said he used a personal e-mail, not a personal server, but a personal e-mail to conduct business and that it would stay outside of the judicial process. i think that has been reported by a number of outlets and not just something that i'm
9:14 am
accusing. i think that is pretty well demonstrated. in terms of secretary clinton and the overall appearance of impropriety, i have to think. if i had been investigated and vetted the way that she has has since late 1991, about 25 years, i'm not sure my approval rating thed be much better you in i'm someone who is perfectly normal and follows the law and has tried to do things right. i cannot imagine anyone living under this sort of scrutiny for the last 25 years that she has. it is not me she is perfectly she's not. she is certainly made mistakes. people will continue to point them out. i have a certain amount of sympathy or empathy for the situation that she's in and just how heavily investigated she has been over the last 25 years. host: santiago from austin,
9:15 am
texas for brendan boyle, go ahead. caller: good morning. there are some of the issues that will lead someone to vote one way or the other. considering issues that impact people's lives, we need to take ,nto consideration good morals principles, values, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness. i think this is an election year where maybe fellow americans need to consider an independent party or any other party decides democrat or republican. what is your opinion? guest: thank you for the call. with both major party nominees having such high unfavorable ratings, this year was a real opportunity actually for an independent candidate. recall the last situation where we had to major parties
9:16 am
with such high disapproval ratings, ross perot got 19% of the vote. even in late june, he was leading in the polls at number one. for the libertarians, this was an opportunity. it does not let that they have really capitalized on that whatsoever. the incident last week were gary johnson clearly did not know where aleppo was what the to wasner was referring pretty shocking and was quite a missed opportunity for him. that said, the polls continue to show somewhere between 10%-1 5% of people vote for the libertarian or green party candidate. i always thought it would be very difficult structurally for a third to succeed in the united states, but i could see a an-off in an election where independent candidate actually finishing ahead of one of the two major party nominees.
9:17 am
it will not be in the selection, but i will not rule it out in the future. given the climate we are in in given how quickly someone can become famous seemingly overnight, i would not be surprised if we see in the future and independent candidate do very well. i do not think that beyond that one election that a third-party would stay given our political system. host: ohio, tom, good morning. caller: good morning. representative boyle, what can we do about getting all this big money out of politics? it used to view that it was just it the -- used to be that was just for the presidential election and now the money is coming to the house and the senate. we have got to do something about that just like our senatorial race here in ohio. about howand brags much money he has got and how much the other one has got.
9:18 am
it is just nonsense to me. crap walks and that is how i feel the whole political system is. i am 81 years old. i worked until i was 77. all i hear about the politicians talk is that we have to do something about entitlements. cut social security. i have worked since i was 14 years old and paid into social security. i think i am entitled to it. shame the way this works. i can't say government because we don't have a government and its only going to get worse until we get all this big money out of politics. good: this was such a point. 81st, thanks to the caller, and obviously worked hard his entire life and hopefully enjoying retirement now. he may probably the best point all morning and it is something
9:19 am
i passionately support and that is fundamental campaign finance reform. i gave a speech on the house floor a few months ago in which china to think positively about this election, i said that there is actually something that it seems -- this is when the primers were still going on. there is something that a majority of bernie sanders supporters and a majority of donald trump supporters actually agree on and that is the way we finance these elections is completely broken. cosponsor of a we the people act, which would create a publicly financed system. i would go a step further than that and issues my own bill that would provide free media time for the nominees of both parties. that would be a major reform. keep in mind that at the presidential level, 1976 to 2004, we actually had public financing in elections. we do not have candidates who
9:20 am
would go off and raise big sums they went touse the conventions with the same amount of money to spend that was refinanced. that system broke down because the amount of money received did not keep pace with inflation. when you would see that the dollar box on your irs form. i am a passionate believer in public finance elections. i know there are number of people that disagree with it. if you want to get money entirely out of politics, we already have publicly financed voter registration systems. when we vote on election day, the volunteers that are working that are publicly financed. e are voting on machines public refinanced. mostill we not pay for the extensive part for other candidates to get their message out? i passionately believe we need public financing.
9:21 am
until we get to the point where we finally realize it is necessary, we will continue to have these scandals bubble up and emerge. they will continue to happen until we finally bite the bullet and remove the kind of finance system that we have now, which is a privately financed system . host: there's a story on cnn about b-1 bombers flying over south korea as a show of force. this is over recent test that have taken place in north korea. do these differ from one's done in the past? guest: they certainly escalated and accelerated. over the last year, the north korean regime has proven even more unstable than we have become used to. that is really saying something because the north korean regime whether it was him or his father , not exactly known for stability to begin with. we do have to be careful when we analyzed the situation that we
9:22 am
remember he is in a rather precarious position internally. the fact that he has had to resort to executing someone a military people -- so many military people is believed to be because he wants to strengthen internally his position. of this show of force to south korea and the united states is more about him trying to strengthen himself domestically is an open question. we have to be careful that we do not miscalculate. this is a very serious and worrying development. if they are ever at the plant were they could develop and have a missile that would be able to bring a nuclear warhead to the american shores, we in no way can allow that to happen. that does mean striking and acting before they would reach that point. unstablene of the most regimes if not the most unstable regime in the entire world today. what has been happening the last year is deeply worrying.
9:23 am
frankly it's a much more important issue than e-mails and ammonia and some of the things that tend to dominate other shows. host: brendan boyle of pennsylvania joining us, thank you for your time. in our last 45 minutes or so, we are going to ask a question we started off with this morning. vice presidential nominees -- do they factor in your decision for president of the united states? is how you can call. democrats --(202) 748-8000. republicans --(202) 748-8001. independents (202) 748-8002. live and taking a tour through some of the hallways of congress. you get a chance to look at them and we continue with one of the newest and largest displays outside the office of congresswoman jackie steer.
9:24 am
>> outside of labor and 2465 is the rayburn house office building on the fourth floor of congresswoman jackie stier, democrat of california. you can see her tribute to people killed in mass shootings. congresswoman, this is just eight months of people killed in mass shootings. >> that's right. shootings, for mass some 371 mass shootings then there are days in the year. is to put the faces -- they are not numbers, but people. they are family. this is to make the case that this is a profound crisis in our country. i speak about the vietnam memorial and how there are 57,000 names on it over 15 years. if you had a memorial for all those killed in mass shootings over that 15 year period, there
9:25 am
would be over 400,000 names. >> why did you choose to start in january of this year? >> we kept having those moments of silence. last december i walked off the floor because i said i cannot do this anymore. we have moments of silence and then we do nothing. we also only have moments of silence for the headline stories . these are all people who died in mass shootings, but they're are not being remembered on the house floor. this is my way of speaking about how profound this is. look at this family. here's a case where the shooter kills the family and then kills himself. around thee boxes victims that are on the wall on your tribute, are those the family connections? in june of this year was the nightclub shooting in orlando.
9:26 am
talk about that day and putting up 49 pictures and names. >> how do you begin to explain that? here they are. see, they are people from all walks of life, lots of young people. huge black eye a for all of us in congress that we cannot do simple things like background checks and making sure that high-capacity magazines and assault weapons are not used. it is mass shootings more often than not where they are using assault weapons. that is how you can kill 49 people in a few seconds. >> has this memorial help to have that discussion with your fellow members of congress, with republicans? have they come over and talk to you about this memorial? >> people who come off this elevator and see this stop and
9:27 am
their jaws drop. a little comment box outside the door so people can start leaving comments. >> what are some of those comments you have gotten? >> we just started that part and we will know in short order. in august, interestingly enough, so many of them are unidentified in part because the press was not covering these deaths. now they are profiles of people who have real life stories. here where story there was a gun shop owner and his son selling a gun to someone who is being charged a $25 service fee and objected to it. gunfirehaser engaged in with the gunshot owner and his son was killed. >> you are at august now and toward the end of the hallway. how long are you going to keep this up?
9:28 am
is this display and to wrap around the walls here? wrap itselfng to unfortunately around those walls because we are so many months left in the. year. >> you plan to do it again next year? >> yes, absolutely. i think if i think if every member did this, this building would be papered with the photographs of all these people who have died, innocent people. about 40% of these are street violence and another 12% or 50% are parties and gatherings and picnics. some of them are just drive bys. it would make the case for why we have to do something to. . >> commerce one jackie steer, think he's a much for your time this morning. >> my pleasure. host: for our final half hour or so on "washington journal,"
9:29 am
we're talking about vice presidential nominees. clinton's hillary nominee, has been profiled in "the new york times." this comes after the recent health concerns of hillary clinton that has played out. about who yournk top of the ticket person has chosen as their running mate and what do you think of that person? (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. .ndependents, n (202) 748-8002 if you go to the front page of "the new hampshire union leader," a story about state primary day. one of the races to watch this concerning senator kelly ayotte from the state. joining us to tell us about the condition of that race is james kendall from "the boston globe."
9:30 am
good morning. give us an update as far as senator ayotte is concerned. with issue stand in this primary? -- where does she stand in this primary? guest: she really has one basic challenger that has nothing to lose. as a former state senator that served in the 1990's. he has been trained to hitter from the right. he is fully embraced donald trump and did before trump won bid in the presidential primary in february. kelly ayotte has a complicated relationship with him. she has been critical of him and she eventually endorsed her a month ago in this race. kelly ayotte is expected to win big, but one thing we watched nationally is somehow her win tonight, which we all expect will happen, if it's closer than expected, it may indicate that she has problems with her base. i think we are weeks away from a very major contest and a general
9:31 am
election with the state's democratic sitting governor. that race has been pretty tight. host: looking past today's primary, what is the strategy for both kelly ayotte and her challenger? does notr challenger have a primary challenger today. it is to appeal to the independent voters in new hampshire and get 40% of the state's voters. that people are talking about in new hampshire is probably different than what folks are talking about another states. overall issue is the state opioid or drug crisis going on right now. it is a crisis still developing with 400 deaths expected to happen in the state, which is the second biggest per capita in the country, only behind north dakota. for both of these candidates, for kelly ayotte and maggie show theyey need to
9:32 am
can pass legislation by working together on this issue. what is interesting is how they capitalize on that. they do not want to make the drug crisis a political issue. host: as far as the campaigns are concerned, is there an effort to tie senator ayotte to donald trump? is there an effort to tie the governor to hillary clinton? how successful are those? guest: this marquee race will be the most expensive in the states history and will be the most high-profile u.s. race in history between two women. question, it is all clouded by donald trump and hillary clinton. new hampshire is a swing state. these campaigns have been seriously campaigning here. it is also where candidates are deeply unpopular. gary johnson does better in new hampshire than any other state in the country according to an and b nbc poll last week and.
9:33 am
end. people are pretty squeamish about how they feel about the presidential nominees. republicans are haggling maggie hassan for her positions. there was a recent ad by announced yesterday tying kelly ayotte to trump. host: your story today in "the boston globe" takes a look at where donald trump stands to lose in the states primary. can you give us a synopsis? guest: basically donald trump has taken on a number members of the establishment. you may remember a moment just a month ago where he gave an interview with "the washington post" where he questioned whether or not marco rubio or john mccain or paul ryan or kelly ayotte, those for, should survive their own primary challenges. today wraps up the four for four in terms of the candidates who look like they are going to win reelection. paul ryan, john mccain, and
9:34 am
marco rubio did weeks ago. this would be for for for for donald trump questioning republicans in the primary. host: boston is the website. thank you for your time and telling us about the primary today. guest: thanks for having me. host: back to the calls about the vice presidential nominees for each of the kennedy's and does it shake -- candidates and does it shape who you will vote for in november? first we will hear from ann in hot springs, arkansas. caller: good morning and how are you? host: i'm fine. what you think about your top of the ticket and their running mate? caller: i'm concerned that in the future that these people who are running could have a vice president who is a communist or .ocialist or muslim
9:35 am
we are not getting the information. lady who isat second in command to hillary, they made sure she had her earplug and to feed her any kind of information. i am worried we are going to have a face in the background and then eventually they may kill whoever is there. i'm sorry -- i think johnson has something to do with kennedy's camp killing. i think we will wind up with someone we actually do not want in office. that is a big concern to me because it is all over the you , but you cannot hear it on the mainstream press. host: mike is next from uniontown, pennsylvania, democrat line.
9:36 am
caller: my name is mike and i'm from uniontown come along like democrat. -- long life democrat. i worked in the party and i pushed for people. in 2008, i pushed for hillary clinton. i have pictures of me in her. at the time, i thought she was the best thing that we could of had when she was running in 2008 , but the last eight years shows us what our economy is. if you look in pennsylvania, especially southwestern pennsylvania, plus i want to say i am retired military man with. 22 years. i'm service disabled. i've got to fight for everything i have. kaine?ike his son is a military man and i like that. if we get hillary anin
9:37 am
there, then we are going to have made years of what we have right now. she says she is going to continue his problem. we have 22 people who are dying right now every day. veterans -- 22 of them. we have 85,000 homeless veterans out here in the united states. veterans, we , a homelessng shelter we are having. we have an old house off the city we are redoing. we've had to put veterans up for six weeks at $500 for two weeks and another one put them up for $500 for two weeks until we could get him into the system. host: we got you. sam from georgia, republican line. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thank you.
9:38 am
what you think about the vice presidential nominees in the race? caller: i think it would be very important to look at because i'm not either for hillary or trump. someonec idea of having set up their own e-mail server capability have that in the oval office. it is just the simple fact that she did something, got caught with some classified whatever level of this. it is inappropriate the oversight committee turned a blind eye completely. host: as far as the person you are voting for president, who is that? caller: right now i am undecided. i'm actually thinking about just voting for johnson. host: what you think about his buys presidential -- vice presidential nominee, governor
9:39 am
weld? caller: they both appear to be trying hard with their liberal views. it is about liberals taking the mid-road. look at what you've got. hillary with e-mail scandal. host: sorry about that. joann from pennsylvania. caller: yes, i'm 83 years old and i am voting for hillary and i am voting for kaine. the reason why and i wish they would stop talking about her on the news come no matter what station, about how she has done that. they never bring up what trump has done. i know a lot of things growing up. i would never want across the street to see that man. host: what about senator kaine? what you like about him? caller: i think you would make a good vice president with hillary. host: why do you think that? caller: just the way he talks and speaks and his actions.
9:40 am
i know more about hillary than i do about him. would notor trump, i vote for either one of them because they live. when he goes down into the audience and say that he would walk down and shoot somebody in the heart, i think he should be the one arrested because he put slander out to her, but they never get on him. it's always on her. i appreciate talking to you, sir. thank you. host: lorraine in wisconsin on the democrats line. caller: i'm 84 and have watched c-span since it's been on. i've written this down so i did not stumble around what i'm going to say. the beginning of the downfall of the republican party congress -- when mitch mcconnell said we will see to it that president obama does not get a second term. the republican congress did not do anything to help the president get a whole lot more done for the people. they fell for trump's empty promises and insane ideas.
9:41 am
trump will be the end of the republican congress for a long time. the same inn silence -- insane asylum and i will never vote republican. indiana on the democrats line, good morning cou wha. what do you think about mike pence by the way? presidentshink vice make sense. what i'm really concerned with is there is a malaise. you touched on it a few calls ago. the malaise is money and politiccs. people forget that decision-makers are we the people.
9:42 am
we have had trickle up economics. i'm 75. i'm an old army brat. my dad worked in the service and there was a spirit of fellowship . this was after the second world war. aree was a sense of yes, we working together to deal with this terrible situation. we lived under the nuclear umbrella. host: got you, sir. let me ask you because the focus of our question is about the nominees of candidates. what do you think about tim kaine? is ar: i think tim kaine really excellent representative c. i think he is amongst the most theonsible of
9:43 am
representatives. i think that that was a good choice. sanders could have been a politically advantageous choice. malaise blows down us and the current rage is deplorable. adjectivesy to use that are just absolutely meaningless. host: got you, sir. thanks for the call. the metro section of "the washington times" takes a look at the trump international hotel , which is having a soft opening. that had protesters outside of the building.
9:44 am
these were protesters from an organization that you probably may have heard of. they work on antiwar and social justice issues. those protesters were outside of the building as you see here in washington dc on 1100 pennsylvania avenue, one of the main thoroughfares. as part of taking a look at the situation and the opening, we had a chance to talk with a couple of people outside of that building. one of those people was one of the organizers of the event of a protest outside the hotel. here's some of what she had to say. [video clip] >> we are out here for a few reasons. it is the fact that donald trump can negotiate with the federal government. this is a historic federal building. it's a post office building. to turn it into a luxury hotel. and also the parts of the sidewalk andavenue
9:45 am
privatize them, you know pennsylvania avenue is basically the mainstream of america, right? it's the inauguration route and the route that feminist march down in the 1920's. the reason why we are in a line over here is because security guards are telling us it's private property. this is the sidewalk of pennsylvania avenue in nation's capital. to say it's private property is really disgusting. the other reason we're here is for everything donald trump embodies. this hotel is symbol of really all the outrageous and bigoted rhetoric. it is turning people in the united states against each other. we are facing high unemployment and homelessness. that is true, but the real reason for that is not immigrants. it is not refugees. the reason for that is people exactly like trout. it's the billionaires who refuse to pay people what they're worth. this hotel is not paying living wage to the workers.
9:46 am
that took place outside the trump international hotel in washington, d.c. maybe 20 or so protesters from the coalition being part of that event. they had a chance to talk with a couple people. i only did we talk with organizers of the protest, but we also talked with donald trump supporters outside the hotel as well. [video clip] >> i think it's fine and they have the right to protest. them. agree with >> what is it about that you do not agree with specifically? >> that trump is racist and a bigot and homophobic. it's also untrue. donald trump gives mexicans jobs. he's not anti-anything. >> have you had a chance to interact with any protesters yourself? >> yes, i know one of the head guys personally. >> what is that like? being friends with a hillary
9:47 am
supporter, i live in washington dc and most my friends are democrats. that electionntil old but iterybody on halte does not work that way. i understand that people voted for obama. i really don't understand why they voted for obama the second time and not even voting for hillary. more war and more poverty -- it's crazy. >> what is it about donald trump that you support? >> i support americanism and not globalism. >> what does that mean to you? shouldeans that america make its own decisions and not be run by globalist government like united nations. i'm worried about that. host: while the soft opening was yesterday, the grand opening
9:48 am
reportedly will be held in october. that to your calls on vice presidential nominees and do they factor into your decisions on present. -- on the president. cindy, how's it going? caller: they do factor. one of your competitors got wind a training camp in the state of virginia, so they sent an undercover team to investigate it. blow and a hold on your taxpayer money, there really is a terrorist training camp in the state of virginia. e will make pencil mak it better vice president ial nominee than a governer. host: why do you think he will be better as vice president? caller: i had called about a company called i robot and i
9:49 am
wanted to make a different andany which branched off they did in fact make from stealing my conceptual property. i called governor pence is office and they went, you do not steal anything. you are a lousy government. being that you are marine, god and i do mean god for bid anything were to happen to donald or hillary, who then would be the president? i'm going to choose someone who defended this country over tax to you to put a terrorist training camp in our state two hours from the capital. they both have good ideas. both hillary and donald have good ideas. the problem is you cannot get them during an election. this has been a catfight. host: barry is up next in sterling, virginia on the republican line. thing: most unpopular
9:50 am
that governor kain did as governor was quick cuttinge the grass and the medians. there were repercussions from that. the state saved $22 million a year. the second thing was the water quality in the chesapeake bay went up 3%. sedimentation went down 2%. state police said people quit getting road hypnosis and driving off the road because they were different colors and shapes and textures. like it or not, you're more likely to see -- hello? host: you are on. go ahead. caller: you are more likely to see butterflies. eye candy, is but he got more complaints about cutting the grass in the median strips that anything else he had in his four years. host: next in irvine, california
9:51 am
on the democrat won. line. caller: hillary should not have and she should've took bernie sanders as her running mate. fights for the tpp and she will lose jobs from that. issue took sanders or elizabeth warren, she would've one hands down. trump will be a terrible president. there will just be no jobs if he gets elected. he would be the worst president ever. inet: as far as mr. ka himself, what do you think about his skills and abilities? pence is terrible. he's a religious guy in they say he's a against food stamps. the republicans have rent this country more than any others. they are not for jobs.
9:52 am
they want to outsource everything coul everything coulo not want to bring jobs here. they do not care about social security and medicare. about morere is war and tax breaks for the rich . host: let your from donald in south bend, indiana. caller: hello. host: you're on. caller: i'm against donald trump. i think he is using pence as -- how do you say, someone to take control. that is so he could have more supporters and followers. i am with hillary clinton 100%. it does not matter about her history and her medical history. she is a lovely woman and she knows what she's doing. she's experienced in the job. donald trump is just a businessman. he claims he's going to make millions for the american people
9:53 am
. he has made millions and everyone knows that. he does have debt and things of that like that nature. does notlinton -- she because she's a woman. host: what you think about tim kaine, her running mate? caller: i like tim kaine. i think he's a good person. he is fun to talk to and he looks like is a fun person to talk to look good character to me. him and hillary make a good partner and a good team. if i had a vice president to is thellary spot, kaine correct person. trump looks mean. tense looks mean. in indiana,pence, you're fired. host: independent line. am i on?to m
9:54 am
i just want to say something to the millennials and the younger people this country. i live in alabama and i used to live in georgia. my wife had a job in inspection. i was a machinist and i have worked machines for the textile industry. if these young people really want to know what happened to our industry, bill clinton signed a trade deal with china and also nafta. they always do things. payave the lobbyist that them to sign different bills and i know some of the republicans were on it. bill was the president and hillary lobbied to move jobs overseas. if i can remember thousands of people here that were losing their jobs and having to train asian people to do their jobs. ,ost: been in north carolina vice presidential nominees and
9:55 am
do they factor into your decision for president, what do you think? caller: mike pence definitely does because he was an excellent man in the congress or senate -- i forget now. i have seen him in action. he did a great job in his home state and he has got a high approval rating. he is very smart and he will definitely help donald trump get over bills that need to be done with the congress and the senate. host: voting rules and three states being called into question. a federal judge said monday he is likely to hear arguments in a lawsuit that challenges citizenship requirement and mail and fun registration forms in kansas, alabama, and georgia until an appeals court panel that looked at the matters issues its written opinion. the move by u.s. district judge richard leon needs it is unlikely that the requirement will be enforced for the november elections. it was temporally blocking the
9:56 am
enforcement of the requirement. advocates of the requirement argue the rules help ensure that only citizens cast ballots in federal races all opponents of having to bring and arguments -- bring in documents to register would cost many eligible citizens the right to vote. jenny is next. , pence-trump.tely no question about it. i'm one of the people that my job was just sent out of the country. america and support us being able to have jobs and to support ourselves. that is my view on the ticket. trump-pence. i know what i've seen and the that im am onto. he will be the next president . host: leslie on independent
9:57 am
line. caller: to the people blind enough to vote for donald trump, we are in real trouble. i've never seen a man that has manipulated it just twisted things around so much. it's like a carnival between him and hillary clinton. i do not know who is the biggest joker. i feel sorry for america. i really do. i don't know what to say, but if you're stupid enough to vote for donald trump, then we are all going to hell. host: we are talking about their vice presidential picks. what do you think of them? caller: hillary's man, i would go for him. he's not right guy. trump? forget him. host: why tim kaine over donald trump? caller: its donald trump. what kind of man is he? look at his face and you can see he is evil. host: why tim kaine over donald trump? has gotat least kaine respect and he cares about people. donald trump don't care about
9:58 am
nobody. all he cares about is a show and his own money. host: rob is in new york on the democrats line. hello. caller: thank you for c-span. you had the author on with brian lamb with the question and answer that seems to know more. i forget his name about the making of trump. he knows more about the actual specifics of trump's shenanigans and possible criminal actions in the past then all these people that you here on cnn and the nonsense on television. trump is not a regular joe. a caller called them before and said he is for the middle class. i'm a new yorker. trump is a backstabbing, new york city, city slicker. he is a city slicker who will lie to your face. he will lie to your face because he will do that. host: the sports organization,
9:59 am
the national collegiate athletic association has pulled seven tournament games from north carolina. that is in protest of a law stating that transgender people use public bathrooms associate it with the gender of their birth. the ncaa joined the national basketball association, bruce springsteen, and others boycotting north carolina because of house bill two, which they say is discriminatory toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transfer the people. -- transient people. -- transgender people. the bathroom bill was passed in march to head off a charlotte ordinance that would have allowed transgender people to choose their restroom mastering their gender id. we are just about to go to the house of representatives. charles in r arkansas. caller: i like mr. pence.
10:00 am
i think you would be in action vice president. i have lived in arkansas for 30 years and i know what the clintons did to arkansas and they did not help us a bit. i do not have any affiliation with him, but i'm no desire to have hillary back in for bill because they were very corrupt in the state. host: thanks, charles. i appreciate the calls and everyone who called this morning on this edition of "washington journal." now we will take you to the house of representatives. zz (202) 748-800 2016, i hereby appoint the honorable daniel webster to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 5, 2016, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted


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