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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 15, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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philippines. some of that is driven by extremism and terrorists, but the drug trade in the philippines has also contributed to violence in that country. . the united states has strongly supported efforts by the government in the philippines to toerdict the drug trade and try to shut it down. important, however, as those kinds of operations are undertaken, that universal rights are protected. engaging in that kind of law enforcement activity consistent with our commitment to human rights is important. we certainly encourage countries around the world, particularly our allies, to do just that.
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>> north korea said it was ready to launch another attack against provocations in the u.s.. josh: we continue to be deeply concerned about the provocations and de-stabilizing activities that are mounted by the north korean regime. the united states is strongly committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with our allies and the republic of korea. that is not going to change. for the an opportunity north korean government to escape the deep isolation that they currently face.
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they are required to making a commitment and coming into in range with the security resolutions that they currently ignore. aboutbeen quite clear what the north korean government should do. have chosen the path of confrontation and provocation, as they are ready to consider an alternate path therd reconciliation that international community will be willing to engage. >> [indiscernible] as a result of the law that prohibits people from using restrooms in compliance with their gender identity. does the president agree that
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the actions of these organizations where the right hing to do? >> these individual organizations are making their own decisions. certainly the present agrees with the values that were wherelated by the leaders they talked about their commitment to equality and justice for every american. made the observation that this kind of legislation wasn't just contrary to the values held by a lot of americans who do have a lot of commitment to justice and equality. consistent with a smart business strategy. and we have seen private sector businesses and athletic organizations. intent tonce their take their business elsewhere outside the state of north carolina.
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the presence is concerned with the law, but it that business leaders and the leaders of athletic organizations have similar concerns, particularly when it comes to the impact it could have on discriminating against athletes, coaches, or even fans. >> do you think the decision to cancel events is -- >> when you consider the wide variety of companies and organizations that come forward, not just expressing concern with then you are making a choice to do business elsewhere.
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i think you are on solid ground, indicating opposition to the law is quite widespread. and the people are quite uncomfortable with the discriminatory impact. ,ot just the ncaa in the acc - the nba has the all-star game and any number of private sector companies have made announcements curtailing their footprint inside the state of north carolina. even their fans. i think this highlights a potential consequence that we discussed in here the very first time.
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when you say these actions you mean the decisions announced by the ncaa and the acc echo i have not talked about that with him. i don't think we weigh in on the decisions those private entities making, but certainly they have described the kinds of values that are leading them to make those kinds of decisions. those values sound a lot like the making, but certainly they have described the kinds of values that are leading them to values that president obama has been fighting for the last eight years in the white house. >> you her donald trump today say that his plans would have the economy growing at a rate of 4% per year, which has been disputed by somebody. is there anything you would like to ask. a lot of people here --
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>> i think what is clear is president obama has put forward and implemented a strategy that has been good for the american economy, good for middle-class families, good for reducing poverty, good for shrinking equality. and has been good for growing our economy, particularly when you consider that no other is vance -- no other advanced economy has done as well. all of that happened, even though the united states is in the depths of the worst economic downturn since the great depression. test casef having a for evaluating the success of the strategy that president obama push forward, i think we have a particularly good one and the results speak for themselves. i don't have an update for you on timing but the president does plan to rent -- doesn't tend to
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veto that legislation. then a what is the concern it don'tbe overwritten? >> i think you need to have an advanced degree in math to understand the significance support that exists in the united states congress for this bill. but the concerns that we have about this legislation are significant. there are many members of congress that are significant -- that are sympathetic to the argument. countrya system in this for identifying, isolating, and even punishing countries that support terrorism. this process is actually one that is established by statute. a this is a process where congress and the administration works together to identify these countries, and to isolate them. is a much more effective way for the united
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states to respond to terrorism,ored and to prevent countries from giving it to the temptation to sponsor terrorism. than a more effective patchwork system of legal systems that could cloud the clarity that is needed to forcefully respond to the state-sponsored terrorism. i think that is the basic argument we have made. i think there is a lot of sympathy, even if there are a lot of members of congress who are intimidated by the politics. that is not going to stop the president from taking a principled this -- principled position and making a principled argument about the best way to protect the country and the american people from terrorism.
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>> so many democrats support this bill. those numbers of congress couldn't be swayed, so are they just wrong? >> i would acknowledge they haven't been swayed. the president continues to believe this is an important andciple to fight for, we're going to continue to have conversations with members of congress and continue to urge them to consider the most effective way for the united states to confront state sponsor terrorism. we have a mechanism on the books that works well, that highlights effective cooperation among our national security agencies, the executive branch and the united states congress. that's it. that is a more effective system, we believe, than a patchwork system of judges that could in some cases arrive at different
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conclusions about the culpability of individual countries and their role in terrorist activities. clarity is an effective tool. identifying these countries has the effect of isolating them in the world. and that certainly has an impact on their ability to engage in terrorism or to harm the american people with terrorism. it also serves as a pretty effective deterrent for other countries that might be considering engaging in that kind of activity. michelle: you said republicans play with congress -- playing politics with some of their pieces of legislation. so in this case, i mean, you'll speak to the sympathy there is on the hill but do you feel in this case democrats are being swayed or overrun by political pressure?
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josh: again, i think -- look, in this case there are a large number of democrats and a large number of republicans that have the same position so i think you have to ask them exactly why they have taken that position. i think i am standing here articulating here what is a principled position that the president has taken. there is nobody here who is unable to understand why the politics -- this is hard. i guess you might say the president may have a little bit more standing in the face of these tough politics to make this argument given how strong his record is in fighting for 9/11 families. he's somebody who prioritized taking osama bin laden off the battlefield and bringing him to justice. that is a promise he made good on. president obama has been a leading advocate of ensuring that first responders to ground zero get the kind of support and health care that they need for
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the risks that they took to try to save their fellow americans battlefield and bringing him to and to rebuild at the site of this terrorist attack, and president obama has used the occasion of 9/11 over the last eight years to speak powerfully and emotionally about how the families of those who were lost on 9/11 are a genuine inspiration to him and a testament to the resilience of this country. look, maybe that gives the president a little bit more latitude to take this principled stand, but hopefully we'll succeed in persuading some members of congress to join us. michelle: the president has himself reached out to members of congress on this, and does he plan to? josh: i don't know if there are any presidential level on this. but there have been extensive conversations between members of the president's national security team and leading officials on capitol hill.
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ok. alex. alex: senator elizabeth warren also marked the eighth anniversary of the -- with a powerpoint. she sent a letter to f.b.i. comey asking for the release of any documents related to the investigations into wall street's role in the financial collapse. does the white house support the release of those documents? is that something the american people deserve to have access to? josh: well, what the white house supports is director comey making the decision independent of any sort of political influence about the release of nvestigative materials. so i'll leave it to him to find an effective way to respond to that question. you know, i think what senator warren does, though, underscore in her letter is how important it is for us to learn the mistakes that were made in the past and to build a financial system and build safeguards into our financial system that won't put taxpayers on the hook for bailing out large financial institutions that make bad bets.
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that's what we succeeded in doing in wall street reform, and there are many opponents of wall street reform who said they couldn't support the legislation because it would throw a wet blanket on the economy. they've been wrong, and we have enjoyed significant, an historic period of growth since this bill went into effect and was signed into law by the president of the united states. so it is an indication that we can put in place protections on wall street that will insulate middle-class families from the risky bets of wall street traders even as we strengthen the overall economy and contribute to strong economic
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growth and contribute to growth in the stock markets and in the incomes of middle-class families. we've enjoyed historic gains in both since president obama signed that bill into law. so, again, i think the strategy that president obama has pursued is one that stands up to a lot of scrutiny when you consider the economic impact of those decisions. alex: on another subject, there are disturbing details about a boot camp. marines placed -- who allegedly committed suicide during a suspected hazing incident. a local paper, beaufort gazette, reported an investigation was actually prompted by a letter by the white house. how closely is the white house following this? has the president been briefed?
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josh: well, alex, i think everybody here has seen the news reports. i haven't spoken to the president about this. he's the commander in chief, so i'm confident he's aware of this situation and aware of these reports. there's no denying that the graphic details that are included in these reports are disturbing. the united states marine corps has indicated a commitment to investigating exactly what's happened and i know they'll take appropriate action to conduct that investigation and to hold accountable those who are responsible for any sort of misconduct. i i know the marine corps that they take all reports of misconduct seriously. look, the men and women in the united states marine corps hold themselves to an extraordinary high standard of personal conduct and a vast majority of the men and women in the united states marine corps do exactly that. that's why reports of misconduct must be thoroughly investigated.
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alex: is there a worry there is a larger issue of the current climate with regards to xenophobia or hostility towards the muslim community? josh: i am confident that the -- let me say it this way. obviously the commander in chief is quite concerned about making sure that those young americans who sign up to serve in our armed forces are in many ways placed under his care and he takes quite seriously the responsibility he has as commander in chief in ensuring that recruits to the united states military are treated with dignity and respect and not subject to abuse and hazing even
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as they undergo the kind of rigorous training that's required to meet the high physical and mental standards that's required in saving in the united states military. so that is something that -- this commander in chief has certainly prioritized. i'm confident that the leadership of the united states marine corps has prioritized this as well. but for the details of their investigation or if there are any accountability measures they determine are appropriate, i'll let them speak to that primarily because if there is any sort of military justice proceedings, i don't want anything that i have said here to be perceived as interfering in that investigation or interfering in this proceeding. i need to be a little circumspect, but i can certainly say with confidence that the commander in chief wants to ensure that young americans who sign up to serve in our military are afforded the respect and fair treatment that they deserve, particularly considering the sacrifice that they indicated they're prepared to make for the country. alex: do you have more details about the african-american
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museum yesterday? did you have a chance to talk about it? was there an exhibit that stuck out to him? josh: i didn't talk to the president about his visit to the museum last night. what i can tell you is the president will have an opportunity to participate in some of the festivities that are scheduled for the end of next week to mark the opening of the smithsonian -- or the african-american museum that's been organized by the smithsonian. so the president and the first lady are quite enthusiastic about the opening of the museum and we'll have a little more of an opportunity to talk next week about how they'll participate in those activities. jordan. jordan: thanks, josh. the senate today passed the water resources development act
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which includes emergency funding for flint and other communities with lead contamination. the house version of the bill contains that funding for various reasons. i wonder if the administration has -- \[inaudible] josh: i don't -- i haven't seen the details of the bill so i don't know we've taken a specific position on it at this point. what we have indicated for quite sometime is we do believe that congress should provide additional resources to the state of michigan and to the city of flint to address the situation with regard to the water supply there, but how congress chooses to do that is something congress is going to have to figure out. but this administration will
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continue to press them to make that a priority. caleb: thanks, josh. hillary clinton indicated she may not nominate marlin if had a chance to nominate a supreme court justice. she would consider anyone that represents the diverse of the -- diversity of the country. do you have any reaction to the fact that hillary clinton if she wins office may make a different choice than what the president did? josh: if senate republicans will do their job it won't come to that. if senate republicans do their job then merrick garland will have a lifetime on the supreme court and hillary clinton strongly supports. when president obama announced his decision to nominate merrick garland to the supreme court, she said the president made a good choice. she described merrick garland as somebody who's a brilliant jurist. her opinion is one that's widely shared by democrats and republicans. that's why what republicans in the united states senate have done -- have drawn so much condemnation, not just from
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democrats all across the country but even some republicans who uncomfortable with the republican argument that somehow presidents are not allowed to nominate judges in their last year in office. there's no such provision that exists in the united states constitution. it's ironic because many of these same republican senators described themselves as strict constructionists when it comes to interpreting the constitution. you know, apparently that's maybe part of the constitution that they haven't read. in some cases you might actually question the intellectual honesty of some of these senators, particularly senator cornyn and cruz that are advocating for the republicans -- nomination of justices in texas. you can't have it both ways. if they're concerned about vacancy on the federal bench in texas, how can you not be
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concerned about it a vacancy on the highest court of the land, particularly when that vacancy we know has prevented the supreme court from being able to reach conclusions on some pretty tough questions. so republicans are playing politics with this issue in a way that is intellectually dishonest and ends up making them look even worse than most people already think they look when you consider that congress is polling in the teens these days. so i don't think there's anything i said in my admittedly long answer that secretary clinton would disagree with at all. one thing we know she agrees with is chief merrick garland was a good choice by president obama and she thinks that the united states senate should do their jobs and republicans in the senate should do their job, allow him to get a hearing and that he should be confirmed to serve in a lifetime appointment on the supreme court.
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jordan: i want to ask you something that the president said at a fundraiser earlier this week. he said this race shouldn't be close but it is and weird stuff happens because donald trump won the primary. you said many times previously that he doesn't think donald trump will win the presidency. given the fact that the polls are tightening and is he now more concern that he will not be succeeded by a democrat? josh: his remarks is he doesn't want people to be complacent. i think there is plenty of evidence that we can point to even today that give the president confidence him and that his earlier prediction will be correct but we sure can't take it for granted and the president
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himself is not taking it for granted given how high the stakes are. that's why you will see the president so aggressively working between now and election day to ensure that he can -- as he described it, hand the baton off to a successor who values it. jordan: senator rubio introduced a bill to try to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and in the wake of the orlando shooting. i wonder if the white house has seen the bill and if you have a chance to weigh in on it? josh: we have not seen the bill. let me take a look at the details and we'll get back to you. this is an issue that we've been concerned about for sometime. let's take a look at the proposal that senator rubio has put forward and we'll try to get you an answer. andrew. andrew: i want you to follow-up on the 9/11 bill. are you waiting for congress to adjourn? josh: well, andrew, i don't have enough information about the timing.
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obviously the constitution gives the president 10 days to make a decision about whether to sign a bill or to veto it. and the president's going to veto it. i don't want to leave you with the impression that the decision is up in the air, but when -- but the president will make a -- will veto it within the next 10 days. i think we have been quite clear in terms of what of the arrangement requires on both sides. has made some substantial commitments, the united states has made some commitments. goal is to reduce the
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violence across the country, increase the flow of humanitarian assistance, particularly to communities that need it really badly. and our goal is not to take the eye off the ball when he comes to applying significant pressure. after we have sustained , thenment on both sides potentially we could start cooperating with the russians and further escalate the tempo andtrikes against isil other extremist groups that are operating in syria, including al qaeda's presence in syria. i would acknowledge it is different than releasing paperwork. we have been quite clear on what the united states has been committed to do.
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we have been quite clear what we expect the russians to do. this is an agreement that was hammered out by secretary kerry. to the details, i guess i would refer to the state department. i think it is quite clear exactly what it is. the united states has indicated what we are prepared to do, but we are going to sustain commitment on the part of the russians to fulfill their responsibility. the president is engaged in so thato work this out this process moves forward? not aware of any phone calls were meetings the president has convened on this.
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in part because the whole point thise secrete -- of agreement is to apply pressure to the russians to get to use their leverage the -- what is needed now is not for united states to live up to our end of the bargain, we are doing that. what is needed for the russians to live up to their end and put pressure on the assad regime. maybe the russians don't have the influence that they claim to have. >> given the stakes now. given the huge human intern crisis, why would the president not invest personally into making this happen? by apply more pressure on the russians to exert pressure. >> we have. thatve made clear to them
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they are not going to get the military cooperation that they until we start to see that humanitarian assistance start flowing. we are applying maximum leverage. up to the russians to deliver. maybe they don't have the influence they claim to have. russian credibility is on the line. right now, we're not seeing them live up to the kinds of arrangements they've agree to. -- agreed to. >> you not expect a need for a follow-up conversation now with the clock ticking? the last chance, perhaps for toething positive to happen this terrible situation. >> there a couple of things. we have seen a reduction of violence.
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that is a positive outcome. for thea clear path flow of humanitarian assistance. waiting is for the step, which is the flow of human intern assistance to commence. that has not started yet. there is pressure on the russians to get it moving. they are most interested in is being able to coordinate their activities with united states military. that is something they can't brag about because they don't have it. this is because they are either unwilling or unable to use their influence of the assad regime to guarantee the delivery of this humanitarian aid. the presidenttion and secretary will meet or talk? >> that is a possibility. there is nothing formal planned. possibility they
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might see each other backstage. >> no discussion of trying to have a chat or another moment? >> i'm not aware of any attempt for a formal meeting. >> the house passed a bill blocking gitmo transfers. your reaction? the president will be to this, obviously. this, know this -- veto obviously. >> those individuals who are currently there who cannot be transferred safely to other detained in the united states at a much lower cost. you could say significant taxpayer dollars. we are a detain dangerous criminals in the united states. detained dangerous criminals in the united states. we already do this.
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that is why the president believes this is just a matter of common sense. he's not the only one who believes this. president george w. bush advocated for the closing of the prison. national security officials who served as high-ranking positions in the bush administration believed closing the prison is in the best interest of national security. military officials have dedicated their lives to protecting this country has indicated -- have indicated that closing it would be good. the president and bipartisan himp of experts allied with have made a powerful case about closing the prison. i understand the politics of it but when it comes to america's national security, that should rate higher on prior to list -- priority list than an individual's reelection prospects. >> finding places to transfer, those approved for transfer, you
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have acknowledged there are new countries where some of these people might go to in addition to places where they have artie gone to. -- already gone to. countries who be might taking gitmo continues -- detainees for the first time. negotiates underway with other countries to expand this possibility? >> not any ongoing negotiations. >> looking ahead to the united nations, can you give us a preview of what the president's are?ives are -- priorities what are his thoughts? what is he trying to accomplish? summit?gee >> we will have additional information tomorrow about the president's trip to new york and
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the visit to united nations next week. a couple things i can point out, the first, one hallmark event he will convene while he is there gathering oftional world leaders to discuss what countries around the world can do to address the refugee crisis. too few countries around the world that are buried a significant burden in the form a significant burden in the form of hundreds of thousands of individuals fleeing the country's to avoid violence. there is more that the world must do to help those countries with a burden. we have talked about what the united states have done. we have ramped up the number of refugees admitted to the country. we have done that without cutting corners with national security.
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refugees who entered the united states continue to be the most vetted group of individuals. eye laterallargest toner a few minutes here to meet the needs of those fleeing violence. there is more the international community can do. that is something the president will talk about with his counterparts. he will also give a speech to the assembly. that is scheduled for tuesday burning. the president will use the speech to talk about some of the progress that we have made in unifying the international community to take on some significant threats. the international response we've mobilized to address climate change or prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon or counter isil or the refugee crisis, i think it serves as a world canhow the
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address problems moving forward. the ability of the international community to coordinate on shared challenges is going to be safer,l to the kind of more prosperous planet we would all like to see. president obama is proud of the role he has played in the process and the role of the united states. he is hopeful that his successor will pick up the mantle and do the same thing. we'll have a more detailed preview in the days ahead. mark. thatu mentioned today president obama look forward to doing more campaigning for mrs. clinton. last night, at a campaign rally in ohio, donald trump was critical of the president's campaign. quite easy not working and set of going out complaining -- why working and he not
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going out campaigning? >> he is working to balance his responsible to his number one priority is serving the american people as the president of the united states. daysent the last 10 traveling across the pacific ocean and has had a number of meetings with his counterparts overseas. just yesterday he had a bilateral meeting with democratically elected leader of burma. that is something that we can now only recently say. , presidentscribing obama will spend a few days in new york presenting the united states at the definitions. -- united nations. first and they will have an impact on the ms of time he will spend advocating
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for secretary clinton's reelection. president obama has been a successful president in part because of his ability to do more than one thing at a time. he certainly doesn't tend -- does intend to devote some time and attention to advocate for secretary clinton. he recognizes that the stakes in this election are as high as ever. he made the case in new york on tuesday night. >> it is legitimate for a sitting president not running for election to campaign for others? >> i think the president has quite strong feelings for the future of the country, understandably. he has strong opinions about who is the best person to replace him. it makes a lot of sense that president obama would make those views known publicly. what is interesting and what is , most about the situation
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presidents and their eighth year don't have the political standing to make a forceful case for the successor. but president obama is in a situation where his approval rating put the american public is in the high 50's. that gives him a lot of influence. that might be the best complaints for the of the republican nominee. >> last night at the rally, donald trump questioned aloud what the costs of air force one are for the president campaigning? can you answer that question? >> not for him. there is a formula that is cap elected by the air force --
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calculated by the air force and we can produce those numbers for you. >> will you get that for me? >> they can provide you with information about cost. those costs are regularly reported by the democratic national committee as well. >> the report the reimbursements -- they report the roots person's -- reimbursements? >> yes. deficit, it has estimated that this current fiscal year is going to go up by about a third. why sit up so sharply --is it up so sharply? >> it not helped by the significant tax breaks the cars passed last year for wealthy
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corporations and wealthy individuals. that was the product of a compromise that president obama signed into law. i don't think president obama has ever been in a position where he has said that our efforts to promote economic growth and to improve our country's fiscal situation are done. there is more work we need to do. that is for the president spending time for secretary clinton is because she has a good strategy for continuing to strengthen the economy, continuing to make our tax code is more fair and continuing to address the fiscal health of the united states of america. the point i'm making is that officeesident obama took , we were being flooded with red ink. some of that is a testament to the weakness in the economy and financial crisis, but critics of saidresident's approach
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that what the administration was doing would make the problem worse. they were dead wrong. improved.tion has there is more work when you do. that is interested in making such a strong case for secretary clinton because he believes she is the right person for the job who constructed the economy and make the tax cut more fair and have a positive impact on the situation of the country. that theoint was president's numbers are high to make a compelling case. other presidents have had higher approval numbers at this point in the president, eisenhower did not campaign for an -- clinton had higher numbers and did not campaign enough for gore and he lost. is the president going to spend sufficient time on the trail in
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october? he has not done that much so far. >> each of these situations is unique. making ise point i'm history,ly in certainly not recent history, having had a situation in which there was a president and his as wellar who was byarded by the public and the party's nominee, and felt strongly enough and supporting his party's nominee to be a force on the campaign trail. cases, there are a variety of explanations why the start of not aligned in that way in recent previous years. because they have in the situation, the president is in a
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to make aque position persuasive case to the electorate. is, that uniquely strong political positioning is the explanation for the criticism from the republican nominee. no trip to florida. the trip to ohio. what is on the agenda? >> stay tuned. get the opportunity to visit those communities before the election day. >> hacking. a majorpionage being issue. if there's seems as a tendency to have a specific declaration of accusing the russians. i'm wondering, what is the
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reason behind the hesitancy to make a specific attribution? >> i think hesitance is a word that our critics ministry it is not one i would use. reports we have seen about cyber intrusions are under the close scrutiny of the fbi. expertsthe foremost trying to get to be bottom of what exactly happened. and trying to figure out what we can do to prevent that from happening again or in other places. people feel like it is russia . it is an open secret. they are studying it. i'm sure they have enough evidence at this stage to have a direction in which they are going? >> i will let the fbi's the -- fbi speak to that.
7:48 pm
as soon as they make a declaration like that, most people are going to be interested in seeing the evidence. some of the evidence may not be something we want to show. we don't want to reveal sources and methods. it does raise broader policy questions with regard to our response. a formalhave made announcement about an individual or entity or country or criminal enterprise being responsible for a particular cyber intrusion, legitimateomes a question to ask what the response will be. formulating an appropriate response in this area is something the president and other policymakers -- >> you can watch the rest of this briefing at we are live at the congressional hispanic caucus awards gallery
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in washington and an introduction of the president by representative michelle grisham of new mexico. president obama and hillary clinton are spectre to speak here. -- expected to speak here. >> before i was elected to congress, when i first heard the obama, i thought he was a rap star. while i have seen some incredible tv performances and some pretty awesome dance moves, i have yet to hear a hit rap single. baracks not prevented obama from making some incredible music in the white house. frankly, i think it is also. -- salsa. that is because president obama has a deep respect and understanding for what drives hispanic families. whether you have been here
7:50 pm
taught generations like mine are you are a more recent immigrant striving fore all the american dream. like all americans, who are working towards stability and security of the middle class and beyond, hispanic families want those same things. we want a world-class education for our children. we expect an affordable and quality health care system to meet our health care needs. [cheers] we went home ownership and a secure retirement. while we know in this room tonight that the hispanic community consists of a fibrous vibrant hard-working -- group of hard-working and ernest workers, dedicated committee advocates and successful entrepreneurs, we want to make sure that we continue to get the
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same opportunities as every other american. in fact, we also want the recognition that we richly deserve whether that is serving , orably in our military stabilizing and expanding the united states economy, in fact, in barack obama's presidency, we have grown hispanic businesses by 47%. [cheers] are 3.5 million businesses strong. in spite of these successes, there are still incredible challenges and obstacles. an assault on voting rights. blocks to a woman's right to access safe, reproductive health care. and attackonization under immigrant communities. our immigrant committees.
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hasident barack obama never, and i repeat, he has never taken the hispanic community for granted. but the disappointing sonia sotomayor to the supreme court -- whether disappointing -- it is appointing such as sotomayor -- sonia sotomayor to the supreme court. for protecting the families who need the leadership most, this president has delivered. that is a huge applause. delivered,ent has not just in one term or two terms, and all eight years of his presidency. will you please help me, i'm so honored and proud to introduce to you, let's give it up for the president of the united states, barack obama.
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[cheers] ♪ pres. obama: buenas noches! [cheers] it is always great to be there -- here. ,ith one of the most festive maybe a little wild caucuses in congress. especially to kick off hispanic heritage month. thank michelle for her
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introduction and leadership. give it up for your outstanding care, congresswoman linda sanchez. [cheers] chci's new president and ceo. [cheers] and all the tremendous public servants we have to tonight, especially everybody in the congressional hispanic caucus. amen. i have to admit that i'm having trouble accepting that this is my final trip as president. [boos] side, michelle is not having trouble accepting it. [laughter] i love you too. [cheers] it is hard to believe that it
7:55 pm
was eight years ago i came here as a candidate for this office. i had no gray hair. [laughter] said we could create opportunity not just for those at the top, but everybody who is willing to work hard. so they can afford health care and college and retirement and give the kids a better life. sarah palin called that hopey changey stuff. [laughter] i'm back here as president to say thank you. take you for your support, -- thank you for your support, friendship, your tireless effort to deliver on that promise. [cheers] places that we have fallen short, and for all the work that remains to be done, i am back here tonight were optimistic about the future of america than i have ever been.
7:56 pm
why not? backher, we falter way from the worst recession in 80 years. and economicund freefall, we helped lift our auto industry to set new records , our businesses created more than 15 million new jobs. we declared that helps klara stop a privilege for a few but they right for everybody. -- health care is not a privilege for a few that a right for everybody. we have entered health insurance for another 20 million americans including 4 million hispanic americans. [cheers] our high school graduation rate is at an all-time high. students are graduating high school and college than ever before. we have strengthened our relationship with mexico and central america. "chapter with the people of cuba opened up a new chapter with
7:57 pm
the people of cuba. improved climate. marriage equality is the law of the land. [cheers] just this week we discovered how much our efforts are starting to pay off in ways that really matter to american families. thanks obama. [cheers] learned that last year across every race, every age group in america, incomes rose and poverty fell. [cheers] income gal household rew by about $2800. single biggest one-year increase on record. we lifted 3.5 million people out of poverty.
7:58 pm
the largest one-year drop since 1968. the number of americans without health insurance continues to fall. in each of these areas, a few americans made some of the larger gains. the fastest income growth, the biggest drop in the poverty been all in all, has families are feeling more optimistic about the prospects today than they did it years ago. -- 8 years ago. [cheers] by so many measures, our country stronger and more prosperous and it was when we started this journey together. we could not have done it without the congressional hispanic caucus who has been with me every step of the way. none of this was easy. there were some tough years. you have fiscal shutdowns and government shutdowns.
7:59 pm
pandemics and oil spills. pirates. you all remember the pirates? the only thing we have not had to deal with is aliens or asteroids. [laughter] should not have mentioned the aliens. [laughter] we overcame all that. we overcame all that and we proved that change does not happen overnight. even over the course of one presidency, but change is possible. progress is possible. si se puede. we are here tonight because we know we have more work to do and if we put in the effort, change can happen. firsthand the
8:00 pm
challenges we still face. challenges that often affect latino communities harshly. when governors refused to expand medicaid, that his latinos harder than most. when folks blocked the increase in minimum wage or refuse to expand paid medical leave, that hurts the pocketbooks of millions of hispanic families. we have to make sure this recovery reaches all americans. we have to help more students, not just get to college but finished college. we have to reform our criminal justice system. we have to protect our children and the madness of gun violence. yes, we have to finally make meaningful, effective immigration reform a reality. [cheers] i'm proud of the executive action i have taken to modernize
8:01 pm
the system. i'm proud of the work we have done to help show more than 740,000 dreamers that the country they grew up in, the country they love believes that they are worthy of this country's letting just like your kids and my kids. blessing just like your kids and my kids. if we are going to fix this broken system, then we could do have to push back against bluster and falsehoods and promises of higher walls. solution comprehensive that works for our families, businesses, that grows our economy and enhances our culture. we need an approach that upholds our tradition as a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. it is possible to do that. it is possible to insist on a while and orderly system still seen students and hard-working parents as not
8:02 pm
criminals or rapist, but families who came here for the same reason that all immigrants came here, to work and learn and build a better life. [cheers] look, throughout this political season, the talk around these issues is deeper than years past. the little more personal. meaner. little uglier. folks are betting that if they apartive us far enough and put down enough of us because of where we come from or what we look like or what religion we practice, and that may pay off at the polls. that is it that they are going to lose. we have seen this kind of ugliness and anger before. that kind of politics.
8:03 pm
that may created in the short that there are a lot of folks who have this notion of what the real america looks like. somehow it only includes a few of us. decide whogoing to the real america is? who is to determine that in this nation of immigrants, a nation where unless you are a native american, you came here from someplace else -- [cheers] that you have a greater claim than anybody here. we cannot let that brand of politics when. -- win. if we band together and organize our communities and deliver
8:04 pm
enough votes, than the better angels of our nature will carry the day and progress will happen. it will take all of us. this is not something that a president can do alone. not something the next president will be able to do alone either. no matter how tough she is. [cheers] work to get a congress that is willing to act on immigration reform. that means we need more than just the people in this room. we will need some fresh faces under the capitol dome. it is going to take work on all of our hearts. -- parts. i have faith. every time i have fallen short taught adoubts or been tough lesson or expansion loss, what got me through it has been you. you have picked me up.
8:05 pm
it is knowing i have allies like linda and rubin and charlie fighting to and nail on the hill and back in the home states even on tough votes. it is knowing that you are fostering the next generation of leaders, including more than 40 that have helped lead the way in my administration. [cheers] it is knowing through doing you are doing giving folksego -- like diego a chance. , he he was seven years old moved to arkansas from mexico with his parents. his dad took a job preparing and braille been -- building wooden pallets. his dad opened up his own
8:06 pm
business a few years later. day ago was waking up at advocat a.m. working -- diego was waking up at 5:00 a.m. working through high school. they do not have a lot of money but they had believed. if you come here and work hard, eventually you will succeed. egoay, thanks to daka, di is the first in his family to graduate college. [cheers] now he is a fellow here at chci and monday he was to go into government himself and make things that are for not just latino kids, but every single person in the united states. it is junk people like that that keep me going. folks who prove -- young people like that could keep me going. folks who prove that immigrants not changing the american american, but are the character. [cheers] the dreamer is full of optimism.
8:07 pm
moms and dads working long hours to give the kids a better shot. entrepreneurs who came here to start new businesses and put americans to work. the teachers and nurses and lawyers who wake up at the crack of dawn to get ahead. us folks who clean up after and the folks who care for our grandparents. [applause] the folks who are so proud of this country that they carry a pocket constitution in their breast pocket. that is the america i know. thank you for picking me up every step of the way. thank you for making this country great. we have more work to do. progresseep on making and create a brighter future for everybody. si se puede. thank you. thank you, chci.
8:08 pm
god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [cheers] ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. ♪
8:16 pm
>> please remain seated until the president has left the building. ♪
8:17 pm
>> we are live at the walter washington convention center in washington dc. the congressional hispanic conflict -- caucus is holding its annual awards a la peter we just heard from president obama. coming up in a few moments, we expect to hear from the democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton. earlier today, she was in north carolina. her first day back from a campaign trail. she took several days off due to her pneumonia diagnosis. we expect to hear from hillary clinton shortly as our road to the white house coverage continues on c-span.
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>> ladies and gentlemen program will begin shortly. our program will begin shortly. please be seated. ♪ ♪
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>> c-span live at the washington dc convention center for the congressional hispanic caucus annual awards caucus -- ceremony. president obama just finished speaking. and hillary clinton will address the group tonight. in the meantime, we're going to listen to an interview we did earlier with joseph mccray. he is the publisher of the new hampshire union leader. the union leader endorsed libertarian gary johnson and bill weld. we will play that interview for you and listen to as much of it as we can as we wait for hillary clinton.
8:24 pm
>> the publisher seen a better choice for president and no need to hold -- he is joining us from manchester. thank you for being with us. >> always a pleasure to be on c-span. >> y gary johnson? >> we think that he and bill weld, the former governor from massachusetts have a lot to offer and would come under any circumstances, in this crazy year with the two major party , asidates, they look like we said, he is the rate of hope in the darkness. >> i mentioned hold your nose, a reference to an editorial in 1972 by you put a sword -- predecessor. >> yes. astonished that richard
8:25 pm
nixon had made this the top -- detante with red china. he was ballistic about it. thinking it was going to all good to the united states and i'm not sure he was not right. nixon, watergate had happened but no one knew the extent of the debt the time. nixon's opponent was towards mcgovern who is to the left of -- george mcgovern who is to the left of -- on retreating from vietnam. hold your nose and vote for nixon. that andd readers of say that there is no need to hold your nose and voting for for johnsonn voting and 12. they are a commendable ticket who have experience and success in running government and you and across the aisle.
8:26 pm
are on thertarians ballot on all 50 states but have not reached that 15% benchmark in order to qualify for the first of what will be for presidential and bytes presidential debates. the first one is scheduled for a week from monday. as last summerad when the networks and cables inviteetermine who to further so-called debates and c-span was very nice to come up 16 cover our event with all of the republican candidates, minus trump who decided not to show up. we did not think then and we do not think now that some of these arbitrary decisions about who gets in and who gets out are the right ones for the country. andson and weld came in
8:27 pm
talk to us about that and said that what the commission might percentage inower the popular polls for the first debate and then see subsequent polls as to who gets in after that. in other words, maybe 10% for the first to go around moving up to 20% for subsequent debates. thisv loves the show and would be quite the show between clinton and trump. it is going to be all smoke and hot air and johnson, if he is given a chance to tell a national audience that he and bestexist, the have the chance since roosevelt in 1912 the populardent in vote.
8:28 pm
as you say, they have gotten on all 50 states. no one else has done that. they are credible. they are going around the country. and both have bona fides good records. , a lot of looks now americans are not going to hear of this good alternative. >> voters are hearing from donald trump and hillary clinton. let me ask you about both of these candidates. donald trump, how would you describe him? who has noblowhard business running for president in the united states. other than he is getting a lot of free media and is going off of that. business is very spotty. his statements as to his political beliefs have been all over the lot. they change from one day to the
8:29 pm
next. he is now out there and bracing -- embracing funded day care and rental leave which would be anathema to republicans and most times. putin is a great guy who has the popular support of his country. he does not know what nuclear triad is. andakes fun of veterans physically disabled people. he is not a republican and he should not be president of the united states. >> and hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton is a career politician who is the status quo. we think that donald trump is not that far from the status quo. build up the government, more and more expense. she is an expert at that.
8:30 pm
she is clearly not telling the truth about a lot of things, including her own health and how she does the nation's business on private e-mail. she has gotten her job because of name recognition mostly from her husband. theran and obama gave for secretary of state job which she has not done a very good job of. >> jim mcquade, publisher of the new hampshire union leader in today's editorial available online at union always a pleasure. they give for being with us. -- thank you for being with us. >> thank you. keep c-span running. ♪ ♪
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8:32 pm
>> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will be addressing the his phonic caucuss -- hispanic shortly. clintoneantime, hillary
8:33 pm
was in north carolina today at unc greensboro for a campaign experience. she held a news conference after the speech. it will show that he now as we wait for her at the hispanic caucus. that to you as we wait for her at the hispanic caucus. mrs. clinton: it is great to be back in north carolina. i came to greensboro to give a positive, personals bache -- speech about my vision for the future of the country and why i so strongly believe that we are stronger together because i want to give americans something to vote for, not just against.
8:34 pm
with all the noise and distraction, it is important to focus on what really matters and the real choice in this election. this is about the kind of country we want to be. whether we will make the country and economy for for everybody or just those at the top. whether we will bring people together or put americans against each other. whether we will work with our allies to keep a safe or put it was canon in charge who would risk everything. loose cannon in charge who would risk everything. we are offering ideas, not insults. plans that will make a real difference in people's lives, not prejudice and paranoia. as you know, my opponent is running a very different kind of campaign. in latest target is a pastor flint, michigan who respectfully asked him not to use her pulpit
8:35 pm
for political attacks. he called her a nervous mess. insulting butly it is dead wrong. reverend faith green timmons is not a nervous mess. she is a rock for her community and trying times. she deserves better than that. better.t deserves so does america. i will keep working as hard as i can to lift up our country, not tear it apart. i honestly believe there is so much more that unites us than divides us. i believe with all my heart that the american dream is big enough for everyone to chair in the promise.- share in the i'm determined to be a president for democrats, republicans and independents. all american to roll up our sleeves and solve problems and make differences in people's lives. with that, i will be happy to answer questions.
8:36 pm
[indiscernible] i have always said that this was going to be a tight race. i have said from the very beginning whether i was up or down. it did not matter. i think those are the kinds of presidential elections that we have in america. campaign thathe we have put together. i feel like we are in a strong position going into these last weeks. what mattersrs -- is who is registered to vote and who is motivated and mobilize to turn out to vote. i will keep doing everything i can to deliver my message about what is at stake in this election. and my campaign is going to continue to work hard everyday to turn out to turn out every voter we possibly can.
8:37 pm
that is our goal and strategy. agreement with john kerry and the minister of russia and reports out of aleppo already indicate that she military and assistance is having trouble reaching the city. i'm wondering if you think the agreement can hold and what the next step for the united states should be? mrs. clinton: this has been such a terrible conflict and the humanitarian cost is incalculable. secretary kerry's persistence to reach some kind of agreement with the russians a cessationcreate of hostilities to get humanitarian assistance and to aleppo and other places within syria.
8:38 pm
i think whether or not this works is really up to the russians. it is up to whether or not that in your peers and -- vladimir putin decides it is time for them to do what they can do to bring this conflict into a canod where their care -- be the beginning the beginning of political discussions. a hope for protective zones for people who are under relentless assault from the air and a commitment to going after the terrorist troops that pose a threat to everyone. closely. to watch this at the end of it, it is going to be determined by whether or not the russians decide it is in their issuance -- interest to pursue this agreement. >> it appeared that your running mate may not have been aware of
8:39 pm
your pneumonia on friday. i'm wondering whether -- when you informed him? if you did not inform him on monday, what does that say about your relationship in the white house with help in the know he would be? stafflinton: my senior knew and information was provided to a number of people. this was an ailment that many people just power through and that is what i thought i would do. i did not want to stop. i did not want to quit campaigning. i did not want to miss the 9/11 memorial. as a senator at that time, i consider it a sacred moment that was determined to get there. it did not work out. antibiotics up and going. i got the rest that i needed and i went on from there.
8:40 pm
>> in terms of tim kaine, can you expand on how often you talk ? the partnership? how do you feel [indiscernible] mrs. clinton: i communicated with tim. i talked to him again last night. partner anda great is going to be a great vice president. we communicated. i'm not going to go into our personal conversations. i feel very comfortable and confident about our
8:41 pm
relationship. i look forward to working with him. >> can you be a little bit more specific about what those differences are? a glimpse of that and the way that your campaign handled the events around your illness? mrs. clinton: my campaign has said they could happen faster. i agree with that. i certainly expect them to be as focused and as quick as possible. say from my perspective that i think -- i thought i was going to be fine. i thought there was not really any reason to make a big fuss about that. i should have taken time off earlier. i did not. now i have. i'm back on the campaign trip.
8:42 pm
-- trail. >> [indiscernible] countries --her leaders from other countries. why are you making that sort of calculated choice to take time off the campaign trail? mrs. clinton: i think is constantlyo be reaching out, listening to and learning from leaders and i was to meetto find the time with several of them which i intend to do to hear firsthand their perspective about what they see happening in the world today. to answer their questions about what i think is happening, whether it is syria or anywhere else. there is a lot going on in the world. long standing set of
8:43 pm
relationships that go back not only to secretary of state and senator, but back to first lady. i think it is important to attend to those relationships. i will not be able to have as many meetings because of the stress of the campaign. i'm looking forward to the ones that we are scheduling. ♪ ♪ >> good evening. are you having a good time? [cheers] excellent. tonight, i have the privilege of introducing a truly inspiring leader. a woman that i have great respect and admiration for. exemplifies what it means to be a modern woman. badass.ut, she is [cheers]
8:44 pm
from providing health care to millions of children and fighting public schools -- segregation, hillary clinton workgroup will endlessly -- worked relentlessly to achieve progress. she has done all of this and much more under a constant barrage of petty attacks from those who are intimidated by her intelligence and ability. throughout to talk him her commitment to a better future of this country has never wavered. she believes that our country's best days are ahead of us, not behind us. her health care bill for children helped cover countless children and think to that law, our kids are stronger and healthier. her support of immigration reform opens a past to the american dream for all people in
8:45 pm
this country to work hard and contribute to their communities everything a day. hillary clinton has helped laze trails and rejected the status quo for women all across the country. she has empowered the next generation to dream bigger and achieve more. niecesatinas like my will see the highest glass ceiling come crashing down when we swear in our next and first female president. [cheers] that is why i'm with her. hillary clinton's vision of success does not discriminate. that is something that cannot be said about her opponent. her opponent has ignorantly and relentlessly attacked our community. rhetoricis poisonous inspires in all the wrong ways
8:46 pm
encouraging kids to bully latino students. he has not gone just after integrins -- immigrants, he went after it distinguished american judge who was mexican. eyes, we will never be american enough. i believe the results of this election will impact the trajectory of our country and have lasting impacts for the latino community. the choices cannot be cleared. democracy -- could not be clearer. a spectator not sport. we must get in the game. join me in welcoming back our friend, hillary clinton. [cheers] ♪
8:47 pm
mrs. clinton: hello! [cheers] hello, chci. [cheers] it is so great to be back here with some a friends and to see so many young people here because that fits the theme this year, educate, engage, but -- vote. i can't think of better merchant orders of the next 54 days.
8:48 pm
orders for the next 54 days. anyone who just for the congresswoman know that we cannot be on the sidelines. this is the most consequential election in our lifetime. i want to recognize the institute for all that you did to inspire the next generation of latino leaders. [cheers] year, i had the chance to spend time with some of the ch ci interns and fellas. it was like seeing the future of america in one room. everythingt to see that they achieve and i can't wait if i'm fortunate to be president to put some of them to work. [cheers] i want to thank all of my friends in the congressional hispanic caucus. you fight every single day to
8:49 pm
lift up the latino community. when the cameras are rolling and when the cameras are off. at home in your districts and inside washington. no one understands better than at the pivotal moment we are . not just for latinos but for our country. caucus hadand the traveled to every battleground state. the distributors -- registered voters. you stay focused the matter what kind of outlandish comments we have heard from my opponent and his supporters. think aay, i personally taco truck on every corner sounds absolutely delicious. [cheers] here is a confession, running for president is never easy.
8:50 pm
it should not be. right? tonight, i have the ultimate challenge, speaking after president obama. he is always a tough act to follow. in more ways than one. i for one don't think the president gets the present -- credit he deserves for rescuing our economy from another great depression. [applause] think of what we've achieved these last eight years. created businesses have 15 million new jobs since the recession. 20 million americans have health coverage. drop inas seen a bigger uninsured rates under the affordable care act them latino americans. [applause] we got more good news this week. thatort came out showing
8:51 pm
poverty is going down and incomes for american families families up and latino have seen the biggest increase of all. that does not mean we rest on our laurels by any stretch. our work is far from finished. evermore confident than that our best days are still ahead. heart thatith all my the american dream is alive and it is big enough for everyone to share its promise. [applause] mean that lots of people are still not hurting. because i know they are. when you hear a presidential hatedate doing bigotry and
8:52 pm
, it is easy to get discouraged. we are here because we know the selection is a choice between not just two people, that two very different visions for america's future. are goinggoing to -- to make our economy for for everyone or just those at the top. either we're going to fear our differences or embrace and celebrate our diversity. either we're going to pit americans against each other and deepen the divide were going to be stronger together. [cheers] today, as you know, we are in midst of hispanic care tips month. america,ooms across
8:53 pm
chavezn will study cesar , joaquin castro, justice sotomayor, roberto clemente. ann callistephan others. -- and countless others. [cheers] names we know and things we may not know. every one of whom has enriched this country for generations. whether you are mexican, puerto rican, latin american, afro latino, whether you are -- your family just arrived or has been here since the united states , you are not strangers. you are not in treaters. you are our neighbors, colleagues, friends, families. you make our nation stronger,
8:54 pm
smarter, more creative. i want you to know that icu and seem with you -- icu -- o i see you and i am with you. when we invest in the community and make it possible for latinas to get the health care you need, the education you desire, compete for jobs, start new businesses, pursue your dreams, all of america benefits. as i said this afternoon, we are in the final stretch of the selection. i intend to close my campaign the way i began my career. fighting for kids and families. that has been the cause of my life and it will be the passion of my presidency.
8:55 pm
tonight, i want to mention two things i will do. families every corner of america. create anneed to economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. there is something wrong when latinos are 17% of our country's population but hold only 2% of the 12. we have to work together to connect more latinos with good jobs that pay good wages. with more opportunities to get the skills they need to go to college, to launch new ventures, to build wealth that can be passed on to your kids and grandkids. we are going to make in my first 100 days the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since world war ii. infrastructure, manufacturing, technology, clean energy. we are going to cut red tape and
8:56 pm
taxes and expand access to ,apital for small businesses including the latino owned small businesses that create so many jobs and so much growth to communities everywhere. [applause] i want to give a particular shout out to latina small business owners. [cheers] not everyone knows this, but you are among the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in america. we are going to put families first with new solutions that reflect the way people live and work today. supporting families with paid family leave, earned sick days and affordable childcare. it is not a luxury, it is a necessity. when families are strong, america is strong. that brings me to another
8:57 pm
important family issue. , i will first 100 days send a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform to the congress. [cheers] my proposal will keep families together and it will include a pass -- path to citizenship. i know this is not the first time you have heard it. making the same promise for more than a decade. that some things are too important to give up on. i have been called a lot of things, i've never been called a quitter. election, we have a chance to show that comprehensive immigration reform
8:58 pm
is it just the smart thing to do, is what the american people demand. you know how we will show that? i hope to have a democratic congress next january. [applause] my first day in office, i will reach out to republicans and say, this is your chance. this is your chance to help millions of families and show that your party, the party of lincoln is better than donald trump. [cheers] while we are fighting for comprehensive immigration reform, we going to keep families together. when the deadlocked supreme dapa and put daka on hold for immigrants, but the
8:59 pm
court did not rule on the substance of the case. repeatedly, i, believe doppler -- dapa and are within the president's authority. i will protect them and keep fighting for them. them,ition to defending there is more we can do. we need to have a simple, straightforward system where other people with sympathetic cases who are contributing to their communities can make their case. and be eligible for deferred action. people with experience and report extreme labor abuses. we will not stop there. we are going to end family detention, close private detention facilities and stop the raids and roundups.
9:00 pm
no child should have to say goodbye to their parents every morning not knowing if their mom or dad be there when they get home. here is the bottom line, comprehensive immigration reform will not only be the right thing $700, but it will add billion to our economy and enable america to be what it has always been, a place where people from around the world can come to reunite with families, start new businesses, pursue their dreams, apply their growth of the america. and wes been a long road would not be where we are today without your persistence and the quiet courage of families in every state of our union. we certainly would not be here without the bravery of the young women and men who have risd


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