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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we will not forget. thank you. [applause] this is a working and middle class tax relief proposal. the tax relief for these workers will be expanded by my child care proposals that i have worked on with my daughter ivanka. these proposals are central and are very, very powerful central element of our comprehensive tax reform and economic growth plan. families will be able to fully deduct the average cost of child care from their taxes, including stay-at-home parents.
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because the deduction is capped, it will be disproportionately and it will benefit working and middle class families. got to take care of our middle class families. the less you make, the larger the share of your income you can exclude from taxation. parents will also be enroll a tax-free dependent savings account for their children or elderly relatives. low income households will benefit from an expanded earned income tax credit in the form of child care rebates and matching $500 contribution for their savings account. a married couple earning $50,000 per year with two children and $8,000 in child care expenses will save 35% from their current tax bill. that's a tremendous savings. [applause] mr. trump: and will have a better life. a married couple earning $75,000
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per year with two children and $10,000 in child care, expenses will receive a 30% reduction in their tax bill from what they are paying right now. someone earning $5 million, like the people in this room, will receive virtually no change in their tax bill at all. one of our greatest job creation measures is going to be our 15% business tax rate, down from the current 35% rate, a reduction of more than 40%. [applause] mr. trump: i know that's what you people have been waiting for. [laughter] mr. trump: an explosion of new businesses and new jobs will be created. it will be amazing to watch. you watch and it will happen. we will also allow united states-based manufacturers to fully expense the cost of new plants and equipment. big, big deal.
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[applause] mr. trump: on top of that, we will bring back trillions of business wealth and this is wealth that costs overseas. nobody knows how much it is. $5ave people who think it is trillion. we will bring it back and it will be taxed only at the rate of 10%. who would bring it back at 35%? obviously, nobody because nobody is doing it. i think it will be something that is so phenomenal, far beyond what people even think. comef this money will roaring back into our country, and lots of good things will happen. jobs in our poorest
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communities, so important. we have companies leaving the to get their money. next comes regulations. one of the keys is scaling back legislation.strous turned into ave massive industry. it is one business that i will put to an end on day one. [applause] mr. trump: in 2015 alone, federal agencies issued over 3,300 final rules and regulations up from 2,400 the prior year.
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every year, overregulation costs our economy $2 trillion a year and reduces household wealth by almost $15,000. i propose a moratorium on new federal regulations that are not compelled by congress or public safety. and i will eliminate all needless and job-killing regulations on the books, and there are plenty of them. [applause] mr. trump: this includes eliminating some of our most intrusive regulations like the waters of the u.s. rule and means scrapping the e.p.a. so-called clean power plan, whih the government itself estimates will cost $7.2 billion a year. this obama-clinton directive will shut down most if not all coal electricity plants. all over the country, they are
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shutting down. hillary clinton said she wants to shut down the miners like she wants to shut down the steel mills and workers and we're not going to let that happen. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to put our great miners and steel workers back to work. energy reform is central to our plan as well. according to heritage foundation, by 2030, president obama's energy restrictions will eliminate half a million manufacturing jobs, reduce economic output by $2.5 trillion and reduce incomes by $7,000 per person. and today, you have workers, and i see them all the time and i meet them all the time and they are part of this massive group of people that have just come on to this movement. but you have workers making less money today than they made 18 years ago in real wages.
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they are working much harder oftentimes because of the disastrous obamacare that we are going to repeal and replace. oftentimes, they're working two jobs. so they are working harder, they're older and they're making less, like me. i'm working harder than i ever worked also. who cares about that? hillary clinton wants to go even further and her plan could cost the economy $5 trillion. a mr. trump: administration will lift restrictions on all sources of american energy production. according to the institute for american energy resources, this will increase the g.d.p. by more than $100 billion annually. add over 500,000 new jobs annually. increase annual wages by more than $30 billion over the next seven years.
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increase federal, state, local tax revenues by almost $6 trillion over four decades. increase total economic activity by more than $20 trillion over a 40-year period. in addition, we will streamline the permitting process to all energy infrastructure projects which are desperately needed, including the billions of dollars in projects held up by president obama currently being held up. they just won't approve anything. creating countless more jobs in the process. finally comes trade. the foundation for everything. america's annual trade deficit with the world is now almost
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$800 billion a year. who are negotiating these deals? we have a trade deficit of almost $800 billion a year. that's going to change so fast. between world war i and the year 2000, the united states averaged a 3.5% growth rate. but after china joined the world trade organization, our average growth rate has been reduced to only 2%. predatory trade practices, product dumping, currency manipulation, which is a big one and intellectual property theft have taken millions of jobs and trillion of jobs in wealth right out of our country. right out of our country. so sad that we allowed this to happen. our incompetent politicians were not watching. and the ones that were watching, were taken care of in some form, because this should have never been allowed to have happened. it is no great secret that many
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of the special interests funding my opponent's campaign are the same people profitting from these terrible trade deals. they are terrible. terrible for everybody. the same so-called experts advising hillary clinton are the same people who gave us nafta. china's entry into the world trade organization, the job-killing trade deal with south korea, another disaster. and now the transpacific partnership that they are pushing so strongly. the verdict is in. all of the special interests that the media raced, which they raced to get comment from have been proven wrong over such a long period of time. every single deal they promoted, every lie and every present dick shon has just crashed. they have been so absolutely wrong and been so bad for our country.
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our manufacturing base has crumbled. communities have been hollowed out. wages have declined. and households are making less today than they were in the year 2000. i propose a detailed plan to reform our trade policy and bring vast new jobs and wealth to america. we need our welfare. we don't have wealth. a foreign country is using to harm our country to harm our workers and our country is being harmed. i will use every tool to end these abuses and i will use our greater leaders and finest negotiators and i will tell you some of them are in this room right now.
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not all of them, but some. i know who you are and we are going to be calling on you because we have people negotiating the biggest deals in the world, far bigger than your company deals. take some of these big companies and look at some of these trade deals, hate to say it but companies are peanuts. but we are going to use our best. right now we have political hacks negotiating the biggest important deals in the world. we are going to start with nafta, which is causing so much damage to our country. we will entirely renegotiate nafta into a deal that will either be a good one for us as a country and our workers, or we
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will terminate it until a brand new and productive deal can be signed. [applause] we'll keep america out of transpacific partnership unless we can do something that is phenomenal and i'm not seeing it right now. i can tell you that. i'm not seeing it. [applause] mr. trump: next i'm going toll instruct my treasury secretary to label china -- i like china, they are my tenant and buy condos all the time. they're just fine. but you know what? they are a currency manipulator and we are going to apply tariffs to any country that devalues its currency to gain an unfair advantage over the united
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states. they are a manipulator, grand master level. we can't allow it to happen and our people and our representatives and politicians don't even have a little clue how to play the game. we have a trade deficit this year with china of approximately $500 billion. what kind of a deal is that? and this has been going on for years. $200 billion, $300 billion, $400 billion for years. i'm going to instruct the united states trade representative to bring trade cases against china. china's unfair subsidy behavior is prohibited by the terms of its entrance into the w.t.o. and i intend to enforce the rules. and i'm sure we'll make a deal somewhere along the way.
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but they're not playing fairly and our politicians don't understand how to play the game. [applause] mr. trump: if china does not stop its illegal activities including theft of american trade secrets and intellectual properties, i will apply countervailing duties until chia ceases and desists. you know what that means? just a single action of enforcing intellectual property e would add millions america's trade. think of this improve protection , of america's intellectual property in china would add two million jobs a year within the united states every single year. and we do nothing. we allow them to get away with it. who can blame them?
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i do not blame them at all. if you can get away with it they , are going to get away with it. we are going to stop the outflow of jobs from our country and open a new highway of jobs back into our country. here's how the plan adds up. we are proposing a $4.4 trillion tax cut that will score as a $2.6 trillion under dynamic growth models, which is how taxes should be scored. [applause] mr. trump: this includes the child care plan that we announced the other day. our economic team has further modeled that the growth induced based from trade, energy and regulation reform will shave another $1.8 trillion off of the remaining debt. that leaves around $800 billion.
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this money can all be saved through simple, commonsense reforms. if we just save one penny of each federal dollar spent on nondefense and nonentitlement programs, we could save almost $1 trillion over the next decade. one penny. we can all do that. [applause] mr. trump: save over a trillion. again this is spending that does not touch defense, because we have to buildup our military, which is so terribly depleted and that does not touch entitlements. if our plan exceeds the $3.5% 10-year growth average that our jobs proposed will actually reduce and start really strongly reducing the deficit. savings will be compounded by the fact that people who are currently receiving unemployment
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or welfare will finally be able to find jobs. this is the most pro-growth, pro--jobs, pro-families' plan. this is what our new future will look like. i'm going to lower your taxes. i'm going to get rid of massive amounts of unnecessary regulation. all of these regulations on your business and in your life. i'm going to unleash america's energy. i'm going to repeal and replace obamacare. i'm going to appoint justices of the supreme court who will follow the constitution. [applause] mr. trump: i'm going to rebuild our depleted military and take care of our vets who are treated so badly. [applause]
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mr. trump: in many cases, our vets are treated not nearly as well as people who come into our country illegally. we can't have that. i'm going to save your second amendment, which is under siege. i'm going to stop illegal immigration and drugs from pouring into our country and totally poisoning our youth and others. [applause] mr. trump: and yes, we will build the wall. the wall will be built. and just in case you are worried who is going to pay for it, mexico will pay for it. totally serious about it. mexico will pay for it. mexico, we look at the trade -- will we will look at the trade deficit we have with mexico, it's massive. the wall is peanuts compared to what we are talking about. mexico will pay for the wall. and i'm going to renegotiate our disastrous trade deals especially nafta and make great trade deals that put the american worker first and put the american worker back to
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work. [applause] mr. trump: that includes our miners and our steel workers. they are going back to work. we will rebuild our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our highways, airports, schools, hospitals. we'll rebuild everything. american cars will travel the world. american planes will sore the skies. and american ships will patrol the seas. american steel will send new skyscrapers into the clouds. american hands will rebuild this nation. and america's energy harvested from american sources will power this nation. american workers will be hired to do the jobs. we will put new american metal
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and new american steel into the spine of this country. jobs will return. incomes will rise. new factories will come rushing back to our shores. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much. god bless you. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] mr. trump: thank you. >> we will now move to the
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fireside chat format where we are pleased to have as our interviewer, john paulsen, a member of the economic club of new york board and president of paulsen company. we would also like to thank thoe members who took the time to share their thoughts and ideas on topics and questions from paulsen online so they could be perhaps used in this conversation. i think we had some members of the board and others provide some input directly to mr. paulsen and i thank everyone for that. the chairs are ready, gentlemen. so please take your seats and let the conversation begin. [applause]
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mr. trump: what happened to the teleprompter? he's a little late, right? i had nothing to do with it. >> let me thank you for speaking with us today. i think many of us found your economic plan very bold and ambitious i was talking with marty -- glen hubbard, who is the dean of the columbia business school -- mr. trump: big difference. >> and you know, we were talking about how many economists have resigned themselves to low growth. 5%-2% for the u.s.. growelieve that we could 3.5% plus. could you summarize the key components of that plan and if possible quantify the contribution to the increased
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growth? mr. trump: i think that -- i watch the world and i look at china and other countries. and if china goes down to 7% or 8%, it's like they will have a revolution. and what do they do, they start devaluing and do all sorts of things and get it back on track one way or the other. and i had friends come do me who have been devastated. great manufacturers, very successful people, but they become less and less successful because they can't beat the system. and they are almost doing well and then there is a massive devaluation in china or other countries and there are plenty of other countries out there and actually hurting china now. the fact is they have 7%. and you see it, and dropping to 7%, 8%, they consider it to be a disaster and we are stuck at 1%.
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the real number is 1%, but no more than 2% and we try to learn to live with it. we cannot do that anymore. we are going to unleash tremendous opportunity. we are bringing back trillions of dollars that doesn't come into this country. there have been a lot of companies that leave. not because taxes are too high but leave to get their money. we are going to unleash a lot with the regulations. the thing that most surprised me in going around, because -- i have been everywhere. this started on june 16. who knew this was going to happen, right? but it started on june 16 and it has been an amazing thing. what has amazed me, i speak to big businesses, the biggest businesses in the world and i also speak to the small business people and the farmers. if they had their choice between
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this massive tax cut from 35% to 15% or regulation relief, they would take 100% -- the regulations are a disaster. they are killing the farmers. they are killing the energy folks. they killed the mines. and we all believe there has to be regulation for safety, environment. but it has gone so crazy and gotten so excessive that they would take that over taxes. we are going to unleash a number of jobs coming in and going to have cutting of waste, fraud and abuse. if the penny plan, just a penny out of every dollar. i know you can do that. but we have to appoint people to head these massive agencies. if they were companies, they would be very large companies and some would be bigger than any other companies. but you you take a penny, a
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penny off the dollar and do that for a number of years and all of a sudden, great things start to happen. in addition to that, we spend a tremendous amount of military, which we are going to increase. but we also defend other countries. and those countries are not paying us nearly what they should be paying us. we are losing billions and billions of dollars on defending owe and many of them don't pay us. if they don't pay us, i say why? they don't ask. so those countries i'm sure will start to pay for the defense, but it's a fantastic number. it's a very, very large -- it's a shocking number. i will just finish with this. i have great respect for japan, but we defend japan, germany, saudi arabia, south korea, 28,000 soldiers right now in
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south korea. these are wealthy countries. and when i say they have to pay more, a general came to refute my statement and said, doesn't mr. trump know that japan pays 50% of the cost of its defense? and i said, why don't they pay 100%? the numbers you are talking about are massive. and when you add it all together, a lot of good things are going to happen. [applause] >> on the corporate tax rate, the corner stone of your economic policy is reducing the corporate tax rate to 15%. secretary of the treasury lew proposed a 28% rate. the u.k. is at 20%. ireland is at 12.5%.
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how did you settle on 15% of the target for the u.s.? >> a lot of that has to do with the cutting because we are going to be cutting costs also. i think we are going to unleash something that is so amazing and a lot of it is competition. ireland is the lowest. right now we are the highest in the world of the industrialized countries. and we set it from a competitive standpoint and added to that and very importantly to that the cost cutting. and there's tremendous -- when all of us in the room did this, when we buy companies, we like to buy companies that are poorly run because we have so much run to cut. we don't want to run a perfectly running machine where we can't do too much. we have tremendous waste, fraud and abuse. our military orders equipment
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that is ordered politically motivated because they will buy equipment that isn't what they want and the equipment that the generals want are better and less expensive. my whole thing has been make america great again. we have so many things we can do if we do it properly. my whole thing has been make america great again. we are going to make america great again. >> now it is time for martin feldstein, who is on our board and is chairman of the department of economics at harvard. part of the issue in reducing tax rates is the impact on the deficit. what offsets would you propose to compensate for the reduced revenue? you mentioned in your speech that you believe, over time, your economic policy can be revenue neutral. mr. trump: eventually, we think -- and hopefully beyond that --
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we think and hopefully beyond that. eventually with time this is going to work out. but the big things in terms of neutrality is going to be the amount of business that we generate, the fact that companies are no longer going to be leaving. you have to look at the list of companies. i so do before, ford motor company -- this is a massive business. we told you all small cars going , to make them in mexico. it's like a story in the newspaper, but it is devastating for michigan and areas of the country that have to go through this. we are going to keep our companies here. our companies are leaving because our taxes so high and they can't bring money back in . our companies are leaving us because of regulation. the regulation is so massive that our companies are leaving us. number one, we are going to keep companies here. they are not going to be leaving anymore because they will have a better deal where they go. and importantly, we are cutting costs, cutting budgetary costs and lots of costs.
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there will be many costs that we are going to be cutting and we are going to be enhanced by certain things like -- with the military and the defense of other countries, which other people didn't know. i do nothing too many people in this room, until i spoke about it a year ago, we defend, as an example, germany or japan. you pretty much knew south korea, and we are defending south korea. but saudi arabia as an example. saudi arabia we know. lots of wealth. lots of money. they don't pay us very much for what we do. and you know, you could ask yourself how long would saudi arabia even be there if we weren't defending them. and i think we should defend them, but we have to be compensated properly for that defense. i'm sure they will be thrilled to hear that. [laughter] john: one issue that came up previously was the potential for
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default on the u.s. debt. the u.s. has a perfect credit history. is there any scenario you would consider defaulting on the u.s. debt? mr. trump: no. there are some areas where you could buy back debt. i don't know, somebody put that out. i said "buy back debt." this isn't like building a real estate project and the market crashes and you have a shot at a bank. i loved those days. i love that. someone said i'm one of the great in the world. i love buying debt and i love negotiating debt. but with the united states, you are talking about something beyond the gold standard. no, the answer is no. but you can buy back. we are not talking discounts. you can discount and do things. but no, the debt of this country is absolutely sacred. absolutely 100% sacred. [applause]
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john: regarding regulation, you said that we have too much regulation and that excess regulation impedes growth. what would be your strategy for reducing excessive regulation? mr. trump: i go back to the heads of the various groups, agencies, all of the parcels of government and i would be putting very, very top people into negotiate. we put political people in to negotiate and people who gave contributions, we put people that work the system. we put people that shouldn't be there. and when you say can you cut 1% off your budget, they look like, "this is impossible." a know some of the people in this room are total killers. i won't call them out. they said i can get it down 25% in one year, maybe more. i said take it easy, relax. but there are people in this
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room who would say that. when you hear 1% a year for 10 years, it's a massive difference. 1% a year for 10 years. so i would really have it done at the level of the group running whatever individual thing within government they are running, and they would be able to do if we have the right people. we don't have the right people. we have people who shouldn't be doing what they are doing. they have people that have people under them that are far, far more competent than they are. and those people lose respect for the system when they see what's coming. and i can't tell you how strongly i believe this and the trade deals are so bad. nafta has destroyed our country. nafta has destroyed the manufacturing leg of our country. look in upstate new york where they lost 40% of their manufacturing, and they are going to lose a lot more. hillary clinton said she was going to bring jobs back to new
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york. she meant upstate new york, long island, you look at things that are happening. building after building is empty. she did not bring anything. they left. they all left. so when we negotiate great trade deals -- and we aren't even including that to a large extent in the numbers we are giving you. when you take nafta and make it a two-lane highway and not one -way, so when things go out, make it at least equal, because we have a lot of catching up to do. they have absolutely stripped this country of its manufacturing jobs and jobs. and companies that destroyed companies. thousands and thousands of companies. millions of jobs, we are going to get that back. we are going to get that back. so whenever i talk about tax cutting and i talk about balancing, a big part of it is we are going to have great trade deals. here would be a man to negotiate. i think i would put him in charge of china. we will do very well.
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just put him in the room for a few days. but seriously, we have the greatest negotiators in the world. we have to use -- when china enters that negotiation, they come in with 20 people that are the toughest, smartest, meanest, -- they don't say good morning, isn't it a lovely day? how did the yankees do last night? there's no talk. it is like, we get down to business, boom. no games. we put people in there who don't know what they are doing because this is why we have deficits of $500 billion with one country. we built china. -- we rebuilt china. and i say that with great respect for china. i have a great relationship with china. they used to tell me -- i have many friends from china. the biggest people, the richest people, they cannot believe what china gets away with. they say, "i cannot believe it." and when i announced i was running for president, well, i didn't mean that. they didn't know this was going
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to happen. but in the good ol' days, they would say we don't believe. your government is stupid, and now they deny they ever said that. [applause] john: on staffing, how would you run a government to make it more effective? what would be your criteria in choosing the senior administrators? mr. trump: track record, great competence, love of what they're doing, how they're getting along with people, references. i mean, no different when you are running a company, how you hire top people. it would be no different. people with heart, also, is probably the one thing you need in government. you don't need in business as
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much. some do. but not a lot. but you need people that are truly, truly capable and you need -- and i think so much has to do with past history, how is it done, how is it worked out. you understand what i mean by that perhaps better than anybody. and we have to get the best people. we can no longer be so politically correct. we do things today, people are afraid to walk, afraid to talk. they can't speak. they afraid they are going to say a wrong word and shunned they are going to be shunned from society. don't worry, it only lasts for a week if that happens. but we have to stop being politically correct. we need to get the best and finest, and if we don't, we will be in trouble for a long period of time and maybe never come out of it. i honestly believe, i'm not saying it because it's myself, this is going to be the last election we have a chance to make this country great again, to really make it wealthy and strong again. make it all of the things we want to see.
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we have to have. but i believe this is the most important election that we have been involved in for many, many, many years. many decades, because it's going down. the supreme court justices that i told you about before, if they put certain people onto the supreme court, our country is going to be a whole different going to be a whole different country. we are going to be a large-scale version of venezuela, a totally different deal. and this is the last chance that , in my opinion, our country has to really get better, to get well. and i just think this election is so important, not because of me, but because the ideas, the ideas that we have, the ideas that we need to do what we have to do. but i think it's going to be a very, very important election , and that's why we are seeing such enthusiasm. legal make a speech, john, and
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we have people showing up, 25,000 people show up and 30,000 people. [applause] mr. trump: we announced one day, we had one in the pensacola the other day, and we had this massive -- tens of thousands of people that showed up a day and-a-half before the speech on twitter. would owwe don't even take ads. people want to see great things happen to this country. people really love this country. the people of this country really love this country. even other countries want to see great things happen because it's so important. i think this is going to be the most important election that we have had for many, many decades , and i'm not sure you are going to have a second chance at it. [applause] john: donald, on jobs, what industries do you expect would benefit from your economic plan to create high-paying jobs going forward?
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mr. trump: well, i think h&r block would be a disaster. because we are simplifying. how about people -- the tax -- it's so complicated. and people that frankly are making a small amount of money. they have to go and have their tax returns done by people. and by the way, when they're done, you'll have 10 different tax people. and you will have 10 different questions to the same -- the whole thing is crazy. so that would be one industry that wouldn't do well. but i think almost all industries. i can tell you an industry that will do well and an industry we can use, and i know prices are low now, but when prices go up is the energy industry. we have amazing people in that industry and they are being decimated. they are being absolutely decimated. and energy is so important.
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and we found out, because of new technology, whether fracking and many other things. we are sitting on top of -- our land -- we have more than just about anybody in the world. our land is so valuable because of what is underneath it. we have the careful. we have to be very environmentally sound. that's very important. but it is incredible when you look at what's happened in the last five years, we can be self-sufficient, which we have to be, otherwise we will be stuck in the middle east forever. we have to knock out isis. i didn't want to be in that war, but i wasn't a politician and nobody really cared. i didn't want to be in the war. the way they got out was bad, so to get out so quickly and not leave anybody behind. isis developed. we have to knock out isis. you see the atrocities. yesterday, 22 or 24 people were hung from racks in a slaughter house like a slaughter house, and then throats cut. can you imagine, nobody has heard of things like this before .
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and then we talk about waterboarding. it's an incredible thing. it is incredible. we are not playing on the same playing field. if you look at the atrocities, just yesterday with the meat hooks, we have no choice but to totally decimate isis. we have to do it and do it rapidly. we have no choice. [applause] mr. trump: and we have to get to rebuilding our country, folks, we have to rebuild the infrastructure and rebuild our country because it's a mess. john: last question. if you were to advise the fed, what would you advise them to do regarding interest rate policy? mr. trump: as a real estate person, i always like lower interest rates, of course. i think what is going to happen is you are going to have them until january 1, because obama wants to go and play golf and
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he wants to leave and have no stock market disruption. and i said, i think the fed is being totally controlled politically. they are not raising rates and they are being controlled i think they are going to be low until -- i don't know if they're going to have a raise. but they will be low to the end of the year. obama, he wants to go out. it should not be working this way. we shouldn't be discussing it. martin may or may not be agreeing with me. i just think it's a terrible thing that's happening because we are doing it for political -- i believe the fed is very political and has become very political, like many other groups in this country. beyond anything i would have ever thought possible. so i think you are going to have low interest rates until the end of the year. maybe no interest at all. and the market will stay artificially high, and then we are going to have to see what happens after that. they are not doing the right job. with all of that being said, all my life i liked low interest rates.
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and can you imagine? because i'm doing this, i can't take advantage of it. but that's ok. i will say it's become in my opinion, the fed has become extremely political. i don't think they would do -- i really believe if it was a political decision or the right decision, they will go with the political decision every single time. [applause] john: that concludes our fireside chat. once again on behalf of myself and everyone here, thank you very much for joining us today. mr. trump: thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [applause] >> we would ask everyone to stay in place so that mr. trump and
6:47 am
governor pence and their security detail can leave. the next meeting of the economic club will be a breakfast on monday where we will be hosting quebec premier and the president of the environmental defense fund for , fred krup. that same day, monday, september 19, we are hosting a luncheon featuring paul ryan, speaker of the house, where he will share his economic and tax reform plans. on tuesday, the 20th, we're hosting premier lee of china.
6:48 am
and there are still a few seats remaining for both of those events. and we hope you might be able to join us. thank you for joining us today, ladies and gentlemen. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this morning on the road to the white house, donald trump will appear at his new hotel in washington, d.c., the trump international, just blocks from the white house. we will have that event for you live starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. and in the afternoon, michelle obama will stump for hillary clinton or the first lady will speak in fairfax, virginia for the democratic nominee. watch that live at 3:00 p.m.
6:49 am
eastern. ms. clinton: look, it is great to be back on the trail, in north carolina. positive personal speech about my vision for the future of our country and why i so strongly believe we are stronger together because i want to give americans something to vote for, not just against. with all the noise and distraction, it is important to inus on what really matters
6:50 am
the real choice in this election. this is about the economy want everybody, not just those at the top, whether we will be america together or pit goes against each other, whether we will be saved or put a loose cannon in charge who will risk everything. going to close with an opportunity for kids and fairness for families. it will be the passion of my presidency. we are offering ideas, not insults, plans that will make a real difference in people's lives, not prejudice and paranoia. as you know, my opponent is running a very different kind of campaign. his latest target is a pastor in flint, michigan who respectfully asked him not to use her pulpit for political attacks. he called her "a nervous mess." that is not only insulting, it
6:51 am
is dead wrong. reverend faith green timmons is not "a nervous mess," she is a pillar for community in trying times, she deserves better than that, and flint deserves better. in fact, sodas america p or do i and,o list of our country not tear us apart. there is much more that unites us, not divides us. i think the american dream is big enough for everyone to share in its promise, so i am determined to be a president for democrats, republicans, independents, for all americans to really roll up our sleeves, solve our problems, and make positive differences in people's lives. with that, i would be happy to answer your questions. home,n you are
6:52 am
[inaudible] is there anything you to be doing differently right now in your campaign? as clinton: i have always said this will be a tight race. i have set it from the beginning, whether i was up, down -- it did not matter. i think those of presidential elections that we have in america at this point in our history. proud of the campaign that we have put together. i feel like we are in a strong position going into these last weeks. what matters is who registers to vote and who is mobilized to turn out to vote, and i will keep doing everything i can to deliver my message about what is andtake in this election, my campaign is going to continue to work hard every day to turn out every voter we possibly can. that is our goal, and that is our strategy. the agreement that john kerry
6:53 am
and surrogate lap rob negotiated is less than a week old, and it iss on aleppo say already having trouble reaching be city. i'vwas wondering if you think wondering if you think the agreement would hold, and if not, what are the next steps? ms. clinton: this is such a terrible conflict, and the humanitarian causes incalculable. secretarypplause kerry's persistent effort to try to reach some type of an agreement with the russians in order to create a period of cessation of hostilities in order to get humanitarian assistance into aleppo and other places within syria. thisnk whether or not works is really up to the russians. it is up to whether or not latimer putin decides that it is time to do what the russians can
6:54 am
conflict into a period where there can be the beginning of political , a hope for protective zone for people who are under relentless assault from the air, and a commitment to going after the terrorist groups that pose a threat to everyone. so i am going to watch this closely, but at the end of it, it is going to be determined by whether or not the russians decide that it is in their interest to pursue this agreement. it appeared that your running mate, tim kaine, may not have been aware of your pneumonia on friday. i am wondering when you informed him, and if you did not inform him on friday, what does that say about what your relationship would be with him in the white
6:55 am
house, how in the know he would be on minute to minute of elements in your administration? ms. clinton: my senior staff information was provided to a number of people. look, this was an ailment that power through,t and that is what i thought i would do as well. want to stop commodity want to quit campaigning, i certainly did not want to miss the 9/11 memorial. as a senator at that time, i consider it a sacred moment, and i was determined to get there. it did not work out, so i got the antibiotics up and going, got the rest that i needed, and we went on from there. --in terms of tim kaine,
6:56 am
whether he would be a good partner. with the role that he is in, what do you feel are the important objectives today, were they in any way jeopardize by the fact that you did not explain -- ms. clinton: no. communicated with him, i talked to him again last night. he has been a great partner and is going to be a great vice president. we communicated. we have communicated, but i am not going to go into our personal conversations, and i feel very comparable and confident about our relationship, and i really look forward to working with him.
6:57 am
>> you have gotten rest and put up some defenses. could you explain what those defenses are that you are referring to, and can you speak about tell your campaign handle the events surrounding your illness over the weekend? ms. clinton: my campaign has said they could have been faster, and i agree with that. asertainly asked them to be focused and quick as possible. , from mye to say perspective, i thought i was going to be fine, and i thought that there was not really any reason to make a big fuss about it, so i should have taken time off earlier. i did not. now i have, and i am back on the campaign trail. but you are going to the united nations -- meetings with
6:58 am
leaders from other countries. neither they nor their citizens can vote in the united states, so why are you making that effort to take time off of the campaign trail? i think it is important to be constantly , listening to, learning from leaders, and i was pleased to be able to find the time to meet with several of them, which i intend to do, to hear firsthand their perspective about what they see happening in the world today, to answer their what i think is happening, whether it is in syria or anywhere else. there is a lot going on in the world, and i have a longstanding set of relationships that go back not only to secretary of state and senator but back to first lady, and i think it is
6:59 am
important to tend to those relationships. i will not be able to have as many meetings because of the campaign as i've had in prior years, but i am looking forward to the ones we have already scheduled. thank you all very much. >> next on c-span, "washington journal" is live. after that, we will take you live to the opening of donald trump's new hotel in washington, d.c. a little bit later, the white house daily press briefing with --mer residential candidate presidential candidate and ohio governor john kasich will talk about the transpacific partnership. in the afternoon, first lady michelle obama will be campaigning for hillary clinton in virginia. coming up in about 45 minutes, campaign legal policy director meredith mcgehee will talk about hillary clinton and donald trump
7:00 am
campaign donations, financial records, medical histories, and more. "newsweek" senior riser kurt eichenwald will talk about the finances of the clinton global initiative. ♪ host: good morning on this friday, september 16. "wall street journal the"wall street journal" -- and"wall street journal" others have written to the president asking him not to pardon edward snowden tear you may remember him as the former national security contractor who leak stolen records about the agency in 2013. 23 members of congress have signed this letter. every member of that committee. all of this comes as the new movie, and oliver stone movi


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