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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 16, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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their workers. we have come together to make sure that with so much political noise, a bill that is vital to the united states'long-term interests don't get left aside. i would like to bring forward the governor of ohio, governor kasich and -- governor kasich. thank you. gov. kasich: i think the mayor has done a great job of laying out the economics of the agreement did we have a unique opportunity again to put country in front of politics. i think many of the people that are in the congress of the united states understand what this is all about. they understand the implications of trade, but there is one thing i think they all understand. all of us in this room need to reflect on this. mostwo nations that
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lasciviously oppose this are china. i am astounded about another repressive take week that he uses to control his people. andg so far as to try regulate or dismantle the youth involvement in politics in china. he has been very repressive. we are clearly aware that it's of thee reluctance chinese to but the pressure that these to be put on north korea. they walked away from it. they left the world wondering what to do and bringing up issues of mutual security. updimir putin probably wakes every day thinking about how he can complete the work he started
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thinks about ukraine and how much he would like to gobble it up, or the actions he is taking to threaten the balkans -- i'm sorry, the baltics. it's simple. economically, trade always make sense. are there losers in trade? yes, there are. it's important that have a system that re-trains people for the jobs of the future. if you don't trade, you hurt innovation and consumers. you retreat from the world. from the geopolitical sense, it is critical that the united states stand with many of these nations that are him some way -- in some way are economically weak, like the at mom. -- vietnam.
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the economic underpinning is going to lead to a strengthened sense of america's influence in asia. can you imagine if the united states of america decided as i told one congressman this morning, that we turned our back on those nations in asia that are looking to us in a great sense of partnership to give them the courage and the strength to stand against a rising china? from an economic point of view and a geopolitical point of view, where would we be if we turn this down? this gives a a unique opportunity in this city that i have not come to quite understand, these kinds of issues are were politics goes out the window and the good of america has to be represented and respected. i appreciate the president
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inviting the group that we had in there this morning. he is very passionate about the need to do this. thosewilling to work with who are both for and against. he is willing to put his shoulder to the wheel. for me, i've got to 16-year-old daughters. i worry about the future of the country. america can't afford to lock the doors and lower the blinds and ignore the rest of the world. we are a force for good. tpp will help us on the economic side and also allow us to continue to be a strong world leader for good. repression, lack of human rights, lack of democracy that some of these opponents to the steel support is not something the united states should take lightly. my formerll on
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colleagues in the house and think over the next couple of weeks about the implications of saying no and what it will mean for the future and the fact that they can cast a vote that can strengthen our country and our alliances around the world. to me, that is what as ecstatic -- at stake and that is why i am here today. the president described this as a strategizing session. what did you come up with? how you going to put pressure on the house and senate? gov. kasich: the president of the united states in a quiet way without press conferences or blaring trumpets needs to meet who wegroup of people know are not likely to support this, but they don't want to see
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it i. i understand politics. sometimes people can register their objection and kind of lead the floor or the meetings and let matters proceed. i think that's part of it. i also think that the business community -- i was never a big fan of this import/export bank. job ofd a very good explaining this was about jobs. we had a really and woman in their today, the head of ibm. the suggestion is to make sure the employees of ibm let numbers of congress know that this is about my job, this is about my family and my community. i think there are multiple ways this message can get out. i think the national security message is something that should resonate with every single member of congress. i think there will be an aggressive move on this.
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i guess i am an optimist. day,nk at the end of the people put their country ahead and inical concerns sought the entire time i was here for 18 years. ohio, with thein right group of people being involved. you can pull things out and have a good victory. mayor reed: we think this is a country first moment. we believe that if you have a strong feeling and believe in american exceptionalism, you have to be part of this effort. we think that is going to help us carry the day. we also believe there are a number of people who should demonstrate and have great affection for this president, especially at this point in his tenure. compete vigorously
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for their support. there will be the strategy of the facts, this is the right thing for america. we cannot leave 40% of future gdp growth to the whims and fortunes of the chinese. we don't think that is a smart report -- approach. wayhink another part of the will be for those individuals who are loyal to the president and want to help them get this bill across the line. there is a strong feeling there will be a moment when that vote is appropriate. what we can't do is sit on our hands and be on our heels. that's why we are here today. have a very detailed approach to how we're going to get this done at the right moment with a broad, bipartisan coalition. kasich, you were shaking your head when questions
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came up about your parties presidential nominee. what was going through your mind then? gov. kasich: i was thinking that bruce springsteen has to be really happy. it's probably going to sell a lot more albums. i am here for tpp and what's happening in the world, not where someone was born. howhen you talk about politicians run against trade and then change their positions, are you saying the leading candidates are doing something disingenuous and they are both going to flip their position at some point regardless of the outcome of the election? what does this say about our politics? castinged: i'm not dispersions on either of the candidates. we look at history. despite what is happening in the
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campaign process, when people occupy the office and look at the data and see what it does for the american people, the 11.7 million jobs that are deported, once people are in office and have the responsibility of the presidency, they change. to get to your question, my sense is that either of these candidates would flip. i think it's important to pass it right now. i don't leave it will flip. this needs to get done for the united states of america and there will be a moment to get it done. just jump up and try to engage in this process. ofthis was a concern a lot leaders in asia expressed. they wonder what the future is. america's credibility is on the
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line here what do you say when you think there is going to be a problem for this deal, even if it passes. mayor reed: if we passed this deal, it will be honored by the next president of the united states. it's very important that we passed it. president has made clear is this was a priority. he was willing to work very hard on it. i want to say something that concerns me. --had an article to gay today in the wall street journal. i get reactions like you are a republican, why are you supporting something that the president wants? we can't it to the point in america that because a democrat wants something that you agree with, you can't agree with him. there are many things i disagree with president obama on.
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the idea that i am a republican ,nd i can't work with democrats how does anybody think the issues of debt, social security, any ofe, health care, these issues will be resolved when we spend all of our time fighting with one another and -- another? i don't recognize this town anymore. it is become so much about politics. when politics is the order of the day and partisanship trumps country, we drift as a nation. i am extremely concerned about what i see. this is a moment for people to reverse that. to think deep inside of themselves about what matters when it comes to public service. you are probably not going to want to hear this. i would like to segue back.
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the issue is not that people are trying to drag away from tpp. dominant conversation is about the election that is about to happen. donald trump just came out and said he is the one who resolve the birther controversy. does this go to your point about partisanship trumping the good of the country? we are not trying to distract you. we've seen a lot of campaigns. there always defined as the most important one we have ever had in our history. that goes on. getsvote ultimately decided by the current makeup of the senate and the house. i happen to believe, i don't want to try to project anybody else's thinking, this is a
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serious matter. when i see the presidential campaign going on, it is a surreal election. if we drafted a movie script about anything that was going to happen on both sides with both candidates, they would've thrown us out of our offices in hollywood because they would've said this is a fiction that goes beyond anything that would be acceptable. i understand that. we have to stay focused on the things that matter. i am focused on the things it at this, it state. with affects my state and my country. i watch with some surprise. i have to tell you how amazed i am with the fascination of the media on really easy stories. things that get eyeballs and generate ratings and generate money. i like the media. i was once in the media.
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i may be back in the media again. i think journalists have to be responsible. report whatever story you feel strongly about. if the issue is how many clicks can i get and how much can i get paid, that rips into an area i think we all have to think about. we have to live a life a little bit bigger than ourselves. that is food for thought. onyou ran for president other issues as well and you lost. ran against this and he won. bernie sanders opposed it. how is it right for congress in a lame-duck session to go what was clearly the will of the voters through the election? i've got to ask you one more thing on donald trump.
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do you agree with hillary clinton, that he owes the president an apology. for five years, he denied he was .orn in america gov. kasich: i am not stepping on my own message by talking about that. there are a lot of things that bug me. this is politics. believedon't happen to ,hat with the specific issues whether it's the wall or whether it's trade, you give me $2 billion worth of publicity and i could probably even beat you. this is the thing i want to suggest. i have never been an ideological supporter of free trade. they used to come to me and were frustrated with me. david dreier was one of them.
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theseou look at agreements in a real sense, this one is much different than nafta. this is china. this is russia. these are fledgling countries in asia and we want to have it to asia. we have to do this. there is something the mayor has said that is accurate. sometimes in campaigns people will say things only to find out -- they never carry them out. this is an opportunity for the congress to carry out its responsibilities. somebody didn't support a trade agreement who is running for president, so what? i disagree with this president on a lot of things. i happen to agree with him strongly on this thing. i don't think because we have an election that somehow the
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congress that sitting here shouldn't be able to move forward on this agreement, especially when i think it's vital. i think it's those issues that are the ones where people feel frustrated and foldable. i understand it because i grew up in it. wind bleww up, if the the wrong way people found themselves out of work and simple proposals sell. they never work. they never work. blaming somebody's loss of a job mexico thatfrom came in and took your job, that's a simple way to scapegoat, no matter who they are. i just think that's just wrong. havew it's boring to complicated solutions to complicated problems. we will end up back there, mark
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my words. >> governor kasich, to follow up on what you were laying out, are you saying this is just political expediency on the presidential nominees to oppose do youee-trade deal? think it's being that off? gov. kasich: hillary was once for it before she was against it. she moved there. have no idea. that's why i want to do this now. you've got to get this done. i would love to think it could happen next year. i am not convinced it can after this year. i am not questioning where either of the candidates'real hearts are.
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run, times when people there were a lot of things i thought i could run -- do when i got in there. it's not that simple. i said i was going to abolish the highway troll. then i figured out what they were going to do. you don't have the sense of the heaviness and the gravity and the decision-making. it's very hard to be the mayor of atlanta. mayor, youn for stick to your principles, but with sophistication and understanding. leaders involved, they don't change. you learn more and you lead. i don't know where they will ultimately be. there is a chance for the house and senate to actually do something. i believe there are people both
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in the house and senate who will play your politics with our future to take care of themselves. let me also suggest to you that you that's what you do, didn't accomplish anything other than what? obstruct? i have been involved in more fights on capitol hill than anybody. at the end you have to accomplish something. sometimes politics today, it's overwhelming. are we kidding ourselves? there is not enough caring about eating an american. am i right? thank you. i just want you to make it simple. for the guys driving the pickup trucks who wants to understand why this matters. i think when you're in washington, easy to make the camp pelling argument in a room
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like this. people want to know how this is going to affect my life. we -- ied: i think showed up to urge the president to support funding of the savanna. that is one of the fastest growing ports in america. ultimately, it was funded. thatee those jobs everybody in america is talking about. you see a longshoreman that can put his kids through school and know they will go to college. it kind and quality of jobs everyone is talking about in america comes from investment in international trade. the port of savannah supports 150,000 jobs. that's why i was sitting next to her republican governor asking the port of savannah receive support.
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we have to go back to jobs. all of this is a competition for talent. i believe technology is a far more destructive force in global trade. it is more convenient to whack at because you don't want to beat up on your ipad or your computer. it's easier to talk about global trade. businesses that engage in international trade, only 1% of small businesses. if we take our small businesses and move them from 1% to 5%, the impact it has on our gdp. i love america. up 23%ow, america makes of global gdp. what are we going to make sure -- due to make sure that stays the case. values can be our
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shared across the country. countrya deep love of and where are we generating the highest quality of jobs that are the egg -- kind of an talking about for the last 16 months. gov. kasich: good job, mayor. you shut down trade, you will get products that cost more and don't have quality. have textiles or cars that are not as good an cost you more, go ahead. i know those truck drivers. i grew up in a blue-collar town. drivingle in the truck world don't want to turn power over to the chinese or the russians. they love america. let me tell you one of the thing, we are a knowledge
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nation. we supply the ideas, the brainpower to move things that bring about progress. progress is improving our standard of living. that truck driver is worried about his or her kids. the biggest problem we have today is that our education system at all levels is not preparing our children for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow. don't have the capability to retrain somebody. woman whoold man or heard they were out of work and now they don't know what to do. the system has broken down. thatve in education system reflects the way we lived 100 years ago. we have a higher education system that costs too much.
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we do not have a job retraining system in this country. that should come with any trade deal. some people will be displaced. when i grew up in pittsburgh, we had steel mills. for anybody who reads the new york times on sunday, there was incredible -- an incredible article. we may no longer make the iphone , we don't manufacture the iphone, but we created the iphone. these knowledge jobs pay a lot more. you're going to get your children a good education. we will train them for lifetime and they will be living in an exciting world of drones and autonomous vehicles and all of this incredible stuff we see every day. we can't go backwards.
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we need to go forward to these exciting innovations that mean more wages, better jobs, more consistent work. we need to change everything. the president and i had some time together. the education system, it all needs to be changed. i want to ask you, you all have children. i think josh wants to wrap this up. do you think we are training your children for the jobs of today, the jobs of tomorrow? young people have between five and 10 jobs and lifetime. are we giving them the capability to be flexible and to a great life? we need to do that for our kids. we need to forget about politics and everything else and start to do it. josh, thank you. i was four when i was running.
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mr. earmest: i am happy to talk about tpp. i have my own thoughts to get off my chest. let's go to the syria deal. it's getting closer. i would like you to comment on the perception that's out there that the state department and pentagon are taking public their disagreement about whether the deal with russia is a good idea. can we cooperate with russia? sayingte department is obama agrees with john kerry. you need to get along on this. mr. earmest: there is a lot there.
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let's start with the presidents meeting later today. every couple of weeks, he gathers his national security team together to discuss the effectiveness and progress of our strategy to degrade and destroy isil. the next installment will take place later today at the white house. is one that has long been planned. it's been on the books before the agreement that was reached last week. one that has long been planned. as it relates to national security, the president didn't with yes-maneam and yes women. he has experts who are determined to offer the president their best judgment about the best way to protect the american people and to protect our national security.
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the president expects to receive advice based on their different perspectives, their different experiences, and a different expertise. the president also respects at once he has made a decision, that his team, all components of to execute that strategy with excellence and the president has no doubt that's exactly what will happen as it relates to our latest effort to reduce the violence in syria, addressed the terrible humanitarian situation there, andinue to pressure isil facilitate that transition that's long overdue in syria. in terms of those goals, those across theshared administration including at the department of defense and the state department.
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i would say everybody sitting around that table in the situation room understands the situation in syria is extraordinarily complicated and there are not a lot of good options available to the united states. the option that has been made available at the president's direction speaks to the tenacity of secretary kerry. this effort is to apply pressure to the russians to see if they will use the influence they have regime to reduce the violence, allow for the free flow of humanitarian systems and facilitate negotiations around a difficult transition. there are no other legitimate options that have been presented. it is not as if there is an alternative that has been presented by somebody inside or outside the administration. thinks is an alternative long-term solution
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to this problem. what the president is pursuing with the support of his national security team is the best option available to advance the interests of the united states and reduce violence in syria and address the humanitarian situation and bring about the kind of political transition that would address the root causes of the chaos and violence in syria. there are contracts related getting into isolate and the san bernardino case. you have spoken about the administration's record with compliance and the freedom of information act requests. with the white house like to see the fbi comply with requests related to this case? comment onbe able to what you acknowledges the subject of litigation as of
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today. the fbi and the administration have tried to be as transparent as possible about this situation given the sensitive nature of the topic. whatve been limited as to we can discuss publicly. at this point, there is a process that has been initiated by your news organization and others i'm confident the obama administration will comply with the law. the at non-had been expected to quickly ratify the tpp but they said they would not sign off on it. we saw during the asia trip, president obama spent a lot of time talking with them. i'm wondering if he had a heads up that this not be happening
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and what your assessment is of the implications for the tpp? to any of theeak private conversations the president had with his vietnamese counterparts. i know he did not have an opportunity to have a detailed discussion with his vietnamese counterparts at those meetings. general is in in the context of the transpacific partnership, the at non-as a country has made some rather substantial commitments that are consistent with american values and with america's economic interests in southeast asia first --. this includes human rights and labor reforms that would lead to a more level playing field for in. businesses interested selling goods in vietnam.
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critics of the transpacific partnership and agreements like this often cite vietnam as exactly the kind of country that engages in unfair trading practices that disadvantages american workers and has a negative impact on our economy. they have not come of those critics, have not presented an effective strategy for vietnam's unfair trade practices. president obama has. that's exactly what the transpacific partnership is about. vietnam in the context of the tpp has agreed to raise their labor standards and better protect human rights. that's exactly the outcome we are looking for. is suchhy the president an ardent advocate. you heard from governor kasich and mayor really talk about how you make the case to the american public about why this
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is important. my version is pretty simple. there is widespread acknowledgment that the u.s. economy and businesses and workers are under increasing pressure and increasing competition from overseas. the question really is for policymakers in the united states, what will we do about it? critics of the transpacific partnership have not put forward any solutions and they don't have a strategy aside from complaining. the president has put forward a specific strategy that has the potential to show very tangible benefits about the very concerns identified by the self-proclaimed champion of america's workers. the president has a solution that will work but it will require the agreement of congress to implement the deal because, newsflash, people around the world expect the united states to lead the way. president obama has led away by negotiating a trade agreement
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that is in the economic and strategic interest of the united states and now it's time for congress to show some leadership , both when it comes to looking out for interest overseas and also the interests of american workers. >> how big a setback as the vietnamese situation? the don't think it is, obstacle is congress. i don't think there is an --ication that that is every indication vietnam will move forward with these quickly important reforms once congress has approved the deal. todo you have any insight as when the president will veto legislation and can you talk about what kind of work is underway to maybe adjust the bill or two week the legislation -- or tweak the legislation? >> i don't have an update on timing. once the president vetoes the
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bill, i will be sure to let you know. we make our argument toward members of congress. there is sympathy for our argument. we just need to turn that into votes and we will continue to make the case. donald trump has said president obama was born in the united states. do you see that as a disavowal and dobirther movement you think, as hillary clinton said, the president is owed an apology or the voters are? >> i will leave it to other people to analyze and evaluate the comments of the republican nominee. there are plenty of peter -- there are plenty of people eager to do that but i'm not one of them. with regard to an apology, i don't think the president much
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cares. >> hillary clinton has called this situation ridiculous. are you willing to call it racist? >> for understandable reasons, onlary clinton is commenting and giving voice to her own conclusions about the comments of her opponent. there are plenty of other people interested in doing that >> but i'm not one of them. >>should the country move on from this issue or is it important for it to remain a political matter for the election? >> when the president releases the longform version of his -- when the president released the longform version of his birth certificate, we were ready to move on. will this remain an issue in the election? to voters comes making a decision as to who they will support in a presidential campaign, they will use their own criteria including the
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comments and positions of the individual candidates in determining who they will support an election. >> is the issue settled and what was the effect? when the president released longform version of the birth certificate five years ago, he expected the issue to be settled. >> the president may not care but thered trump did are a lot of people in this country who are deeply offended that for five years donald trump question whether or not the president of the united states of the united states was actually an american citizen or born in this country and they were offended by that behavior and they felt it was driven by either racism, bigotry or whatever else. should donald trump be held to account for that? issue or should donald trump recalled into account for what he is set for the past five years? >> i have readily agnes that
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elections are about accountability. if there are people who have the views that you described -- you don't acknowledge that? do you think people have those views? >> i am confident there are many people with a variety of views out there. my point is if there are people would have strong feelings about this, they have a unique opportunity to make those feelings known at the ballot box if they choose to do so. ultimately, people will have to make up their own minds about this. >> chomp said two other things, he acknowledged the president was born in the united states but he also said it was a hillary clinton campaign in 2008 that started this whole thing. >> there is no evidence to support that. >> he said he is the one that ended it. why the worldon now knows that the president was >> born in the united states? >>i don't think that's the case.
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>> can you take a step back -- why do you think this issue resonates and will you accept that there are a significant number of people in this country that agree with donald trump and so my question the president's citizenship? there are many people think the president is muslim. what accounts for that in this country? been people that have been speculating and they have written books on this question for years. welcome to youre later on analysis. he is hopeful people will be focused on the most important issues facing the country. this is not one of them. >> some people would argue it
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is. not the question of where the president was born or not but the fact that there are a significant number of people in the country who this whole argument resonates with and that in large part have made donald trump the nominee of the party. that's the issue. president not think this is a significant issue that needs to be addressed in this country and why does he feel this? of our democracy is there is ample opportunity for there to be a vigorous debate. there is an opportunity for people to debate those issues if they so choose. president will be making a forceful case for hillary clinton in the campaign trail because of his belief she will fight for middle-class workers in this country's and she has and experience
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to lead the country and ensure our national security interests of represented an advanced and protected around the world. to speakdent is able to those qualities based on his personal relationship with secretary clinton and based on the fact that he is responsible for doing the job over the last eight years. he has a forceful case you will make they some issues he believes are most important in the election. he certainly is hopeful that people across the country will be persuaded by that case. people have an opportunity to draw their own conclusions and cast a vote based on whatever criteria they determine is most important. there is a national security council meeting this afternoon. it's not on the schedule, is it? >> it is on the schedule. no -- they will be no public access to the meeting. this is part of the regular series of meetings the president has. >> will the president make
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remarks after the meeting with the pentagon or the treasury? >> he will not. >> i asked yesterday about syria. i would think this would come up in the meeting. >> it certainly will. beyond this meeting, is there anything else the president is doing where he is personally engaged to try and break this impasse with humanitarian services not getting through, maybe four or five days. the situation on the ground in syria is deeply concerning. there continues to be populations of innocent syrians not receiving the humanitarian assistance they badly need. the united states has fulfilled our responsibility to ensure that those opposition forces
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have complied with their request to ensure that that humanitarian assistance can flow to the areas but it's needed most. the assad regime has not with the request to do what's necessary to allow that aid to move. that is squarely the responsibility of president clinton and the russians. of president- vladimir putin in the russians. the russians have made a commitment to use their assad regimeh the to reduce the violence and allow humanitarian access and either the russians are unable to hold to the agreement or maybe they don't have the influence they claim to have and we all thought they have or maybe they are unwilling. case, it means they
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are not living up to the terms of the arrangement. >> is this crumbling before our eyes? >> i don't think that's the case. >> is there anything that gives you hope that this will be resolved? >> the immediate impact has been that there has been significant reduction in violence across syria. that's a positive development. we have not seen the corresponding freedom of for trucks delivering humanitarian assistance. high priority and that's something we need to see happen. we haven't because it has been blocked by the assad regime and that's something that is the direct responsibility of the russian government. did the president make a
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decision earlier this week to allow u.s. forces to work alongside the turks in northern syria as being reported? >> what the united states has supportd to do is to efforts of the turkish isil from to clear what had recently been a previously contested area along the border. a month or so ago, the turks took action with the support of the united states and our coalition partners to launch an offensive against isil forces along the border. they are continuing those effortsand those
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continue with the support of the united states. >> that's not just from the air anymore, that's on the ground? efforts continue with thethat's what yo? >> that's correct but i cannot provide a detailed operational status update in terms of exactly where they are and what they are doing. -- ahere are a buyer variety of ways united states can provide support to turkish forces doing this work and that includes u.s. forces on the ground. i will point out that the actions that parks are taking are consistent with the request we made to the turks for more than a year. pleased to see the turks pursue this kind of decisive, strategically significant action that will aid degrade andto destroy isil and it will enhance security along the turkish-syria border and hopefully put an end to the kind of violence that has spilled over into turkey.
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turkish government and people have been deeply concerned about the terrorist attacks they have seen and the united states has been deeply concerned as well and that's yet we are reason why supporting their efforts to eradicate isil from the border region to secure that border and better protect the turkish people. the state department said john kerry told his russian counterpart that the idea of u.s. and russian military working together would not happen until aid flows through. is the administration revisiting that decision to establish the joint operations center? revisitinge is no the arrangement announced last week. it is quite clear that the kind that thery cooperation
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russians have been deaf is -- desperately seeking for quite untilime and not occur they follow through on their commitment. to persuade the assad regime and reduce violence and allow humanitarian assistance to reach populations in need. so president obama's still willing to partner with vladimir putin? >> only in the context of the agreement. as we have been saying since last week, the russians need to deliver on their commitment. the russians are the ones who are most interested in enhanced military cooperation. that is the russian ask. the russian request not been granted until they fulfill the commitments they have made in the context of getting the assad andme to reduce violence allow for humanitarian assistance to reach the
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populations that need it the most. john kerry said earlier this week that this was the last to shot, diplomatically, for the white house to try to persuade assad to do these things. do you see us at this point. at atresident obama look finding a way to talk them into doing the right thing is just not worth it? in a truly the last shot diplomatic deal under this administration? , i referred kerry to his tenacious effort to broker this agreement, and in the months he has been trying to do that, he and i and others have been asked about a plan b. have not seen anybody articulate what that would look like. >> so there is none. that thisthe point is is why you have heard me say
12:53 pm
many times that precious credibility is on the line. the world is watching and we will find out if russia has the kind of influence with the assad regime they claim to have and we if they aret willing to use that influence to protect their integrity and live up to the terms of the arrangement. so,hey are unwilling to do it's not clear what the alternatives are. our credibility is also at risk if you continue to provide if assad iservices not going to follow through. do you see american credibility at risk? is this -- is this a reason to be the last shot >>? >>we have lived up to our commitments. our commitment has been to look for a way to reduce the violence in syria, and enhance the
12:54 pm
provision of humanitarian assistance to those in need of the most, and expedite a political transition inside syria that everybody acknowledges is necessary with the possible exception of a son himself. we have made important progress against isil in iraq and syria and that includes continuing to take back territory for my soul and supporting iraqi forces as they do so and supporting opposition forces in syria who take back territory from isil. in takinguccess senior isil figures off the battlefield. earlier this week, the department of defense confirmed they had succeeded in carrying out a strike against a senior who was a senior figure in that terrorist organization as we continue to apply pressure to their leadership and continue to make progress on the ground against isil.
12:55 pm
we are making important progress even as we try to deal with terribly thorny situation inside syria. >> so you are not at the point of calling off this deal? euro willing to let the clock to keep ticking -- you are willing to let the clock keep ticking? russians have been publicly asking for this for more than a year. exceeded in has reducing violence inside syria since this arrangement was announced and went into affect. we have not gotten everything russia committed to provide which is sufficient leverage on the assad regime to provide for the delivery of humanitarian assistance.
12:56 pm
that is a critical part of this arrangement and military cooperation will not go forward until that element of the arrangement has been completed. president obama speak to president vladimir putin about this? is this left to their cheap depth amount -- diplomats -- their chief diplomats? >> i'm not aware but if it -- but if there is a conversation like that, we typically let you know about it. there is nothing to be negotiated right now. it's clear what everybody has agreed to. it's clear who has not lived up to their end of the bargain and it's the russians. >> [indiscernible] i think there has been a rather clear description of exactly what the arrangements are. it's not as if -- russians aref the claiming somehow they have done everything they agreed to do.
12:57 pm
the foreign minister of russia acknowledged they had not yet fulfilled their responsibility to get the assad regime to provide humanitarian assistance. it's not as if the russians are claiming they lived up to their end of the deal. i think there is a lot of clarity about what the arrangement looks like. even though the paperwork has not been done. president obama is going to new york unj next week. hillary clinton [indiscernible] with at least the egyptian leaders and ukrainian leaders. is it appropriate for a presidential nominee to meet with world leaders? donald trump did it. to what extent is hillary clinton coordinating this with the administration? >> it certainly is not uncommon
12:58 pm
for president of to travel overseas. president obama did that when he was running from this office in 2008 and while he was traveling overseas, he had the opportunity to have meetings with the elected leaders of other countries. think there's anything significantly different about doing that when the foreign leaders travel to the united states. the degree of to coordination between the administration and the clinton campaign with regard to setting up those meetings. about theis nothing occurrence of those meetings that we would find objectionable. after all, donald trump flew to to meet few weeks ago with the mexican president. as i noted at the time, it was with what other candidates for presidents have done in the past. if we could get the colin
12:59 pm
powell version of what president which theyhinking, won't, it might be different. are you holding back an emotional response to this because the president has said bet he does not want that to the white house posher or is it a strategic issue that president obama thinks it's not good for the hillary clinton to focus on this issue? is it more of a personal request or is it more of a strategic way to go? talkhad the opportunity to to the president about this earlier today it was prior to the donald trump statement earlier today. , what thee president
1:00 pm
president told all of you in the oval office is consistent with what he told me a few minutes there isich is that serious business we are engaged in today at the white house. it'sresident believes important for us and the congress to follow through and improved the transpacific partnership in the restroom by the -- bipartisan agreement about that. governor kasich study here with leading figures in the democratic party. to advocate for the completion of this agreement. it's not just for economic reasons but also suited -- a strategic. that's where the president believes the attention of the country should be because of the significant consequences for our country's future. will we hear more in the coming days precisely what he thinks about this? clear yournot calendar in anticipation of a
1:01 pm
lengthy presidential discourse on the subject. spin give meetings, president obama met with secretary clinton last night for a 15-20 minutes? >> that's correct. talk to her about the situation in syria or the trade deal? did he give her a get well card? his asked him about conversation with secretary clinton. they had an opportunity to visit for about 15 minutes or so. sowas a casual conversation policyas not a detailed discussion on syria or anything else, frankly. on's dowhat all caps when they run into each other which is -- they do with old friends do when they run into .ach other she gave him an update and gave him some pictures and i think it's an indication of exactly
1:02 pm
what their relationship is like. the president also told her about how much money -- how much fun he had in the campaign trail and is looking forward to spending time over the course of the fall to campaign in support of her effort to take the presidency. he is excited about that prospect because he is enthusiastic about her candidacy. he told her that and she was glad to hear that angie went to deliver her remarks. -- and he went to deliver -- and she went to deliver her remarks. president has significant responsibilities at the white house. next week, he will devote most of his time in new york to meeting with world leaders and participating in the activities that are part of the un's general assembly.
1:03 pm
the president will leave washington late sunday afternoon because he will spend time sunday evening in new york helping to raise money for the --ocratic party in pursuit in support of secretary clinton's presidential campaign. maybe they will meet one or two more times question? do we know how many times he will be raising money? >> we have seven or eight weeks to go in next week will be primarily consumed with the official responsibility of the president of the united states and after that, he can devote more time to another priority which is advocating for secretary clinton's election. i asked you about the
1:04 pm
administration's guidance. and litigation in general. that issue has reached the supreme court in a separate but related case. not --u has been asked as asked them not to take up that case but where does the administration stand? about -- i'm not aware of the latest step in that process. litigated its being in the courts, there's not much i can see. the united states department of education was being responsive to request they have had from school administrators across the country. in an effort to provide professional expert advice based other best practices of
1:05 pm
education professionals, they offered advice and issued some guidance. it's something that's being discussed in the courts and the administration's top priority is the safety and security and dignity of every single kid in american schools. that will continue to be our priority. >> maybe the guidance did not enhance security? >> i would refer you to the department of justice. >> when the president goes to new york next week, will he be meeting with leaders or holding any meetings specifically to discuss tpp? >> we will have additional we wills about his -- have additional details about his schedule in new york later today. did the white house of any
1:06 pm
date in mind it would like to submit the actual tpp for ratification to congress? >> as we said in the past, we withcontinue to coordinate speaker ryan's office and leader mcconnell's office to design the best path forward when it comes approvalng legislative of the transpacific partnership. i don't have any updates on timing but once a decision like that is made it will be made in coordination with leader mcconnell's office and speaker ryan's office. had conversations about it but i don't have any details right now. i want to circle back on tpp for just a second and the comparisons to nafta. thesuggested the present -- provisions in tpp will eliminate some of the problems one of nafta. would be great for
1:07 pm
the american people and the american people and american people remember that. how is this different question mark >> it is different and the reason is the improved labor and environmental standards that were side agreements to nafta are enforceable in the context of tpp. components that level the playing field for american businesses and workers are fully enforceable. people say they promised us a bunch of stuff with nafta and the did not pan out. hishe president has raised own concerns about nafta and that include the fact that those key provisions to protect u.s. businesses and workers were not enforceable. in thetransportation -- transpacific partnership, it is enforceable. when other countries do not cooperate, they can be kicked out of the agreement. >> are you familiar with tisa? >> i am not.
1:08 pm
the servicesof agreement being negotiated now between the united states, the eu, and 22 other nations. tpp, if you will. can you give me an update and how the negotiations are going? >> we will see if we can get you updated information. >> we talked previously about syria being effectively this mash-up. many different interests there, more than 60 countries including the u.s. and the russians and syrians. as we continue to work with the turks and others in this environment, what is the president's of concern that american lives are increasingly at risk without an agreement forged with the russians ?uestion ma
1:09 pm
we are not sharing intelligence information with the russians to coordinate our activities but we are sharing information to make sure that the russian military when they operate in the skies are on the ground in syria are steering clear of the united states and our coalition partners. with regard to coordinating our operations with turkey and others, turkey is part of the coalition that is effectively coordinating all of our efforts. turkey and the united states, for example, are working together and that only enhances the security of u.s. forces operating there. anyone downplay the risk of men and women in uniform are assuming in carrying out counter isil operations
1:10 pm
against targets in iraq or syria for that matter. our men and women in uniform are bearing a significant burden. they are putting their lives in the line for a national security. we owed them a deep debt of gratitude. the commander-in-chief is keenly aware of that. talked about it at the news conference in laos at the end of his trip a little over a week ago and he talked about his deep admiration for the sacrifice our men and women in uniform mate. thousands of americans are making that sacrifice now is to serve our country in iraq and syria in support of our counter isil campaign and in support of the strategy the president laid out to degrade and defeat isil. they are putting themselves at risk in its dangers and we are deeply grateful for the responsibility they have assumed that makes our country safer. last 1 -- >> [indiscernible]
1:11 pm
>> when president obama ran for the job in 2008, his candidacy and his message inspired millions of young people across the country to get engage in our political process for the first time. one of the real legacies of president obama's campaign and tenure in the white house is the degree to which he succeeded in engaging the youngest generation of americans of politics and the broader public debate. there's no denying important role young people play in american politics and that certainly -- they will continue to play a role in this election and i know there is a lot of thought and effort and energy
1:12 pm
and it's going into persuading them to sway toward hillary clinton's campaign. president obama had energy people.ld inspire young you believe the other candidates could have an influence on the youth vote? obama -- thedent case of president obama repeatedly made in that election was that he was eager to give voice to a new generation of and fight for the kind of priorities they have identified, reducing the cost of college education, making sure people in the united states of america are not discriminated against because of who they love, making sure the united states plays a rating -- a leading role in fighting climate change and carbon pollution. the president made a commitment
1:13 pm
to enhance national security of the united states and reduce the number of young people from the united states that were serving in iraq and afghanistan. troops that% of the were serving our country overseas in iraq and afghanistan when he took office have come home. the president has made good on a lot of promises and i think he made good on the promises he made to america's young people. hopefully, both candidates will be making a forceful case to pursuing the kinds of priorities that young people are still concerned about. that secretary clinton's team is focused on making that precise case. i don't have the ricin week ahead in front of me. -- the written week at in front of me. earlier, thed
1:14 pm
president will depart the white house late sunday afternoon headed for new york and will participate in a fundraiser in new york in support of the democratic party and hillary clinton. on monday, the president will participate in a roundtable fundraising event to benefit the democratic senatorial campaign committee. on tuesday, the president will deliver remarks at the opening session of the united nations general assembly. after that, he will attend a by then hosted secretary-general and that afternoon, he will attend the ceo roundtable and participate in a refugee summit. thata set of activities the united states is organized focus international attention on the plight of refugees and get other countries around the world focused on the kind of commitments they can make to supporting the needs of people who had to flee violence. late tuesday afternoon, the president will have a photo with
1:15 pm
other world leaders at the human and that evening, he will deliver remarks at a reception for the heads of delegations nationsg the united general assembly. on wednesday in new york, the president will participate in the u.s. africa form and return to d.c. late wednesday afternoon. i should point out over the course of his three days in new york, the president will have a couple of bilateral meetings and i will have more information on that later today. on thursday, the president will award the 2015 national medal of arts and national humanities medal in the east room of the white house. on friday, he was in recession for the opening of the african american museum in the east room of the white house. saturday, we come tomorrow, the president and first lady will attend opening ceremonies of the african-american history .useum on the national mall the president will deliver remarks as well.
1:16 pm
i hope you all have a great weekend on a look forward to seeing many of you in new york. thank you. host[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] for road to the white house coverage, first lady michelle for hillarytump clinton speaking in fairfax, virginia, touting the democratic nominee and you can watch that live at the :00 p.m. eastern time i hear on c-span. theident obama spoke at 2016 over the gala dinner hosted by the congressional hispanic caucus institute in washington last night. he thanked members of the caucus for his two years in the white house and urge them to vote for hillary clinton in the upcoming election. this is just over 20 minutes.
1:17 pm
>> buienos noches! here always great to be ,ith one of the most festive maybe a little wild, caucuses in congress. especially to kick off hispanic heritage month. i want to thank michelle for her introduction and leadership and give it up for your outstanding
1:18 pm
chair, congresswoman linda sanchez. [applause] caci new president and ceo ynch and all the tremendous public servants we have here tonight especially everybody in the congressional hispanic caucus. amen? is that what i heard? amen. i'm having trouble accepting this is my final trip here as president. on the bright side, michelle is not having trouble accepting that. i love you, too. it is hard to believe it was eight years ago i came here as a candidate for this office. and i had no gray hair.
1:19 pm
[laughter] we could create opportunity not just for those at the top but for everybody willing to work hard. so they could afford health care and college and retirement and give their kids a better life. sarah palin called that hope y-changey stuff. i am here as president to say thank you. thank you for your support. thank you for your friendship. thank you for your tireless effort to deliver on that promise. [applause] for all of the places be have fallen short and for all of the work that remains to be done, i am back here tonight more optimistic about the future of america than i have ever been. why not? we fought our way back
1:20 pm
from the worst recession in 80 years. and economicund freefall, helped lift our auto industry to set new records come our businesses created and 50 million new jobs. together we declared health care is not a push for a few but a right for everybody. [applause] secured health insurance for another 20 million americans including 4 million hispanic americans. [applause] our high school graduation rate is at an all-time high. more hispanic students are graduating high school and college than ever before. we strengthened our relationship with mexico and central america and opened up a new chapter with the people of cuba. [applause] we brought nearly 200 nations
1:21 pm
together around a climate agreement that could save our planet [applause] . we affirm that love has no limits and marriage equality is now the law of the land. [applause] just this week, we discovered how much our efforts are starting to pay off in ways that really matter to american families. thanks, obama. [laughter] [applause] we learned that last year across every race, across every age group in america, incomes rose and poverty fell. [applause] typical household income grew by about $2800 which is the single egg when you're increase on record. 3.5 million people out of poverty, the largest one-year drop since 1968. [applause]
1:22 pm
americans without health insurance continues to fall and in each of these areas, latino americans made some of the largest gains, the fastest income growth, the biggest drop in the poverty rate, the greatest gains in insurance coverage. hispanicy all in all, families are feeling more optimistic about the prospect today than they did it years ago. [applause] by so many measures come our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started this journey together. we could not have done it without the congressional hispanic caucus who has been with me every step of the way. none of this is easy. .here were tough years in their you had fiscal showdowns and government shutdowns and pandemics and oil spill's and pirates. do you remember the pirates? [laughter]
1:23 pm
the only thing we have not had to deal with his with an asteroid or aliens. that's true, good point. i should not have mentioned aliens. [laughter] we overcame all of that. that and mostl of of all we proved that change does not happen overnight, it does not happen in one term or even over the course of one presidency the change is possible, progress is possible. night here against because we know that we've got more to do so we know that if we put in the effort, change can happen. you know firsthand the challenges we still face. these are challenges that often affect the latino community
1:24 pm
harshly. when governors refused to expand medicaid, that hits latinas were the most. when folks block an increase in the minimum wage or refuse to expand paid family leave, that hurts the pocketbooks of millions of hispanic families. we've got to make sure this recovery reaches all americans. we've got to help more students, not just get to college, but finish college. we've got to reform our criminal justice system and we got to protect our children from the madness of gun violence. and, yes, we've got to finally effectivengful, immigration reform a reality in this country. [applause] i am proud of the actions i have taken to modernize our system. i am proud of the work we have done to show more than 740,000
1:25 pm
--ders that the country they 740,000 dreamers, the country they grew up in, is worthy of their blessing just like my kids. [applause] if we are truly going to fix this broken system, then we will have to push back against bluster and falsehoods and promises of higher walls. comprehensive solution that works for a families and businesses, that grows our economies and enhances our culture. we need an approach that upholds our tradition as a nation of immigrants and laws and it's possible to do that. it's possible to insist on a lawful and orderly system while still see students in the hard-working parents not as criminals or rapists but as families who came here for the same reason that all immigrants
1:26 pm
came here, to work and to learn and to build a better life. [applause] throughout this political season, the talk around these issues cuts deeper than in years past. it's more personal. meaner, little ugly. folks are betting that if they can drive us far enough apart and if they can put down us a enough because of where we come from more what we look like or what religion we practice, that may pay off at the polls. i'm telling you that said that they will lose. we have seen this kind of ugliness and anger before, that kind of politics. sometimes it may carry the day in the short term. there are a lot of folks who had this notion of what the real
1:27 pm
america looks like. somehow, it only includes a few of us. decide who the real america is? is to determine -- who is to determine that in this nat ion of immigrants that unless you are a native american, you came here from someplace else [applause] claimou have a greater than anybody here? we cannot let that brand of politics win. if a band together and organize our communities, if we deliver enough votes, then the better
1:28 pm
part of our nature will carry the day and progress will happen. it will take all of us. this is not something that a president can do alone. it's not something the next president can do alone either no matter how tough she is. [applause] we've got to work to get a congress that's willing to act on immigration reform. that means we need more than just the people in this room tonight. we will need fresh faces under the capital down. -- capitol dome. it will take work in our parts but i have faith because over these last eight years, every time i have fallen short or been taught a tough lesson or expressed a loss, what got me through has been you. you have picked me up. picked me up and it's knowing i have allies like linda and ruben and charlie and
1:29 pm
nidia fighting to the mail on the hill and back in your home states even on tough votes. it's knowing you are fostering the next generation of leaders including more than 40 of them are [applause] fellows who have helped lead the way in my administration. it's knowing you're giving folks ones a chance. where is he? is he here? there he is back there. old,diego was seven years they moved to arkansas from mexico with his parents. his dad took the job repairing and building wooden pallets which is hard work. a few years later, his dad opened up his own business so diego was waking up at 5:00 a.m. and working every weekend through high school and his
1:30 pm
family did not have a lot of money but they had a belief, faith in america, because as he says, if you come here and work hard, eventually you will succeed. today thanks to daca [applause] obama: now, he is a fellow here at chci and monday someday, he wants to go into government himself and make things better for not just latino kids, but every single person in the united states. people like that who keep me going. folks who prove that immigrants not changing the american character, but are the american character.
1:31 pm
[applause] president obama: the dreamer is full of optimism. moms and dads working long hours to give the kids a better shot. entrepreneurs who came here to start new businesses and put americans to work. the teachers and nurses and lawyers who wake up at the crack of dawn to get ahead. and the folks who clean up after us and the folks who care for our grandparents. [applause] president obama: the folks who are so proud of this country that they carry a pocket constitution in their breast pocket. that is the america i know. that is the america i believe in more strongly than ever. so, thank you for picking me up every step of the way. thank you for making this country great. we have more work to do. but we will keep on making progress and create a brighter future for everybody. in this country we love. si se puede. thank you. thank you, chci. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [applause] ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back linda sanchez. ♪ [applause] >> good evening.
1:40 pm
are you having a good time? [applause] >> excellent. tonight, i have the privilege of introducing a truly inspiring leader. a woman that i have great respect and admiration for. someone who exemplifies what it means to be a modern woman. simply put, she is badass. [applause] >> from providing health care to millions of children and fighting public school segregation, hillary clinton worked relentlessly to achieve progress. she has done all of this and much more under a constant barrage of petty attacks from those who are intimidated by her intelligence and ability. throughout to talk him her commitment to a better future of this country has never wavered. she believes that our country's best days are ahead of us, not behind us.
1:41 pm
her health care bill for children helped cover countless children and think to that law, our kids are stronger and healthier. her support of immigration reform opens a path to the american dream for all people in this country to work hard and contribute to their communities every single day. hillary clinton has helped laze blaze trails and rejected the status quo for women all across the country. she has empowered the next generation to dream bigger and achieve more. soon, latinas like my nieces will see the highest glass ceiling come crashing down when we swear in our next and first female president. [applause] >> that is why i'm with her. hillary clinton's vision of success does not discriminate. that is something that cannot be said about her opponent. her opponent has ignorantly and relentlessly attacked our community.
1:42 pm
his poisonous rhetoric inspires in all the wrong ways , spurring kids to bully latino students. he has not gone just after immigrants, he went after it a distinguished american judge , saying he was unqualified because he was mexican. in his eyes, we will never be american enough. i believe the results of this election will impact the trajectory of our country and have lasting impacts for the latino community. the choices could not be clearer. democracy is not a spectator sport. we must get in the game. join me in welcoming back our friend, hillary clinton. [applause] hillary clinton: hello!
1:43 pm
[applause] clinton: hello, chci. [applause] hillary clinton: it is so great to be back here with some a
1:44 pm
many friends and to see so many young people here because that fits the theme this year, educate, engage, vote. i can't think of better merchant marching orders for the next 54 days. anyone who just for the congresswoman know that we cannot be on the sidelines. this is the most consequential election in our lifetime. i want to recognize the institute for all that you did to inspire the next generation of latino leaders. [applause] clinton: last year, i had the chance to spend time with some of the chci interns and fellows. it was like seeing the future of america in one room. i can't wait to see everything that they achieve and i can't wait if i'm fortunate to be president to put some of them to work. [applause]
1:45 pm
hillary clinton: and i want to thank all of my friends in the congressional hispanic caucus. you fight every single day to lift up the latino community. when the cameras are rolling and when the cameras are off. at home in your districts and here in pivotal moment we are -- here in washington. no one understands better than you the pivotal moment we are at. not just for latinos but for our country. my friends and the caucus had -- in the caucus had traveled to every battleground state. they registered voters. you stay focused the matter what no matter what kind of outlandish comments we have heard from my opponent and his supporters. by the way, i personally think a taco truck on every corner sounds absolutely delicious. [applause]
1:46 pm
hillary clinton: now, here is a confession, running for president is never easy. it shouldn't be, right? tonight, i have the ultimate challenge, speaking after president obama. he is always a tough act to follow. in more ways than one. i for one don't think the president gets the credit he deserves for rescuing our economy from another great depression. [applause] hillary clinton: think of what we've achieved these last eight years. american businesses have created 15 million new jobs since the recession. 20 million americans have health coverage. and no one has seen a bigger
1:47 pm
drop in uninsured rates under the affordable care act them an latino americans. [applause] hillary clinton: we got more good news this week. a report came out showing that poverty is going down and incomes for american families are going up and latino families have seen the biggest increase of all. now, that does not mean we rest on our laurels by any stretch. our work is far from finished. but i am more confident than ever that our best days are still ahead. i believe with all my heart that the american dream is alive and it is big enough for everyone to share its promise. [applause] hillary clinton: that does not mean that lots of people are still not hurting. because i know they are.
1:48 pm
when you hear a presidential candidate spewing bigotry and hate, it is easy to get discouraged. but we are here because we know the selection is a choice -- this election is a choice between not just two people, that two very different visions for america's future. either we are going to make our economy work for everyone or just those at the top. either we're going to fear our differences or embrace and celebrate our diversity. either we're going to pit americans against each other and deepen the divide were going to -- or we are going to be stronger together. [applause] today, as youn: know, we are in the midst of
1:49 pm
hispanic heritage month. in classrooms across america, children will study cesar chavez, joaquin castro, justice sotomayor, roberto clemente. and lori hernandez, gloria estefan and lin-manuel and countless others. [applause] hillary clinton: names we know and names we may not know. every one of whom has enriched this country for generations. whether you are mexican, puerto rican, latin american, afro
1:50 pm
latino, whether your family just arrived or has been here since the united states even existed, you are not strangers. you are our neighbors, colleagues, friends, families. you make our nation stronger, smarter, more creative. i want you to know that icu and i see you and i am with you. time and time again, we have seen that when we invest in the community and make it possible for latinas to get the health care you need, the education you desire, compete for jobs, start new businesses, pursue your dreams, all of america benefits. as i said this afternoon, we are in the final stretch of the selection. -- this election. i intend to close my campaign the way i began my career. fighting for kids and families. that has been the cause of my life and it will be the passion of my presidency.
1:51 pm
[applause] so tonight, i want to mention two things i will do. in the first 100 days of my administration to help families every corner of america. -- in every corner of america. first, we need to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. there is something wrong when latinos are 17% of our country's population but hold only 2% of the wealth. we have to work together to connect more latinos with good jobs that pay good wages. with more opportunities to get the skills they need to go to college, to launch new ventures, to build wealth that can be passed on to your kids and grandkids. we are going to make in my first 100 days the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since world war ii.
1:52 pm
jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing, technology, clean energy. and we are going to cut red tape and taxes and expand access to capital for small businesses, including the latino owned small businesses that create so many jobs and so much growth to communities everywhere. [applause] hillary clinton: and i want to give a particular shout out to latina small business owners. [applause] hillary clinton: not everyone knows this, but you are among the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in america. [applause] hillary clinton: and we are going to put families first with new solutions that reflect the way people live and work today. supporting families with paid family leave, earned sick days and affordable childcare.
1:53 pm
it is not a luxury, it is a necessity. when families are strong, america is strong. and that brings me to another important family issue. in those first 100 days, i will send a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform to the congress. [applause] hillary clinton: my proposal will keep families together and it will include a path to citizenship. i know this is not the first time you have heard it. in fact, people have been making the same promise for more than a decade. but i believe with all my heart that some things are too important to give up on. i have been called a lot of things, i've never been called a quitter.
1:54 pm
in this election, we have a chance to show that comprehensive immigration reform isn't just the smart thing to do, is what the american people demand. you know how we will show that? i hope to have a democratic congress next january. [applause] no matter what, on my first day in office, i will reach out to republicans and say, this is your chance. to help millions of families and show that your party, the party of lincoln is better than donald trump. [applause] hillary clinton: and while we are fighting for comprehensive immigration reform, we going to keep families together. when the deadlocked supreme court put dapa and put daka on
1:55 pm
hold for immigrants, but the devastating for millions of families. as i have said repeatedly, i dapa and expanded daka are within the president's authority. i will protect them and keep fighting for them. in addition to defending them, there is more we can do. we need to have a simple, straightforward system where other people with sympathetic cases who are contributing to their communities can make their case. and be eligible for deferred action. people with experience and report extreme labor abuses. we will not stop there. we are going to end family detention, close private detention facilities and stop the raids and roundups.
1:56 pm
[applause] hillary clinton: no child should have to say goodbye to their parents every morning not knowing if their mom or dad be there when they get home. here is the bottom line, comprehensive immigration reform will not only be the right thing to do, but it will add $700 billion to our economy and enable america to be what it has always been, a place where people from around the world can come to reunite with families, start new businesses, pursue their dreams, apply their talents to the growth of america. i know this has been a long road and we would not be where we are today without your persistence and the quiet courage of families in every state of our union.
1:57 pm
and we certainly would not be here without the bravery of the young women and men who have risked their very place in the united states by coming forward and fighting for their future and the future of millions of others. they helped change the conversation. when president obama created daka, it changed their lives. right now, 750,000 undocumented young people are going to school working and planning for their future. they are dreamers. in much more than name. i have met so many, i have listened to the stores. they have done everything we have asked of them. and they made our country stronger in return. so when donald trump promises to rip that all away on day one, when he promises to round up and deport all of the 16 million people living and working among us, including american citizen children who were born to do
1:58 pm
parents who were undocumented, these are the faces i see. i picture astrid silva who i met in las vegas. many of you know her story. she came to this country from mexico at the age of four with nothing but a doll, a cross and the dress she was wearing. now, she is in her 20's. advocating for the rights of immigrants everywhere. i picture a young man i never met. whose high school teacher wrote to me a few months ago to share his story. his teacher told me that this former student was funny, enthusiastic and patriotic. he played the drums and the school marching band. after graduation, he proudly enlisted in the u.s. army. before shipping off to iraq, he
1:59 pm
stopped by the school so everyone could see him in his uniform. he was as respectful and optimistic as any student who ever entered my classroom, said the teacher. he was also a dreamer. brought here as an document the -- undocumented child. he loved america. he hoped one day to earn his citizenship. but in april, 2007, while on a mission in baghdad, he was killed by improvised explosive device. he was just 19. the army called him a hero and he was posthumously granted the american citizenship he'd always wanted. [applause]
2:00 pm
hillary clinton: all these years later, his teacher still treasures his memory. this teacher wanted me to know, he wanted me to know that despite what donald trump may say, immigrants are not rapists and criminals. [applause] the truth is,n: this young man and not have been born here, but he represented the best values of our country. [applause] hillary clinton: we teach our children that america is one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. not just for people who look a certain way or worship a certain


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