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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 16, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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happened with the cable industry. -- a lot of change happened with the cable industry. some people think cable operators would turn into broadband providers. there is a movement where some of the smaller cable companies are talking about being broadband companies. they want out of the television business. they want to offer great customer experience and provide technology. they don't want to pass the price increases from espn. a contract, it is up to to negotiate the price. s are coming with regulating cable companies and internet providers. >> our visit to denver is an american history tv exclusive.
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we showed it today to introduce you to c-span cities tour. for five years, we have traveled to cities across the u.s. to explore their literary and historic sites. you can watch more of our visit that tour. >> that is grand rapids. and the grand river which divides the city. and in many ways, defines the city. >> there is a good chance that most people over the course of any given day will see or interact with a piece of french are made in grand rapids. >> we were the first city to ever receive a grant from the endowment to be used specifically to commission an original work of art for a civic site. >> this weekend, the c-span cities tour will explore the literary life and history of red rapids, michigan. that is on book tv on c-span2. the author of the book, thin ice
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will talk about that the book people who grew up in grand methods -- grand rapids. then we will hear how richard smith works and his newest biography on gerald for. an author gordon enters talks about the life of attorney charles hamilton houston and his role in the civil rights movement. they understood the role of trust hamilton houston. you cannot have a conversation about civil rights without including the work of charles houston. on american history tv, c-span3, she talks about the letter she wrote to congressman gerald ford to help spark a movement. then we will visit the grand rapids public museum to find out why the city is nicknamed the furniture city. we will take you to the newly renovated exhibit of the care of our ford presidential library. >> and new car pulled up and
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stopped in front and this big fella stepped out of it and step into the entryway. he paused for a long time and stared at junior. fort asked him if he could help him. the man looked at him and said, you are leslie lynch king junior. he said no, on gerald ford junior. and he said, you are my son. i'm your father. i want to take you to lunch. >> the c-span cities tour of grand rapids, michigan saturday at noon eastern on c-span two 2:00 onay afternoon at american history tv on c-span3. >> join us tonight as we follow the candidates on the road to the white house. next we will hear from donald trump as he corrects statements he made about the president's citizenship. after that we will join the first lady campaign for hillary
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clinton in virginia. then leaders in the evangelical community debate support for donald trump. c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up on saturday morning, wall street journal health policy report or will join us to discuss the exit of major health insurance carriers from the affordable care act health insurance exchange. and president obama's plans to meet with insurers next week over the course of the -- future of the program. fund on hisgative investigation uncovered health care problems with federal prisoners who are housed in high private facilities. general will talk about the report titled america unprepared, which was that the
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nation's youth is unprepared for the workforce, military service and that many have criminal records. he will also discuss recommendations outlined in the report. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on saturday morning. our campaign coverage continues as we follow donald trump who was at his hotel in washington dc. he addressed the controversy surrounding president obama's saying he believes the president was born in the united states. this is just over a half hour. [applause] thank you very much, everybody. please sit down. nice hotel. [laughter] [applause] under budget and ahead of schedule. [cheers]
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it is a great honor. this is a brand-new ballroom. you only see a small piece of it because we have it broken down. the hotel is completed, we will have our openings or money in october. it is going to be something special. it is an honor to have our first event. this is our first event. [applause] it is such an honor to have our first event for medal of honor winners. they are the finest. [applause] get some endorsements from the medal of honor winners and it is incredible. i look forward to spending a lot of time here. [laughter] [applause] they have a lot more courage than i do. have this an honor to particular ceremony be the first
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the hotelecause when opens officially it will be one of the great hotels anywhere in the world. i want to thank the general services. they have been spectacular. these are spectacular people. these are tremendously talented people. all of the workers, all of the construction folks, all of the managers, the hotel staff, amazing how good our country can do when they want to do it. we have put in tremendous amounts of work and energy and money. this will be the best hotel in washington. i think it may be one of the great hotels anywhere in the world. [applause] honor to have this as our first event. i'm pleased to be here this morning with two medal of honor six flags and eight
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and -- a six flag in general officer. tremendous talent. general flynn, general kellogg. the room is stacked with generals and talented people and leaders. i love leaders. represent 120 flag and general officer endorsements. 120. [applause] that number is going up rapidly. now 17 medal of honor recipients. that is a tremendous amount of rape people. in addition, i'm honored to be joined by the many veterans that are supporting us are out the room. thank you very much for being here. [applause] i'm also honored to have a gold star wife here.
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jane is with us. [applause] please stand. thank you. [applause] incredible. jane lost her husband in 9,hanistan on september 2011. jane, it is such an honor to have you here. i have heard so many great things about chris. he was a winner. thank you very much on behalf of the country. [applause] it is incredibly humbling to be in the company of these real and true heroes. i have the privilege to introduce our first medal of
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honor recipient, mike thorton. mike is a retired united states navy seal. a tough cookie. a recipient of the united states militaries highest decoration, the medal of honor. for his actions in vietnam. in addition, he is the recipient of the silver star, three bronze stars and a purple heart. i'm proud to have him on my team . such a great honor from me. recipient bob likewise, has a medal of honor. honore 17 medal of recipients and they have all endorsed me for president of the united states. generalsen endorsed by and many of the generals have
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become very good friends of mine. we seem to have a very good chemistry together. even the generals admit there is something special about medal of honor recipients. you to just say a low, it's a couple of words and thank you very much for being here. couple of words, thank you very much for being here. [applause] thank you. this is all about getting the word out. i have known mr. trump since 1996, when it was not fashionable to support the military, some great people like , the uss intrepid there, he supported us. ladies and gentlemen, the metal eyewear around my neck, i do not deserve the middle and i never will but it belongs to every man
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and woman who ever served our great nation. ladies and gentlemen, freedom is not free. [applause] today is the most trying time in my life. i have been around for almost 70 years. this election means so much. we do not need any more bureaucratic leadership from washington dc. [applause] we need true leadership from the top. trump has never failed in anything because he listens to his advisors, his people. for the last eight years, our president has not been listening to anybody. that is the reason why we have lost cia directors, secretary of defense and many other general
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officers have dropped out or resigned because of his leadership. we cannot stand for four more years of leadership like that. we need somebody who will lead from the front like donald trump. [applause] thank you very much for having us here. god bless you. god bless america. god bless donald trump. [cheers] and i'm supposed to introduce bob patterson, my good friend for 45 years. does like the navy, they can't admit the army is better. i'm here to tell you something, i spent 26 years of my life defending this country. yearsthat i spent 17 taking care of those veterans
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who i served with and we are still serving. before ifor the v.a. finally retired. i watched our country take a complete turnaround from where it was. we used to be the shining star. and we're getting dimmer and dimmer. it is because of the bureaucrats here in washington dc. it is time we send someone to washington that knows how to say you're fired. [cheers] the gentleman i'm back to introduce it to major general, he is the ceo and president of the united states mexican chamber of commerce based here.
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on manyalth service commissions under nixon, ford and both the bushes he entered the military in 1964. he has numerous awards and decorations including silver star, five bronze stars and a purple heart. [applause] >> he made me older than all everybody appeared. -- everybody up. mr. trump, thank god for you and your leadership. [applause] being a vietnam veteran and serving all the way through the iraq and afghanistan war and in
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, forepartment of defense half of the military that we deployed to that region 15 years ago, we are still there. home, they cannot use the v.a. because they were not veterans because they were still part of the reserve in the national guard unit. i know the next president of the united states, donald trump, will fix that. [cheers] i also would like to say, deplorable's are also deployable's. [cheers] gentlemen, it is an honor for me to be here in supporting the next president of the united states who will lead from the front, who has the kind of leadership that we need and
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is not afraid to make that decision. ladies and gentlemen, i'm honored to be with donald trump. i am all with you. [applause] i actually probably did this on purpose. this next fellow is a personal friend. respect for him. he went to silver star in korea when the north koreans try to take over our location. he's a very special lawyer -- warrior. major general. [applause] >> we go way back. i don't buy to the korean war, but that is where i was awarded the silver star. after 40 years of serving this for combat
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deployments, i have become convinced that our nation needs a multidisciplinary interagency approach to defeat our enemies and secure a long-term path to victory. what we need is some fresh thinking, innovative approaches and strong leadership. it has been my privilege to have such quality time with mr. trump on and off the campaign trail over the past few months. impressedn extremely with this gentleman stamina. if any of you are privy to the schedule, he would be amazed at what he has been able to do. -- you would be amazed with what he has been able to do. [applause] i have been impressed with his intellectual curiosity. and his raw intelligence. and his energy and enthusiasm. and his temperament.
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he has the right temperament. [applause] the thing i have been most impressed with is his absolute love for the men and women in uniform and the support he's going to give them from the white house. [cheers] inan guarantee you that -- addition to the billions of taxpayer dollars we spend supporting them, that is why i stand by mr. trump to be the next commander-in-chief. with my pleasure to introduce fellow combat in arms, enable academy graduate from the class of 20 -- 1974. he commanded a missile frigate,
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destroyer squadron. executive assistant. he ended a brilliant career as a deputy director for strategic plans and policy. [applause] >> thank you, everyone. we are a group of national security professionals who dedicated our lives to the security of our nation as deplorable as we are. [laughter] we are not a political group. we are national security group that has chosen to support a political candidate. the series of discussions you have all listen to mr. trump cap deal with national security. national security is not solely about the military. ,t is comprised of many facets
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economic security, development, energy security, border security, cyber security, homeland security. [applause] the logical policy is in patients that mr. trump has delivered over the last few weeks lay out a sound strategic approach to providing the security of the nation and the security of all americans. compress aies holistic approach to addressing complex -- a complex facets of nasa's security in a complex and extremely dangerous international world. he combines this multifaceted approach to our security with a pronounced amendment to those in uniform serving our nation today. havect, all veterans who worn the cloth of the nation.
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that come -- extends to the families of those who have served. as all of us in this room know, their sacrifice has been as equally difficult, if not more so than our own. george washington said the willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of earlier wars were treated and are appreciated ir nation. -- by our nation. [applause] mr. trump has embraced those words of our first president. an trump has also shown extreme dedication to those that have shoulder the winds battle in the service to our nation.
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we have several of those people with us today. commended himself to the words of president abraham lincoln, words emblazoned on the motto of our department of veterans affairs. to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, an orphan. this is why all of us here are assembled to support donald trump for president. [applause] we have lived national security for a large part of our lives. we understand how a strong governanceoperative combined with skilled diplomacy, sound energy policy, sound alliances and the united american public all defended by a well-trained, appropriately funded, fully committed and technologically unsurpassed
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military come together to make america strong and make the world a safer place. [applause] finally, all of us on the stage, all of you in the audience that has served, you took an oath, he pledged sealed with the honor ,nd commitment in your lives and is not salute to our country or our flag, not to a chain of command or not to a commander-in-chief, but an oath to a piece of paper, a piece of parchment on which is written, those ideals in which we believe , those values that define us as a nation, the very virtues that those who have served before us defended with their lives. an oath to defend the constitution of the united states from all enemies foreign
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and domestic and to bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution. to form a more perfect union, to ensuresh justice, to domestic equity, to provide for the common defense. to promote the general welfare and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and prosperity. oath is important to all of us here today. [applause] oath remained the cornerstone of our lives long after we have taken off the uniform. that oath is important to donald trump. he will take that very same oath on january 20, 2017. [applause] that is why we assembled in this room along with many other
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veterans and their military support hisl candidacy for president of the united states of america. together, we will all make america great again. thank every single one of you for your service and may god continue to bless our united states of america. [applause] it is my pleasure to introduce lieutenant general tom. a west point graduate, but we will not hold that against him. second lieutenant of the army. he then joined the air force. completed pilot training and went on to a long, distinguished monetary career including -- military career including assistant staff u.s. air force. service medals, legion of merit, distinguish flying cause, bronze star.
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hero. american history -- [applause] >> thank you. it is very simple. all -- we, all warriors here, are supporting donald trump goes he has the only budget and economic plan that can rebuild the military. [applause] if you elect hillary clinton, he will get 1% growth, you will get 3.5-6% growth with this administration because he knows how to take the handcuffs off of america's economy. we need that. [applause] make it clear to the american people that there is only one candidate that can rebuild the united states military and make
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us great again. [applause] it is my distinct pleasure to introduce lieutenant general is on theogg who national security part of mr. trump's team. vietnam, theurs in 101st airborne division and with special forces. he has a very distinguished career culminating in the commander of the 82nd airborne division. and finishing as a kasich the .oint -- j six god bless mr. trump and god bless america. keith kellogg. [applause] >> thank you. i'm honored to be on the stage with these great americans. to medal of honor winners, to a
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these are meant to know the meaning of kurds and sacrifice to they are with us. i also want to identify mr. king horton. the goldstar wife. -- jane horton. the goldstar wife. chris was a great young sniper. the thunderbirds of oklahoma. god bless you and what he has done. these great veterans behind me who have served as a well, we started last week, there were 88 who signed. we are over 165 today. [applause] these are men and women who have led at all levels of leadership. they believe deeply in his visionment, leadership, and his guts to be commander-in-chief. [applause]
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those of you watching, let me tell you a little bit about the people to support him. the people behind me and the people not here. in the millions of americans who are hopefully watching. these are commanders who fought in afghanistan. they fought in iraq. mogadishu. panama. we have leaders have been wounded fighting for this nation. we have leaders who hunted down saddam hussein. one of the commanders we have on our team hunted down and killed escobar. our -- pablo [applause] we are in the middle of a change election. to those of you here today, to those of you listening and watching, if you want to keep it status quo then you know where you can go. if you want to move forward with
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courage, before we can be, what we should be and what we will be, then you will elect donald trump to be president of the united states of america. to those of you watching, join with us on this stage. join the millions who stood with us. him, ours man and with nation to victory on november 8. god bless you. [cheers] >> without further do, the person you are here to the center, the next resident of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers]
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>> thank you, everybody. please sit down. work.t to get back to whether it is building the military or our country, we have to get back to work. we have a lot of work to do. we have been left behind. admirals and the generals and all of the military people, we talk about the word depletion, it has been so badly treated in terms of its equipment and money being spent. this is a time where we need our military perhaps more than ever. when you look at the number of ships, the number of military personnel, the numbers are setting records for all-time
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lows. we can't have that. there is a world out there and it is not nice to say, but there are a lot of very dangerous, upl people heading potentially strong countries. we have to be prepared. we have to keep our country so great and so strong. sohave all the support from many generals and admirals, people i respect so much, they are smart, tough, they know what is happening. i believe in them totally. and they believe in me and it is one of the great honors of my life. i want to thank everybody. [applause] not to mention her in the same breath, but hillary clinton and started the of 2008
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birther controversy. i finished it. president barack obama was born in the united states period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. thank you. thank you very much. [cheers]
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>> very briefly, the big things first,ve come out today, we want to deeply thank all of our military men and women who continue to serve this great country. being a deplorable and watching our country to be great again, then i am a deplorable. individuals who serve the military, the military, veterans and families who stand behind all the sacrifices, they are not deplorable. they are great americans. [cheers] word came out and the theme
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of what you witnessed, one working out, leadership. we need leadership desperately in this country. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, thank you. thank you all for being here. god bless this country. let's make america great again. [applause] >> you can watch the rest of this and all of our campaign coverage at our website, after donald trump speech, he invited the media on a tour of his new hotel. a number of reporters said that only cameramen were actually
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allowed to tour the facility. this tweet from the daily beast saying that security kept reporters locked in the bathroom. whenis from canada smith, she attempted to accompany her cameraman, she was physically restrained. she's referring to being the designated pool producer. a pool is a group of news outlets that work together to cover events such as campaign events. another tweet from politico, hold theool voted to camera from the tour and not air the footage. event,ppening after the while msnbc reporter was on the air reporting afterwards, the backdrop to the stage that had just been used fell behind her, take a look at the video. know thatrtant to
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hillary clinton has given -- and the stage of falling apart behind us. he had been hammering hillary clinton for hiding. >> we will have more road to the white house coverage on c-span on saturday. we will be back covering donald trump. he will be in houston to speak at a luncheon hosted by the for member and project. we will be there live saturday afternoon. now to fairfax, virginia where the first lady, michelle obama campaign for hillary clinton. this is a little over one hour and a half. first lady obama: hey! how are
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you guys doing? wow. look at you. my goodness. [cheers] my goodness. let's get started here. you guys have been standing up for a while, right? so let's start talking about some stuff. first of all, let me just say i am thrilled to be here today to support the next president and vice president of the united states, hillary clinton and tim kaine. yes. i have to do if you think use before we go in -- thank-yous before we go in. i want to thank henry for that introduction.
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i want to thank the members of congress who are here today, representative bobby scott, gerald connolly, and i want to point out the outstanding b&c president, donna brazile. i want to thank charity for her fabulous remarks. and i want to recognize another great first lady of virginia right here, dorothy mcauliffe, who is here. so glad she could join us. and to all of you, the students of george mason university. look at you all. whoo! let me say, it is so hard to believe that it is less than two months to election day.
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and that my family is almost at the end of our time at the white house. yeah, it is almost time. and let me say -- i have to say -- no, no -- >> four more years! first lady obama: let me say this. you have me and barack working on behalf of you for the rest of our lives. but let me tell you this time is bittersweet to me. it is a time of real transition for me and barack and our girls. my husband is going to need a new job. i am going to have to find a new job. we are going to be moving to a new home, so we will have to pack. we got to get the
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old house cleaned up so we can get our security deposit back. but in all seriousness, this is not just a time of transition for my family, but for our entire country, as we decide who our next president will be. and transitions like this can be difficult. they involve a lot of uncertainty, we saw that in 2008 when barack was first elected. i do not know if many of you were old enough to remember -- do you remember? but back then people had all kinds of questions about what kind of president barack would be, things like, does he understand us? will he protect us? and then, of course, there were those who question and continue to question for the past eight years, up through this very day, whether my husband was even born
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in this country. well, during his time in office, i think barack has answered those questions with the example he set by going high when they go low. and he has answered these questions with the progress we have achieved together, progress like breeding health care to 20 million people -- bringing health care to 20 million people, creating over 15 million private sector jobs, hoping young people like you afford college, expanding lgbt writes and marriage equal -- -- rights and marriage equality, and we just learned that last year, the typical household income rose by $2800, which, by the way, is the
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largest one-year jump on record. and 3.5 million people were lifted out of poverty. that is the biggest one-year decrease in poverty in nearly 50 years. [cheers] you hear me? [cheers] all right. but even after all this progress, it is understandable that folks are feeling a little uncertain as we faced the next transition. so the question is, for all of you, for all of us, for the nation, is how we sort through all the negativity and name-calling in this election and choose the right person to lead our country forward. as someone who has seen the
8:45 pm
presidency up close and personal, here is what i have learned about this job -- first and foremost, this job is hard. ok, this is the highest stakes, most 24/7 job you could possibly imagine. the issues that cross a president's desk is never black and white. think of the crises this president has faced. in the first year alone, barack had to rescue the economy from the greatest crisis since the great depression. he had made the call to take out osama bin laden. he had to work to stop millions of gallons of oil that were gushing into our gulf coast. he had to respond to devastating natural disasters like hurricane sandy and so much more. so when it comes to the qualifications we should demand in a precedent, to start with, -- president, to start with, we
8:46 pm
need to choose someone who takes this job seriously, someone who will study and prepare so they understand the issues better than anyone else on their team. and we need someone, not with good judgment, but with superb judgment in their own right, because the president can hire the best advisors on earth, but let me tell you, five advisors will give five different opinions, and the president and the president alone is always the one to make the final call. believe me. we also need someone who is steady and measured, because when you are making life or death or war or peace decisions, the president cannot just pop off. [cheers] we need someone who is compassionate, someone who is
8:47 pm
unifying, someone who will be a role model for our kids. [cheers] someone who is not just in this for themselves, and the good of this country. at the end of the day, as i have said before, the presidency does not change who you are. it reveals who you are. [cheers] and the same thing is true of a presidential campaign. so if a candidate is erratic and threatening, if a candidate tracks in prejudice, fears, and lies on the trail, if a candidate has no clear plans to implement their goals, if they disrespect their father -- fellow citizens, including felt to make extraordinary sacrifices for our country, let me tell you, that is today are. that's the kind of president they will be.
8:48 pm
trust me, a candidate is not going to suddenly change once they get into office. just the opposite. in fact, because the minute that individual takes that oath, they are under the hottest, harshest like there is, and there is no way to hide who they really are. and at that point, it is too late. they are the leader of the world's largest economy. the commander in chief of the most powerful military force on earth. with every word that they utter, they can start wars, crash markets, change the course of this planet. so who in this election is truly ready for this job? who do we pick? well, for me, i am just saying,
8:49 pm
it is excruciatingly clear that there is only one person in this election we can trust with those responsibilities, only one person with the qualifications and the temperament for that job, and that is our friend hillary clinton. [cheers] we know that hillary is the right person because we have seen her character and commitment, not just on the trail, but in the course of her entire life. we have seen her dedication to public service. how after law school, she chose to be an advocate for kids with disabilities. she fought for children's health care as first lady, for quality child care as a senator, and when she did not win the presidency in 2008, she did not throw in the towel. she once again answered the call to serve. keeping us safe as our secretary of state. and let me tell you, hillary has
8:50 pm
the resilience it takes to do this job, because when she gets knocked down, she does not complain or cry foul. she gets right back up and she comes back stronger, for the people who need her the most. and here is what is also true, and i want you to think about this. hillary is one of the few people on this entire planet and clearly the only person in this race who has any idea what this job entails, who has seen it from every angle. dear me, the staggering stakes, the brutal hours, the overwhelming stresses, and here's the thing -- she still wants to take it on. [cheers] she believes she has an obligation to use her talent to help as many people as possible. that is why she is running. let me tell you, that is what dedication looks like. it's what love of country looks like.
8:51 pm
so what i hear when folks a they do not feel inspired in this election, let me tell you, i disagree. i am inspired, because for eight years the privilege to see what it takes to actually do this job. here is what i absolutely know for sure -- listen to this -- right now we have an opportunity to elect one of the most qualified people who has ever endeavored to become president. [cheers] hillary has been a lawyer, a law professor, first lady of arkansas, first lady of the united states, a u.s. senator, secretary of state -- do you hear me? [cheers] see, that is what i am inspired by hillary clinton. i am inspired by her persistence and her consistency, by her
8:52 pm
heart in her guts. and i am inspired by her lifelong record of public service. no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency, not barack, not bill, as he would say, nobody, and yet she happens to be a woman. [cheers] so we cannot afford to squander this opportunity, particularly given the opportunity, because here is what we know -- that being president is not anything like reality tv. it is not about sending insulting tweets or making fiery speeches. it is about whether or not the candidate can handle the awesome responsibility of leading this country.
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so, george mason, virginia, as you prepare to make this decision, i urge you, i beg of you to ignore the chatter and the noise and ask yourselves, which candidate really has the experience, the majority, and the demeanors to handle the job i just described to you? which candidate's words and actions speak to the future we want for our country and the values we share, values like inclusion and opportunity, service and sacrifice for others? your answers to these questions on election day will determine who sits in the oval office after barack obama. and let's be clear, elections are not just about who votes, but who does not vote. that is especially true for young people, like all of you.
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in 2012, voters under the age of 30 provided the margin of victory for barack in four key battleground states, pennsylvania, ohio, florida, and right here in virginia. [cheers] right here. without those votes, barack would have lost those states and he would have definitely lost that election, period, and story. for those of you who think my vote is not really matter, that one person cannot make a difference, i want you to consider this -- in 2012, rock wo -- barack won virginia by 150,000, and the difference between winning and losing the state was only through 31 votes per precinct, 31 votes. he won ohio.
8:55 pm
differences -- the difference there -- in ohio, the difference there was just nine votes per precinct. you hear me #in florida, the difference was -- in florida, the difference was six foot per precinct.-- six votes per precinct. those are real numbers. presidential elections are won and lost on handful of votes. that are plenty of states where each of you could swing an entire precinct just by getting your friends and your few family members registered and out but it is going to take work. yes, we can. [cheers] it is going to take work.
8:56 pm
it is going to take work. >> yes, we can. first lady obama: it is not enough just to come to a rally, to take selfies, you get angry and just speak out. we also have to work and make that change and take action, and that starts with alleging folks who will stand with you and fight with you. and that is why you need to get yourself and everyone you know registered to vote today, and we have got volunteers here. i want you all, if you are not registered, i want you to find them, find them and get registered before you leave this building. and then we need to roll up your sleeve and get to work, making calls, knocking on doors,
8:57 pm
thinking about those handful of votes that you could carry and get people out on election day. you can sign up to volunteer with any of the staff who are here, so get it done. right? george mason? [cheers] work your hearts out. and as you are working your heart out for hillary, if you start to feel tired or discouraged by all the negativity in this election, if you want to just hide under the bed and come out when it is all over i want to you -- i want you to remember what is at stake. the choice you make on november 8 will determine whether you can afford college tuition. it will determine whether you can keep your health care when you graduate. on november 8, you will decide whether we have a president who believes in science and will fight climate change or not.
8:58 pm
you will decide whether we have a president who will honor our proud history as a nation of immigrants or not. [cheers] you will decide whether we have a president who thinks that women deserve the right to make their own choices about their bodies and their health. or not. and here's the thing -- at a time when incomes are rising, by thousands of dollars, when millions of people are being lifted out of poverty, ask yourself, is now really the time to fundamentally change direction when we are looking -- when we are making so much progress? do we want to go back to the way things were before barack was president, a time of economic crisis, that wages, when we were losing nearly 800,000 jobs a
8:59 pm
month? or do you want a president who will keep moving this country forward? [cheers] well, that is what is at stake, so we cannot afford to be tired or turned off, knots now -- not now, because if this feels like a time of uncertainty or division, i have never felt more hopeful about the future of this great nation. let me tell you, i feel this way because for the past eight years, i have had a great honor of traveling from one end of this country to the other, and that we tell you, i have met some of the most amazing people, people from every conceivable -- and ellen -- but people from every conceivable background and walk of life.
9:00 pm
and time and again, i have seen proof of what barack and i have always believed in our hearts, that we as americans are fundamentally good folks and we all truly want to say things. i mean, that is the thing. we are not that different. time and again barack and i had met people who disagree with everything we have ever said, they still welcome us into their community. they keep their minds open, willing to listen. and while we might not always change each other's minds, we always walk away reminded that we are really not that different. folks in this country are working long hours to send their kids to college, just like my mom and dad did for me. they are helping raise their grandkids just like barack's grandparents did for him. they are teaching their kids the exact same values that barack and i are trying to teach our girls, that you work hard for what you want in life and you do
9:01 pm
not take shortcuts, that you treat people with respect, even if they look or think differently from you, that when someone is struggling, you do not turn away, and you certainly do not take in. no, -- take advantage. you imagine walking a mile in their shoes and do what you can to help cause that is what we do in america. we live in a country where a girl like me from the south side of chicago, whose great-great-grandfather was a slave can go to some of the finest universities on earth. we live in a country where biracial kid from hawaii named barack obama, the son of a single mother, can become president, a country that has
9:02 pm
always been a beacon for people who have come to our shores and poured their backbreaking hard work into what has made america great. that is what has made america great. do not ever forget it. [cheers] i know we deserve a president who can see those truths in us, a president who believes that each of us is part of the american story and we are always stronger together. we deserve a president who can always bring out what is best in us, our kindness and decency, our courage and determination, so we can keep on perfecting our union and passing down those blessings of liberty to our children. let me tell you this -- i have never been more confident that hillary clinton will be that president. [cheers] so here is what i am pledging -- from now until november, i am
9:03 pm
going to work as hard as i can to make sure that hillary and tim kaine window selection. i need your help to do that as well. are you with me? [cheers] i cannot hear you? [cheers] so roll up your sleeves. you got to make it happen. virginie will make a difference in this election. are you ready, virginia? thank you, all. god bless. [cheers] ♪ ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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>> c-span continues on the road to the white house. >> we all want to get back to making america strong again. >> i am running for everyone working hard to support their families. everyone who has been knocked down but gets back up. ahead, live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates on c-span. the c-span radio app and monday, september 26, the first presidential debate. live from austria university. -- hofstra university. tuesday, october 4, vice president debate. sunday, october 9, the second
9:14 pm
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the eventually cover that day. is a public service of your cable or satellite provider. if you are a c-span watcher, check it out at leaders in the evangelical community debated the support for republican presidential candidate donald trump. s spoke inshow host favor of supporting mr. trump. and political blogger erick and another person spoke against supporting dumped and in favor of independent work right in candidates. posted by national religious broadcasters, this is about one hour and a half. >> thank you and welcome to evangelical debate 2016 election. trump or other?
9:16 pm
that is the question. i'm jerry johnson, president of national religious broadcasters. is rb is an assertion -- nrb is the organization to advance the buckle trade, and defend free speech. i remember when mike huckabee first ran for president. a debate moderator challenged him because he had been a pastor and a christian leader, maybe you are too pious to be political. maybe you can't handle the cut and thrust of political debate. mike huckabee said, obviously, you've never been to a business meeting at a baptist church. we [laughter] we are seeing christians debate, tweet and blog, but what we are
9:17 pm
not seeing, hearing the discussion, and i can tell you it is needed. this presidential election is unlike any other in recent years . evangelicals are among the most vocal critics of both major party nominees while others strongly back donald trump. we are holding this form to allow for a reasoned, careful debate among evangelical leaders in the hope that it will result in more light and less heat. i i am grateful to these leaders of diverse backgrounds, professions to engage each other on this critical matter. christians, now more than ever, must be america's best citizens.
9:18 pm
we hope this form will help them be that in this election season and beyond. being the best citizens necessarily includes an educated vote for president, including this year. the present attendance, we are grateful for your interest in this debate and the way to think about this forum is that it is a family conversation. perhaps much like the ones that are happening this fall across the nation among evangelicals around dinner tables in church, parking lots and sunday school classes. clearly there are some strong disagreements among evangelicals but after november 8, we will , still be part of the same family. common concerns and common commitments to improve our nation. we are glad for you to listen in and listen on to conversation and to report what you hear. you you are certainly free to ask questions of the participants after the debate is concluded should they be willing to
9:19 pm
elaborate on their views. as a nonpartisan association of christian communicators, and are -- nrb neither supports or rejects candidates for president we have support on both sides of the debate and felt our organization would be an ideal platform to host this conversation. we want to thank the national press club for hosting us. we want to thank c-span2 for airing this debate live and also welcome the nrb tv audience our participants, some of who are nrb members, while the other should be, are eric erickson, janet parshall, bishop harry jackson. the debate will have three stages. this debate, three parts. eric and janet will each make ten minute opening remarks
9:20 pm
following which each will have five minutes to respond to the other. then harry and bill will have ten minute opening remarks following which will have five minutes to respond to each other . then i will ask a series of questions of the panel and they will engage each other. first, eric erickson is host of atlantis evening news on the radio in atlanta and editor of the will present the never trump position. eric is a fox news contributor and pursuing a masters degree at reformed theological seminary. let's welcome eric erickson. [applause] go for it. >> i am a "star trek" fan. one one of the worst "star trek" movies ever made was "star trek" five where everyone becomes brainwashed by a cult and is
9:21 pm
convinced that god, not a black hole, is at the center of the milky way. they go looking for god at the center of the milky way and sure enough they find god and it's not until kirk asks the relevant questions that they all snap out of it. what does god need with a starship? what does god need with a sinner in the white -- white house? i am not owing to dissuade you if you've decided you are going to vote for trump in the voting booth. go for it. i will not ask you to violate your conscience any more than ask you to buy like mine. i do think christians in america, particularly those with platforms, should not be supporting donald trump openly. i think it is harmful for our witness. let's look at our candidates in this election. one candidate in an interview has been asked who jesus christ
9:22 pm
is and referred to him as her figure. one candidate in this act election has been asked multiple times who jesus christ is and the closest he has gotten to it is when cal thomas asked him and he said, jesus to me is somebody i can think about for security and confidence and someone i can revere in terms of bravery and courage and because i consider the christian religion so important. to david brody he described him as the ultimate. you look at this, here we are on the pacific ocean, how did i ever, how did i ever on this? i bought it 15 years ago. i made one of the great deals ever. i i have no mortgage on it as i will certify and represent to you. i was able to buy this and that's what i want to do for the country. we want to bring it back, but god is the ultimate. between two candidates, one says jesus is her savior and the other says he is someone i can
9:23 pm
think about for security and confidence. if our chief end is to glorify god in advance the kingdom of god, when a new person interested in faith comes to us and asks us, why do not believe him when he doesn't say jesus as savior and you think he's a christian and she says she's a christian and says jesus is her savior. why him, not her? please explain. please explain how you as a christian are openly advocating for the man who has bragged in his book about multiple affairs and cleaning with married women, -- including with married women has cheated widows and single , moms and the elderly out of money through trump university, has stiffed the low income worker on his building saying if you want to collect you need to sue. how does he represent our values ? we believe him. if you want to advocate for
9:24 pm
that, ok. but how are you advancing the kingdom of god talk of -- god? trump has never asked for or given us, christianity 101. i realize god has never asked donald trump for forgiveness either but donald trump has never asked god for forgiveness. asked god for forgiveness let's review the list. he's bragged about affairs from married women, he's taken money from elderly and single women, from deuteronomy and james, to -- undefiled religion in the sight of our father to visit , orphans and widows and keep oneself unstained by the wordpad -- by the word. he has filed for bankruptcy and let others put the bill, he's refused to pay labors and small businesses what they were actually owed going to sue. he told them in iowa he's never
9:25 pm
had to ask for forgiveness. he told anderson cooper he's never had to ask for forgiveness. jake tapper a few months later, never had to ask for forgiveness. he will ask for forgiveness if he has ever repented. he says he is a christian. he says he had never had to repent. he's been asked who jesus is and he said the guy he can look up to. matthew 3:2, in those days john the baptist came preaching in the wilderness of judea and saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is near. mark 1:15 jesus went into galilee and proclaim the gospel of god for the time is fulfilled, the kingdom of god is near. repent. mark 6:12, so the apostles proclaimed people should repent. acts jesus said repent and be 238, baptized.
9:26 pm
the time got overlooked but now he commands all people to repent. revelations, be zealous and repent, he has not repented and he said he hasn't repented. we are going to say this is a man who christian should advance the public? if you with the book for him in the privacy of your bid, but for him. you're harming your witness if you advocate for him. it is not just that. let's look at first corinthians five, everyone who is not a christian judge not lest you be , judged. paul writes, now i'm writing to you not to associate with anyone embarrassed and a brother for what have i to do with judging outsiders. is it not those in the church from you are to judge. repeats later we instruct , brothers to the name of our lord jesus christ to shun brother who conduct himself in a disorderly way and not
9:27 pm
according to the traditions. some people would argue they were writing these individual churches. matthew henry wrote they were to have no commerce with them, they were to have no commerce and shame them that in so shaming them they might bring them to repentance and it's not to shun him. for those who think this only applies to the individual church , you would come into conflict people.y all have written on first corinthians five and all have said this applies to the church universal. we have a man running for president of the united states who has bragged about his affairs, bragged about dipping others with the bill, cheated women, widows who had said he's never had to ask god for forgiveness, who does not identify jesus christ as his lord and savior but says he's a
9:28 pm
christian. if we are in the public square advocating for someone like that, what good are we as christians to say we believe in scripture when scripture tells us we should not be advocating for a person like that. this election is ultimately, either way we've got someone we don't want. i realize some of you decided he's better than her. that is fine. some say he could be cyrus letting us back into the holy land. between the lesser two evils, god has never asked his people to choose the evil. he has done it for them. he didn't ask the israelites to open the gates, he open the gates. he did not ask the people to do that. i don't think we should be doing that. history, i am sure of it would show us there are people who told those in babylon it's just
9:29 pm
a statue. we don't remember them, we remember the man who refused to bow. i believe in a god and a last day and a savior and i believe on the winning team. i believe i win in the end and i don't think this election affects my salvation and i don't think we as christians should advance a man we don't think will help the church because i thank god helps the church and we are here to help god. thank you. >> thank you, eric. next we have janet. janet is host of the daily two hour radio program in the market with janet partial. she has carried on hundreds of christian radio stations across the country. she is a long time and rb member and she has been a chairman of our public policy committee, she is a broadcaster from the nation's capital and has been doing it for over two decades. she will argue in favor of
9:30 pm
supporting trump. it is all yours. [applause] word,, take their at his i think maybe he prescribes to the world you. i never vote for any become ipods against or he subscribes to jay leno's view as if god wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. let's just look at the numbers. as john adams said facts are stubborn things. there are 35 million evangelical voters in america. 28 million are registered to vote. in 2012, it was 335,000 votes state that made the difference. this is a profoundly crucial election where every single boat will count. the candidates are one point apart. on a registered voters say they
9:31 pm
would vote for donald trump over clinton if the election was held to do. among gop voters who attend regularly, 84% said they would back trump if the election was today and in july a poll said 94% of evangelical republicans would vote for trump over clinton. research says churchgoing republicans were absolutely support trumpet i'm not going to use the word evangelical because that can be used as a bludgeoning tool by the media. it can mean anything from soup to nothing. in fact in 1975, time magazine said the rise of evangelical because it was jimmy carter who got 50% of the votes. how did that turn out? we are going to re- define the word evangelical and i'm going to use the term that george barna came up with. he has a new book called america at the crossroads i recommend it . he came up with the term sage cons. for spiritually active
9:32 pm
governance engaged conservatives. spiritually active means you know you are a sinner and need a savior and that's jesus who took upon himself the penalty of sin and paid the price for all of us. he went to calvary kept his word and paid the price. he proved he was the messiah by resurrecting from the grave. those who profess that jesus is lord and god has raised from the dead will be saved. that is spiritually active. in addition to that, it also means they believe in the vibrant living, transcendent word of god. as such it impacts every single aspect of their life including, but not limited to their political perspective. using sage con as my lodging.let point, let me talk about what happened. they said, about 11%, go trump. then only 15% said they had a favorable impression. when it became clear he was the gop nominee, that gop nominee, that support jumped to 70% and after the republican convention
9:33 pm
it jumped to 83% where has remained between 80-85%. the initial disappointment of seeing trump is the gop candidate cause some to say we are going to go third-party and that has now been cut in half. 8% expect to vote for gary thompson, joe stein or another candidate. 4% are undecided. mrs. clinton has never caught on with this group it she was in line to get 2% of the vote and she dropped down to 1% and now she has spiked to 4%. largely in part to confused writings who -- ready piece entitled you're pro-life vote for hillary clinton. i will leave that to your own imagination. i want to talk about this character issue because we've heard it over and over and over about character. when all else fails go back and read the instructions.
9:34 pm
let's look at american history. let's look at the character of the presidents. thomas jefferson had an affair fathering one if not six children. william henry harrison conceived a child with a slave. john tyler was not to have at least one love child. james garfield had multiple affairs in the election was 1880. rocked that he had visited a new portland prostitute. -- new orleans prostitute. in 1873 cleveland was accused of a sexual assault and she was put in and the same and silent. she was released when it was proved that he was the father of the child. woodrow wilson, had an affair while his life was -- life was -- wife was living. the washington post noted that the president has been entering oedipal and golf regularly. that meant entertaining. the damage had been done. a popular joke emanated that would like this, question, what did she do when the president
9:35 pm
proposed to her, answer, she thought to bed. harding had an affair with a married woman during the 1920 presidential election. they bribed her to stay out of sight sending them to asia with $20,000. then he then he took up with another way. she had a love child and then gave birth to a baby girl in harding had the secret service 1990. hand-deliver child-support payments. he had affairs while in office with at least four other women, two of whom who had his child out of wedlock. he said it's a good thing i'm not a woman, i'd always be pregnant, i can't say no. franklin and eleanor are believed to have mistresses in the white house. dwight d. eisenhower with his secretary. lyndon johnson didn't limit himself to only one affair, he bragged that he had more women by accident than kennedy ever
9:36 pm
had on purpose. lbj had no problem talking to reporters and conducting business with officials while on the toilet because of the watergate tapes we know richard nixon could make a sailor blessed with his swearing. i could hardly need to talk about jfk and bill clinton when it comes to their sexual proclivities. that makes donald trump look tame by comparison. we will talk about character. we are not electing a messiah. last time i was checked he was appointed to office and is not term limited. i don't fear for having anything less than a sinner in the white house. last time i took, we had to -- checked, we had sinners everywhere. i myself join you as a center. saved by grace.
9:37 pm
we have a representative form of government. noble shall be of themselves. opener cell received from midst of them. representative government is a blessing designed by god himself. when moses his father-in-law said you can't do this yourself, he turned to moses and said choose your leaders. the percentage of government is a god instituted idea. when we were going back in history to 1787, the constitutional convention was being held in strict privacy. people paced back and forth wondering what the outcome would be. upper and mrs. powell of philadelphia who went to ben franklin and said dr. what we have dr. the republic or monetary. that hesitation, he responded republic if we can keep it. i'm interested in keeping the republic. seventeen candidates strutted up on the gop state. we have the freedom in this country to run for office and vote for whomever we wish. the
9:38 pm
the system works and the final candidates of forward. it may not have been what the politically entrenched wanted. he may not have been a person other voters wanted and he wasn't a career politician. he rocked the politician system. he challenged the conventional wisdom that a gop candidate had to be a professional politician. hamilton, madison and adams would have talent that concept as well. they wanted to be referred to as statesman and they would've passed out cold if they knew people held office for 20 years or more. the candidate this go-round is donald trump. that is the way the system works. for those who have been praying and fasting through during ed -- and for this process do we , now know the sovereignty of god did not apply? did he take off to philadelphia or was god sovereign in this entire process mark can god raise up a leader that doesn't look like what we want but is exactly who he wants? can he use a pagan king to rebuild the walls of jerusalem
9:39 pm
? and he use an adulterer and a murderer and call him the apple of his eye doctor --? for the record, noah was a drunk, abraham lied, jacob was a liar, samson was a womanizer, elijah was suicidal, he gnawed god has a track record of using flawed and broken people even when it doesn't look right for us. for me i choose to keep the , republic and secure the system. >> thank you janet. >> now eric, you have five minutes to respond or say whatever you want. >> let's back up to the jeremiah 3021 reference, but let's back up to verse 18 thus says the lord, behold, i will restore the fortunes of the 10-inch -- tenants of jacob and have
9:40 pm
compassion dwelling. it should be rebuilt and stand where it used to be an out of them shall come songs and the voices of those who celebrate. i i will multiply them and they shall not be key. i will make them honored and they will not be small. their children shall be as they were in the congregation shall be established before me and i will punish all who oppress them. their prints shall be one of themselves, the rulers shall come from their midst. i will make him draw near and he shall approach me for who would dare of himself to prove approach me declares the lord and you shall be my people and i be your god. people didn't have to participate in the process, god was going to do it himself. let's go through the litany of character flaws of presidents. do any of you remember where warren hardy wrote the book where he bragged about his affairs with women? do any of you recall bill clinton going on national television saying he would like to have with his daughter if she
9:41 pm
was someone else's child? i don't recall them publicly bragging about their sins. we are all sinners. we all fall short of the glory of god. the question is if we revel in all of the people in the bible, our sin or repent. all of the people in the bible, it's true, some terrible people. abraham doubted, you had peter reject christ, samson, you name it they all have something in common that donald trump doesn't. one, god chose them into every and every one of them repented. every one of them asked for forgiveness. donald trump has said three times he's never had to ask for forgiveness. donald trump said he's a christian but he hasn't had asked for forgiveness. he has written books bragging about his affairs. are we to lower the bar or strive for something higher? are we to say all these other people did terrible things so let's embrace the terrible. no. we are supposed to gain for our
9:42 pm
higher and best use which is to glorify god forever and forever. we do not glorify god when we say yes he's a sinner just like everyone else, women, widows, the elderly, hasn't repented, that is our guy. go vote for him privately, but if you enjoy and champion him i think you harm your witness because we may be wrapped up in the politics of the day, but there are people longing for the lord that are looking at christians saying if they're putting their faith in a guy like him what's in their church for me. we are supposed to advance the kingdom of god. saying all of these other people were terrible people so we will go with the terrible person i , don't think that advances a kingdom. >> thank you, eric. okay janet you have five minutes to respond. >> i appreciate that. thank you very much but i'm going to be kind because by term limitations we know no president
9:43 pm
can serve beyond it years. their cats made profession, here's what i know, we're going to spend eternity together. and if we are not careful, we may be bunk mates so we have to get along here. god looks upon the heart. every bit of information that gets squeezed to the mainstream media is doing everything within its power to denigrate donald trump your they are losing viewership. i don't know if donald trump has ever asked for forgiveness but i've never had that conversation . mammals on the outward the piercing goblets upon the heart. the silliness about one printing. he never comes on much about saying one john, when peter, when christians. every englishman i've said interviewed has said that. -- has said that. romans 13. we have a relationship with government. that is what this is about. commendcipate dr. i
9:44 pm
this. we have dual citizenship. we are citizens of the united states and our mandate is to render unto caesar. that's a lot more than identified the face on point. he coin. -- -- responsibilities on earth and first possibility is to me as your eternal king. we are to seek the welfare of the city quoting jeremiah and one of the ways we do that is by absolutely influencing and letting our lights shine that they might see our good light to honor our father in heaven. we are to engage culturally. our -- our salvation does not come by way of washington. my god shall supply all my needs. left washington that does not mean i don't try to influence. here is daniel, a teenager turned prime minister who went to a pagan king and influenced him to the point that he went from eating grass to praising god because god's people prayed for a bad leader.
9:45 pm
i believe we have more influence on our knees and we do in the voting booth. i believe god uses people to handle out his plan and goodwill. we are to obey. the pontius pilate option is not one for us as believers. we don't washer hand for this and step back. nobody could drop is but he forgot it it's a matter of math. the perfect is the enemy of the good. a flawed candidate should not prevent us form opposing a more dangerous one, one that has a profoundly articulated worldview. i don't care if she talks about her savior or not, i have -- i'm interested in whether or not you're deeds match your speech. do you believe in the denigration of marriage and the annihilation of the paper. you said you you were to protect american citizens, what differences does it make anyway. as a result we have dead american citizens. the questions we have to answer is this, what will you do for the country? first, last and always.
9:46 pm
what will you do with the court. a president's term limited. there will be people appointed to the court. they could serve 30 years. that means my children and grandbabies. long after donald trump is in the asked sheep -- as keep of history. heap.h the difference is 180 degrees between their list of nominees. what is not debatable is looking for judges in the mold of antonin scalia. no further questions. will the president help us with religious liberty? hillary clinton, i doubt that. she has a basket of deplorable and i minute. donald trump has said that he would get rid of the johnson amendment which muzzles pastors. interesting to there. will the president protect our country? i have discussed benghazi. will the president build our economy? , candidate provide equal on the punitive -- how will the
9:47 pm
president provide equal opportunity? there is a distinction between the two. which president will be hoping -- open to hearing and listening to opinions. which candidate has met with evangelical christians? cut, drive. the bible tells us to be sharp as serpents and innocent as doves. he told us that not only was our heart for nude, but our mind was transformed. he says you honor me with your life and heart, and also with sound speaking. seek wisdom. this is a time for followers of jesus christ to think biblically and think critically. where i sit, those are not between exclusive. >> thank you. we'll have time to follow-up even more. we look forward to that. our next round. switching the order.
9:48 pm
next, bishop harry jackson. senior pastor of the christian church. founder of the high impact readership coalition. he's one of the chief conveners of the reconcile church, healing the racial divide movement and his book, high-impact african-american churches co-authored with your partner was nominated for the goldman going toward by the evangelical christian publishers. he will argue in favor of supporting from. >> thank you. -- trump. >> think you. i will start with a story. aftern pastoring finishing mba from a well-known easter business school. -- eastern is the school. i found myself stuck in a bible study. folks came to the study, most of them happened to be white.
9:49 pm
the community had about 1% black. eventually started a church. i became in that setting pro-life, profamily and i also believe that we needed to engage in changing and transforming our culture through our political system. statement, i want issay that donald trump being challenged about race and racism and we are living in an interesting time where he may be the only one who is able to bring some substantive healing to the racial divide. god is in the details. the details are practical answers is where we stand. one of the challenges and talking about race in terms of
9:50 pm
politics is that they are often -- black christian see things in hispanic christians see things through a lens of justice. they want justice now. things to be more fair and even an equal. on the other hand, white evangelicals often are hung up on issues. talk about marriage and life as though they are exclusive. the bible does not say righteousness or justice are the foundation of god because righteousness and justice. i believe that if we have the right relationship with the lord, we will want to create an atmosphere of justice in our land. beenoo often, blacks have and hispanics have been in a sense able to settle with the politics of grievance.
9:51 pm
someone who says, i like you and understand you and that has been getting up -- good enough. no real answers are coming. i believe that hillary clinton will simply perpetuate the status quo, do which he done for utilization ofe the black committee and welfare dependency will be continued. seven brief reasons. i would vote for donald trump it the first three are for all general christians and the beaining four would really emphasizing the blacks and hispanics. first, religious freedom and liberty. the johnson amendment as was artie mentioned is a challenge -- already mentioned is a
9:52 pm
challenge. donald trump says he wants to do away with that. he is for religious liberty and freedom. number two, supreme court justices. i believe that we are going to have to live with for up to 40 year impact to ever gets in those amazingly powerful seats. third, the support of israel. donald trump has articulated a position that it will be pro-israel and those of us believe the bible in a very literal sense believe that there is something to supporting israel as a nation, not to say they are always right on other policies, but rather we want to support and support the existence of israel versus its annihilation. i want to talk more specifically
9:53 pm
about african-americans for my fourth point. i believe that educational reform is critical. the opportunity for charter schools is really important. my own daughter works in the city, charter schools for about four years. i believe that we have to aboutw change the thing education. 80% of people incarcerated in america today are functionally illiterate. we have a problem. one thing that we could do is that we could really guarantee that every person in the third grade in all of our urban churches could read. it would be amazing. theould empty out some of jails. business empowerment.
9:54 pm
i believe that economic plan of donald trump will make a difference for urban improvement. under the bush administration comes 8% of the loans that were given to small businesses were given to black businesses. 1.8% byesident obama, the small business administration. capital formation is something starting in terms of and maintaining businesses. urban situation, the desert is like a rose. we are going to need to get jobs in urban centers. having some idea of more equity in terms of business and
9:55 pm
empowerment will be very important for us. six, nonviolent offenders. returning home. getting a chance to redeem their lives is important. of prison the board fellowship. i think it is interesting that if you look at the recidivism rates of people going back to prison, he will find that oftentimes it isn't -- there is not a opportunity for these guys to restore and develop their lives appropriately. i think in some pragmatic ways, donald trump will look at these things. finally, fairly tax incentive are important for all people, all christians if we are society perpetuate a
9:56 pm
built upon the foundation of families. i would argue that an african-american and hispanic indices, that family oriented tax incentives are significant. those seven points are some of the recent. i could go on and on. -- reasons. i could go on and on and delve into the more details around the critical side of things. i would also see that right now, status quo of the obama administration, the democratic party has a bias towards inactivity in terms of solving urgent urban problems. it is no secret that we are on the verge of explosive violent outbreaks and that there is a generational shift going on.
9:57 pm
we also have a dynamic in the black community on how to -- there are two black americans today. one is upwardly mobile and thriving and another is trapped in a conundrum of class-generational poverty which is aggravated by racism. the same thing as in the hispanic community. which one of the candidates will be proactive to even think about solving problems? i also believe that having a citizen politician will be important for us and we are at that place in our culture the folks who control the system their are grasping -- fingers into be broken off the controls. we need to change. and getto organize
9:58 pm
strategic chaos for a moment. i believe that we need to redefine and reestablish some of our priorities. the seven points in my experience the me to say, this time, i will support donald trump. thank you very much. >> thank you, bishop jackson. bill would determine -- wickterman.special assistant to president george w. bush. he is legislative advisor in washington dc and international law firm. he worked as a mission or -- missionary in germany and he is currently president of faith and law. seeking to integrate faith with policy work. he will speak against the candidacy of donald trump. take it. >> thank you, thanks for
9:59 pm
hosting. in a particular income i'm that we are focusing on the street i also want to thank bishop jackson, eric erickson, janet partial. great respect for all of you. even tooka far more difficult this election are than any last century election. the toys are divided. many good people on both sides. sadly, the division has also prompted the questioning of motive. this is unhelpful and unfair. we will let god judge. our attempt to be e pluribus unum are hard enough without assuming the worst of everyone else. a quick word about me, you will have a hard time getting to my right. i'm a republican because i am a conservative. a conservative because i'm a christian. i believe that a conservative policy best reflects the
10:00 pm
christian worldview. i'm careful not to demonize my own politics. the driving motivation is the same as that for the rest of my life. to put the lord first in my heart and actions. i was ready to support any of the other 16 republican candidates for president but there was one i could not support and he won. this is uncomfortable for me, on many levels not the least of , which to be divided from so many allies inside my party. i cannot wait until the season is over and we can recover unity, that is my hope. >> amen. bill: i want to analyze the reason i heard for why evangelicals are supporting him. as best as i can tell, they boil down to three justifications. one, he is the lesser of two evils. two, god uses bad people for good purposes.


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