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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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chief among those things is faith that we have and ever shall be one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. and also we both know and believe in these challenging times with heartbreaking headlines and division, that what has been true for millennia is still true today. that if his people who are called by his family, who have humbled themselves and pray, he will again hear from heaven and he will heal our land. [applause]
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let me yield the podium and , to auce my running mate man who is known him for 25 years, one of the greatest promoters in the history of sports has agreed to come here and promote his friend. when you join me in welcoming don king -- would you join me in welcoming don king? [applause] >> i'm home. i'm home. ladies and gentlemen, let me say this to you, cleveland was the best location in the nation. [applause]
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it is my home. under the leadership of the great mayor frank jackson. let me say to you as a friend and a fellow clevelander to the , i broughtyears ago a young man to town here to save a hospital. it was the only hospital in town that was served -- that would service black people and poor whites. his name was mohammed ali. you 44 yearsto later to bring you a great , and american to save trump.ion and donald j. so why would i undertake the the distinct honor to
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present to you our next ?resident of the united states fearless,use he is courageous, brave, and bold enough to take on the system. now, god is good. and all things are possible with god. -- they are not all possible with man, but with god, all things are possible. said -- i a man always go out with a quote to go out with i will. a man said, to get a black president would be a miracle. his name was william jefferson clinton. i said, miracle's happen in america.
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see the word "iowa" signaled the first coming of a black president. several months ago in the campaign, this young man named speech onmp made a the uss iowa, a battleship in los angeles. and he said on that battleship that is resonating with people he willhis country that create a wholeill new system and we will take the system apart. overhe is the only man in hundreds of years that has the consensus of public opinion of rejection to the government, to the formal government.
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united inwhite alike a consensus of public opinion that says the system is corrupt, the system is rigged, the system is sexist. the system is racist. so now we offered a lot of rhetoric -- and you hear this all the time. you're going to hear as you come to see they will promise you everything, they give you nothing. then they apologize for the unkempt promises. but we're going to keep fighting. we ain't going to give in. it is business as usual. but enough is enough. [applause] donald j trump, i know his
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father is smiling -- you know fred is looking at you -- the spirit is loud and clear that we will create a whole new system. we will take the system apart and we will make america great again. what does that mean? that means this -- and this is why want people to put themselves and their country and their children before their party. john f. kennedy said, sometimes party loyalty is too much. this is a coming of a man who has taken on a system, a system that is awesome and genius lay put together, a system of control -- the mindset, the behavior, the institutions, the law, and then they have the justices and court uphold the law that makes right wrong and wrong right. he undertook that challenge and from his lips to god's ears, he
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said, we will create a whole new system. we will create a whole new system. what has happened? the whole country in the world is in shock. at first when he started out, everybody was laughing. he is a buffoon. he is a reality show. is a self centralizing promoter of himself. everybody was saying all of these different things when he entered the ring to defend america, the principles of freedom, justice, and equality, and to be able to give the government back to the people. we, the people. [applause] 14 million votes later, after reading 17 opponents -- after , he now isopponents
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the nominee. you have to understand something. the party doesn't want him. him, them doesn't want line politician doesn't want him -- lying politician doesn't want him. and yet understand, he is hereby the will of the people. [applause] and god. god is in all things. all things. [applause] i love you. it means so much to me for a man know,g in the shoes, you god was walking with you, but i only see one set of footprints. he said, because god was carrying you.
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yet understand what i'm trying to say to you is that the white woman -- and i put it in this category so you understand what i'm saying. the white woman and the slave, the people of color. when the system was created, they did not give her the first will be last in the last will be first. the white woman did not have the right and she still don't have the rights. and people of color don't have their rights. those are the left outs. donald trump says, no, we're --ng back to include inclusiveness. everybody counts. that is why when i see them try to ridiculous him or ostracize and pervert, i want you to understand every white woman should cast their vote for donald trump. not for donald trump the men, but to help him to get their rights. to be able to deal with it.
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-- the vote is given away cavalierly with no .edeeming factions and they claimed a vote by party that you devote this way, you know, and this is what you do. but you have nothing. humanness.tor of how do you cure disease? a scientist, how do you discover the scientist of the fact of what you're try to do an evolutionist time and progress? you examine the facts. you try to find out where it came from. it is like they're trying to do eka and kansas. then you go to the cause. we are treating the effects, not the cause. he is the only man that has took on that awesome, that
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responsibility that says, why? why, yes to be able to demonstrate to blacks in the white woman who is left out and all of the freedom loving white men that we must put him in the office so we can get a chance for america to operate on what america was founded in -- a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated that all men and women are created equal. [applause] so i am indeed very, very proud. i feel honored and privileged that i have this opportunity to speak to you. my brothersall of -- i understand they're looking for position to be close to president.clos when they come out to castigate, he is like noe
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other person in the world, you must realize his genius lies in his ability to think and a win and to be successful. bet him like you what a politician, right? but they do. they that him like he is a politician because he takes nothing and made something out of it. everything that would condemn that would be looked upon as some type of desecration and economic exportation, he would just flip the coin and make it a successful occupation. we want to do the same thing with our country. hear me? do the same thing with our country. i've got leaders around the world, presidents, like i'm a leader or something because they can say things to me off-the-cuff that they cannot say politically correct. he don't care about no political correctness. [applause]
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he wants rights. justified rights. and that is why i will walk with him, talk with them, and plead to the people understand the system is the problem. and he is the only gladiator that will take on the system like a david and goliath, to be a little throw the system out and create a new system where it encompasses all women, people of color, blacks, and all freedom loving people coming together to support themselves under the leadership of the dynamic, human man that will fight for your rights of donald trump. this is what we want and what america needs. america needs donald trump. we need donald trump, especially black people. you have to understand, my black brothers and sisters, they told me of to emulate and imitate the white man and then you can be successful. so we tried that. can the money,u
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you can do this here. i told michael jackson, i said, if you are poor, you are a poor negro. "n" word. but if you're rich, you are a rich negro. intellectual individual, you are an intellectual negro. if you're dancing and sliding in, negro, ni --i'm you're a dancing and sliding and gliding negro. so they're not alienate because you cannot assimilate. until going to be a negro you die. so we need guilty reality of what life really means, i learned a lesson from that been on bothe sides of the area. when i come out of the penitentiary, i do congregation wedding to be similar to this with the leaders of our community asking us to save the hospital. it does my heart good. my heart reflecting established
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-- nostalgically, it was a joy to me will be saved cleveland and the leaders come to change things in ohio, the great state todayo, so to come here with a man who says we're going to change the nation, i am honored and privileged, dedicated to the commandment of the principles of this great theon to introduce to you next president of the united states, donald j. trump. donald j. trump! donald j. trump! [applause] for the people, not so much for him, for the people. he is a leader that will lead us to the promise land. let's get rid of the system, and he is the man to do it. [applause] trump: there is only one don king. only one don.
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i want to thank you very much. was so special. i spoke to don yesterday and i said, how about taking a trip to cleveland? he said, i love cleveland. this is his place. i said, i am looking at you to introduce me. we left at 6:00 in the morning and he was right there. he is an amazing guy. he is been a friend of mine for a long time. i don't to say he is a good guy, because i don't want to destroy his reputation. [laughter] but he is a good guy. he is a phenomenal person. he became very rich. he is very smart. he took advantage of a lot of situations. i have great respect for that. i've great respect for him. i want to thank don for being here. thank you, don. [applause] i want to certainly thank my friend darrell scott who is just
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an amazing guy. [applause] amazing guy. [applause] i met darrell through michael and then i saw him on television. i called michael i said, this man is fantastic post up where do find somebody like this? i have to really get to know them a little better. and i have gotten to know him better. he is spectacular. i watch them on television and i feel so sorry for the people on the other side of the table. seen about 100 times. so far nobody else has won. he knows how to win and he loves you folks. he loves his folks and he loves his church. [applause] michael, thank you not only for the introduction, but also for a
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beautiful speech. i think michael worked very hard on that speech. ben carson has been my friend for a long time -- [applause] i will tell you what. there was one guy in the back every week, i would look at those bowls, i was at 28, 29, and ben was at 10, then he was at 12. he is such an incredible guy. then he was at 14 and 16 and 20. then he went to 21, 24. i said, what do we do to stop this guy? is so a force -- and he nice. he did better than anybody, i
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will tell you. he did better than anybody. [applause] was amazing. and he has got -- not only is he a brilliant guy, but he is a brilliant heart. he loves people. if all of this happens, it will be a great place for ben. i know he wants to help people. man whoflynn, another is just so incredible. [applause] oh, boy. there is a tough general. i always talk about macarthur. i am a big fan of general douglas mcarthur and general patton. if they saw what was going on today for all of the butchery in spinningems, they are
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in their grave right now the way we fight. because we have to end that problem, and this is a man who knows how to end problems for some general flynn and some of our other friends, we have over 200 generals and admirals supporting us now. can you imagine that yet though i did not know they had that many. i did not know they had that many generals. the other day you probably saw we had 17 congressional medal of honor winners endorse me. thee have the admirals, generals, and we have the congressional medal of honor winners. it has been really an amazing time. i want to thank everybody. and i want to thank the african-american community because i don't know if you have been watching, but the poll numbers are going like a rocket ship. [applause] i think initially where i was
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very low, i think they did not what to expect. when i spoke about the inner cities, which are in such trouble, i spoke about -- it is like what we're having today and charlotte and tulsa problems, and we want to see that unifies quickly as possible. those are two problems that we have to get unified and taking care of. it is sad to see. as i spoke about the inner cities and what i will do -- it is interesting because i went down a list of problems and i said this three or four times before him and i go down the list and we talk about the incredible crime. incredible. chicago, i think, has had 3000 shootings from just the beginning of the year. 3000. thousands of people are being killed. it is very wearable. i talked about the crime. i talked about the lack of education, bad schools. and i talked about jobs. the jobs are just so bad. i said it 3, 4, 5 times.
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one day i said, what do you have the lose? i mean, what do you have to lose? i'm going to fix it. what do you have to lose? that resonated -- some people did not like it. but i said, what difference does it make? it's true. what do you have to lose? it resonated and it has been amazing how it has resonated because it is true. the democrats have run the inner cities, in some cases, until 100 years unbroken. are very different. i'm different. i'm different from a lot of republicans, frankly. and that is why we are winning states that are not even in play for other republicans. [applause] i'm income as an example, summit he said we are up in maine. maine is not a state where republicans are exactly come you know, flocking to. but we are up in maine.
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amazing thing. we're doing great in connecticut. we're doing great all over, actually. so we're winning florida, winning ohio, i see we're winning north carolina -- [applause] winning -- it is just an amazing thing. we're winning colorado. we're up four points. we are up in other places that are just amazing places and great, and we just had a very good hold from new mexico. new mexico. so we're winning areas that are not usually areas that people consider at play -- remember the boards three or four weeks ago? the whole electoral math? now all of a sudden, they're saying, wait a minute and a what is going on? we working very, very hard. mike pence.ank
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what an unbelievable person. [applause] the first time i met mike, i liked him a lot. and he was very much consider that this was going to be his position also a lot of people wanted him to run. right? incredibly in indiana, very, very popular, one of the most successful states. the aaa bond rating, taxes have gone down, employment has been incredible. they brought companies and, one of the few places that has brought companies. it is been a great story. the story is done has been incredible. of the first time i met him, with a wonderful meeting that lasted 20 minutes and i actually asked him for his endorsement because i was running in indiana, which we wanted a land he could not do that because of the fact that he had other commitments. and he endorsed ted cruz. at the next it when he made the
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endorsement, i thought it was more of an endorsement for me because he started talking about how great donald trump is. he said, i'm voting for ted cruz. let's get back to donald trump. unbelievable. ted cruz did not know whether or not he was endorsed. but i like him. i liked them, regardless, a lot. he said something after the first 15 or 20 minutes i left. he said, donald, may we pray? when i'mn't too often haveman leaving the office in new york. it is usually, they have bad thoughts -- believe me. bad, bad thoughts. he said, may we pray? was really inspired by mike. mike is great. and we did pray. mike is great. that was a really good choice. i wrote some things out that i hink so much about --
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thank you. stand up, mike. [applause] karen, stand up. amazing. [applause] been an amazing partner. and he's all over the place. yesterday he was in virginia. that a great group of people. i never want him to get the kind of crowds that i get, because then i will probably get angry at him and jealous. and he will teach me not to be jealous -- somethingdarrell is when a work on. there was this massive down for, like record type setting. they were all outside and they were drenched. he called me up and said, nobody laughed. and the press actually covered it. they said nobody laughed. that is a good sign because i think we're going to do really well in virginia, too. so that is a good sign. so, michael, thank you. very special guy.
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omarosa, don't leave. she is wonderful woman. don't leave. she's a wonderful woman. withas done so much for me the african american community, with communities generally, and she is another 1 -- she is such a fine person, and nobody knows it. blew her income for the next 20 years. you are amazing, ok? i just want to thank you very much. she works so hard. she feels so strongly. omarosa. [applause] i mean, i did help make her a star in all fairness. i don't feel so guilty. [laughter] i wrote some things out having to do largely with inner cities in the inner-city right here. i feel very strongly about it. so much can be done. so much can be done and it is not being done. they come and they take your
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vote, then they say, we will see you in four years. thanks a lot. we will see you in four years. and we are going to do it a lot differently. for centuries, the african-american church has been the conscience of our country. ts,is from the pews, pulpi and christian teachings, black churches all across the land that the civil rights movement lifted up the soul of our nation. it is from these pews that our nation has been inspired toward a better, moral character, a , andr concern for mankind a spirit of charity and unity that binds us all together. the african-american faith community has been one of god's greatest gifts to america and to the american people.
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there is perhaps no action our leaders can take that would do mean healal, and i our country and support our people than to provide a greater platform, stronger, greater, to the black churches and churchgoers. i was in detroit recently with bishop jackson, who is an incredible guy also. it is incredible what i saw. the love in that room -- and i'm not saying the left for me. i am guessing the love for everybody -- i am just saying the love for everybody. in the spirit. even the song. his wife is a beautiful singer it wasmagnificent -- just amazing. i did not want to leave. so it is great. by yourrite every day community and your family.
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you raise children in the light of god. i will always support your church and defend your right to worship always. [applause] i am here today to listen to your message. and i hope my presence here will help, and very much help, your voice to reach new audiences. it is going to happen. in our country. and these are people forced to believe me, many people out there that desperately need it. is not the past, but the present and the future. it is the foundation of progress. and i pledge to you that if i win -- some people say if and when. let say "if" because we have to be realistic, a close race. but if you all go out and vote, we're going to win. i pledge to you we will and the
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johnson amendment, which takes away the voice of your pastors, ministers, your great leaders. we're going to end quickly, quickly the johnson -- [applause] so important. thank you. , passed inyour voice 1954, lyndon johnson, because he did not get along with a certain church. they say, in houston, because the pastor was maybe against him, maybe not with him, maybe something was going on. he had this past that takes away your leaders under people that you must respect. people like pastor darrell scott. he is not allowed to talk politics. take away hisey tax exemption.
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they are silencing your leaders. they are silencing the leaders that you want to hear. it is not fair. they are the people i want to hear, also. so we're going to get rid of the johnson amendment. [applause] campaigned all across this nation and in every committed he, i will have the opportunity plans for economic change. i will have a chance to discuss school choice -- which is so important -- and how to put tory american on the ladder success. meaning, a great education and a great job. [applause] but today, i just want to let you know that i am here to .isten to you, i'm going to listen. and i am always going to listen. it is a promise i'm going to make. i'm running to be president for all americans, every single one. our nation is too divided.
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we talk past each other constantly, not to each other will stop and to those who seek office, we will not do enough to step in to the community and learn what is happening and what is going on. they don't do it. again, they want your vote and they are gone. i am here today to learn so that we can together remedy injustice in all of its many very unattractive forms. our political system has failed the people and works only to enrich itself. i want to reform the system so that it works for you, all of you. i believe true reform can only come from outside the system, from outside the establishment. becoming the nominee of the party of abraham lincoln has been the greatest honor of my life. it is on his legacy i hope to build the future of our party.
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i believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time, one that ensures the right to a good education and the right to live in safety and in peace. [applause] so true. so, so unsafe. when you see people being shot in the streets, walking to a store with their child, oftentimes their child is being .hot for no reason whatsoever so sad. it also means the right to have a government that protects our jobs.s and fights for our i want to rebuild our country, and i want to rebuild our inner cities. it is time. it is time. [applause] heart to see any
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american left behind or to see a city like cleveland that has had so many struggles. so many americans with unfulfilled potential. he would not take no. we are one nation. and when anyone hurts, we all heard together. that is the way it is. it is the way it should be, too. [applause] we are all brothers and sisters and we are all created -- every 1 -- created by the same god.
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we must love each other and support each other and we're all in this together. i fully understand the african-american committed he has suffered from discrimination -- community has suffered from discrimination and there are many wrongs that must still be made right. i want to make america prosperous for everyone. i want to make this city the --nomic envy of the world here, detroit, baltimore, and there are so many places. we have so much work to do. roads,es everywhere, new new bridges, new schools, new hope, we are going to bring our jobs have been taken away by an act politicians -- inept politicians that jonah what they're doing. our countries have left and gone to mexico and other places. we're going to bring our jobs back. believe me.
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and it is not even one to be hard. i've been so greatly blessed in so many ways with no greater blessing than my family. wonderful family. [applause] happierwould make me and more fulfilled than to use what i have learned in business and in traveling the world -- i have been all over -- to bring wealth and prosperity and opportunity to those who have not had these opportunities before. when i see wages falling and -- people were making more money 18 years ago in many cases than they are making today, and today they're working harder and have two jobs. it is not supposed to be that way. i know the hardships this inflicts and i am determined to do something about it. please know this, for any who are hurting, things are going to
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turn and turn for the better. [applause] we are going to win again as a wintry and we are going to again for all of our people -- not just certain segments of our people, for all of our people. i want to work with you to renew the bonds of trust between citizens and the bonds of faith that make our nation strong. america has been lifted out of many of its most difficult hours through the miracle of faith. thatou people understand very well. everybody in this room understands it. which is one of the reasons you are here. now in these hard times for our country, let us turn again to our christian heritage to lift up the soul of our nation. i am so deeply grateful to be here today.
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and it is my prayer that america and the america of tomorrow will be one of unity, togetherness, , and love. we can do it. i would like to conclude with a passage from 1 john 4. no one has ever seen god, but if we love one another, god lives in us. and his love is made complete in us. so true. i want to thank you. i want to thank the congregation . this has been a really great honor for me and we have some interesting days ahead. with a little debate on monday night post up a couple of you may be watching. anybody going to watch? [applause] and with a very big election coming up on november 8,. get out and vote.
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to the african-american community, to the hispanic community, to all communities, i want to just say, we're going to make it right. we're going to make it great. thank you. thank you all. [applause] questions -- ew [applause] we have some questions that we solicited from the pastors, pastors from all over the state stroke weightove distance. our public school systems are holding our children back. what is your plan to help our children get access to the best possible education and what is your view on school choice? mr. trump: we have to have choice.
6:41 am
and we have to in common core end, gore. choice is very important. very, very important. and common core has to be ended. we're bringing education, local, meaning our loving parents and all of the professionals, we're going to do it on a local basis, not with the bureau cap -- bureaucrats. [applause] to our second question says, inner cities have been ravaged by violence and addiction. it has been spawned with tensions between law enforcement and our neighborhoods. how would you encourage peace and build safer communities? trumka one of the ways his place is just like this. you see what is going on in this room. you have everybody in this room. everybodyhite, black, right here. you see what is happening.
6:42 am
the churches are so important and all of our religious institutions. the other thing is we have to stop drugs from pouring across the border. we have a tremendous drug problem in cleveland and ohio and in north carolina and south carolina and in new hampshire -- tremendous problem, heroin from a particular in new hampshire. our country is being poisoned. it is pouring across the southern border. we're going to stop it. the border patrol agent's are great. 16,000. they endorsed us. the first time they have endorsed a presidential candidate. we're going to stop the drugs from poisoning our country. poisoning our youth. >> the african-american committed he has traditionally -- community has traditionally voted democrat.
6:43 am
they ate stopping nothing here. case foraking a strong the republican vote this year. how can the conservative agenda help all of our communities? mr. trump: it is not even about a conservative agenda. you have been trying and working in the inner cities with the democrats for so many years -- sometimes over 100 years. and they are a disaster. the schools, the safety, the jobs -- horrible. cases, they are less safe than places like afghanistan. we hear about afghanistan. some of the inner cities are less safe. so i just tell you this, we're going to make such headway, such a change. and you know they're not going to do it. they have been doing it for 50, 60, minimum it is like 302i think.
6:44 am
unbroken. , i told you before, some people love it and some don't like it that much. what you have the louisiana code it can't get any worse. the inner cities cannot get worse. perhaps they can, but not much. and i will fix it. i will fix it. we're going to change it. >> just a couple of more. the number one issue plaguing so many families is the lack of jobs. our families are struggling to find work. how do you pledge to grow the economy and create jobs for america? mr. trump: we have nafta and these trade-ins are the worst deals anybody ever negotiated. nafta has destroyed our country, destroyed our manufacturing. our manufacturing has gone to mexico and all of these other countries. we're going to renegotiate those deals and make them either very good and very fair, or we're going to terminate them and start all over again.
6:45 am
believe me, we're going to bring our jobs back. we're going to bring our companies back that have left us, fired their employees. we're going to bring them back. maybe that is what originally starred on an illegal immigration. we have to stop illegal immigration, by the way. is not iny clinton any way, shape, or form capable of doing it. >> [inaudible] [laughter] question i believe each and every pastor in this room is concerned. over, inelection is what way will you continue to engage the faith committed he when we're not simply for votes? will we have continued access to the white house to speak we perceive to be the voice of god to you? mr. trump: i contain a number of the ways are by getting you , ben carson, and
6:46 am
everybody, totally involved with the communities. right now you don't have any involvement with washington. what involvement you have is common core. it is not a good involvement. we're going to be very much involved with the inner cities and we are to create incentives for the inner cities so that the inner cities can grow and produce jobs. and we're going to bring our jobs back from all of these countries that have stolen them like we're a bunch of babies. it is like candy being taken away from a baby. we're not going to let that happen. many of you folks had a great job and your company is gone. and you have never been able to replace that great job you had when you were younger. we're going to bring our companies back in our jobs back from a believe me. it is, to a large extent, about jobs. mr. trump, for most of the pastors and leaders, this is a very big question. much hinges on this. the question says, the next supreme court justice will make
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decisions that will touch the rights of every american that may come to define the nature of our government and our society for many years. will you stand strong on your suggested appointments and stay committed to naming only true constitutionalists to the bench? mr. trump: the answer is yes. [applause] 100%. wow. great. beautiful. [applause] beautiful. that question and that response is amazing because i get so many places. you will hear about these never trumpers. right now they're on respirators. the unity is becoming incredible. just today in the "wall street journal," they have an amazing story about amazing -- about all
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of the support we are getting from lots of rich people, even. these were "never trump," and now they're believing. they see lowered taxes, cutting the regulations, they see job creation -- which is so important. it has really been amazing. one of the things that they see and you people see is that it is so important, the judges. 11 judges. very, very much into the world of the constitution. that inwe have people some cases -- i think in all --es, will have absolutely the constitution will have no bearing on their decision. we picked 11 and we are adding nine more. we will have a total of 20 people. and i will pick from that group of 20 people -- these are 20 outstanding people. 11 have been named and we're adding nine more.
6:49 am
very much federal society forces, heritage. they are really, really amazing judges. and i will pick from that group. in these judges -- you know, we lost judge scalia and these judges are very much the mold of scalia. [applause] important, this election. so those people, and those republicans that are not helping , they should be ashamed of themselves. they should be ashamed. [applause] >> the final question -- >> [laughter] i know that's right. this is the final question. i just added it. it is a question that involves all americans, not just black americans, but a question that is on everyone's mind and i feel honored to be able to ask this
6:50 am
question and free to answer it for the first time because i know the media is here. how are you all doing? [laughter] and your responses going to reverberate around this planet, so you can take your time and think it through. abouto you have to say the recent shootings of unarmed police up to,he and including the shooting in north carolina yesterday and the shooting in tulsa the day before? mr. trump: well, as you know, i am a tremendous believer in the police and law enforcement because we knew that. we do. [applause] i have really gotten the endorsement am so many different groups. they're great people. great people your was have
6:51 am
foulups, somebody in there that either makes a mistake that is bad or that chokes. i must tell you, i watched the shooting, in particular, in tulsa, and that man was hands up. that man went to the car hands up. put his hand on the car -- to me, it looked like he did everything you're supposed to do. and he looked like a really good man. maybe i'm a little clouded because i saw his family talking about him after the fact, so you get a little bit different image maybe. but to me, it looked like somebody who is doing what they were asking him to do. , i don'tyoung officer know what she was thinking -- i don't know what she was thinking, but i am very, very troubled by that. very, troubled. [applause]
6:52 am
we have to be very careful. these things are terrible. in my opinion, that was a terrible situation. and we have seen others. are aware ofe that, too. by the way, police are troubled. did she get scared? was she choking? what happened? but maybe people like that, people that choke, people that do that maybe they cannot be doing what they are doing. [applause] >> donald j. trump, men of the people. the next president of the united states! trump doesn't we all respect our police greatly and they will just have to get better and better and better -- mr. trump: so we all respect our police greatly enabled us have to get better and better and better. >> let's put our hands together for donald j. trump.
6:53 am
here's is what i want you to do. , theoing to ask my wife one who does all of the work in his church and i get all the credit for it, she is going to come. i want you to stretch your hands for donald trump. i want dr. ben carson and his lovely wife to come. i want the man of god here -- men of god here to lay hands on him. she is going to pray. i really want you to intercede on his behalf. years ago when we first met him, when he was considering running for president, there is a great preacher nationally known -- i don't know if you remember, he said, i want you to understand, mr. trump, if you choose to run for president, there's going to be a concentrated satanic attack against you. over five years ago. he said there's going to be a demon principality against you on a level you have never seen before. and i am watching this every
6:54 am
day. so we're going to pray for you. >> i want to first take this cleveland, to thank ohio. i want to thank all of the media that came out. i want to thank all of you men and women of god they came out. i want to thank all of the leaders that came out. i want to thank all of you that the timeout of your day. i remember when we won the championship, the cleveland cavaliers won. they kept saying there's going to be stuff going on. cleveland is just a different place. we know how to conduct ourselves in cleveland, and we represent very well. this is a monumental day. i am the pleasure -- different from my husband and so many ways, more than just gender. so much different. i am very sensitive about who i meet and who i get to know. i am does that kind of a person.
6:55 am
i am sensitive. trump,n i first met mr. he walked to the door of trump towers and i thought, oh, my, that is a very tall man. and as he walked in, he immediately bowed his head. my husband will tell you and all knowr leadership, you guys i pay attention to the details. i can't help it. he immediately dropped his head and he recognized he was in the room with clergy. mr. trump has a reverence for clergy that i have never seen -- wait, 59 58 years of my life. [applause] i know it is hard for you all to believe that the man they show in the media is different. i am here to tell you, this is a
6:56 am
different man. this is a unique man. this is a leader. this is a person that will be great for our nation. this is a person that will be black-- good for americans. this is a man who will be good for black women. this is a person that will be good to our nation. and most of all, my concern, whether you know we are not, this is a person that will be good for our military. [applause] this is a person that will make our nation safe, our country safe. we don't want a nation that we walked down the street and bombings will be happening every time. we don't want to be shot at for no reason. we want to visit our malls, go to our synagogues, our churches. i feel like preaching this morning. i want to be free in our nation. and i believe that mr. donald j. y'all here know that the spin of the lord israel,
6:57 am
-- knowt out a praise that the spirit of the lord is real, let out a praise. we are americans and we deserve free. pr trumpk mr. donald will do that. me, telling you -- excuse sweetie, i know i went there. you should not have gave me the mic. i appreciate this man. i really appreciate michael:. i appreciate him. think god could create anyone like darrell scott, but i promise you michael coehn and darrellp are like scott. i know the media went there on me. but i love this man. thank you, sir. all of you did not have to make
6:58 am
this sacrifice to come front and center of leadership. it is a difficult place. how many pastors are here today? how many of you know leadership is difficult. we need someone that will honor in ouriefs and our faith feelings. and i know for a fact that mr. donald j trump will do that. he is a family man. he is a businessman. he is got tremendous stamina. i don't know anybody that could get up on a plane and do all this stuff. yes three more meetings today. i appreciate this man. one more time, thank him for coming today. this wasn't on his schedule. let stretch our hands right now. father, we thank you the name of jesus that you raise up a man for such a time as this. god, we ask you right now that your choice is this choice. we believe, lord, that you ordained things, all authority is of you.
6:59 am
i ask that you would touch this man, donald j. trump. give him the anointing to lead this nation. we thank you, god, that as a role for the clergy, role for the leaders, a role for the business owners, mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, we ask for help and we ask you, god, to let that help be in the form of the next president, mr. donald j trump. bless them, keep them safe, give in the wisdom and strength to lead this great nation. in jesus name, amen. menk you so much for letting go a little bit longer. god bless ya'll. >> today on c-span, "washington journal" is next. in about an hour, we talk to members of the household and security committee about the new
7:00 am
york and new jersey bombings and counterterrorism efforts. on the program -- host: good morning on this thursday. lawmakers in washington are facing a september 30 deadline to fund the federal government. the senate could move on a proposal as early as today. democrats are insisting anything have funding for the zika virus and address the water situation in flint, michigan. the ceo of the manufacturer faced a grilling from lawmakers who expressed outrage that the cost of the medication. .he medication has grown 500% it


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