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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 1:00am-2:06am EDT

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we know we are better for it. like mother teresa said at that name is prayer breakfast. there's so many families around the country who cannot have children. so people whoove cannot have children can. to'sekend encourage people -- we can encourage people to support women. why doesn't it donald trump trust women to make this choice for the themselves? of faith withes enthusiasm, convincing each other, dialoguing each other about important issues. fundamental issues of morality, we should let women make their own choice. >> society can be judged by how it deals with its most
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vulnerable. the aged, the infirm. i cannot say it how happy i am to be standing with a pro-life candidate, and donald trump. kaine, if your ticket wins, what are you going to do to unified the country? that may be the $64,000 question. a campaignrunning bout "stronger together." and donald trump, this man except he cannot defend donald trump. we have to bring the country together. here's what we will do. clinton was secretary of senate. served in the i talked to republican senator is a hand i'm surprised by how well they respect hillary
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clinton. she was on the armed services committee. she worked across the aisle would you as first lady to get the chip program past. across the aisle on 9/11 to get help benefits for the first responders who ran into the towers and pentagon. she the you care for national guard members including four hoosiers in the national guard. she has a record of working across the aisle. togovernor of virginia what goodlican houses, i have relations across the eye. it is fine to be a democrat, republican, or independent. after election day, the goal is to work together. hillary clinton has a record of working across the aisle. >> governor, how will you unify the country if you win?
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gov. pence: thank you. this is a family -- very challenging time in the life of our country. weekend our place in the world since the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton and it is followed i an economy that is stifled by an avalanche of taxes, regulation, obamacare, the war on coal, and trade dealers -- trade deals which have put americans in the back seat. the best way we can bring people together is to change in washington d c. i served with many republicans and democrats. men in women of good will. the potential is there to change the direction of this country but it is going to take leadership to do it. seeamerican people want to
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our nation standing tall on the world stage again. they want to see it supporting our military, rebuilding the military, command the respect of the world and they want to see the american economy off to the races. a comeback. has -- donaldff trump square has been about through coming hardship, finding a way through smarts and ingenuity and get through. when he becomes president the united states will have a stronger america. when you hear him say he wants to make america great again, when he does that i truly believe the american people will be standing tall. they will see that real change can happen after years of talking about it. decades. they will stand tall, stand together, and we will have the kind of unity that has been missing for so long. gentlemen, thank you so much. my thanks to the candidates, the
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commission, interview for watching. tuna and sunday for the second presidential debate at washington university in st. louis and the final debate at the university of las vegas -- nevada las vegas. good night. applause]
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announcer: the two vice president presidential nominees are enjoying working the crowd. we will continue to watch that scene but we would also like to hear from you. your are two ways you can get involved. you can call us or send us a tweet. here is how you can call.
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trump-pence supporters 202-748-8920 clinton-kaine supporters 202-748-8921 and or supporting other candidates, .thers 202-748-8922 we would like to ask you what you thought about the debate tonight. didn't sway you? do you think it will make a difference in the outcome? what is on your mind after watching the exchange between senator cain and governor pence? you are on the air.
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caller: a gallup poll was released a week and goes suggesting 54% were enthusiastic inut voting in 2016 compared -- with 55% -- 85% of people aged 55 and up. if hillary clinton once support, this is something that needed to be touched on in the debate because my parents as a terrible -- lgbtq.h lgb to two years ago.fy help if they mentioned it lgbtq issues instead of, you know, issues that impact of their demographics. host: what is it the fault of the question of -- or if you were senator kaine would your brother the?
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caller: if i was senator kaine i would've brought it up to distinguish the other side because this is something that was mike pence's doing. he had to clarify amid push back but he did not really do anything to engage the discussion and this is the issue of our time. host: next up, las vegas. debate in a another couple of weeks. supporting donald trump. color: absolutely. my wife, myself, michael family. many people supporting donald trump and we are all independent. we want the one with the most morals. we're not in the least bit interested in trump's taxes or whether he said a birther about obama. but we are interested in the clinton e-mails. she destroyed them. and this is not ethical.
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we are looking for [indistinct conversation] [laughter]
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[indistinct conversation]
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[indistinct conversation] >> after the presidential debate, members of the campaigns spoke to reporters.
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crimes and that is why tim kaine one this debate. -- defend himnd on his racist, sexist remarks and refused to defend him on any number of other things so to mike pence i do stand up for donald trump, defend the things he has done and said over the last week and he had to change the dynamics of this race and he did not do that. >> what is the strategy? >> do you think senator kaine came in too hot? was that the senator kaine she picked and you all know you like? >> absolutely. first of all, he stood up for their platform.
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he defended secretary clinton's record against relentless attacks from mike hence, that is what they said they would do. the ticket came out whole. what you saw mike pence do was with her in the face of any events or criticism of the things donald trump has done. >> was at weathering or not taking the debate -- debate? >> he would not stand up when he was confronted about whether he could defend his racist comments about a mexican judge, when he was asked about what donald trump said about women. in particular, when he was asked positionald trump has on russia, he changed the platform. he talked about his own policies. donald trump lost the debate because mike pence refused to defend him. >> after tonight, what is the strategy moving towards hyundai? >> we are going to continue the way we have. both secretary clinton and
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senator kaine will be out there talking about their positions. what we heard tonight was no defense on donald trump's positions or actions or mike pence made up new ones. we heard him talk about vladimir putin, the exact opposite of what donald trump has been saying. i don't know mike pence was thinking about his future ambitions or he simply had nothing to say and response to very legitimate questions. >> what about his demeanor on the stage today? cleverink he was very about the mirroring and refusing to confront or provide solid -- against the things donald trump has said it and on and i think that senator kaine won this debate in particular because he had to
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interject constantly. the one thing that mike pence stood up for donald trump on was the fact that he hasn't they taxes for almost 20 years that was the one thing he defended them on. >> you are saying the interjections were weakest for trump. >> mike pence continued to change the positions in the playbook. senator mccain was trying to push him but he just made up he's entirely new position. -- senator kaine was trying to push him but he just made up an entirely new position. hillary clinton has been three quarters of her life fighting
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for kids and families and americans can trust her to do that in the oval office. donald trump must be frustrated right now because i think senator kaine did a great job challenging his statements, record, policy positions. mike pence let them all breeze past him. >> are you worried that people who just tuned in saw the republican across as more polished than props in the next hour for the events? >> like i said, the success in this debate for the trump campaign was for mike pence to successfully defend donald trump's actions and positions and to change the dynamic in the race and he did neither. if mike pence was running his own campaign he could make up new policy. tim kaine that when a running mate is supposed to do. he defended secretary clinton's record and policies.
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eastern with her and challenged donald trump. mike pence was a wall on everyone of those. >> you don't think senator kaine interrupted too much of a lot of the discussion? you don't think donald -- senator kaine did too much of that? was frustrating was as i was saying earlier, governor pence would make up entirely new policy positions. on syria, he had policy contrary to what donald trump had suggested in the past. they completely new policy on russia. into ron kirk commercial remarks, yet nothing to say on top questions intimate assertions that were not true and senator mccain was making sure to correct the record. we were seeking to understand how michael pence good possibly defend some of these reprehensible remarks donald
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trump has that. the erratic actions. he cannot do that. >> you have argued does not have the temperament, and you think mike pence's temperament was a contrast to donald trump's or not? >> i think both senator kaine and governor pence came into this debate with most americans believing they are qualified to do the job of ice president. they both have extensive experience but what was troubling was that governor whether a hisle, temperament or values or blue's or whatever it is, was simply unable to defend donald trump. the only issue he defended him on was the issue about not paying taxes for two decades. i think those of them have the qualifications to serve in this capacity. look, these candidates run together as a unit. i would not say that about the trump that was what was troubling, mike reince
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suggesting -- mike pence suggesting completely different policy than his running mate and refusing to defend him. the real loser was donald trump. nobody had his back. tim kaine was supporting secretary clinton's positions. they were speaking coherently and consistently. mike pence had an entirely new political stand.
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>> hillary clinton's positions are entirely to the left. that is why she is lost eight out of supporters. >> do you feel like he defended the donald trump's positions it seemed like he was trying to not answer them directly. >> i have to say, i like tim kaine, but tim kaine rattling off of one example after another of a statement that he said donald trump made often were inaccurate, every time virtually distorted. they have their list. have you seen them? the things about vladimir putin and women and the things about the lady that he -- >> aren't these his words?
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>> they are distortions of his words. >> a lot of the action on twitter is that tim kaine him off as erratic and unhinged. well coached and had a series of the attack lines that hammered the opponent was 70 things you cannot possibly answer. i think in many ways distorting -- position of mr. pants on pence. pants >> do you think that interrupting came off as rude and attacking him? >> i think that tim showed much more respect. he was more respectful of the american public. >> do you think it will affect hillary clinton? do you think tim kaine's behavior tonight will affect hillary clinton?
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>> i think that it shows solidity. and confidence going forward. thes what did you think of moderator tonight? >> i think as good as possible under the circumstances that i really, i just don't know. i will have to look at it later and they're some of the comments on it. under these circumstances, the moderator could have perhaps pence a little more time in protection of the interrupted as much as he was. >> do think he agrees that vladimir putin is a old and better leader than president obama? >> i don't know whether he used that word or not but i don't think there is any doubt. vladimir putin has acted very recklessly in recent months a and actually for several years
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now and the power reset it hillary clinton started has been a failure and we've got to get this back on track. betterve we can have a relationship with russia, we should have a better relationship with russia, but it is going to take a strong president. >> how do you reconcile the statements tonight of governor the governorthat where he called him a strong leader and said he had a high approval rating and was doing things --. how do you reconcile? >> at one point senator cain -- senator kaine said his plan and senator clinton's was like the 1986 ronald reagan. >> repeat that again. the plan was like
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ronald reagan's plan in 1986. >> i don't know exactly what he meant by that. i did not hear that as you stated. plan was flawed because it gave him amnesty with a huge her. the donald trump is absolutely clear he will not make that mistake again. the first thing you should do is and the law on immigration and then deal with evil that of been here for a long time. [inaudible conversation]
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i think the majority do support having that and they don't show that whether you are an nra member that those are reasonable things. >> i would simply go back to the overwhelming numbers with reasonable background checks and look at the data. sometimes acts do matter.
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>> was there anything that struck you as different, new. i mean, he was definitely more aggressive. >> i think what he was trying to mike pence willing to defend some of the outrages comments donald trump has made. the comments about women. he would not come back and defend them. last question,e when het description, said what is in your heart comes out of your mouth, i think that was as good as any exchange in the debate because it is hard for michael pence to defend some of the comments donald trump has made throughout the campaign.
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[inaudible conversations] spanish] the last question was how do you bring people together after a bitter election. how do you bring them together? >> i think it starts with a willingness to listen. neither side has a monopoly on virtue or patriotism. you have to recognize a lot of that is building relationships
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[inaudible] -- that people call and never get solutions. [inaudible conversations] >> ime here to talk about governor pence's performance. if you give me your card ime happy to -- i would be happy to call you. card?you have a >> if you don't mind. >> governor pence said donald trump would be willing to use military force in syria against
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assad. trumpt something donald agrees with? >> i would have to talk to donald trump. i do not know the answer. >> has something changed? >> not within the last 15 minutes. >> how much conversation had they had about things like military in syria? >> i am not aware. >> he was constantly on the attack throughout the debate. >> you know what? greatk he learned what a choice he made an governor pence. i think you should the american people exactly what he is talking about which as am going to bring the best and brightest along with me. [inaudible conversations]
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>> there were things coming out of his mouth that had no relation whatsoever to the question he was asked. people would say why didn't they answer the question onbringing prosperity to so first of all i would say tonight we sold what ronald reagan said for many years, its first exercise your judgment and a -- [inaudible conversations] i would say tonight we saw what ronald reagan said for many years -- the very first exercise
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in leadership demonstrated by [indiscernible] greg sign-up because governor pence did so well tonight that it will not really matter. ] naudible >> i was surprised when they said the moderator -- our position is well known. tim, they haved
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a standard and they don't [indiscernible] >> i don't know what the gop stands for anymore. have reversed by joining the trump ticket. [indiscernible] he makes all of his products laboras so he imports sometimes legally sometimes illegally from what weekends the. i think that it seems like we will get back to discussing [indiscernible] --
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it was kind of an odd format because it was supposed to be an exchange. she did not let that exchange get going. she had a hard job to do and i think she did a good job. [indiscernible] >> i thought it was laughable given the fact that donald trump got his start in the campaign calling mexicans racist and criminals and one after another when they attacked the integrity of the judge in indiana and the prosecutor serving on the federal bench, he said he would not hear the trump university case because his
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parents came from mexico. i think he has run an insult-driven campaign and what tim did tonight was challenge trying to defend the hateful campaign and the attack on women, calling them, you know, pigs and dogs and so on. and now he is at war with the former miss universe and i think that time and time again, the campaign challenge. mike hastime again, walked away from the challenge to defend donald trump. you a smooth ready at a job to do which was to try to tell people why donald trump should be president and he never did.
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[indiscernible conversations] >> i think the female moderator, elaine, could handle herself. i mean, i think she was drawn. there is a difference with this debate, it was a discussion, right? a conversation. when i have a conversation, people interrupt each other sometimes. interrupted kaine, kaine interrupted pence. finally the numbers, who but iupted the most, don't know what the numbers are of who interrupted the most that there was a discussion and she went from topic to topic and it was quite a substitute date and i commend her for the job she did. >> the issue of pro-choice came up very late. >> they both have interesting positions on that.
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governor pence's history did not come out. reince yes. that question has been very interesting given what we see going on in north carolina and the same thing and indiana with businesses and conventions pulling out because of anti-gay discriminatory bills. that wasn't part of the discussion but it was part of thewhat was part ofthe discussion as both men discuss their faith and prayer breakfast every week in the senate. tim kaine's co-sharing that. he had the up. i thought that was a very good discussion on that. but when you get to the issue of contraception and a woman's right to choose, he explained how in fact the trump you and roespew of overturning versus wade would really go backwards in this country decades and it would go backwards if planned parenthood
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was defunded. >> what about some of the criticisms that tim kaine interruptive? >> i saw this as a different kind of debate. it was the conversation. people interrupt each other sometimes and there were a few times they interrupted each other during the first two minutes, ok, that was not supposed to happen. but for the most part they were conversing back and forth. the question was asked does that mean the moderator wasn't controlling it? i thought you was drawn. she followed up on questions. she was able to go from topic to topic. and it was a much more substantive debate may be because of the candidates that were in the debate. >> in the hand, did it the needle at all? >> after this last week where donald trump caused performance at the debate was not good, where he spent the week tweeting at 3:00 in the morning, and if
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the story comes out that -- the story comes out he had a million dollars -- nearly $8 billion in debt and he most likely did not pay his taxes, that is likely to change the trajectory of the election. it is very difficult to defend donald trump's position. crying several republicans in the room are saying that tim kaine's interruptions justified donald trump cause interruptions. is there a difference between the two? >> it was a different kind of debate. this was a conversation from and after the first few minutes and they both interrupted each other. in the other debate, it was very different. >> i believe that he did. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> i think what they said is again, how tragic it is for americans to wake up and find putin's leading rusher on the offensive and obama and clinton are retreating. not to say vladimir putin is good, what he is saying is unfortunately we have this leadership in washington. ironic and tragic that these people, vladimir putin is leading russia and our leadership in washington has america -- that was the whole point. grimes you came down here from virginia to watch this debate as senior republican from texas. i agree withure that. >> you are certainly a senior member of the house and you are
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chairman of the house financial services committee. you are down here supporting the jump campaign. give me an idea of what you thought about your friend mike pence. creswell, mike pence is my good friend. and what i think it shows the is that donald trump picked a governing partner. he spoke from the heart. he comes in the heartland and has a full command of the issues and i think they like his temperament and they know he is somebody who is committed to helping the right and the working families. will get the trump economy working gun which clearly it is not doing under the obama and clinton policy. what they heard somebody who understands foreign affairs and on the other side what they see as tim kaine flailing about trying to defend hillary's
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russian reset button when all it did was unsure russian was on the offensive in crimea and to create one of the worst humanitarian tragedies in the syrian civil war. i think there was a huge contrast there is i think mike pence did an excellent job in hand i think it reaffirms people to know that donald trump is going to surround himself with such great choices like mike pence. >> i don't know if you subscribe to the view that the first presidential debate was not a good performance for donald trump. do you think this gives a boost to the campaign and anyway? >> i think it does give a boost to the campaign. and yes, trump could've done better but he is not a professional politician like hillary clinton. to refocus theed campaign on the issues that provided success that donald trump had. the first disc, is the economy working for working americans?
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i mean, tim kaine was left to defend hillary clinton tax increases in the worst economic recovery in the history of the republic. you know, mike pence was there to again, point out, that under the obama-clinton doctrine we've got china on the move, rush on the move, iran has had their nuclear program legitimized by this administration and hillary clinton wants to claim credit for that. giving millions in millions of dollars to the largest state sponsor terrorism. i mean, it is just mind boggling. mind boggling. mike pence helps americans focus on important questions. these the economy really working for my family? most americans would say no, we need a change. are my children and grandchildren going to been anything for america? -- in a safer america? no, they are not. is one setthat there
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of rules for the clintons and one or the rest? no, it is not. i think that will clearly help drop. >> we're in the spin room. michael pencehat did not adequately defend donald trump. more importantas to talk about their policies and what they're going to do to help americans and remind people why they do not trust hillary clinton in the first is. she is talking about tax returns, i am still waiting to see the 30,000 e-mails. about jobs, in my mind she is rated maybe three or four jobs and that is when she hired people to help delete her e-mails and most of them ended up taking the the. there is a lot wrong with this picture. michael pence job was not to lay out policy. not to go on offense about how
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much disaster these economic policies and national security policies would be. tim kaine sounded silly when he was trying to convince is one we live in a paper america. he did too much talking. the guy just interrupted ad nauseam. i think americans just thought it was rude. i do not think he did well tonight at all. >> thank you for joining us. >> happy to do it. >> governor pence said several times that the campaign was insulting. can you tell me about that strategy? on the clinton dejour energy but it was clear that all the name-calling was coming from tim kaine. some of the charges were so over the top. something i would expect to see in a grocery store tabloid. he lost credibility with the american people. he was lodging charge after charge up to charge and could not even keep his charges straight. he could not defend this
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economy. he could not defend the russian reset that hillary clinton is responsible for and he certainly the clintond foundation. he tried to attack but i do not think he didn't affect ugly. >> russia certainly came up a lot in the debate. conversation] >> are you happy with either candidate? thing they say is, at the
2:00 am
very least whenever you think about it, he has made the message really clear. america greate again, but he gets to their anger and frustration and many of them deal lost. [indiscernible] -- can you do that? i am not trying to be facetious. >> at the core of this campaign is they believe that we are stronger together on three fronts. number one as a country when everyone is around the table. i think farmville eloquently represents that. we should be about moving forward and expanding opportunities for people. that makes a stronger as a country. we are stronger in the world and at home have stronger alliance is. that is a contrast to what we hear from the other side.
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>> when there are people who are not -- you know -- >> i think for a lot of americans it is very clear. people are tired of being divided. people are tired of the divisiveness. i think people believe it is important to have alliances in the world and also part of being a stronger is having an economy that works for everybody not just those at the top. i think people want to come together to solve problems. whate heart of it, that is it is about. sure, absolutely. andlieve both the she senator kaine do because again, there is an knowledge meant that
2:02 am
-- an acknowledgment that some people of not felt the improvement in the economy and we have to make sure we deal with that and for people in feel frustrated, i mean that is why in the jobs when we talk about training and how do we help people prepare for jobs of the future. a lot of it is solution oriented i think she also speaks -- i would put the other side of that to you as well. some people, when they hear america -- make america great again, there were times when women could not vote. people of color cannot the. we had jim crow laws. i do not think we want to go back to that. >> thank you. >> you're welcome.
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>> from philadelphia. what did you think of the tone of tonight's debate. i think tim kaine came across as unhinged will stop it was not his best moment. anything changes after tonight at all? >> i think we continue moving the ball down the field. moving closer to the goal on november 8. >> we still wanted more from governor pence in terms of answering for certain things donald trump says. do think he answered? >> i didn't and i think he showed his unequivocal support butnot only did he answer he showed why hillary clinton is such a terrible candidate. of the that was one biggest contrasts of the night and certainly why he won and we
2:04 am
were very excited. announcer: campaign coverage tomorrow on seized and. he vice presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail. indiana governor mike pence campaigns in harrisonburg, virginia, live coverage at 11:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. rally inaine holds a philadelphia. in the evening, a debate or california's open senate. the top two vote-getters are matched up in the general election regardless of already
2:05 am
affiliation. the two top contenders are come all harris and loretta sanchez, both democrats. live coverage starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. pacific. >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this wednesday morning, your reaction to the first and only by his financial debate between senator tim kaine and indiana governor mike pence. calls, facebook comments, in tweets. he sure to watch washington journal live in some :00 a.m. wednesday running. 20 discussion. the discussion. >> first ladies is the name of the book. 45 iconic american women. is a


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