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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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graphics after the vice presidential debate between senator tim kaine and governor mike hence, members of the
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clinton instrument campaign spoke to reporters. >> a that is why tim kaine won mike pence lost. he refused to defend donald trump on his racist sexist , remarks and refused to defend them on any number of thing. so, you know, to win this debate mike pence had to stand up for theld trump, had to defend things he has said over the last week and he had to change the dynamics of this race and he did not do that. >> what is the strategy, you think that he came into hot on the debate?
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is that the senator that she picked and you all know and like? >> absolutely. he stood up for the ticket and the platform. he defended secretary clinton's record against relentless attacks from mike pence. that's what they said they would do. what you saw mike pence do is ither in the face of any question or criticism of the things that donald trump has said. not takingindling or the bait. it withering or was it
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bait?ot taking the >> he just wouldn't stand up for hisfor. when confronted with a racist things donald trump has said about women in particular asked about donald trump's positions on russia he changed the platform and came up with his own miss of policies and refused to stand up. that's why the person that lost this debate was donald trump because mike pence refused to defend him. >> we are going to continue on the same strategy we had both secretary clinton and senator kaine will be talking about their platform and about the specific policies they have two make a difference in peoples lives and to create jobs and help families afford health care and education to but again the problem tonight was we either heard no defense of the position or actions. if she had nothing to say in response to the very legitimate questions about the position. he was very clever about refusing to confront or provide solid answers against the things that donald trump has said and done, and i think that senator kaine won this debate in
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particular because he had to interject constantly. the one thing that's mike pence stood up for donald trump on was the fact that he has not paid taxes for almost 20 years. that was the one thing he defended them on. interjectionse were a weakness for trunk, why were they a strength for tim kaine. >> mike pence continued to change the positions in the playbook. he refused to defend donald trump on issues and senator kaine was trying to push him to provide concrete answers as to --ther he supported in hand and believed in the things donald trump has said and done and then with russia in particular, he made up a new position. he talked about how hillary has
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spent three decades or more of her life fighting for kids with families and that americans can trust her to do that. i think donald trump is very frustrated right now. because he, i think senator king did a great job challenging his statements, challenging his record, challenging his policy positions and mike pence let them all breeze past them. >> are you worried that people who just tuned in may have seen a republican in both of them come across as more polished than perhaps in the next hour for both events? success in this debate for the trunk campaign was from mike pence to successfully defend donald trump's and physicians and change the race. you could do neither. if mike pence was running his own race, he could make up new positions, it he would do a good job. at tim kaine that when running mate is supposed to do.
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he defended secretary clinton's record and policies. he stood with her and he challenged donald trump. mike pence was a well on on everyonewas awol of those questions. christ you think he interrupted too much? did senator kaine did too much of that? >> there was a lively exchange act and forth. thisrustrating during debate was as i was saying earlier, governor pence governor pence would make up entirely new policy positions. for example on syria, he had a completely new policy on that and russia. he had nothing to say at all on controversial remarks. and he would make assertions that were not true so senator kaine was correcting those statements. howould not understand
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governor pence could support any statements.ump's >> do you think mike pence's temperament was a contrast to donald trump or not? senator kaineh and governor pence came into this with most americans believing they are qualified. they both have an extensive experience but what's most troubling is that governor pence was not able, whether it was his temperament are values or beliefs or whatever they are, was simply unable to defend donald trump. the only issue he defended his tax. >> to think mike pence has the right temperament to serve in this capacity? >> i think they have the qualifications to serve in this capacity. the candidates run together and what is troubling here is mike
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pence was suggesting completely different holidays than his running mate and refused to defend him. so i think the real loser in this debate was donald trump. nobody had his back. and tim kaine was there at every step defending hillary clinton. reeking coherently, so simply. mike pence had an entirely new policy proposal. [indiscernible conversation]
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>> it is true that hillary clinton's positions are totally far to the left on that issue and so many people know what to -- that is why she is lot she has lost a lot of support. was he trying to get out of some of those questions? >> i have to say, i like tim offe but tim kaine rattling one example after another of some statement he says donald trump made were often a inaccurate. every time virtually distorted. they have their list, having -- have you seen it? things about peyton, things vladimirthings about
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putin, things about women. distortions of his words. ona lot of the reaction -- tim is that team kaine came off as erratic and unhinged. what do you think of that? >> he had a series of attack lines. he hammered the opponent with so many things you cannot possibly answer him. i think many ways distorting the the positions of mr. pence and donald trump. think that his interrupting came up as a rude instead of attacking him? >> yes, i think so. i think that tim showed much more respect. i think mr. pence was more accurate consistently and he was more respectful of the american public. >> do you think his behavior will affect hillary clinton?
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>> i think it is a good event here for the trump campaign. i think it showed solidity and confidence going forward. that will be positive. >> what do you think of the moderator tonight? >> i think as good as possible under the circumstances. and i really just don't know. i will have to look at that later and here's some of the other comments. it looks to me like under the circumstances, the moderator could have perhaps allowed a little more time and protection. protection from being interrupted as often as he was. does donald trump agree that vladimir putin is a bullying leader? >> i do whether to use that word or not but i do not think there is any doubt that vladimir putin has acted very recklessly in
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recent months. actually, several years now. and the entire reset that hillary clinton started has been a failure and we have got to get this back on track. i believe we can have a better relationship with russia. we should have a better relationship with russia. but it is going to take a strong president. >> senator, how do you reconcile the statement tonight of a reporter -- how do they reconcile michael penn saying donald trump never praised president clinton and never said he was a strong leader, had a high approval rating and was doing things his voters liked? how do you reconcile that? >> how do you reconcile the governor saying donald trump praise president putin? >> at one point senator cain said the plan was like the 1986 act by ronald reagan. any thoughts on that? >> repeat that again?
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>> is used then our plan was like ronald reagan when in 1986. >> i don't know exactly what he meant by that. i didn't hear that clearly as you stated. the 1986 plan was flawed because promiseamnesty with a in the future. donald trump is absolutely clear that he will not make that mistake again. the first thing that you should do is end the laws on immigration and amend them and then work with people that have been here a long time. [inaudible conversations]
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>> i think the vast majority of second amendment supporters and gunowners actually do support reasonable gun restrictions such as having background checks, such as making sure terrorists who can't fly can't produce firearms.e and i think whether you are an and or a member or a gun owner, as i am, i think those are reasonable things. >> how would the position actually get -- >> i would simply go back to the overwhelming numbers with gunowners support reasonable background checks and look at the data. sometimes facts do matter.
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>> was there anything about the performance that struck you as different, and knew? i mean, he was more aggressive. >> i think what he was trying to get to, was governor pence willing to defend some of the more outrageous comments that donald trump made. aboutst the comments women. comments about nuclear proliferation. finally, the governor would not come back and defend him. and i think in a way when tim the second to last question and basically said, from your heart is what comes out of your mouth, i think some have been as good as any exchange in the debate because it is hard for governor pence to say it, to defend some of the indefensible comments that donald trump has made
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throughout the campaign. [inaudible conversations] [speaking foreign language] >> the last question tonight was how do you bring people together , after bitter election? [inaudible] >> i think it starts with a willingness to listen. i think that neither side has a monopoly on truth or virtue or patriotism. i think you have to recognize -- relationships, realize
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[indiscernible] it amazes me their people that are in politics and never get to a solution. >> i am here to talk about governor pence is performance. i did not hear that exact line so i would have to look at it. if you give me your phone number -- >> he said that he would be willing to use military force is -- against assad.
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is that something that mr. trump agrees with? crid yu no, i am going to have to talk to mr. trump about that. i do not know the answer. donald trump said he would do that, has something changed? rx not in the last 15 minutes. >> what about syria. >> i am not familiar with that, i cannot speak on that. after tim kaine was constantly on the attack, do you think he learned anything? >> after he was constantly on the tax, do you think he learned anything? >> i think he learned what a great choice he made and showed the american people what he was talking about which is i'm going to bring the best and brightest. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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>> you heard things coming out of tim kaine's mouth that had nothing to do with the question asked. and people will know that, they will say, well why didn't they answer the question onbringing prosperity. first of all i would say tonight we saw what ronald reagan said for many years, which is the very first exercise of leadership was his selection of
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mike pence as his running mate. [inaudible conversations] >> i know because governor pence did so well tonight, maybe the tenants will say, it does not really matter. but that will not be true. announcer: c-span, created by america's cable television companies and brought to buy a public service by your cable or satellite provider. >> more campaign coverage today on c-span. the vice presidential camp -- candidates are back on the campaign trail.
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governor mike pence campaigns in harrisonburg, virginia. of 11:30 a.m. here on c-span. holds aenator tim kaine philadelphia, pa. and the top two vote getters in the primary or matched up in the general election regardless of party affiliation. the two are the states attorney general and eight congresswoman, both democrats. live coverage starting at 10:00 pacific.ern, 7:00 p.m. >> washington journal is next. we will take your calls. later, a look at the presidential transition process. live coverage starting at 2:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span.
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now, we want to get your reaction to the vice presidential debate between senator tim kaine and governor mike pence which was held in farmers for, virginia. you can join >> did he work on that one a long time? host: it is wednesday come october 5. it was debate night last night. we will spend the first half of today's "washington journal" getting your reaction to the vice presidential debate. who won? if you are supporting mr. trump and governor pence, 202-748-8001 . if you are supporting tim kaine and hillary clinton, 202-748-8000


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