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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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now, we want to get your reaction to the vice presidential debate between senator tim kaine and governor mike pence which was held in farmers for, virginia. you can join >> did he work on that one a long time? host: it is wednesday come october 5. it was debate night last night. we will spend the first half of today's "washington journal" getting your reaction to the vice presidential debate. who won? if you are supporting mr. trump and governor pence, 202-748-8001 . if you are supporting tim kaine and hillary clinton, 202-748-8000.
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if you are supporting a third-party candidate, 202-748-8002. if you are undecided, 202-748-8003. or can also send us a tweet go to phone lines are open. start dialing in. debate, eyesr the will be back on the polling numbers to see what impact last night's debate had on the presidential race. where the race stood before the , hillarygan last night clinton just over 48% in national polls according to cq and their chart of polling. donald trump at 44.3%. you can see how those two candidates and their numbers moved since the debate over week before the line just to the left
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there. we will look for the polling numbers as they come out in the coming days. during the debate, twitter keeping stats on various numbers and reaction from viewers around the country. the most tweeted about topics, foreign affairs, the economy, terrorism, reproductive rights, immigration. largestndidates saw the twitter game, mike pence saw 22,000 more people following his , tim kaine salt 15,000 more people following his account. -- saw 15,000 more people. donald trump at the end of the debate saying mike pence one big -- won big. the clinton camp claiming victory as well. hillary clinton with a tweet of her own.
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lucky to have a partner like tim kaine who stood up for our shared vision tonight. in to say who you think won the debate last night on c-span. we have a poll asking that question. login throughout our program today to make their voices heard. couple ofs share a the tweets so far that we are getting. phil king says -- david crockett on twitter -- bruce in florida. you are supporting hillary clinton. did you watch the debate? who do you think won?
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caller: i do believe tim kaine won that debate. looked like a buffoon trying to say donald trump did not say what donald trump has been saying for a year now. mike pence accused clinton's campaign of running a nasty campaign. hillary clinton's campaign ads are donald trump's own words. yes, it's nasty, because donald trump is nasty, disgusting human being. host: jeff in pittsburgh. you are supporting mr. trump. good morning to you. caller: good morning. i definitely think mr. pence won the debate. i was very impressed with him. i was disappointed that there was no mentions of the situation
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in ben ghazi where we had an ambassador and soldiers killed. the meeting with loretta lynch, hillary clinton's false claims about being shot at by snipers -- the greatest thing that surprises me -- it doesn't in thee me -- our place world is in such decline that we president saying he will seek a closer relationship with russia and china because of the lack of american leadership. statementpretty sad about the situation america is in. host: that is supporting a third-party candidate in michigan. good morning to you. -- beth is supporting a third-party candidate in michigan. good morning to you.
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caller: i'm going to write in a candidate. my point is, the reason i became an independent was this military that mr. pence was alluding to in the air, on the land come in the sea -- who's going to pay for that? if they are not going to raise and they will continue with the loopholes, it sounds like my taxes are going up. nightdid you decide last -- we lost her. only debate for the vice presidential candidates last night in virginia. 90 minutes the two squared off. it?do you think on won
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magic mike makes trump disappear. the debate debacle. larry in virginia. it you are supporting mr. trump. what do you think? quick, vice president pence will take care of our national guard and reserves. senator kaine was misinformed and said all national guardsmen and reservists have private care because hillary clinton took care of the military. i don't have tri-care because i'm not eligible. it.rnor pence will fix host: when did you decide to support donald trump? did you gain more confidence in the trump candidacy when he picked mr. pence? caller: sitting in fairfax
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county, i have a slew of choices. i am more for jeb bush. he could as he did not do well and because i watched some of the debate between marco rubio and chris christie -- chris christie was smart about some things. an easy choice, but i went for trump because i felt like he was addressing many issues the average american faces from day-to-day. high-classieve hillary sees what the average person does. host: what about when he chose governor pence? caller: i thought it was a superb choice. the name of the game is to balance the ticket and stuff. they say trump is not the traditional republican. mike pence healthspring that balance. -- helps bring that balance.
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he will offer assistance to president trump. host: larry stotts in virginia. virginias thoughts in we are asking you about the running mates and their debate performance last night. we will get two more of your phone calls, coming up. first, one moment from last night. the two of them were asked about unifying this country. [video clip] >> it has been a divisive campaign. hillary is running a campaign about stronger together and donald trump -- this is not directed at this man, except for the extent he cannot defend donald trump -- his campaign has been about one insult after the next. hillary clinton was first lady,
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senator for eight years and then secretary of state. well republican senators respect and regard hillary clinton. to worked across the aisle get the chip program passed so that 8 million low income gets had health insurance in this country. got healthids insurance in this country. she worked to get benefits for tri-care for national guard members. she has a track record of working across the aisle to make things happen. i have the same track record. i was a governor of virginia with two republican houses. i had good relationships across the aisle.
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after election day, the goal is worked together. hillary clinton has a track record of a accomplishments far beyond the aisle. >> how will you unify the win?ry a few if you >> it's a very challenging time. an economy that is truly struggling, stifled by an avalanche of more taxes, more regulation, obamacare, the war on: the trade deals that have put american workers in the backseat. and the tradecoal deals. i served in washington, d.c. for 12 years. i served with many republicans and democrats.
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there to really change the direction of this country, but it's going to take a leadership to do it. the american people want to see our nation standing tall on the world stage again. they want to see a supporting our military, rebuilding our military, commanding respect in the world and they want to see the american economy off to the races again. they want to see an american come back. donald trump's entire career has been about building. host: how would you unify the country? that was there answer from the first and only by's presidential debate. -- mice presidential debate. -- vice presidential debate. new orleans, you are on the air. caller: thank you for c-span. it was tim kaine, no doubt. knowledge, he is
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not pushing the politics of fear and he doesn't respect dictators. he's pushing the politics of stronger together. way itis country the needs to be led, not by a bankrupt businessman. tot: how do you respond carol on twitter who says pence came off as a gentleman and senator kaine as a bully? caller: i don't think senator kaine was a bully. he was trying to get his point across. attacked foreen over a year, since all this began. the only thing they have is attacking this lady who has spent her whole life devoted to , attacking her
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foundation -- they've already put together a program to have her impeached and she's not even been elected yet. these people are out of their minds. john with more on the debate. >> that exchange you just played for our viewers one of the cleaner exchanges in the debate. there were a lot of interruptions throughout the course of that buys presidential debate last night -- vice presidential debate last night. how do you quantify those interruptions? when a candidate successfully seizes the floor. on their chart, mike pence with a little over 40 interruptions. airedding interjections
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tim kaine with over 70 interruptions and over 60 leading interjections -- fleeting interjections. who and how many times? tim kaine with nine attacks against mike pence. 32 attacks against donald trump. mike pence with five attacks against tim kaine, 23 attacks against hillary clinton. wordother stats for you, count is always something those who break down these debates look at. the work taxes mentioned 37 times during the debate. russia came up 34 times. mentioned 34 times. tax returns mention 15 times. jobs mentioned just seven times. server mentioned six times.
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the cities of scranton and fort wayne community and i each mentioned once. indiana each, mentioned once. host: flushing, new york. you are undecided. why is that? caller: good morning to you. someonecided because might be blinking in the final moments. this debate was more informative than the presidential debate. was nosidential debate issues. no international issues. discuss nothing about that. mike pence articulated the options we have.
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we need a strong person. donald trump is not admiring putin. when obama draws a redline and hides behind it, he lost trust in him. donald trump is a good businessman. host: i will show our viewers the question that both tim kaine putinke pence got about and russia. your point about
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it's important to watch the vice presidential debate, usa today editorial board agrees with you. they write --
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let me show you what the two of them had to say about this question of russia and vladimir putin. [video clip] >> you have to be tough on russia. let's start with not praising vladimir putin as a great leader. donald trump and mike pence have said he is a great leader and donald trump -- .> no, we haven't >> hillary clinton has gone to to toe with russia. she went toe to toe with russia as secretary of state to reduce russia's nuclear stockpile. she had the experience doing it. she went toe to do with russia and watched protests when they went into georgia. we put punishing economic sanctions on russia that we need to continue. donald trump did not know that russia had invaded crimea. he was on a tv show a couple months ago and said russia is
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not going into ukraine. he had to be reminded that they had gone into the crime idea that crimea -- had gone into the crimea two years ago. hillary clinton stood up to them on issues such as syria and their invasion of georgia. you have to have the ability to do that and hillary does. in donald trump, you have somebody who praises platinum or put in all the time. america should wonder about a president trump who had a campaign manager with ties to put in my appropriate and elements in the ukraine who had to be fired for that reason. when donald trump is sitting down with latimer prudent, will -- vladimir putin, will it be america's bottom line or donald trump's bottom line he will be worried about?
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i know he's laughing at this -- every president since richard nixon has done it and donald trump has said he's done business with russia -- i'm trying to keep up with the insult driven campaign on the other side -- >> i'm just saying facts about your running mate. mouth.t put words in my most of what you've said is completely false. that moment from last nights debate -- we are getting your reaction to it. we will spend the first half asking you who won. in our last half, we will turn to your top issues. there are the numbers on your screen. then in flagstaff, arizona.
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-- danny in flagstaff, arizona. what did you think about the vice presidential running mate of hillary clinton? caller: i thought he did a pretty good job, actually. he spoke quite fast here and there. it's nothing i had a hard time understanding. pence notoke about being able to defend trump, i think that is true, actually. point very direct, to the -- i have this feeling that he and hillary are serious about try to --re going to as they say, stronger together. the whole part where they kept talking over each other was kind that part was where i
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wanted to change the channel, but i didn't. host: you watched the entire 90 minutes? caller: i did, actually. hillaryen you found out show senator kaine, what was your reaction -- chosen senator kaine, what was your reaction? caller: i did not really know him. i have to get to know this guy. i think she made a good choice with him. alan in new york supporting a third party. good morning to you. none of these candidates are talking about how they are going to fix social security. the government stole money out -- i'm tiredurity
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of these candidates calling each other names. host: there was a question last night about social security. caller: they did not say how they were going to fix it. it.telling you how to fix the government pays the money they stole out of there. the republicans are the ones that okayed it. they keep giving themselves a raise or d. >> just because the vice presidential candidates were debating last night did not mean they were staying off twitter yesterday. tim kaine with a tweet right before the debate -- encouraging his supporters to watch. mike pence retreating a picture of his wife speaking to cnn
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prior to the vice presidential debate. there is that picture there. members of congress putting out tweets as well. a republican from california with his thoughts during the debate -- brendan boyle is a democrat from pennsylvania -- a sender from hawaii, democratic senator -- and a democrat from
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massachusetts put up his own twitter poll last night -- let's go back to our viewers and see what they think. victor in durham, north carolina. pence seems to go back and forth on the military issue. first, he said we had a weak military, then said we had the strongest military in the world by far. he did not do his homework on his candidate. said. not know what trump i live in north carolina and everywhere i look, new buildings are going up from a construction is going crazy. economy doing so
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bad if all this is going up? host: james is undecided in virginia. you are next. caller: i'm undecided. 1924 during -- 1994 during bill clinton's administration. haiti was devastated back then. now, we have a hurricane. the hurricane is going to cause so much damage to the caribbean area. the hurricane is most likely going to hit florida. , is theant to know money that all these people are giving to hillary clinton and -- hillarydations clinton's foundation and trumps foundation, are they
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going to help? near theuilt so much shore. that area is going to be devastated. host: the trajectory of hurricane matthew heading right toward the east coast, could be a direct hit on to florida. the governor there called for a state of emergency. this seems to be an issue of money. is that why you are undecided in the campaign because of amount of money that goes towards campaigns versus helping people in haiti and other
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places? caller: her husband declared war in haiti when we had to throw to upholdhad democracy. what we did there was devastating. the earthquake followed and then a hurricane. i don't even know what haiti looks like right now. host: what are you going to do on november 8, then? caller: i will vote for the person who eliminates every dime in their bank account and supports the caribbean. we are about to be devastated. -- i saw kidsiti in ditches. that's not a good thing. host: the pictures on the front page of the papers today about -- hit haiti took yesterday as that hurricane continues to work the united states.
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states.d the united the president will be meeting with fema ahead of that hurricane. jane in pikeville, kentucky. you are supporting mr. trump. how do you think his running mate did last night? caller: absolutely fantastic. all the interruptions shows their guilt to me. anytime anybody mentions the e-mail server, they always interrupt the republican party. i'm scared about our economy and our safety. if anybody in the united states of america believes they have not done wrong, why do they give and don't even prosecute them for what they've done to our safety and our country?
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was donerry that pence that way as far as not letting out what he truly means because of the interruptions that came down towards him and the things they don't want out. host: how do you respond -- we lost her. jacksonville, florida. a clinton supporter there. caller: good morning and thank you for having me. i thought tim kaine was running away from his campaign, running away from his candidate, all supporting himself rather than defending his campaign's policy. on the contrary, i saw a senator tim kaine who was actually promoting -- explaining the
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policy of his campaign, supporting his candidate and doing everything possible to stay on message. , answeredd questions all the questions and was not running away from any question. mike pence was running away from on about all going sorts of things except the question that was asked. that is what the washington post editorial board has to say as well about the vice presidential debate. defending the indefensible. more of your calls and thoughts, coming up. you can go to facebook as well. continue here until about 8:30 a.m. eastern time with your thoughts on the vice presidential debate, the first and only one that will happen this campaign season. tracking theeen
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twists and turns of the presidential election come a week venturing to keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest on the congressional elections going on. the senate a target for democrats. seatsats would need four to take over the united states senate. five seats at donald trump wins the presidency. -- if donald trump wins the presidency. ew of the ads coming out happen trying to tie the republican candidates the donald trump it -- to donald trump. republicans trying to tie candidates to hillary clinton. [video clip] >> jason kander supporting the status quo liberal agenda.
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taxoted to allow missouri dollars for illegal immigrants, voted repeatedly in support of .bamacare a carbon copy of hillary clinton status quo agenda. jason kander, another liberal copycat. jason kander taking on republican roy blunt. democrats trying to tie republican candidates to donald trump as well. by maggie hassan trying to highlight kelly ayotte. [video clip] >> would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? >> absolutely. >> she gained a massive amount of weight.
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it was a real problem. >> donald trump called you miss piggy. how did that make you feel? >> so sad. >> here's a woman and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. he suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arm. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. i would look her in that fat face of hers. blood coming out of her whatever. >> absolutely, i would do that. >> since that debate in new hampshire, kelly ayotte with some comments saying she misspoke during that debate. trump as role model, kelly ayotte says she misspoke.
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misspokeaying she during the debate -- neither donald trump nor hillary clinton have set a good example. those words are out there. democrats already using it in their ads. when governor pence was asked about the words donald trump has used to describe women , senator kaine asked him repeatedly to defend donald trump's remarks. --nk in his piece says this
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piece -- here is what he writes in his column -- host: what are your thoughts on
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this? sherry in georgia. you are supporting mr. trump. caller: i am supporting mr. trump. i'm sick of hearing about barack obama -- nobody cares. americans -- they are talking more about russia that america. and donald trump's taxes. what about hillary clinton and all the investigations? i want to know how many tax dollars have been spent investigating her. i want to know who is putting that bill -- footing that bill. if you have a runaway bride, --y make her pay host: does it bother you how
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much the republicans on the special committee investigating what happened in benghazi spent? caller: it bothers me that hillary was guilty for benghazi. they should investigate her. my son is about to be a soldier. happen to ourll military. viewers as show our back-and-forth last night between the two running mate's on this issue. the state of indiana has balanced budgets, cut taxes, made record investments in education and infrastructure. i still finished my term with $2 billion in the bank. that's different than when governor kane was in virginia -- he raised taxes by $4 billion, left his state to billion dollars in the hole. we cut unemployment in half.
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clintonmer president calls obamacare a crazy plan. they want to expand the single-payer program. donald trump and i have a plan to get this economy moving again. worked in thet 1980's and 1960's. lowering taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms commending the war on coal dust -- family farms, ending the war on coal. we can get america moving again, put on top of trade deals that but the american worker first. >> there is a fundamental choice.
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the want a your hired president and hillary clinton or a your fired president in donald trump? we invest in manufacturing infrastructure and research in the clean energy jobs of tomorrow. our workforce from pre-k education to great teachers to debt-free college and tuition free college for families that make less than $125,000 a year. third, we promote fairness by and by the minimum wage paying women equal pay for equal work. we promote small business growth, just as we've done in virginia, to make it easier to start and grow small businesses. an iron well -- we provide tax relief to middle-class individuals and small businesses. host: mike pence and tim kaine
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last night talking about the and hows country faces their two campaigns would address the issue. greg in new york. you are undecided. why are you still undecided at this point? caller: i decided i might vote for hillary. host: after last night's debate? caller: yes. depends -- putt it to pence. ors is not about who's right who's wrong, this is about the soul of this country. what made you think about voting for donald trump in the
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past? you said you were undecided until last night. for kept you from voting or saying yes, i'm voting for hillary clinton? caller: donald trump is off the hinge. he's not right for this country. this is about the soul of america. there is right and there is wrong. over the soul war of this country once before. good triumphs over evil all the time. --had the civil war eventually, if you look up, the and we are here
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today with a black president. they --ans seem like they make up stories like benghazi and this and that. it's about the soul. do you have one? when i hear about refugees, children floating in the water, they don't care. it seems like they have no soul, they don't care. i saw something on the internet about a focus group of trump supporters and there was a guy trying to find out what's in the head of the trump supporter and he made up a bunch of ridiculous things about transporting mexicans in port of potties and ridiculous stuff and input and howut
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to deport these people in the most ridiculous ways. host: who is your candidate, gail? caller: unfortunately, it was bernie sanders. clinton and the democratic national committee stole that nomination from him. with election fraud, massive election fraud. so, i guess i might have to go with jill stein. host: did you watch the debate last night? caller: not really. i've been watching clips this morning. i don't like either of the candidates, the two-party candidates. a reminder, we are showing you moments from last night, you can also go to and watch the
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entire debate or watch clips of it on our website. website,our we will be getting the running , senator tim kaine , in philadelphia at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. you can watch that on c-span, or the c-span radio app. at a rallyke pence in harrisonburg, virginia. get that c-span radio app so you can watch it there. the running mates defending their candidates. i had of this sunday's second presidential debate. -- i had of the sunday's -- i
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ahead of this sunday's second presidential debate. we will show you the room and you can listen to the sites -- watch the sites and listen to the sounds at 8:30 eastern time. -- joel intle beach sandusky, ohio. hillary clinton is your person. good morning. and tim kainey are the best fit for the country. there is a book out from hillary , "hard choices." it's a very interesting book. there's a lot of these countries
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that don't like us, but they respect us, they respect her. when you read that book, it explains everything. , everything about that, too. it's just plain and simple, she is for us, she helps kids, she -- she's done a lot of stuff. go to the website. stronger together, her and tim kaine. host: any moment from last night's debate that sticks out to you? caller: everything that. he did a good job, tim kaine did a good job. host: this is from "politico."
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tim kaine was not trying to win the debate, he was trying to bash donald trump. would you agree with that? caller: no, i do not agree with that. explained their plan to help create jobs and infrastructure and energy and everything. that's all i can say. host: let me read a little bit more from "politico." snatching discord from the jaws of victory, clinton and her were satisfied if not elated by keynes performance -- tim kaine's performance.
7:50 am
here is a quote from one advisor. pence won overall but did not win with mr. trump. that person who is going to vote for jill stein, i was a bernie sanders supporter, but a vote for jill stein is a vote for donald trump. i watched the whole debate. it was torture. does what a lot of republicans do, they filibuster their opponent, the interrupt, they don't answer the question posed to them. to get a word in edgewise, tim kaine had to interrupt mike pence. i think tim kaine missed an opportunity to say to pence, you
7:51 am
did not answer the question. opportunity -- hence used a ronald reagan phrase. youkaine could have said are trying to sound like ronald reagan but you are no ronald reagan. i had a glass of wine afterwards, i was a nervous wreck. think it moved the needle for any of the campaigns? i'm very pessimistic. i think trump is going to win the election. thinks i am too pessimistic. as far as moving the needle, i really don't know. it takes a few days or maybe a week to find out.
7:52 am
are some good add material that clinton can use from that debate. mike pence refusing to defend and calling's lies tim kaine a liar -- i thought tim kaine was an honorable guy. he seemed like the more honorable person in that room. host: the moderator lost control in the beginning and never gained it back. coming up, we will talk to peter. but first, more from john mcardle. >> that last caller on what was a lie and what was an ally -- what wasn't a lie. fact checkers in real-time
7:53 am
working the debate. checks one of their fact on tim kaine saying even richard nixon released his tax returns to the public when he was running for president. nixon never released his tax returns during the presidential campaign. nixon released his full returns when he already was president to quell controversy over his taxes. running in 868, he allowed a reporter to examine his returns. -- in 1968. well tim kaine's statement had an element of truth, it ignores facts and creates a different impression. one fact check about mike pence's statements -- he said trump never said more nations -- ad get nuclear weapons
7:54 am
interview, -- may 4 trump responded i'm prepared to let japan have more nuclear weapons. trump has said often that he opposes nuclear proliferation in general. one other chart from political olitifact.ll it you can see the times that tim statements were rated true or mostly true. mike pence compared on the other and, true and mostly true
7:55 am
red. statements rated in host: peter is supporting donald trump in florida. how do you think the governor did for mr. trump last night? caller: i think he did really well. tim kaine interrupted him so if you look at the split screen, you would see that pence was shaking his head no or saying trump knew that or making comments under his breath, not to the entire audience, but he was disagreeing with camkaine. the woman from michigan, the caller before me said pence interrupted, but there was a
7:56 am
graph earlier saying in every topic, tim kaine interrupted by a multiple of 60-40. neerwhelmingly, kai interrupted and he was all over the place. i could not get where he was coming from. host: how do you respond to the criticism this morning of that he did not defend what the washington post says is the indefensible? explained, mr. kaine that he could not understand how not defend mr. trump's record. micer: he did not get the that often to be able to defend trump as often as he would have
7:57 am
liked to. in the split screen, you would see him shaking his head or nodding or saying he knew that. tim kaine said trump did not even know that they were in crimea. on the split screen, pence said "yes, he did." he defended his candidate. he knew that tim kaine was going to interrupt him. he would go with other topics other than just to defend him. "the" editorial also says post"- "the washington editorial board also says this --
7:58 am
peter, do you think your candidate should release his tax returns? caller: i do. -- he is release holding it back. i don't know what for. host: does that concern you? caller: a little bit. it does concern me a little bit. but not to the point where i think he would lose anything. i think he is playing a game, like he always does. out thatt if it comes he has not had to pay federal taxes for several years because of the way the real estate tax laws work? let's say he hasn't and the democrats make the argument that he has not paid -- let me show it to you.
7:59 am
in their own words come on donald trump's taxes. [video clip] >> the policies of this administration, which hillary clinton and senator kaine want to continue have run this economy into a ditch. 15 million new jobs? level and median income improved dramatically. numbersan roll out the on the sunnyside but people in knowton no different -- different. the answer is not more taxes. >> you provide tax relief to folks at the top. i wonder whether he will defend his running mate not paying taxes. >> donald trump is a businessman, not a career politician.
8:00 am
show he facedrns some pretty tough times 20 years ago. he used net operating loss. we have a tax code designed to preserve entrepreneurship. it?hy won't he release >> his tax return showed he went through a difficult time, but he used at the tax cut the way supposed be used and he did brilliantly. >> how do you know that? >> because he created a business worth billions of dollars. this whole rift about not paying taxes for years, donald has created tens of thousands of jobs and he has paid payroll. >> senator, i will give you 30 seconds to respond. trump started this
8:01 am
campaign in 2014 and said if i run for president, i will absolutely release my taxes. he has broken his first promise. he stood on the stage last week and when hillary said you have not been paying taxes, he said that makes me smart. it is smart not to pay for military. it's smart not to pay for our veterans. it is smart not to pay for our teachers. for all of us who do pay for those things, i guess we're stupid. the last thing i want to ask governor pence is -- governor pence had to give donald trump his tax returns to show he was qualified to be vice president. theld trump must give american public his tax returns to show that he is qualified to be president and he is breaking his promise. with that, we will reset the question here for all of you this morning after that look at the tense exchange between the two last night over taxes and
8:02 am
whether or not the candidate, mr. trump, should releases. his. who won the first and only vice presidential debate? let me go back to peter who is supporting mr. trump. just pick up on what you heard at the end, the arguments being made by senator kaine and the democrats that if you didn't pay federal taxes, that means he did not pay for childhood education, veterans, etc. does that concern you? caller: that is partially true, said, he pay tim for ther employees range of businesses that trump is in. trump did say he would release them, not when he would release them, but that he would release them. there is still time for him to release those tax forms. as if the
8:03 am
democrats are saying he is lying on something, but he has time to complete something he said he was going to do. to call him a liar on that completely, it's like saying you have 10 days to do something and on day to expecting it done. left.there are 33 days do you think time is running out for undecided voters for mr. trump to convince them to come to him? -- i don'think remember how long ago it was, but he had a year where he lost $900 million plus. due to that, the government allowed him to not pay taxes under some law. i'm not familiar with it so i cannot speak too much highly on it. if that were the reason he hadn't been paying taxes, that would be legal and what he was allowed to do based on the law
8:04 am
the government had. host: let us hear from abby who is undecided in wisconsin. caller: hi, i don't think anybody won the debate last night because i do not think eight either one made -- either one made a case that would change anyone's mind. as far as pence, he did not defend truck at all as far as the texting. ax thing. people who already feel that way are already voting for trump and i do not think it persuaded anyone who wasn't to vote for him. i was a bernie supporter, so i'm undecided. i woulded on issues, vote for jill stein, but i'm so opposed to trump that if i have to, i will vote for hillary even though i'm not a hillary supporter. host: what are you doing and week out or a day out? are you looking at the polls and making your decision? caller: yes, just to see how close it is.
8:05 am
any chance that trouble when, i will vote for hillary. i'm looking at my state polls. i don't think he has a chance, but sometimes i get nervous. if i get nervous, i will vote for hillary. if not, i will vote for jill stein. host: john in new york is supporting mr. trump. good morning to you. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. callerof agree with the that no one won. if anyone had a better performance, i with think it's mike pence. he has executive experience and answering questions. he was in higher detail and was more presidential than his opponent i think. the american people need to know that donald trump may be the
8:06 am
better candidate. the undecided voters would find have to face the fact that hillary clinton is really hard to elect. , mike try to have a conversation with the american people. jealous.eared he was more scripted and what he wanted to say to make trump look bad. host: can i ask you something? talk about your decision making process and how you came to voting for mr. trump. you just because you cannot vote for hillary clinton or is it because you like donald trump and you like what he is saying on the campaign trail and has policy ideas? well, it's common sense
8:07 am
in what i feel and what i've heard and what i've seen since the beginning of the campaign. hillary has many issues. she has the e-mail issue, benghazi, some of the key issues for voters. i think it is best that people realize that hillary clinton cannot easily become the president by saying that i want it. people need to come to understand what makes her an electable candidate. she is going to follow in president obama steps in foreign policy and immigration. in all these issues, we have serious problems. we have the threat of isis, which is terry mcauliff tearinge country apart. theave immigration and all
8:08 am
dangers that issue is posing. i think trump would be a better candidate. we support a candidate in terms encountering our problems / . host: first, we have more from john mcardle. guest: we do have that line for third-party supporters and we thought we would check in with a third-party candidates on what they were saying about last night's vp debate. those third-party candidates not invited to participate in these debates so far the cycle. they are not expected to be a part of the debates because of that polling number that they have to get to, that 15% threshold. those third-party candidates watching these debates, trying to make their voices heard to their twitter pages and through their outreach. here are some of the comments last night. this is from governor bill weld,
8:09 am
the vice presidential candidate on the libertarian ticket. he said, they were neither persuasive. dr. joel stein is the presidential candidate on the green party ticket. she says i'm glad i picked a #bpist as my running mate debate. neither party will be able to bring about unity. both represent a minority, the 1% who are at war with the majority of us. the presidential candidate on the constitution party ticket says, it is too bad his vice presidential running mate is not at the debate. he went on to say that all this graft and corruption is good for me. those are some of the comments from the third-party candidates. host: it was the first and only vice presidential debate last night. the second presidential debate is coming up this sunday, october 6.
8:10 am
our coverage gets underway on c-span,, and the c-span radio at at 7:30 p.m. eastern time. this is a town hall meeting debate between the two candidates. it is at washington university in st. louis. not :00 p.m. eastern time is the start time. -- 9:00 p.m. eastern time is the start time. anderson cooper is a moderator. half of the questions will be from uncommitted voters in the debate hall and the other half will be posed by the moderators. the last presidential debate before election day is wednesday, october 19. the location is in las vegas. the moderator is chris wallace segments,h 615 minute similar to the first presidential debate hosted by nbc's lester holt. duane in birmingham, alabama. you are supporting hillary clinton. who do you think one last night? did a: i think mr. kaine
8:11 am
fine job, but i think the voters will win in november. if you can fact check this, it ce lied whenpenn mr. kaine brought a question across. he said mr. trump did not know that russia invaded ukraine. said that's a lie. i would like you to fact check that coul. mr. kaine brought up a question to mr. pence. thoughtthat they both that vladimir putin was a better president than president obama. mr. pence said that was a lie.
8:12 am
i would like to bring up the point that a leader has traits of decision-making, honest. when you lie to the public yeople, why should the truste you? "the the fact checker at washington post," politico, you can find it on those websites. the last part that you mention on russia where kaine said you have to be tough on russia and not claim vladimir putin is a great leader. pence responder, no we haven't. usee the gop ticket did not the word great, but kaine pretty much that's the target here. told cnn just a few weeks ago, "i think it's an arguable that live near putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been."
8:13 am
just after trump asserted that v putin has "been a leader far more than our leader." terry in simi valley, california. you are supporting third-party candidate. who is it and why? caller: i was for bernie sanders stein,aff or jill but if he gets close enough, i might swing my vote to hillary. i wish that tim kaine had interrupted -- not interrupted as much as he did, because people get on the on delivery and excitement rather than substance. when i heard what he had to offer and what he was saying and trying to get pence to admit to, those facts do not lie. politico is a very substantial fact checking operation. they have determined that trump time and changes
8:14 am
his mind 160 times. what i hear in his supporters and that's what i think what i do a lot is that when he said in the primary that i could shoot a bullet down fifth avenue and kill somebody, you will still be with me. i think from that moment on, these people work on by him -- him and have done nothing to defend him no matter what he says, how much he lies. they make excuses. businessman, not a politician. he has a right to change his mind. if you set this one day and something the next day, that's ok. we trust him. heard your point. do you trust the polls enough a to say, or a day before ok, looks like hillary clinton has this, so i'm going to vote
8:15 am
for jill stein? do you put enough faith in the polls to make that decision? listen to, but i did bernie sanders, who i was for to begin with. i believe him that he sat down with hillary clinton. they have worked things out to where college, climate change some of those things that we adoptedout, she has work read with -- or agreed with and is promoting, then i want to go along with that candidate. until i heard him come on and state those things and sincerely say a vote for a third party would be a vote for donald trump , and he believes that we should vote for hillary, i was not sure. that was my backup. truenk what bernie says is and that is why i am leanin g more towards hillary then jill.
8:16 am
polls change in their up and down and close one day. if you fact check this man, i cannot imagine why anyone would want to vote for him. host: ok, heard you on that. just like after the first presidential debate, when it is done, the surrogates go to what is called the spin room are they talk to the media and give their take and their spin on how they think the debate went further campaign. we saw donald trump went into the spin room, something that nominees have not done. yesterday in the spin room, kellyanne conway, the donald trump campaign manager, spoke to the media. [video clip] >> you have things spilling out of tim kaine's mouth that had no relation to the question asked.
8:17 am
why did he answer the question about jobs and how to bring prosperity to the country? he wasn't answering those questions. mike pence has every reason to defend donald trump. saysw what ronald reagan many years is that personnel and policies as the first exercise in judgment and leadership that was exercised by donald trump after he was made the nominee and now the whole country sees life. why. host: let me show you what john podesta, the top lieutenant for hillary clinton's campaign had to say about senator tim kaine of virginia had to do. [video clip] >> donald trump started his campaign by calling mexicans rapist and criminals. he has offended groups like muslims, gold star families, mexican-americans when he attacked the integrity of the
8:18 am
judge born in indiana, a prosecutor serving on the federal bench, the trump university case. i think he has run an insult driven campaign and i think that what tim kaine did tonight was to challenge mike pence to try campaign the hateful with the attacks on women, calling them pigs and dogs. now getting into a little row with a former miss universe. i think time and time that tim kaine challenged mike pence to try to defend donald trump. time and time again, mike pence walked away from that. i think he was smooth, but i think he has a job to do, which is to try to reassure people that donald trump is fit to be
8:19 am
president. host: that was john podesta last night in the spin room after the first and only vice presidential debate. he brought up the issue of immigration. and about 10 minutes, we are going to turn our attention to the top issues in campaign 2016. what are they for you? we will switch the conversation at the bottom of the hour. let's go to john mcardle. what do you have for us now? guest: one aspect of the debate that is gaining a little bit of attention and traction on social media last night is what is the pin that senator tim kaine was wearing on his coat? here it is a blue star and a white box surrounded by red. that is in contrast to mike pence's pin, the traditional american flag. is an expedition of what that -- here's an expiration of what
8:20 am
that pin. it is the blue star flag. it is worn by americans and family members currently serving in the u.s. military during the time of war or hostilities. he wore that during his speech at the democratic national convention in phil duffy the summer. -- in philadelphia this summer. host: calls to finish up this conversation about who won last nights vice president shall debate. do you think governor pence wo n it? caller: i think senator kaine was so disrespectful. say they don't know what they are talking about when he didn't pay any taxes? when you have a business the size that he has come you have profits and losses.
8:21 am
can you get losses, you train them. it's a deduction on your taxes and you don't have to pay your taxes. as far as taxes go, i'm sure he pays a lot of taxes. state, city, county, whatever the taxes would be. he pays a lot of taxes. i've been there, so i know exactly what i'm talking about. i file six pages and i know that when he files his, he must have an awful lot of pages to file. host: we will lead it there and go on to john in arizona supporting hillary clinton. good morning to you. do you think senator tim kaine one last night? caller: i am being very honest. to beingopen my mind sincere and not being biased. i'm a graduate student from the university of southern california.
8:22 am
i believe that mr. kaine was a little bit emotional, but he was getting frustrated at some of the things he couldn't believe the other person was saying. the one thing i would like to say that is unconventional about is that it's more related than you could ever imagine. person is ready to push a -- we are on domestic violence as a metaphor. you know, john, i apologize, you're breaking up, . we will have to move on. gordon in laramie, wyoming. you are undecided. why is that? caller: i'm undecided because my original fellow was james webb, who is going to run as a democrat until anderson cooper
8:23 am
would let him speak at the first democratic debate in the primaries. my comment is that 15 million new jobs, i would contend those are service jobs, flipping hamburgers, not manufactured. ing. host: ok, and your point being? caller: we need manufacturing jobs. i'm a registered republican and i am leaning towards trump, but he keeps shooting himself in the foot. haveof the commentators been kind of unfair on that first debate with trump and clinton. host: what do you think you are going to do then? you think you will remain undecided until the last week or days before? caller: yes, i reckon that is exactly what i wanted. will do. host: what you think on election
8:24 am
, what will take over -- your brain or your gut? caller: i will try to be some cerebral and use my brain. the pendulum has gone so far to the left. maybe after eight years of a , four years of a republican would be good. candidates are so diametrically opposed that we need the term limits to come down to perhaps for years. host: if hillary clinton or donald trump said i'm only going to serve four years and one term , would you say i'm going to vote for you? caller: yes, i would vote for whoever could moderate the pendulum effect of our political leanings.
8:25 am
,ost: that is gordon in wyoming who is undecided and will remain so until election day. is go to lisa in florida, voting for hillary clinton. caller: how are you? good morning. i do not think either one of them won the debate last night. i think kaine missed a lot of opportunities calling out trump and his taxes. , $1e were personal taxes billion of personal loss. hillary spent $3.9 million in taxes last year. she has given her tax returns for the past 30 years. i think his business record is ridiculous. his father gave him the money to start it. it was his father's contacts that he has been able to make money on and he still lost a billion dollars is still doesn't
8:26 am
have to pay taxes for 18 years? if you are running on your and florida at his resort down here, he doesn't hire americans. he has people coming in on visas. they have to be pretty. no fat girls at the podium at the hostess desk. it boggles my mind. it really kind of disturbed me -- it disturbs me the way he talks about women and it's disgusting. host: let me go to ben, a supporter of donald trump. caller: thank you very much for c-span. good morning. i would like to say that i believe governor pence had the
8:27 am
overall edge. as a virginia resident, i see through a lot of tim kaine ies. he did not do a lot of good for our state my opinion. i would like to say i'm a very big fan of c-span and i listen every morning on my drive in. one of the things i value at c-span is that you guys are so impartial. i have to tell you that this morning, i felt very let down as a radio listener. i think the majority of your audience are radio listeners. we can tell by the tone of your voice. this morning, your tone has sounded very sharp and critical and questioning of every trump supporter or any person supposedly undecided. you asked a very hard questions to them. the asked if he was going to vote with his brain or his gut, implying that a brain vote
8:28 am
obviously wouldn't be for trump. although you have chuckled along and laughed along with hillary clinton supporters. this morning, i think you have done a disservice to that impartiality. with respect to mr. trump versus mrs. clinton, when i would say particular to bernie sanders supporters and people who are ambivalent, look at who their enemies are. the neocons supported the war in iraq, the big financiers of the world, they are all for hillary clinton. what does that tell you about her? look at the people who were opposed to donald trump. extreme liberals, people consumed with political correctness, people who want to embrace the national defense complex that brought us the wars in iraq and afghanistan. as a veteran, i supported those wars. i know we made some big mistakes in them. the neocons want to bring democracy to the world at the point of a bayonet despised
8:29 am
trump and some are supporting clinton. that should tell bernie sanders supporters who are opposed to the war all you need to know about hillary clinton. host: let me ask you. the questions i was trying to ask people is what people are writing about the debate last night. example, there's an article about winners and losers of last night's debate. he said that governor pence won the debate last night. some criticism of governor pence was that he had to and did not at times defend what donald trump had said in the past. what is your reaction to that? caller: my reaction to that is 90% of the media voices are taking donald trump out of context repeatedly, such as the incident earlier this week when a veteran asked him a question and immediate immediately took trump's response to the question where the point the veteran said it was sickening that his
8:30 am
question and answer had been taken out of context in order to misrepresent trump. the questions that are post about trump's statements are frequently done so in a way that doesn't provide for a valid answer. i don't particularly like trump, but i recognize that mrs. clinton would be a disaster to the country. lastsponse to mr. pence night, i think you tried to defend the taxes as well as he can. they had been spun up the on the point where anyone could get a realistic answer. if trump releases his tax returns, 90% of the media outlets which her take the data, just like they stole the data earlier this week. they are going to cherry pick that data and present it in a way that will sound horrendous, when in fact, every one of us -- anyone who does not make minimum age or has a really simple job hire somebody to do their
8:31 am
taxes. everyone expects that person to find any possible deductions and save us every dollar. nobody goes out and tries to pay as much taxes as they can because they want to support the troops. host: i heard you on that. i want to go back to what you said about donald trump's comments earlier this year. are you talking about the ptsd that yo comments? caller: several news sources have quoted the veteran who asked the question saying that wayas "disgusted" with the the media had taken his question and donald trump's comments out of context. i'm a veteran and i've many friends that ptsd. i was not in any way offended by what donald trump said. i heard his comments in the whole in context. host: i just want to show you "the washington post" this morning headline.
8:32 am
democrats and veterans criticized for remarks about troops'mental health. hillary clinton herself reacted to it. here's what she said. [video clip] >> just yesterday he said some very troubling things about posttraumatic stress. insensitivityhis and his ignorance about a condition that affects a lot of very brave and, yes, strong men and women who have served america. [applause] difficult even coming up with answers to everything he says. , it is every day something else, which shows without a doubt that he is unqualified and unfit to be
8:33 am
president and commander in chief of our country. host: so that was how hillary clinton reacted to the news of donald trump's comments about veterans. been in virginia says the media has taken it out of context. that is what the donald trump campaign is saying as well. anna in deon to soto, texas. we will wrap up this conversation about who won this vice presidential debate before we get to a different question for all of you this morning on "washington journal." caller: yes, i think mr. kaine -- i thought it was going to be very boring. yes, he did have some interruptions, but for me personally and for my family and i think for a lot of families, first of all, obamacare -- no one has ever come up. , we aree and mr. trump
8:34 am
just want to eliminate that. guess what? when you have a grandmother -- and my mom did not get insurance until obamacare. all of her money was spent on surgeries, catastrophic surgeries. she was able to vote for president obama twice. i have five grandsons and three sons. stop at first -- let's go back 68 years. i know what stop and first means. every latino, poor white and black guy is good to be stopped. rudy giuliani, to put him in and kind of thing, that is the worst. next, education. my grandchildren -- i paid for my kids' education. my children don't have that luxury because of what they make
8:35 am
. i have a part-time job where i help my grandchildren. but yes we are retired, what? i'm on a plan now to pay back my taxes, but i did lose a nephew who is a gold star recipient . if anyone wants to fact check it, fat check it. i have two nieces who are still in the military. one works in virginia out of the pentagon. the other is a reservist. she never ever talks about it. when he talks about making the military great, guess what, mr. trump and mr. pence? this is a volunteer army. unless they are going to impose the traffic and, and i guarantee you, people will be running of the country. i think you do an amazing job. host: can i ask you a question
8:36 am
about the debate last night? the pundits are saying governor pence won because he did not get rattled and because he didn't interrupt as much as senator kaine did. do you agree? .aller: i disagree that he won he did not get rattled the kids has got to defend a liar. anne, guesslly what, we've got ted cruz. any man that lets another man talked about his wife and call his dad a killer and then say i'm going to go out and support him -- what kind of person is that? i'm going to welcome ted cruz? he has called batman everything and then attacked his family. i'm going to say this before you cut me off. if you have a sick child or a
8:37 am
grandson is 18, my will be 26 next year. he is on my sons insurance. you look at my mom and dad and i and your nieces and nephews and say, you know what? you are not worth keeping obamacare or any insurance because i'm just went to let you die. with that, i think you. i love your show. host: you set up our next conversation with all of our viewers. listing off all the many issues that you care about in campaign 2016. we want to know what is your top issue in this campaign and why is it that you are voting for who you are voting for. if you are supporting mr. trump, (202) 748-8001. if you're supporting hillary clinton, (202) 748-8000. if you are supporting a third party candidate, (202) 748-8002.
8:38 am
if you're still undecided, (202) 748-8003. you can always go to twitter and j or go to before we get to your phone calls, we want to go to farmville, virginia, at longwood university where c-span and the c-span bus has been there since sunday doing a mini campaign event. we are going to talk throughout the remainder of today's "washington journal" to students who watched last night's debate and get the reaction to it. tell us your name and what you thought about the debate. guest: i'm a junior at longwood and i thought the debate was pretty good. it was a lot different from the presidential debate obviously. they were actually talking about their policies. there was not as much back-and-forth bickering.
8:39 am
when it did happen, it was more in good humor, so that was really great to see. just to be inside the debate hall, the atmosphere was nice and quiet. it was really respectful of everything that was going on. i thought that was a great opportunity for me as a student. host: longwood university, this is the first debate. it's a small school at 5000 students. a thousand students according to this article are taking classes looking at the campaign. tell us what it's like for you and other students there to be hosting last night's debate. 30st: definitely we have debate related courses. i am personally in one. and inigital media major an advanced media reporting class. for us, we were able to go to the first debate at hofstra. and all expense paid trip. we were able to go to hofstra university and that is pretty
8:40 am
much another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. it also helped prepare us to cover this vice presidential debate. host: what are you learning about the digital media and covering campaigns that you saw play out last night? guest: well, i had access to the media center, so that was a huge aspect of it. i did not realize how chaotic it could be and at the same time relaxed. people are focused on their work, so it's a lot of hands-on experience to see how media professionals today are doing their coverage and how they are working to get the timely news out. host: thank you so much for joining us here on c-span this morning and sharing your thoughts about what happened at your university last night. guest: thank you so much. host: we will turn to the calls now, asking all of you your top issue in campaign 2016. we are going to hear from dell in bethlehem, pennsylvania. what is your top issue?
8:41 am
caller: the supreme court. i don't think it was mentioned .ast night coul i-76 is old and the court has been controlled by conservative since i was in my 20's. i really want to mention trumps corruption. not the tax issue itself, but how does a man with four casinos go broke four times in atlantic city? 's casinos were booming and i was there several times. how does he go broke to set up that $900 million loss? yet to be blind not to see that. host: let us go to george who is supporting donald trump. what is your issue in this campaign? caller: my issue is foreign policies. basically i would like to pose a question to the general viewing public and the media. why did we bombed libya?
8:42 am
libya has paid a penalty for what they have done and we claimed qadhafi was going to be shaking hands with our leaders. start bombing, we them. when we bombed them, we made libya a good source for because we shipped arms from there to syria. the whole idea is that there is a group called the neocons. these neocons are supporting hillary. in and says we want to focus on our economy rather than on bombing people. likefore, it seems to me when we look at all of the
8:43 am
neocons like bill kristol and all these people who put us into the war in iraq, they want to vote against trump. it's an illustration of the public should realize are we just going to wage war against everybody or are we going to focus on our economy? host: george, what do you make of governor pence's response last night about the question about syria? he seemed to differ from the candidate on syria, talking about creating a safe zone and possibly having some military action and steps taken their. caller: absolutely, you are correct. governor pence, when he talked aout syria, he sounded like foreign policy warmonger just
8:44 am
like most of the republicans are. i am a republican, but i'm against war. it is not affecting the united states. if nobody invades the united states, we should not go and bomb people. it creates hostility from the outside against us. thehould absolutely control people who hate us. it is so silly to bomb everybody whether the hate us or not. host: let a show viewers the headline in "the washington post." pence goes far beyond trump on syria. has gone farnce beyond anything donald trump has said about what trump has called his secret plan for syria. asked how his administration would stop the civil war carnage whatleppo, pence says that america on to do right now is immediately establish safe zones
8:45 am
, so that families and children can work out of those areas and work with our partners to make that happen. provocations by russia you to be met with american strength. let me show you the papers this morning on the situation in syria. the united nation says recent aleppo attacks may be a war crime. the united nations says that the bombardment of aleppo by russia and syria, which has killed more than 400 people and injured four, may constitute a war crime and should be referred to the international criminal court . the statement came after russia deployed and anti-aircraft missile system to syria and one the u.s. against attacking its ally. there is also this. john mccain the chairman of the senate armed services committee says stop assad now or expect years of war.
8:46 am
ground zones on the opposition is what the senator and chairman is calling for. --e new york times" headline they report that russia is trying to help syrian forces take the rebel held area of eastern aleppo and hope that it will set back the opposition in large areas that mr. assad controls. them for ant opportunity to talk should they ever resume. we are asking all of you -- what is your top issue? is it foreign policy or foreign affairs? is that driving you to vote for donald trump hillary clinton or a third-party candidate? in troy,ar from anna michigan. you are on the air. caller: i just want to say that you do a wonderful job. youody that criticizes
8:47 am
and your partiality or impartiality has not watch this program as long as i have. i'm kind of a third-party, undecided person. i think in all fairness that everyone should know that governor pence ran a radio program for a number of years similar to what rush limbaugh has. i used to live in indiana many years ago. he has a radio presence. is donald trump makes all these are erratic decisions. in the morning i'm going to do this, and in the afternoon i'm going to change my mind. one thing i find really scary is that he said the united states should get the oil in iraq. iraq is a country that we invaded.
8:48 am
they had nothing to do with the problem that we were experiencing at that time. that you will invade a country and get their oil. we invaded them as an error. host: obviously this is an important issue to you. what about hillary clinton's vote for the iraq war? caller: well, i will tell you what. as a person who had someone die in 9/11, i think the whole country was traumatized. those votes -- i think they were permission more for the united nations to deliberate. in thiseverybody country. let's get them. when the president at the time implied that iraq had something to do with it, i think that was
8:49 am
one of the reasons why most everybody voted for the war. in retrospect, if they were to discuss it now, i think they would definitely have a different opinion. i have lots of friends who have relatives that live in iraq. at that time, saddam was a monster. what has happened to their country is even worse. they wishem say saddam was there and had not invaded the country. host: let me ask you this. as a woman, where does issues related to women -- where did those rank for you in this campaign? that has thee opinion that mr. trump has, which he has expressed many years, a woman has to be a 10 before she is anything, she has to have large breasts, all these different things that are very
8:50 am
offensive to people, because the 10, butwoman is not a they are tens in their hearts. we all know that looks fade, but if you are a good person and have a good heart and good intentions, those are the things that will sustain you your whole life. host: i want to show our viewers what donald trump has put out. a new ad hoping to -- this is what "the washington examiner" said. it's a new ad to make up lost ground with women called motherhood. [video clip] >> the most important job any woman can have is being a mother. i'm ivanka trump. donald trump understands the needs of a modern woman. my father will change outdated labor loss of a support women and mac and families. he will support maternity leave and paid spending accounts.
8:51 am
this will allow women to support their families and further their careers. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. host: donald trump's new ad featuring his daughter talking about motherhood and what the candidate will do for childcare issues and other issues important to women. we're asking you what your top issue is in this campaign. let us hear from james and missouri, supporting hillary clinton. .aller: good morning host: what is your top issue here? caller: it would have to be jobs and the racial divide. those two issues, it would bring about a major difference. job give self-worth. there some way things we could be doing that needs to be done. incomecan have a steady
8:52 am
and also have the united states in a better situation. host: you are voting for hillary clinton because she said she would support the idea that president obama has talked about, which is putting money in shuttle ready jobs and investing in infrastructure? caller: i know that this is something that obama would have liked to a done -- have done, but you know congress. mitch mcconnell said he wanted him to be a one term president. they did not want him to have accreditation as to having done anything during his time. host: i believe that there. we will get more phone calls in just a minute, but first john mcardle. guest: you mentioned that president obama is postponing a campaign event for hillary clinton today to instead had to d.c. toe in washington, talk about the approach of hurricane matthew.
8:53 am
the visit is expected to happen after 11:00 this morning in d.c. officials very concerned about the approach of hurricane matthew. the latest tracking of hurricane matthew has a tracking closer to florida's east coast. earlier this week, governor rick scott of florida declared a state of emergency in every florida county due to the severity and magnitude of hurricane matthew. here are a few tweets from some members of the florida delegation. " getrubio, saying, ready to florida employers, please consider giving your employees time to get ready." the navy has requested u.s. assistance for hurricane matthew. some carriers are in route to help. we do have a tweet from members of congress from the florida delegation. congressman patrick murphy is running against marco rubio for that senate seat.
8:54 am
, "florida, please stay alert as the storm approaches." the weather advisory in the storm abo. stay safe through hurricane matthew with info at dennis ross also tweeting out, "as the hurricane approaches, make sure to stock up on emergency supplies, plan an evacuation route, and stay safe." one of the tweet yesterday from "e clinton -- bill clinton, praying for everyone impacted by hurricane matthew. hearhere's how you can help everyone in haiti." there is a link on how to help there. will watch the news obviously this morning as it makes its way toward the united states today.
8:55 am
that info from the governor's in florida and nikki haley and south carolina declaring an emergency. tom in kentucky, you're supporting mr. trump. why is that? what is the issue important to you? caller: the thing that gets me is last night when i was watching the debate, pence asked a question that if either one of their sons had done what hillary clinton had done with the e-mails or just anything, they would be court-martialed. if you did anything like this or mean, when else, i we get droned? we would be hung out to dry. comey is so scared of what? i have no idea. they mix me mad that it is so one-sided for her and her family. host: mohammed in sterling,
8:56 am
virginia is supporting hillary clinton. it is your turn. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead, sir. caller: my issue is about the economy. that starts with education. trump has not said anything about education. that is scary. taxes.ot reveal his he is disrespectful to american voters. nobody has ever run for has ever revealed -- not revealed his taxes. trump says we don't care, but i care. host: ok. john in san diego, who are you supporting? caller: i'm supporting jill
8:57 am
stein at this time. host: why is that? caller: she is the only one that is talking about issues that i think are important like green climatelans, avoiding change, fracking. dakotaes going to north and giving away native american land, trade deals, tpp come in nafta. i think a lot of jobs have left because of nafta. there other governments that could sue us if we stand up for our environment for protections. host: john, hillary clinton and donald trump say they are opposed to tpp. caller: i don't believe either of them.
8:58 am
he sometimes doesn't sound solid about it, but hillary, i don't trust her on that because she seems to change her mind a lot. she will probably change a few words and maybe change the name of it. you know what i mean? host: that is john supporting a third-party candidate. trade is one of the big issues for him. another big issue perhaps for all of you watching and calling this morning is going to be health care. " the wall street journal" with the headline -- republicans pounced on the former president on statements he made about the health care law. some aspects of the afford will care act are the craziest thing in the world as evidence that democrats are knowledge and problems with the help a lo hel. he noted that tony 5 million people are getting health insurance coverage while others are seeing their coverage cut in
8:59 am
half. the people getting killed in and deal are individuals small business people. they are not organize and they don't have any bargaining power with insurance companies. he later said it's the craziest thing in the world. mr. clinton's wife has push for changes that she said would improve the law and health coverage allowing americans to buy into medicare. she also said that she would focus on improving the affordability of health care. there's also this in "usa today." 2.5 million americans missing out on obama care tax credit. out on taxmissing credits to lower the cost of their insurance because they are buying health insurance plans are out of the health care exchanges. those earning between 100% at
9:00 am
400% of the federal poverty eligible for tax credits that lower the cost of their insurance premiums. people who make less than 100% of the poverty level or to be of eligible for a long care, but nearly 20 states have opted against expanding the program . robert in oregon, who is supporting mr. trump. it is your turn, robert. morning to you. caller: good morning to you. do.ppreciate what you first thing, i am supporting mr. trump. am just so tired of both of these parties.
9:01 am
our president and administration banana republic. biggest thing is credibility. the entire e-mail yesterday, i department of justice brought a suit against n arms dealer that had information in regard to the libya situation with her and mr. obama. point. beside the getting back to the economy, mr. rump, his bankruptcy, it is hypocritical for people to make an issue out of that when we, people, bailed out gm. we will never see the total us.nt thaf money back to i think that is real hypocritical. he's a large corporation. take general electric, that takes deductions. sorros, who took,i don't amount, the same amount. hypocritical of the press to make that example. businessman in business. someone that holds people
9:02 am
responsible. thank you for your time. to hear your comments off line. felicia, supporting hillary clinton. top issue, show you the museums from across the to vice n reaction presidential debate and other news. go ahead. caller: hi. yes, i'm a hillary supporter and thing with donald trump, he don't know how to things. he doesn't know how to explain what he's going to do. great example of that, during the first debate, his second or hird question was, how are you going to go about bringing jobs back. well, he did not go in depth and he was going to do.
9:03 am
all he said was we're not going jobs leave. that is not enough to just say let the jobs g to leave, you have to be able to explain what you're going to do how you're going to go about doing it. donald my problem with trump. host: the economy and jobs are important to you, that is your issue. to see hillary clinton, a rally or event in north carolina? there, that e time is turning out to be an important state in the election. no, i haven't, but like i said, she does know how to things to make people understand what she's going to and ike with the jobs donald trump, he just doesn't know how to explain what he's going to do. you ask a simple question and he can't explain it, he go around the question. and tell whatlain he's going to do about bringing the usa. in host: okay, to brownsville,
9:04 am
undecided.t caller good morning, brownsville, texas, what is your issue and your first name. caller: good morning. he most important thing is the orker of america, education, religion and what is going on here in the united states, not nywhere else, not any other country. as far as i'm concerned, i think we're being forced to vote for lesser of two evils. i'm undecided. want to vote for gary johnson, don't understand why the other candidates haven't been invited to the debates. people have the right to hear them also, but because of the media and the being allowed not up there. i don't want to vote for donald not.p and i'm but i also don't want to vote for hillary clinton. for her because i
9:05 am
don't think -- has it all up there, i don't think he's stable enough to lead this country. he thinks that he uses the system to his own benefit. well, that is unethical, that is correct. it is not for the people. e-mails, but at least for it.rying to make up like i said, i want the other candidates up there, i want to a choice and we're not getting a choice right now. host: all right. coming up.calls john mcardle, what do you have us? guest: we are looking at where the candidates and top are spanning across the country today. here is some information on where they are headed. donald trump will be in enderson, nevada and reno, nevada. mike pence is heading to
9:06 am
grantville. be in kaine will pennsylvania and philadelphia. chelsea clinton in south dakota. clinton starts his morning with breakfast in youngstown, canton, d headed to ohio. omorrow mike pence will be in pennsylvania. tim kaine will be in las vegas, heads back to pittsburgh penguins. chelsea clinton in minnesota. bernie sanders will be in east lansing and grand rapids tomorrow. bernie sanders with an event scheduled in danger, maine on friday. all of that leading up to that second presidential happening sunday louis, missouri. host: republican rally tally well ahead. comes with that's events that the candidate system surroga urrogates hold is a lot of local t.v. coverage, which is gold, is what the "wall street
9:07 am
journal" says for their campaign. they say, but mrs. clinton collected for less of it than donald trump. since the start of september, she's headlined 17 public ampaign event necessary competitive states, versus 35 by the republican nominee. appears to be due to time she's spent preparing for the presidential seems to gamble that have paid off with rising poll umber and an opponent thrown off his game in the debate. mr. trump doesn't campaign on the y, he took one day off trail to prepare for the first debate. rs. clinton had help from high-profile supporter, her husband, former president bill headlined 12 events with president barack obama, joe michelle obama, together at another 11. ther surrogates held 200 additional events, according to the clinton campaign. ricky, in south carolina, you are supporting donald trump.
9:08 am
your issue? what is i think we lost him. we'll go to rachel, in ohio, supporting hillary clinton. hi, rachel. morning to you. caller: good morning. ahead.o go ahead, you're on the air. hello. host: let's move to tony support trump, lexington. what is your issue, top issue the campaign? i just trust issue and don't -- i can't figure out how look at whatle can she's done. okay. what she's done? go ahead, finish your thought. caller: i can't understand how they can trust her more than he'scan donald trump, when not done half of what she's done
9:09 am
illegal. mean, we're talking about a presidential candidate that her impeached s actually one time and now people is raising her to be the next president. i don't understand the american thought. donald trump is a businessman. to get ourusinessman country back in the way that it should be running. host: okay. caroline in georgia, you're as orting donald trump, well. you are on the air. good morning. caller: good morning. that i'm concerned about the supreme court. one t cannot get past that of the decisions that was made y them, marriage and it is no longer seems to be between a man and a woman. it is between anybody you want to be. i'm concerned about a lot of the household wno mate. we just don't know where this
9:10 am
i believe headed and that we need the laws and the need to uphold those laws of this country, the onstitution needs to be upheld and that is my very concern about the way things are headed now. we don't know what to expect. host: okay, caroline, you a lot ofknow, we cover court decisions and court arguments. back in for session a caseay they're hearing about police misconduct that we will be releasing on friday. so if you're interested in that, go to our website, we a courts page set up, cusee past coverage, the cases that and our g up documentary on supreme court, as well. to is an important issue you. i want to show our viewers, last asked he candidates were about one supreme court
9:11 am
roe v wade. here is how they responded thing the government should do punish women who make reproductive choices. the difference between ticket.tim kaine >> it is not, donald trump and i would never support legislation punished women who made the heartbreaking choice to end pregnancy. donald trump say that? why did he say that? >> he is not a polished you and hillary clinton and so, you know -- -- hat is not >> what a great -- >> great line from the gospel. fullness of the heart and mouth speaks, when donald trump punished orhould be exicans are rapists, john mccain is not a hero, he is showing who he is. >> senator, you whipped out that mexican thing again.
9:12 am
he -- >> can you defend it? are criminal aliens in this country, tim, who come into his country illegally perpetrating violence. >> you want to use -- of them o said, many are good people. you keep leaveing that out of your quote, if you want me to go there, i will go there. there is a choice here, it is a choice on life. be more proud to be standing with donald trump, who s standing for the right to life. it's a principle that senator kaine and i'm gentle about this, do respect it you, it is principle that you embrace and i the fact that d ou've supported the height amendment, but that is not hillary clinton's view. people need to understand, we come together as a nation, we can create a culture of life, are and more young people know ing life because we we are better for it.
9:13 am
said -- this is important. let's welcome children into the world. around the lies country can't have children, key an improve that for families that can't have children can adopt -- >> governor, why don't you trust for to make this choice themselves? >> we can encourage people to we, of course why don't you trust women? hy doesn't donald trump trust women to make this choice for themselves? be do what we ought to nothing public lives, living our enthusiasm and excitement, convincing each other, dialoguing about the tant moral issues of day. issues of morality, let women decisions. own host: the running mates at longwood university last night first and only vice presidential debate squaring off over the issue of abortion. roe v wade in that decision.
9:14 am
"washington you at journal" here for remainder of it, to tell us what is your top policy issue and why that -- why it is and why that are voting for your candidate? twi"dividing the estate" -- the line. we will go to california, you want -- rter, juana, go ahead. thank you for c-span. good morning. host: good morning. one minute, t listen very careful and i want coming from -- i'm 1982, a, been here since registered republican. i have never voted democrat, but this year.o vote to i want to tell america watch out for this man.
9:15 am
want to say two things. you know what is deplorable? deplorable is he's deceiving the people. he's lying to the people who is voting for him. single day.very he's saying he's funding his campaign. on youtube or somewhere, i receive every week him ter from him to donate money. he is a con-man, america, watch out. okay, we heard your point, caller. more calls coming up. longwood back to university. the first time for this small niversity to be hosting a presidential vice presidential debate as they did last night at in ral arts school founded 1839, located in farmville, southwest of iles richmond. 5000 students attend the school joining us now. good morning to you.
9:16 am
tell us your name and your of last's vice presidential debate? morgan rollins, my impression from last night, it as very intense to sit in the debate hall and watch that live. live and keep your self-contained, very hard to do excited to be in there and have to keep it contained. excited to be there. it is intense to sit there and debate and interrupt one another and keep it all together. it was interesting. you think of, were there technical hall?culties in the debate we heard at hofstra university last week, donald trump saying you could te hall, hear his microphone was not working properly, that didn't airwaves, any e problems you heard or saw last night? i did a meet and greet with senator kaine and
9:17 am
they checked ke the mics and made sure they were working perfectly fine. no, we didn't have technical it ran smoothly, like i said, it was a really neat experience to sit there and with the news behind us and the cameras on the was neat. host: was everybody respectful of not making noise while it was happening? caller: that was tough. were inevitable, people would get a laugh with a most part, the crowd was respectful. host: what is your top issue in you -- it gn and did was talked about last night? guest: i think honestly we're trying to, i think, longwood students, want to hear avoid mud and slinging, hear what is going on and what they feel on every issue. there is not one issue in particular that is important. it is important to hit on all of instead of focusing on insults and mud slinging.
9:18 am
ost: did you think there was enough substance last night? guest: i it. the s toss-up between insults and interrupting, but they did get to good points and say nk each of them got to how they felt and how they would do things should they be it was a good nk mix of substance and also a little bit of interrupting and slinging. host: thank you for your impression. in campaign 2016 in farmville, virginia, since unday, participating in different campaign events. look out for the campaign bus traveling across the country. at the next debate, as well. edna, you are undecided, is it because of an ssue in particular or a policy debate? caller: hi, good morning. thank you so much for your service. of two.ually a mixture the candidates, it is just
9:19 am
understanding what the people's needs are, politicians are otally out of touch with everything, particularly with my entrepidation with voting period, i know the electoral me,e is not advantageous for personally, but the one thing i like to see more is prison reform. hey touched about it on both debates, but we need more of a prison reform from sentencing guidelines and i is to the of this states individually, but more about how to train nd prepare our returning citizens for technology jobs. you know, you have tons of people, men and women incarcerat incarcerated, that have college -- everyone is not a prison in the pipeline
9:20 am
person. you have to do something -- i mean, school to prison pipeline demographic, work o, however, need to on that first. but the sentencing guidelines to mandatory sentencing, things on he books since the '70s, they really need to work on trying to et the business community involved with the returning aspect, getting them trained properly. having them being returned, acclimated, so much human capital in human systems could be that advantageous for the community as a whole. alleviate fatherlessness, it would help men and women be acclimated to family. the family structure is the backbone of the country. let's go right, edna, to emmanual, in durham. hi, emmanual. caller: good morning, thank you
9:21 am
for your service. calling in. for tell me, what is the most important public policy issue to you? caller: the most important public policy issue to me is the of supreme court justices. host: okay. mindr: and bearing that in and after having conversation ith many different people from cabdrivers to corporate ceo's. conclusion that is very important and that neednced me that perhaps i to side with the candidate who appoint moderate nd not so much liberal supreme court justices. appointment of supreme court justices came to expect the people as a whole anywhere from 20 to 30, possibly 40 years. bearing that in mind, with issues right now in terms of the rightsebate about voting and voting id's, i think i and
9:22 am
people really need to think about who they vote for on november 8. host: all right, let's get a news update from john mcardle more of your calls. guest: as noted several timeos others, ad m and spending and tracking ads, a look at where the campaigns are concentrating their efforts. ad spending ng on out today from nbc news. donald trump and his allies are moreover the airwaves, not enough to overcome hillary spending advantage, according to data from dvertising analytics. the clinton campaign spent $1million, versus $127 million campaign.ump when outside groups $189 million clinton and trump's $50 million. four to one over the airwaves from five to one edge last
9:23 am
month. clinton is outspending team $160 million to 144 million. murray, the reporter on that story, tweeting out chart of ad spending from just this this week alone, $4 million over $4 million being pre-clinton groups in $3 state of florida, almost million spent by pro-trump groups. battleground e, state on the list where pre-trump groups are out group is in-clinton virginia. here is one ad from the pre-clinton group. priorities usa out with their new ad, about donald trump's taxes. he had to turn them over, they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. so -- >> that makes me smart. >> when i saw donald trump say it was smart to get out of paying taxes, i felt like i was being called stupid. we have schools that need money,
9:24 am
roads need to be fixed and help.ans need >> that makes me smart. >> i want a president who is proud of our country, not a proud of getting out of paying taxes. >> priorities usa is responsible content of this advertising. guest: one other ad, you an ad that featured donald trump's daughter, that is ad his daughter has been featured in. another release from the donald rump campaign features his daughter talking about donald trump and his child care plan. here is a bit from the ad. love being a mom. but no matter how hard we work, we can't get ahead. child care costs have us stuck. donald trump is listening. care plan allows for every family in america to expenses from re their income taxes. > his child care plan makes a difference for working families. more money, more freedom, he's americans just like us. >> i'm donald trump and i
9:25 am
message.his host: so child care an important issue to you? your take this morning on the top public policy how for you and explain that issue and how that impacts november? in we're 33 days away from november 8, election day. minutes or so 5 left in this conversation with all of you. let's hear from tina in greensboro, north carolina, supporting donald trump. hi, tina. caller: hi. issue is healthcare. i have a small business in north arolina, with about 25 employees, and my daughter is a unc, medical school. the reason i said healthcare, i business luckily under the reagan administration, got a good start there, but now the healthcare in the last obama r four years under care has sky rocketed for my
9:26 am
employees, even though i don't have to give it, i do. i've seen my daughter in medical tuition skyrocket under democrats and to hear women call in, it saddens me because i feel like i'm a strong woman and i've raised a strong daughter tochlt ear them say, because he uses the word "pig" or whatever, that is the reason they will vote for issues, , instead of when we've come so far. the regulations on small and what that has done to hurt women in business struggle, my daughter i don't understand why they on't vote the issues, instead of emotions. that is why i'm voting for both here inent to north carolina, rallies, one clinton and one trump, and is more on -- i'm an independent voter. twice. for obama she's on emotions and promises
9:27 am
got, such as never lower healthcare, lower tuition ago and eight years trump has -- he's got a plan. why i'm voting issues, not emotions. women, i could see more since we have this right to vote insteade voting issues, of emotions like -- this is what illary clinton wants these women to do. we're back in high school. et's get our big girl pants on and vote the issues and what will make us stronger women in n, stronger business and vote the issues, instead of emotions. tina.okay, ernie in colorado who is undecided. hi, ernie. morning.good host: morning. caller: i'm undecided, but originally, my choice was ben carson, he's -- he just seemed one of the most level
9:28 am
persons and smartest persons on side.r and as far as now, since dr. ben does support trump, i'm kind of leaning toward trump. know hillary's past, all he way from watergate up until today with her e-mails and what danger she put her country in those e-mails. hillary ernie, is it clinton's past, that is the issue for you, that is why you donald trump? caller: she's not truth, she lies. host: okay. illinois, rling, spoerling hillary clinton. santos, before you tell us what is important to you, what do you make of the donald trump supporter who says, hillary clinton's history, and he believes he can't trust her, dishonest? caller: well, i believe that is
9:29 am
a good point. morning. host: morning. caller: good point he's making. had our challenges in the past and maybe we're all guilty of some untruth. not a political leader, it does affect country when our leaders are not quite trustworthy. i would agree with him in some be, i guess, d defined as being untrustworth eshe doesn't come up with the e-mails and being such as that. hat being said, he talks hillary's hers about past. let's talk about the present, in, is what i'm interested what they will do now. voted for kasich, in the primary. forgive me for using the word, debate , such as first and second debate, keeping track, i do homework. and k at some of the stuff comments on the foundation of
9:30 am
incorrect pence was on data, i watched fact check and i heard mr. trump call putin good leader and i was offended by it. i don't like it. military in myof family. american, my name is rodriguez, i get confused for something that i'm not, we're all americans and i love it. i love the mexican people. my father is puerto rico, my navaho. i guess my trust issue is in the present. was on the fence, you know, i oted for reagan, i voted for bush. i'm voting for hillary clinton this time. they say the lesser of two evils, i'm looking at what they doll for me now. will doing at what they for santos rodriguez family now. i was eight ince years old. i love this country, i love
9:31 am
merica, and i respect anyone else's position and that's their choice and that is what is beautiful about our country, you know. god bless america. when i hear people praising me, i you know, forgive get steamed about it. i try to keep my cool and i host: okay, i will leave it there and go to shirley in undecided.irginia, hi, shirley. caller: hi, how are snu host: morning. i am undecided, that is hat i've said, but i've decided. there was nobody to vote for until they decided to vote to bring in their vice presidential candidates. of a beginning member richmond city council can tim kaine. kaine. tim tim kaine cares only about tim kaine. trying to become the president. i know this personally, since he was before he was on city
9:32 am
council. he really doesn't care about people at all. he will do whatever it takes. mancherian d of candidate and mrs. clinton's health issues. man is ever the president of the united states, talking about tim kaine, we country.e a this guy is crazy. i know him personally, i'm not nasty, i'm just standing up for what is right to ay and standing up for the people in this country and now he has made, i wasn't going to anybody, i will vote for donald trump in order to is no re that this man longer in a position to be president. host: okay, shirley. brookfield, wisconsin, good morning to you, supporting mr. trump. caller: good morning. first, i want to say, i have a throat problem, so i hope you can understand me. we can hear ya. caller: okay, the reason i'm was my is because it understanding that the supreme
9:33 am
nobody ssed a law that in america would have to pay for abortions. not following that hillary clinton does not respect life. that you should be able to -- a woman should be abashg abortion during eighth and ninth month while the baby is still in the womb. i don't like abortion. and i'mtand it is legal not saying anything about that. i do not want to pay for it. is i have no choice, there is nothing that i or anybody else, abortion can do to stop it. host: are you talking about parenthood?planned caller: right. donald trump is the only one would defund -- host: you don't believe the aisle who sayshe the money does not go to money that ederal planned parenthood and other
9:34 am
for tests ive is women can get at: ics, etc, it and doesn't goto for abortion, you just don't believe that? caller: no. before that happened with that incident of people videos of showing that, they are the ones that to get that i know they didn't want abortion either. but donald trump said he will defund that portion of planned arenthood that pays for abortion. my tax dollars and everybody going ainst abortion is to -- some of the money is going they nned parenthood and have not been able to stop it. host: that is emily's issue and , supporting mr. trump why she's supporting mr. trump. more of your thoughts coming up issue in campaign 2016. more of those phone calls. longwood k up to university.
9:35 am
c-span has been there since campaign ong with our buses in farmville, virginia, of t 65 miles southwest richmond. we're joined by another student there g. ahead, tell us your of last impression night's debate. guest: t.j. wingart, i'm a freshman. last night was an experience i will never forget. debate ice presidential at longwood, that is life changing, something we'll be rest of ourmber the lives and tell our kids about. great experience. ost: where do you think this ranks in history, you are a history major, where does last dibait ranks in history compared to past vice debates?ial guest: definitely one that is candidates, wo main people have high disfavorables about. people who the voters look at or who they should vote for. you think back to 1998 with
9:36 am
mandale had a good line against quayle, you are no jack kennedy. is one thing we remember. this is one we'll remember for nterrupting and first impressions of the two vp candidates. host: do you think there is any liners that stick out to you? guest: you know, main thing i tim ber from the debate, kaine constantly talking over mike pence, the moderator trying control. she did a pretty good job, though, but i don't remember one back and st a lot of forth talking over each other, so you couldn't hear what they were saying. we're asking viewers what is the top issue for them in one?campaign, do you have guest: to me, i would like to raduate college and get a job in communications and stuff like that. job is a big deal. trillion y, we're $19 in debt, i would like to graduate college and not have to bankrupt as us going a nation, that is a big deal to
9:37 am
me. host: thanks for your thoughts morning. guest: absolutely. thank you for having me. calls.back to miriam in california, supporting hillary clinton. ood morning, you are on the air. caller: good morning. this is very surprised i'm on with you, once in a while, i see c-span. i'm excited. the issue that i'm trying to get cross is that here in california, i work for my disabled e's a individual. orie hp, it isnce very important, and for healthcare, because -- i was i y ill in the past, but elieve that obama care really helped me get the health survive.e i needed to i wasn't in a bad state.
9:38 am
host: okay. issue there, miriam? caller: that is my issue. -- i believe that hillary clinton will help me get that so i can get some pay so elp my husband at home, that i can survive. host: okay frshgs california to maryland. gathersburg, steve is watching there. undecided. hi, steve. are you?ello, how it's inequality of opportunity that would be my big issue, that leads to income inequality. things like education and all the things that put people on a path that they can compete in this economy. are you undecided then, steve? undecided, well, i think i lean toward hillary. would be waiting for any other october surprises that
9:39 am
i think we've but pretty well established that. issue is national defense and i just have concerned about mr. trump being commander-in-chief. host: jacksonville, florida, supporting mr. trump. hi, george. caller: yes, good morning. i have walked neighborhoods for 62 years, starting with my an elected official in south carolina. i picked out two issues and i talk about one. two issues are 100% approval issues. one that is the most prominent in my mind, federal with $500,000 e to million and a half because hey are invested in capital markets and not invented in socialism. it is a thrift savings plan. backup plan in case the savings plan fails. all america should have the same thing. trump has said, we should have
9:40 am
social security as backup and country should have an ira. number.the interesting 68% of all federal government spending on welfare. 2.7 trillion, twice as uch money as it would require to have everybody in this country with an ira, which has in the ira by the time they retire. host: okay. supporting mr. trump. blackstone, virginia. robert supporting hillary clinton. next, robert. caller: yes, i'm concerned with he infrastructure and the jobs and a lot of the problems th that -- we're listening, robert. caller: okay. a lot of problems that we have of the republican congress that we've had beginning.n the we had the leader of the house say, whatever president obama is going to do,
9:41 am
make sure it o ever ever happens, any bills attached with the headstart program, anything that is aden sed, there is always ums added on to make the bills impassable. it is constant attacks. is a trump, donald trump businessman, okay. running this country is going to businessman.n a his political outlook and his dealings with the rest of the these are more important than having a businessman. the way he operates his business his business, but the country needs more. -- listened host: robert, i want to leave it kansas,nd go to randy in support manager trump. did you hear the last caller saying this country needs more businessman. his politics and out tlt look,
9:42 am
other countries, his interaction is important. that?o you say to caller: i think that is important and i think what hillary has shown is nothing but dishonesty. her husband is a rapist, the that s, willing affairs, is fine, whatever fshe wants to put up with that. raping vered for him women, biting them. she got people killed in benghazi, ruined a peace deal in libya. she's a traitor. bama's policies are traitor esque too. he clintons and obamas are in this together. host: those are randy's opinions there, a donald trump supporter. we have 20 minutes left. more than a few thoughts about in campaign 2016. first, what else do you have for us this morning? now the vice presidential
9:43 am
debate is over, the xethation next g has begun for the debate happening on sunday. some of the tweets ahead of that reporters covering the campaign. here is brian talking about anne conway, campaign manager for trump appears on fox. anne conway predicts a owerful performance on sunday, town hall format is much better for trump than clinton. katelyn burns asking will pence help trump on sunday. prep she answers that question, no, to kelly anne they are different people with styles.t josh barrow, senior editor at usiness insider, his expectations heading into sunday. hillary clinton will definitely ention at sunday's debate that pence didn't defend trump asked will trump agree with her? frank hundredz, political
9:44 am
groups nt, runs focus about debates as they happen. he asked vice presidential group advice would they give for unday's debate to presidential candidates. to hillary clinton, stop attacking, give detail. with pence.ractice again, that debate happening at university in saint louis. october 19th at the university of nevada., and the radio app, as well. pennsylvania, supporting hillary clinton. hi there. caller: good morning. what the no clue nuclear triad was. e's constantly disparaging our armed forces. he says combats are weakness and isis than our t generals. putin.ments ill not show tax returns and
9:45 am
expected dealings with russia. generals, said he wanted a purple heart, he veteran who earned one. ught to follow through on groups. to veteran's his trump university is a fraud. charity is a fraud being evaluated. i think he would be a terrible seems clueless, he's never held a governmental presidential job is not an entry level position. in : all right, jason, indiana. do you support mr. trump, how do caller ond to that saying this is not an entry level position. political have the experience. caller: i believe that trump is for the he's proven that he knows how to
9:46 am
about money and it is all money. the american people do not want heir money confiscated from them. and the government is spending dollars per household per year. i don't even make that much money in a year. living under communism, this is nuts. and i hope or trump everybody else does. you have to be insane to vote for hillary. hillary's campaign slogan is, give me a dollar, i'll give you a quarter. okay. jason talking about the economy, important to him. policy, ard foreign healthcare, small business regulation, all issues important there this voter out morning. top issue in this campaign 2016, at the that came up vice presidential debate is immigration. ake a listen at how the two answered the question. >> donald trump apologizing to mccain for saying he is not
9:47 am
a hero? did he apologize for calling pigs, disgusting? >> she apologized -- please.inutes, >> did donald trump apologize for taking after someone in a twitter war and making fun of her weight? apologize for saying african live nothing hell? did he apologize for saying president obama was not a states? of the united you would look in vein to see donald trump taking for anybody and apologizing. immigration, hillary and i reform. in immigration donald trump believes in deportation nation. bipartisan i want reform that will put keeping families together as the top goal. second, that will help focus those whot efforts on are violent. third, that will provide control and path of citizenship for those ho work hard, pay by the rules and do criminal background checks.
9:48 am
that is our proposal. donald trump proposes to deport people, 11 million here without documents and both mike pence want to get rid of birth rate citizenship. f you are born here, your parents don't have documents, that is another four and a half million people. ost: that was tim kaine yesterday, the senator from virginia talking about hillary linton's plans on immigration, contrasting with what donald trump has said. or is sking you if that there another top issue for you in this campaign? hurley, virginia, supporting hillary clinton. hi, roger, good morning to you. to you.good morning forgive me, i'm a little bit nervous here. is jobs. hello. host: we're listening, roger, go ahead. it's jobs. caller: my issue is jobs. donald trump, his businesses are china. he's for communist nation, no putin. he supports hillary clinton wants to be
9:49 am
building on infrastructure. roads and bridges around this part of the country, they trees in could plant the middle of the road where i live. my issue is jobs. roger, what about, given your issue is jobs, what about supporters of om donald trump that say, look, he's a successful businessman, knows what to do with money, he's made a lot of it, he's of people? maybe it is time washington has a ebody who is not politician, that has a businessman with his record, what do you say to that? caller: i have to say to that, if donald trump, all his money made, he got big from his daddy, so of money. he's going to make now, using this land and that's ine, but i think after 20 years, ought to pay one year's tax to this country.
9:50 am
he release tax returns and see who other communist supporting or in debt to. host: laurel, maryland, joseph, trump.ting mr. hi. caller: yes. good morning. russian s about the issue, everybody is talking about how trump is going to be putin and so forth. things. f you recall, hillary did the russian reset, which failed. secondly, if you recall, was caught kind of off camera, if you will, saying, in my in second term, i'll be able to do more with you. know, the democrats have already worked their angle toward, you know, better with russia and now trump about cizing the fact that he wants to try to yet with them, as well, and it is hypocrisy.
9:51 am
hillary has tried russian reset, failed. obama definitely wanted to work with putin, but it didn't work out. all right. joseph's thoughts there, trump maryland. in laurel, go to mark in pennsylvania, supporting mr. trump. hi, mark. caller: how are you? morning, good. caller: first of all. good. first of all, i will jump a all over the place, but first of all, i don't even figure out nd can't how hillary and big clinton are jail. let's talk about common facts. his isn't a republican denouncing a democrat, when he how much vernor, cocaine and how much drug dids hey bring in through the arkansas airport? host: okay. i will leave it there, mark. i don't know where you are going with that. asking about top issues of
9:52 am
campaign 2016. got time for a few more phone calls. first, another students from longwood university. c-span's campaign bus, c-span marketing team are talking to about 5000 ere are that attend that university and one is joining us now. good morning. was your impression of the debate? guest: good morning. payton conway. debate, sion of the while there were definitely insults thrown in during the it was definitely seems to be more actual debate. they were talking about policies, different stances each campaign has. it thoroughly enjoyed it, was exciting to be inside the debate hall. ost: what is your major and what was your takeaway from last night's debate? communications studies major at longwood. was keaway from last night that i feel like pence ended up actually getting a little bit of success for the trump and pence
9:53 am
campaign. to be like he was able somewhat calm and steady and he pence ticket and a little bit easier to chew for who can't really swallow or, you know, can't get trump. i think having pence have this of stay calm and e a little bit steady in the debate, he really showed that there's a pernable side to this i think a lot of people don't agree for either sides it is personable. did you learn last night, if anything, about strategiesons, about and how you communicate? the privilege and unique opportunity to be debate hall.e guest: as far as strategies, i they had ly know if one, if either candidate had
9:54 am
one. seemed to be interrupting pence a lot, there was definitely mud slinging the two candidates. but i think as far as kaine, i he was bringing up the different controversies that trump has had. think that was -- may have been his strategy as far as the g to get across to people that trump isn't the best choice by bringing up the ifferent controversies he's had. for pence, i think it was like i aid before, trying to make it more personable, trying to show even if you can't get behind possibility is a you could get behind pence. host: thank you so much for thoughts this morning with us and to the rest of your fellow students for on c-span, joining via skype, and hanging out with the team up there. appreciate it. guest: thank you. host: back to our calls. who are assachusetts, you supporting, eric?
9:55 am
good morning. and what u supporting is your top issue for the campaign? caller: thank you, ma'am. johnson. it is for two reasons. trump and hillary both are going to increase the debt. on, two term governors who had ly blue states track record in cutting spending and balancing budgets. the ven't seen that in presidency since gosh, jack kennedy. between them, they have 15 years of experience and i just cannot something could put who has never been elected, donald trump, or somebody who term and a half in senate and then was, you know, flying secretary ofrld as state. they've actually run governments before. host: okay. shirley in san antonio, supporting hillary clinton. shirley.
9:56 am
guest: good morning. supporting hillary clinton, the democratic party, the are againstsay they abortion. he only reason why they are against abortion is because they believe in starving the children born, they are believe in killing people in the lead poisoning people. need bodies for wars they are making up. at least clinton is for the people. shirley. right, we will get one last news update from john mcardle before we wrap up today's conversation. what do have you now? guest: before we leave the vice presiden notes of stories about news organizations that hecked with former vice presidents amid vise presidential debate last night. "new york times," their
9:57 am
tory, realtime reaction from ex-vice president. they during the debate last ight were checking in with walter mondale, vice president for former president jimmy carter. the issues mondale talked about in the exchange with "new in, hemes," half an hour was asked what the takeaway from the debate was so far. mondale said break into what plans are for vice president and of principles about the job. at the end of the debate, they the takeaway t was, did we learn anything about presidential candidate? he said, there is not much to be astonished not one question was asked about the elements of the vise presidency. "new york times" in their story with walter mondale noted vice nvited former president dick cheney, but he unavailable. one story from the "washington
9:58 am
post" this morning, noting that president al gore will start campaigning for hillary clinton, according to briefed on the plan. it is effort to mobilize young voters who see climate change as issue in 2016. host: all right. couple more calls. stanley, new york, supporting mr. trump. what is top priority or concern nuthis campaign? caller: mostly taxes. all i can say is oh, my god, you here are people out crazy. hillary t anyone asked clinton what happened to the six up ion dollars that came missing at the state department while she was secretary of state? know, trump lost his own money, he didn't lose taxpayer's money. this whole conversation today is plain crazy. and people calling in about my
9:59 am
know, voter suppression, already they found colleges, dead people are reregistering to vote. a break. i want to know where $6 billion money went. host: okay. west virginia, supporting hillary clinton. hi, raymond, what is important you? caller: it seems like everybody s putting priority on presidents, but when the resident puts things over to he house of representatives to get something done and the no, er of the house says, we don't want anything to do doesn't get -- it done, nothing gets done. country people of the realize they got to get rid of
10:00 am
these people in the house of representatives and the senate that do nothing. i mean, nothing gets done. how do you rid of people in the house of representatives and senate to do nothing. nothing gets done. host: howdy you think hillary clinton can change that? caller: i don't think they can. everything goes from the president to the speaker of the house. and the speaker of the house doesn't want to do anything and get anything done. ok, i am stopping you there so i can squeeze in sharon. how are you sharon? caller: i enjoyed the debate thereight but i felt like was too much interference by tim kaine. my subject is social security. i have worked hard all my life. i applied for my social security. i thought the young people in the social security of


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