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tv   Candidates Face Off in Missouri Governors Debate  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 8:31pm-9:34pm EDT

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debate is in washington, missouri. watch our live coverage starting at 7:30 p.m. or a preview of debate. then it 8:30, the predebate reaping for the audience. i'm a car p.m., live coverage of the debate followed by your reaction. .he second presidential debate watch live on c-span. any time of the band that, and listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> now it is the missouri governor's debate, as candidates square off to succeed governor jay nixon and that date. and --t chris cost her democrat and republican candidates were joined by members of other parties. >> thank you, dennis. and again welcome to the 2016
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candidate forums hosted by the missouri press association. earlier today, candidates june numbers to determine the order in which they will be making opening remarks. closing remarks will be made in reverse order. i am going to introduce the candidates to you in the order of their opening remarks. first, independent candidate lester turilli. green party candidate don fitz. democrat chris koster. republican eric greitens. [applause] and libertarian cisse spragins. after their opening statements i will ask the first question and then will proceed to questions from our three panelists. our three panelists today seated in front, the st. joseph news press, carol stark of the joplin globe, and the washington
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missourian. candidates will have one minute to answer each question, after each turn i will decide if any rebuttal time is necessary and if so they will have an additional 30 seconds. rebuttals will be reserved only for those particular candidates involved in an attack. if a candidate fails to answer a question, i also reserve the right to prod them to try again. signs will be held up in the front row showing the time remaining during remarks. candidates, please adhere to the stop sign, and audience, please hold your applause until the event is over. with that let's begin. earlier this year, missouri national- drew attention for legislation that would have barred government penalties against certain institutions and businesses that cite religious beliefs while declining to provide wedding related services to same-sex couples.
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that issue is likely to be back again on the legislative agenda in january. >> david, are we doing opening statements? moderator: i thought i would skip those today. [laughter] let's do that. what is a good debate without a flub by the moderator? lester, you're up first. >> thank you. it's a privilege to speak before this morning. my name is lester turilli, and i and the only independent on the stage. i have no party affiliation. i have no special endorsements or special interests. i'm not a politician. i am a family man. i'm a businessman. my family business is merrimack caverns. my great grandfather started that 83 years ago. i've been an executive there for the last 25 years. during that time i have employed thousands of missourians.
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i have the past and the present experience to govern this state. part of the reason i run it -- the reason i am running is because i'm concerned for the future of our state and our kids. my hearts desire is to serve god, and to serve the people of missouri, and that is why i running governor. am thank you. thank the press association for inviting all candidates to birds as they -- all candidates to participate and not just the two candidates , of the big money parties. there are important issues which i hope this discussion will focus on. issues such as we need to have clean air and water standards in missouri that are stricter than federal guidelines. we need to replace nuclear and coal power with wind and solar power. we must repeal the misnamed right to farm amendment, and we must instead encourage farmers to produce the products that are free of herbicides, pesticides
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and genetic organisms. we must reserve the right to have guns, but we must have permits after training for those guns and we must have a ban on assault weapons. we must end mass incarceration. we must end the death penalty and we must end extrajudicial executions by police officers. moderator: chris koster? >> i hope we can set aside political rhetoric today and talk about what we can accomplish if we worked together over the next four years. my hope is we can create a funding plan for the missouri department of transportation so the 34,000 miles of roads stop crumbling, and we put 681 bridges, many of them in the senator's district, back into commission. we want to keep the promise that that we've made for missouri schoolchildren and in this era end this era- and of underfunding public education
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across missouri. we want to bring economic development incentives back online to recruit light manufacturing companies to urban centers in rural missouri alike. open up international trade offices of farmers have foreign markets to sell their goods into. and give police the tools they need to clean up the streets. i know these two political parties perhaps as well as any person in the state of missouri. i look forward to working cooperatively and respectfully across party lines to bring progress to missouri. moderator: eric greitens? >> i am eric greitens. i have never run for political office. i'm a navy seal, entrepreneur and a husband and father. when i came home from serving in iraq, i saw a problem. generation of veterans being mistreated. these brave men and women have gone overseas for us. many came home wounded and disabled. what happened is that you'll -- what happened is that the government gave them a disability check and forgot about them. we started organization to help our returning veterans come home and get quality private sector
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jobs to started to run their own businesses, and to serve again here at home. we transformed thousands of lives. today, veterans who often have trouble getting out of bed are now caring for their children and leaving again in our community. i am running for governor because missouri is a great state full of promise and potential, but we are being held back by career politicians who, because of their cowardice and corruption, shrink from facing the hard problems are all around us. my opponent chris koster has been in office for more than 20 years. we have all seen what's happened. under his leadership, missouri has become a state known for serial corruption, national and harassment and epic failure. i know that we can do better than what we've had and i'm excited to bring more jobs,
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higher pay, safer streets of better schools to the people of missouri. moderator: cisse spragins. >> i would like to thank the press association for inviting all the candidates on the ballot. a little bit about my background i grew up on a farm in west tennessee and i studied physics and chemistry and got a ph.d in physics from university of wisconsin-madison. in 1998 i moved to minneapolis and i started a manufacturing company making pest-control products. my majorusiness, competitors were all like multinational corporations. in 1984, i supported jesse jackson -- sorry, i supported ronald reagan. in 1988, i supported jesse jackson. i am pretty sure i am boys been a libertarian. personal choice and personal responsibility have always made sense to me. government has become too large and too intrusive in our lives. if we don't change course radically we will have the first generation of americans that lead this country in search of
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greater opportunity elsewhere. moderator: now we will go into questions. you had a preview earlier. so earlier this year missouri drew national attention for legislation that would have barred the government penalties against certain institutions and businesses that fight religious beliefs while declining to provide wedding related services to same-sex couples. that issue is likely to be back on the legislative agenda in january. do you support such legislation, or do you support efforts by others to add sexual orientation and gender identity to missouri's nondiscrimination laws? this question goes first to you, lester turilli. >> that's a big question. i do support that litigation. i do believe that religious institutions are separate, as such they should be able to
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speak and perform duties that are innate to that particular denomination or religion. and if you're asking for a solution to that problem, we need to allow those marriages that are seeking those to go to places that are neutral, and that it doesn't violate the principles of the religious organization. as far as -- what was the second half of the question? i'm sorry. >> i would advocate against that simply because i think if that was brought to our legislator as we said, we would probably make more discrimination prevalent in our state. moderator: don fitz? >> there's been entirely too much hate in missouri politics
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, in united states politics over the last several years. there's been hate directed at people because of their gender preference and their sexual orientation. there has been hate directed at people because they're muslim. there has been hate directed at people who are looking for better jobs for mexico. of course, there is not any hate against people coming from canada looking for jobs in united states because their skin color happens to be white instead of ground. -- instead of brown. any sort of law that would allow discrimination of summary -- we should amend nondiscrimination to include sexual preference and gender orientation. moderator: chris koster? >> i am a yes on the passage of the missouri nondiscrimination act. i have a policy like that in my office. if it is not passed by the legislature on the continued governor nixon's executive order in favor of nondiscrimination as governor.
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i believe missouri should protect religious leaders from -- states that have engaged in this or flirted with this like indiana and south carolina have seen not only a national upon them, placed but have also seen hundreds of millions of dollars of economic that crisis .tagnation and prejudice and >> look, i served as a u.s. navy seal in the military in which were able to put back everybody religious freedom all the time ensuring not just commission. i think the people of missouri rabbi.hat no priest a
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we have to protect religious freedom while at the same time ensuring nondiscrimination. we need people who are willing to stand up for people who need protection. was one of only four senators who voted against a bill that would have protected the primacy of rape victims -- the privacy of rape victims so that they could maintain the privacy and not be found by the abusers. he is one of only four senators who voted for the bill which would've made rape victims pay for their own rape kits. we need to have leaders willing to stand up and protect people. chris, i think you should link -- you should explain to the women of missouri and to the families of missouri why you believe that a woman who has been raped has to pay for her own rape kits. moderator: cisse spragins. >> i support the american value of freedom of association and the separation of church and state. so no, i don't think that a
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pastor should have to perform a ceremony for a gay couple if that's not their belief. freedom of association actually creates harmony. .t helps to notify people i live in a neighborhood with lots of people. >> we want to get 30 seconds rebuttal time to chris koster on the topic of rape legislation. >> yes, i wonder if my college that my colleague to the left has read the bill. of the bill allows for the possibility of killers who have been put behind bars
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for life without parole to be let out, potentially on manufactured evidence. that is why i voted against the bill. i think it is also why your lieutenant governor candidate, mike parson voted against the bill, and i think it might have something to do with the reason the fraternal order of police have endorsed me and your lieutenant governor candidate. >> 30 seconds. >> i did read the bill and you are lying about what's in the bill. what's in the bill was clear. it said women who have been repeatedly assaulted and abused for years who finally took action against their abusers and killed them and were sent to jail said if they were in jail, that after 15 years they would have the opportunity to be eligible for probation and that is what the bill said. you need to apologize to the women of missouri and the families around missouri. >> we will have to move on to question number two and that
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comes from ken newton. >> thank you for all the candidates taking part here today. many observers nationally say this race will decide whether missouri becomes a right to work state. if you become governor and the legislature sends to your desk a right to work well, what will you do? >> i would veto any thing which is a right to work bill. however we need to go beyond that in terms of defending labor rights and make sure we have a thatn hour minimum wage applies to restaurant workers and agriculture workers. we need a whole series of labor legislation to protect workers in addition to the right to work. we also need to be suspicious of candidates like chris koster who says he is against the right to work, but supported the right to form -- to farm.
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the right to farm destroys the rights of american farmers and it is enshrined in the constitution that it apprise a business as a corporation as a person and that is why it's very important to repeal that. >> chris koster. >> i would veto a right to work bill. i have wealthy folks who approach me around the state of missouri and tell me they think our state would be a better place if folks who got paid by the hour actually made less money, but when i talk to the woman at the grocery store who stocks the shelves and she's making $11 an hour, she tells me her life would be harder to put food on the table if she made $9.50 an hour. no matter how you slice it, right to work states earn about 15% less income than non- right to work states. roseuri's income last year by about 3.8%, but the average of right to work states across the country was 3.2%, 15% less. in 2014 the state of kansas,
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iowa, indiana and arkansas all right to work states grew more slowly than missouri, illinois and kentucky. i am running for governor to fight for working people in the state, not against them. >> eric. >> i will sign it right work legislation. as governor, we need in missouri more jobs and higher pay. it is very clear that rights to work leads to more jobs and higher pay. if you look over the course of the last decade, the bureau of labor statistics say the right to work legislation grew job 60% more. our fellow midwestern states like indiana and michigan that have signed right to work are leading the country number one and number two in new job growth. tennessee has twice as many new manufacturing jobs as we do here in the state of missouri. i will sign right to work legislation because it is good for missouri families and we need to have leaders who are willing to do that.
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my opponent, chris koster, has taken over $8 million from the union bosses, over $8 million from union bosses and that's with striving his economic plan. i know from having started and run my own business, having worked with veterans as they have come home that we have to turn missouri's economy around and that's what i'm going to do when i'm governor. >> cisse spragins. >> i support the right to work for any individual for themselves or any business that wishes to hire them. i am in favor of voluntary human trade, human contracting, and human interaction. if businesses want to hire someone they should and if they don't want to hire someone and they shouldn't. conversely, if a employee wants to work for a business they should and if they don't wish to then they shouldn't. businesses should be free to contract with employees without government interference. current right to work legislation basically says it prohibits employers from charging union dues to employees
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that have a union. i support employees forming a union and i also support businesses who decide to recognize that union and negotiate or choose not to and i'm actually interested in voluntary human interaction, human trading and contracting with one another, not by government force. >> lester turilli. >> right to work divides our state. we got the right over here wanting to pass it. we have the left holding blue. here's the solution, grandfather in all current businesses that are union labor forces right now. let our labor unions keep working in missouri. for any new business that wants to come to missouri, starting in 2017, they can be right to work. solves both sides of the equation. thank you. >> next question comes from
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carol stark. >> good afternoon and thank you for being with us today. the last couple of years our legislature has turned down federal dollars when it comes to medicaid expansion. the reason that largely they give is that in the future, our budget would not be able to pay the state's share of that. do you think that is a valid reason or a legitimate reason for continuing to turn down those federal dollars and not expand medicaid in the state of missouri? why or why not? wire why not? -- why or why not? >> this question goes first to chris koster. >> the state of missouri right now is losing a rural hospital in our state every eight months and has been for about the last three half years. we lost a hospital in osceola, in vernon, springfield,
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farmington, and it is because the economics of healthcare has changed and unfortunately unless we adapt to the new reality we will in all likelihood continue to lose ground in rural health care across the state. the federal government is trying to send missourians back money that we've sent to them, $2 billion a year. this $2 billion would be invested in, not only the largest cities, but across the state in places where we have difficulty getting economic development money like tipton. it will create 40,000 new jobs, and improve the health care of about 300,000 missourians and as governor i would like to work across party lines to find a solution to bring those $2 billion in two our health care system. >> eric greitens. >> chris is a career politician, spent over 20 years in politics and he's not telling you the truth about obamacare. obamacare is a broken program full of broken promises. they told people you could keep your doctor, where you couldn't.
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they tell people your premiums would go down and they went up . and it states that have expanded obamacare, they are actually going bankrupt. ohio, they promised the people of ohio that expanding obamacare would cost $3.8 billion. in fact, it cost them $6.9 billion and in the state of washington, $2.3 billion in biannual budget. these states are going bankrupt . this is a clear choice in this election. if you support obama care, if you want more obamacare and if you want as chris koster said his top priority is expanding obamacare, you should vote for hillary clinton and chris koster. if you are opposed to obamacare, i am here to earn your vote. >> cisse spragins. >> we need a free market in medical care, and we need to reduce the cost not by stealing money from one group of people to give it to another to create false jobs, but rather to encourage innovation, to eliminate certificate of need for the construction of new
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hospitals that is a current missouri requirement and to eliminate the problem where businesses cannot buy insurance across state line. we need to deregulate health care, remove licensing requirement to allow more people to practice medical care and to allow especially consumers to choose medical care that is their choice, not what the government has decided constitutes medical care. we know obamacare is a disaster. you just have to look at your health insurance premiums and as a business owner i pay premiums and they have gone up by a factor of three. what we are doing is working. -- is not working. just taking money from the federal government that we ultimately will not be able to sustain is not the answer. >> lester turilli. >> i am fiscally conservative, but i have a heart for people. there's a funding gap between obamacare and medicaid and that's what we're talking about. i do believe in extending medicaid to cover those folks.
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i do believe that we should take advantage of some of the federal money, for the time being as long as obamacare is still in place to help our people. now, chris has made a misrepresentation of the facts. it would create about 4000 jobs. you can go to for a fact check on that. but i do agree it would help our economy, but more importantly, this is about helping people. >> we must expand medicaid. farming income has fallen by over half in the last few years. many farmers are on the level of poverty because of this falling income. but expanding medicaid is not enough. we must have medicare for all, not just those people over 65. i work with missourians for single-payer to develop a plan that will soon be on a website which explains how medicare for all program would work in missouri.
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one thing we need to realize is that if we insert insurance companies in between a patient and the doctor that is not going to save money. it's only going to get the insurance company a cut of the money. by removing the insurance companies and having medicare for all, we will actually lower health costs while providing more healthcare. let's remember over 90% of missouri families are only one health disaster way from -- away from poverty. medicaid, and creating medicare for all will solve that. >> next question from bill miller. >> again, thank you to all of you for being here today. happy to see your smiling faces. my question has to do with transportation. i think that most missourians realize our transportation infrastructure has fallen behind and i would like to hear from you what plan you have to do something about that, funding
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plan and how you attack it. >> this question goes first to eric greitens. >> look, bill, we have a major problem here in the state of missouri. we have 3500 bridges that are structurally deficient. when you travel around the state of missouri, everyone recognizes we need to invest more money in our roads, bridges, ports, but what also happens when you travel around the state is that you ask people if we should invest more money and everyone says yes. and then you ask of them do you trust the government of the state of missouri and career politicians like chris koster to invest your money wisely and they all say no. they don't trust was happening -- what is happening in government. we need to reestablish trust in government and that's why i have said from the beginning when i'm governor i will ban gifts from lobbyists, close the revolving door between legislatures and special interest and put in place term limits. we will build a budget that meets the needs of the people of missouri and that includes investing in infrastructure. my opponent, chris koster, was on the front page of the "new
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york times" is one of the most corrupt attorney generals in the country. the people of missouri do not trust career crooked politicians and they are not going to trust them to invest their tax dollars wisely. we need to reestablish trust in government. >> cisse spragins. >> if we look at every problem area in a society whether it is transportation or schools or whatever, you find it's an area that has been monopolized by government. maybe we should begin to recognize that trend and realize that government monopoly for the last 100 years in certain areas is not working and do something differently. i agree with eric greitens that people do not trust politicians to spend money that they collect in taxes appropriately and it's been demonstrated time and time again. if you concentrate too much power in the hands of governments, it's going to be corrupt. that's why you have lobbyists. f government, it is going to be corrupt. that is why you have a lobbyist.
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if you did not have power in government, you would not have lobbyists. we need to look at new ideas with regard to our infrastructure and look to privatize these areas and have free-market solutions that will ring prosperity to our state. turilli.: lester mr. turilli: like ms. spragins roads andng our bridges, there is a safety issue. when i am out riding my harley davidson, i am watching out for potholes in the road. it can be dangerous. it is going to we have to done in a couple of ways. it is why do have to be done through a gas tax. it will have to be temporary. it will have to be minimal, and that money will need to be directly appropriated for the roads that season. when that is done, remove the gas tax. the other way we can do it is
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through an entry told to missouri. we can do that on out-of-state vehicles only for a very short toll road, just a few miles or less, and the money we accumulate from that troll can be put into the roads and bridges. tz.erator: don fir they are in the newspaper for wasting taxpayer money. that does not have enough funds to repair missouri ridges come which are desperately in need of repair. oster, i am not in support of that. a greater proportion will be spent on it. i would propose a graduated ,ncome tax for the highest 1% while the overwhelming majority taxes,ero increase in
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but i think how transportation is approach is just much bigger than how we repair roads. we must be looking for other modes of transportation. soesign the urban core people can make the overwhelming majority of their trips by byking, by bicycling, and using mass transportation, and we need to work with engineers in order to make those changes possible. .oderator: chris koster mr. koster: one of things about electing someone inexperienced, and often do not understand. they have been downsizing, preparing for this day. senator knows. they have sold over 700 pieces of large equivalent and close 124 maintenance barns, and shut down three offices in macon, in willow springs, and in joplin, and all three of those have in common that they are all three .n rural missouri
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a bipartisan funding solution with knowledgeable members of both parties. one senator is in the audience today, and the leaders of the senate and the house come twother and fill the hundred million dollar to 500 million dollar hole that has accumulated in this state annually. i look forward to working respectively with these leaders to accomplish that. moderator: i will give you 30 rebuttal if you need it. thet is not working for people of missouri. it might be working for you for your political insiders and cronies, but it is not working for the people of missouri. when they see a career spendingn like use $3.2 million to redecorate your office, they know your priorities are not the priorities of missouri, and the
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people what a leader who will step forward to solve these problems, chris, and that is what i'm going to do when i am governor. moderator: chris koster. mr. koster: when he is talking with the office, he is talking about a building i do not work in. the carpet was picked about 20 years ago. my office looks like a locker room. the building was seeping water through mold, had no windows, and the vote was unanimous within the legislature of this that wasfix a building part of the aging infrastructure of jefferson city. moderator: owing to the next question, that goes to you. -- going to the next question. >> having missouri in the 30's or lower in states among education on the, k-12 achievement, and many other categories.
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what would you do to raise educational opportunities above a c grade? gins, you: cisse spra are the first. ms. spragins: we collect another forillion in property taxes actual funding. i would get rid of the state department of education because we are basically paying about 2000 bureaucrats to do a lot of stuff that has not contributed to improving education. fore want to do something the children of this state, then we should not bankrupt them for the future and destroy their opportunities for prosperity. education toturn local control. we need to get out of federal programs. receivingnot be federal dollars and all of the caveats that go with that. we should be returning it to local and parental control so people can educate their children in the manner they see fit. turilli.r: lester
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mr. turilli: well, i would like to say something about my office, if i will. water five feet of flood in my office, and i am operating off of a three but by six foot plastic table. the schools, it is important. my wife is a teacher. i have a unique perspective on the school system. i am a parent. i have three children. my oldest is an adult. i have two teenagers. that we give our teachers 100% of what they need. they are on the front lines with our kids every single day. ourso believe in giving local school districts the ability to pick and choose the curriculum, as long as it needs state guidelines. i also want to copy school districts that are performing well, and implement those, and then to the word -- those that are suffering.
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moderator: don fitz. said previously we have money to develop the schools if we have a graduated income tax. how do we improve education in missouri in general? to do the things we need is stop this fetish on standardized tests, where students spend day after day performing on standardized test. we need to abolish that from kindergarten through third grade, and for the high school, there should be no more than one day per year devoted to standardized tests. i am a product of the public school system. i spent my elementary and high school years in public schools. my children went to the city of st. louis and university public schools and then went through the community college systems. we need to abolish charter schools. we need to phase them out and make sure schools are not privatized. we need to make sure that students have guaranteed jobs when they get out of school. a lot of the problems that we
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see with the students in low income areas, why should i get an education if i am just not going to have a job afterwards? we have two of guarantees of jobs for those students who graduate from the 12th grade. moderator: chris koster. number one, we have been chronically underfunded for a long time. number two, we have 18 school districts in the state of missouri that only attend classes everywhere days a week. they go to school monday through thursday, 10,000 children in this state. day,am governor of this every child is going to go to school five days a week. we are going to raise teacher salaries and raise teacher quality at the same time so that we put in standards that the best and the brightest are in our schools, teaching children, and finally, i want to give flexibly to districts, because one size does not fit all, and giving them to be able to go above the school limit, one of
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the shortest school years in the nation, and getting school the opportunity, if they choose, to go above the 170 four-d limit is something i would support. eric greitens. mr. greitens: missouri sedans about the national limit on schools -- spends about the natural -- national limit. we make sure that that money actually makes it to the teachers and the kids, that it actually makes it into the classrooms, and because of the big government policies of folks r, we have seene the failure of the schools. a low proportion of african-americans graduate, the third worst in the nation. we have 200 76 of our school districts in missouri where last year, not a single kid passed a single advanced placement class. are passing aree
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proficiency, but in order to do that, we have to fight against big government programs and put power in the hands of teachers and parents. my mom was an early education teacher. for 30 years.ork i saw her work with kids who have down syndrome, as with asp burgers, kids with severe disabilities. those kids deserve their fair chance at american dream, and we need to make sure we put power into their hands. moderator: next question, from carol stark. carol: one of you will be our next governor, and as such, one of your primary tasks is making sure missouri has a balanced budget. we have talked about some of the budget challenges that are ahead of us, but can you cite some of them that might not be so obvious to all of us?
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moderator: this question goes first to lester turilli. businessman,as a operating in the business world for the last 30 years of my life, and operating in several different businesses, i know what it takes to balance a budget. if you do not balance a budget as a small business owner, you're not going to be in operation the next year, or you will operate at a deficit. i think that balancing the missouri budget is not a very difficult issue. it is going to take working with the house and the senate though to make sure that we are both on the same line in different areas. one area that i would like to probably increase a little funding to would be the department of mental health. we are suffering in that area. but there are some different areas, working with legislatures, that we could come to an agreement. moderator: don fitz. already: as i
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mentioned, money is being wasted to the tune of $7 million, and another area that is huge, and missouri is having mass incorporation -- mass incorporation, and the client like driving while black or smoking a little bit of marijuana. both of these are ridiculous. we can empty out a huge number of missouri prisons. costly to treat people in the community for drug in prisonsan it is to treat them there. and for mental health centers, a lot of police training to do with mental health issues would keep the mental health clients from going to jail, but the issues that we really need to look at very closely our taxes. problems with taxes. one is that we need to eliminate the sales tax. there should be no sales tax. another problem is that the income tax really needs to be graduated very sharply, with the
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richest 1% as opposed to the overwhelming majority. oster.tor: chris k mr. koster: one of the biggest issues is the state of the budget. 4% growth last year, but we did not start the year where we thought. we started at 2% less, because last year did not end as well as we had hoped, and so to make all of the budget reach the same place at the end of the fiscal year, we are going to have to travel 6% of growth. now, right now, at the end of the first quarter, we are moving at about a 2% pace. governor nixon has withheld $150 million, to the consternation of many, but he is prudent in his judgment on this. the hope is that the economy will up, and at the economy does not pick up, the next governor, whoever that is on this stage, will be looking at the potential for additional withholds, and
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that is even before we go back in january and look at the supplemental requests, so we are in a tough budgetary situation right now, and i think it is prudent for everyone in missouri to recognize that. greitens. eric mr. greitens: here is one of the problems with chris koster. when you look at the budget, there are no measures for performance and accountability. we need to have a governor that is going to insist on accountability and results in every area of government. other states have done this. indiana actually went through, and they cleaned up all of the rules, paying unemployment to people in jail. ohio instituted a program called lean ohio, where they were able to reduce the amount of time it took in the book process for the ohio turnpike authority. this is not magic, but you need a leader
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team ofto bring a people who have successfully run businesses, hospitals, universities. we need a chief operating officer who needs to make sure we are running an efficient government focusing on resultant accountability. that is the leadership that we need in missouri. first, i would like to point out that i am happy that the state cannot print money that the federal government does. with regard to letting people out of prison, i agree that we should pardon all nonviolent drug offenders and anybody else incarcerated for a victimless crime. otherwise, in order to solve budgetary problems, we have to --rease government control
9:16 pm
government grows every year and every year we hear about how government doesn't have enough money to do this and that, well, perhaps the government should to less verses get into the point that there is no way that you will never have an official say that they have enough money. --eric >> eric articulated that he wants to hire his first act in office of chief operating officer. .hat is you, eric [speaking simultaneously. ] you should not be applying for the job. chris is a deeply confused career politician who does not understand the difference between a ceo and a chief operating officer.
9:17 pm
, one of the things that you do is you have somebody that is looking every day at how you drive efficiency of government. , i will be cleaning up some of the problems you have created in public safety. there is a difference between the ceo and cto and affect that he did not know what it understands -- is whether reasons by the people of missouri cannot elect another cricket career politician. -- crooked career politician. >> next question? i have listened to several of in one of the talks in our town he said that government is broken at all levels. volunteer public who
9:18 pm
served on city council have told me they felt that was somewhat insulting and i would like to know do will live you feel that government at every level is broken? >> absolutely, absolutely at all levels. missouri,or of big-money candidates, putting themselves on television, automatic weapons, implying that the way to solve problems is to kill somebody. live, that isre i not a good message to give to young people. we need to have some sort of moral challenges and standard for people who run for public and neither the democrats nor the republicans are willing to do that. after michael brown was killed, there was ryan's and people who were appalled at the level of racism in misery. he celebrated the death of michael brown by executing a who within one month
9:19 pm
of michael brown's death saying that misery should be in the edge -- you cannot have trust in the morality of the government. i believe that what we need to do to improve a government that can be improved is to make sure what is inherently in the dna of the states, small, conservative government with business for entry regulation and a aaa bond rating intact. is the othert done aspects that bring balance to government. we have not been investing in our workforce, in the world of economic development we call it workforce development but in the real world we just call it education and higher education in the state has been cut by 40% budget has seen about a 25% decline.
9:20 pm
we also have failed to make the investments in the infrastructure on which our economy runs. new investment in transportation, health care, and a new energy grid to bring new conservation and transmission lines and other resources to the state are things that the next administration should be investing at it. >> if you had seen what happened to my friends in iraq and afghanistan and they came home and the treatment they got, you would recognize that government is broken and when you see the people of missouri see what happened in ferguson you recognize that government is broken and what the reasons why government is broken is because we have career politicians were putting politics first paired chris is our attorney general, the chief law enforcement officer of our state. when he showed up in ferguson, one of the first things he did is he said, can we fire darren wilson? he did this before he knew the facts because this was
9:21 pm
politically convenient for him. the fact is chris, now i, and law enforcement officers and first responders, and officers and their families around the state, and everybody who cares about the safety of our communities and the integrity of our communities, we're going to see that on november 8, we are going to fire you. whole concept of government is broken when it goes beyond this all be legitimate function, protecting rights, property rights, and protect their life and liberty -- that is will government is supposed to do. government has expanded to the something unrecognizable and it by nature is going to be broken. it is not made the people in the system are bad. it means that the incentives in the system reward that behavior. has through things and bad things. the political system rewards bad
9:22 pm
things and human nature -- rewarding good things in human nature. the nature of government where it is grown to the point where it controls way to much of our lives, is inherently broken but that is not a function just of the people in the system -- it is not going to change. as long as government has the amount of power over our lives that it does. >> the answer to your question, no. our government is broken at the top level, the top echelon, the elected leaders. the tens of thousands of missouri citizens who work hard doing theirhey are job, they are doing what they are instructed to do. what we need to do is clean house. we need to give people who were genuinely interested in the state of missouri and helping out. i am coming forward -- i have
9:23 pm
never run for politics before. i encourage others that you read your papers to do the same thing. >> we had a new topic introduced, ferguson. because we are almost out of time, what we are going to do is give everybody a 32nd rebuttal on the topic of -- a 30 second rebuttal on the topic of ferguson. mention isid not that the man put to death was a black man convicted by an all-white jury. in that case, there was an accomplice to the crime who did not receive murder. the death penalty is a horrible inequitable situation. systemic of the racism that permeates the criminal justice system. black people are more likely to be stopped by the police and be
9:24 pm
incarcerated if we do not deal with racism -- we are not given with criminal justice in misery. statements have been made that would have brought peace by the second day of only he had waived his magic wand but it is an insult to the magic -- it is an insult to the law enforcement officers -- [speaking simultaneously] >> i was in the federal court fighting against the aclu and protecting the police on the tearng area of law on the gas rule, the five-minute rule, protecting police, and that is by the police of this state have endorsed my campaign for governor and not yours. look, before you knew any effects, you came to ferguson and when a law enforcement officers expected you to have their back he said, can we fire
9:25 pm
darren wilson? need to be somebody who has the backs of the people who are counting on you. our police officers and law enforcement officers were counting on you and you want to hide behind the enforcement of a union? i have law enforcement officers, first responders, and their families who will see that your days in politics are over. >> -- untrue. >> we need to get to the root of an issue. one of the biggest problems in the state and country is the fact that we have victimless crimes turning everybody into a suspect. everybody in the country is a suspect but the police do not know where to look. they did not use racial profiling to decide who we are going to stop and frisk and this has created a huge amount of distrust between the police are supposed to serve the public when somebody steals from you or incarcerated being
9:26 pm
or chased down for smoking marijuana. >> ferguson was a tragedy. . do not know much could change the second time around, there should have been changes. it is a lack of leadership. my son was trapped in ferguson. ok? i understand the realness of the situation. what should have been done the second time around was to mobilize police instead of two fronts -- mobilizing in front of the public places of business and homes and give him instruction and authority to do their job but we also need racial unity. >> it is now time for our closing statements. the libertarian party is the third largest in the country. we have been around since 1971.
9:27 pm
people have come around to realize we are growing at an unprecedented rate because people are seeing what the welfare and warfare policies of the older parties has created. we need to end the state income tax, we need to get rid of regulations on business and personal behavior, we need to ,et government out of marriage out of reproductive decisions, we need to get government out of the lives of individuals beyond protecting their people and property. the people of missouri have a choice. he can basically keep doing what you are doing or you can actually vote libertarian and if after four years you do not like peace and prosperity, you can vote tyranny back into office. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. chris koster has been in politics for over 20 years and
9:28 pm
we have all seen his record. ferguson. failure in this is the guy who showed up on the new york times, the most corrupt attorney general in the country. you heard about his tremendous support for obamacare, that it is his top priority. chris has been in politics for over 20 years but if he was gone to make a difference, you would have done so already. together, we can today missouri where every child on the school bus feels that they have a fair shot at the american dream. we can build a missouri where mothers who are working harder are doing so i better pay. we can make sure that when grandparents and grandchildren to play, we know they are going to be safe in the neighborhood. we can do this together. we can do this -- i would be honored to earn your vote. the republican nominee introduced himself to the state
9:29 pm
five months ago with a machine gun saying that he knows how to blow up government. i have little doubt. i have a lot of doubt as to whether he knows anything about putting it back together. which is why i think he needs and ang wheels and a coo team of people to show him how to do the job the governor supposed to know how to do. this campaign has brought together a historic coalition, the entirety of the agricultural community including the missouri , police,au, the nra firefighters, first responders, teachers. coming together because they are frustrated with hyper-partisanship and want to see progress and i have spent the entirety of my career trying to build a majority in the middle. missourians who have washed my career know that. i will work respectfully across party lines to bring progress to the state. theor over 100 years
9:30 pm
democrats and republicans have entered into a conspiracy to drive every other party out of politics bypassing laws. groups like the league of women voters and the press association for opening discussion to everybody on the ballot. one thing we do not cover was how to make jobs for missouri and i will cover that now. i am the only candidate advocating for reducing the work week to 35 hours to have jobs for all. i am the only candidate advocating rebuilding a provost areas of missouri and the urban core with green jobs. i am the only candidate to recognize the fact that many people with part-time jobs would gladly switch -- if they could but [indiscernible] all so have medicare for that everybody has guaranteed medicare and we must expand social security benefits.
9:31 pm
[indiscernible] on october 8, one week from tomorrow, from 3:00-6:00, i invite all of you to come to my facility. we're going to have a meet the candidate. free cave tours and hot dogs and soda, now. heart.vation is my what made america great was her dependence upon god in different in the came from that aired if we want a future from the state of missouri, we're going to have to put investment back in the faith and family. my name is lesser to really --
9:32 pm
some people call me less . is less once again, i would like to thank you for your hospice -- hospitality. that concludes the forum. now would be the appropriate time to applaud. [applause] announcer: next, tom o'halloran debate for arizona's first congressional district. >> welcome to this special election edition of arizona horizon. willht is a debate, we hear from candidates competing to represent congressional district one. as with all debates, this is not a formal exercise, it is an open
9:33 pm
exchange of ideas. interjections are allowed provided that all sides get a fair shake. it is the 10th largest congressional district in the country, stretching just north of tucson, taking in much of eastern arizona. 20 after -- 25% of the population is american indian. the seat is being vacated. we now move on to our debate. you --didates, paul that and tom o'halloran.


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