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tv   Candidates Face Off in Missouri Governors Debate  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 11:57pm-1:00am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] the second presidential debate is saturday. watch our coverage for a preview of the debate and then the pre-debate briefing from the audience. at 9:00 p.m., coverage of the debate itself followed by viewer reaction. the second presidential debate, watch on c-span, on demand at and listen on the free c-span radio app. coming up in the morning, a look at the potential rise in medicare premiums next year. hosted by the national coalition health care and the public sector health care roundtable. on c-span2, we will hear from and theonals at dropbox
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white house as they discuss how to prevent government leaks and hacks. that is live at 9:00 a.m. eastern. lastly, the five candidates in missouri's governor's race met. they were asked about education and infrastructure spending, right to work legislation, religious freedom, and the 2014 unrest in ferguson, missouri. >> thank you, dennis send welcome to the 2016 candidate the missouriby press association. earlier today, candidates drew numbers to determine the orders in which they will be making
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opening remarks. closing remarks will be made in reverse order. i'm going to introduce the candidates to you. lester turillin, chris eri grei i will ask the first question and then we will proceed to questions from our panelists. ken, carol, and bill miller. candidates will have one minute to answer each question. after each has had a turn, and additional -- i will decide if rebuttal time is necessary and they will have 30 seconds.
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rebuttals will be reserved for those candidates involved in an attack. 20a candidate fails question, i have the right to ask them to try again. signs will show the time remaining. candidates, candidates, please it here the stop sign and onions, please hold your applause until the event is over. with that, let's begin. you reads year, as your national attention for legislation that would have our government counties against certain institutions and businesses beside religious -- the issue is likely to be back again on the legislative agenda in january. >> are we doing opening statements?
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host: i thought i would skip those tonight. let's do that. good debate without a flub by the moderator? lester, you're up first >> thank you. it is a privilege to speak before you. erelli. is lester t i ha know partyve affiliation, i have no special endorsements are special interests. i am not a politician. i am a family man. i have -- i am a businessman. my great-grandfather started that 83 years ago. there been an executive for the last 25 years. during that time i have employed thousands of missourians. i have the past and present experience to govern the state. part of the reason i am running is i am concerned for the future of our state and our kids.
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my heart's desire is to serve god and to serve the people of missouri and that is why i am running for governor. thank you. want to think the press association for inviting all candidates to participate and not just the two candidates of the big-money parties. there are important issue -- issues that i hope the discussion will focus on. we need to have clean air and water standards are stricter than federal guidelines. we need to replace a clear coal power with wind and solar power. you must refuel the misnamed right to form amendment and we must encourage farmers to produce products that are free of herbicides, pesticides, and genetic organisms. we must preserve the right to have guns but we must have permits after training for these guns and we must have a ban on assault weapons. we must end messick restoration.
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we must end the death penalty and we must end extrajudicial executions by police officers. >> a hooper can set aside political rhetoric and talk about what we can accomplish if we work together over the next four years. create a we can funding plan for the missouri department of transportation so 34,000 miles of roads stop cobbling and we put 681 bridges, many of them enrolled missouri back into commission. i'm -- we want to keep the promise we have made to missouri school children and in the air of underfunding public education. we want to bring economic development incentives back online to recruit like -- light manufacturing companies to urban centers and world missouri alike. enter -- open up for an trade so more -- farmers have their [inaudible] i know these political parties
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perhaps as well as any person in the state of missouri. a look forward to working cooperatively and respectfully across party lines to bring progress to missouri. >> i have never run for political office. i am a navy seal come a an entrepreneur and a husband and father. from serving in iraq i saw a problem. a generation of veterans being broken and mistreated. these brave men and women had gone overseas for us. many came home one did and disabled. what happened is too often the government handed them a disability check and forgot about them. i saw the potential that these men and women have so i donated my combat pay and we started an organization, the mission continues to help our returning veterans come home and get quality private sector jobs to start and to run their own businesses and to serve again here at home. we transformed thousands of lives and today, veterans who often have trouble getting out of bed are now caring for their children and leading again in
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our community's. i am running for governor because missouri is a great state full of promise and potential. careerbeing held back by politicians who because of their cowardice and their corruption shrank from facing the hard problems that are around us. been in office for more than 20 years. we have all seen what has happened. under his leadership, missouri has become a state known for serial corruption, national embarrassment, and epic failure. we saw the violence in ferguson. i know we can do better than we have had and i am excited to bring more jobs, higher pay, safer streets and better schools to the people of missouri. would like to thank the press association for inviting all the candidates on the ballot. a little bout my background. i grew up on a farm in west tennessee and i -- study
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chemistry and physics and got a phd from the university of wisconsin, madison. i moved to minneapolis and i started a manufacturing company making pest-control products. majort business, my competitors were for national corporations. it is similar to running for office as a libertarian. i supported jessie jackson -- ronald reagan. in 1988 i supported jesse jackson. i have always been a libertarian. personal choice and responsibility have made sense. the government has been too large and intrusive. coursewe do not change radically we will have the first generation of americans that leave this country in search of greater opportunity elsewhere.
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moderator: the issue is likely to be back on the legislative agenda in january. do you support such legislation or do you support efforts by others to add sexual orientation and gender identity to missouri's nondiscrimination laws? --question goes first to you this question goes first to you, lester to rally -- turelli. that religious separate.ns are as such they should be able to speak and perform duties that innate to that particular denomination or religion. for a solutiong
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to that problem, we need to marriages, those who are seeking those to go to places that are neutral and that it does not violate the principles of the religious organization. as far as -- what was the second half of the question? gender identity and sexual discoloration to nondescript nation laws. >> i would advocate against that simply because i think if that was brought to our legislator as a way it sits, we would probably make more discrimination prevalent in our state. >> there has been too much hate in missouri politics in the united states -- and that united states politics. there has been hatred directed at people, he directed at people because they are muslims. --ause they are looking to
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for better jobs. there is not any hate from people coming to canada because their skin: happens to be white inside of brown. any sort of law that would discriminate or allow dissemination of somebody because of their sexual preference or orientation is something that would be and in missouri. there's a question that we should amend nondiscrimination in order to include sexual preference and orientation. >> i have a policy like that in my office. if it is not passed by the legislature i will continue the executive order in favor of nondiscrimination as governor. i believe missouri should leaders fromious having to participate in ceremonies that are against their faith but beyond that, i flyot inc. our state should a flag of dissemination over the business committee. states that have engaged in this
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or flirted with it like indiana, south carolina have seen not only the national approbation placed upon them but have also seen hundreds of millions of dollars in economic decline. convention business that has left, headquarters that have left. i believe that economic growth in the future of this country is correlated with cultural openness and economic decline is correlated with stagnation and prejudice. u.s. -- as an the u.s. navy seals in which we were ensure nondescript nation. it is common sense and the people of missouri and agree. no pastor or priest or rabbi should ever be forced to participate in a ceremony they disagree with. there are ways to do this to make sure we're protecting religious freedom while ensuring non-nation and we do have to have leaders in missouri who are willing to stand up for people
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who need protection. only fourt was one of senators who voted against a bill that would have protected the primacy of rape victims. so the could maintain the privacy and not be found by their abusers. he is one of four senators who voted for a bill which would have made rape victims pay for their own rape kits. we have to have leaders who are willing to stand up and protect people and i think you should explain to their women of misery and the families of missouri why you believe that a woman who has been raped has to pay for her own rape kit. >> i support the american value of freedom of association and the separation of church and state. a pastorthink that should have to perform a ceremony for a gay couple if that is not their belief. nor do i think a bakery should have to bake a cake for a gay wedding if that is not their belief.
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freedom of assembly -- association creates harmony, and helps to notify people of who the bigots are, quite frankly. i have nothing against gay people. i live in a neighborhood with lots of them, actually. when you try to shove your values down someone else's throat, it creates the hate that mr. fitz was referring to. whereas if we except our own values and do not try to force them another people we are going to have peace which is what libertarians seek. host: we will give 30 seconds rebuttal on the topic about that vote on rape legislation. >> i wonder whether my colleagues to my left has read the bill. section 217 of the bill allows the possibility of killers who have been put behind bars for life without parole to be let out potentially unmanufactured evidence. that is why i voted against the bill. it is also why your lieutenant governor candidate voted against
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the bill and it might have something to do with the reason that the fraternal order of police have endorsed me and your lieutenant governor candidate. did read the bill and you are lying about what is in the bill. what is in the bill was very clear. it said women who had been repeatedly assaulted and abused for years to finally take action against their abusers and killed them and were sent to jail, if they were in jail that after 15 years, they would have the opportunity to be eligible for probation. that is what the bill said andrew record, you need to apologize to the women of misery and to families around missouri. host: we will have to two question number two. thehank you for all candidates taking part here today. many observers say this race will decide whether missouri becomes a right to work state.
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if you become governor and the legislature centered this a right to work, what will you do? veto.ould we need to go beyond that in terms of defending labor rights. we need to make sure we have a $15 an hour minimum wage that applies to restaurant workers and agricultural workers. we need a series of need for legislation to protect workers in addition to the right to work. we need to be suspicious of candidates like chris koster who says he is against the right to work that supported the right to farm. protects thework rights of american workers. the right to farm destroys the .ights of american farmers my is important to repeal that.
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veto the right to work though. i have a lot of wealthy folks who approached me around the state of missouri and tell me think other skin of the a better place for folks to our meaningless money. i talked to the woman at the dressers to stocks the shelves and she is making a letter dollars an hour she tells me that her life would be harder, be harder if she made $9.50 an hour. righter how you slice it, to work states and 50% less income than non-united states to missouri's income rose by 2.8% of the average of right to work states across the country was appointed percent. 15% less. of kansas,state iowa, indiana, and arkansas all grew more slowly than injury, illinois, and kentucky. i'm running to fight for working
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people in the state, not against them. am going to sign legislation. we need in missouri more jobs and higher pay. work clear that right to leads to more jobs and higher pay. the course ofer the last decade, the bureau of labor statistics has said that states that had right to work more.ation grew jobs 68% our fellow midwestern states like indiana and michigan that have signed right to work are leading the country in new factory job growth. newessee has twice as many manufacturing jobs as we do here in the state of missouri. workl sign right to legislation because it is good for missouri families and we need to have leaders who are willing to do that. my opponent has taken over 8 million dollars from union bosses. that is what is driving his economic plan. i know from having started and
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run my on business, from having worked with veterans as they come home and is oriented around the country that we have to turn missouri's economy around and that is what i am going to do when i am governor. >> i support the right to work for any individual for themselves or any business that wishes to hire them. i am in favor of voluntary human trade and human interaction. human interaction should be voluntary. if businesses want to hire someone, they should. if they do not than they should not. if an employee wants to work for business, they should. if they do not wish to, they should not. businesses should be free to contract with employees without government interference. the current right to work legislation says it prohibits employers from charging union dues to employees that have a union. i support employees forming a union and i support businesses who decide to recognize that union and negotiate with it or choose not to. i am interested in voluntary
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human action and contracting with one another, not by government force. >> right to work divides the state. we have the right over here wanting passage and the left holding blue. here's the solution. in current businesses that are union labor forces right now. let our labor unions keep working in missouri. for any new business that wants to come to missouri starting in 2017, they can be right to work. it solves both sides of the equation. thank you. host: the next question from carol stark. >> thank you for being with us today. i want to talk about the last couple of years, our legislature has turned down federal dollars when it comes to medicaid
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expansion. the reason that largely they give is that in the future our budget would not be able to pay the state's share of that. do you think that that is a valid reason or a legitimate turnn for continuing to down the federal dollars and not expand medicaid in the state of missouri and why or why not? >> we lost the hospital at osceola, springfield, farmington, and reynolds county. the economics of health care have changed and unless we adapt to the new reality, we will continue to lose ground in rural health care across the state create the federal government is trying to send missourians back
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money that we have sent to them, $2 billion a year. this $2 billion would be invested not only in the large cities but across the state in places where we have difficulty getting economic development money like parma and tipton. create 40 -- 40,000 new jobs and improve the health care of 300,000 missourians. i would like to work across party lines to find a solution to bring the $2 billion into our health care system. >> chris is a career politician trade he spent over 20 years in politics and he is not telling you the truth about obama care. it is a broken program for broken promises. they told people you could keep your doctor, you could not. they told people your premiums could go down. in states that have expanded obamacare, they are going bankrupt. ohio, they promised the people that expanding obamacare would
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cost $3.8 billion. it cost $6.9 billion. in the state of washington, $2.3 billion. the states are going bankrupt. this is a clear choice. if you support obama care, if you want more obamacare, and if , you should vote for hillary clinton and chris costner. if you oppose obamacare i am here to earn your vote. >> we need a free market, we need to reduce the cost by stealing money from one group of people to give it to another to create false jobs that mr. koster was talking about but to encourage innovation and eliminate certificate of need for the construction of new theitals, to eliminate problem where businesses cannot buy insurance, we need to
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deregulate health care, we need to remove licensing requirements to allow more people to practice medical care and allow especially consumers to choose medical care that is their choice, not what the government has decided constitutes medical care. we know obamacare is a disaster. you have to look at your health insurance premiums. the premiums have gone up by a factor of three has -- as have my premiums. taking money from the federal government that we ultimate league -- ultimately will not be able to stick -- sustained is not the answer. conservativelly but i have a heart for people. there is a funding gap between obamacare and medicaid. that is what we are talking about. i do believe in expanding medicaid to cover those folks. i do believe that we should take advantage of some of the federal for the time being as long as obamacare is still in place. to help our people. chris has maybe a
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misrepresentation of facts. it would create 4000 jobs. a.organ go to familiesus for a fact check. this is about helping people. >> absolutely. we must expand medicaid. income hasfarming fallen by over half in the last few years. many farmers are on the level of poverty because of this income. expanding medicaid is not enough. we must have medicare for all, not just those people over 65. i work with missourians to develop a plan. it explains how medicare for all would work in missouri. one thing we need to realize, if we insert insurance companies ,etween a patient and a doctor
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that will give the insurance companies a cut of the money. we will lower health care, health costs while providing more health care. only90% of families are one health disaster away from poverty. expanding medicaid and creating medicare for all will solve that. >> thanks for being here today. my question has to do with transportation. most missourians realize that our transportation infrastructure has fallen behind. i would like to hear from you what plan you have to do something about that. funding plans and how you would tablet. -- tackling it. >> we have a major problem. we have 3500 bridges that are
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structurally deficient. when you travel, everyone recognizes we need to invest more money in our roads and bridges and our ports. what also happens when you travel around the state, you ask people, should we be investing more money and everyone says yes. you ask them do you trust the government of the state of missouri and career politicians to invest your money wisely and they all say no. they do not trust what is happening in government. we need to reestablish trust and that is why i said from the beginning when i am governor i'm going to ban gifts from lobbyists and close the revolving door between legislators and special interest and put in's -- in place term limits. will invest in infrastructure. my opponent was on the front page of the new york times as one of the most corrupt attorney generals in the country. the people of missouri do not trust career crooked politicians and they are not going to trust them to invest their tax dollars
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wisely. we need to reestablish trust and invest in our priorities and that includes infrastructure. >> if we look at every problem area in society whether it is transportation or schools are whatever, you find it is an area that has been monopolized by government. maybe we should begin to recognize that trend and realize that government monopoly for the last 100 years in certain areas is not working and do something differently. i agree that people do not trust politicians to spend money they collect in taxes appropriately and it has been demonstrated time and time again, if you concentrate too much power in the hands of government, it is going to be corrupt. that is what you have lobbyists. power did not have the and government it would not have lobbyists. we need to look at innovation and new ideas with regard to our infrastructure and to privatize these areas and bring the free market solutions that will bring prosperity to our state.
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and bridges is a tough topic and most missourians want the change but they are not wanting to go forth with the expense that it is going to require to fix our roads and bridges. there is a safety issue. when i am out writing my harley davidson am watching out for potholes and -- and the road. it can be dangerous. it will be done to a couple ways. it will take place through gas tax, it will have to be temporary and minimal. that money will have to be directly appropriated to the roads and bridges for that season. when that is done, you remove the gas tax. the other way we can do it is through an entry told into the state of missouri. we would do that on out-of-state -- and a shortor toll road and the role of her money that we accumulate from that told could be put into
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other roads and bridges. thatthink a lot of us know the department of transportation is an newspaper after newspaper for wasting taxpayer money. fundss not having enough available to repair bridges which are desperately in need of for peer. i am against having a gas tax which only hurts the poorest proportiona greater of their funds would be spent on the gas tax. i would propose a graduated 1%ome tax for the highest see zero increase in taxes. the question of how transportation is approached as much bigger then to prepare repair roads. we have to redesign the urban course of people can make the trips if i walking, bicycling,
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and by using mass transportation. we need to develop and work with engineers to make those changes possible. ofone of the dangers electing an inexperienced governor is not only might they not understand the solution they oftentimes do not understand the question. the department of transportation has been downsizing preparing for this day. the senator knows they have laid off for hundred missouri workers and sold over 700 pieces of large equipment and closed 124 maintenance bars and -- barnes and shutdown three division spring andwillow joplin and all three of those have in common that they are in rural missouri. is this election is over, it by to be impaired if that a bipartisan funding solution with knowledgeable members of both , the leaders of the house come together and filled
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the hole that has accumulated in the state annually in the department of transportation budget. i look forward to working with these leaders to accomplish that. >> i will give you 30 seconds rebuttal. if you need that. >> thank you. chris says i do not get it and the fact is you do not get it. what you do not get his government is not working. it is not working for the people of missouri. it might be working for you and the special interest insiders and your political cronies but it is not working for the people of missouri. when they see a career politician like you spend $3.2 million to redecorate your office, they know that your priorities are not the priorities of the people of missouri. people want a leader who is willing to step forward and address these problems and to solve these problems. that is what i am going to do when i am governor. of -- he ise talking about a building i do not work in.
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the carpet in my office was -- georp by george n giane nixon. of are asbestos out building that was seeping water that had no windows, and the vote was unanimous within the missouri department, within the legislature of the state to fix a building that was part of the aging infrastructure of jefferson city. >> the next question. >> many of the national rankings have missouri in the 30's or lower among states with education funding k-12 achievement and many other categories. what would you do to raise educational opportunities above a c grade? we spend about five and a half or more on education and we
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collect 4 billion in taxes at the property level for local schools for actual funding. i would get rid of the state department of education because we are paying about 2000 your fats to do a lot of stuff that improvingntributed to education. if we want to do something for the children of the state we should not groep them or the future and destroyed their opportunities for prosperity. we need to return education to local control. we need to get out of federal programs we should not be receiving federal dollars, we should be returning it to local and parental control so people can educate their children in a manner they see fit area -- see fit. like to say something about my office. my business was flooded this year and i had five feet of flood water in my office. i am operating off of the three
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by six rustic table. -- plastic table. i want to fully fund schools. i have a unique perspective on the school system. i am a parent. i have three children. my oldest is an adult. i have two teenagers. is vital we give our teachers 100% of what they need. they are on the front lines with our kids every single day. i also believe in giving our local school districts the ability to pick and choose the curriculum as long as it meets state guidelines. i also want to copy school districts that are performing well and implement those into the ones that are suffering. before theretioned is plenty of money available to improve the schools if we have a graduated income tax. i think the question is much deeper. how do we improve education in
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missouri in general? one of the first things we need to do is to stop the standardized tests where children spend the day performing on standardized tests. we need to abolish that from kindergarten through the third grade and through high school there should been a more than one day a year devoted to standardized test's. i have spent my elementary and high school years in public schools. my children went to the city of st. louis and university of -- then they went through the community college systems. we need to phase out charter schools and make sure that schools are not privatized. we need to make sure that students have job -- guaranteed jobs created a lot of the problems we see is that students from low income areas say why should i get an education if i am not going to get a job afterwards question mark we need to guarantee jobs. wenumber one is making sure
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fully fund missouri's foundation formula which has been chronically underfunded for a long time. we have 18 school districts in the state of missouri that attend classes four days week. they go to school monday through thursday. 40 schools, 10,000 children in the state. childm governor every will go five days week. we are raising teacher salaries and raise quality at the same time so we put in standards that -- so the best and brightest are in our schools teaching children. i want to give flexibility to district because one size does districtsl and give the opportunity to go of the school day and give schools the opportunity to go above the 174 day limit is something i would support. >> fig government liberals think the answer to everything is
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spending were money. the facts are clear. missouri spends the national average on our kids in schools. we are 40th in teacher pay and 47th in starting teacher pay. we need to make sure that money makes it to the teachers and the kids, that it makes it into the classrooms. because of the big government policies of folks like chris koster, we have seen the failure in missouri schools. only 2.7% of african american kids in missouri graduate from high school having passed one single advanced placement class. our school of districts where last year not a single kid passed a single advanced placement class. we can do better. in order to do that we have to fight against a government programs and we have to put power in the hands of teachers and parents. childhood an early
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special education teacher. i saw her work with kids who had down syndrome, kids who had severe disabilities. those kids deserve a fair chance at the american dream. we need to make sure we put our in the hands of their parents so they can make sure that they design an education system that works for them. >> one of you will be our next governor and as such, one of your primary tasks is making sure that missouri has a balance legit. we talked a lot about some of the budget challenges that are ahead of us. can you cite some of them that might not be so obvious to all of us? as a businessman, operating in the business world for the last 30 years of my life, and operating in several different illnesses, i know what it takes balance the budget.
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if you do not balance of legit -- balance a budget you will not be in operation next year or you will operate in a deficit. balancing missouri budget is not very difficult. it will take working with the house and the senate to make sure we are on the same lines in different areas. one area that i would like to increase a little funding to would be the department of mental health. we are suffering in that area. there are some different areas that are working with the legislatures that we could come to an agreement. >> there is ways that money is being wasted in the state especially by the department of transportation to the suit -- 10 of several million dollars. missouri is arresting huge numbers of people for the crime
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of driving while black or smoking marijuana. we could empty out huge numbers of missouri reasons and have fewer people there. to treath less costly people for drug offenses than it is to build more prisons to treat them there. for mental health offenders a lot of the police trainings about how to do was mental health issues will keep mental health clients from going to jail. the issues that we need to look at closely our taxes. there is to problems. one is we need to eliminate the sales tax. there should be no sales tax. another problem is the income tax needs to be graduated sharply. let the 1% pay the overwhelming majority. >> perhaps the biggest economic challenge the state faces is the current state of the budget itself. the consensus revenue estimate
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last year was 4% growth. we did not start the year where we thought. we started to percent less because last year did not and is well as we had hoped. to make all the budget trains reach the same place, we are going to have to travel 6% of growth. right now, the and of the first quarter, we are moving at a 2% pace. 115rnor nixon has withheld million dollars to the consternation of many but he is prudent in his judgment on this. the hope is that the economy will pick up. if the economy does not pick up, the next governor will be looking at a potential for additional withholds. that is before we go back in january and look at the supplemental requests. we are in tough budgetary sledding. it is prudent for every missouri and to recognize that. politicians -- problems that politicians have
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what a sin. we have a budget in the state of missouri. sweaty $7 billion. there are no measurements for performance and accountability. we knew the governor who will insist on accountability and results. other states have done this. indiana went through and they soaned up all of their roles they stopped playing -- paying unemployment for people in jail. ohio was able to reduce the amount of time that it took in their procurement process for the ohio turnpike authority from 90 days down to five days. you need a leader who is willing to insist on results and at every level of government. when i am governor i will bring with me a team of people who have successfully run businesses, run hospitals, universities. chiefl appoint a operating officer whose every day is going to wake up and make sure we are running an efficient
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government with a focus on results and a, -- accountability. that is the kind of leadership we need. >> i would like to point out that i am happy the state cannot print money the way the federal government does so that symbolize the equation. i agree with mr. fits. -- allld pardon on nonviolent drug offenders and anyone else who is incarcerated for a victimless crime. that will save money. order to solve budgetary problems, we basically have to increase freedom. government does too much, controls too much, government grows every year and we hear about how government does not have enough money to do this and that. perhaps the government should do less versus getting to the point where there is no way that you
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will ever have any government official ever say that they have enough money. >> would you like 30 seconds? >> eric articulated he wants to hire a chief operating officer. that is you. that is what they are trying to hire. a chief operating officer. a person who runs the budget. if you don't know enough to operate the state of missouri you should not be a plowing -- applying for the job. confusedis a deeply career politician who does not understand the difference between a ceo, a chief executive officer and a chief operating officer. i have run a business. in the business, one of the things that you do is you have someone who is looking every single day at how you drive efficiency in government. i am going to, as the seo looking at the problems you have
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created. between a difference ceo and a coo. the fact you do not understand how -- what it takes to run a business or enterprise is one of the reasons why the people of missouri cannot elect another crooked politician. >> the next question comes from bill miller. >> thank you. i have listened to several of you speak. one of you said government is broken at all levels. some of the hard-working volunteer public servants who serve on city councils and so on have tommy they felt it was somewhat insulting. i would like to know do all of you feel that government at every level is broken? >> absolutely.
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we can start with the governor's race of missouri. we're big-money candidates put themselves on tv, implying the way to solve your political problems is to go out and kill someone. live, that is i not a good message to give to young people. we need to have some sort of moral challenges and some sort of moral standard for people who run for public office. either the democrat nor the republican i willing to do that. run was killed in ferguson, there was riot and people who were appalled at the level of racism in missouri. coster celebrated the death of michael brown by executing a black man within a month of michael brown's death saying that missouri should be in the if lines of killing people it helps someone advance their political career. you have allocations who do something like this, you cannot
12:46 am
have trust in the morality of the government. >> what we need to do to improve a government that can be improved is to make sure what is inherently in the dna of this state which is small conservative government that has and business friendly regulation and a aaa bond rating remains intact. what has not been done in the is the other aspects that bring balance to government. we have not been investing in our workforce. in the world of economic development we call it workforce development. in the real world we call it education. higher education, investment has been cut by 40%. has seen a 25% decline. we also have failed to make the investments in the infrastructure that -- on which our economy runs. no investment, we talked about it in transportation, health care. add a new energy grid that would
12:47 am
bring new transmission lines and other resources to this state which the next administration should be investing in. you would recognize that government is broken. when you see the people of missouri and see what happened at ferguson, you recognize the government is broken. havef the reasons is we career politicians putting politics first. chris koster is our attorney general. when he showed up at ferguson, one of the first things he did fire darren can we wilson? he did this before he knew the facts. he do this because it was politically convenient for him. and law is now i enforcers -- law-enforcement officers and first responders and their families and anybody who cares about the safety of our communities and the
12:48 am
integrity of our communities, we are going to see that on november 8, we are going to fire you. the concept of government is broken when it goes beyond its only legitimate functions which is to protect people's rights, property rights, and protect their life and liberty. that is what government is supposed to do. government has expanded to be something unrecognizable. it does not mean the people in the system are bad. the incentives in the system reward bad behavior. human nature has good things and bad. the political system rewards bad things in human nature, our free market system rewards good things. the nature of government were to grow to the point where it controls too much of our lives is broken but that is not a
12:49 am
function of the people in the system. it is not going to change if we get the good guys in if government has the amount of it does.r a lives that >> the answer to your question, no. our government is broken at the top level, the top echelon, the elected leaders. therein lies the problem. the tens of thousands of good missourians that work hard every single day, they are doing their job. they are doing what they are instructed to do. but we need to do is clean house . we need to get people who are genuinely interested in the state of missouri and helping out. . am coming forward i have never run in politics before. i encourage others that read your papers to do the same thing. >> we had a new topic and that was ferguson.
12:50 am
since we are about out of time but we will do on this, we will give everyone a 32nd rebuttal on the topic of ferguson. don, you introduced it. we will stay on the same order. >> what i mentioned about ferguson and what i did not mention is that a man was put to death who was a black man who was convicted i an all-white jury. case, there was an accomplice who did not receive a sentence. it is systemic of the racism that permeates the criminal justice system. black people are more likely to be stopped by the police, are more likely to be incarcerated. if they do not do with racism we are not dealing with criminal justice in missouri. he has made the statement
12:51 am
that he would have brought peace by the second day if only he had made -- way to his magic wand. it is an insult to the law-enforcement officers who put their lives on the line. i was in the federal courts of the state fighting against the aclu and protecting on -- the police on the staging area of grill, one tear gas the five-minute rule, protecting police and that is why the state, 6500 of them strong have endorsed my campaign for governor and not yours. ask before you knew any fact, you came to ferguson and when the law-enforcement officers expected you to have their backs, you said, can we fire darren wilson? you need to be as a leader someone who has the backs of the people who are counting on you. our police officers and law-enforcement officers and first responders were counting on you. you want to hide behind the
12:52 am
endorsement of the union? i have law-enforcement officers, first responders, and their families in the state who are going to see that your days in politics are over on november 8. >> we need to get to the root of the issue. there is not a band-aid solution. one of the biggest problems in the state or the country is the fact that we have victimless crimes that turn everyone into a suspect. everybody in the country is a suspect in a victimless crime because the police do not know where to look. they use racial profiling to decide who are they -- who they are going to stop and frisk and this has created a huge amount of distrust between the police that are supposed to serve the public when someone steals from you or takes your stuff for her to and being incarcerated or chased down for smoking are one of. marijuana. >> there should have been some big changes.
12:53 am
it is a lack of leadership. my son was trapped in ferguson. i understand the realness of the situation. what should have been done the second time around was to mobilize police incentive -- instead of two fronts. basesze them around the of business and homes. and give them instruction and authority to do their job. what we also need is racial unity. >> it is time for our closing statements. their marks deliver spragens. >> people have come around to realize we are growing at an unprecedented rate and that is because people are seeing what the welfare and warfare policies of the older parties have created. we need to and victimless
12:54 am
crimes, we need to end the state income tax, we need to get rid of regulations on business and personal behavior. we need to get government out of marriage. we need to get government out of reproductive decisions. we need to get government out of the lives of individuals beyond protecting people and property. the people of missouri have a choice. you can keep doing what you are doing, or you can vote libertarian and if after four years, you do not like pace and prosperity, you can vote tourney back into office again. >> the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. chris koster has been in politics for over 20 years. we have all seen his record. we have seen what has led to. we saw his failure at ferguson. this is a guy who showed up on the front page of the new york times is the most corrupt attorney general in the country.
12:55 am
you have heard about his tremendous support for obamacare. he said it is his top priority for the state of missouri. chris has been in politics for over three years. if he was going to make a difference he would have done so but he has not and he will not. but we can. we can build a missouri where every kid who got on the school bus this morning feels they have a fair shot at the american dream. weekend build a missouri where moms who are working harder and longer to support the families are doing so with better pay. we can make sure that when grandparents send their grandparents to play -- grandkids send their grand -- surelaying we can be they're safe. i would be honored to a year vote for the election on november 8. >> the republican nominee introduced himself to the state five months ago with a machine gun saying he knows how to blow up government. i have little doubt that he knows how to blow government. i have a lot of doubt as to whether he knows anything about putting it back together which is why i think he needs training wheels and a coo and a paint --
12:56 am
team of people to come in and show him how to do the job the governor's post to know how to do. this campaign has brought together a historic coalition. the integrity of the agricultural community. including the national rifle association, police, firefighters, first responders, teachers who have come together because they are frustrated with hyper-partisanship and want to see progress in jefferson city. i have spent the entirety of my career trying to build a majority in the middle. have watched my career know that. as governor i will work respectfully across party lines in order to bring progress to our state. >> for over 100 years, the democrats and republicans have entered into to a conspiracy to drive every other party out of politics by passing laws to pay for themselves. i want to thank groups like the league of women voters and the
12:57 am
missouri press association for opening discussions to everyone who will be on the ballot in november. one thing we do not get a chance to cover was to make jobs are missouri and i will cover that now. who the only candidate advocates reducing the work week to 35 hours we can have jobs for all. i advocate rebuilding impoverished areas of missouri and the urban -- the big cities with green jobs. i am the only candidate who recognizes the fact that many people who have full-time jobs would gladly switch to part-time jobs if they could but are afraid of losing their benefits. we must have medicare for also that everybody has guaranteed medical care and we must expand social security benefits. full-time workers who want to can go into part-time work and will have more jobs for everybody in missouri. >> on october 8, a week from tomorrow, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.,
12:58 am
i would like to invite you to come to my facility. we will have a meet the free cave tours and hotdogs and soda so come on down. is the deal. you have heard a lot of rhetoric up here. what is their motivation? heart.vation is my what made america great was her dependence upon god and the freedom that came from that. if we want a future for the state of missouri, we're going to have to put investments back into faith and and family. me les.ple call my motto is less is more. i believe government, less is more. taxes, less is more. i would like to thank you for
12:59 am
yourhospitality and invitation to all the candidates. thank you. governor'scludes the candidates for them now would be the appropriate time to applaud. >> if you missed any of the vice presidential debate, go to using your desktop, phone, or tablet. watch the entire debate choosing between the split screen or the switched camera options. you can go to specific questions and answers from the debate, finding the content you want quickly and easily and use our video clipping tool to create clips of your favorite debate moments to share on social media. on your desktop, phone, or tablet for the vice presidential debate. >> washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you.


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