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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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> the second debate between hillary clinton donald trump -- looking back at past presidential debates on c-span. this saturday, the 1992 town hall debate between george h.w. bush, bill clinton, and ross perot. houru can pay a dollar per for labor, have no environmental controls, and you don't care about anything but making money. there will be a sucking sound going south. >> if indeed all of the jobs
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were going to move to the south for lower wages, they are lower wages now. i just negotiated the north american free trade agreement. >> you have to grow the economy and reduce the deficit by reducing health care costs, cuts in domestic programs, and asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share in taxes. >> then, the present shall debate between george w. bush and al gore. >> if the national security is at stake, if we have allies, if we are sure military action will succeed, and if the costs are proportionate to the benefits. >> i would take the use of force very seriously, i would be guarded in my approach. i do not think we can be all things to all people in the world, i think we have to be very careful what we commit our troops.
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>> and the debate between barack obama and mitt romney. >> if we do well i plan on doing, which is getting us energy independent between eight years, you will see manufacturing jobs come back. reducedn not just traditional sources of energy, we have to look to the future. that is why we double fuel efficiency standards on cars. that's why in the next decade you will find -- >> watch anytime on and listen at 8:00 eastern on app.-span radio every weekend, booktv bring to 40 hours of nonfiction books and authors. here are some of the programs from this weekend. saturday, hillary clinton's e-mail controversy is the topic of a panel discussion with the
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theor of "clinton cash," author of "partners in crime," and the author of "clean house." ," a look"after words leaked diplomatic cables. is interviewed by the former undersecretary for democracy and global affairs during the george w. bush administration. >> the speed at which, and the multiplicity with which we communicate with each other, not only with long cables, but short e-mails, texts, social media, tweets, all of that will be part of the body politics. >> on sunday, and nobel prize winning economist joseph
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stiglitz on the euro. for complete weekend schedule. town hall meeting in new hampshire, donald trump offered support for those affected by hurricane matthew, and took questions from supporters. >> some good news in the polls today. the boston globe is joking, but donald trump is tied again in
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the greatest day of -- great state of new hampshire. [applause] he is ahead in the l.a. times poll, things are looking good. there is a big debate coming up on sunday night, as you know. we will answer some questions. first, donald trump wants to say a few words to you. welcome to new hampshire. [applause] mr. trump: is that mic working? it is like that commission where they give us that bomb -- bum mic. i want to thank everyone, this is great.
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we won the new hampshire primaries, now i hear we are tied, or winning by two. how are you? i want to thank everybody. these just came back. whenever we won i like to talk about polls. if we are doing badly, i do not talk about polls. when we do badly, i do not know about polls, right. [laughter] mr. trump: i used to drive chris christie, our friends, right over here. [applause] mr. trump: he was a tough competitor. it used to drive me crazy he said, when you talk about the polls. why do talk about them? because i was number one. if i was number two, we would not be talking. thank you everyone, new hampshire is where we had our first victory. then we went on to lots of other
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places. and we had tremendous support from so many of our friends and tremendous complements. tom brady and coach bela check, great relationships appear. these literally came out, national polls, trump 43, clinton, 41. [applause] mr. trump: trump, 46 national, clinton, 42. [applause] mr. trump: upi national -- trump 49, clinton 47. reuters, south carolina, trump 49, clinton 44. south carolina is great. that is where we had another
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great attendance and results during the primary were amazing. great people. colorado, trump 45, clinton 43. i just left, that was a good one. wisconsin, where i am going wisconsin, where i am going tomorrow, they have trump 42 and clinton at 42, and that is ok because i was about 15 points behind three or four weeks ago, right? [applause] mr. trump: anyone can check them. here is one that is a biggie, upi just came out, virginia, i love virginia. tremendous properties in virginia, lots of employees. i think all my employees are voting. virginia, trump 50, clinton 45. , upi, that is a big one. the media is going crazy. they do not know, they cannot believe this.
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they are not happy, this is not the way it is supposed to be happening. [applause] mr. trump: the american people, right, this is not what they had in mind. the crooked, crooked media with the crooked, crooked hillary. new hampshire, 48, 48. what is going on here? i do not like that. that does not sound like my friends. we will win new hampshire. we will win new hampshire. [applause] mr. trump: these all just came out a little while ago. arizona, 52, clinton, 42. how about that. north carolina, upi, trump 50, clinton, 46. look at this one. the state of pennsylvania where i went to school, went to
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college, pennsylvania, trump 50, clinton, 46. [applause] mr. trump: and here is another good one, great stay, the people of georgia. trump, 52, clinton, 43. you send it back to the press so they can examine it. i want to thank you very much, it is really amazing, and i want to thank chris for being here, and all of my friends. all of the friends i have, it is been incredible. i wanted to be here because we have lots of energy and we love the people. and we love the people, in particular because it was my first day, it meant so much for me. thank you, i feel the same way. i used to come up and we would have meetings with people and they kept talking about heroin, heroin, heroin. it is so different from the beautiful lakes and roads, you talk about it and it does not work. but it is a tremendous problem here and all over the country.
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and we will close up the border, build a wall. we got the ice endorsement yesterday, great people. [applause] mr. trump: and we got the border patrol endorsement, 16,500. and sheriff jones -- sheriff joe's endorsement. but getting ice was tremendous force. i want to make a quick remark, and we will start. i know it is hot in here and we want to keep this small. this has nothing to do with sunday, we are just here because we wanted to be here. hillary, frankly, talks about debate prep. it is not debate prep, she is resting. [laughter]
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mr. trump: and i want to be with the american people, and the people of new hampshire, and she wants to rest. [applause] mr. trump: tonight we will discuss many issues of great importance to new hampshire. few states in america have been hurt worse by the trade policies of my opponent, and you know that. nafta has been a desire -- nafta has been a disaster, signed by her husband. one in three jobs lost since we made deals with china, wto, what a disaster that was. supported by hillary clinton. the nafta deal signed by her husband, although he did a great thing days ago when hesupported by hillary was willing to say how bad obamacare was, that was pretty good. [applause]
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mr. trump: the open border policies, and i just wrote this out, the open border policies of hillary clinton, including catch and release, another terrible... -- terrible practice. influx ofed a massive drugs into new hampshire, and frankly, states all over our country, almost every state. it has really fueled the tremendous heroin and drug crisis we have. we will close up those borders. i promise that you, in new hampshire, more than anything else. i gok about it whenever anywhere, and i mention the state because it was really the first glimpse i got at the problem we have. ,hey are poisoning our youth more than our youth, everybody. our youth does not have a chance with what is happening.
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we will not allow it to happen anymore. we will help the people. [applause] mr. trump: i will bring it your jobs back, jobs are leaving like you have never seen before, record levels. i will stop the drugs from coming in. i will create school choice and we will get rid of common core, which is a disaster. [applause] mr. trump: and we will create something very special for every disadvantaged child in this country. of which, we have far too many. we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] mr. trump: admitted -- what bill admitted this week is a crazy system. [laughter] mr. trump: hey, at least he is honest. boy, he has suffered. can you imagine that? has he suffered. [laughter]
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mr. trump: he says it is a crazy system that does not make sense and does not work, and were people and up with premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. i could not have said it better myself. i have been saying it for two years, longer. i'm going to put him on the campaign. do you think anyone has called him? he did a minor retraction, but you can see he was unhappy about it. you remember the name, jonathan gruber, the architect, admitted he was sold on lies. his friend had a little cell phone, cell phones are brutal. just like e-mails are brutal unless you want to delete them all. [laughter] mr. trump: unless you delete about 33,000. but jonathan gruber the architect of obamacare admitted
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it was sold on lies, and talked about the stupidity of the american voter. remember that, the stupidity of the american voter? the only stupidity was that the politicians who ignore the american people and absolutely forced this thing down their throats, hillary clinton wants to double down and make it even worse. that is what is going to happen. me, you have seen what we're going to do. we will have much, much better health care at a much lower price. people will be very happy. extremely happy. and we will take care of those were disadvantaged and cannot afford to do what others can afford to do. we will take care of them better than they are being taken care of now. but you're going to have health care that works, health care companies compete to get your business, they will come up with plans you have not even seen or thought about right now, it will be a beautiful thing to see.
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and i'm sure we will be talking about it sunday night on the debate. there is no way we are losing. obamacare is a disaster. [applause] mr. trump: we will create a more honest government, our government is a disaster. how about the $1.7 million in cash -- a member it was going to be 400 million, it turned out to be $1.7 billion in cash. it would fill this room, although it was from all different nationalities. they said, anybody so stupid to make a deal like this, we do not want their money. [laughter] mr. trump: can you imagine this, these people? they never saw anything like it. they have plenty of money they will use, going to their swiss bank in cap -- swiss bank accounts. we gave it to them, and boy, did we give it to them. i want to let you know we are
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going to be a country that will be run properly, and by the time this finishes, we will have tremendous amounts of money that i find myself. we have a lot of wonderful people, in terms of small donations. that is coming in fantastically. we have some people who feel very good about our country under proper leadership. but we are doing it ourselves. when people call of to ask for certain favors that are bad for the country but good for them, the best part, i do not have to take their phone call. i do not need them. i do not have to take their phone call. [applause] mr. trump: before we go any further, i want to send our thoughts to all of the people, and prayers, to the millions in the past -- path of what is
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known as hurricane matthew. it is a big one and a bad one. hopefully it takes a right turn, but it looks like it is going the opposite direction, not good. one of the strongest storms to hit in many decades, and our neighbors in florida and georgia and the carolinas are in the direct path, it seems. southeast florida is taking the brunt. i have a lot of friends in florida, a lot of buildings, and a lot of investments, a lot of great employees. they are taking the brunt of the storm. tour my friends in florida, please know we are praying for you everyone in the path you have to take care of yourself and get out of the area. you have a great governor, governor scott. you have to listen. he could be a really, really bad -- it could be a really, really
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bad one. it could be a rough couple days, we will see what the path is. we have seen it in the caribbean, obama's, haiti. they say in haiti, almost to a to 70 people -- 270 people have been killed by this terrible storm. to folks in haiti and all over, we will be helping you and we will be with you. we send our best wishes and prayers. we have a tremendous problem brewing right now as we speak. we will know in about four or five hours. i just spoke to rick scott, and governor christie spoke to rick scott. it looks like it is just for five hours away. whatever happens, we are with everybody. it looks like it is going to be a bad one, maybe the worst in a long time. with that, al carr has been amazing. i do not know if he supports me -- i am not sure he has allowed to, but i think he probably does. he has been amazing, and he is a very talented guy, he is a terrific guy with a terrific family.
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they said, let's get how we -- howie. [applause] >> i have a clock on the store -- floor that says, two minutes. do you want me to call you when it goes over two minutes? mr. trump: tell you what, if i am doing well do not call me. , if i'm doing poorly -- immediately, in fact, it could be 30 seconds. >> first question, if i have the name, i will have the first
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person to stand up. this is matthew, in bedford, new hampshire. mr. trump: hi, matthew. >> he says after the first debate, some within the party suggest you should have gone after hillary more. did you hold back, and you plan on criticizing her more this weekend? mr. trump: i did hold back, i thought it was inappropriate to say what i was really thinking. i held back for good reason. i would much rather have it be on policy, and i did not like getting into the gutter. honestly, this was the so-called commission on presidential debates. give me a break. one of them comes from the hillary camp, had person. >> how does your microphone work? mr. trump: my microphone works perfectly.
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it's interesting i went there , before and said, boy, the mike -- the mic -- they turned it up and down. we had a real problem. the head of the debate said, it was a serious problem. it was a serious problem after the debate. an hour and a half. now that the debate is over i am going backstage to find out what is wrong. [laughter] mr. trump: i really felt like one and to keep it on as high a level as possible. i think we are all better off if we can do that because it is about issues and policies. [applause] >> you kept it at one minute and 20. what are the biggest foreign-policy failures of the last 15 years? mr. trump: do we have 24 hours to talk about it? we have had failures at every level, i think the iran deal is
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one of the worst deals i have ever seen, it will lead to nuclear weapons. we met netanyahu the other day and talked about it. not to reveal what he said, but i can tell you what i said. this is horrible for israel and for our country. it is a horrible deal because over a short period of time, they will end up with nuclear weapons. on top of it, we gave them back $150 billion. we paid ransom for our hostages, obviously, and obama said it had nothing to do -- why did they delay it? most importantly, it is a bad deal. i think nuclear is about the biggest problem we have in the world today. obama thinks it is global warming, i think it is nuclear in the hands of the wrong players. this is devastating, there is no winner. there will never be a winner with nuclear, believe me.
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deals are fine, but they have to be good deals. secretary kerry never left the table, he just agreed, agreed. so sad, but there is one example of a horrible thing, we should never have gone into iraq. but of equal importance, but equal importance, how we got out. obama created this incredible vacuum, isis was formed, a lot of other problems happened. totally destabilized. the surge, whether you are in favor of going in or not, the surge worked. then we announced we are leaving here, how about most of -- mosul . they keep saying we will attack mosul, why did they say that? a lot of the bad guys, the leaders of isis are there. isn't there an element of surprise? remember when we were young
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studying history and they would talk about the great generals and greater tax and the element of surprise -- great attacks and element of surprise? what if we did it first and talked about it later? [applause] mr. trump: they're wasting their time because everyone we want will be gone. it will be also billions and tremendous death and carnage. they will tell the leaders, get the hell out of here. it is a sad thing, we are run by people who are incompetent. [applause] >> charlene, is she here?
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mr. trump: how are you? >> charlene says, trump, i am an eighth generation american of mexican descent. i live in california, you have my vote. i want to help other hispanics see the truth. she talks about how the current administration charlene says, what would you say to convince hispanics besieged by barack obama and hillary clinton and the biased media to vote for you? mr. trump: thank you very much. i appreciate. there was a gentleman who owns a radio station, all hispanics, and he was arguing with one of the hosts. he said you don't understand, the people who are calling in, hispanics, they're all for truck. i said i was even surprised, but i'm for trump also very this is happening more and more. i just got back. from las vegas we had a tremendous crowd of people.
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and latinos, they like to be called in that area, you know that, right? hispanics and latinos. we had tremendous response, just tremendous outpouring of love. and you know, people that are here illegally, they don't want people coming across the border illegally taking their jobs, homes, where they want to take. and we want people to come in. i want you would come in so bad, but have to come and legally. we have a country and we have laws. we have a border. and if you have a border, you don't have a country. i think the biggest surprise, two surprises, we are going to do great with african-american.
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you look at what is happening with inner cities, it is a disgrace. and the democrats have been running the for up to 100 years. and the african-americans, believe me, i think we are doing -- you see how the numbers are changing. one thing they don't have a lot of confidence in hillary clinton, she has lied to them i believe that. [applause] >> doing well. karen whitaker in the sand town. mr. trump: thank you. i like this audience. >> how do you define the income range in the middle class? they cannot read based on where read based onnnot where you live. taxes are too high. a lot of great companies have left our country. they have gone to mexico and other places.
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china is making so much product. i will tell you, such a great question. our middle class has been treated so badly by the politicians, it is like they have been forgotten. we are lowering the taxes for the middle class and changing the tax structure completely. we had seven brackets and now we have three. we are bringing it down for those not making a lot, down to zero. downe bringing the rates to numbers that are much lower. much lower. you are going to have a much lower tax base. hillary clinton is raising your taxes way up. we are already the highest taxed nation in the world. just about. they will fact checked me. fact check me.
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taxpayers inghest the world. our business taxes will be to 50%.from 35% we are cutting regulations. we want regulations that are environmental and for safety reasons but the regulations are massive. and we are cutting the regulations at a tremendous clip. i would say that 70% of the regulations can go. it is stopping businesses from growing. i think you will see a tremendous change in this country. you will see jobs come back. jobs will come back into our country. right now, it is a one-way street out of the country. largely toe going mexico and other places. but mexico is the eighth wonder of the world. i have a friend who built plants. you have to see
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what is going on in mexico. and i said -- how about our country? not so much. it has been a one-way highway out of the u.s. cappa c from londonderry. with arecently graduated degree in chemistry, and him have -- and am having trouble finding a job. trump: this room was not meant for this many people. i heard the other night, i was making a speech and we had a tremendous crowd and it was really hot. a little bit of sweat. one of these dishonest people said -- donald trump was sweating. sweating? i said it was 100 degrees. we are all sweating.
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it is good and healthy. the biggest problem you have is that people go to college, that is great getting out magna. people go to college and they borrow a up to hear. they are up to their neck in debt and then they get out and cannot get a job. it is such a massive problem. they cannot get a job because the really good jobs are gone and they have gone to other countries. and so many other countries are making our product. i want to see the day when you can get great marks in that , but iion which you love want to see a day when you we can have those jobs back in the country at the highest level. i want to see the day when apple makes their iphones in this country. and believe me, if i am president, that is going to
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happen. apple makes its products all over. not here. in china and vietnam. they will start to make them here. we have the most unbelievable. -- we have the most unbelievable people. bernie made a big mistake, by the way. bernie sanders would have been legendary if he did not make a deal with the devil. when he made that deal, his stock went way down. disagreesmeone who with him on a lot of things he was rightade,
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on trade because our country is being ripped off on jobs and everything. we are going to have a country that makes product again. these companies will make their product in our country. thank you. we have to do that. >> is bob swanson here? when you become president can that youe the people are going to clean house from fbi, thencluding the justice department, the state department and the the a -- and the va and in what order would you start? it is one of the saddest things i have ever seen happened to our country. what has happened with hillary
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clinton, where you send e-mails where they send a subpoena and they want all of your e-mails. if you are in private business -- the do what she did, united states congress sends a subpoena wanting e-mails and she gets the subpoena and she deletes 33,000 e-mails. and many other things, including lying all over the place. and you see people who have suffered greatly, including general petraeus, for doing a tiny fraction of what she did. we can talk about it all night. but the lies she told the congress, and the lies she told to the people. you see the fbi give her a no anything, no swearing in. you don't have to even swear in? they questioned her on the fourth of july.
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and then, they released the findings on labor day, right before labor day. everyone is gone, they're gone here and there. i think what has happened with respect to -- because i have respect for the people in the fbi, and i have such incredible people, what has happened to the fbi and to the justice department at the highest level, honestly, i think it is one of the saddest things i've ever seen in this country. whether we like it or do not like it, to look at what is happened and to look at the way it has been handled, and you know, every time i speak this is mentioned. the people in this country are very, very angry. and i would think that some of these great fbi agents and the people that work within the fbi, i would imagine they are justeyt furious as to what has happened to the reputation of the fbi.
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so, i mean, i think it is an amazing question. honestly, it is like we are a third world country. it is one of the saddest things i have ever seen happen in this country, and it happened to justice, and that is probably i guess the way you feel also? yeah, it is very sad. >> a quick follow up, what would you do with comey? mr. trump: i just am very disappointed. you know, when he read the charges and he is going 1, 2, 3, 4 -- i'm saying, wow, they're going to do the right thing. then, he goes -- essentially, however, it was amazing. to go point after point, and that was only a few of them. so, it is very disappointing. very disappointing. howie: sharon osbourne from auburn? sharon?
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sharon? >> with the conservative holdouts that were not on the bandwagon yet, what can you say to convince them that you have support for traditional conservative rights, to endorse you? mr. trump: we don't have too many. i will be honest with you, the press likes to report we have some of these long-term people that have done such a bad job. look at the problem our country is in. i would never use these people. and they know that. so then they announce in a group they are going over to hillary, right? you understand. they announce in a group. we have tremendous support, including a couple of your very distinguished folks from new hampshire, who were against me, who are now for me. and you are allowed to announce the names, but we have tremendous support in new hampshire. one of them was very tough and very smart. go ahead. >> john sununu? mr. trump: that's true. i watched him as a boy. he is tough. >> his son is four points up. mr. trump: that's good.
6:41 am
i thought it was terrific. i met them the other day. and, i'm sorry, i think they're great people, but he was tough. i tell you what, he was really hunting for trump. and you know what, i have respect for somebody who can go the other way, a pivot, as you would say. but i very much appreciate the sununu family, and the fact that they are with me. and i am with them. and they are going to do very well. he will do very well. i see the numbers. you know, one of the things that happened, they thought oh, trump, i have never done this. but i've done very well in life and business, a lot of things very well, but i've never done this.
6:42 am
all of the reports that we will take down the senator and the senator? you know how well the republicans are doing? i guess there is a gentleman in illinois not doing so well. this guy was actually taking out ads against me. i said are you sure he is a republican? maybe he is a democrat. but that is his problem. he was not for me. that was for political reasons. but if you look at what is going on, now they are all talking about -- in fact, the other day i saw very interestingly, you know, donald trump is having a very positive effect on these races. the republicans are going to hold. they're doing terrifically well, far better than anyone thought. and frankly, we are winning states and are going to win some states that would never in a million years -- you know this, be in play. we have some states like colorado, somebody else would not do well. we're doing great. i think we are leading colorado and -- in one of the polls that came out. i just left, we are leading a lot of places, and doing at least very competitively in a lot of states that absolutely would not be for republicans.
6:43 am
and one of the funny things, they do the maps. remember, i watched the people that do the maps. it is tougher for the republicans, i have to tell you, but they said there is a very small path. i was watching the other day, and the same person was saying, wow, this pathway is getting a lot wider. does that mean they were happy about it, but -- now there are four different paths. nate silver, you know, he did not predict us in the primary. he never called a loser before. he has always been on the right side of what happened, in terms of at least his predictions. he did not predict me in the primaries, and in all fairness, he has never seen me, never spoken to me, never saw what we did. you know, we had 17 very talented people. one by one by one, it was a beautiful sight to watch. [applause] mr. trump: by the way, those people, most of them endorsed
6:44 am
me. ben carson, chris christie, so many of them endorsed me. they are great. scott walker has been incredible. >> he helped pence. mr. trump: mike pence has been incredible. he did a great job last night. [applause] howie: that brings me to another question from lois, and brentwood. mr. trump: thank you, lois. howie: did you really say, lois asks, were you upset about mr. pence's debate success, as john harwood said? mr. trump: john harwood was the worst moderator out of all the debates we had. how many did we have, 11 or 12? he was so bad. this guy knows nothing about me. i was so happy. i saw today that someone on cnn, the clinton news network, who knows nothing about us, they use john king, actually. i like him on the maps, does a good job. i like them better than i did a couple of months ago, because a couple of months ago i had no
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chance. now, all of a sudden, that map is getting very red. [applause] but john king said, you know, they always have a source, they always have a source. nobody talks to him. nobody talks because he is, like, the enemy, the enemy, but a few of the people said donald trump was first happy, then he was unhappy because mike pence did so well. i said unhappy? we are jumping up and down. and i tell you what, he is a great human being. you cannot root against him. you can't. [applause] mr. trump: i was telling chris christie, can you imagine the people saying that i would have loved to, you know, see him not do well because that makes me look better? that is why a guy like john king has stayed in the same position. how long has he been at cnn? i used to say someday he would be an anchor. guess what? he is still doing the maps. no, i was so happy.
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i can give you my word on this, i was so happy that mike did well. i was rooting him on, and we were talking all during the day, and i was giving him some ideas, and we were running things by each other. it is so disconcerting. even tonight, they said donald trump is going to new hampshire to practice for sunday. this has nothing to do with sunday. they make you like a child. i love the people of new hampshire. this was set up a little while ago. they were going to cancel it, and i said why are you going to cancel it? they said, well, you wanted debate prep. i said, forget debate prep. give me a break. do you think hillary clinton is in debate prep? she is resting. she wants to build up her energy for sunday night. and you know what, that is fine. but the narrative is so foolish. i'm here for one reason. i love the people of new hampshire. i said i was going to be here, and i am here. very simple. [applause]
6:47 am
howie: this one is unsigned, but it's a good question. mr. trump: that is trouble. howie: what advice would you give to people trying to pursue the american dream? mr. trump: always go into what you love doing. you may have parents pushing you one way, but you have to do what you love. i say this all the time in speeches and everything. i mean, i will speak in front of young people, because i love doing it. i say, always follow your dream, always go into what you love, and never, ever quit or give up. i have seen a lot of people, big people and not so big, usually not a big because if they quit they won't get big, the most successful people i have met are the people who never quit and never give up. they just don't take no for an answer. do something that you really love doing, because that is not work. and never, ever quit or give up. do one or two more?
6:48 am
[applause] mr. trump: thank you. howie: i think you have dealt with this one before. it is from al. mr. trump: hello, al. howie: stand up, al. al wants to know what you are doing with the v.a. mr. trump: the veterans -- i have gotten close to some of you -- a lot of it started with new hampshire and iowa, but i really got close to the vets. in many cases, they are living in hell. what is going on with the veterans administration between the corruption, the long, long waits, 22 suicides a day. when i heard that, i said, that's impossible. 22 suicides a day, much because they cannot get to see a doctor. howie, they wait in line for five or six days, and at the end of the sixth day, the doctor says, sorry, i'm going on vacation.
6:49 am
vets tell me this, they have really great doctors, but getting to see them is sometimes almost impossible. we are going to solve, finally, will the problem of the veterans administration. we have illegal immigrants that in many cases are treated better than our veterans. you know that and everybody knows that. they are being treated better than our veterans. that's not going to happen. one of the things we're going to do is, the lines are impossible. just days and days to see the doctor. when that circumstance happens, we will let our veterans go across the street, around the corner, two miles away, and see a doctor, private, or a hospital, public or private, where they are looking for work, would have wonderful people looking for work. take care of their problem, and we will pay the bill. and that is going to be the cheapest thing we can do, the cheapest thing we can do. [applause]
6:50 am
mr. trump: and al can tell you, a lot of the vets i recognize in the room can tell you, everybody is in love with the plan. we will keep the plan, but keep the veterans administration, keep the hospitals, keep the buildings, because i think that is important. we have to take care of our vets. these are people that would not be here if it weren't for the vets. but when they are waiting in line, and they know there is no end in sight, and honestly, they are dying. they need a simple procedure, they need a prescription, they need something very easy, and they end up dying. is a very sad thing, so they are going to be able to go across the street to a public or private hospital, to a doctor, and we're going to take care of our vets. for the first time, we're really going to take care of our vets. ok? [applause] howie: is pete from nashua here? pete from nashua says hillary clinton wants to give social
6:51 am
security and medicare to illegal immigrants through citizenship. won't this bankrupt the programs? mr. trump: let me tell you, you have heard that, most people do not believe it, but it is true. she is open border. she wants people to just blow through. look, when the border patrol agents come out -- and they have never endorsed a presidential candidate before, but these are great people. they want to do their job. it is much harder to do the job, but to stand back and let the men. catch and release is a disaster. but when they want to do their jobs, and it is much more difficult, and they come out and endorse donald trump, who is what happened to the jobs? we're going to build the wall, stopping them from coming from in. in new hampshire, if i win and i become president, first get the
6:52 am
nomination, and that happened, if i become president, i told the people of new hampshire that we are going to stop this crap from coming into your state. 100%. 100%. [applause] mr. trump: it can be done, and it can be done even before the wall goes up. the wall is necessary. i asked the border control, ice folks that endorsed me, and i asked the patrol folks that endorsed me, how important is the wall? you know, i am so committed to the wall. i was pretty sure they were going to say this, but i was not 100%. they said, mr. trump, it is absolutely necessary for us to do our proper job. which made me, you know, gave me a little additional security, as far as the wall is concerned. we need the wall. we have to stop the drugs. heroin, many drugs, we have to stop the drugs from pouring in. believe me, it is poisoning our country, poisoning our youth. and we are going to stop it, and
6:53 am
we are going to stop it fast. long before the wall comes up. we are going to start that wall fast. i didn't build fast. but i will tell you, long before, we are going to stop that poison from coming into our country. ok? one more? [applause] mr. trump: we will do another question. howie: i am going to ask you the kind of question hillary clinton gets sometimes. i'm in, easy. mr. trump: she gets easy ones. by the way, do you see the difference? i am getting boom, boom, boom. with her, what would you do to fix the economy? of course, that is actually a much tougher than you understand, and she doesn't have a clue, but you see the questions i was getting. howie: laura from hampton, new hampshire, are you here? laura: a fun question. mr. trump: let's have a fun question. howie: what is one of your earliest memories as a child, and why do you think it stands
6:54 am
out? and then she says "go donald." mr. trump: thank you. i think just the relationship i had with my parents. you know, my father built houses in brooklyn and queens, and apartments. he was a great negotiator. it was not that he taught me, he would be on the telephone negotiating with the plumber or electrician or sheet rocker, and i would hear this, and i would be playing with blocks at his knee on the floor. i would be listening. and it was always so vivid. and he was always negotiating. and you know what, that is what we need in this country, because people are running away with our country. you look at what is going on, whether it is the border, whether it is our depleted military -- the greatest people on earth are our military people, but they have old equipment. they show fighter jets that are 18 years old. they are so old they don't make the parts anymore. these are fighter jets that our people are flying now, and they
6:55 am
have to go into plain graveyards to get parts. and they have to going to museums to get parts, because they don't make the parts anymore. no, we need a strong military. we need to protect our second thewe need to protect our second amendment. we need to take care of our vets. we need borders. we need great education, getting rid of common core, so important. we need so many things. and by the way, one thing, i know john sununu and a lot of other people felt this was so important when it came out so strongly, united states supreme a strongly, united states supreme court. we lost a great justice, justice scalia. we need great justices who are going to uphold our constitution. and if hillary clinton gets in, you are going to have a much different country. so many people feel that is so important. i personally feel it is the most important things. we have to defend our country,
6:56 am
and we have to stop people from coming in from parts of the world where they are looking to do us harm. believe me, they are pouring in. and hillary clinton wants to have them coming in at a rate of 550% more than president obama. we're going to stop it. you know the statement, we are going to make america great again. and it is going to happen quickly. so, thank you very much, everybody. howie: i've got one more question for you, donald. i will let you read it, and remember where you are tonight as you answer. mr. trump: oh, look. the world series. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: of course, it is boston. howie: donald trump, give him around of applause. donald j. trump, the next president of the united states. thank you, donald trump.
6:57 am
good luck in florida, good luck in wisconsin tomorrow, and good luck in st. louis tomorrow night. thank you, donald j. trump. give him a big hand as he leaves. thank you, donald trump. [applause] >> trump, trump, trump, trump! [indiscernible chatter] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: donald trump to visit] announcer: donald trump to
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