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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 8, 2016 12:14am-12:26am EDT

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well, of course this is rematch from 2010, russ feingold, had been a three-term sitting senator in 2010, voted obama care and seemingly out of nowhere came osh kash businessman, ron johnson, fired opposing bama care, it, writing a tea party wave and in joined the season. went off, talked some, served as special envoy to johnson was in the u.s. senate b. a year and a feingold announced he would come back in the race and face ron johnson in the rematch. basically this is a i would say incumbents, one the people remember and the other one the president incumbent. host: so we read mr. glauber, widening, russ
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feingold is ahead and ahead by been.than a has what are voters saying right now? feingold tappedw into what made him popular in the first place here that, is back g wisconsin like the of his hand, as he used to say and traveling to all 72 counties listening to people and then contrasting that with ron who he said, didn't get around the state, hunk erred and did the ngton senate thing. and alsoto have appeal the wave has gone a little different this time. washed russ feingold out seems to be carrying him in. opened that lead. there's still time to go, still a lot of television advertising to get through, you feingold has say
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the advantage. host: take a look at a couple candidates in the race and we'll be back with our guests. job creator. >> senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. manufacturing jobs just disappeared. gets and giant corporations richer. guys with families, guys like get ahead. harder to >> we need academy that works for people like me. >> for people like me. for people like me. >> people like me. >> i'm russ feingold, i approve mississippi, wisconsin middle class and working families should come first. >> i'm ron johnson, i approve message. >> have you seen feingold's ads johnson?g ron they are not true. >> i will rely on wisconsin the campaign.for >> claim for the future. >> 70% of feingold money come the state.
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>> in 1992, i said i would get a ojority of contributions from wisconsin, i made that pledge for that term. >> for that term. for the king a pledge future. >> we are talking with bill milwaukee om the sentinel. theaw a big story line that national republican senatorial ads ittee has pulled reserved for senator johnson, what kind of statement are they there? guest: well, they're trying to downplay, of course, that ad you played the johnson ad was paid by the art, i believe, -- not e of those offshoot organization, they have put some money in the race, put of so-called points for it. 800,000 pull out of the race, you have to say would be a big blow. the democrats have pulled out of race, but they are saying
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they have done it because they re ahead and, you know, the polls have shown they are ahead. i think what is interesting bout the two ads you showed, feingold had, he came out early strong against the transpacific partnership. he believes the trade deals hurt workers. johnson has not stated position as in manufacturing state. ou know, these deals don't go down as well as in other states. you know, an early move by feingold, he keeps with ng that issue and his ad, he drive its home, getting quintessential wisconsinites to talk about how allegedly are hurting american workers. it appears to be quite an adfonly because you are seeing a lot of it. host: couple quick questions. the presence of donald trump
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at the top of the gop ticket this particular senate race and what are you looking for in coming weeks? guest: you know, it's difficult to say if the presence of trump played a role. running ahead of trump, but this was always, here, this is t wisconsin, it's a presidential republicans haven't won a presidential race here since senate, a republican senate candidate hasn't won in a year since 1980. it was always going to be an johnson, they for expected that and that is what we're seeing. in the coming weeks, i expect ads, probably more aggressive johnson heading down stretch. he, you know, he is behind the two debates could be interesting. one next friday night, that is wisconsin broadcasters, more appearance, a
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following debate the following tuesday in which local broadcaster, mike lachey, brings into marquette university law school, they go to the mute court and there the come off.uld there will be more fireworks in the race. race is bill the glauber, thanks for your time >> house speaker paul ryan says he is "sickened" by donald trump's comments about women cured donald trump will no longer be attending a rally in wisconsin. in his statement, the speaker said "i am sickened by what i heard today, women are to be championed and revered, not objectified. i hope mr. trump treats the
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situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this but suggest you're in the meantime, he is no longer attending tomorrow's event in wisconsin here -- wisconsin wisconsin." billing new jersey governor chris christie and jeff sessions -- we will have the wisconsin event here live at 3:00 eastern. the second presidential debate is sunday night in st. louis, missouri. what our live coverage at 7:30 p.m., and then at 8:30, a briefing for the audience during at 9:00, the debate followed by fewer reaction. watch one on c-span,
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orpan or using your desktop tablet at than onet, more million people in the state of florida after hurricane matthew hit the state. electricity was knocked out across the state's eastern coast, even strong enough to reach central florida cured -- florida. morgan 100,000 people in orlando without power. are areas in south carolina under curfew at this hour. it is expected to reach south carolina overnight and near charleston at daybreak, with hundred -- 100 mile per hour winds. accused by the
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united states of hacking and trying to interfere with the presidential election. officials saying they are confident now the russian director approved the breach of u.s. political organizations. president obama is in chicago. he did some early voting himself and attended fundraisers for hillary clinton and congresswoman tammy duckworth. is casting his own early ballot. democrats have been encouraging people to vote early nationwide. cameras watch from about 30 feet away as he marked his ballot. here is a look.
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[cameras clicking] [indiscernible]
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president obama: ok, let us do this. [cameras clicking] [laughter] [indiscernible] >> next, a look at some of the supreme court oral arguments


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