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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 9, 2016 1:05am-1:51am EDT

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>> now, a look at final debate preparations. this is the second of three debates. it is a town hall format that will include questions from the audience. the moderators are cnn's anderson cooper and martha raddatz of abc news. our live coverage begins tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. with a preview followed by the debate itself at 9:00. you can watch every minute here on c-span. on can also watch online or listen on the free c-span radio app.
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>> our campaign 2016 coverage continues on c-span with live debate for u.s. house, senate, and governor races. utah's fourth district congressional debate between me on love and doug go in. followed at 10:00 by the arizona u.s. senate contest between john mccain and ann kirkpatrick. on tuesday evening at 7:00, north carolina's governor debate between matt mcclory and roy cooper. on wednesday evening at 8:00, mike lee and democrat lee misty snow debate for the utah u.s. senate. and on thursday, just after
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noon, the pennsylvania eight district debate between ryan fitzpatrick and his opponent. and richard burr and deborah ross debate for the north carolina u.s. senate. , the wisconsin00 u.s. senate debate between ron johnson and russ feingold. and that is followed at 10:00 catherineeck and cortez masco debating for the nevada u.s. senate. watch our complete campaign 2016 coverage on c-span and online at and listen on the c-span radio app. house speaker paul ryan was one of the speakers at an annual republican fundraiser at wisconsin's first congressional district. others that appeared were scott walker and ron johnson. republican presidential candidate donald trump was scheduled to be there but his appearance was canceled following the release of a 2005
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video of the candidate making crude remarks regarding women. his running mate also decided not to attend. this event is about 45 minutes. >> if you are not going to be for the whole ticket -- >> i am for donald trump. >> why don't you listen to what i have to say rather than interrupting me. there is something about courtesy here.
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is the top elected leader of the republican party nationally. he is the leader of the conservative republicans in the house of representatives. and throughout his service in the congress of the united states, he has been an idea person figuring out how we can do things to change this country around. he is continuing to do that. as speaker, he has announced a very comprehensive program that house republicans will pass if we are returned to the majority in involvement it is detailed. it is not vague.
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it isn't b.s. it is something that shows what republicans will do contrasted to what democrats will do. we need to have a president of the -- listen to me, please. ok? be respectful. we are asking people to be respectful in this campaign. there's an awful lot of lack of that. clean up your act, ok? president hillary clinton will veto this plan. that is why we cannot have a president hillary clinton sitting in the white house. she is more of the same. she is a third term for barack obama, except a little bit more to the left. and this country doesn't have to move a little bit more to the left. now let me say what this election is all about.
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it is not about individuals. it's about issues. it's about ideas. and it's about the direction the country should take. and the biggest thing that is up in this election is the fact that the next president of the united states will appoint probably three or four new justices of the supreme court. a president hillary clinton will appoint three or four more ruth bader ginsburgs. that will last for a generation. so this election is not about the next four years because a supreme court will frustrate anything any republican president will do simply by judicial fiat. and we have seen the four obama and clinton appointees to the supreme court go right down the line on the ultraleft agenda,
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not only on social issues but they have rubber stamped every regulatory overreach that has come out of the obama administration. that costs our country jobs, it makes us less competitive, and if we want to bring jobs back from overseas, we need to have a competitive, less regulated, less taxed business community, because we can't compete against the chinas and the mexicos and the indias if we add all these costs of regulations and tacks on top of everything else. that is what is going on in this election. we need support not just for the top of the ticket, but for the republicans who are running for the united states senate and the united states house of
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representatives. and one of the top targets to the democrats is our own senator ron johnson. we've got to send him back to the d.c. [applause] and just remember, we had 18 years of an ineffective russ feingold. audience: boo! he brags about the fact that he is a supporter of the bill of rights, and then he passed the mccain-feingold bill, which has been declared unconstitutional by the supreme court several times for infringing upon every one of our first amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of political expression. russ feingold, despite what he says, has ripped up the bill of rights. let's not give him a chance to rip it up still further. our constitution means
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something. the framers did the right thing. james madison's prose was great. he not only wrote the constitution, but he also wrote the bill of rights. so the stakes in this election are bigger than any of us as individuals, us as candidates or incumbent officeholders, you as individual voters. it is the country that is at stake. let's not let america down. so thank you all for coming. thank you for supporting paul ryan and ron johnson. god bless you all and god bless america. [applause]
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>> support trump! i am emotionally invested in this speech. russ feingold had 18 years in the u.s. senate and he did nothing on behalf of wisconsin. mccain-feingold has his name on it and even that is a disaster and unconstitutional. russ feingold, led no charges, he chaired no committees, he passed no laws and he did not help the wisconsin people when he needed their -- has hell.
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shamefully, he ignored the ba -- va scandal. ron johnson is a good and decent man. most. than myself and he stepped out of manufacturing to run for the senate. after the passage of obamacare. he felt we should have citizen legislators in london -- in washington. he is already the chair of the homeland security committee. he is working to secure our borders. he is working to pass other legislation on behalf of the va centers.d the senator ron johnson. [applause] >> thank you all. thank you all for coming. appreciate it. thank you. thank you. thank you, thank you, thanks, thanks.
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you all know i'm an accountant right? i'm pretty good with numbers. not the normal way i start off a speech but i was doing a debate prep. i have a debate on friday with that same senator feingold that jay was talking about. i'd love, to trust me, so he can make $8,000 a lecture, right? let me tell you what's happened since i entered the senate in terms of just government spending. i don't think many of you know this. 2011, which was the last year under russ feingold and the democrats controlled the senate. discretionary budget was -- you know what it was a week or so ago? 1.172. we have decreased discretionary spending by $175 billion.
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that's a 13% decrease in the -- that's a 13% increase in the part of the budget we actually control. give yourself some credit for electing fiscal conservatives. the bad news is mandatory spending, the stuff is out of control. the stuff that's going to mortgage your children's and grandchildren's much. that was up 428 alien dollars or up 19%. that's the problem. that's the fiscal cliff that we have to be concerned about. let me put it in percentages. 2011, that's the last budgets the democrats were in control of. discretionary spending was 37% of the budget. mandatory spending was 63%. last year discretionary spending was only 30%. mandatory spending had increased to 70%. a few more years it will be 25% and 75%. the federal government is completely out of control.
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we're getting really immune to these big numbers. had president obama's 2012 budget been enacted, if we had followed their path we would have spent about $20 trillion over the last five years. instead we spent about 18 trillion. our debt would be 2 trillion dollars higher had we voted in that budget. i'm throwing a lot of numbers at you but the fact of the matter is, election matter a whole lot. it's like fingernails on a chalkboard when i hear people say oh, there's no difference between democrats and republicans. there's a tremendous amount of difference. i'm running against senator feingold and let's face it, like every other democrat, he's got a lot of plans and all of his plans involve growing government. and when you grow government,
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you know what else you do? you take more out of your paycheck. you demand more money out of hard-working taxpayers. republicans, certainly from my standpoint, we want to grow the private sector, we want to leave more of your money in your pocket. now, you also have to compare records of people. senator fine gold was in office for 34 years. a 34-year career politician. what has he got to show for it? virtually nothing, right? i know he says he's traveled to every 72 counties. so do i. my personal best is all 72 counties in just 42 days. it's really not that big a deal. it's the easiest and most enjoyable part of the job. i had somebody comment on my facebook page, pigeons do that. i know he's answered that question, well, more than ron johnson did. prove it.
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what he did do, he voted for a lot of bad stuff. 278 times he voted in favor of tax increases which proves the point his only solution is growing government and taking more of your hard earned money. he was one of the 60 deciding votes on obamacare and i saw him on mike -- he said the health care bill really isn't as bad as some people are pretending it was. pretending -- something i've gotten hundreds of letters from real people. not pretending when their premiums skyrocketed, they lost their health care as he promised they will they wouldn't and they lost access to doctors they knew and they trusted. there's a tremendous difference between the parties. we believe the top priority of government is national defense.
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senator feingold has a plan to defeat isis. the problem is president obama's plan is not working. it also contains elements of what he opposed. years, he voted against authorizing the military. and now he has a plan to use that same military that he did not authorize. he is going to have them clean up the mess that he and president obama helped create. is the firstold member of congress to recommend pulling our troops, the finest among us, not leaving a stabilizing force in iraq after the enormous sacrifice we made. blunder of strategic his stored proportions that from whatis to rise was the fairly defeated ashes of al qaeda in iraq.
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we need to understand that. sensenbrenner was the importance of this election. a party that actually wants the private sector to leave more money in your park it -- your pocket versus the one that wants to control your lives. that is what this election is about. this is what haunts me. you might remember the little speech president obama gave right before he got elected. he said, in five days, we will fundamentally transform america. he meant it. he's been doing it. listen, i am chairman of homeland security. i understand that we have a lot problems in this nation. we have a lot of challenges. we have many threats. we have to solve those problems, address them, admit that we have them.
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we have to call the enemy by its name, islamic terror. this will be the last time we can prevent that fundamental transformation of america from being cemented in the very fabric of the society. this is our shop. we won't be able to repeal obamacare the next time. this is our shot. again, that's what haunts me. but let me tell you what gives me hope. we've all seen it. after 9/11, during 9/11, we've seen the pictures, the iconic pictures of the firefighters, police officers who now have a target painted on their back, as they walked up those stairs to help save their fellow citizens.
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we have all seen and heard about shanksville. do you know the passengers of flight 93, before he spoke those ironic words, took a vote to sacrifice themselves for the fellow citizens? we've all seen the finest among us who sacrificed everything, lost their limbs. to preserve our freedom and liberty. we still in this country produce exceptional people. we are an extraordinary nation. we are a phenomenal force for good in the world. this is what this election is about. this is about saving this country. [applause] wisconsin is a firewall. we've got to make sure the 10 electoral votes of wisconsin do
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not get turned over to hillary clinton. we need to do everything we can to win this election here in wisconsin. and what gives me hope as i look out to the crowd, talking to the folks of wisconsin, i can't think of a better group of people to shoulder that burden, to accept that challenge. so let me leave you with just a final thought. the attitude that we must take over the next 31 days, because we know what is at stake, we've seen how close these elections can be -- we have seen in florida, a presidential election decided by a few hanging chads. somehow, al franken is serving a second term.
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these elections and this one in wisconsin will be decided by a narrow, thin margin. so the attitude must take is that your own efforts, the effort you put in over the next 31 days, your time, your talent, your effort is little the effort -- is literally the effort that will save this country. that's my attitude. that is what your attitude has to be. so god bless you. god bless your effort. and god bless america. [applause] >> hillary clinton could never pull of the stairs we have been -- we have behind this thing. i've been up and down six or seven times now. do i really have to into juice -- do i really have to introduce this next speaker? governor scott walker.
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[applause] you know what he has done for you and for the state. he has turned it around completely by showing a focus and a resolve that is not just rare among politicians, it's unique. it is incredible what he has done. most political leaders would not be willing to take on the fights governor walker has and endure the slings and the arrows in the abuse that has come his way and his family' way in order to do right for his state and his constituents. property tax cuts, income tax cuts, tort reform, major job growth, a four or five-point drop in the and implement rate. he brought us conceal and carry castle law, right to work, prevailing wage reform. he is simply the man.
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[cheers and applause] governor walker: good afternoon, wisconsin. what a great day. what a great crowd. standing in front of these flags, the first thing i want to start out with is the simple thought. freedom. endowed by our creator, defined by our constitution, but defended each and every day by the men and women who proudly wear the uniform of these united states. allr - -- for
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foreign war veterans, please raise your hands, families. let's give them all an appropriate applause because we wouldn't be here with freedom if it wasn't for them. [applause] and while we're at it, not only thinking those men and women who wear the uniform or have worn the uniform and their families, but take keep us safe as well as home, let's give a round of applause for our men and women in law enforcement, be at the share's apartment, the police department, all of the others who risk their lives each and every day to keep us safe. [applause] thank you. they deserve our thanks each and everyday so thank you for doing that. pass it on. it's great to be here in walworth county. i grew up here. i used to flip hamburgers at mcdonald's down the way. there's the dell of in group. my first job was actually right on the county line between walworth and rock county. i washed the dishes at the countryside restaurant. then i started flipping hamburgers at mcdonald's ride on highway 50, before all that stuff came out further along the way. every year on labor day, we
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would come to the fairgrounds. i can still remember watching the demolition derby over there. when i was a kid, my dad loved the statler brothers. we saw the statler brothers and charley pride in those grandstands. great memories on the way. it's great to be here with all of you. and it's one of those where, going forward, we want to make sure that for the memories that i had an the you had come about for our children. i got my son alex here. my other son is helping governor pat mcquarrie in south carolina. but alex is here. he is the statewide chair of the college republicans. i see a lot of younger college republicans with us. there is a great group of college republicans in this state. when i think about being back here, it reminds me that for matt and for alex, for my nieces and for all the other young people like them, that's really what these elections are about. you just heard a moment ago from ron johnson. you see, in our state, it is not just about the president and the vice president. you look at the race in the united states senate and it is about as clear as it gets. you got ron johnson, a manufacturer, who spent most of
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his life outside of the private sector, who understands about numbers and bottom line and actually putting people to work again. he's done a phenomenal job. versus russ feingold, who, for 18 years, served in the united states senate. remember what we did to russ feingold six years ago? we fired him, right? we fired senator feingold. why? for a number of reasons, but the number one reason on that list is that he was the deciding vote for obamacare and we said back then it didn't work.
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and today we know it works even less. it works even less. they call it the if or double care act. but we have seen in the state the results, it doesn't work then it doesn't work for farmers. it doesn't work for families. it works for people like president obama and other liberals in washington who think it is a good idea. but it's not affordable in this state. once and for all, we fired russ feingold a years ago. we don't need to send him back to the united states senate. we need a said someone -- we need to send someone with wisconsin values, not washington values. we need someone like ron johnson in the united states senate. [applause] you know, it is one of those where every vote is going to count. i turn on the tv -- i don't do it too often, thankfully, but i turn it on for the packers games and watch shows here and there. i got a tell you. it is overwhelming to me the number of ads i see from senator feingold. for all his talk, remember back in 1992 and he had that add in front of his garage where he said all these promises, and one was that he would get the majority of the money for his races from the people here wisconsin?
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he broke his promise. that's what he has all those commercials. he has a people from the west coast and the east coast running those ads even though they are directly opposed to what he said he was going to do. and they are trying to twist the facts, make pretend like russ feingold was never in the senate. he was there for 18 years. he had a chance to do something for the people of the state and he failed. and he's done nothing for the past six years except to get ready to come back and run again so he can hang out with his friends in washington instead of serving the people of wisconsin. i need your help. i appreciate the signs and i appreciate putting up signs in your yard. i appreciate those who donate to ron's campaign. but i get to tell you, between now and a month from now, we need your help, going out door to door, talk to people at church, to people at work and talk to your family and friends about why we need to go out and help ron johnson. if you think you can make a difference, remember this. we found out over the years that we have never gone to a new restaurant for the first time-based solely on an ad or a flyer.
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we go to a new restaurant for the first time at least -- an ad might remind us about death or flyer might remind us why it is a good idea to go back there. you know what got us to go there? a family member, a friend or a neighbor who said this is a nice restaurant. you ought to try it out. if you can influence your family and your friends about why it's important to go eat somewhere, how much more important is it to tell them who should be the united states in for the state of wisconsin, something that will have a dynamic impact on not just your future but the future of your children and your grandchildren and people all across his country. are you are committed to go out and help ron johnson by talking to your friends and neighbors and coworkers? [applause]
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and then the other part we need your help on is particularly here in the state. these elections, there is a lot of national attention, but i want to tell you how important it is to elect people to the state assembly in the states senate in the state of wisconsin. before the november elections in 2010, democrats controlled every thing in the state. state assembly, state senate, governor, lieutenant governor, all the state offices but one. and remember how great things were background? back in the beginning of 2010, the unemployment rate was 9.2%. the areas before we took office, the stimulus 3000 jobs. on top of los t jobs there were opportunities.
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we did not wait. started the first day. called a special session. we went from 9.2% unemployment down to 4.2% unemployment. we've seen the lowest and unemployment we've had for the past 15 plus years. you can clap for that, sure. [applause] the last time we had an employment that low was march 2001, which may not seem that far back for some of us, but matt and alex were 21 and 22 today, the last time on a planet was that low, matt and alex were five and six years old and that with it in perspective. and even better, it's not just that an employment is located we've had more people employed in the state of wisconsin than we have ever had before. this year, we hit an all-time high.
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an all-time high. nationally, the president talks about unemployment dipping down a little bit, one of the things they ignores the part is that -- is that part of the reason nationally is that the percentage of people going down is the lowest it has incensed 1977. 1977.has been since that means a lot of people have given up. they had given up about entering the workforce. our labor force participation rate, the percentage of the people in the workforce is one of the highest in the country. we are consistently the top 10.
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that means when unemployed and goes down, that is because people are action working in the state. and we want to make sure more people are working in the state. any of you small business owners know that one of the challenges we have is not creating jobs, but finding enough people to fill those jobs. people with the qualifications to fill those jobs. so one of the things we put a focus on is how can we not only help trim are people in our schools and our technical colleges and our worker training programs, but going forward, how can we make sure there's even more people in the workforce? so we made also to changes to make it easier to create jobs and put people to work. we lowered property taxes. they are lower today than they were five years ago. we lowered income taxes. they are lower today than they were five years ago. we passed changes to make sure that we got the out-of-control regulations and tried to do more to enforce common sense and not bureaucratic red tape. there is still more work to be done. one of the big challenges we have is we need to have even more people enter the workforce. today, i think about this packers windbreaker come and make a bigger football. we've got too many people in on the sidelines and not enough people in the game. i want to tell you about one of the things that we did. not that i did. ture helped us
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out along the way. one of the things we did in the state is say, if you are in adult who is physically and mentally capable of working, if you are physically and mentally capable of working, particularly those for don't have children in the home, if you want assistance, things like food stamps from the stake him he don't get them anymore unless you are enrolled in our job turning program and/or working at least 80 hours a month, looking for work five is away, and you're able to pass a drug test in the state of wisconsin. [cheers and applause] you can only imagine what the liberals in madison said when we tried to do that. some of them are still fighting us on the drug testing in washington under the obama administration. you can only imagine what they said. they said, governor, you're making it harder to get government assistance. i said, no, i'm not. i love the people of this state so much, i know there are so many jobs out there. just last week, we so over 90,000 job openings listed on job center
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we know that there is work to be had. we are not making a harder to get government assistance. we are making it easier to get a job in the state of wisconsin. [applause] because you see that is what it's all about. here in this stage, it's about wisconsin getting back to work. it's about getting this state back to work. that's what we'd done over the last five years and that's what we are going to continue to do going forward because, for matt and for alex and all your sons and daughters, your grandsons or your granddaughters and your nieces and your nephews, that is what the future of the state is all about. and that is why we need more members in the us only in the senate to help us along that cause. because, you see, when i was growing up down here, i got to tell you, i don't ever remember
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anybody in my graduating class signing my yearbook saying, good luck becoming dependent on the american government. right? no matter who you are, we come from, what your parents did for a living, what their background your zipatter what code, if you work hard with dedication, you live in a you can the other side thinks that the outcome should be determined by the government. we think the opportunity should be guaranteed that the outcome should be up to each and everyone of us. that is the american dream. that is alive and well here in the state of wisconsin. and with republicans in charge of your stay government, that is what it will be going forward. thank you for your hard work. thank you for your determination. god bless wisconsin.
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god bless america. all, god bless our young men and women in uniform. thanks for coming out. [applause] >> i feel like congressman paul ryan should be introducing me because you folks in the crowd know him better than i do. it has been you that have worked every two years to elect him to congress and reelect him to congress time after time. it's you that saw him go from aid to jack kemp to being the leading voice in entitlement reform and spending reform and washington, d.c. there was a time when his fellow congressmen were not with him on this thing and he were doubly hard, double down most often. it makes a selection so critical. it says a lot about congressman ryan that he didn't want to be
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speaker. it wasn't on his career path. the way and his colleagues came to him and said we really need you to do it, you are about the only one who can fill this role right now, he stepped up and did it for the congress, for america, for you folks when his career path was something different. so speaker of the u.s. house of representatives, paul ryan. [cheers and applause] [booing] speaker ryan: hay, everybody. how bout it, huh? good day, huh? good day. good to see you. welcome to fall fest, you guys. welcome to fall fest. look, let me start off by saying there is a bit of an elephant in the room. and it is a troubling situation. i'm serious. it is. i put out a statement about this last night. i meant what i said and it's still how i feel. but that is not what we are here to talk about today. you know what we do here at fall fest? we talk about our ideas. we talk about our solutions.
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we talk about our conservative principles. and we promote our candidates right here in wisconsin that are fighting for us, candidates like our senator ron johnson. [applause] speaker ryan: you know, what matters in elections is are we giving people real choices? seven people out of 10 people in in america, seven out of 10 people in america, they don't think this country is on the right track, do they? seven out of 10 people, they think that their kids will be worse off in this country. we have never done that before in this country. we have never given the next generation a darker future. we have always stepped up and fixed the problems in front of us and our generation so that our children and grandchildren can be better off. and you know what?
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you know what we are doing about it in the house? you know what we are doing about it as conservatives? we are offering people a better way. we are offering solutions. i'll tell you what can last generate, we got together. -- last january we got together. said, we need to take an agenda to the country. we need to show men and women in america those seven out of 10 people, those are not just republicans and independents. those are democrats also. they need solutions and we are offering them. let me tell you a few things. bettergen. go to six things. we've got to get people out of welfare and back in the workforce. our welfare system is working. our welfare system tells people to stand work and we needed a people back into work so they can get on the latter life, so they can reach their dreams. we are showing you exactly what welfare reform looks like. second thing, we are not safe. you know this. you see the terrorist attacks in this country. you see what is going on
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overseas. we have a president, president obama that is phoning it in on national security. we have a president who has been hollowing out national security. we have exactly what it takes to rebuild our military, to secure our border, to go on offense against isis and to keep america safe. this is important. i'll tell you what and if you want to get jobs in this economy, get the federal government out of the business of micromanaging every little aspect of our lives, and our communities, society, of our small businesses. we are losing self-government in this country. we've got this new fourth branch of government, unelected bureaucrats are writing our laws. we've got a case right over there in racine.
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coming from the epa telling farmers how, where, when they got to do if they want to farm. and these things don't go through congress. so here is what we are saying. all of these rules and all of these regulations that come from these unelected bureaucracies that don't know our communities, they don't know our people, the don't know our businesses, all of that has got to go through congress. congress for a final vote of it goes intopre effect. it's a civil principle. the principle is one of our founding principles. we go now selves -- we govern ourselves as americans. we believe in self-government. the laws that we live under in this country need to be written by us through our elected representatives, not by these unelected bureaucracies. and that is exactly what we are offering. that is exactly what we are running on. that is exactly what we are giving people. let me tell you what.
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how many of you think obamacares working? i don't think he things obamacare is working either. obamacare is failing. the biggest health insurance country in the world come in the country, united, they pulled out. aetna pulled out. this thing is in a death spiral. premiums are going up, double every year. the deductibles are so high, you might as will not have health insurance. we are showing you, first time in six years, republicans have an alternative. it's not just repeal, it's repeal and replace obamacare with patient-centered health care so we can choose what we want for our families. more choice, more competition, lower prices. [applause] speaker ryan: and i've got to tell you, you are not going to fix this economy, you're not going to grow jobs, you are not going to get economic growth and job creation if you do not scrap


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