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tv   Utah 4th Congressional District Debate  CSPAN  October 10, 2016 3:30pm-4:32pm EDT

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went in on the defense, but turned the tables on hillary clinton. we still have a race is what he said. one evangelical leader that's making news today is wayne gruden. he's one of the most influential christian conservative backers, and he pulled his support, his endorsement for donald trump on sunday. sheer the column from i'll read the beginning of it for you. there's no morally food presidential candidate in this election. i previously called on donald trump -- called donald trump a good candidate with flaws, and a flawed candidate, but i now regret i did not more strongly condemn his moral character. i cannot commend his emotional character, and i strongly urge him to withdraw from the election. i strongly urge him to withdraw from the election. he goes on to say his older comments about his sexual in were morally evil and --
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host: governor pence right now on cnn telling them that is asked louis false that he consider dropping out of this race over the weekend. the conservative newspaper, the wall street journal editorial board, trump's last stand they wrote this morning. we prefer mr. pence as president but this election is not about us, it is about the american public in the millions ofboard's who put mr. trump on the bout. publicans will find it very difficult to replace mr. trump -- hes late stage unless told the journal there zero chance he will quit. they cannot be blamed for breaking from mr. trump if that is what the cottages is demand, or if that is the best path for political survival this year. --affection of conservatives
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the defection of conservatives shall be trouble mr. trump is in. republicans running for the house and senate will have to mobilize voters with the argument that they need them as a check on hillary clinton. house willosi implement it. if this sounds like damage control, that is where the gop may soon be. you are supporting hillary clinton in brooklyn. what to think of the debate -- what did you think of the debate? caller: i was surprised donald kept it together the all-time. donaldeen listening to trump spout baloney for 30 years here in brooklyn, new york. i want to tell the american people, we in new york, we see him as a total gas bag. it is all about ego for him. a moral center, this man has no moral center.
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it is all about self-promotion. he will step on anybody to get what he wants because that is what it is about. and as far as him being a businessman, that is a joke. nobody here in new york will do business with him because he bankrupts his country -- his companies. he has had six bankruptcies the last time i checked. the banks will not even talk to co-signers he has a for anything. he walks out and he leaves them sitting there with $.10. co-signer for anything. one time he floated his company on the stock exchange, the opening cost per share was $35. these poor people put money in there, into their pensions into this $35 stock. donald topped up his stock was going to go through the roof.
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when it finally closed two years later it was worth $.17 per share. to $.17, that it all of that he went funds door-to-door saying i am the best, i'm a businessman, i'm going to do wonders for you. but we in new york -- there is a reason donald has never been mayor or senator or congressman or governor from new york. understood. let me show our viewers with the new york papers have on their front pages. the daily news, loser. -- grab a seat, loser. before, the new york post very new york -- trump, if i would win, i would lock her up.
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jail to the chief. townhall gets vicious. that is the front page of the new york post this morning. have said, north carolina. good morning. caller: hello. host: what did you think of the debate. you are supporting a third-party candidate. ex-republican. reagan than clinton. until 9/11 i was a republican now i am an independent. i have been on he doeso figure out -- not know enough about security matters. he just cannot be president. i have got to say, as an e x-republican, i'm appalled at the fact that it took this tape for people to say something that
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they have known all along. i do not care if you are republican, independent or democrat. we have known for months and months that this man has no morals. he has gone through one woman after another and he also banks are ups -- bankrupts all these businessman -- businesses. and justgo online look, he is making it even better for the top 1%. that's hillary clinton just fact check, people -- just fact check, people! you can look it all the claims made last night by each of them and see how these fact checkers to investigate the record, what they say about whether or not those claims are false, true, mostly true but misleading, etc.
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let's hear from a trump supporter. allen in atlanta, georgia. go ahead. caller: i'm a lifetime but will not fold for president in the next election. i will just leave that section blank. host: why did you call in on the supporting donald trump line? i do support some of his ideas but he is so far over the top that i cannot in good conscience vote for either candidate because they're both terrible and the public is stuck with them. so my question is why? the answer, which is never discussed on c-span, is that our problem is that we have primaries. not part of our constitution that originated in the late 19th century. each party, republican and democrat, can ditch candidates that they did not want. few people vote in the primaries, so they are the ones
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who actually decide who will be president, not the general public. if we had all the major candidates on stage for these debates, neither of these two candidates would stand a chance. we are stuck with them. host: in the primary, who was your candidate? caller: john kasich was the only one who was sane. cruzld have voted for ted but he is being cowered by the republican party would not let him run as a republican if he does not support trump. now he is passively exploiting trump. host: what did you make of governor kasich saying over the weekend that he cannot support him anymore, will not endorsing, will not vote for him. many peoples like who vote republican or democrat, they will just not -- they will hold their noses and vote for the least attractive of the two.
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they will vote against the candidate. they will not vote for a candidate, they will vote against them. host: let's get another one from washington university. c-span has been hanging out there. private university and is reset before, the fifth time hosting a presidential debate. what did you think of last night's debate? >> thank you for having me. i'm a graduate student here in chemical engineering and i'm the cofounder and codirector of missouri youth trump. with the debate set up last night from the campaign. we all watched it together and the atmosphere was you -- was electric. we all enjoyed mr. trump's performance. the missouri campaign staff, than later we went down to spin alley.
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donald trump staffers were in missouri, they felt he did a good job last night. what were some points that stick out for you? the points that the government would definitely his talk about bringing back the secretary clinton. it is been a rough one for the campaign, i will be the first to admit that. but bringing it back to secretary clinton was exactly what we wanted to hear and the pivot we did not see in the media. was a giant distraction from the wikileaks revelation. the fact that there are more coming is reason to our ears. host: what is the ground game like tghere -- there? >> we have been doorknocking, phone banking. social media outreach. where do the kinds of things that are expected in a traditional campaign. host: what you think about his ability to attract not the base
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of republican supporters, not his supporters he has, but those middle, down the road moderates. what do you think? town, i'mm a small from a very small town traditionally based on the union economy. we used to have a lot of factories, lisa have traditional businesses were people are blue-collar. most businesses have gone by the wayside. businesses as simply close up shop in st. louis. i have talked to a lot of these people because obviously i still go home, and a lot of them have switched their allegiances to mr. trump because they feel an amazingtheyi have talked fel thing. you have a billionaire from new york was connecting to people on
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the ground, people of lesser jobs, people who have had to take out social security 10 years early just to keep on surviving after the jobs in shifts were cut. it is truly something incredible. when i go to his rallies, his campaign events come i see people of all races, all ages. when i went to a mitt romney rallied 2012, never saw that. host: thank you very much for joining us this morning and being with us to talk about your perspective. able to watch last night's debate with the missouri staffers for the donald trump campaign. as all of us can see, a strong supporter for the new york billionaire. let's go back to calls. david in indianapolis supporting hillary clinton. you're on the air. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. issuesto stick to three about the debate itself and not even worry about all of the innuendo that was passed along last night. , andcially, socially
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foreign affairs. financially, donald trump trotted up the same thing every republican since reagan has trotted out and it is trickle-down economics that do not amount for anything. they do not help anyone in it was proven. deficit --eased the i think he had the biggest increase in deficit that any president has ever had. and they still continue to push these economic policies. he is saying i'm going to give the people at the top more money by using taxes to give it to proven yearey have in and out, time and time again that they are going to keep that money and continue to do anything they can to make more. socially, he has proven proven completely inept at any ability
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to empathize with anyone other than rich people. even though he has talked a game, every policy he has even tried to discuss has shown him to not have any empathy for anyone but rich people. -- he has never even been to a poor neighborhood. he does not travel in those circles. the people he talks about who we has met has been people in the suburbs of every city in the country he has been to. there, supporting the former secretary of the state. there is only one more debate to go before election day. what did you think about the exchanges between the two candidates last night? keep dialing and, we will go until the top of the hour this morning while the houses and senate are not in washington, as we told you earlier. paul ryan is holding a conference call with his conference members this morning around 11:00 a.m. eastern time
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to talk about the debate last night and the videotape that was leaked over the weekend and what to do next. also the republican national committee also having meetings today on that as well. want to show you what surrogates for each of these candidates had to say last night after the debate. they go into what is called the spin room and give the media their take. we will begin with rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york city. >> women have been victimized for years by both hillary and bill clinton. they haven't called games, they had been -- suggested something wrong is -- something is wrong with them. these women wanted to be heard. >> do you think it will make a difference? >> no. , here end of the debate and did not even make sense anymore. she just wanted on and on.
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-- wandered on and on. >> [inaudible] >> i think mr. trump had a much better grasp of it. by the end of the debate she completely made no sense. just went on and on. the search up medically when would do about taxes and isis. e-mail a clear what he would do about immigration. he made it clear about what you do about top-secret information. she never answered the fact that she destroyed 33,000 e-mails. >> [inaudible] >> i would say it expands his base enormously. way beyond republicans. i think democrats will look at that and say that is the one time we saw a president.
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we saw a person who has been a failure, who cannot keep our promises. that whole story about abraham lincoln, give me a break. i read the transcript, you said sometime you have to say something different in public than you do in private. you know it's saying something different in public than in private is called? it is called lying. host: you can see it is a very busy place debate -- place tyo be post-debate. the number one moment was when he talked about trump lying about 30 years [inaudible] i think it will be a consistent element in the days ahead. they have each been doing
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for 30 years. she has been fighting for women and families. he has [inaudible] filing for mass bankruptcy. we're happy to compare their respective records but they clearly think that is a good talking point for them. we intend to lifted up and have -- >> do you think she was rattled? he was pacing throughout the whole evening coming even at invoking the glasgow invading her personal space. meandering around her. the one who was rattled. his answers were rambling incoherent on everything from health care to syria. i think he was trying to under her and she seem at the only one that you could picture in the oval office making decisions a
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president needs to make. >> [inaudible] complacency is the number one thing we need to guard against. to assume it is still going to be a close race. host: hillary clinton spokesperson there. you can hear how -- what they think happened last night in think lewis at washington university, but now we turn to to, the voters, to think -- see how you plan to vote. miami, undecided. caller: good morning. we are supposed to be the leader of the first world. when you listen to donald trump you realize they're worse than the banana republic.
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[indiscernible] there is no chance to hear what he offers the country. he has no chance at all to [indiscernible] i keep their republicans saying we're going in the wrong direction and it amazes me. power, no came into health care, we were in two wars . and they lifted the country out of that flight. they are suggesting we make another u-turn and come back around. do they want us to go back to that? host: john.
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debate number two is in the books, all eyes turn to debate three, october 19 at the university of nevada, las vegas. another 90 minute format. our steve scully here at c-span will be the backup moderator. debateporting about that on october 19, this from the nevada review journal -- the las vegas review journal. unlv will be closing half of its classrooms for the debate. noting instructors across the campus had been urged to move classes away from the school to create alternative experiences. one other thing to show you this nbc affiliatevegas' conducted an interview with the
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president of unlv to talk about how the university brought the debate to campus and what it means for the campus. ♪ the next president of the united states will first address the crowd at unlv. >> this will be the most important event not only of the year, but but probably ever held at unlv. the president there says it will be big. history is proving he's right. first report -- the first debates were readings blockbusters. the work to get it was significant. the university had been campaigning for the campaign for months. the board put it to spend more than $4 million to play host. that money will likely be well spent. for theconomic impact community alone is $6 million. the publicity is worth about
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$50 million. there's no way we can buy that kind of marketing and publicity. >> for students, it is more than money. it is an opportunity for their school to be center stage in presidential politics. >> is a really good way to advertise. host: that will be the location of the last presidential debate on october 19. how coverage will get underway before thet evening debate begins. we will have your reaction after you debate as well. you can watch the entire debate orc-span,, you can listen on your c-span radio app. is wednesday, october 19. if you missed last night's or
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the first one, go to and you can watch them all there. victor, who are you supporting? caller: i was going to vote for a third-party candidate but i decided after watching the debate that i will vote for hillary clinton and the reason why is her position on health care. to understands that you have get a single-payer system like every other developed country in the world. paying $8,000 for every person and they are paying 4000 in most of the countries subsidizing health care. the cost of drugs are out of control. congress will not do anything about it. maybe she can get something through congress. that is the problem she is going to have, she is going to have to walk with paul ryan in mitch mcconnell, who have their own ideas of what they want to do. maybe she can get something through congress. obstructed barack
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obama, who was elected by the majority of the people to put in his agenda. have done a terrible job, that is why you have a 12% to 80% approval rating. 18% approval rating. campaign contributions are destroying the country, and they put that above the good of the country. we need to get rid of the united decision and she will appoint judges that will do that. they need to have a balanced budget amendment or the next generation is going to be paying a $20 trillion debt. unlike some of the things trump said about immigration. i do not think we need people coming in from syria at $163,000. he wants to keep them in the middle east, which is a good idea. i like some of the things he says. but his own party will not support donald trump. he says he will support social
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security -- what is he going to do when mcconnell tells them if you do not cut social security, we're not going to give you any money for your law? he will obstruct him. leave it there and show less night when both of the candidates were asked if they can be president for all americans to get your point. president fora all the people. african-americans, the inner it is devastating what is happening to our inner cities. about it,she talks nothing happens. she does not get it done. americans,he latino the hispanic americans. the same exact thing. the talk, they do not get it done. you go into the inner cities and you see it is 45% poverty. 45% poverty in the inner cities. the education is a disaster. jobs are essentially nonexistent.
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mean, it is -- you know, i've been saying a big speeches were have 20,000, 30,000 people -- what do you have to lose? it cannot get any worse. she has been talking about the inner-city for 25 years. nothing is ever going to happen. if she is president, nothing is going to happen. all of her friends, the taxes we were talking about -- i was just getting it by osmosis, she is not doing me any favors, but by doing the others favors she is doing me favors. but i will tell you, she is all talk, does not get done. all you have to do is look at her senate run, take a look at upstate new york. a disaster. >> we're going to take you live ambridge, pennsylvania. a donald trump rally getting underway now. live coverage here on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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[applause] mr. trump: thank you, thank you. big big ben is a friend of mine. i swear within two years, that tree would be dead. [inaudible]
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he is a strong guy and a good guy, big ben. i'm thrilled to be back in pennsylvania. i went to school in pennsylvania. november 8. we're going to win this state. we're going to win back the white house. [applause] we're going to take on the special interests, the core of the corrupt media -- and it is in the career politicians who have stolen your jobs, your wealth, and sold the middle class. we're going to make pennsylvania rich again. we're going to bring back our jobs. [applause] and hillary clinton does not have a job about how to bring back jobs, that i can tell you. she does not have a clue.
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if you wanted to come she could not. you know, new york state she ran for senate and you know upstate new york is a disaster for jobs. she said i'm going to bring back 200,000 jobs. guess what? worse today than ever before. how money watch the debate last night? [applause] mr. trump: amazing. we had a lot of fun. i would tell you that hillary is highly overrated. i won. it was a unanimous decision. experience --ul what is good for me is good for you. i mean that totally 100%. we're going to talk about a lot of things today but i always want you to remember this above
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all else. we're going to bring back the jossey pennsylvania. we're going to bring back steel. steel has been stolen from you in this area. natural gas, the epa is dealing you and your current beanies -- and your companies. that will be turned around on day one when i win. day one. that means we are going to take care of our steelworkers and our miners, believe me. [applause] lower taxes, better millions and- and millions of new jobs. do all crooked hillary can was talk about small, petty t hings last night. during the course of 90 minutes,
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she was exposed -- and her minions were exposed. all she could do is lie. she lied so much last night. they do not like to catch her on the lies. i explained how hillary clinton oversaw the disasters in libya, including the drawing of the information redline. she was in, by the way. e- she wasn't there, by thw way. no, she was there. she lied about it. she said use not involved. but that was just one of many. of course, the moderators did not call her out and he did not call out list lie that you told. did notclinton said she delete your e-mails after a congressional subpoena, but she did. that was another lie. that was a hard one to believe. how did she say no to that one?
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the subpoena was sent on march 4, 2015. e-mails wasary's bleached -- nobody bleached them. bleaching is a very expensive process. when you bleached them it pretty much means they are gone, otherwise always heard you cannot get rid of the desperate to wonder if the nsa has her e-mails, do you think? i do not think they have looked too hard for her e-mails. what you think, folks? i don't know this for a fact, but i bet within the fbi -- u.s. some of the greatest americans in the world that is so proud of the fbi, and i bet you they are at what is stomach happening, sick to the stomach. [applause] anyway, her e-mails were destroyed somewhere between
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at the5 and march 31, congressional subpoena was received. if you are suing someone privately and the delete and get rid of all your stuff that you bigoena, you have a very consequence. you know what the consequences, right? ,he united states congress subpoena e-mails and other things, and they are gone. boxes ofy the way, two e-mails and materials are now missing. up"]d chanting "lock her mr. trump: very, very sad.
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special prosecutor, here we come, right? if i win we are going to appoint a special prosecutor. because we cannot allow this to happen to our country, we cannot. if iwe're are like a third world nation. hillary had no defense for her contract. she did not even try to defend the ridiculous claim that these yoga30,000 e-mails about and wedding planning. you had 33,000 e-mails deleted, right? three fort she had yoga and maybe five for the wedding. what about the rest? she had no defense when i brought up her failures in iraq, syria and libya. she and no defense when i brought up her failures as a senator from new york, promising to re-create the 200,000 jobs were upstate new york. but instead the jobs were shipped to mexico and other countries. for callingefense
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on millions of americans and then saying that they were deplorable -- that's you, deplorable. me, deplorable. and you know what is worse, irritable. which is worse? irredeemable and deplorable. i think we have the greatest people on earth. the smartest people. we have the smartest people. we have the most loyal people. ry poll one thing -- eve points out that trump's people are the most loyal ever. one thing i know i'm a we are going to get out and vote, and we are going to be voting. do you remember the primaries? donald trump is behind, voting begins tomorrow, should be interesting but it looks like mr. trump will not be able to win this state. a good fight it in
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next day -- donald trump wins by 22 points. [applause] mr. trump: mr.[applause] brexit. mr. brexit. remember i said brexit is what you happen? lissette donald trump said that brexit is going to happen said donald trump said that brexit is would you happen. but that is all right. this is like brexit, you watch. wewant our borders strong, do not want people coming in from syria who we do not know who the hell they are. [applause] as i said last night -- and i mean this -- she has hatred in her heart.
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she wants to divide america. i want to bring us together as one people. [applause] andtrump: in by the way -- by the way, we have thousands and thousands of people outside. do you know how lucky you are? do you know how lucky you are? and i guess they're not allowing them income i do not know why. where is the fire marshal? lets them more people come in, i see some seats over there. fire marshal, i see some help. where is the fire marshal? let them come in. four -- we have 3000 4000 people out there. we ought to let some more people come in. -- i know a kick
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lot about fire and fire marshals -- but you have a room with four walls and eight roof -- and a roof. let the people and. hillary also had no defense for obamacare, which is a total disaster. i'm going to repeal and replace or disasters obamacare. much cheaper, much better. [applause] mr. trump: hillary had no defense for her secret speech is the wall street and international bank that she hid from the public and which were exposed by wikileaks! just as i'm walking on the stage, malic -- mayor giuliani said you're not going to believe this, we have all of these new charges that just came down today. with the lease, some new stuff. some brutal stuff. i may not read it but the hell with it, is real bad stuff. the speeches contain scandalous revelations about hillary
4:10 pm
clinton that disqualify her from seeking public office. and she is. just on thealified fact that she did that with her ualified just disq from the fact that she deleted her e-mails. how could you do it? this could shine a spotlight on how this corrupt establishment works, where politicians meet in secret with the big banks, collect massive sums of money, then betray the american worker, which is you and me and sort of all of us, we are all workers. where are working, we just work differently. you know, i tell this to people. we have people in this room right now that made more money 18 years ago than they are making now. they work a lot harder right now than they did 18 years ago.
4:11 pm
their job was better 18 years ago, and they are older. the only thing i say is i am older, also, and i've never worked this hard either, folks, that is for sure. my campaign is powered by my money and also small donations from millions of visitors to our website who just want their country back. they want america back. [applause] last night, i asked hillary clinton why she does not take some of the hundreds of millions of dollars that she money -- is that smart or is that stupid? money she madee selling favors for special interest and invest them in her campaign instead of having to rely on even more corporate donations. whylooked like, oh my god,
4:12 pm
did he bring that up? she had no answer. she was flabbergasted. and the secret speech is released by wikileaks yesterday goododay before, -- not as as today i will say because the media tries to protect air. the only thing she has going is the media. without immediate, she would not have a chance. media, she would not have a chance. [applause] mr. trump: hillary clinton told her wall street donors that you need to have a public position and a private position. in other words, you need to be dishonest for all -- to run for office. that is very much right in that whole thing, it is crazy. how did hillary clinton tried to defend this shocking admission?
4:13 pm
she did not deny she said this awful thing and instead she blamed honest a lincoln -- abe lincoln. honest abe! hillary clinton for lying, blamed a lincoln, calmest -- commonly known as honest abe lincoln. spinning in his grave. more example of how hillary clinton's public position is a lie. out ofts to not the hell your social security, she wants to knock the hell out of -- i will save them. we are going to make our country rich again. we're going to bring back our jobs. we're going to make good trade deals.
4:14 pm
we're going to have countries that we are defending all over the world pay a low bit more money if that is ok. fairness, until i came along you never even heard about that. when i say that they say trump does not want to defend japan. let them a little more money, right, isn't that good? without it we are going to have $20 trillion in debt. some of these countries we do such a good job for where we defend them -- and we love doing it, but they have to help us out a little bit. most shockingly the speeches show hillary clinton saying, quote, my dream is a hemisphere, and market with open trade -- in -- you know wwhat that does?
4:15 pm
it's over she.wants theo united states to surrender to global governors with no controlpen borders. for trade and immigration. great. can you imagine? she is saying she's were nasa -- she's saying she's for nafta. nafta, the worst radio ever made in the history of the world. deal in the trade history of the world. what it has done to new england, radical,he's for unlimited immigration. i'm building a wall and she's for, like, come on across. slight difference. [applause] mr. trump: a slight difference.
4:16 pm
we are going to build a wall. who is going to pay for the wall? way, they may not know it yet but it think they're getting the idea. but when you think of it, she wants the people too poor across. they just control, endorsed me recently. -- never endorsed a presidential candidate before. these areeek -- people that want to do their jobs but they are told to stand back. these are great people. it will be a lot easier for them if they do not endorse me because they could just take it nice and easy. we have a border patrol agents, we had share -- we have sheriff joe from arizona. hillary clinton has nothing. she wants people to pour across the borders.
4:17 pm
she wants thousands and thousands of people to come in from syria. mean, 550% more than our president obama. administration will completely renegotiate nafta. we will walk away and make a brand-new deal which is far better where actually businesses start coming to pennsylvania and to ohio. [applause] mr. trump: unbelievable. disastrous stop the transpacific partnership, which will be almost as bad as nafta -- nothing could be as bad but we will stop it and make deals. this is a complex deal with many countries. you have to see the arrows a loaded a -- over the place. it is more than 5000 pages. it's a mess. i like free trade. we make one deal.
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if they do not behave, we terminate them. we send a notification of termination. but that will never happen because during the 30 day period we will renegotiate a better deal for our country, ok? and you cannot terminate it. people go crazy. you have to be a grand chessmaster -- and we do not have any of them. clinton's radical call for open borders, meaning anyone can enter the united states without any limit at all, would end the united states as we know it today. no one who supports open borders should be able to run for president because we will not have a country. [applause] and by the way, weeks ago i call that hillary clinton for supporting open borders and the media said i was wrong. iw, i haven't proven right --
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have been proven right. where is the media rushing to disprove these false stories? i like free trade but we want smart trade. it should not even be called free trade, and should be called smart trade. i do not like the term free trade. , to have it trade really work, you need really, really smart people negotiating your details. all these other countries have smart people. we have people, they do not know what they're doing. no less than bernie sanders declared that open borders would be the end of america. bernie sanders said "are's means there would be no united states. said "borders means there would be no --
4:20 pm
maybe that is ok with him, not ok with me. by the way, how many ways can hillary clinton betray bernie sanders? even if we do not agree with him, i mean -- bernie sanders would have been a legend. he would have gone down as a legendary figure in history if he did not make a deal with the devil. but he made a deal with her and now he is just another guy. she attacked has -- his supporters as basement-dwellers. of entitlement cuts and as for open borders and open trade. your state has lost one in three manufacturing jobs since bill and hillary clinton's nafta and china deals happen. i am going to stop for an cheating. the product dumping, which by the way is killing the steel already -- and it has killed a much of your steel industry.
4:21 pm
howdy people agree with me that we're going to bring them back, don't worry about it. -- many people agree with me stupid politicians with the killing of the steel industry in pennsylvania. [applause] mr. trump: between that and currency regulation -- which they do like grandmaster's and we do like we're playing bad games of checkers. we are going to start making things in america again and we are going to start making things in pennsylvania again. do not let them tell you you are doing well because you're doing lousy. will builda steel our future and pennsylvania energy -- we're beinging our ourrs back -- they'll power future. congressman, get up there. look at this guy. i will tell you, they say he was
4:22 pm
a hell of a football pair. i do not know if he would be so good today. he has been such an incredible supporter. and he is studying -- standing next to my daughter, tiffany, who came today. thank you, congressman. thank you. we have such great support. clean coal, shale, oil, and natural gas we have to protect. pennsylvania workers will be hired to do the job. hillary clinton would rather give your jobs to people that pour into the country illegally. i explained how she favors a 550% increase in syrian refugees coming into our land. we know nothing about them. by the way, we all have -- we know what's going on. editorial.
4:23 pm
we will build safe zones and we will get others to pay. they have nothing but money and they are not putting up their fair share. they have nothing but money. they will pay. we will need them, but they will pay. how hillaryed clinton is personally responsible for the release of thousands of dangerous criminal aliens eugene nine states. -- aliens into the united states. she canceled visas, a duty vested in her body law, and i to usell you she refused forceful diplomatic action. we will have a killer and he will be from another country, let's say someplace from south america. and we will catch him because our people are great and outboard oprah tro -- our border control people are great. i want to bring them back to whatever country to come from. a killer, a jugular, a gang
4:24 pm
member, the head of a gang. hillary clinton would say we cannot force them back into the country. the hell we can't. [applause] mr. trump: i guarantee you that under my administration there will not be one bad guy that is not forced back into his country. not one. they will not be any. you will not be reading about it. we will put such pressure on these countries to take these people back. but hillary clinton said -- i sorry madam secretary, but they will not take this killer back. we will put such pressure on these countries to take these people back. oh, that's ok. let him back on our streets. and you know what happens, right? the remembrance project, you know what that is. they have lost their loved ones to killers, illegal immigrants
4:25 pm
who killed their loved ones. it is a sad thing to say. suchefusal to take has caused theon has caused release of thousands of criminals into our community. one for national and can -- and convicted killer, should have been sent back to his home country in 2012, was instead set free by clinton's watch. six months after his release, he beautiful,-year-old, casey chadwick. in one single year of hillary clinton's tenure, 2010, nearly 4000 convicted criminal aliens were released into american communities because their home countries just said no we are not taking them back. yes, we are supposed to -- we're not doing it. we took them. revelation from the secret speeches is that hillary
4:26 pm
clinton new the state department and their devices were under threat of acting and yet she traveled overseas with her totally insecure telephone. you remember the ones she banged the hell out of? when you throw your phone, does anyone bang them with a hammer? this is still more evidence that she lied to the fbi just like she lied to congress and lied to us. one more very important issue where i expose the hypocrisy of hillary clinton -- and the immediate was on hillary clinton getting women -- i was beaten up for inappropriate words 12 years ago. locker room talk come when everyone to call it. but i said to myself, wait a minute -- i just saw very inappropriate words -- but bill
4:27 pm
clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and hillary clinton attacked those women viciously. one of them said more viciously than he attacked them. if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we will continue to talk about bill and italy clinton doing inappropriate things. there are so many things. we brought four wonderful women to st. louis. [applause] and honestly, it was both very beautiful and very sad. really, they have been trying to get their feelings out for so long and the media would not take it. one thing was made, the media takes it with whatever -- one thing with me, the media takes it. italy koran --
4:28 pm
she has been struggling to get the media attention to her for many years. last night i decided we would expose the hypocrisy of the clintons and the media and our politics to the entire world. [applause] mr. trump: as i outlined last night, bill clinton was the worst abuser of women ever to sit in the oval office. he was a predator. hillary clinton systematically attacked and discredited the victims of bill clinton's sexual harassment and assault. these things are not written by the media but they are true. written by many books. these victims include names like kathleen willey, juanita broderick, paula jones, connie hamm z, eileen wellstone, sandra allen james, and christie's search up. there are many more. for decades hillary clinton has been deeply familiar with her husband's predatory behavior and
4:29 pm
instead of trying to stop it, she made it possible for him to take advantage of even more women. she put even more women in harm's way when she goes out and says i love women, i'm going to help women. she is a total hypocrite. the hypocrisy of the media and our politicians is hard to believe. they condemn my words but they representsdefend the --this is the way it iss the representable -- reprehensible acts of hillary and bill clinton. what she did as a lawyer when she was defending emmanuel -- a man who raped a 12-year-old girl. win, hillary blamed
4:30 pm
the 12-year-old victim. she was with us yesterday. she was sitting front row at the debate. as a lawyer for as a lawyer for the rapist, she said the girl was unstable and said she engaged in fantasizing. hillary ruined that little later, she and years was recorded laughing about it on videotape. there is nothing hillary clinton won't do or say to obtain power and it is about time people started to understand it. [applause] but the hypocrites in the media don't want to talk about what hillary clinton has done to these victims.
4:31 pm
they don't want to talk about what their other political heroes have done two other innocent girls and women. we rememberkennedy, that, driving his car into a pond instead of calling the police, possibly saving her life. she went home and went to sleep, did not report the incident to the police for 10 hours, yet he was hailed as a hero. the last 72 hours has framed what this election is all about. it is about the american people fighting back against corrupt politicians that don't care about anything except staying in power and keeping their donors happy. [applause] what i want to say to every american right now is that i accept the mantle of this responsibility for all of us, for all of us. we have an


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