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tv   Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Detroit Michigan  CSPAN  October 11, 2016 5:28am-6:04am EDT

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i know they have been out to talk to you. i appreciate the introduction that jim allen gave me and i am proud to be introduced by the president of the steelworkers. i want to thank your senator and gary peters, your members of congress, john conyers and debbie dingell, and sandy. i want to thank your wonderful mayor, mike duggan. i want to thank your county executive warren evans. it is exciting to be here for so many reasons to be back here in detroit, to be at wade state. i thought that president obama
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was pretty accurate when he was talking about how detroit is coming back. [cheering] and that is thanks to a lot of people and it is going to really depend upon the young people of this university, and the city to build a future that we can all not only be proud of but be part of. and i will tell you this -- if i am fortunate enough to be your president in january, i will be your partner. but whether or not i get that chance really depends on all of you and we are coming up to an important day. tomorrow, october 11, tomorrow
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is the last day to register to vote in michigan. so, i am hoping that all of you are either registered or you will before the deadline tomorrow. we've got clipboards , you can help to register to vote. if you are registered but you have friends and family who aren't, i need you to convince them to register, go to their local clerks office. if you're not sure if you're registered or if you want to make sure, go to i will it's amazing, you can put your name in and your address to make sure you are registered so please do that. if you have an absentee ballot i hope you will fill it out and sitting at home, mail it in
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right away, don't put that off. there's a lot of important races, down ballot as well. and that's how we're going to win, by the biggest turn out that we have seen in a really long time. [applause] and the reason why it's going to be a big turnout is people really know what's at stake in this election. they are concerned as you heard jim say, the difference between me and my opponent are pretty clear area to paraphrase my -- pretty clear. paraphrase my friend michelle obama, one of us went high and one of us went low. [applause]
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and i'll tell you, what's exciting to me is that we are getting more and more support, not just democrats but from independence and republicans. [applause] now, i believe you deserve something to vote for, not just something to vote against so last night when i got a chance , i tried to speak directly to the questions that are on people's minds. and to share my vision of what we can do together. >> [chanting] hillary, hillary, hillary.
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>> i'll tell you what, donald trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing. [applause] now, there are a lot of things he should apologize for, right west and mark and on friday , the whole world heard him talking about the terrible way he treats women. and last night, when he was pressed about how he behaved , he doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room banter. to me, it was. women and men across america no that is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly and mistreating people.
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now, i got to tell you though, we've seen this behavior all through the campaign from my opponent and unfortunately some people don't want to face it, but here's a man who has insulted not just women but african americans, latinos, people with disabilities , muslims , pows and so many more. [booing] [cheering] you know, i do
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hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention, he clearly has not been following this election very closely. but hey folks, we now know who donald trump is but the real question for us is who are we? i would argue we are not who he is. here in america, we are taught to and we should respect each other. lift each other up.
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celebrate our diversity. that's the country that i know and love. and that's the country that this generation of young people are going to make even stronger, more open, more tolerant. and [applause] i believe that we can do this. stronger together is not just a slogan for me, it's a blueprint for our future. i believe our economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top and i'm closing my campaign the way i started my career, fighting for kids and families to make sure every single person in this country has a chance to go as far as your hard work and your talent will take you. [applause] you see, i believe the american
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dream is big enough for everybody. [applause] that's been the cause of my life. that will be the mission of my presidency, working to make your life better. investing in you. focusing on those kitchen table issues that keep families up at night . you know what they are, the cost night . you know what they are, the cost of college the cost of childcare , which in lots of places is as much as college. paying for health care, especially prescription drugs. how many of you already have student get? that is going to be one of the first things i address. [applause] i've got to tell you, i am very proud of the plan that bernie sanders and i did together .
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[applause] senator sanders and i ran a campaign on issues, not insults and i'm very proud of that. and when it was over, we got together and we joined our ideas and said ok, number one we are going to help everybody who has debt to refinance your college debt. [applause] that will save you thousands of dollars, it will enable you to grow some of your money for other things, wouldn't that be nice, right? and we're going to make college affordable. i've got to tell you, we don't
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really get any ideas that will help anybody else from last night. last night he admitted he hasn't paid a dime in federal income taxes in years area now apparently, the reason for that is he lost $1 billion in a single year. on bad investments and failing casinos. how do you lose money running casinos? [applause] you know, trunk then said that just shows what a genius he is. it does take a certain kind of genius to lose $1 billion in a single year. but seriously, you know what that means?
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that means 0 for pell grants. zero for the military. he hasn't contributed his fair share by any stretch of the imagination to support our country, he's been taking america with both hands and sticking the rest of us with the bill. because i believe that every single one of us in this room today has paid more in federal income taxes then donald trump has. [applause] now, last night he tried to cite warren buffett in it. it was like, i've never paid income tax and maybe somebody else hasn't either, he mentioned warren buffett. today, warren buffett put out a statement. for starters, warren buffett is still a billionaire.
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[applause] and you know, he put out a statement and it said this: i have to say, this is warren buffett talking, i pay federal income tax every year since 1944. when i was 13 years old. he says i have copies of all 72 of my returns and non-uses a carry forward which was the gimmick trump used to avoid paying taxes and i love this, his last paragraph area finally , i have been audited by the irs multiple times and am currently being audited. i have no problems releasing my tax information while under audit. [applause]
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then he concludes by saying, neither would mister trump and he would have no legal problem so if you're going to call out warren buffett, you'd better be prepared for him telling some good old fashioned nebraska honest facts about what the truth really is. and the other thing about warren buffett is he agrees with me. rich people ought to be paying more federal income taxes to pay their fair share for our country. also last night, donald had no answer when confronted by the reports that he's been buying cheap chinese steel for construction projects . instead of american steel that supports good american jobs.
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he's gone all over michigan claiming to be on the side of workers, right? you've seen that, you heard that. especially i like the talk about how he supports american steelworkers. he even had the nerve to brag about how quote, american steel will send new skyscrapers soaring and all the while he was hiding the truth. he went to great extremes to hide the fact that he chose to support chinese workers, not american workers. [booing] you in michigan like a lot of places in our country no china has been bumping cheap steel
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dumping cheap steel into a market for too long and you seen the consequences of close because when china illegally floods our market with cheap steel and people like donald trump buy it, it kills good jobs. it kills jobs here in wayne county, it kills jobs across michigan and lots of other places. that's why jim was out here introducing me because as steelworkers, they know this is a big deal. and how does trump look these workers in the eye? how does he brag about big tall buildings when it's putting american workers out of work, shutting down steel mills? he needs to try to explain that, i think. and like everything else, it's not likely that he will.
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he will go on saying untrue things. i have some advice for trump. he wants to make america great again, start by buying american steel or his construction projects . but here's the other thing you need to remember because i assume some of you know people who might be thinking about voting for trump. and, i know, you do have to try. friends don't let friends vote for trump, that is exactly the case, right? [applause] so if people aren't worried about the fact that he pays no income tax, if they're not worried about how these misled people about buying steel, point
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out to them that he actually stood on a debate stage during the republican primary and said wages in america are too high. you know, i love it. he must forget that people have video and audio in 2016 and you can actually pull it out again and show people. last year he even suggested that us automakers, automakers and related industry employed 1.1 million people in michigan. even suggested that us automakers get production away from the michigan to communities where workers are paid less. but nobody should be surprised
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because back in the great recession when billions of jobs across america hung in the balance, donald trump said the auto industry really didn't matter very much. he said and i quote again, let it go.i can't imagine that. i supported president obama's decision to rescue the auto industry in america. [applause] and just look, last year in 2015 the auto industry had its best year ever. so -- [applause] so here's what we're going to do. we're going to stand up against practices like dumping illegal steel. we are going to stand up for the proposition that investing in america's workers is not only the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do. we're going to have the biggest investment in new jobs since
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world war ii, innfrastructure, i saw some laborers back there. our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, airports, our water system like in flint. we are also going to invest advanced manufacturing. i believe we can take good paying value added jobs away from not low-wage competitors but high wage competitors like germany if we put our minds to it. we could be the center of precision machining , printing, we could make a real difference in creating advanced manufacturing, a manufacturing renaissance. [applause] and i think we can become the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. [applause]
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clean, renewable energy jobs, building a new modern electric grid able to take in and distribute clean energy. we can do this. let's finish the job of getting the entire country to the internet. there are too many places and too many poor families that are still not connected. let's do more to support offices, that's where two thirds of the new jobs will come from. and because of the plan that senator sanders and i have worked on, we're going to make public colleges like wayne state tuition free for working families. [applause]
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if your family makes less than $125,000 per year, it will be tuition free. if it's over that, it will be tax-free so you will only pay what you can afford without going into debt. and if you already have student debt, we will help you refinance it and pay it back so you never have to pay more than you can afford and you can actually see how this would affect you, go to hillary because we have calculated how much money you individually can save under our plan. i'm really excited about this. we're going to rewrite the rules of our economy to create both more growth and more fairness so it's more broadly inclusive.
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[applause] because in addition to creating jobs, i want to raise the national minimum wage so if you work full time, you are not in poverty. i want to finally guarantee equal pay for women . [applause] and i want to do more than advise more companies to share their profits with employees, it's to help make that profit, it should not be just executives who get to share in it. and we will end the cowboy culture in the corporate board rooms. we are going to defend the tough
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rules on wall street. we are going to defend the consumer protection bureau, the consumer financial protection bureau. that was envisioned and largely created by my friend senator elizabeth warren. [applause] donald trump wants to get rid of the new rules on wall street and he wants to create this agency that protects consumers from being cheated. that is so backward. and if companies try to ship jobs overseas, we are going to make them a back every penny and any tax benefit they ever got. [applause] and how are we going to pay for it ? we are going to pay for it by getting people at the top to pay
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their taxes. and we know how to do this. we had quite a back-and-forth last night because it was bizarre. donald trump's proposals have been independently analyzed . they will only help people like donald trump . they are the biggest tax breaks for the wealthy ever. they will raise taxes on millions of middle-class families. and you know, it doesn't work. i that's called trickle-down economics. it doesn't work for the vast majority of americans. we've got to make it clear as i have, i am not raising taxes on middle-class families. [applause] so there are so many contrasts between donald and me that it's hard to keep track of all of them. that's why i hope you will go to my website, hillary
5:54 am any issue you are interested in, we do have rid we've had literally contact by campaign on the website about this issue and i think i've got a good idea and we pay attention and contact people. we want the best ideas we can get from across america to make our country all we can be together. [applause] so there's a lot of work to be done this is a time to come together in these last 29 days. we know very well that we've got to make good things happen in our country and i believe that with all my heart. i had a very blessed life and i am grateful for everything my family did for me but i will
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tell you this, it wasn't easy. my grandfather on my dad's side was a factory worker. my dad was a small businessman , it was really hard. my mom was neglected as a child and it was only through the kindness of people that she got through her childhood and then she was working as a maid and a babysitter by the time she was 14 so i take none of this at all for granted. and i believe -- [applause] america is an exceptional nation. we have so much to be grateful for. but we each have to do our own
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part. we each have to reach out with more kindness to others. i know there's been a lot of negativity and it's easy to get cynical about politics but i'll tell you what, that's what the other side wants you to do. they want you to say well, i'm not going to vote because it's so nasty. that's the reason to vote, to make it clear we are not putting up with that kind of attitude. and i'm going to reach out to everybody because the next 30 days will shape the next 30 years. and we hope, we really hope that young people who represent the biggest voting group in this election ever. [applause]
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i spend a lot of time talking with and listening to young people and i know that it is sometimes a little bit challenging to figure out what is going on? who should i believe? what do i need to know? trust your heart. trust your heart. because if we work together, we can make this country what we know it will be and should be so please help me, make every phone call you can. knock on every door you can. go to and volunteer. we are going to prove to the world we are stronger together . love, trust, faith. thank you.
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> today, a former vice president, al gore, campaigns for hillary clinton in miami. we've will be life at 3:00 eastern here on c-span. >> watch c-span five coverage of the third debate between hillary clinton and donald trump on october 19. is that 8:00
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eastern and the debate is that 9:00 eastern. stay with us for viewer reaction. watch the debate live or on-demand at listen on your phone with the free c-span radio app. today, a panel on the social and economic issues facing white here on5:30 eastern c-span. next, donald trump holds a campaign rally in ambridge, pennsylvania. it is just under one hour.
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mr. trump: thank you, thank you. and we love big ben. big ben is a friend of mine. i swear within two years, that tree would be dead. two years later, i should not say this, because we have a lot of tree lovers here, but two years later that tree would be dead. he is a strong guy and a good guy, big ben. i'm thrilled to be back in pennsylvania. i went to school in pennsylvania. november 8. we're going to win this state. we're going to win back the white house. [applause] we're going to take on the special interests, the core of the corrupt medi a


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