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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 11, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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the media research on the campaign of 2016. then, media matters for america discussionhe perceives as biased by the media against hillary clinton. ♪ host: good morning, it is "washington journal," for october 11. president obama and former vice president al gore campaign for hillary clinton today. donald trump will be in florida. tonight, c-span gives you a chance to talk with third-party candidates, gary johnson and jill stein will be here separately at 8:00 p.m., discuss their campaigns. go to for more reformation. house speaker paul ryan got pushback from some republican house members because he will not actively campaign or defend donald trump, after the release
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of the tape last week in which you saw some members -- republican members distancing themselves from mr. trump after the release of that tape. we want to hear from republicans only, not only about speaker ryan's decision, but the larger issue that if republican members should stick with donald trump. if you live in the eastern and central time zone, call (202) 748-8000. if you live in mountain pacific time zones, call (202) 748-8001. if you want to post your thoughts on social media @cspanwj is our twitter page, and is how you push there. we talk about this phone conversation that paul ryan had with members of the congressional delegation in the house, talking about donald trump. gop feuds over support for donald trump, saying it is
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unprecedented in recent political history for presidential nominee to be repudiated by his party's congressional leadership. republicans have to reach back to 1964 to find an example of barry goldwater, who brought lasting divisions within the party. host: it goes on about what happened in this phone call saying mr. ryan told republicans they should make their own decisions about whether to maintain their support for mr. trump in light of the 2005 video release.
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host: the "new york times," picks up the story, taking a look at other members of the committee. this is representative greg walden of oregon, the chairman of the national republican congressional committee. host: republicans only this morning. we want to talk about not only the actions of mr. ryan, but the overall thoughts on his gop members of congress and other select -- other elected officials across the united states to stick with donald trump.
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if you live in the eastern and central time zone, call (202) 748-8000. if you live in mountain pacific time zones, call (202) 748-8001. "usa today," has a running list of tweets coming out for members of congress, after the release of the tape last week. here is some of them. character matters, the real donald trump has been saying outrageous, offensive things the whole time. he should have stepped aside a long time ago. kelly ayotte, who rented to push back when she mental -- you mentioned donald trump, says i will not vote for donald trump. read my statement here. rep. guinta: bradley byrne said he is not -- representative bradley byrne said he is not fit to be president. karen in nashville, tennessee. good morning. what do you think? caller: i think this is troubling for trump .
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i am a disabled veteran who actually moved to the nashville area to take part in some of my entitlements. i haven't been able to do that for a long time. what i feel is trump definitely have some concern with his campaign and the gop bailing out on him. i believe a lot of the people in united states are starting to see there is something else behind a lot of these attacks and threats. i don't condone his behavior or actions. i think it's troubling. but something when you said versus what clinton has done are two different measures. i think people are starting to see that. the media has played such a part in this president will campaign in smearing donald trump. i think people can take away their own perspective of what is actually happening with these leaked tapes. as a supporter of donald trump as a disabled veteran who is unable to get veterans care, i
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support him in the fact that he is a leader and i believe he is going to create jobs for america. host: legislators -- would you want to see them stick with mr. trump? caller: i was in the military for 10 years and i do understand his position. i think it's very difficult to come out and support from. it's very difficult for a supporter of trump to come out and say i'm going to support him when he said something like this. but also reset his 11 years ago. i understand the position of a political leader not able to come out and support trump. i think this is one of those situations in public and private, that's all of washington is about. i think that's why trump has the support he has. we are sick of it. host: is good at douglas in forks, washington. douglas, good morning. you are on. you had. -- go ahead. caller: i think they should support him. believe it or not, with all the
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scandals that going on in our congress and senate, if you were behind the door were a fly on the wall, can you imagine what you hear? in don't think any of them are perfect, there may be a few that are above the rest, but i just don't think -- we are finding more and more out about clinton's e-mails every day. we really knew what was said when everybody said the didn't know there would be taped, he would be a lot worse than what trump said. and he wasn't a politician back then. i think it's outrageous. host: what do you think about that the gop is even having this conversation? caller: i can agree with huckabee -- they are scared. they don't want him in there either, it's going to take away their paydays. the way they think and the way they are all into a together. i just think it's wrong that
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they are doing it. they are against him, the media, the democrats, it's ridiculous. don't get me wrong, i cringed when i heard what they put out on what trump said. but nobody is perfect. host: let's go to francis. in florence, colorado. how are you? caller: i'm fine. they should stick with him. and paul ryan is -- he said that he would stick with him, and now he's jealous or whatever, don't know. trump, i guess they are afraid he will upset their little applecart. they can't stand it. but they need to stick with him if the republicans are going to continue to be republican party.
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the party has to stick together. host: you think the donald trump still has a chance of winning when you see many republicans distancing themselves from them, particularly in the house and senate? caller: i suppose that's true in the house and the senate. but out here, these people around my community are for trump. host: even in light of the release of that tape, it hasn't changed your opinion of him? caller: no. that tape is a joke. the media has made that a big joke. men are going to say -- they are just men. what hillary did is absolutely ridiculous. she's a liar.
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you can't depend on her for anything, as trump said. and they should have already put her in jail. they did everyone else. that is done things worse, not as bad as she did. she should be in jail right now. but i don't know what game they are playing in the fbi. host: francis, we appreciate the call this morning. nbc news just came out recently as well, talks about polling in light of her and demonstrate it was conducted saturday and sunday, before the second president of debate. even at that time, it showed hillary clinton with a 46% support among likely voters in a four-way matchup. that's adding the independent candidates, compared with 35% support for donald trump. that's courtesy of nbc and the "wall street journal."
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your thoughts, republicans only. should republican members of the release of that tape? -- stick with trump after the release of that tape? caller: i believe that words are different than actions. i believe that the republicans in congress that were not for him for a long, long time are the same ones that like hillary's positions more than trump's. i think they should stay with trump, regardless. host: deborah in cannes georgia. we were next. caller: i am an independent, calling it as a republican, only because i'm voting for trump and
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have been voting for him since the beginning. i agree with a lot of what the people have been saying so far. the gop definitely should be standing up for the people's choice. what they are doing is manipulating. host: what do you mean by that? caller: they are trying to tell us that we are not going to stand by him, because we are insulted. like the older lady said just a few minutes ago, men have been doing that since the beginning of time it. it's only this pc stuff that makes it insulting. men always do it. who cares? it's got nothing to do with the real issues of the day. host: do you think that legislators who pull away from donald trump because of this, do you think they will -- their future campaigns will be
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effective, their time in the house will be affected? do you think there will be a backlash against them? caller: if they are good legislators, they're not going to be affected. but they're not. they're not doing anything. they have enough evidence on clinton to put her away a long time ago. just on the fundraiser itself, her foundation. 5% to the haitians, that's it? where did the rest of the money go? it's against the law. host: carlene is in california. caller: listen, i am sticking with trump. i was disgusted by what he said, but you know, the republican party for years and years should have known this was coming, because look at when daddy bush ran the second time. he didn't find. -- he didn't fight. romney didn't fight, and here he
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is fighting against trump. if he had fought half as hard when he was running as he has against trump, we might be in a better shape. i'm so disgusted, no wonder so many people are changing to independence. i have been think about it for years. host: you mean in light of this recent action, this phone call by house speaker paul ryan and everything that stems from that. caller: yes, i'm so disgusted with public and leaders. they call themselves leaders but they don't even back their party, so why should we? trump is not running for pope. there are a lot of things about him i don't like, but i would never vote for hillary clinton. she is such a liar. and she just cheats, the whole thing is just a mess. it breaks my heart. to see what's happening. i'm so concerned about with what happen with my children and grandchildren. host: that's carlene in california.
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people being asked about and giving their thoughts on the republican party and should it stay with donald trump? call (202) 748-8001 for those in eastern and central time zones. mountain pacific, call (202) 748-8001. hillary clinton, here are her thoughts from yesterday. [video clip] hillary clinton: donald trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing. [applause] hillary clinton: there are a lot of things you should apologize for, right -- he should apologize for, right? and on friday, the whole world heard him talking about the terrible way he treats women. and last night, when he was pressed about how he behaved, he
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just doubled down on his excuse that it's just locker room banter. i will tell you what, women and men across america know that is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly. and mistreating people. [applause] americahillary clinton: we've seen this kind of behavior all through the campaign for my opponent. unfortunately, some people don't want to face it. but here is a man who has insulted not just women, but african-americans, latinos people with disabilities, muslims, pows, and so many more. host: that whole event available at
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"the wall street journal," taking a look at paul's letter -- at paul ryan. the headline, rebuff of nominee puts right in a bind, saying he must deal with the rising populist wing that issues -- host: your next from richard, in louisville, kentucky. good morning. caller: donald trump will be the next president of the united states. obamacare, the iran-contra -- the iran nuclear deal. "are's. immigration, from syria and the middle east. -- open borders.
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immigration, from syria and the middle east. and you want me to turn my back on donald trump for something he said 11 years ago? here's the general money were talking to now. i was a democrat until this last january for 44 years. i changed my party affiliation because of barack obama and hillary clinton, and what they plan to do, continue to do to this country. i am through with the democrat party. paul ryan was never for trump the established republicans were never for trump, and i can see the writing on the wall. donald trump. but i do not believe he is behind by 11 percentage points. donald trump will win the presidency of the united states, and i will vote for him. host: as far as those publicans who have distanced themselves, what are your thoughts about them? caller: i would say by them leaving they have hurt themselves. this is not about themselves. that's what's wrong with
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established republicans. they only think about hitting elected, they don't -- getting reelected, they don't care about the country. that's why donald trump has come through. host: ron in minnesota. good morning. caller: yes, i think that the establishment should say with -- stay with trump. i understand why they aren't, because my take is probably 80% of the republicans in the white house are in bed with the democrats. two years ago, when the republicans were running for reelection, they were going to redo obamacare. then nothing happened. back when harry reid was in charge of the senate and john boehner said right on the podium we sent 72 bills over to the senate better job creating bills and harry reid refused to take
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any of them up. we've had mitch mcconnell there for two years and he hasn't taken any up area that's why i think they are in bed together. and the reason that hillary has been -- said no crime was committed by the fbi, first off, if she gets in, barack obama is a constitutional lawyer. and i expect her to pick him as the next justice, so he can continue his drive for ruining america. i think this establishment has to stay behind him if they want to, like one caller said, they think -- they are worried about their own jobs. that's all it is. host: got you. camera in california. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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i think paul ryan has made one mistake after another. but donald trump is genuinely popular. he has hundreds of millions of voters ready to go to the polls for him. what he said on that 11-year-old tape, my four-year-old son says more disturbing things to me when he was upset. what donald trump is doing on that tape was being a standup comedian, when he thought he was going to have a career in entertainment. but now, he has a career in politics. he is not the same man. i feel so sorry for paul ryan. he makes one mistake after another. is the past, he's the neocon eclipsing part of the party. trump is the future of the party. even if he loses the election, the whole party is moving towards a northeastern moderate populist stance on issues. it's time that party leadership caught the wave. reince priebus knows, he gets it. host: that is tamara, from keller 40 donald trump yesterday
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in pennsylvania talking about hillary clinton's charges that you heard earlier, bringing up bill clinton. here's donald trump from yesterday. [video clip] donald trump: if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we will continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. there are so many of them. you saw yesterday, we brought four wonderful woman to st. louis. [applause] donald trump: it was very beautiful and very sad. really, they have been trying to get their feelings out for so long and the media wouldn't take us. one thing with me, the media takes it with whatever. they were able to get what they wanted to get out. to quote juanita broderick hillary clinton threatened me after bill clinton raped me. she has been struggling to get the media to pay attention to her for many, many years.
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so last night, i decided we would expose the hypocrisy of the clintons and the media. and our politicians to the entire world. as i outlined last night, bill clinton was the worst abuser of women ever to sit in the oval office. he was a predator. hillary clinton systematically attacked and discredited the victims of bill clinton's sexual harassment and assault. these things are written by the media, but they are true. -- these things aren't written by the media, but they are true. host: the previous caller mentioned the chairman of the republican committee, reince priebus, saying they stand fully behind him, that he said in a private conference call he spoke to 168 members of the rnc, and he sought to squash rumors that the national party would cut the nominee lose to focus on protecting the gop majorities in the house and senate, according to sources on the call.
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he argued in the close call that while he does not condone mr. trumps a vulgar comments about women, that the nominee apologize and the party stands within, according to the source. bobby is next in columbia, maryland. a-day, hello. -- bobby, hello. caller: the gop should absolutely stick with donald trump. i voted for donald trump, i want to save this country. people need to understand we're losing our country. hillary wants to open borders she wants to bring in unlimited immigration. she doesn't care about jobs, she only cares about the slush fund they call a foundation. they want more money. people need to understand those e-mails are not just e-mails that she did for any other government employee. those are felonies. it's not just e-mails. they represent hundreds of felonies she committed. trump spoke something 11 years ago, for god sakes, he was a private citizen. it's not a big deal. i'm voting for the man, i want to save our country.
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anybody who votes for hillary clinton, you are voting for a woman who is basically a felon. they are ignoring it, along with obama, because he wants to finish the destruction of this country that he has started. we are basically losing our constitution, we're losing our country. hillary would put obama in the supreme court, trust me. we're going to lose everything. vote for donald trump if you want to save this country for jobs back, a good educational system back. host: that is bobby in columbia maryland. republicans only for the remaining amount of time it for the gop, should they stick with donald trump? if you live in the eastern and central time zone, call (202) 748-8000. if you live in mountain pacific time zones, call (202) 748-8001. chesapeake, virginia, don is next. caller: thank you for c-span and letting our voices be heard. i'm voting for donald trump, not a doubt in my mind.
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i agree with all the callers you had. hillary clinton is crooked, and if people can't see that, they are blind. host: why you think the gop should stick with donald trump? caller: because he wants to bring our jobs back. there's no doubt in my mind. he's against this trade deal, he's against nafta and if he doesn't bring our jobs back, we won't have any jobs. all of these democrats that are pouring in here, then i can have jobs either. i think vision have caps set up over there, safety camps, so these people over there can go back to their country and rebuild it, because there's going to be a lot of jobs there. rebuild their own country and you know, they don't want to come over here. they don't know our language. why would they want to come over here? it would be like us going over there. we wouldn't want to go over there not knowing their language and laws.
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host: but you're from gabby in albany, new york. good morning. caller: quick things. when you save percentage on taxes, take her sentence that a would pay, say 14% and take a normal worker at 14%, that's the difference, maybe $1000 versus $100,000. putin is playing mind games. he wants hillary in the air, because he knows she's very do anything that they want them to do. just go to lay down. host: back to the question should republicans distanced themselves or stick with donald trump? caller: stick with them, the others are afraid with them, he's not going to go the way they're going now. he's going to fix things and bring the jobs back. host: when you say they won't go the way they're going, what do you mean? caller: the special interests everything is for them. why would you take a job that pays $200,000 a year and work in
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washington d.c., when in practice, you could make $1 million in year? it's because of all the side things they have going on. host: when you say they, deeming members of congress? caller: all of them senators, all of them. it's common sense. host: let's go to don in henderson, nevada. the morning. -- good morning. caller: good morning. host: would you think about this movement going on among some republicans for donald trump? caller: i want to tell you, i have been a republican for 50 years, and every candidate that they have put up in the republican party, i voted for. i think it's a disgrace that all these republican weasels that are neo-republicans, i think they should be purged out of the
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republican party. every single one of them. starting with the bushes, the mccains, and all the other people that don't support their own party. they are not team players. donald trump is my candidate and the stark difference between donald trump and hillary clinton as to where do they want to take our country -- the only way to go is donald trump. host: what do you think about this tape that was released? i suppose it didn't change her mind about the candidate -- your mind about the candidate? caller: what candidate? host: donald trump and the tape released. caller: that is minor talk. i was in the locker room, i heard all that stuff.
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that has nothing to do with where our country is headed and in what direction. host: don is in nevada, giving his thoughts on if the gop should stick with donald trump. we talking to republicans only this time around. keep calling, if you want to give your thoughts on this matter, if you live in the eastern and central time zone, call (202) 748-8000. if you live in mountain pacific time zones, call (202) 748-8001. we going to posit little bit from the question and talk to you and give you some information looking at congressional objects. on the house and senate side it's only four seats if you hillary clinton wins the need to be overturned in order for it to go democratic hands. much more on the house side. here's an update. we start in florida with the tampa bay times taking a look at this in a congressional race. they are making the recommendation to support patrick murphy over marco rubio. saying a senate seat should not be a consolation prize for a failed president of candidate killing time until his next run
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for the white house. they list several reasons to support mr. murphy, starting with -- host: that is from the "death of," their support for marco rubio. "san francisco chronicle," on that senate race between the current republican legislator loretta sanchez. giving their support to come all harris -- twoo kamala harris.
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host: back to florida, taking a look at florida democrats. they are suing their governor, rick scott, overextending voting registration, because of hurricane matthew the took place , saying in part he refused to extend the registration deadline for the very citizens heeding his orders to evacuate, forcing voters to choose between their state or their safety and their families in one hand in their fundamental right to vote on the others. many floridians registered to vote prior to the october 11 restriction deadline have been displaced or otherwise prevented from registering.
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scott's office said it was reviewing the lawsuit on thursday, he flatly rejected calls by hillary clinton's campaign manager to extend the voting registration deadline saying i'm not going to extend it, everybody has a lot of time to register and on top of that we have a lot of opportunities to vote. early voting, absentee voting, election day. i don't intend to make any changes. that's from florida. turning to chicago, is chicago visit in illinois, president obama giving support to tammy duckworth, the u.s. senate candidate. turning tosaying and reporting of the fundraiser saying wealthy donors paid anywhere from $1000 to nearly $13,000 to attend the fundraiser. the top-tier donors attended a vip reception and had a photo opportunity. she's facing republican incumbent mark earth #earth -- mark kirk. his campaign is not release its
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fundraising numbers. a poll has duckworth ahead. kirk's campaign responded saying the illinois senate race remains a statistical tie voters respect his style of independent leadership and that's why he continues to significant outperform donald trump. if you go to the efforts of the democratic senatorial committee responsible for getting members into the senate, they released an ad taking a look at republican senators and senator candidates, and helped build the party of trump. they are part of the advertising that's going on, that's a press release. republicans will do anything to save their careers. if you want to go to ds for more for on that ad, you can do so. here is the added. [video clip]
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>> [indiscernible] host: the democratic senatorial
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campaign committee is where you can find more information about that ad. that your calls, republicans only, should the gop stick with donald trump? let's go to james next in indiana. caller: i am a proud member of the never trump movement. as a republican, i think it's really not a bad thing for a party to going through this. it's necessary to get back to reality. as a black republican, it's been hard to stay loyal to a party and then once they let themselves be hijacked by someone like donald trump knowing people know exactly what they were getting when they were getting this man. it's necessary that is to run its course so that the republicans can come back to reality. unfortunately, we may have to suffer some losses as a result of this. we are definitely going to lose the senate, and the house is going to tighten up.
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i think that if we can overcome this trump whatever you want to call it, we can get back to reality after that. host: john is next in nazareth, pennsylvania. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. it's tough for republicans to go with mr. trump, because they took the money. they took the money from lobbyists, they took the money from special interests, and mr. trump is going to bring out this to the people. that's the problem today. and the media -- it's not just the republicans, it's the media that are destroying mr. trump. i don't see any pictures of people getting raped. how about when hillary clinton the money from saudi arabia or other terrorist groups? there's a terrorist group who lives in pennsylvania. we are trying to extradite him back to the country of turkey.
7:38 am
i don't see anybody talking about that. when the when was taking place erdogan wants to put [indiscernible] in syria. mr. trump wants to do the same thing. no we want to talk about that. that's the problem with this country. they want to destroy a good man, but they want to praise a woman who has a husband who is a rapist. that is the truth. host: joe is up next, in pittsburgh, massachusetts. caller: good morning. i really like that donald trump. when they had that debate, they talked about how his nominee about aleppo, said he wanted to do this and donald trump says well, i disagree. i like a guy like that, the doesn't go on party lines, has his own mind. when you have everything wrote down what to say.
7:39 am
i think donald trump should get on there and say we need to make a box. if we have money, we can fight terrorism. if we don't, we hunt going to be able to do anything. host: what do you think about the -- caller: -- in mexico, we need to change all the adventure mental -- environmental laws, and make a law that if they have children in this country, they are not citizens. host: can i ask you a question? caller: -- it's going to help the legal people in this country. host: ron in washington, d.c. what do you think about republican legislators and the reactions of some with donald trump? caller: just like the man from nevada, they are all a pack of weasels. they are low lives, they are weak, they are trying to save themselves. they don't care anything about america. the american people are with donald trump.
7:40 am
i'm a card-carrying democrat i've never voted republican in my life. i voted both times for bill clinton. i voted both times for barack obama. they can both go to hell, i'm voting for donald trump. anybody crazy enough to vote for hillary -- she is the scum of the earth. host: emerson up next in indiana. mishawaka, i believe. apologies if i pronounced around. caller: i am for donald trump because i'm black and some of these democrats make me think because we are black, we have the votes wrapped up. they haven't delivered anything. let's say, for instance, the civil rights act. it has to be signed every four years. they can't amend that into the constitution and make them permanent? it has to be signed every four years. host: would you think about the recent action by paula ryan --
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by paul ryan and what he is saying to house members? caller: it's a mistake. within a lot of things 11 years ago. that was 11 years ago. he's a changed man. if you're supposed to be christian, i forgive you for that. if the mike was on when some of us were talking in the live -- in the locker room, a lot of us would not be in the position. thank you for your time. host: a lot of political events going on today, including bill clinton's former vice president al gore, who will be campaigning with hillary clinton in miami, florida today. at 3:00, you can see set -- see that on c-span. resident obama will be in north carolina it for rally in greensboro and 6 -- president obama will be in north carolina for a rally in greensboro. donald trump also be in florida today, panama city beach florida for a campaign rally
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live tonight at 8:3 mrs. clinton:0. you have an opportunity to talk to third-party candidates tonight on c-span, gary johnson adjust i will be joining us to take questions about the campaigns and about campaign 2016 overall. that starts at 8:00 tonight with third-party candidates live. go to for more information. ohio is where tom is. tom, good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. the establishment republicans are taking so much money from special-interest groups, and i understand why they will not support the will of the people. they are supporting their own will, their own agenda, not the will of the people. the republican people nominated
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donald trump. i think what he said on that tape was disgusting. but that has not anything to do with our policies. the policies that he is representing and he wants to go ahead with our good for the country. unlike hillary she wants open borders, she wants free trade throughout the whole western hemisphere. does anybody realize what that would do to our country? it's we the people, not the politicians, which we the people, what we want done and we voted him in. as our nominee, and all of these people in washington, the so-called establishment people, should support the will of the people. thank you for taking my call. have a great day. host: from sierra vista arizona, this is james. caller: hello, how are you doing? host: i'm fine. caller: thank you for c-span.
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12 years ago, i was convicted of a felony, and i have been convicted and i have been fighting to get my rights restored specifically for this election. i've sold my car, i've given away an awful lot of property of my own to make that money happened. i'm definitely supporting trump in this election, because i don't think we can afford four more years of this administration's policies. this is how important i feel about it. because a lot of people haven't given up a lot of what i've given up to make this happen. i've sold my car, i live in a small apartment and and i'm a retired veteran. i cannot support this woman. host: james, what do you think about after the release of the tape last week about these
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legislators, some of them pulling away from donald trump because of that? caller: i think they're wrong, i think they need to support this guy. we need to take our country back. like i said, i've sold my car and done everything i can do to get my rights restored to where i can vote again. host: that's james in sierra vista, arizona. one more call, this will be from patrick. patrick is in alaska. anchorage, alaska. good morning. caller: good morning, and thank you for "washington journal." i'm very disappointed in paul ryan. i thought the world of the guy but i think she should stick to finance and doing what is necessary to pull this country out of a financial ditch. i really don't think he has much savvy when it comes to what it takes to keep the party together and keep them focused. host: you didn't support this
7:46 am
effort of his -- not withdrawing support for not necessarily active campaigning for donald trump for defending him? caller: no, i didn't. i'm an old wisconsin guy, and i really like a lot of what he had to say, with regards to helping this country out. my got to tell you, these democrats in this terrible bs pit that they are projecting in regards to the conversation he had a long time ago with a bunch of buddies that probably was spoken in million times and frat houses around the country, it has nothing to do with what really needs to get done. trump is on the mark with so many ways, with regards to what's wrong with this country and how we can fix it or help fix it. the corruption is off the charts in washington, d.c.
7:47 am
it's not even recognizable, it's so bad. host: that is patrick in anchorage, alaska. giving thoughts along with many about republicans who are distancing themselves from donald trump and getting reaction from that. we thank you for all the calls. we will continue on in discussions about campaign 2016. our next guest from "national journal," he is josh kraushaar he will talk about president torres in the future of donald trump's campaign and what to look for the weeks ahead. later, taking a look at media coverage of the candidates. we talk with tim graham of the media research center on coverage of campaign 2016 and what he perceives as media bias against donald trump t. "washington journal," continues after this.
7:48 am
>> before the final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump, we are looking back to past presidential debates. this saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, the 1984 debate between president ronald reagan and former vice president walter mondale. >> we must understand where our democracy, we are a government by the people, and when we move, it it should be for very severe and extreme reasons that serve our national interest and end up with a stronger country behind us. ronald reagan: i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience. [laughter] >> the 1988 presidential debate between george h.w. bush and massachusetts governor michael dukakis. >> you have a president that will work with the congress of the american people that can bring that deficit down, build
7:49 am
economic growth, tilde good strong future for america, invest in most things which we must invest in. economic irrelevant, good jobs. >> i wish you would join me in appealing to the american people for the balanced-budget amendment for the federal government, and for the line-item veto. i would like to have that line-item veto for the president, because i think that would be extraordinarily helpful. >> and the 2000 a debate with illinois senator barack obama and arizona senator john mccain. john mccain: the situation cries out for bipartisanship. senator obama has never taken on his party leaders on any issue. and we need reform. let's look at our records as well as our rhetoric. that's really part of your mistrust here. >> we are going to have to make investments, but we also have to make spending limits. senator mccain will say he is
7:50 am
proposing a bunch of new spending, but i'm cutting more than i'm spending. so there will be a net spending cuts. the key is whether or not we have priorities that are working for you. >> watch past presidential debates saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. watch anytime on, and listen at 80 5 p.m. eastern on the c-span radio app -- 8:00 p.m. eastern on the c-span radio app. >> "washington journal," continues. host: josh kraushaar is here from the "national journal," here to talk about campaign 2016. what do you think was the impetus of paul ryan going to the republican base in the house, talking about the actions he was about to take? guest: public and numbers of congress have just about had it with donald trump and the release of that video was essentially the final straw for a lot of his public and members. they've seen pulling in their district and they know the trump
7:51 am
is deeply unpopular in many suburban districts. paul ryan has really tried to thread a very tough needle right now, which is trump supporters who may not vote for republicans if he distances himself, and says i can't support trump or endorse trump at all. but also reassure some of the more moderate suburban constituencies that they are not going to be taken down with this trump tornado. host: is this about how seats possibly up for grabs? guest: ryan cares about the house, republicans are feeling very optimistic about we go about their ability to hold a narrow majority in the senate. now, they are in panic about these very close races all of a sudden tipping more towards the democrats. host: we have heard a lot of fronts about republican infighting over many issues. do you expect that same kind of infighting about these recent actions over donald trump? guest: republicans come all the way back to when trump won the
7:52 am
nomination came with this formulation that they would essentially support trump but not enthusiastically endorse him, especially in the swing state races and key races in the house and senate that are going to decide the majority in both chambers. everything trump has said over the intervening several months, they still stayed together as a team and said this is horrible and we don't support what he said, but we still support trump. paul ryan said what he said was racist, but i still think he is better than hillary clinton. over the weekend, when the nonstop news coverage was developing over this video from 2005, the did look at polls, all of a sudden it was the weekend and they were in their home states and home district, in a state of abject panic. a republican senator decided to do with a car was in their own best interest. some of them, like kelly ayotte said they can't support donald trump anymore. others, like marco rubio said
7:53 am
what they have been doing all along. it actually looks like the republicans who have stuck with trump in his awkward formulation -- the worry that republicans that they can't support company more is that a lot of the trump supporters won't vote for them down ballot. a lot of the trump supporters only care about trump. they were going to hesitantly vote for the republicans down ticket. the worry that a lot of her public officials have is that some of these trump supporters devoted all down ballot, and that the non-trump supporters may not show up to vote on election day. host: these actions coming before the debate on sunday night. guest: it's pretty amazing, the two supporters may not show polls that were done before the debate showing clinton now leading by double digits. it was a separate poll that was just released this morning sponsored by politico, which shows trump after the debate
7:54 am
with a deficit of only five points. any poll that was done over the weekend is going to be the low point for donald trump. i think you stabilize, his debate performance was enough to reassure enough base republican supporters that he is still there nominee. there's not going to be a lot of panic going forward, at least, not publicly. trump is a very tough challenge to win this election. but for republicans, it's all about saving the senate majority. host: here is the "wall street journal," result of that poll. includes terry johnson and jill stein. our guest is here to talk about all of these events in the weeks of to election day. -- democrats, call (202) 748-8000 republicans, call (202) 748-8001 independents call call (202) 748-8002.
7:55 am
you can post in our facebook page at can you talk about the electoral college? i've seen stories saying even if donald trump did so many votes by people, the electoral college still favors hillary clinton. is that true? guest: i am skeptical. you hurt a lot, that even if he can win the popular vote, he has a trouble with the electoral college. if he was not connect as he was through four weeks ago, you would see states like ohio and iowa and florida and nevada, or actually leaning in his direction when he was narrowly closing the gap with hillary clinton in the polls. when she had the momentum, clearly the states including a lot more trump friendly straight like ohio -- states like ohio are moving in hillary clinton's direction. there is rust belt math for donald trump. if he was running a better campaign, you would certainly see the electoral college map that would be possible for trump
7:56 am
to get 200 70 electoral votes. he's doing so badly in the popular vote that a lot of these states are moving away from him right now. host: third-party supporters, if you want to call, (202) 748-8003 . donna lives in hampton virginia. republican line. you were on with our guest. though ahead. caller: -- go ahead. caller: i had a comment about the first part of the show. paul ryan is going to lose his seat. host: ok, let's start with that. guest: house speaker ship, he is going to win reelection to his house even his district. but if the house flips the democrats, and very skeptical. gerrymandering limits the number of competitive seats and self sorting them is the number of competitive seats that have been in play. democrats come until recently,
7:57 am
have been actually pulling money out of these suburban districts. a lot of these potentially competitive districts that would be necessary for them to retake the house. we will see if the video changes things. the other thing is, even the most bullish polls that were conducted at his lowest point showed democrats with a seven-point advantage on the generic ballot, which is very good. if that holds, it's very likely the democrats retake the senate. i think democrats need to have nearly a 10 point advantage on the generic ballot to really have a chance to talk about taking back the house. host: the headline from "washington post," house democrats view the possibility of a powershift. guest: i am skeptical. there were polls that were taken before the video, and one that came out of the weekend in long island, a swing district, with a freshman house republican showing the republican up 15 points, even in a district where donald trump is not particularly popular.
7:58 am
you see this all across the map this minnesota area district that republicans -- the democrats really thought they could contest the seat of erik paulsen, and a lot of money is leaving the district. suburban sees the democrats need to put in play that are not in play right now, it's hard to see how that genetically changes. host: in pennsylvania independent line. caller: i'm upset the paul ryan another republicans are pulling away from donald trump now. i am in independence, i wasn't sure if i was going to stray myself over to the democrats or republicans. but abandoning your nominee even though he has had a video brought out about him is wrong. i'm afraid it was going to nominee even though hehappen is donald trump is going to get elected and then all of them republicans are going to want favors.
7:59 am
i hope you doesn't give them to them. guest: there is been quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that in the wake of certain republicans saying they can't support donald trump, the trumpet base has been very upset about it. saturday in the midst of all this controversy, joe heck, the senate candidate in nevada who was leading in most public polls in a big swing state race was booed at a campaign appearance when he said he couldn't support a donald trump president. paul ryan at unity rally that was supposed to feature donald trump, when he was talking about his worries about what trump done, he was also booed by quite a few people. this is the dilemma the republicans face. trump is very popular, but that 35% base, they are not only -- they are not party guys. they are not people are going to say well i may like trump, but i also like a lot of republicans. they view republicans in the senate and the house as part of the establishment. they don't have a lot of desire to support these guys.
8:00 am
once these members of congress are starting to say i can't vote for trump, the risk is that some of their trump voters won't vote for them. host: from west virginia, democrats line. tom. caller: do you know why donald trump stood behind mrs. clinton at the debate? host: when you tell us -- why don't you tell us? guest: he's got to be center of attention. he can't stand her being on camera and him standing way off he had to do it. not because of politics, not because of nothing. he has to be center of attention when the cameras on him. guest: i think that much is true , but the interesting thing about the town hall format is that a lot of these town hall debates have to do as much with body language as to what the candidates are saying. it was so negative and over-the-top that even the
8:01 am
awkward -- when trump was pictured standing behind hillary clinton, it was a very inopportune moment for trump. a lot of the debate content is what people will react to. host: do you think the appearances of women from bill clinton's past will show up? guest: trump is indicating that will be the case. he was campaigning and spent an awful lot of time talking about bill clinton and his scandals and saying hillary clinton defended bill clinton during that time. republican operatives will look at the polling and they will understand why he is using this tactic, because they think it is a base only strategy. if trump wants to win the presidency, he needs to win the suburban women. it is certainly rallying the base and i think his performance at the debate reassured a lot of the wary republicans. it was maybe his core supporters
8:02 am
that were really taken aback at what happened over the weekend. they're back on board and more reassured by the debate performance. host: let us hear from jane in annapolis, maryland. go ahead . caller: i think personally -- i am an immigrant and i'm voting for trump and i'm a woman. i'm absolutely disgusted with the republicans who are now scared of their own personal benefit in reelection. i've got to say it has nothing to do with what trump said on friday. it has everything to do with their lack of leadership over the course of four or six years and now they are scared for their own reelection. now they're are using trump again to excuse themselves for people failing to vote for them or staying away from them and not voting for them. i believe that americans are much smarter than the media.
8:03 am
media is running this reelection and the selection. the media is telling the voters who to vote for. they've been doing this since the clintons in the 1990's. i would call all the listeners to read the judicial watches and court cases, to buy the clean house book that talks about all the scandals and violations of the freedom of information act that voters do not know. the media is pushing out their own agenda and hillary clinton in order for her to move her own globalization policy. host: a poll found that democrats advantage on the question of which party should control congress was up a percentage point from three points last month. guest: it is very likely that
8:04 am
they will retake the senate even if it is closer to zero. they still have a fighting chance given how closely divided the senate is. at the same time, the house and the republicans would lose 30 seats in the house. it is still probably safe. paul ryan does not have to worry that much. that is also at the worst moment in the trump campaign. as far as the comments, she is sort of reflective of a lot of these trump supporters that make y punish down ballot republicans. they stood with donald trump despite his insults. listed with donald trump despite the fact that he insulted miss universe. he has said some of the things that were beyond the pale that people found disgusting, but they still stood with him. it was a 10-year-old videotape that pushed him over the edge? it is not really pass muster and that is why republicans were
8:05 am
nervous about much of the coverage over the weekend and decide to belatedly ditch themselves of donald trump. i think they will make tend up more of a political price than the one to stay the course. host: do you think this blows over? guest: i do not think this blows over. i think this will enrage a lot of college-educated voters, a lot of women, and it will certainly for trump's standing before this video came out, the senate races had republicans leaving 7-10 points and the momentum with republicans. all the sudden, the dynamic is in flux. host: here is catherine from staten island, new york, independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i am exactly like the lady before. i'm an independent and i'm not going to vote for any of the republicans.
8:06 am
what business do they have to tell the people to vote for trump? who supports those people? the people vote, ok. they should go after clinton the way the democrats got after trump. why don't they do that? because they do not like the way things are going and they do not like what trump is going to be doing and they like the way things are going so they can keep the democrats the same way it's been going on for years. the e-mails they have for her -- why does nobody talk about them? the nephew of the bushes works there. that is why. they want trump out of the business. host: thanks, caps catherine.
8:07 am
guest: it's another trump supporter taking out their anger on congressional republicans of them their own nominees problems. it's a dime dynamic republicans are dealing with. if you're talking with republicans privately, and very few of them support donald trump, but they feel that they have to support them because there are more supporters than trump skeptics. you have the bush party and the trump party and they are operating in coexistence. host: from kentucky, democrats line lewis. caller: i am lewis from kentucky. i'm a coal miner, a union coal miner. i've had jobs taken away from us. the thing about it is that they have filed bankruptcy and they
8:08 am
made over $12 trillion and now they are taking my insurance away. at the end of the year, i won't have no insurance. this was a written contract. paul ryan says we were a bunch of welfare people when they voted on this. mitch mcconnell did not vote across the board so would not get voted for. that is not right. i voted for trump. the ones that door to us -- that we have next door to us are not right. all they do is talk. they are not standing up for the working person. i'm talking about the working person, not the rich people, but the working person of this country. we don't need someone running making trillions a year. we need someone for the working person paying their bills and the insurance. guest: that's part of the
8:09 am
dilemma for this voter in kentucky. it used to be a heavily working-class area that was five or six years ago heavily democratic, but it has now moved heavily republican. they have these new voters and part of the coalition that are very angry and disaffected, but they are i dogs with the business oriented leadership that the party has had for decades. the party is bigger than it's ever been, but they are at war with each other. the area he is from, it used to be a very working-class democratic vote. it was a big part of the clinton coalition and 92 and 96. a lot of these were trump supporters, but they are making the republican party's life miserable as a balance between the bush and paul ryan supporters and the trump supporters. host: on twitter, all the ship jumper republicans have one thing in common -- they are all part of the establishment. guest: establishment is an interesting word.
8:10 am
it discuss people that were once conservatives that a lot of the more conservative elements once like. paul ryan was a hero of the conservative right not long ago and now you hear talk show hosts like sean hannity describing him as a traitor. you kind of get whiplash looking at who is in good standing with the conservative movement. ted cruz was remarkable at the convention. even after losing the primaries he still had high approval ratings from conservative republicans. the second he decided not to support trump, his numbers plummeted back home in texas which forced him to do a flip-flop and endorse trump later on. this is the dilemma republicans are in where voters are at all to their leadership. host: is ted cruz still sticking with trump? guest: yes, he is not withdrawn that endorsement. if you did, that would be three or four different flip-flops in the matter of a few months. host: he is with "the national
8:11 am
journal, and joining u" and joining us on a conversation on campaign 2016. stock is up next in baton rouge, louisiana. caller: good morning. the videos that were brought out the other day about trump, i would rate that about a one because no one was hurt in that . other people go around raping and groping people. i rate that a 10 on a scale. for some reason, the media does not want to talk about that . not only that he didn't, but the fact that his wife tried to cover it up and belittle the ladies like it was their fault. this country has turned upside down what is good. what was good is now bad.
8:12 am
what was bad is now good. what a world. what a world we live in. host: that was doc in louisiana. guest: here's the problem with that voters argument -- voters care about that video. voters care about what donald trump said on the scene. it is responsible for the payment. even the polls that have come out since show a deep loss of support from women especially and among men. a lot of suburban college-educated men have lost interest in trump in the short term in the wake of the video. we are a divided country where a lot of callers make sure that viewpoint, but it's making it very difficult for him to find a path. host: in our first 45 minutes we heard a lot of female supporting trump. those who are going to stay with him, but what about the undecided? guest: it doesn't help trump
8:13 am
with the undecided. some of them have part onrked on gary johnson's spot. right now, republicans are focused on the senate and to a lesser extent the house. there are very few republicans who feel trump has a pathway at this point. host: ron hello. caller: how are you doing? listen, c-span, you guys are just the greatest. you guessed, i'm very honored to speak with you sir. bill clinton -- i don't really want to see him. i'm a democrat and i do not want to see him back in the white house. he is not going to be running the shebang. hillary is. as far as hillary protecting her husband and everything, she did not do anything that any wife wouldn't do for her cheating husband if she found up out.
8:14 am
i feel my wife would do that if i were to cheat on her, which i would never did. donald trump -- i hate to say it, but he is kind of like a high and slumlord for seemingly his whole life. i knew from the time he got into the republican party that he was going to split the republican party in half. i've known this for over year and i've been telling my friends and family. i've been laughing about it because i know. you are talking about the latest video release. that is exactly what it is. it is the latest video release and i'm sure you can expect more because donald trump has had years and years where he has gone on to these radio talk shows like howard stern and all these other shows. he has shown just what kind of person he is. trump is not going to get elected in this election. there's just not that many people that are going to
8:15 am
tolerate his type of behavior. he is just not going to be the president. i do not for see that happening at all whatsoever. hillary clinton -- she has some problems with benghazi and e-mails, but all that is really getting old. for americans died him in gazan compared to the tens of thousands that died after bush sent us to iraq from weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist. that kind of pales in comparison. host: ron thanks. guest: it is interesting that even though most voters before the tape viewed trump as sexist misogynistic, but it's funny that the tape actually -- it's a most like a lot of voters have not been paying attention to the election for months before the tape came out. trump had been on the howard
8:16 am
stern radio show and has been on audiotape saying awful things, but it is this videotape that panicked republicans and change the dynamic of the race with less than a month ago. my hunch is the numbers will stabilize a little bit. trump is certainly behind, but the poll numbers that came out that we can weekend when republicans were running away and the media coverage was hot, it is tough to salvage. he will not be down 10 points but he will be down six or seven points when the dust settles. host: there was release of e-mails from wikileaks. what has been the impact on hillary clinton? guest: it has been muted because of trumps on problems. if anyone was running against hillary clinton, this would be a serious issue. the point made during the debate is that with some of these e-mails, the issues she has in private are at odds with the public position on the campaign. this is her biggest weakness.
8:17 am
a lot of democrats and bernie sanders supporters view her as being too close to wall street and the wealthy. a lot of these e-mails released underscore that image. the trump video has gotten so much attention and traction that it has virtually drowned out a lot of the scrutiny that hillary clinton otherwise would have received. host: lynn up next in tennessee on the republican line. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i am fine thanks. caller: i like to say that it is sad that so many people would leave trump over this with all that has gone on with hillary. i think as paul ryan does not want to vote republican, then all republican should not vote for him. that is my comment. thank you. guest: like i said before, after the khan controversy, paul ryan
8:18 am
did not say he was going to endorse trump. he said he would stay by him although he was critical of what he said. i find it surprising that republicans are so put to run away in the immediate aftermath saying they did not know who donald trump was. republicans may sickly bait a cynical bargain with their voters. they basically said we will support trump, but we will not endorse and. we will not defend his comments but we will make this argument that hillary clinton is even worse. that argument and strategy fell apart this weekend. that is why republicans are trying to pick up the pieces and figure out a path forward with less than a month ago. host: any chance of them coming back and softening their positions? guest: not likely. you may see some of the republicans who ditched trump tried to suddenly reach out to their supporters and remind them of why they should be voting for their own candidacies.
8:19 am
there are a lot of very mad trump supporters who may take out their anger on some of these down ballot republicans. host: bonnie for maryland, good morning to you. you are calling on the republican line. you are on with our guest. caller: first of all, i'm 72. i have voted republican since i was 18 and i've never missed. this time i will put a right in and let me tell you why. are you there? host: you are on. go ahead. caller: i will tell you why and please don't cut me off. first of all, i remember when his first wife made a comment. he sued her because she said something. he has a nondisclosure with all of his wives, his children, his staff, and everything. if they say anything, he sues. second of all, as far as his work ethic, he has never paid a decent wage in his life.
8:20 am
he has from day one from the ones that built his first hotel, he paid them for dollars an hour and then she did them out of that. i did construction years ago. i was the first woman in marilyn to do construction. -- in maryland to do construction. all the subcontractors and i lost. i quit because i've been there 18 years. the company came back because it was incorporated. they went and bought the property back, finished it out and all the little people losing money. this is what trump does. he never pays anybody. host: we will have to leave it there. guest: we are seeing something of a realignment wear longtime republicans are perhaps
8:21 am
voting for hillary clinton while old-school democrats who may use to vote democrat a decade ago are actually supporting donald trump you. you look at the class divide in this election and its remarkable. mitt romney lost college-educated white voters by 12 points. they have carried every election in the century since goldwater lost a johnson. he is actually winning blue-collar white voters by a bigger margin than romney did over obama in 2012. as far as the white vote goes, if your caller educated desk college-educated your -- if you are college-educated, you're voting for clinton. host: as far as the next few weeks, what do you expect from trump and clinton campaigns?
8:22 am
guest: trump is trying to pick up the pieces and stop the bleeding. his campaign event in pennsylvania suggest he is just playing for the base. all he is doing is tried to get his most hard-core supporters to the polls and energize them. even some of his surrogates are suggesting they should -- i think trumps another tweet this morning critical of house speaker paul ryan. this divide is growing within the party and donald trump is showing his sign of trying to papered over. as for hillary clinton, she understand she has got a lead. early voting has begun in many key states. she does not want to make any mistakes or gaffes. what is interesting is there's a report out this week that there is a super pac backing hillary clinton's campaign. they may start spending money in the senate and house races that they feel so culpable about their standing in the key swing states. they may transfer or use that money to air senate absence to the presidential at.
8:23 am
if that starts happening, you will know this race is all but over. host: this is one for our guest this morning c. caller: i'm calling because you know what? as a woman i am saddened to my core that we have men who have daughters, wives, nieces, that would stand up -- this is a disgrace. this shows what america is about. you would defend sexual assault. he did not make no accident. like my angelou said, if show someone shows you who they are the first time, please believe them. i want to make my point because you have let everyone call and make their point and i want to make mine this morning.
8:24 am
donald trump is a disgrace to america, to children, to families. for some of you men to call in and defend these actions, it is sad. i understand that you want to vote for donald trump. for this man to go and pull out the sexual assault victims that he say bill clinton sexually assaulted, that was a disgrace. hillary clinton did not rape nobody. hillary clinton did not have any kind of sexual affairs on bill clinton. he disgraced the white house not hillary. let a woman think about that when a man does something to her. host: we believe that there -- will leave that there. guest: it's like unlike any
8:25 am
debate that i've ever seen with the nasty personal attacks. you can just see the polarization with people who are from supporters and nothing will change their mind on donald trump. clinton is viewed so negatively in their mind. on the flipside, this ca ller has a strong feelings on the issue. we are about as polarized as a country as we have been in many generations. host: is bill clinton fair game though in the campaign? guest: it's not good political strategy. donald trump needs to win working-class women, suburban women. he is losing the suburban vote by many points in areas like philadelphia and north in virginia. this is not going to help with the voters. it could be a way to stop the bleeding, but it could help the senate by getting the base on track, but it will not win an election. host: we will go to rick.
8:26 am
rick is in jacksonville, florida on the republican line. go ahead. caller: yes thanks for taking my call. i just want to make the point that the reason donald trump has gained so much popularity is because the republican house and senate has refused to listen to the republican voters. this was the whole reason donald trump is so popular. i just don't understand why the republicans the establishment doesn't see that. they know that time and time again, but they refuse to see it . guest: let's be clear -- donald trump is not popular. yes the worst favorability numbers of any candidate in history. there is a segment of the
8:27 am
republican base that will not move from him no matter what but he is not popular. everything he has been saying has been hurting his favorability numbers throughout the campaign. the 30% of base voters, nothing is affecting their perception of him. they are still voting for trump now matter what. they may punish for vulcans for being disloyal, but the majority of voters, swing voters, and independent voters, obviously democratic voters, are obviously voting hillary clinton or a third-party candidate. donald trump will struggle to get a 40% of the vote, which will be an stork marker -- a historic marker. host: what are hillary clinton's numbers? guest: they are the second worst in history. they're still pretty dismal. the high point at the debate for donald trump was challenging her face-to-face about her mendacity when it can to talking about her personal e-mail server.
8:28 am
it's almost as big of a vulnerability for her as trumps sexism and misogyny is for him. ultimately his numbers are worse than hillary clinton's and trending in a downward direction. hillary clinton's are getting a little bit better. host: from pennsylvania, we will hear next from tom on the republican line. go ahead. caller: i'm definitely voting for trump and i will tell you something. all the financial money coming in for hillary clinton as well as jeb bush, it all comes from the same puppet masters. if you vote for jeff, you will be helping him. if you are voting for hillary, you are helping the same people. trump is independent and they are scared to death of him because he will clean out washington and this rat's nest. it's no more. we're not going to put up with it anymore. i'm voting for trump all the way. guest: he certainly has strong
8:29 am
views. you have the populist constituency in both parties with bernie sanders getting 40% of the democratic vote despite no one taking them seriously as the beginning of the campaign and trump getting the primary vote. you have parties divided almost along the lines of issues like trade and immigration. host: of you are also twitter talking about some from supporters -- i don't even call them supporters, more like groupies. guest: we learned from the primaries that nothing can really affect their view of him. it was pretty remarkable that even though debate performance were subpar, he still maintain that support during the primaries and they stuck with him during the election could you . you have to win over new voters for the general election and donald trump has done nothing to do that. host: as you watch the weeks
8:30 am
ahead, what from donald trump and hillary clinton? guest: the dynamic between donald trump and republican leadership on capitol hill is going to be fascinating. we saw mike pence saying he would debate staying on the ticket on saturday, but now he was effusively praising donald trump, saying he was a sinner and that we all can heal. after moving away from trump the republicans are certain to realize they can't afford to do that. the calculation that republicans make is going to be fascinating. they are back and her home districts and states where they will hear from constituents. on the democrat side, was the message that democrats use on the campaign trail, especially in the senate races? i was in the new hampshire campaign and democrats were privately saying that trump attacks were not working when they were tried to connect. this set is not the most effective line of attack.
8:31 am
that has changed the last couple of weeks. will they go all trumps all the time now that the video is out there or will they focus on other issues? host: you have been listening to josh kraushaar. thank you for your time. we will take a look at two perspectives one comes to media coverage of campaign 2016. we will hear from tim graham of the media research center talking about media coverage media bias, and those issues. in the following half hour bradley beychok on that same topic. if you're interested on media coverage for these candidates, give us a call. "washington journal" will be right back after this. ♪
8:32 am
>> our campaign 2016 coverage continues on c-span would live debates for u.s. house, senate and government races. today, north carolina governors debate between pat mccoury and roy cooper. then misty snow and mike lee debate for the utah senate. on thursday, the pennsylvania eight congressional debate between republican ryan fitzpatrick and democrat steve sin tarot. and then richard bird and deborah ross debate for the north carolina u.s. senate. on friday night the wisconsin u.s. senate debate between ron johnson and former democrat senator russ feingold. and is followed at 10:00 by republican joe heck and catherine quartet massive debating for the nevada u.s.
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8:34 am
. good morning to you. tell us about the center and the perspective you come from. guest: we were founded in 1987, almost coming on 30 years now. we basically monitor the national news, starting with the television networks, also some print, still some newspaper analysis, but mostly focused on television news. we are recording all the time, all the networks cable broadcast, and then trying to analyze those and study some patterns and be able to talk to people about how much coverage there is of things and how much there is an of things and the general tone of things. host: with those things in mind then, when it comes to campaign 2016, talk about what you are seeing, particularly after the offense over the weekend with the release of that tape about donald trump. guest: the first thing we would say is how many men's is the story getting -- minutes is the story getting?
8:35 am
we were up to 167 on cbs, abc, nbc. that's an enormous story since friday. we have been comparing that to other clinton scandals which generally get started off in a very slow fashion. they never take off like this. this is more equivalent to, for example, the chris christie bridge story where you have counted 88 minutes in the first 48 hours. that is the kind of thing we do to say that the media is going full bore on this. the media saying this is something that is an enormous and a crisis. whether or not that is true, they are certainly making it or creating it as a crisis. host: if that many minutes have been applied to donald's tape how many minutes have been applied to the release at the same time of hillary clinton's e-mails? guest: far less. we're just a little over 10 minutes. this happens all the time. democratic scandals, democratic problems or issues, the leaks
8:36 am
the fbi issues, the e-mails -- they all get less attention. the tone of the story is obviously different as well. i think that there is not a ton of crisis when they report on hillary's e-mails. there is a tone of poor hillary so embattled by these people who will not let her be. it's just a different tone. obviously that's a little harder to analyze than a minute. there has clearly been a different in the minutes. donald trump over the last two years has dominated the news. in the republican primaries, he dominated the news. the general question is if it is good friend. -- for him. i think there's an idea now that it's not great for you in the general election. host: would you say there is a bias against donald trump and the coverage? guest: i think the news media has been very plain. when a have an essay on the front page of "the new york times," they say the election is too important for us to be
8:37 am
evenhanded. the coverage on the networks and on television basically has the whole flavor of this man is some sort of epic threat to the country and has to be stopped. we are not seeing objectivity. i think that matches what we're seeing now in the public opinion polls were trust in the media is at an all-time low, especially on the republican side because republicans look at the media and say these people right now the whole talk is the republican party is going to explode and fall apart. is that wishful thinking? i don't know, but the media keeps talking about it, so they are setting the stage. whatever they talk about is what we have to talk about. host: our guest is with us until 9:00. if you want to ask questions about coverage of the candidates, (202) 748-8001 if you support donald trump. if you support hillary clinton (202) 748-8000. undecided, (202) 748-8002.
8:38 am
tim graham from the media research center is here to take some calls. let us start with kerry in north carolina. you're on with our guest. uri donald trump supporter. -- you are a donald trump supporter. go-ahead. caller: on the media bias, in the first debate, hillary mentioned that obama inherited a mess, but the last i remember is that -- are you still there? host: we are on. go ahead. caller: i'm sorry about that. we put democrats in control in 2006. they say barack obama inherited a mess. if that is true, george w. bush inherited it too.
8:39 am
this is where bill clinton's affair comes into play. if he had his mine on the economy instead of monica lewinsky, we would've never had to go to iraq. guest: i think it's interesting in a sense and that is congress never really gets blamed for the economy. we have a tendency when we talk about the economy in the news media that's really the president issue. that isn't fair no matter who the president is. obviously the economy is a very big thing, but i think a lot of times we would argue that the news media excuses the democrats from things. they certainly were not going to blame the collapse in 2008 on the democrats in congress. when it comes to 9/11, i'm not sure 9/11 could've been prevented. we can easily tell you from the media coverage at the time that the news media clearly thought
8:40 am
that was a bush scandal with the attacks themselves and never really one to investigate how did president clinton do in preventing the spread? threat? even in the 9/11 commission, that was not really a story. they were not interested. they were really not on his watch in any way. the assignment of blame is one of those things that you look for in the tone of news coverage. i would tell you that i think bill clinton has never really been blamed for being weak on terrorism. host: from hendersonville, nevada darrell, a supporter of hillary clinton. caller: hello, how are you? host: fine, you are on with our guest. go-ahead. caller: i think there is media bias against trump.
8:41 am
trump needs to be exposed for all the things that he does. trump has ties to the criminals. trump has asked putin to hack our e-mails. the media has not been as tough on trumped as it has been on hillary clinton. host: thanks, caller. guest: this is again where i think minutes count. has the news media done an adequate job of investigating trump? i would say that this is still happening. you would look right now at "the washington post" and they are doing a whole series of things on trumps foundation. they have done an entire book on donald trump. where is the book "washington post" reporters did on hillary clinton? they did not do a book he has there not interested in trying to warn humectant people on hillary clinton. this is the story that one of
8:42 am
them is on the front page saying we have to defeat donald trump in the news pages and the only one is only writing books about donald trump and how he needs to be exposed. regardless of whether you like donald trump or you don't like donald trump, and as we know there are a lot of republicans that are not fans of donald trump there is no mistaking the news media is trying to make sure he loses this election. i don't think that is a question at all. host: what would you say about coverage of hillary clinton's e-mail server use or the leaks that came out? there has been coverage of that, but are you saying there is not equal coverage as given to donald trump? guest: there is no way equal coverage and there is a notion of let's move on, he is excuse. the fbi did not prosecute. the cleanse have always use the strategy of if we are not indicted or on trial, we are innocent of everything. even the fbi director said that
8:43 am
mrs. clinton was extremely careless. what people now are missing is that the networks are not really covering why did they grant so much immunity to so much of hillary clinton's aides? even coming came out not to prosecute. that is a story that the media is not doing. when donald trump says onstage that you'd be in jail the country does not know what he's talking about. host: this is mary from bakersfield, north carolina. caller: mi on? host: you are on. caller: i'm a christian and i am for trump. christianity is under attack like donald said. the constitution is under attack. i walk up to people and i come right out and ask them, are you a trump supporter? everybody i asked is a trump
8:44 am
supporter. there is very few that is not. i asked at the doctor's office. i asked the nurses. he has got support. a lot of the cushions are voting for him. doctors, cops, everybody is voting for trump. we need to secure the borders. he has got the mindset and i believe he's going to win this race no matter what. all they got on him is his past. guest: it is truly true when it comes to the trump tape and you're hearing it this morning that whatever he said in 2005 he obviously wasn't thinking like presidential candidate. that works for them. the funny thing about bill clinton is that -- and i think this is the complaint, too is
8:45 am
that there's a lot of things that bill clinton didn't just say but that he did. he was charged with sexual-harassment and was charged with accused of sexual assault. host: your recent post taking a look at this, you could set up the rest saying that there was 115 mins for trump t papers, versus 16 seconds of paula jones debut in 1994. guest: the 16 seconds was abc and the other two did nothing. they decided we are not going to do that. last time i checked, we were up 267 minutes on this. there's a difference between an allegation of sexual harassment. the paula jones story -- he exposed himself and told her to perform a sex act. this is nothing like that. i do not approve of what he said, but it's different from
8:46 am
what clinton did. its like the networks trying to say this will upset religious supporters more. clinton supporters do not get upset about what he did. host: from john in trenton, new jersey, a supporter of hillary clinton. go ahead, you're on. caller: i want to ask that mr. tim graham that if obama had said half the things that donald trump is saying about women, if obama had did that, if obama had said different things about what people, would he be president? i want you to be honest. with you be president -- would he be president? wise it soaks up for donald trump to say these things about muslims, black people retarded people? if obama had said half those things, would he not be indicted? would republicans not want to impeach him?
8:47 am
host: sorry, did not need to cut you off so fast. guest: there are clips of tape that conservatives and republicans would have wanted them to talk about, but they did not want to talk about them. it's starting with the whole question of reverend wright and his sermons. those came very late in the primary cycle in 2008. when they did, the media came to it a very protective way. they came to try to explain away why barack obama would go to this man's church, where he cheered on 9/11 as the chickens coming home to risk. should that have been a problem for obama? i think so, but the news media decided would not be a problem. i did a special report on how the news the media tried to say that most americans just don't understand what is said in the black churches. it is somehow normal to cheer 9/11 and black church and that we should all understand that. and that is completely normal
8:48 am
and somehow acceptable. again there is this whole notion right now that it is bizarre for a christian system support donald trump -- to support donald trump and it was bizarre to say in 2008 that a christian is what reverend white wright was. host: brian pearson is saying wasn't bill clinton's sexual misconduct talked about for a full year in the 1990's? guest: yes in 1998, and it came because paula jones suit him. -- sued him. he went into reelection in 1996 with nobody talking about it. it was only after the election that somebody said, wait a minute, it sounds like she has a case. a lot of these things, conservatives republicans often question the timing. there is a question on how long has nbc been sitting on this piece of tape??
8:49 am
i would suspect for a long time. it's an 11-year-old tape. they might have known about this in 2015 and sat on it until october. i would not put it past the news networks to have october surprises. host: do you think more tape is coming then? guest: it is possible. the question is once you have heard one of these, is the second one going to the more outrageous than the first one? it really reminds you of the planned parenthood tapes like the first video with the sale of body parts were shocking, but the second tape, the news media was like moveon. host: tim graham is joining us talk about media coverage of campaign 2016. let's hear from john in indiana, supporter of donald trump. caller: thank you, c-span, for being here for the public. i too am a christian and a trump
8:50 am
supporter. the fact that he shook up washington d.c., trying to get the american people to see what has been going on for years. i was an avid democrat until bill was in office and the democratic party backed him. even though they knew what was being said and what was done was true, and they have done the same with hillary. it is like everything washes off their back. benghazi was a total disgrace. to me, she has no respect for the military. i served during vietnam. , like for donald trump to let the people know -- i would like for donald trump to let the people know where bill clinton spent about a year going to a university in russia on his deferment from the vietnam war.
8:51 am
again, i thank you all for your honesty. you are the only channel -- and i scan them all -- that seems to be honest. thank you and god bless america. guest: well, i believe that clinton spent a week or two in russia. he was in oxford. he was differing the draft when he was in oxford. that was the controversy back in the day. we have done a number of books on the subject that the clintons would not be where they are today without a lot of protective media coverage, first by the idea that there is bias by omission where they refuse to do stories. when stories actually happened, they actually go after the accusers with more ferocity than they do the candidate for president. host: indianapolis, indiana supporter of hillary clinton betty, go ahead. caller: i am betty mitchell in indianapolis, indiana, and i support hillary clinton. i am a human being and i
8:52 am
fear god. the work were christian i will not use -- i will say supporter and disciple of god. we all say and do wrong things. we all have skeletons in her closet. the question is who is the most competent person to be president of the united states? from foreign policy to everything that protects our nation everything that we hold dear to us, you have to be knowledgeable. you have to know what you're doing. donald trump clearly, even though he says he's a good businessman, he clearly doesn't know anything about politics. he is not willing to sit down and listen and get a book and maybe have some people surrounding him that could teach him. if you want to be president, you have got to put in the work. you cannot just talk the talk. you have to walk the walk.
8:53 am
thank you for listening. this is the first time i've watched you channel, but it has a lot of good information on it. guest: i think there is always a presumption in the media that hillary has massive experience. they are running around with this thing that barack obama said that basically she has more experience than any presidential candidate ever. this kind of hyperbole is just said on network tv without political looking into that. they count her years as first lady of arkansas as somehow political experience. they count her years as first lady of the united states as lyrical expense. -- political expense. i think we all understand republican wise but that is never the case. republican careers has much more difficulty than clintons has. dan quayle's wife cannot have a
8:54 am
law career but somehow they could have a foundation taking funds from foreign governments and we have a media that slept through the entire think. g, . the question on the media is where were they? they were violating their own pledges that they were not going to take money from these foreign governments. host: beverly, you're on with our guest, tim graham. caller: i think if nothing else during this election, and we are all hoping that trump woman, but we have learned a lot about the media that we were not aware of. we tended to trust what we were hearing and i think we learned we just cannot do that anymore. we have to do our research because we are hearing clips of soundbites. as far as this new recording on trump, i think a lot of people forget that if you go back and look at what happened with johnson, johnson was probably our most bolder president.
8:55 am
-- voelker president. he also give us rights medicare medicaid. we know about kennedy in his affairs. we go to roosevelt and the know about where his mistress went to. i'm an independent. i voted for clinton until he shook his finger at me and said i did not. i was thinking about voting for obama, but then i went on and i researched and was sent to the sermons. we had ted kennedy, who i think was a great person in the senate, but we also know about what happened with him. i think we tend to forget that there is some good presidents and get people that have done wonderful things, but they also have these indiscretions. that did not make them not a good president. i think we fail to realize that. i think the media fails to go into things that are important
8:56 am
when it comes to past presidents and their indiscretions. but they do great things .. host: thanks, caller. guest: there is this whole notion. i'm reminded of eleanor clift where the excuse making for bill clinton is that the sexy presidents are the best presence. is that kind of excuse making that we write down and put on the internet. there are a lot of americans who would like a president whose marriage you can respect. with this president if you are conservative, you can say he has a marriage you can respect. that is not the case with the clintons. george w. bush had a marriage we could respect. it did not really matter much at that time. we have seen the news media celebrates the clintons marriage far more. just in the lat eight last eight
8:57 am
years, they have used the term royal family of america. when they have a grandchild, it is treated like a royal baby like prince charles or prince george. it is british royalty so i forget. host: debate moderators -- what did you think of the performance of them? guest: terrible. host: why? guest: they have all their aggression for one side. it's the questions they chose. this is what bothers me about town hall debates. the question i hate the most is say something nice about the other person. that is wasted time. if you care about the issues you don't ask that question. i think especially what really bothered me was anderson cooper basically saying and suggesting to donald trump, are you still talking like this about women now? you would never ask bill clinton , are you still cheating on your wife now? they would never ask hillary
8:58 am
clinton whether she was still being insincere about her e-mails now. there was just an aggression there that a lot of people felt. martha ratted seem seemed to be a debater instead of moderator. a lot of people are offended by that whole idea. host: the whole fact checking idea ? guest: just the fact that guy cannot get a sentence out without you jumping down his throat. there's an a whole idea that he lies, but she lies, too, and they do not take exception to that/ nobody interrupts. host: here's a clip from sunday's debate that features anderson cooper. [video clip] >> ok, donald, i know you are into diversion tonight and anything about your campaign and its exploding and republicans leaving you. let's focus on issues that people care about tonight. >> we have a question here from ken about health care.
8:59 am
>> i like to know, why anderson aren't you bring up the e-mails? it has not been finished it at all. it is nice -- one on three. guest: that question was a good question. that is a question i conservative would ask about obama care. the story we have not seen done isn't how obamacare is collapsing . they have rarely talk about obamacare this year on network news. that is just a story they are not interested in. that is the interesting thing that you can say on coverage of trump. whether your liberal or conservative, they are covering don stuff and stuff. for them saying donald trump is a non-substantive candidate guess what? that is what the news media likes. they would rather cover yelling
9:00 am
back and forth rather than trade policy. host: she was asked about the e-mail leak from wiki links in the basket of deplorables. guest: i'm not saying that they did not ask a few questions. they are more focused on punishing trump and the voter looks at these and say these are stacked in rigged debates . host: let's take one more call from terry in illinois/ . caller: i look at it differently. we talked about the clintons on, but what about the trump foundation and his legal doings? taking other people's money and his legal dealing during the embargo.
9:01 am
this right-wing talking points about media bias -- wait a minute. put this on the president, put it right where it lies with conservatives and you, my friend, you are one of the problems that cause our country to be trillions of dollars in debt by pushing right-wing ideological trickle-down economics. never been giant tax cuts trump wants to talk about that bush did. where did it take our country? from 2008, we had zero jobs, in fact, highest amount of jobs lost during that time was 800,000 jobs a most. host: thanks. guest: once again, if we all get our civics textbook, all
9:02 am
spending bills originate in the congress and the president signs or vetos. there is no doubt that under this president, debt has doubled and gone up under this president. the congress passed the spending bills. that is one reason people are frustrated with a republican majority in congress. yes, a republican majority should be working harder to force the president to spend less money, no doubt about that. a lot of conservatives certainly feel that way. but again, this whole notion that the national debt has risen to historic proportions, not a story they want to do. it is like obamacare, the story, if you put the news, i think we said this, put the word "deficit," in the network database re-election it was not something, they were not interested in talking about the level of the national debt in the presidential campaign.
9:03 am
host: tim graham, find out more about his organization and what it does, thank you for your time this morning. we will get another perspective with bradley beychok of media matters for america. the conversation will take place next. "washington journal" will continue after this. >> i was daunted because there were so many different elements i was trying to put into it and
9:04 am
it just, a lot of information to try to communicate in seven minutes. but then i took a step back and realized it really is just like a visual essay and i've been writing essays throughout high school. it became less daunting as i looked at it from that perspective of just gathering information and instead of writing that information, i'm filming it, i would urge anybody who is thinking about making a piece for student cam to reach out to as many different people as they could to get different interviews, as many perspectives as you can because there are experts that are so much more knowledgeable about the subject than you are and as many of those people that you can get in your piece the more cred iblt your piece is going to have, not just a high school student trying to solve this massive problem, it turns into you're contributing useful information by compiling these different
9:05 am
perspectives. this year's theme, your message to washington, d.c., tell us the most urgent issue for the new president and congress to address in 2017? our competition is open to middle school or high school students grades 6-12 with $100,000 awarded in cash prizes. students can work alone or in a group up to three to produce a five to seven-minute documentsary on the issue selected. include c-span programming and explore opposing opinions. the $100,000 in prizes will be shared between 150 students and 53 students. grand prize of $5000 will go to the student or team with the best overall entry. this year's deadline is january 20, 2017. mark your calendars and spread the word. for more information go to >> "washington journal" continues. host: our next guest bradley
9:06 am
beychok, media matters for america, he serves as the president. tell us about your organization. guest: it is a 12-year organization presidential watch dog in the media. simpler way of putting that, we get there at 5 a.m. in the morning, read the local, national newspapers, monitor national and local news, online and broadcast and take a fact checking perspective from a fact-checking point of view. host: why do you think that is important? guest: media is larger than it's been. peeper are consuming through media, internet. we have a fact-filled media 5 a.m. to midnight real time. host: what do you think applying to campaign 2016, how would you characterize it? guest: unprecedented and this campaign has brought firsts.
9:07 am
donald trump has brought a number of challenges for the media and i think while lately they have been pretty good about holding him accountable donald trump was media-created and fuelled candidacy and fox news, we monitor primarily, created his candidacy. over the course of a year from may of 2015 to may of 2016 we looked at amount of coverage they gave to each of the 17 million republican candidates and found they covered donald trump 50 hours, double what they had covered everyone else. i think donald trump's candidacy promoted by right wing media, by fox news and some ways mainstream media allowed him to grow to such an area of where he's a republican nominee. host: our previous guest says there is more scrutiny for donald trump than hillary clinton. would you agree in guest: i would not. hillary clinton has face bad raj of scrutiny. she was a candidate earlier than
9:08 am
donald trump. first is benghazi, for a time period, you couldn't turn on the news there was some new inkling of what happened in benghazi, it was a tragedy and conservatives would say there was a stand-down order or we didn't know where the president was that night in the oval office and secret e-mails, the things that were myths. i think that was the first. the second was e-mail controversy, she apologized for early. but again, the media, as soon as you say there is new information or just a rehash of something, it would dominate news coverage and then the third has been the clinton foundation the trump foundation is under investigation by the new york attorney general has had problems with donations in florida with the panbondy. global charity rated five stars by charity navigator. we saw more coverage about the clinton foundation than the trump foundation and that is a travesty. host: that coverage,
9:09 am
particularly particularly -- guest: this originated in the movement, alex jones of the world. really, that is who is leading donald trump's campaign now. but put that aside mainstream media decided very early that they would give hillary clinton more thorough vetting than in 2008 i think they focused on very little. host: our guest with us for about a half-hour to talk about coverage of campaign 2016 media coverage. if you want to ask questions lines are the same. 202-748-8001 if you support donald trump. 202-748-8000 if you support hillary clinton. 202-748-8002 for third party and undecided 202-748-8003. the previous guest this weekend
9:10 am
talked about donald trump's tape versus wikileak and he cited disparity. you wouldn't agree, either? guest: it could be disparity, but again, for the last two years we've had various minute e-mail things that come out and we think we should treat them as big moments. i think the false balance or false equivalency of this is not accurate. donald trump's tapes were abhorrent, he apologized for them. you have the front page of the "wall street journal" where paul ryan says he may want to run away from him. when you look at depth of the tapes and what is on them and a few benign e-mails in wikileaks, which a foreign actor is trying to affect the election, you should treat the issue based on the set of facts and the facts with trump is astonishing. host: first call is brian, who is in washington state.
9:11 am
he's an undecided voter. you are on with our guest, bradley beychok, go ahead. caller: brad, thanks for being on the show this morning. i wanted to speak to the previous guy. more so, but glad to speak to you. greekt runner-up. caller: we had an issue in idaho on super tuesday. cruz was there. his minister that led the prayer at his rally, there was attempted assassination the next day in the church parking lot. we watched it on the sunday local news we watched it on the monday local news, we never saw it on the national news until thursday of that week. i personally phoned the breaking news hotlines for msnbc, nbc, and cnn -- guess eggs, crickets. i talked to family on the west
9:12 am
side of the state wednesday, 72 hours later, they are tied to the social internet, the news, they don't miss anything asked them about what they thought of the ted cruz minister shooting in idaho and they were clueless. host: thanks, caller. guest: sure. i know very little, if nothing, about the issue. i think in terms of our media environment in general. one thing that is better about the media now than it was five years ago, 10 years ago, even five months ago, through social media, everyday citizens can call things to alert for reporters, producers, news makers and that is an important thing. we used to have the news from a top-down approach, there is grass-roots involve sxment certainly reporters and as you know, you read your twitter feed and know what is going on. you can call your attention to things happening. that is improvement in the media environment, we get information from a larger variety of
9:13 am
sources. host: from mike, safety harbor, florida, supporter of donald trump, hi. caller: yes, good morning, c-span c-span. mr. beychok, you initially showed your hand when you said you look at the news from a progressive view tlt point there is no viewpoint to look at news, rather than the objective reporting of the truth. let me just by you glossing over facts of hillary clinton, let me tell you where you haven't done so. you mentioned the e-mails. you didn't mention that she had her staff destroy with a hammer their personal devices. now if these honestly were emails reported in the fashion that you're claiming they were, harmless, i'm sure, why did they do that? one. and george soros, with $1
9:14 am
million grant or donation, i would implore everyone watching this to look into george soros and what his stated goals for america are and decide for yourself. that is number two. number three. if you want to talk about the trump tapes how about the rape victim kathy shelton? let's look into that more because you gloss today over and want to talk about the tape. host: you put three points out, we'll let our guest respond to them. guest: we don't hide the fact we're a progressive organization, we're proud of the fact. to the second point, on -- i may at a loss -- host: george soros funded. guest: we received funding from george soros before. he didn't fund media matters, but funding is publicly available, culook n. terms of emails and what hillary clinton
9:15 am
did or didn't do has been relitigated by the media over and over again and the f.b.i. found no wrongdoing and i'll stick with what the f.b.i. report is in terms of closure for the email issue. host: supporter of hillary clinton, susan, st. petersburg, virginia. hi. caller: hi. i'm wondering everyone seems to be talking about bill clinton, but it's hillary running for president. when is that going to end? guest: great question. i think secretary clinton has done a fabulous job campaigning. i think the reason we've heard about bill clinton in the last seven days is because donald trump is in a really awful position with his campaign and they've decided to sort of launch tabloid dumpster diving campaign, they want to relitigate or rehash things that were brought up in the '90s and you saw donald trump perform what many and even on the conservative side said is
9:16 am
unprecedented stunt before the last debate by bringing out the four women and hosting a facebook live. i think if the republicans and conservatives and media want to focus on things that happened in the 1990s and want to hold hillary accountable for these things, it is an unfortunate media environment, but one we'll deal with. host: freddy up next, maryland, supporter of donald trump. hi freddy, good morning. caller: hi. i'm african american and i'm so shocked that americans are just blind, blind looking at everything going on. i heard this lady come out talking about bill clinton. that is a lady she knows how hillary clinton treated all these women that have been raped by her husband and she doesn't care about it. it is just brainwashed. you look at hillary clinton, you see what her foundation did to haiti. they took money from all over
9:17 am
the world, all these countries, 10% of the money went to haiti. nobody is covering that. the whole country of haiti is so upset about that. -- their president is in jail now because of people like hillary clinton. you see war all over the world. you can say how you want clinton foundation is global, they don't have anybody, just a group of people trying to make money. there is no help. this is a crooked group. people need to open their eyes and understand what is going on. this country is going to hell if things keep going the way they are. i voted for barack obama and that was the biggest mistake ever. host: caller thanks. guest: look, i think the clinton foundation has been rated as a five-star charity. it is obviously well respected around the world, a very large charity and looks like they will wind it down as hillary takes
9:18 am
her camp in the seat. so i don't have much more to add to the comments. host: politico has a story about your founder david brock. who is he? guest: former journalist that had written about the clintons in the 1990s and had transformation into progressive liberal after a book in the early 'niepts called "blinded by the riert right," and -- host: and correct the record, what is that? guest: correct the record is with the clinton campaign. after citizen united, political groups take unlimited amount of funds, sort of 527 group in terms of tax status. correct the record is pro-hillary clinton super pac. host: is there a -- between media matter? guest: no. host: david brock said he would pay for tapes from the apprentice or pay legal fee necessary getting them, i want
9:19 am
to see if that is skewed as far as your organization efforts at media matters? guest: david brock is chairman of a number of different groups, in terms of media matters we are independent media watch dog f. david has other groups partake nothing more electoral activities he's free to do so, we take no part in them. host: bradley beychok our guest media matters dot org. if you want to see what the organization is about, what kind of things do you put on the website? guest: posting things that happen, i agree with one thing the prior guest said, in some ways we have to talk about what the news media is talking about that day. i imagine between now and the end of the year, we'll be talking about the next debate, the role of fact checkers in the debate and chris wallace is probably going to be the hardest target in some ways, he said he doesn't believe there is a role for fact checkers and they shouldn't play referee in the debate. we feel it is important piece.
9:20 am
anderson and martha did a great job sunday night during the debate of providing facts for the media and for the audience because donald trump has been the most untruthful presidential candidate by independent fact checkers that we have. we'll be looking at hopefully to hear more questions about climate change lgbt rights, gun safety and less on the optics of the campaign on the personal attacks and more about the issues and we'll be pressing the media and moderators to focus in this last debate. host: james, supporter of hillary clinton from newark, new jersey, with our guest. hi. caller: hi. i want to speak about, i hear a lot of people throw the word "christians" around, if we want to be politically correct, jesus was prosecuted by the christians. 99% of the ku klux klan were
9:21 am
christians. they are just using that as an excuse. most is dealing with race. that is what they are dealing with, they are not dealing with being real. if you don't like hillary, you don't like hillary. trump is despicable. you say you are not about that, then you don't vote for trump and you don't vote for hillary. you want it like it is the '50s and '60s, i'm sorry, people, it is not like that no more. host: media coverage of twenty16 do you have a direct question about that? caller: yes. i wanted to know, again, to him i love that he was speaking because the guy that was on before wasn't speaking the truth about as far as trump getting time because we all know six months ago, three months ago, the media was trump speaking about trump 24/7 and everything was good they didn't go into his background, nothing dealing with his organization, nothing
9:22 am
about the rape allegations he has pending, but talk about clinton. he has a lot of stuff pending, charges in the past, he has paid for they can't say nothing because he paid these people to do that. host: caller, you got that out, we'll let the guest respond. guest: i think as the caller pointed out donald trump got very good coverage from media in the build-up, you know, cbs news chairman, leslie says donald trump may not be good for america, but has been good for cbs. that is honest admission, in many ways because trump was getting ratings, they covered rallies at higher pace, cut into things, you turn on your t.v. any point in the day and felt like you were watching a trump rally in a big stadium. he has been built up by the media and now it is a little step back, a little reality of, he could be your president and i hope voters, i don't think media's job take notice of that now and take a look at it.
9:23 am
i agree with the caller on a number of points. host: this is illinois, third-party supporter. paul, good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for having me. i want to say, i mean, we have two deeply flawed candidates. any other year hillary would most likely be losing terribly, unfortunately, media coverage has simply the essential has simply been replaced by the trivial, in modern media. so that being said, there has never been a time we needed to hear the views of third, fourth and fifth-party candidates, so i guess that is my question. is all these things being said about the two parties, where is the coverage of the third-party candidate? i've seen jill stein talk. i'm concerned about energy policy, which i think everybody should be. and there's nothing in the media
9:24 am
ever covered about that. so i'm just curious why there was no push by it is media to allow third-party candidates to get in on some of the debates or be heard at all. i think the coverage of third-party candidates has probably been about three to 5 percent of total media coverage. i guess that is just my question. host: paul before we let our guest go, i want to let you know 8:00 tonight we will feature gary johnson and jill stein on our program. you'll get a chance to ask them questions, hear about their position, hear about their thoughtos campaign 2016. that starts at 8:00 tonight on c-span, you can see it on, and the radio app g. ahead. guest: i agree with the caller. voters deserve to see all the candidates. it does seem it has been the cycle. you have seen less coverage of the third-party candidates, that is probably as a result of the media obsession with clinton
9:25 am
scandal or donald trump's rise and people like to watch a train wreck n. many ways, donald trump provided moments for people to see that. i think that is coming at a cost to the third-party candidates and coverage they receive. host: lionelle , huntington west virginia. undecided voter, hi. caller: how you doing? i have a question about the media. why isn't media covered $6 billion hillary clinton cannot account for in her budget as secretary of state? and why is the clinton foundation so great, why haven't they covered $7 billion missing from the earthquake relief fund? and why don't you tell the viewers out there about the bible that the progressive liberals and yourself live by call called for the financial destruction of the united states of america. thank you. host: i think you have heard a
9:26 am
lot of coverage about the clinton foundation. guest: i'm not familiar with budget with hillary as secretary of state and not familiar with the bible you refer to. i'm a southern jew, not many of me. host: from twitter, someone asked about debate coverage and the world of moderator, richard says this, because you talked about it previously k. debate be moderated effectively if the moderator is preoccupied with fact checking? guest: i think so. lester holt is a good example of this. lester holt did, he used fact checking sparringly, when it was issue of great importance, donald trump supported the iraq war, lester holt injected himself. i don't think it is the role to interrupt them at every juncture, but the iraq war lester holt did a good job. i would point to yesterday, martha did a wonderful job sunday evening of pointing out difference between mike pence's view on the syrian issue and what we should be do nothing
9:27 am
syria and whether or not that conflicted with what trump was saying during the debate. that is important distinction when you distinguish from the presidential nominee and vice presidential nominee. should be used sparingly, but a tool in the tool kit. that is what we ask chris wallace has in the debate next week. host: sunday's debate, it was used sparingly toward donald trump, the idea of interruption then? guest: sunday's debate, town hall format ended up being more of back and forth between the four of them, two moderators and candidates, with voters interspersed. it may have been more on sunday than we've seen in the first debate with holt. we'll have to see in the third. i didn't think that it was overly used and i think both candidates were rightly followed up with facts by the moderator, i know that the trump team and trump himself loved to say he was treated unfairly by the media or moderators and it has been his strategy to attack him
9:28 am
in advance. it will be interesting if he attacks fox news, the only place he's appeared in the last month. host: one thing you pointed out media matters stanch the bleed whenning it comes to use of the term. the headline of media carry the water for trump say he stanch the leading despite losing the debate. can you expand on that? guest: sure. the media wants us to be, the closer the race, the more people will follow it. at the post-debate polls, survey monkey and cnn had secretary clinton won the debate over whelmingly with undecided voters. i think trump had disastrous 72 hours and last couple weeks, they were quick to say, he stopped the bleeding because he got up there. he said hillary should be put in jail if he gets in office, he confirmed he never paid income taxes in last number of years, he had a rough night, the media was quick to say, trump is back we have a race again. the data didn't necessarily
9:29 am
provide that. host: hear from georgia, nancy supporter of donald trump for our guest, bradley beychok of media matters. caller: good morning mr. beychok. guest: good morning. caller: i want to emphasize first of all, trump thinks -- should be prosecuted, the term is put in jail he means prosecuted, not thrown automatically in jail. i want to ask you if you remember what because of what mr. brock said, when comcast brought -- from ge, on record at the justice department, about not confusing their entertainment with news programming, which is governed by different rules. i think if you go, you will expect to find snow, and i don't watch that reality stuff, much less comcast, playboy and all that jazz. guest: sure. i think you are right in that all these media propertys and
9:30 am
we've seen conglomeration of media properties take precaution to separate entertainment and the news division and we think that is important thing. i don't want to be getting my news from the apprentice, certainly after listening to the tapes last week. host: a third party supporter hi. caller: yes, hi. thank you for having me on. i have a question for the gentleman, let me tell you first how i feel about these two candidates. i feel like, you know, they both have been on the same team, whether you realize it or not. the gentleman, he knows about the two candidates and can blame debt and probably explain the relationship between these two candidates, past relationship, for example, exchange of money. you know, we never seen a candidate act the way donald trump act necessary an election in a major election, never seen that. we have never seen a candidate
9:31 am
like hillary come into election with so many baggage and somehow made it to the top, that is why the american people are so upset and confused. these two candidates are on the same team. what i would like the expert to do is explain past relationship for hillary campaign in new york for the senate, explain that so that both sides, both followers of the candidates can sit back and see and understand how the two candidates are on the same team. host: thank you, caller. guest: ooh, i don't think the two candidates are on the same team. i think the maybe underlying facts that you are citing, they have known each other in the past, that trump attended different family weddings and in terms of her senate candidacy i'm not familiar with what you are referring to. i think any moneys she had in her senate candidacy would be
9:32 am
reported to the sec, i imagine she spent to zero balance, and started from scratch and ran 2000 sxat had debt after that campaign. so for 2016, started a new, can't add much more. host: the organization is media matters for america. media matters dot org, and the site. bradley beychok is the president. thanks for your time. guest: thank you. hollands host: for the last half-hour, we want to get your thoughts, how we started this morning, republicans only, your thoughts on the gop, and should they stick with donald trump after you heard news stories about possible pulling away, not only by paul ryan and others, we will take this conversation. let us know your thoughts. 202-748-8000 for eastern and central time zone. and 202-748-8001 for the mountain and pacific time zones. "washington journal" will return after this.
9:33 am
>> before the final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump we're looking past to past presidential debates. this saturday, 8 p.m. eastern on c-span the 1984 debate between president ronald reagan and former vice president walter mondale. >> we must understand that we are a democracy. we are a government by the people and when we move, it should be for very severe and extreme reasons that serve our national interest and end up with a stronger country behind it. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> then the 1988 presidential debate between george h. w. bush
9:34 am
and michael dukakis. >> you have a congress that will work with the people. bring that down build economic growth, build good strong future for america. invest in most things we must invest in, economic development good jobs. >> i wish he would join me, as a matter of fact in appealing to the american people for the balanced budget for the american people. i would like to have that line item veto, i think that would be extraordinarily helpful. >> the 2008 debate with senator barack obama and arizona senator john mccain. >> the situation today cries out for bipartisanship. senator obama has never taken on leaders of his party on a single issue. we need to reform so let's look at our records, as well as rhetoric. that is really part of your mistrust here.
9:35 am
>> so we'll have to make investments and make spending cuts. what i propose you will hear senator mccain say he is proposing new spending, i'm cutting more than i'm spenteding so it will be a net spending cut, the key is whether or not we have priorities that are working for you. >> watch past presidential debates, saturday night 8 p.m. eastern on c-span. watch any time on, and listen at 8 p.m. eastern on the c-span radio app. >> "washington journal" continues. host: again, for the remaining time, 25 minutes or so republicans only, should the gop stick with donald trump this after stories in the paper about phone call with house representative that was done by the house speaker paul ryan talking about the future as far as withdrawing support, not actively campaigning for donald trump and reaction from legislators. we will read that in a bit.
9:36 am
if you want to give your thoughts, we'll do that by time zone 202-748-8000 eastern central time zone. 202-748-8001 for the mountain and pacific time zone. we will take those in just a moment. we want to update you again on senate races taking place across the united states. our focus today what is taking place in the state of indiana. joining us, maureen ropey with the indianapolis star. she is the washington correspondent. good morning. guest: good morning. before we go into the specifics could you let us know about the players involved in the indiana senate race? >> the democrat is former senator evan bye teacher in indiana before his two terms in the senate. he left senate and decided not to run for re-election in 2010, a bad year for democrats. he said at the time he was fed up with the partisanship in washington. he decided in july to get back
9:37 am
in the race. the democrat withdrew from the ticket so democratic party could should bye to replace him. bye said partisanship was worse and he couldn't stay on the sideline and wanted to do something about it. the republican is a member of congress, he is in third term, elected in twenty 2010, the year bye left the senate. todd young, he represents south central indiana district. he won a competitive primary race in may, he faced another house member he was a strong support from tea party group tea party republicans and todd young, democrats are hoping the other republican, would win a primary, they thought it would be easier to win a general election. todd young won and it looked like young would be safety for republicans until evan bye decided to get in the race in july. host: as stands today, tell us about what polling and other things you can add on about this race is it a close one?
9:38 am
guest: it is a very close race. it's -- latest poll, public poll that we've seen has it within margin of error. bye started with lead when he entered the race, that was in large part because he has a still has great name id in indiana, still well known there. and todd young didn't have statewide, had competitive primary, there are a lot of parts of the state he was not well known. a lot of that came from the two factors, the differences in the poll. bye started out with more than nine million and left campaign fund. he was able to take to the airwaves and dominated. republicans quickly came to young's defense as they did in the primary. he got tremendous report from establishment groups to win the primary and come back to his defense and they started running more ads than bye has been running, democrats have been running.
9:39 am
it's been a huge battle on the airwaves one of the most -- most ads run in any senate race in the country. democrats are raising more money, not likely to see let up on the ad race. host: what has been the nature of the ads, the content or themes coming from both sides? guest: the ads attack bye for not having lived in indiana primarily for since in recent years for they say he became a lobbyist, now that is technical point, he was not a registered lobbyist, he worked for a law firm that did lobbying work and did more consultancy than actual legal definition of lobbyists. they say he supported bail-out of banks and went to work for
9:40 am
banks. one of his post-senate jobs, he was on board of bank works for a hedge fund and they also try to tie him to obama and to clinton and they criticize him for supporting the affordable care act in his -- right before he left the senate. the ads attacking young go after him on social security, they say he voteed with tea party to shut the government down, although he was one of the few republicans initially voted to with republicans to try to get obama to concede on changes to obama care in exchange for budget deal. that didn't work, he was one of the few republicans who voted for the bipartisan deal to keep the government running and avoid default on the government debt. but the ads say he tried to link him with that situation, that incident. they also go after him on trade
9:41 am
issues. carrier, you are probably aware of the role the air conditioner company carrier has, trump and sanders have talked about that, this company decided early this year to move some operation from indiana to mexico. and the democrats have attacked young for taking small campaign contribution from an official from carrier after that decision was made, as well as saying he supports trade and he doesn't support trade adjustment assistance for workers who lose their jobs because of trade. host: maureen groppe updating the indiana senate race. washington correspondent, thank you for your time today. guest: thank you. host: your calls on republicans only if the gop should stick with donald trump, let's go to asbury park. diane up first. diane, good morning to you, go
9:42 am
ahead. caller: good morning. i feel that the gop, they should not, they should stay with donald trump. they shouldn't be going against him. it makes me so upset sometimes, you can't say anything about these women in the country when they raise sexuality to the highest in this country, when they are going around sleeping with this one and that one and to prove it, all the abortions, millions of abortions that we have every year they want us to pay for. they are running after the men like crazy. okay. that was locker room talk, okay. and the republicans should know that and they need to get their act together. >> here this talks about what is
9:43 am
going on currently in light of the house phone call by the house speaker paul ryan to republicans. i'll read the first sentence, reeling from a videotape about donald trump overly bickered monday they found themselves at risk of losing white house, senate and maybe even the house of representatives. the house speaker, paul ryan, cut the cord to the trump campaign monday telling house colleagues to do what they need to do to survive politically, he would neither campaign for nor defend the party nominee. host: carissa, fayettville, north carolina. go ahead. caller: if paul ryan doesn't -- we will lose it all period. the republicans need to back the people nominee and that is no ifs, and, or buts about it. democrats are going to get in office and end up controlling
9:44 am
everything and controlling the people. that is what the democratic party has been about all along from the very beginning. host: cindy is next from connecticut. hi. caller: hi. i don't know, i'm disappointed in paul ryan. you cannot be on both sides of the fence and talk out of both sides of your mouth. the people see exactly what he's doing. he's telling people to do what you got to do to save your seat. isn't that what it has always been about? never about the people, it's about self interest and self preservation. i guess they do want hillary clinton to be in office they have nobody to blame, but themselves, they didn't do anything to fix obamacare or try to make it right. let me tell you, i am suffering greatly under obamacare. you know, but they let us down
9:45 am
and now they are running around we are still perfect and so forth. yes, he is flawed, but you cannot say i will not withdraw support and appear with him. it's just so transparentally, it is just egregious just horrible what is going on and they are taking away the hope of the american voter, just like the democrats took away the hope from the bernie sanders voters. i just love how they are trying to crush us and this is why donald trump is where he is. they cannot be amazed, they cannot be mystified, they know why this happened. they will never be straight with us and it is just horrible, it is very disheartening and i'm still fwing to vote, even though
9:46 am
my enthusiasm is waning, i'm going to vote for donald trump. he's not perfect, but he's better than someone siphoning billions of dollars, leaving haitians to die after the earthquake, taking the money themselves. host: mark in hermosa beach, california. caller: hi. host: good morning. caller: good morning to you. first of all thank you so much for c-span, anything close to perfect, you guys are it. now now, how low can we go? he's blown up the republican party in such a terrible way, it is hard to put words to you and i don't see what they can do at this point with one month left, how could they possibly fix this
9:47 am
this? it is going to be one more month of tapes dropping and wikileaks dropping and believe it or not, i'm old enough to remember when it wasn't this ugly. you know. you could disagree with somebody without being disagreeable and and -- host: halbert hello. caller: yes they should. i am african american. i am very ashamed of black people because they -- the democratic party, the last 30
9:48 am
years, 30 or 40 years, has done nothing for them, but use them for their vote. it reminds me on a horse farm, when a farm catchos fire, hold the horse, the horse will run into the fire. host: a story in the "washington post" about hillary clinton in light of events concerns republicans. she sees new opportunities to woo them because of trump's trouble. by john wagner, with donald trump leading support from high profile republicans, clinton campaign launched series of ads seeking to persuade gop voters to side with democratic nominee. four ads air nothing battleground states highlight testimonials from republican voters why they believe he is unqualified to be president. one ad released features douglas elman, former reagan
9:49 am
administration official now saying he's going to support hillary clinton for president. here is the ad. >> i cast my first vote for president as a college kid at the university of iowa. i voted republican then and i have ever since. but i cannot vote for donald trump. when i see him bullying people, trying to divide us, that is not the kind of country i want my kids to grow up in. putting party aside and voting for hillary clinton. i don't agree with hillary on everything, but i know she has judgment and experience and knows you need to bring people together to get things done. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. host: let's hear next from kenny in california. caller: yeah. hi. that personally just shows -- the man said he was republican, he's going to vote for hillary. they just had a thing on there that said he's always been a democrat. i just saw that right before i called you guys.
9:50 am
what i'm calling you about is when you have the thing before with other people, i forgot what it was about, you said african black man and that he was so upset. well, he was right in what he was saying. i'm from compton i don't know if you remember compton and southern california with the whites rights and stuff. and he's right in what he said and i felt so bad for him and -- host: current action of the republican party toward donald trump, what do you think? caller: i'm going to vote for trump and i am a born again christian. but i have followed hillary and obama and they turn the words around to make you years and it is just, iare supposed to be -- go to methodist church and stuff f.
9:51 am
you're christian you don't lie and they're both liars. host: okay . to troy in florida. how you doing? caller: doing well. i'm confused it seems people seem to say that donald trump is destroying the republican party. yet the republicans have come in mass, you know, to come and support the guy. and how can we say that is destroying the party if they're having a greater turnout than they've ever had? as far as paul ryan, you know, paul, you are showing what you really were from the very beginning and what you are truly about. this illusion that the media plays to the american people, they are the greatest magicians in the world, they make the truth disappear, the lies up here and it is all coming down, the veils are about to part and we're about to see who is behind the curtain and the american people have had enough of this. we don't like our jobs going to other countries, don't like the
9:52 am
fact we're paying higher taxes, don't like the fact our children are coming out of college and can't get a job higher than flipping burgers or fries though there is nothing wrong with that. america has got to stop allowing these people like clinton and keep in mind, i wonder who vince foster would vote for? you know, donald trump has not been tied to murders in his past lifetime. we're better than this, america. wake up. host: robert next from bangor pennsylvania. caller: yes, gop has to help donald trump he needs help. he not politically correct person when he speaks, like i am. now i understand what he's say whenning he talks because he's civilian and ryan, i see what you are now, if you are just going to worry about your own job and not help the republican party, that is wrong, get off your butt, help donald trump win.
9:53 am
i mean how could you not want donald trump to win after hillary clinton -- what do you call the emails leaks them. anybody that leaks email system hiding them. the gop should help donald trump. host: along with donald trump issues about wikileaks and release of information that took place. peter nicholas, show caution in clinton camp they write amongst other things, suggest clinton supporters have worried her campaign may be over controlled. starbucks ceo said the campaign feels stale with few signs of freshness and transparency that the american people, especially millennials need to trust and ultimately elect hrc as president. another string of e-mails highlighted saying over four hours one day in october of
9:54 am
last year, some of mrs. clinton's closest advisors went back and forth on whether to tell a joke about mr. trump's hair. sent -- clinton tell a joke at fundraising dinner referring it 11 hours of testimony before the house benghazi committee chaired by representative tray gowdy of south carolina. well on freshening things up, what about i used to be obsessed with donald trump's hair until i got to stair at gowdy's head. mandy grumwald, i love the comment, just wonder if that undercuts our statemanship statement too much. other things they released. to vick in crystal lake illinois. good morning. caller: good morning. how you doing? host: well thanks. caller: thanks to c-span. couple three points. one, before you vote, drive through your industrial parks and see all the empty buildings.
9:55 am
i mean number two, these people, hello -- host: you're on, go ahead. caller: these people that moved out and jobs that are lost, people have to work like three jobs just to maintain your standard of living and the obama takes credit for new jobs when one job moved out. think about that. and number three, hillary said she's going to cut down on prices of medicine what is she going to do start a commission and get all her buddies in commission and do absolutely nothing. that is about all i have. have a good day. thank you. host: from pennsylvania, bob up next. hi. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i am definitely a republican. and i think that it is a shame that the republican people are
9:56 am
saying they're walking away from donald trump because i know, you know and they know at one point in time and their life they have said the same thing about women to other guys and they should own up to it and they should back donald trump. number two. the person who tape recorded donald trump's conversation broke the law. he's a criminal. the news media, instead of condemning donald trump, should be helping the law find this person so he can be prosecuted. number three, women say, oh, it's a terrible thing, it's a terrible thing. oh. i've seen women at sporting events, seen them in bars when a good-looking guy come in there
9:57 am
they do everything they possibly can to get his attention. let's quit nonsense about how terrible what donald trump says. they should listen to their own husbands when they're out with their buddies and they would thank donald trump for what he said. host: next from matthew in rothville, georgia. matthew, go ahead. caller: yeah. i'm wondering how old you are, i can't tell. i was wondering if you remember the bay of pigs? host: from history books yes. caller: okay. recently i heard a news comment that russia was moving back into cuba and that scares the crap out of me. the other thing is i'm as a christian, i'll real upset that ryan acting as christian and saying he forgives everybody wouldn't forgive donald trump in all, during all this going on, it has been a long time ago, donald has asked forgiveness
9:58 am
according to a pastor on the t.v., but he seemed to hold him to a different standard and it bothers me that the republicans they are in there, i don't believe they are true republicans, they won't back their own party and yet they're voting for hillary, knowing all the things bad that will happen to this country and they'll turn around and not back donald trump. i just think that is a terrible thing to do. host: paul ryan is trying to help -- what might be in play, what do you think about that as strategy? hello. go to michael. michael from cocamo indiana. caller: like to thank c-span. i voted for cruz in the primary here in indiana. now that all this is going on, and really trying to put it to donald trump and that is exactly
9:59 am
what is going on. i'm voting for donald trump. i wasn't going to vote presidential, neither of them. now this is going on i am definitely voting for donald trump. people talk about morality, my god, it's been going on since the beginning of our country. let's get over it. let's move on. let's fix this and right now donald trump is only we got. thank you. host: one more story about wikileaks release of information. this is "new york times" writing about some contents in there saying mrs. clinton's voice is mostly absent, the leak includes few emails from the candidate herself, but exchange among her aides comedy defecting phoniness of washington and 124 email echange with top aides, a long-time friend and ad maker sent over possible slogan to some of her candidacy. neither change or continuity,
10:00 am
but the different way, the new way, mr. spens wrote, he went on, champion with clear vision and grit, we will build, not the partisanship, but state flying the american dream flag. again, some story you find in the "new york times" this morning. that's it for our program today. another edition of the washington comes your way tomorrow. we'll see you then. ♪


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