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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 13, 2016 8:24pm-8:42pm EDT

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endorsement speech i have ever heard done by anybody in history. you, royal oak michigan. hello. hello. how are you? host: good, what are your thoughts on michelle obama? caller: i believe michelle obama and president barack obama, i thought she did a fantastic job. she outlined every single policy agreement that hillary has set up for our country over the years. and on team hillary we are stronger together. i am ready to vote for hillary on november 8. host: did county, florida. dixie, are you there? can you hear us? caller: yes, i can.
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what did you think about what you heard? as always, michelle outdid herself. she is one of the best speakers that i have ever heard, and it seems to just flow from her. say, iing she had to think the people of our country should be so proud of our first lady and all she is doing for hillary. do you think that having michelle obama out their changes people's minds about whether or not they will vote for hillary clinton? i cannot imagine anybody after all that has gone on this week would not vote for hillary. but there is just no comparison. win ak that she should
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slam dunk, more or less. and that is not locker room talk. host: republican line, north carolina. wouldu someone whose mind be swayed after what you heard from michelle obama? not need to hear her, but i think she should run for president. i would vote for her in a minute. i will be voting for hillary. i do not understand, there has to be some way to boot him out and let someone else run. i liked him for maybe the first they and after that, -- show a guy that put his hand on missile release. if he is in charge of that, we are in trouble. i will be voting for hillary. host: have you normally voted republican in the past? caller: for the most part. host: do you think other
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republicans will be swayed, or many just staying home as michelle obama warned against, that protest vote? she was encouraging people to get out and vote. caller: i hope they get out and vote and do not vote for the other two, they do not have a chance. they may be fine people, but they do not have a chance. caller: ronald -- calling from south carolina. what he do think? obama: i think michelle is right up there with jackie onassis. andt beauty, intelligence, to be proud of. host: thank you for the call. georgia, robin is on the line, a republican. right: my thoughts are,
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now during this election, we have a president and his wife for the first time in history, out on the campaign trail for a secretary of state who has been under indictment, or almost under indictment. she is actually quite guilty, in my opinion. and now all of a sudden, michelle obama is out campaigning for hillary. when hillary clinton ran against obama, michelle was out on the campaign trail throwing hillary under the bus. so what is the big turnaround? did they just change their mind about hillary clinton? it is astonishing to me. and i think this country needs americaup, because needs to be great again and come
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back to reality. because the way it is going, we need trump. to takedonald trump over this country and take america back. host: what are you saying to people who have been hearing these allegations against him? i think it is slanderous. i think it is slanderous. he has come out and said, these people, a 30-year-old woman, it has been proven that it is all just propaganda. there is nothing proven, it is just slander and innuendo and nonfactual. it is just a smear campaign and it is ludicrous. host: hearing from robin there, a republican. and picking up phone calls. we are looking at the pictures on the screen, michelle obama greeting people in the crowd in manchester, new hampshire earlier today.
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she spoke about donald trump and about not staying home, making sure to get out to vote. and, campaigning on the behalf of hillary clinton. have a call from san bernardino, california for independents. what did you think? happy, i am not too because i know a lot about what is going on, i am a first-generation mexican-american. legal immigrants became came to america to be americans. ist i am not happy about, how easy it is to forget something when you are trying to elect someone. when you have e-mails -- i do not know how anyone could back someone up like that. host:when you have your biggests
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the e-mail problems that hillary clinton has had? caller: yes. vote, i have seen how the government works. i know how it is. americans taking care of those bullied during the 1980's. i decided never to vote for anybody. but i know right now that we need donald trump. host: thank you for the call. calling from the virgin islands. democratic line. i love michelle obama, i wish she was running for president. but we need hillary clinton because it is a big mess. rock?what will
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rock.: hillary's going to from georgia. thank you for taking my call. thatee with the lady commented on michelle obama. that isichelle obama, why i voted for obama. if he ran again i would vote for him 100% again. i really wish michelle obama would run. donald trump is commenting on -- there is no way we can elect donald j. trump for the next president. host: you're voting for trump? caller: no. never.
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i would never vote for donald trump in 100 years. host: you are in georgia, what are in georgia, what you hearing from people around you? i am voting for hillary, -- a loten democratic of times i tell them, nobody is changing my mind. i love hillary clinton and i think she would be a great, expert resident. host: washington post thinks the same way you do. they have endorsed hillary clinton, they sent out a tweet with a graphic that says no, we're not making this endorsement simply because ms. clinton's opponent is dreadful. and the new york times running a letter of its own today about the article that it printed, saying it found two women who
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were sexually assaulted by donald trump. toald trump asked them retract that article and this was the response, saying no, they will not retract that article. not only for readers, but the democratic process, these women deserve to be heard. you can read that on their website. eric calling from rancho cucamonga, indiana -- independent mind. i think michelle obama is great, and a really good speaker, and i like the way that she presents her arguments. it is very good. if it was notd, for people like her, i think hillary clinton would have a tough time. because i want to say donald trump is being treated unfairly by the press. msnbc, cnn, they are very unfair to him. when you challenge him on some of the things he says, he says
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but they beat his character into the ground. kid gloves when it comes to hillary clinton and her supporters. it is an unfair playing field. and people like michelle keeping hillary clinton of flow. who youve you decided will vote for, and has she swayed your choice? caller: she has not swayed my choice for hillary clinton. hillary has a worse impact in terms of her policies, then anyone else running. host: thank you for the call. albert, tennessee. thomas is on the line for independents. what you heard about donald trump recently? caller: i am a construction worker. i do not like her.
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did not like obama. and i was a democrat. and i do not like hillary clinton. host: are you voting for donald trump? caller: there is no thinking about it. host: what you like about him? and what about the accusations coming out against him? buter: i hate to say it, that is mostly locker room talk. i hate to say it. i have been around millionaires , and i'm tired of the politics. i think we need to get the government out of politics and keep decent men in there. i am not saying donald trump, but decent man, or women, i do not care. we need decent people up there. does anybody this time
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around for the bill? caller: no, none of them. we are going to get to a couple more colors. fort lauderdale, republicans line. [indiscernible] i was in construction for the past 30 years, i do not understand. donald trump could not run a supermarket. it makes no sense. it is ridiculous. hillary clinton, i think she is the best candidate we could have. no question about it. i do not understand these people.
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say so many stupid things. these people have to get educated. hillary clinton clinton has been around for 30 years. maybe she made her mistakes, but she has clarified that. think she should be the next president. president,uns for obama's wife, she should be the next one. host: calling from raleigh, north carolina. caller: how are you? host: good. you saw michelle obama's remarks? should stayink they out of this, they are using taxpayer money to campaign for her. they are saying everything that
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is wrong with donald, but nothing that is wrong for her. yes, i am voting for donald. and thank you for taking my call. this tweeta look at from the hell, reporting that the trump campaign is pulling out of the battleground state of virginia. ohio.he moved on to a lot of the crowd saying allegations against him were false and the young gop voters are unconcerned. he was in cincinnati earlier today. come up more calls rocky point, new york. listening to the program, i cannot believe how people do not see all the nasty things he has said about women. he made fun of people with disabilities, he has made terrible remarks about children. hillary has done so many wonderful things and people just focus on the nastiness that was
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brought up by mr. trump. i will vote for hillary because she is the only one capable at this time of becoming president with everything that has happened. go hillary. jackson, tennessee, republican. what are your thoughts? i just wanted to say, we have some really good people in office right now. go ahead and turn down your tv if it is interfering with your hearing the conversation. go ahead. caller: forgive me. just one more call, frank, orlando, florida. you have the last word. caller: the obamas have really helped the united states.
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[indiscernible] i am a latin man and i love my future president, mrs. hillary clinton. her, thank you so much. host: thank you for all your calls. open everyines are morning, washington journal starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. also, we will take a look at what donald trump said earlier today. but he will be also a north carolina, this is tomorrow, 7:00 eastern time. we will take you to see his remarks on our companion network, c-span2. and we will also hear from president obama, campaigning for hillary clinton in cleveland, ohio tomorrow morning at 11:15 a.m., eastern time. now, some of donald trump's remarks from earlier today in florida.


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