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tv   State Department Holds Luncheon for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi  CSPAN  October 18, 2016 10:23pm-10:58pm EDT

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are standing at attention waiting for the arrival of the time it is. let's listen now. -- waiting for the arrival of the run minister. prime minister.
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mr. thomas shannon junior. harman andrable jane mr. robert dickey.
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>> miss colleen mccain nelson and mr. john nelson. this. john turturro and
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catherine --. there are a lot of italian-americans that are part of american politics.
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do you have any thoughts on the election? >> definitely. >> what are they? >> these are complicated questions. mixed group. the closeness within the family. >> mr. mark smith and ms. nina
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smith. >> mrs. kathy burns and mr. kenneth burns. >> mr. henry goldberg and mrs. goldberg.
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>> mrs. gail mcgovern and mr. donald mcgovern. steve benjamine
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and mrs. benjamin. >> mr. wilson powell.
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>> mr. chuck todd and mrs. tristan todd. -- kristen todd. >> miss rachel ray and mr. john cusumano.
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>> i think i should only come .ere in sneakers think larry think -- -fink.
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andr. michael christopher
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mrs. sola christopher. mr. eric and mr. chuck --.
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mrs. kristen and pac --peck.
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>> mr. josh letterman and mrs. amy letterman. >> ms. christina lewis and ms.
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lloyd to --loita lewis.
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carlos -- and mr. bart
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dumas. the honorable jennifer -- and miss eileen --. you look lovely.
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>> i think we are all super excited to see them. >> mr. george stephanopoulos and miss alexandra wentworth.
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i am so glad i am here. i love the obamas. been in the white house correspondents dinner. this is a big milestone for me. my first day dinner.
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and fake diamond earrings and a real wedding band. what are you wearing? baby gap probably. he wants me to leave. kelly devil and mr. andrew dibble and and andrew dibble. mr. greg heard and mrs. greg heard.
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>> miss mackenzie smith and mrs. pam smith. >> the honorable sarah lewis and tyler lichtenberg.
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>> mr. jerry sign held and mrs. jessica fine held. -- jessica seinfeld. >> i have a couple of cannoli one-liners.
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>> we spend a lot of time traveling in italy and we are most exclusively love italian . it is hard not to be overwhelmed by all of this. a history that is here. the food. had his food many times. we are happy to have it again. >> thank you.
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>> the honorable andrew cuomo and ms. sandra lee. >> what are you looking forward to the most tonight? >> just a special treat to be here. i have the good fortune to be here during the clinton administration. i have not been back in a long time. there is a special symbolism in the last date dinner -- state
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dinner. it is great to be here was sandra. -- with sandra. we are very excited about mario bertelli's menu. mario but talley's menu. miss savannah guthrie and mr. michael feldman.
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>> mr. evan williams and mrs. sarah williams. and mrs. anddoerr door. door. >>
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mr. giorgio monie -- armani.
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>> ambassador david soren and -- ambassadorn thorn.horn and mrs. rose mr. mario andretti and mrs. barbara andretti --.
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>> tell us what you are most looking forward to? just looking forward -- this is the first time i have .een the obamas are [inaudible]


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