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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 21, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am EDT

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because -- nothing can be as bad as nafta. we are going to stand up to foreign product dumping and currency manipulation, the likes of which you have never seen. makes it impossible for businesses to compete. 70,000 -- you have heard me say this -- i heard it was a typo. 70,000 factories, and you know better than anybody, have shut down or left the united states since john entered the world -- since china entered the world trade organization. 70,000 factories. president obama is out campaigning. he should be focusing on jobs, on isis, on crime, on bringing back our manufacturing and not
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containing for -- not campaigning for crooked hillary. when i am president, we are going to start making in america again. and we are really going to start making things in your great state where i went to school, pennsylvania. [applause] also going to unleash the power of american energy in pennsylvania. shale, oil, natural gas, clean coal, and all the new infrastructure that comes along with it. the secure energy for america association endorsed guess who? donald trump. [applause] i am not surprised. we are putting pencil in your back to work and are putting the special interests of work. -- putting pennsylvania back to
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work and are putting the special interests out of work. we are going to rebuild our depleted military. [applause] it's depleted. our navy is the smallest it has been since world war 1. leading which 35 of the defense experts in this country endorsed this week. and i have endorsing me 200 admirals and generals. [applause] 21 congressional -- you know the metal of honor? people that are seriously brief. more brave than me. we have 21 medal of honor winners. [applause] we have lowest number of ships since world war i.
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we will build the navy back to 350 ships. that is the number that we. need. [applause] we are going to have the largest effort at rebuilding our know terry sent ronald regan. .- our military since ronald reagan this is one. -- this is when we need it. you have seen it after the philippines. arer years and years they now looking to russia and china because they do not feel good about a weak america. and that is a very strategic location. obamaer he did not want to come there a few weeks ago. he left, he should have done that with other countries. like when they wouldn't meet him at air force one. they should've said captain, let's get out of here. that happened in saudi arabia,
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right? that happened in cuba, right? probably the first time it has happened in the fabled history of air force one. all of this will require a truly national effort. the philadelphia naval yard is a perfect example. i will instruct my secretary of the navy to study locations like philadelphia with a long history of service to our military and proximity to target industry, what is a better place? and find ways to involve them in this national effort. we are bringing jobs back to philadelphia and pennsylvania. [applause] rebuild our navy and will do it with american steel, made right here in pennsylvania. [applause] dumping and there will not be currency manipulation. and if there is, there is going
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to be a price to pay. don't forget, we are the piggy bank. we have rebuilt china. they have taken so much money out of our country. you have not seen the airports, the roadways, the tunnels, and we have stuff that is falling down. our infrastructure is a must. as part of our plan to make your life better we will also rebuild our massively depleted infrastructure. instead of rebuilding other countries, our plan targets substantial new investment at home to fix america's transportation, drinking water, and other vital infrastructure. [applause] this can be achieved through a focus on public-private partnerships, proven financing programs and tax incentives that incentivize companies to make jobs and wealth producing investments in your community. this means help for projects like the pennsylvania turnpike as well as the pennsylvania portion of the appalachian
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highway system, which are falling apart in all due respect. my plan will also help pennsylvania of great or replace bridges to the commonwealth that have been deemed structurally deficient. so many of them you almost don't want to ride across. does anybody want to just swim and know you are going to be alive? so many of them are structurally deficient. and we don't do anything. we go to so many places in the middle east. theave spent $6 trillion in middle east and are in far worse shape than we were 15 years ago. if you did nothing, you wouldn't have the migration or the wars. we are so much further away. trillion.6 total ando we have? a complete mess.
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nothing, we would be in great shape. unbelievable. and then we back the rebels. the rebels turn out to be worse than the guys there in the first place. we don't know who the hell we are backing. what a group of geniuses. >> we need you! mr. trump: they say during the debate, mr. trump, how will you defeat isis. i i have a goodsay, gents of winning this thing, i don't really want to tell you. . sense?oes that make [applause] trump, the american people demand to know. no no, the reporters are the only ones. unbelievable.
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obama and clinton doubled the national debt in 10 years. instead of rebuilding america lostthe money, it was all and our infrastructure is like a third world country. owed. up to $20 trillion it would be one thing if the roads were in good shape, hospitals, the schools, the bridges -- the place is falling apart. we owe $20 trillion. that is a problem. but i will solve it. i am good at things like that. [applause] when she ranon, the state department, lost or misplaced -- they use the word misplaced -- $6 billion. you ever heard of that one? [boos] and now she's going to come and run the country. i don't excel.
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hillary is the most correct person ever to seek the office of the presidency. [applause] now from wikileaks we just learned she tried to get $12 billion from the king of morocco for an appearance/ more pay for play. $12 million, man. wikileaks also shows in new e-mails the clinton campaign boasting about working with "very friendly and malleable reporters." concluding a reporter from the new york times they described as "safe." i have that same reporter. she is not safe, she is brutal on us. i wish my people would say, she's safe, meaning they will do whatever the hell they want her to do. system and aigged
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big part of the rigging are these dishonest people in the media. big part of it. [yelling] they don't even want to look at you. they consider you like hillary, deplorable and irredeemable also. [boos] the special interest, wall street -- the system is rigged. i have been saying it for a long time. fully agree, i am right. but with your help we are going to unrig the system. [applause] am proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again. it is time to drain the swamp in
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washington d.c. [applause] [chanting] by the way, tonight will you go home and watch this on television, the only people it will see -- [cheering] people theree only sir. they are not going to show the record-setting crowd. they are going to become more famous because of this. the only people you see, they never move it. out being ady asked protester so the cameras move up?
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there is a protester! they move those cameras. protester.ere's a anotherere's protester. these people are the worst. one new proposal i'm outlining will help us put the corrupt regulatory industry out of business. they are putting your minds, your natural gas, putting you out of business. they are taking your jobs away. i will require that for every new regulation, 2 12 regulations must be immediately -- 2 old regulations must be immediately eliminated. [applause] inare losing $2 trillion economic activity per year due
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to regulations. think of it. the only people getting rich are the lobbyists and lawyers and special interest. they are all making a fortune. i am going to push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. [applause] we will and economic stagnation quickly. my plan lowers our business from 30% to 50% and lowers our income taxes from three brackets to sseven. taxes are coming way down for individuals. hillary is raising your taxes substantially. we don't already the highest taxed nation in the world. we are also going to rebuild our ethnicities. -- our dinner cities. african-americans and hispanics living in the inner cities are
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suffering. the violence is unbelievable. you walk into the store with your child, and you get shot. so much violence. understand some of the war zones you are talking about. there is no education. there are no jobs. there is no safety. in chicago, 3500 people have been shot since january 1. can you believe that? 3500. nearly 50% inup washington dc, and more than 60% in baltimore. it's getting worse and worse and worse. to the african-american and hispanic voters, i say what the hell do you have to lose? i will fix it. over donald trump. i'm going to fix it. we are going to fix it. the democrats have run the inner
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cities for some cases over 100 years unbroken. and they have not done everything except every 4 years they take the vote and get it for granted. we are going to help the african american community, the hispanic community. we are going to fix our inner cities and we are going to get jobs. [applause] we will be a rich nation once again. but to have a rich country, you must also be a safe country. national security begins at the border. speaking at a secret meeting to a foreign bank, hillary clinton said her dream is for totally open trade. their goal your jobs. -- there go your jobs. an open borders. there goes your country. hillary's plan includes an open border with the middle east. many generations of radicalism and terrorism spreading within
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our shores. it is going to spread. we don't know who these people are or where they come from. this will be the great trojan horse of our era. i don't want to be around -- i don't want to be the one that is responsible for the great trojan horse. than bringing in 550% more the tens of thousands that obama is letting. folks, we have enough problems. let me state this, and i will say it clearly. if i am elected president, i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [applause]
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[chanting u.s.a.] isn't it great how much we all love america? [applause] we love our country. we will stop the crisis of illegal immigration. a trump administration will defend and secure our borders. it will be built. the mexico will pay for that will. we have the first of her endorsement from our great people of ice, and the border patrol officers. the first time they have ever endorsed a presidential candidate. because they want to do their job. and they love the country.
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they want to do it right. it was reported that a man deported from our country six times in 10 years has been reported with the rating of a 10-year-old girl. texas police arrested a serial illegal immigrant who had been deported 5 times. the victims included 1 68-year-old woman with a cane that took his offer to drive her home. he after on the side of the road severely beaten. a 64-year-old air force veteran death by and beaten to a hammer with a repeat offending committal that should have been deported. they wanted to deport him, but the obama administration never got around to it. if i am elected, we will impose tough new federal minimum mandatory sentences for anyone that leaves the country after being previously deported.
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that way they are not coming back. [applause] and we will swiftly removed and support of criminal aliens from this country and dismantle the gangs and cartels preying on her citizens and youth. rither we win this election, o we lose our country. it is really at that. a victory for the american people. that is 100% a victory for the people of this country. to finish up, here are the amazing things we're going to do in 2017. we are going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan, and even actually a bit bigger. [applause] we are going to eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation. we are going to defend religious liberty. [applause] we will be providing school
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choice to every low income child in america. and we are going to end common core and bring education local. [applause] we are going to support the men and women of law enforcement. [applause] are going to save our second amendment, which is totally under siege. [applause] and we will be appointing justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. [applause] days you have to get every last person you know out to the voting booths. this is our one magnificent chance to reclaim our country for we, the people.
10:21 pm our last chan i am going to fight for every citizen of every background from every stretch of this nation. i am going to fight for every child living in poverty. i am going to fight for every mom who lost her child to illegal immigration and gang violence. i'm going to play for every community whose job and factories have been ripped out of your state. look at what happened in ohio and new england. look at upper new york state. look at what has happened to our country. and they have shipped all of these jobs and companies. have shipped them to other countries. we don't make things any more. we are going to have apple start making things in our country. we are good i have companies like apple start making things allin china, in vietnam or
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over the world. they will be happy to do it. we are going to have these great companies make things in our country. i am going to fight for every person in this country who believe government should serve nde people, not the donors a special interests. i am going to fight to bring us all together as americans. we are a divided nation. we are can bring everybody together. imagine what our country could accomplish if we worked together as one people under one god saluting one american flag. [applause] [chanting u.s.a.]
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in 10, 40 years you are going to look back at this rally for the rest of your life. movement like has never taken place in our country before/ . [applause] media doesn'test like talking about our movement. [boos] you are going to look back at this election and say, this is by far the most important vote you have ever cast for anyone at any time. you are going to be proud of your country and hopefully proud of your present. [applause] win-- "trump"]
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changemp: if we win, the you have been waiting for will finally arrive. [applause] must get out to vote. we will win. we will shock the world. this is going to be brexit plus. [applause] brexit plus. and a lot of people know it, they say we can't poll this thing. i just left of north carolina, one of the big polars said, we can't poll this thing. a congressman from tennessee said, mr. trump, we have never seen anything like what is happening. we have been doing this for 25 years. [applause]
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they say, we can't poll this thing. people we have never seen before that have never voted because the never felt like voting. the people that are running. they are coming out and wearing hats. they ared amazing . they love this country. november 8, go out and vote. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you. [applause] ♪
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>> ♪ you can't always get what you want can't always get what you want you get what you need ♪ ♪
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>> with the election 18 days away, both the clinton and trump campaigns have released new political ads. here is a look. >> in 2004, my son was stationed in iraq. he saw a suicide bomber approaching his camp. my son moved forward to stop the bomber. when the from exploded. he saved everyone in his unit. died,.e american soldier my son was a captain, 27 years old, and he was a muslim
tv-commercial tv-commercial tv-commercial
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american. trump, would mr. my son have a place in your america? clinton: i am hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators. no conscience, no empathy. some are new to politics and completely. that is a mindset that is affecting. put half of trump supporters what i call a basket of deplorables. trump: i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> donald trump's america is secure. terrorist and dangerous kept. our families safe. change can make america safe again.
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donald trump for president. you missed any of the presidential debate, go to using your desktop, phone, or tablet. on our special debate page you can watch the debate choosing between the split screen or these which camera options. you can even go to specific question and answers from the debate, finding the content you want quickly and easily. use our video clipping tool to create clips of your favorite debate moments to share on social media., on your desktop, phone, or tablet for the presidential debate. >> a campaign stop in cleveland, hillary clinton urged supporters to get to the polls november 8 and dispersed her proposals for education, criminal justice reform, and preventing gun violence. marcia fudge gives the opening remarks at 45 minute event.
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>> well, it is finally time. [applause] finally time. i want to get one of the shortest introductions you have ever heard. [applause] because i know that you know a number of things that i know. if you want better schools, you are going to vote for hillary clinton, right? if you want to everyone damages to go to college, you are going to vote for who? if you want to preserve social security, who are you going to vote for? >> hillary! >> if you want someone that cares about our cities, who are you going to vote for? >> hillary! >> if you want a world that respects the u.s. if you want health care, who are you going to vote for? >> hillary! >> if you want freedom of religion, who are you going to vote for? >> hillary!
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>> we pick presidents. that is what we do. we do the heavy lifting every four years. we are tested and we are tried. hillary clinton can count on us because we are tough. mayor, you know what we have been through. we have lived through a burning river. we have lived through default. remember we used to wear t-shirts, you have to be tough to live here. where have we come? we have a renaissance that everyone in the world is talking about. [applause] we are the champions. [cheering] so let's make 2016 the winning year. let's win the world series. [applause] let's win the presidency. [cheers]
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2016 is our year. come on up hillary clinton my friend. [applause] ♪ [applause] mrs. clinton: hello cleveland!
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[cheering] mrs. clinton: wow. there is nothing like being introduced by congresswoman marcia fudge to get everybody going. i am so excited to be here. what a time to be back in cleveland. [applause] the indians are going to the world series. [applause] won theafter the cavs championship. what a year for cleveland. you really are believe-land. [applause] i for one am hoping for a great lakes series. i spent a lot of days at wrigley field as a kid. so that would be a dream come true for me to have cleveland and chicago in the world series. and for us to win ohio. [applause]
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i want to thank all of the people who are here today because you have heard from some great great folks. i want to thank governor ted strickland, and candidate for the u.s. senate. [applause] we could really use a democratic senate to get things done for the people of ohio abd n americ. i want to thank mayor frank jackson. i want toecutive, thank my great friend from youngstown, congressman tim ryan. in.we need you all we need you, all-in. [applause] your rallying together, and we need to rally together.
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i really believe we are stronger together. [cheering] anybody watch the debate wednesday night? [cheering] well, that was the third and that i will ever have to debate donald trump. [applause] hours onw spent 4.5 stage with donald, proving once again i have the stamina to be president and commander in chief. [laughter] [applause] really, you just have to be a good chair when you find yourself in situations like that. and because i love this country and i believe in the american so clear inuld feel
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my own mind and my heart about what we can do together. saying, iwhat he was just kept thinking of all the people i have met throughout this campaign. i had the chance to talk about some of the most important concerns on people's minds. and as i said then and have said continuously, we are going to invest in the middle class. we are going to invest in you and your families. we are want to make sure we produce enough good jobs with rising income that every single person, especially every single young american here today, will to go as far as your talents and your hard work will take you. and we are also going to protect our children from gun violence.
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there not going to tolerate kind of gun violence epidemics that have swept this country and resulted in the deaths of 33,000 people per year. we can come together to meet our challenges, no matter what they are. but on wednesday night, donald trump did something no other presidential nominee has ever done. he refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. [boos] make no mistake, by doing that, he is threatening our democracy. he is basically saying, hey, w'' ve been around 240 years, and we've always had peaceful transitions no matter who won or lost.
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election -- lose an i have lost elections -- you don't feel very good the next day, do you? but we know in our country the difference between leadership and dictatorship. right? [applause] and the peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart. it is how we hold our country together, no matter who is in charge. i went to 112 countries as your secretary of state. [applause] and i saw the difference between what we do and what others do. i was in countries where people jail their political opponents, or execute them. or exiled them, or invalidate elections if they did not win.
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that can never be allowed to happen here. i believe that is true no matter who you support in this election. whether or not you support me, or you support my opponent, together we must support american democracy and the country that has given everyone of us so many opportunities. [applause] that, myest way to do friends, is to turn out and vote. [applause] mrs. clinton: [laughter] those are great. that is great. i am excited because we are well on our way. there is an inspiring story being written by people across america. and many of you are getting involved in this election. some of you for the first time in your life. thanw have in america more
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200 million registered voters. [cheering] that is more then we have ever had in our entire history. news foris really good our democracy. [applause] than 50 million millennials have registered to vote so far. [cheering] you know what that means? young people will determine the outcome of this election, which i think is good news. that means our future is in good hands. and listen to this, because this is really exciting. more than 4 million people have already voted. [applause]
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including many people right here in ohio. [cheering] in fact, in the first four days of in person early voting in ohio, four people showed up to ey did at the same time in 2012 in our last election. that is fantastic. and it shows how serious people are taking this election. so numbers like that remind us that no matter all the negativity that is out there, there is something really exciting happening right now. people are coming together. democrats, republicans, independents, all of us to reject hate and division. [applause] people are motivated to vote
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early, to defend poor --defend core american values. to embrace a future where everyone counts, where everyone has a place, and everyone can continue. that is my vision. i have a hopeful optimistic, unifying vision for what our country might be. because from the beginning, our campaign has been focused on ideas, not insults. on bringing people together, not telling us apart. -- tearing us apart. i want all of you to know that is not only true for the campaign, but if i am fortunate enough to be your president, i want you to know and i want you --tell anybodyy you know any friends or colleagues at school or work who may be planning to support the other
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guy, there is what i want you to tell them. i want you to tell them that i want to be their president. i want to be every single american's president. whether you agree or disagree, whether you vote for me or against me. [applause] disagree we can without being disagreeable. i believe that. i have seen that happen. i want to be a good listener. there are a lot of people in ohio that are discouraged, frustrated, even angry about what has gone on in their lives, about losing jobs. they are upset about what they see happening around them. i get that. i think anger is not a plan. we need plans that will help us deal with legitimate and questions that people have here
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in ohio. i think that is what the country needs now. and that is what i will try to offer. i am not going to pretend that we can just snap our fingers and solve our problems. that would not be fair, it would not be true. but i know we can make progress together. you deserve something to vote for, but just against. --not just against. [cheering] directly to the challenges that a lot of people especiallyo face, when it comes to our economy. i believe simply that when the middle class strives, america thrives. america from the middle out, not from the top down, we are more likely to provide better lives, better incomes, better
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opportunities for more americans. [applause] my opponent has a different perspective. he really believes if you get trillions in tax cuts to to the wealthy, to millionaires and billionaires and corporations, everything will work out. it is trickle down on steroids. i believe differently. that we must invest in working families in the middle class, and small businesses. then we will power the economy. [applause] and that is what we are going to do. we are going to get the economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top of have done pretty well over the last years. likes to say he is on the side of american workers. but his actions tell a different story.
10:47 pm
he has been buying cheap chinese steel and aluminum for his construction projects when he should be buying good american-made steel that supports good american jobs. [applause] a very important issue in ohio because you are one of the largest steel producing states in america. you understand how important this is to support the american steel industry. i am going to let donald explained himself to the steelworkers filing for unemployment. he has put chinese steelworkers to work, not american steelworkers. we are going to change that. [applause] and for all of his talk about putting america first, he has made his products in at least 12 other countries. trump sues were made in mexico. -- suits were made in mexico.
10:48 pm
they could have been made in brooklyn. his turkey could have been made in cleveland. trump barware is made into slovenia instead of toledo. if he wants to make america great again,why doesn't he start by making things in america again? [cheering] know that he has not paid a dime in utterly come tax for years. he says that makes him smart. i don't know how smart you have to be to lose $1 billion in a year in the first place. but what that means is that everybody else, all of us, have paid more in federal income righ than a billion or, t?
10:49 pm
that means he has contributed zero four our military or our v ets. zero for telegrams to go to college. -- pell grants to go to highways. zero four helping us with new jobs for the future. tim kaine and i have a different view. ew want to make the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii. jobs and infrastructure and manufacturing, clean energy, technology, and small business. we are going to make america the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. [cheering] i've set some big goals. i want us to deploy a half-million more solar panels by the end of my first term. and enough clean energy to power every home within 10 years.
10:50 pm
we're also going to shrink -- strengthen education at every level, starting with universal prekindergarten education. [applause] and we want good schools with good teachers in every zip code so that every kid gets a world-class education. i want us to bring back technical education in high school. i think it was a mistake when we took it out of our high schools. it is at remember community colleges like this that thousands of people in our country, of all ages, get such a good start. public going to make colleges and universities tuition free for any families making less than $125,000 a year. [cheering]
10:51 pm
education should lift you up, not hold you back. we are going to help you pay back and pay down your loans. too many young people are burdened by those. it's going to be great to help you pay it back as a percentage of your income, so you are never on the hook for more than you can afford. senator bernie sanders and i worked together on this plan that will save millions of people thousands of dollars. you can go to hillary to how much money you and your family can save with our plan. [applause] forso want to do more apprenticeship programs. i thank all the unions represented here for the great apprentice programs you have in play. thank you. apprenticeshiprt
10:52 pm
programs and skills training with business and labor unions. they are going to be good jobs for welders and machinists and health technicians, and computer coders, and so much more. i want everybody to have the chance to get your piece of the american dream. i think the american dream is big enough for everybody. [cheering] and we are going to release -- to raise the national minimum wage. nobody that works full-time should still be in poverty. the debates the other night, i want to make sure that we take care of people on social security who are low income workers. and women, particularly widows who lose half of their monthly payment when their husbandss die. we have to do more to make sure social security provides a decent income for our seniors.
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don't you think it is finally time to guarantee equal pay for women's work? [cheering] the equal pay issue is important in and of itself. if you have a mother or a wife or daughter or sister that is working, you want her to be paid fairly. that is good for the entire family, right? equal pay issue gets at something deeper. we have to make sure that women and girls are treated with dignity and respect in our country, that they deserve. [applause] we cannot tolerate the kind of behavior and language we have seen from my opponent. he thinks that the little and women makes him bigger. goes after their dignity, their
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self-worth. i don't think there is a woman anywhere that doesn't know how that feels. we are been a standup for everybody -- men and women, retirees, the young, millennials -- everybody deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. [applause] and i have said repeatedly that we are going to perform the criminal justice system so that it works fairly for everyone. and we have to address systemic racism that is still too big a part of our lives together. i want to give credit to all the young people and people of all ages who have been marching and speaking out, doing everything you can to make issues of policing and mass incarceration and environmental justice, economic justice, educational equity, gun violence, voting
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rights -- that they get the attention they deserve. it's important that we lift these issues up and work to make sure that everybody in our country feels like they are seen. and all the advocates and activistss who have challenged u to think about the issues of race and justice and equality and opportunity in new and powerful ways really deserve our appreciation. i am going to do everything i can to lift these issues up. one of my hopes for my presidency will be to root out systemic racism and bigotry and discrimination in whatever form it takes. [cheering] really, when you think about it, my name will be on the ballot, but it is not just me. people say, she has lots of
10:56 pm
plans. i do. but i also have a lot of humility about this. i really believe our country is at a turning point. that this is a crossroads election. so yes, my name might be on the ballot, but the question is, who are we as a country? what are our values? what kind of future do we want to create together? it is so easy to get cynical about politics. i know that. but this matters so deeply to our families and our communities and country, and indeed our world. i want to say something to people that maybe reconsidering their support for my opponent. i know you may still have questions for me. i respect that. i want to answer them. i want to earn your vote. i am reaching out to all americans, democrats, republicans, and independents.
10:57 pm
i think america needs every single one of us to bring our energy and talents, air-conditioned to build that better country. i hope that as we move through these next 18 days, everyone thinks seriously about what you really want to see. not just any president, but in your life, and your jobs, education, and our future together. the only way we can have that positive optimistic, unifying future, is if all of you help us get there. every phone call you make, every door you knock on, every voter you register a big difference. i hope you will give whatever time you can for these last days. you can go to hillary to sign up to volunteer. you can text "join" to 47246 to join. we can elect democrats up and
10:58 pm
down the ballot, starting with ted strickland and others that are running. [applause] early in person voting -- in person voting in ohio began on october 12, and it ends november 7. so you have more of a window to vote than a lot of people in other states. i hope you will exercise that. i hope that you will decide about,r issue you care you can in your mind's eye, you can see that on the ballot next to my name. see it, whether you care about climate change what we are doing to protect great lakes law creating good paying clean energy jobs. whether you believe women should be able to make our own health care decisions. [applause]
10:59 pm
mrs. clinton: if you believe marriage equality should be protected. [cheering] americans should be treated equally. [cheering] if you believe we should do more to stop the opioid epidemic that is destroying lives and communities. that we should do more to help with mental health and make sure that people get the treatment that they deserve. if you believe we need to get the cost of health care, premiums, co-pays, prescription drug costs down. [applause] ms. clinton: if you believe that we should have a foreign policy where we work with our allies, not insult them, and achieve common goals for peace and prosperity.
11:00 pm
[applause] ms. clinton: this is our chance to send a very clear, unmistakable message about what kind of country and future we want. i have two of the most wonderful grandchildren ever, and i see them whenever i can, i face time with them all the time. i think about them endlessly because i feel such a sense of responsibility. not just because they are my grandchildren, obviously, and i would do anything to help them, but because i want everybody's children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities, to chart your own future, to believe in yourself, to contribute to this great american democracy of ours.
11:01 pm
to be part of an economy that lets you up instead of dragging you down. i am motivated by the work i've done my entire life on behalf of kids and families. i will do whatever i can to make it my mission to get every single person, especially every child and young person, the chance to live up to your god-given potential. let us go out and prove that love trumps hate. thank you. [applause] ? ♪
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>> greetings from ohio. the republican have ever won the presidency without it.
11:14 pm
they chose richard nixon over kennedy in 1960. its sets ohio depart is regional diversity. it is easier to see how they balance each other. are more populous. they voted since 1980. we see regional tendencies. when you look at the median percentage, will ohio be a bellwether in 2016? donald trump's most strident voters are white voters. restes not look like the of the nation. here is why. there are more blue-collar voters than most swing states. example, eastern appalachian
11:15 pm
counties are full of blue-collar whites. the supported trump in primary. these republicans are wealthy and well-educated and wary of tron. trump. >> that web video is available online at its and joining us from cleveland is politicalmert, a reporter. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. let me begin with the political geography of ohio as indicated in that video. the five ohios. how does it break down in terms of the expected turnout for the democrats and republicans on election day? , i'm actually in cleveland today for a rally for
11:16 pm
hillary clinton here this is an area that is democratic. go for an area that will her. cincinnati is much more conservative. whereareas are areas hillary clinton is going to do better than donald trump. >> with understand the voting blocs, but where does clinton need to cut into trump and what does trump need to get from the persuadable clinton supporters? college-educated men and women are traditionally a voting block for republicans. couldear, hillary clinton pick up some votes in ohio. there are suburbs around columbus and cincinnati and cleveland where there are a lot of college-educated white
11:17 pm
individuals. these are people who voted for thegovernor john kasich in gop primary. they see these people as people they might be able to convince a cousin of trump's -- because of trump's rhetoric. trump is doing well in southeast ohio. that is the appalachian region, which has voted for democrats in the past. it is very much trump country this year. sharp divisionhe between the chair of the ohio republican party and the trump campaign? kasich isecret john not in the donald trump campaign. does that affect the turnout by mainstream republicans in ohio? >> i think it has potential to play a role. the trump campaign has not been making a lot of friends with mainstream republican voters.
11:18 pm
the exception would be cleveland. john kasich did not participate. he was a presidential contender and did not endorse donald trump. also the chair of the ohio republican party has had some tiffs with each other -- with the trump campaign is a. they sent e-mails that the chair was not getting on board. this is not going to change anybody's mind. it might be encouraging that trump is bucking the establishment in ohio. the average republican voter might be turned off by that. is the obamamert, coalition in place in 2016? is there a strong democratic ground game for hillary clinton? >> the democrats are hoping the obama coalition is here for hillary clinton. and 2012.ohio in 2008
11:19 pm
is that -- weg have seen less into the asthma among those groups. the clinton campaign is hope to offset any losses in those areas. suburban women, those are the college-educated voters. >> let me ask about the senate race, one of the key races. rob portman is challenging your former governor, ted strickland. what impact is it having on the national race in ohio? will one effect to the other in terms of turnout? it's interesting because it is usually the presidential race that affects the senate race. in this case, trump might actually rely on rob portman's
11:20 pm
voters, mainstream republican voters that come out for trump. there could found be a decent amount of ticket splitting between people who might vote for hillary clinton or conversely in the appellation region, my to vote for ted strickland and donald trump. which would be interesting. she writesalmert, for the cincinnati inquirer. her work is available online. thanks for being with us. on election day, november 8, the nation decides our next president and which party controls the house and senate. stay with c-span for coverage of the presidential race, including campaign stops with hillary andton, donald trump, follow house races with our coverage of their candidate debates and speeches.
11:21 pm
c-span, where history unfolds daily. when you grow up in an environment like i did, you need people to play a heroic role in your life. luckily i had that. and sister and this is the story of how they impacted my life. talksday night, jd vance about growing up in a poor white family in his memoir "hillbilly elegy." connections not this between education and opportunity. even the people who did well in school did not take a lot out of themselves. you saw so many people not really having good opportunities . it was hard to believe that school matter that much. >> sunday night on q&a. friday, we looked at the
11:22 pm
state of the presidential race with jim barnes. is two hours. >> washington journal continues. host: joining us at the table is jim barnes, senior writer for ballotpedia. is the place to go for all that writing. this campaign different, and put it in the broader perspective of how this country moves forward after what we have been dealing with. because, is different largely of donald trump. you have a total political rookie that goes out there and the republicanns nomination. you got hillary clinton, who
11:23 pm
would be the first woman president in the united states. stages been on the public for 25 years or so. it is a rather remarkable combination, that we've got. the big question that everybody -- we saw that in the third presidential debate. we even saw a little bit of it at the alfred smith dinner, last night. how does the country move forward, after such a tough, hard-fought, divisive contest. towill be a challenge whichever one of these candidates inns up winning the election to pull the country together. that is not going to be an easy task. we live in a pretty polarized country, right now, and this has been a very tough campaign. host: on numbers on the bottom
11:24 pm
of the screen. supporters of donald trump and hillary clinton, those of the first two lines we will put up, and then we have lines for third-party voters and undecided voters. we believe those numbers on the screen and we will generate some calls and get this conversation moving forward. isind us of what ballotpedia all about. guest: we are a nonpartisan, nonprofit website that really is sort of the encyclopedia of military american politics. we cover everything from the presidential race down to the school race -- school board races and the largest school districts in the country. we have a great feature where voters can go and plug in their address and take a look at what the ballot is going to look like
11:25 pm
when they walk into the voting booth. we've got a not of it -- a lot of initiatives and things on the ballots besides they presidential race -- besides the presidential race. tried that, yesterday and it was really easy. i learned a lot about what is going on to get set for november. is the place. guest: we are a nonprofit funded by contributions from individuals and corporations. host: we want to get your take on what donald trump had to say at the debate and in ohio about the results and whether or not he would accept them. we know he came out briefly in ohio and said i will accept them if i win. then he came out later in that same speech and elaborated on what he is talking about. let's take a look.
11:26 pm
>> america is a constitutional republic with a system of laws. these laws are triggered in the case of fraud or the event of a recount where it is needed. of course i would accept a clear election result, but i would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge, in the case of a questionable result. always, i will follow and abide by all the rules and traditions of all the many candidates who have come before me, always. bottom line, we are going to win. we are going to win so big. host: your take on this week's dialogue. guest: it certainly was the big
11:27 pm
moment of the debate, and it was a bit of a self-inflicted wound by mr. trump. he is kind of a rookie candidate. it doesn't necessarily understand or appreciate all the traditions of politics. if you remember the very first , thee that was in columbus very first question was asked by brett mayor of fox. anybody on there was this day, raise your hand if you cannot rule out running as a third-party candidate, i and donald trump raised his hand. he was the only person who did. e forused a big kerfuffl weeks. he ultimately signed a pledge, sort of a loyalty pledge saying he would support the nominee. this shows this is just a guy
11:28 pm
who does not like to be pinned down. that,tinctively resists where a politician -- a more experienced politician, somebody who has run for office, they would understand the convention and understand that you just specter of not respecting the results of the election, and i think we saw from that clip, donald trump trying to walk it back, but even at that rally, earlier on, he just could not resist the temptation of tweaking everyone by saying, i will respect the results if i win. this is a guy who loves to thumb his nose at political convention. host: before we go to calls, some have compared the situation to what he said in 2000 in the bush election.
11:29 pm
is that adapt collect -- comparison? guest: i don't think it is, because we had a different circumstance. we had a recount situation going , itn florida and ultimately got to the courts and it was decided by the supreme court. for camp so important -- for candidates to concede on election night? what is it about that moment? number one, it is sort of reinforcing the tradition that we respect results and that we have this kind of peaceful change of power transition. time.back to that 2000 over whata cloud happened next. having to wait for that supreme court decision.
11:30 pm
it complicated the transition of george w. bush. a person gets elected, they have three months to create their whole government. having something like that did not make it any easier for the bush folks to carry out their transition. you recall they were not announcing nominations during that period. we know staffing up an administration is a pretty big job, and you kind of need every minute you can get. that is another reason why we don't want this kind of question after the election. we want the new president to be able to get on with the business of creating a government, and focusing on how to lead the nation. barnes,rst call for jim alexandria, virginia, a trump supporter. caller: good morning. i am a trump supporter.
11:31 pm
i honestly think he speaks more to millennials then hillary clinton. i am a millennial so i can say a little bit about that. host: how so? caller: he is real. he is raw. when you look at what he says, it is unpolished, but it has an integrity to it. rehearsedt it is more and i don't feel the integrity with hillary. it is not so much that there is that whole issue with the security clearances and the documents being translated back in north, it is the integrity of the person and if you watch them during the debates, it really riews hillary having this ee
11:32 pm
kind of smile that i just don't trust. i don'talso say that see myself being to go through red tape. may be entered -- other generations see a kind of hierarchal structure to get to a -- get to the next level. hillary has a lot of experience, but it is about having a voice, having a vision, and acting on it and not letting any roadblocks get in the way, that you might consider to be a natural progression and a more traditional style of leadership. host: we know the group that is called millennials is a very large group in this country. are they going to come out and vote and what are the candidates doing to appeal to them? guest: good questions.
11:33 pm
younger people tend to vote at a years rate every four then in the midterm elections, so we are still going to be looking at this election, as to whether or not the turnout matches what barack obama brought to the polls in both 2008 and 2012. some question whether mrs. clinton can do that. emily is the type of voter that hillary clinton's campaign worries about, but we have also seen evidence in the polls that younger millennial women, and it confounds the clinton campaign, are really resistant to mrs. clinton, notwithstanding the fact that she is breaking the highest glass ceiling in the land. probably iscampaign going to focus on social issues,
11:34 pm
a lot. she talks about her strong support for gay marriage, she talks about other sort of issues related to more of the tolerance arena. i think that is one of her big pitches to younger voters. donald trumps pitch to younger voters is hey, i am a businessman, the kind of guy who can get this economy moving. you are just starting out in your careers, some of you are just coming out of college. i am the guy who was going to create a lot of economic growth and that will create jobs. host: moving on to james. calling from in the district, he is a hillary clinton supporter. caller: good morning. mr. barnes was very kind when he alluded to donald trump not
11:35 pm
really being qualified. joke, so much that it is scary, that a gentleman who has the candidacy in his hands has one basically two points substance factors. is going to build a wall, and export 11 million people. my question for mr. trump, who is going to staff your hotels and i don't understand how this if i'mome an issue of -- if i am going to in one breath, he says we are going to win, and then he is already recounting the votes that are not even occurred. how does this become a national issue?
11:36 pm
that is my question. it becomes a national issue when he sort of dropped that little bombshell in the middle of a debate with 60 plus million people watching, so it gets a lot of attention and totally dominated the third and final debate and it is an unconventional position to take, to start talking about maybe i will, maybe i won't support the outcome. questioning the election's integrity is not helpful. the caller noted trump is a real rookie in this. he did not do himself any favors.
11:37 pm
on the issues front, that is another thing that comes up in the debates, that thou trump does not have the kind of policy death that hillary clinton does, so when he is in these debates, he really can't string together responses to questions where he is highlighting his positions on what he would do if he would get into office. not serve him a lot of times in the debates, he was just sort of reduced to disagreeing with mrs. clinton and he would just sort of say wrong into the microphone. depth hasf policy been a handicap for him in this election. host: washington times
11:38 pm
hisorialized about statement that the mainstream media cooks the story. the notion that a losing candidate must not been any circumstance look for fraud is absurd. what is the reality right now, as you see it in this country when it comes to supposed voting fraud? guest: i don't think that there is so much fraud in any jurisdiction, for instance that could swing a state. if you get into a situation that is close enough to florida. we had an election that was ultimately decided by about 500 votes. of, hey,nto questions our people casting their ballots in the right district?
11:39 pm
i don't think we have seen enough concrete examples. votes, this, buying is part of our election history, but it is history that goes back to the 19th century, that may have gone back to some of the big-city machines, during the new deal era, the 1930's. -- you back to a time read the excellent series on there are some pretty outrageous examples of voting fraud that happened in the famous 1940 lyndon johnson senate race. another book talks about the ballot box stuffing that probably went on in the rio grande valley for the kennedy/johnson ticket in 1960.
11:40 pm
has it happened in the past? sure, but i think this is more of a function of the past. barry in north carolina, a donald trump supporter. caller: good morning. i want to make couple of comments concerning the media. nbc, cbs, cnn and i have been following the election for over a year. i am just curious as to why 75% ourhe commercials put on pro-hillary -- are pro-hillary. why do you think that is the case? it's the think maybe
11:41 pm
money spent on commercials. let's be honest about it. host: is it simply money? guest: yes. mrs. clinton and her allies have a lot more money than donald trump. it is probably a more professional campaign, in some sense. they have been plotting out these media buys for months. some people will say it is ironic that she rails against all of the ark money and the darkulated money -- of the money and the unregulated month -- money that has flown to american politics, but there is no doubt about the fact that many of the independent groups that are supporting her campaign , that are running those ads are funded by that kind of money. host: john in florida,
11:42 pm
undecided. caller: i think american voters have to think about their own individual interests when they vote as u.s. citizens. looking at america now, financially, only the richest 10% of u.s. citizens can have the same standard of living that educatedas a typically u.s. citizen could have had in the mid-1960's. i don't believe in big tax cuts for the rich, i don't think that helps the economy. the immigration issue and keeping the drugs out of mexico and the crime out of mexico is certainly very important, as is the renegotiation of bad trade deals. hillary is very intelligent, but the thing is, she and her husband have a long track record of basically serving not so much the regular
11:43 pm
people, but her big donors who bad actors who use corporations to do bad things against u.s. citizens. offshore jobs, cheap labor, overcharge for drugs, health care and all insurances and banks. foreign lobbies like the one that got us into the iraq war. 2002 andl lobby in then 2003 got us into the war. trumpk on the balance, will be better, but hillary would be a nightmare for the typical u.s. citizen. still undecided, but you just stated your opinion of each candidate. ready you think you are heading? caller: when i look at the balance with respect to the best interest of the best majority of
11:44 pm
u.s. citizens, with the broadest perspective and the most information over the last 50 plus years of history, and look at the way the media has been so criminally monopolized to support one candidate and the fame another, i am kind of leaning towards donald trump as being the best person for the typical u.s. citizen. guest: i can remember a campaign from, i think it was 1992, when you had a lot of conservatives complaining about the favoritism that the media was showing to then candidate bill clinton against incumbent republican president george h w bush. people said annoyed the media, vote for bush -- annoy the
11:45 pm
media, vote for bush. the media is probably more liberal than the more broad public at large. .t is interesting i don't think that caller is that much of an atypical person. there were voters out there who are veal -- who feel the media is an institution that lectures and cannot take a joke. the media is an institution that is too politically correct, and there are a fair number of just don't like the media. host: that last caller was undecided. the you have a sense of this year's undecided versus past years cycles? we have four candidates
11:46 pm
running, we should not forget that gary johnson is running as a libertarian and jill stein is running on the green party. even with four candidates, even with two well-known -- candidates, you still see into the low teens percentage of people who say in polls that they are undecided. i think we do have a lot of voters out there struggling with their choice. one reason is that a lot of people have commented, both clinton and trump, they have pretty high negatives, their favorability scores are for a low compared to past potential candidates -- presidential candidates. mike, a clinton supporter. caller: thanks. in pennsylvania, school boards have taxing authority.
11:47 pm
i live near harrisburg, but i have a summer home four counties away. i could vote here at home, but i can't vote for the school board where my summer home is that i pay a school real estate tax on is illegal,ng twice unethical, but at the same time, i am being taxed there without being represented or having any say in who is on this school board. do i have a point here? guest: i think you are a little off the beaten track. -- if want to stay in the you want a say in the school board where your vacation home is, if it was that important to you, -- host: ohio, richard, a trump supporter. caller: i would like to say something about -- i was
11:48 pm
watching the media, the other night. the person on there was asking the questions and they turned around and kind of beat around the bush to answer the question. she just doesn't answer the questions. i was watching the other night, -- they came up with this -- i think if he would've come in there, we finally would've gotten back to the situation and he might've done something about all this. i surely think that hillary not -- [s indiscernible] was theoss perot
11:49 pm
third-party candidate. we mentioned gary johnson and jill stein. he is the third-party candidate who burst onto the scene in 1992, in that election and scored the highest national popular vote since teddy roosevelt. impression on the .ountry, in 92 then try to keep his movement .oing to little bit soft the presidency again in 96, but saw his vote share tumble down from 1/5 of the vote to about 7%, the second time he ran in 96. he sort of reflected a little bit of what donald trump reflects.
11:50 pm
not is a businessman, experienced in the world of politics, but he says i will go to washington, and i will shake the system of and get it to perform better. as early vote by state map. we are seeing a variety of colors. what do they mean, and are you reading anything yet about early voting? map, the states that are in red, those are --ces where there is really you can vote early, you don't need any kind of excuse, you can just vote early. different states have different lengths of early voting, of an early voting period. carolina will be a battleground state with a relatively long
11:51 pm
early voting period. are statesin yellow where you can vote in person, absentee or vote absentee. those are states that have kind absentee in-person voting. you will see virginia in yellow. excusesnot have never with absentee voting, but one of the excuses that a lot of voters in this area will appreciate in virginia. if you think you will be at work or stuck in traffic, your commute is going to take up more than 11 hours in the day, you can cast your vote absentee. in the light shaded
11:52 pm
states, colorado, oregon and washington, those are states that have mailed my ballot. they vote by mail. everybody gets a ballot and that is their voting system. they really don't have much of an election day turnout. dropnk you are allowed to in a couple of places. , thosetes that are dark are states with very restrictive absentee rules. ,hey don't have early voting and you have to have a good excuse if you are going to vote absentee. atsequently, if you look those states, state like
11:53 pm
pennsylvania, states like michigan and new hampshire, on an life -- on election night, you will see a very small number of absentee votes being counted. host: nona, a trump supporter, good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to know how everyone can say that the ballots are not going to be rigged, when george soros owns these machines. the caller earlier said that he had to vote four times just to get his candidate, and this governor in california has signed thousands of illegal and i don'to vote believe they have a legal right to vote in our elections. believe work, i don't anyone here illegally should be able to vote. tv, it showed them lining up by the miles to vote against trump.
11:54 pm
i do believe -- i am a 60-year-old woman. i remember when the clintons were in. i remember the scandals and the corruption. there is no way that hillary clinton is not going to try to corrupt the system. iso not believe donald trump ,oing going off left field saying it is going to be rigged because it really has been, in the past. guest: i think i have to disagree with the caller on one point, which is you have to be a u.s. citizen to vote in an election. i don't believe that an illegal allowed to cast a ballot under any circumstance in the united states. i would be really shocked if that was going on in california. host: donna from north carolina,
11:55 pm
a clinton supporter. that wei have to say don't have a choice but to accept whoever is president. what choice do we have? i am 68 years old. , represent millions of voters baby boomers. they were caught in the middle. i get social security, i don't make enough to support myself, but i make just a little bit too for medicaid and things like that. the candidates have not said boomers.about baby they are both, baby
11:56 pm
boomers, donald trump and hillary clinton. i don't think we have heard a lot of issues debated in this election relative to some others. i notice that c-span is running lots of the old residential debates and you can catch them, and i think if you listen to those debates, you will hear much more discussion of issues than we typically have gotten in the three debates that we have gotten this year. one of the issues that i think has gotten the short stick is we have not had a serious discussion about entitlement reform, social security, medicare. chris wallace took a stab at it with a question towards the end of the third debate, but by and large, it is not a topic that airing in thisod election. one of the reasons why we like
11:57 pm
issues to have a good airing in election is because then it gives the new president some kind of note -- some kind of mandate or authority to go forward and propose these things. the president is able to say i campaigned on this, i'm going to do what i campaigned on. of course, any kind of major entitlement reform i think is really going to require bipartisan cooperation because if we don't have bipartisan cooperation on something like medicare or social security, which touches so many people, then those changes are not going -- have a lot of popular support and there will not be confidence in these changes. we see that dynamic around obamacare, the aca. host: 20 minutes left with our
11:58 pm
guest. is the website with a lot of political information. next up is an undecided caller named tom in the carolinas. caller: i have to agree with the last two callers, that there are questionable things going on with the way the voting is done, including when you backup somebody or go up against -- go up against somebody. politics with voting in a new court clerk, and i went against the court clerk and i am still being ridiculed for voicing my opinion. i made truck signs and i was
11:59 pm
voting for doyle markham and she is still ridiculing me. i was detained this monday while in her courtroom for calling in a bomb threat. i have numerous people that saw , yet i was detained for 45 minutes, and i know that rating was going on. i can't prove it, but i am doing my best and i will continue to do it. i agree with the other two callers. the millennials are being taken care of. there are people that are not citizens. i've got dual citizenship, which was held against me during the last election. i am both american and canadian. i do not run home to canada to vote. host: thank you for calling. his interpretation of what is going on, he can't prove it, but he is saying it. guest: i guess this is a
12:00 am
,autionary tale before people not to just dismiss this. this issy for us to say not going on, and i honestly don't believe it is widespread fraud going on in this country, but i think we have to take into consideration that people feel so passionately about -- they don't have confidence, they suspect there is a lot of fraud going on. that is not a great situation and i hope that elected officials can get out there and do things to reassure, both at the local level, the federal level, that we go out and maybe have to go to extra -- go the extra mile to reassure people that the system does work.


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