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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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exrint myonvictn sceaihe nn w, rsofll l masyoabt th. u e reblan wh hpe t yr partif eris tmpesen - pridcy kn iisinof hd. evenf er i'a um pridcywh hpe tth reblanar? haes: i n'nohow th -- benying otrha a gil iverseth wld t efhewoar syem not ju teltibuth prar wt s wh rn. heef dendn fomoptnsase eay w t pma. pendend t rhts ll
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comi. bdiert. arsahenehi ian toayregardlessf o win they m not cl grappling wi riaanetic tsis, t erhagotoe meininhaspe. we e havg,e veo ape thowo you ve effecve in crsilyivseocty rtullyn e ere were t mstfheesti enroenof more th a ca odowhtl pits, yi tmake ppl aaiof ch oernd did fm ch he yoc't ve eecve i wea't g aayo ckle that. ybits intoeeend nkinarndhedg. viousl w ws gngo
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make dfenc iha tfireuthere a b psincisoi t iner opoci bau i ri fm me tmont thonthg atas n chge sakg omhe 7 omuty whom a u. cizs,is atrmaseepricedn whhe lin boninhe eran filorot th ive rl. oerayn donen wi oeromnies, ase ve taldefe. th ia rymporta pce sakg,enal he furuthais r len shg tha coerti to haen rt of whatapnein01 was the w o aop on wh roeyonr lt y edo me iluvewhh wod weom
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mae naive, thght 20 wod t yr puics ulgi democts r f thr ney coetg r tis d hecounieof lo. any,emra te es coites forranted -- mmits r and d ly d puics inthr b r em ent comes toatosfo exple,eplins are theiowwot enemy an fens'es analysion a we do't ntt fus onit s cae h aad ndat ybitas banda but w aad cdidateunng a platform u veee fuinfomo tn decade
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it wouldrg i20, eyever dltitthe su. ev tk hold the s poioayg, mn w n cservate ou. ars: ttutsy me e li romndio e p edtoas mpreheivimgrio rerm ofouehecrted it to tt cat htity th aop. e e coitn s miatn fo. the talk rioig svehi asthrnc elesavaect oto fst ieg iignt ons. ats trie. o crication, and
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e 12ftma, e he juinhings,vebo voedhangedhe md. enanty wasalngor efm.n atideato barsa oterctil ain buletoeglaon in the na. w, t te u t t hseth mor was co. aine fusg aidrmleiowe crazy dint terms ofs arti. ite ve to t u . whasefouofhe discsif what is into happen tth rubca, what gngo pp to th decrs. thfahat althe op whartrpuprtsreot
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lely mivedy cend hn vws a t hearmovad thr per a tir blessns d e tenogil soscce ee thatas ppedo em d ty n kw ato . eyreurelwmeca aniten a if yoar gog avsoalea, u edo kevebo io acunt. aninheemrac rt y veilonofisfeed op w spoedere nds. pptesobo w h bn avvtiofbsesnc, fe le e rtyasef emehd,he is npay torngooanth unnsth a daparg d inak f gnt. sohey arleft o. anthe maye cong
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togeerfhe ppl n ou t iue- is is coecd tecoms,ut n arnd -- y hate tis blacks bua w igent cinin at dirti. wh iea ithwrinff tseeoe who nit weaye ou n wteff peop w dnoooli u hinkho w dot likes. theyremerica le a. o? ds at ilu rast i ou n be tain i shldethe aiee k quti. remb, u shod d your esonita? enfyouelves.
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he microon and t fit esonig or er m ne audience. aan stolwip se in yosa. pili ruiresnealy foito rk yosa tt. d e ces soal nsuchawareedo usnealy oocty soapalism n rk. afr e eleio psint amhaaid heiltrto sshepphereonhye yst s tasd beusheayheant lp riryayins' p making money itoaksu th he ea lor.
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wi t cre psinc elti gngn wh y kw, ow u tt he meut andoldru, at hped there,hawi yhi llapn tss rn in aorra doccyy th tn citalis - decry, ratr an catasmorhe pli ea tt e denion ocatasm ai undeto i w y assum inuaty bau se op wi he me, a se op le. anwe he eno uerhe cotiti. we he ive opty wshldxpt ertoe menealy. op tkbo tt er wi ner banmo ds t rkt
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beusasong ase he pitalism wwiavany quit thquti i h my baiers wl putn e y ppl wth re se hehi, nd, d at ll we aut i sd at e ups d wns armore falyisibuted soha iththg w tainabt. caranis sunngheiv rht coisonndlionnde ord,ndeoe ry hd g i weer td w gngo benefiamic wke. befedho pchin chpoo,utotorkers ihira ia ug issue. the ma pbls, if you al cebout pooreoe d rllcabo woinclseople o ac arsufferg,e wldige t at i nt te ery
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li wenge in. we eaginoliciean then en there ioaill, w fireutmae wehod sothg ouit athod d li wn eyel u wn have dveess cars,he bls - dvele cck-- tckilonof ivs lle t t or wh wl d werenetehier weo notov opocy l's hopehathne pridt,bamaasri, t t'ho tt eex one whev wwant to mein let'ho ty figu o wt wl dan hoto mimize y aly. keh:uestioov he. wi ce backo. i
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goo bodi sooinew rs. i ar l odiusonbo disine angheld geraon ailnnls paicar, i wonr y hadve r osiny netion iegdso p adanacgog rwd r e xtleio aadfs? it iantosk you quti. watheonventn phadph and aotf ppl we pteinpp, ll me wh iis about tppha inres young peleo much >> ihi wh rar tyoung ople, iabt athedo t ow. its ro tngspiay e osctfavg e iveou tt ul
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silllelaer rpatnsully t small unientleing th net omheesrc. r un ppl ielve peonly eecllarnd e ft ate n fly unrsndhesptsf e poti aunit a the w itunio ithwod. r , its reikitwe wahis toapn,ute nohave h to reh it. ndt,heaioi, e nvti wer--e nt somebyikbeie nds hlaliono shows atayo reac osri, tecsalypp orth tra -buotr ad bls tdigr wh e dime of pili. aute ryt s ndtmt? keitouo t init
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ques inequaly? citishaliedor peleut oovtyanny he steinnt b han thinuaty isily trsfretohe pital coecd. keith: tt n aai coaron av: ido n mte ifoureoi to sath catasms d. ry io t y w bk. keh: i thinkhashai rendmef e ur hill ques mean, a cio atohe eson oinuatyccding tooudigree oageit th citisreir inuaty coar totr sts. ik ihale a qli th any oerysm,ecse leseoe t o-- op o o per a i gis emhepptuty roh rdoran teri. atbad sts wchhe
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veme contrs ref e ecom me licay coecd -ov pplwhtry toor hd d tngou ofheysm. inoju a qliha anquit i is relati inmehamaer chchl said at sociasm the a qlity -- eqli ith stem. buco olivingatrs thetuso eera. e initoeist ler the co of gos d svis wcabu th iefcte. i i inealit a inmesow- ry sd at av: areonngo the eson fr trade notnlakif beeroreoe dabeus itetthr ll garer t t'nofoethafr tre ao neci tth pelehoreupyi wh
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us wh odanseic. ifoureakg thi i vina a tt zero veho, a hpi tse pelen tseouri. it iyoarmangn ho icha r penni a ho y a helpi tse op t? ikbsuty. inhaaiddle-clasnoof millionsf ophaso emntinthglal mart. haveootthgas d coize th a n jt y s trie ateoe ars: tnkhis arsa ihi ts wre we g sck erti weav dcuio wery to ket toiny opitn. s e alys,he trh wt u id andt i tr tt pili ruis ceaiamntf i i--m ntf iqualit
6:31 am
amics wereilngo aept th eatn athe wld senealy cae er wathprisofpwd bity. you wk rdnd d yr joandiwhat you are peedo , u ulno alysetu ithsa poti. d youridcod bte d fth buherosef wa moli aow ppl generally saking,o y, o i n t wh eqli cae therishapris what ixpedig n wn somniesho do t ve w forrdenatn tegeraonnoonha tiree pen sin chilenot doi bter th th d, neth tre reroemwipwd bitybunoitsxped aor elit y,heam olicdo wstr
6:32 am
have bn eos. wsea eade o coonit bwe tse spdi tpa othdold ummeod othbuin meod- bnie th, es mmits e spate a th m b rpoin ith couniecod e thathe were andedndefbend beusitoenomaer whetr idecr o reblanthsa ppl coed t befs. dootantostli a lsquivalt,he a my ffens, butha ith reit ma cmuti a fli b anweavheard omot sis t ale, lkbo bmeeoeor eiowcoitn. ers,essoesiee is poananit ipa othe amic d, t the nio
6:33 am
th iyowork hd d u ll havthpptutyas enhaend d empor hanolo and tt wt ople are reactg . itha you. tre a qstn ckhe? tha y. itopully i can geto eueioth y wteto k. remy qstn is, w ei working wh e plabs, comingroeit arsrothprident, rkgittuntfr hierduti, e nvsaonom dn tt esenba cnoge anhi de cae ia ac psint r , tnk with is econs er athg at lle ne wh r ars or gh yrsf won in pridt? es xopbianth soniicyp tt e t stots,ut connug th e eleion, tt erar
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licis inthsa rg. doehareteo li anhotoe rkitho xi fksth rists, e putis tms opocy rermfoa ma psintn e xtouyes? chle oth gdepie th qstn, wha i tubng mef spoer he #, pe t nthmeme. in respoe this mi o fr pitalciti,f lyom h tvo, ey ulwiheleion wi a gint ld ycmor 0 lu.-lasle,00 d the pote is ue. ifnlmecod ve,ha doldru wldin itels meindely ouin abt e ndive
6:35 am
licay in ts uny. backo e initth plabs,nds e sint llni orhe le u, raat in thmilef e ceio tt meuthe jo we ar. whhewerealng aut plorabs peopl ocor, a aay sckn is didu ariti cim th w dcued eli wh imal jti. atidouo wng mienalwhraat din thecsi, ghaway n bs anall th co we, y he htl a yo sdi o yr su? uou fil no -- flow s, did, and sdith50 otr op. aute ma:heroblem-
6:36 am
ars:heroems ner t tndlying obms ene lk autillennls d tk out gbazaon d js goin orss. the xt uisra. and dpledorrs to youpot outh js,hegf waa ea pcen pitico oushehde bbas. do e heconverti, e utnboiny urs,he is a odoo coleea a autoo capitasmbacapitasm an- s txiedn e rlatnyther te. ergornnts regute there - erycomysrl . ihoyowi dit th iall mid enomies sot beces aueion ofoo
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catasmr dapalm d w pete eris pcebo arolr buybks herlionald ouit o the caai sw. am wh, ayg e mbs aorra cuur aninstg js. rit, eecllif youren existi eloe d eang w bs. deinwi ai-mpetite prtis tt a fdi ou n, sll, sap bunees entinin t maetecseou have bi ngmerateheorraons whhaonoltifeur. itk. anhe qstn. i nto k questn il we areaking quti over re doouonde yrsf a puic? aughte ea oe t
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reblandetoday. ars:ay bore dold um [lghr] avik: he hanosa t wor reblan v arothanon- am ani amiawith t imrtndxpts i ha gwnp withhi anctn l life. e unys or, bunoit is gwi ubeusweo loofra whngnd bt c.t buit irely hd r . annoweovto america. -i veau eson, beusiatedhe basndond umay a dnotoppra
6:39 am
nd me era grea agn, b fm kwledgei ain -ist es poci? yodo notanto tradeit anod b tres ne geraon a pplwa t g , eyo t nto sy onple. nyere wh y gr u amera aigoury t e restf eor, op a tdiveday. u nnoth amall cotrs adgitenan anauraa. ith:haisouueio aut theskg congredes, f dal trp, sho igog bom threde?
6:40 am
beushere iaot- ith: wt llheex pridt authess o trade? paicar, t stit vina-- >> a t cntries keh: indstd. wa toivanpptutyo swer. anyofoyo cmes. merica- r e stf e wld th is fite iornt wanhoilbeme esenacevthosio keitmecaasee rcveasheolemf e rlanthtresss tnkf dfent here an oth cnteshe pelere afftedict. w wts to spd? ma?
6:41 am
ma: iavbe t vtna i was erdunghe w and see,-in,o amer fali wh e suaon ther -a mb ootr ac wh icweran e st myoi autraareras outhwoinoo a unnsnd allf tt uf at meantaswh you me oly,heert aut ade or somhi ee, we do nothkbo wt llapn t pple inhicotr anits te,heere ke ootas arinsndur veme, e rs reonsibilitys t ppl ofhenid ste th ds txcde reonbity totrsbu thk ou arinsheyou doakthe licies antoofn he d poci wreoby out thugwh wl hpeto
6:42 am
op ithunedtas weava adeahiwaor atay toofn eyayhisik my good fenhe, att lleltheoe tt country. it m, m or ma n. orhaweug tdot cae ithright into a aerllwe shod whe e bos. amayg,meca wke ne tbeaken io cot. wh wl he em d otrwe,e have lk lack o it --ndolizio anpelehaha to be tak ca o th w m pa. noth wshouldav -no tre wh yby. d thk tt e xt esen iit w cnt, llolw tt li. atheaisoundsikth isuroly. eesahe ia prlehe. doothi i inessil
6:43 am
ad is w welle i threitisllf tse ad agreementmight be fe tre reen, t eyre mageagreemtsndt abt whoasheower t befithr iusy seorth ith rli. unr e eera agrme, weado ghikelo t ngsso retohera sianroamth wld lpisacorrsn e s.ndexo magth efctoft. gog yr pnt buwh wee rig n ino uniquener ttoliticns llotnge eangl nvsaonwionitnt orolks tthe -hare yi tenge b, amgastt, bemes threal tng asppedo re coerti owh i ndso
6:44 am
ok likanwh dweeeto ga i on emp, is itr o imgrio wree vead decrs recesee lik th ndetoayotngr b sintn e su ty e ilhi fm er -- eolngrothe. t sat ldsram nisriryorene soharin tosrutal imyn e ti, sticking hunndryg xpand cseative pnclean wh iigti ror mes ns y cnote mth potiancaotavre coertis th the cotien. ith ty n'dot. anweomim a ver weome tt reemandeth. av: iil me qckoi.
6:45 am
loofeoe tnkond umpasoohenview o potics. i ul auehaisothe se hisie aohenanth isowould dw . hes nivt ro a poci. hes ain feier competg th arinsor bo hes ain feiers coetg th ari f gds d rves th ifr tde anhes ait eran voemt foly, oay eanghean t y, wl t iold foig ws and erythin el. he i aatis evytng onef s pics e ouloininrd a beg ra oengi wh he cnteser rtully n-eopn unie anth is inderstd at eraregimateolies anthdetebo wth fr tdesoooradnd
6:46 am
w me emorfo rks ari. the atrn t antirade memt ats ou nivm d t out onic ites >>uily nedarsly aos a o thre steha rus t thexnsn medicd,nd thllhe veshato acinones tyctll to pcen erod ou thouryn osretas e reoanatn tt cearon pital lel s ditextl tt, includin erydy a n
6:47 am
picsgastoo peopleo rwd. ith: tnke werealng ouedaiexnsn keuc. do y wt tkleha d u e omenck rit? chle iento sooin kentky bn,ayhathe ve d e in auty rt da i wl pntoun e rectio oso rubca. ody eug 'm reha nc cldpe aut ts. i thk ou mste goverr tnessee there are es hrithgs thhe a. eyrehainligibity anrdanasngeoe ki iin ter oremium eskis his.
6:48 am
believen wldno beerut the a a hdf ofeplin gerrsho he nehe eanon a plentis breesng rtnairstoo iin eiowwaan cngso o th resndoto iexactl th w i w ctelad,ut ditn cseate y, ki peopltoay ltl bi me. th ias cse rubca ha ce i ma: he someinto say outh. sa setngbo ihi on the lynef osretates in t sthhe pr op vehahave ten medicd paio lisnaecse . vte h tseex anls t rubca h lo tthdecr a t decr g ianheas
6:49 am
acpt iinouiana. thpot wa tma i-- k yrsf w treasuc nigolinheanag amar ttefpa, puit thimorninli a tck uldre i f t suem crto didth t stesou n make tir nin authion, en ereson iold,suly ere ison othtu a yota ianun- but e as im ldy e gs at notte omacareth might lng pplli t liabt tngth d odi nodouthedinowa t netie thepublinsn ngssndidot wanth toeehath we dng and they d n wt emo re wt theyerdog. sohewe hpyo ss ias w a fur o, wl t e hes tenarof te sit w alaic
6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
reoducti rhts, ient and search with t recenvents the news, knew tre would ba lot infortion and iwould lp me gure o what i waed to s about it d it would help me r my oline. did not te a meodical proach to e procs. u could ifouanted but is anssue tt is too dense. is realla procs of workingnd reworki. i wadoing me researcand th comin up wi more ide that iould rearch and sai -- it uld be great sho and en anoer idewould me upo focuon and i wld do rearch aut that. you just kp going unl you nally g what the finisd prodt. >> ts yea's themis you meage toashington,.c. ll us what the most
6:59 am
importanissue r the esident ancongre to addres in 20. our competition is open all mile schoole and highschooler's with $100,000 awarded in cash prizes. students can work alone or in a group of 23. include some speed -- c-span programming and also some opposing opinions. the prizes will be awarded between 150 students and 53 teachers. the grand pre will goo the udent or tm withhe best overall eny. isear's deadlines january , 2017. marketouralendars a help spreathe news. >> washington journal is next with your phone calls and later we will bring you campaign appearances by hillary clinton and tim kaine in pittsburgh and donald trump and mike pence at a rally in cleveland. in 45 minutes, katie bo williams
7:00 am
of the hill and wikileaks and its effect on the presidential campaign and former base player ath nirvana, now chair of nonprofit that advocates for election reforms. ♪ host: it is saturday, october 22, 2016. today, cyber attacks shut down a host of popular internet sites yesterday, raising concerns over u.s. cyber security. sites including twitter, spotify, netflix, and the new york times websites reported sporadic problems after a wave of disruptions targeted a company that provides the critical infrastructure for internet access in the united states. wikileaks claims the attacks of thate by supporters website in retaliation for


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