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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Tallahassee Florida  CSPAN  October 26, 2016 5:38am-6:17am EDT

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ramping up electricity when you need it? at the moment the best choice is gas. there are no turbines that work that fast except for spinning reserves. how do you marry these questions in a much more complicated system going forward? that is the explanation we have to do and that is the model we have. in all cases come if you have a high carbon footprint that will get smaller and smaller over time -- it will not work. we will not solve the problem only with gas. we will solve the problem with decarbonization and gas is a transition to that. >> we have time for one more question. there is one here.
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>> chris from the energy daily. i wonder if you could give us a sense from the u.s. perspective what is the best realistic outcome of the marrakesh conference. jonathan: i think there will be three buckets into wish i would -- which i would bput the discussion. it is the first political meeting since montreal, the kigali conversation. what does that mean? ministers come together and reflect on the new world dynamic. the second, paris itself has a variety of explicit obligations that it incorporates. we are now and to do by the first series of parties technical tasks. there will be an accelerated timetable and a degree of urgency around the technical work. we will sit down and do negotiations over those predictors. the third is a structured set of prediction -- discussions over what is called the action agenda and that is a series of themed days were rehab discussions on everything from energy, in which gas and renewables and
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efficiency will play and they will have a theme day on water and agriculture and on forests and on finance and on adaptation. a series of these days were senior figures from around the world with expertise in each area will begin moving us in the way of negotiation into -- negotiation into discussion. paris was negotiation and barack started phase two. >> i will grant myself the privilege of another question. do you anticipate a morocco document? which will be inscribed and gaveled through as a concrete take away? it sounds like you are describing a lot of discussions. jonathan: i do not know yet, i think it remains to be seen. i can imagine the pieces coming out in the standard form, which is decisions. you have to have a decision with the timetable and with the program of the works and with a decision recognizing conclusions
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reached and captured by the parties of the paris agreement. the decision is what we use as our structure. the first decision that comes out of morocco, will it be a
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i think it will be. how much will be in it? i think that will be a function of these discussions. had he recognized progress we made it but do not rest on your laurels and demand the next stage? historically the host country has wanted that document. the paris agreement, the lima accords, in south africa, each one of these has their own structure. i would think the moroccans would want something saying, this is what happened at our conference and we can look at with pride as the president and host and we would endorse that kind of an effort. >> thank you so much for your time. great conversation. [applause] >> i want to thank jonathan and coral for this incredible discussion a great moderation and questions from the audience. thank you for being here and we look forward to your coming the next time on our next program. let's give around of applause for jonathan. [applause] coming up, hillary clinton campaigns in coconut creek florida. the donald trump holds a campaign rally in tallahassee. on washington journal we look at pennsylvania. that's live at 7:00 eastern. 2012 republican presidential candidate mitt romney is in washington today speaking at the u.s. chamber of commerce. he has been critical of donald trump.
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we have live coverage on c-span. servicesh and human department announced the average health insurance premiums for 2017 plans rose 25% compared to 2016. secretary sylvia burwell talks about health care policy and costs at 6:00 p.m. eastern. bobby kennedy's last words before he got off the stage were on to chicago. the next day he was due to go to chicago and meet with the powerful mayor richard daley. tells me there was a 70% or greater chance that his dad would have endorsed bobby kennedy for president during that trip to chicago. author and former boston globe reporter discusses his book bobby kennedy: the making of a liberal icon. >> had he beat richard nixon,
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america would have been a different place. some of the issues we are revisiting today of racial tension and international discord might be a little bit different if we had tried to address them 50 years ago. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. hillary clinton campaigns with florida u.s. senate candidate patrick murphy was running against marco rubio. this campaign rally was held in coconut creek, florida. ♪ thank you also so much. great to be back in coconut creek. you having fun today? humbled to beand here today with hillary clinton, or country's next president. [applause]
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and by the way that most qualified person we have ever had the this country. and i think as we all know early voting has officially begun. it is so important that florida turns out to make sure that their voices are heard. the selection is critical to our state into our country. i announced my campaign to be florida's next editor march of last year on a promise to fight for all florida families. to me that means defending a woman's right to choose. that means protecting social security and medicare for our seniors. means fighting to protect our environment from the damage that climate change is causing. and working to reduce the gun of
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our communities. that also means creating an economy that works for everybody. my dad was a union carpenter who never graduated from college. he started his own business on the back of his pickup truck. he had no guarantee of success but he had a passion for hard work and a drive to build a better life for his family. i know so many floridians have the impassioned and they deserve the same opportunity to work hard and live the american dream. are being held back by an economy that works for those at the very top and is leaving too many behind. that's what's at stake in this election. this decision on november 8 is so important. with the future of our economy and country on the line. who are republicans trying to
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elect in florida? donald trump and marco rubio? we not going to strengthen our economy with donald trump toss and marco rubio. we're not going to live it up with donald trump demonizing immigrants and muslims. we're not going to create an economy that works for everyone with donald trump's misogynistic attacks. where does senator rubio stand? when donald trump goes low, marco rubio is right there with him. marco rubio claimed he would stand up for donald trump if elected president. really? really? come on. how exactly is marco rubio going to do that when he cannot even stand up to donald trump as a candidate? donald trump boasts about sexual assault and marco rubio looks the other way.
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donald trump praises dictators and encourages russian cyber attacks and marco rubio stands right by him. more than 160 republican leaders abandoned donald trump paused to get it campaign but marco rubio? right there with him. marco rubio continues to put his personal political ambitions first every time. you need courage to stand up for what is right and marco rubio has none. you see, senator rubio likes to excuse his support for donald trump by saying that he disagrees with secretary clinton on everything. of course he does. hillary clinton shows up to work each and every day. you see, marco rubio earned the worst voting record of any senator from florida in nearly 50 years.
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hillary clinton with hard-working florida families. marco rubio opposes raising the minimum wage. hillary clinton has spent an entire career, decades, fighting for women's rights. marco rubio said it will rights were a waste of time. marco rubio can state low with donald trump. but i am with her. [cheers and applause] >> you see, hillary clinton knows that our economy works best when it works for everyone. that we are always stronger together and i got into public service because i was tired of the dysfunction in washington easy and decided to do something about it and i am willing to work with anybody to solve a problem and that spirit has defined secretary clinton's entire career. she will be a leader who brings democrats and republicans
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together to strengthen the middle class and reduce the barriers to opportunity. raising the minimum wage. investing in education. reducing the burden of student loan debt. and finally achieving equal pay for equal work. [cheers and applause] >> hillary clinton knows what needs to be done and she knows i do make it happen and i look forward to being with her every single step of the way in the united states senate. you know, marco rubio has this habit of saying that we need to make sure that donald trump lenses election. no we don't. here is what we have to do. we have to vote. that is what we have to do. early voting started here in broward county yesterday and runs until november 6. vote early and make your voices heard. but when the country that we want to leave our children. vote for leaders like secretary clinton who understand what is at stake. vote to show career politicians like marco rubio who refuse to stand with floridians that the u.s. senate is actually a place to get things done. if you want to defeat marco
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rubio, please join us. go to murphy for and join us today. [cheers and applause] >> let's work as hard as it takes. let stuff ever amble up. make every funk up. knock on every door. let's work as hard as it takes to win this election and when we do, my promise to you as i will be the hardest working senator the state has ever seen. and i am going to be working there alongside our next president, hillary clinton. so now, it is my honor to introduce a woman who defines hard work. who shows up to fight every civil day for our state and has
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dedicated her life to public service. please welcome the next resident of the united states hillary clinton. [applause] ♪ [applause] ms. clinton: hello broward county. it is so great to be back in
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florida. there are just 14 days, two weeks from today. the most important election in our lifetimes. i am so grateful to see all of you, and i want to thank the election officials who are here. congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, congressman ted deutch, commissioner mark brogan, and others who are here. we are glad you all are here with me. i was thrilled to be introduced by the person i hope will be the next senator from the great state of florida, congressman patrick murphy. [applause] ms. clinton: i think patrick is exactly the kind of person the
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senate needs and deserves, because he will help us break through gridlock, and create more good jobs with rising income. patrick knows we have to build an economy from the middle out, not from the top down. i also appreciate the fact that we now are seeing an emerging bipartisan consensus that we need to fix a broken economy, but it will take strong and committed leaders like patrick murphy, who are ready to show up and fight hard and work to get this done. this is important my friends. patrick murphy has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump.
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i think florida deserves a senator who is going to fight for comprehensive immigration reform that will keep families together, against the deportation force. this is what is so unimaginable. law enforcement officials to go door-to-door, house to house, is this to business, school to school, rounding up 11 million people. i think that is so wrong. we need a set of believes climate change is real. as opposed to someone who every time he is asked says they are not a scientist. i always wonder, why don't you talk to a scientist. start here at broward college to talk to a scientist.
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you deserve a senator who would never say that social security and medicare have -- and this is a quote -- weakened us as a people. his solution? to privatize medicare. that is exactly the right response, but don't boo, vote. you deserve a senator who would never support cutting $360 million from florida schools because patrick knows every child in florida deserves a world-class education. so my friends, patrick murphy is a smart, tough-minded legislator, and an independent
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voice. that is what we need more of in washington -- people like patrick who are going to get up every day and go to work for you, a better life for you and your family. not attacking progress in every to come and listening to the special interests and powerful forces that are not interested in what is going to take for everyone of you to get ahead and stay ahead. so please, when you get out and vote, these remember you can send patrick murphy to the united states senate, and you will be glad you did. now i know there is an overflow crowd outside, and i am so sorry that they cannot be in, but i am told they can hear us, and maybe even see us, and i want to thank them for coming as well. [applause] ms. clinton: i have to ask you -- did anybody see the last debate?
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the good news was it was the last debate. [indiscernible] ms. clinton: thank you. you know, you're right. that last debate was like an early birthday present. here is what i wanted you to remember -- i stood next to donald trump for four and a half hours, proving once again i have the stamina to be president and commander-in-chief. [applause] ms. clinton: i tried as much as
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i could to talk about all of the issues that are on your minds that i believe we can work together to improve. and fact, my wonderful running mate and i wrote a book called stronger together, and we put all of our policies in it, because i once you to know what we are going to try to do if we are so fortunate enough to be the next president and vice president. i think it is important, because i want you to have confidence that we are going to work every day to implement the plans that we have put forth, and i tried in the debate to draw the contrast with donald trump, who does not have very many plans. i tried to run a campaign based on issues. he has run a campaign based on insults. in the debate, we did not have a lot to talk about, other than he continued, true to form, to throw out his insults.
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he said something that i found horrifying. there is one thing in particular that i wanted to point out, because no president candidate, republican or democrat, has ever said this. he refused to say that he would respect the outcome of this election.he refused to say thatd respect the outcome of this election. i guess we should not be too surprised. this is the same guy who said he thought the emmys were rigged against him. on january 20, the first thing a president does is to take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution. i have doubt if donald trump even understands what that. don't say wee will keep you in suspense about whether we will respect the outcome of an election. we have free and fair elections
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and the peaceful transfer of power. that is one thing that makes america great. it is one thing that makes america who we are. we do not impose religious tests on our borders because we were founded on religious liberty. we do not punish journalists or newspapers that are critical of politicians or restrict the first amendment because our democracy depends on a free press. we do not insight violence. open exchange of ideas that a democracy depends on. i've got to say, i bet some of view, or maybe your parents or grandparents, came from a place where none of that was true.
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there is a reason why america is the greatest and longest lasting democracy the world has ever known. we believe no matter what you look like, where your parents were born, who you love, you have the right to be treated equally and fairly in the united states. is attacking everything that has set our country apart for 240-years. spending his entire campaign attacking one group of americans immigrants,r: latinos, african-americans, muslims, people with disabilities. is final target is democracy itself. we will four years, change some things in america, right? [applause] i want to get the economy working for everyone.
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not just those at the top. they will do that with other positive changes, but we are not going to change the fundamental values that made america a great -- the greatest nation in the history of the world. [applause] you know, i think it all started, this all started, when george washington refused to become a king, right? donald trump probably would have called him a loser. theead, that was one of most important decisions any president has ever made. 8 years and it is time to move on. we fought a revolution so we would not have a king. we would not he subjects, we would be independent citizens. . cherish that idea americans are coming together at the very moment that donald trump is making an unprecedented
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attack on our democracy. billion's of people are registering, -- millions of people are registering, voting early, and volunteering in this campaign. here is something exciting. .e have reached a milestone more than 200 million americans are registered, including 15 alien young people, -- 15 million young people, the most ever in history. you know what, more than 6 billion people have already voted. -- 6 million people have already voted. more than one million of them are in florida. i think you only see numbers like this when people are standing up for what they really believe in. that includes not only democrats, but republicans and independents coming together to
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reject pain and division. i'm so excited about what that means. the energy we are seeing across florida and america is not just what we are against, it is what we are for. it really is. it is about fighting for that future where everyone counts, everyone has a place, and no one is left out or behind. i want you to know, we still have a lot of work to do. i feel good, but boy, i am not taking anything for granted. i am going to work as hard as i can between now and the close of the election next two weeks from today. it is so important for florida. there are so many issues that we need to remind people about. last time i was here, i campaigned with al gore. he said a lot about the climate crisis. you know why? because we are seeing the reality of climate change every
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day in florida. we are seeing areas in miami, even on sunny days, without a drop of rain, where the streets are flooding, and the ocean is rising. what we have to do is make sure that this issue, fighting climate change, creating clean renewable energy jobs, stays at the top of the priorities. that is why you need a new senator like patrick murphy. nobody should want to wake up on november 9 and wonder if there was more you could have done. i hope you will wake up on november 9 proud that you took a stand and voted for an america that belongs to all of us, where we set big goals and work together to achieve them. [applause]
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ms. clinton: i have to tell you, i believe america is great because america is good. i want to say one other thing that is really very important to me. we support the people in uniform who fight for our country. that is why i was so appalled when donald trump tweeted that the new effort underway to push terrorists out of the key city of mosul is already "a total disaster." and our country is "looking dumb." really? he is declaring defeat before the battle has began. he is proving once again that he is unqualified to be
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commander-in-chief of our military. here is another example. he was asked if he would defend our allies. he said first you would want to know if they made any payments to us to defend them. when asked specifically about israel, he said he would love to be neutral. we can't have a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday, because in his mind everything is negotiable. i have a different view -- we stand with our allies, we stand with those who will help us defeat terrorism. i get pretty excited about what we could do together, and with your help, we are going to make the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii, jobs and infrastructure and advanced manufacturing and clean
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renewable energy and a small businesses. i want us to make america the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. we can create millions of jobs and protect our planet at the same time. i have to say, no state should care more about this issue than florida. i will tell you something, it is kind of sad to be honest, i have traveled all over the country, and in new jersey and massachusetts, they have more solar power than the sunshine state. why? because you have a governor and a legislature who, like your current senator, does not want to believe the science of climate change, does not see the opportunity that florida has to be literally the global leader in clean energy.
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i want to deploy half a billion more solar panels by the end of my first term, and enough clean energy to power every home in america within 10 years. we are also going to strengthen education at every level, starting with universal pre-k and working with our teachers to make sure every child has a good school with good teachers in every zip code. and here is what i want all the students to hear -- we are going to make college more affordable for everyone. [applause] ms. clinton: after our primary, which was hard-fought -- and i was proud of the primary we ran, because it was about issues -- senator sanders and i came up with a plan to make public colleges and universities tuition free for any families making less than $125,000 a year.
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that is the vast majority of families. if you are over that, we will make it debt-free. hey what you can afford -- pay what you can't afford -- can afford. i do not want to see young people and their families going into debt. i've used this as an investment. that is why we are going to make it easier for you to afford to pay back your college debt, pay it down and pay it off. i also want more pathways to good jobs that don't require a year college degree. let's return technical education to high school. let's have more partnership apprenticeship programs so that everybody has a chance at a good job. in addition to making the economy grow and making sure people are ready with the skills to do these jobs, i want to make it fairer. that is why i wants to raise the
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national minimum wage. if you work full-time, you shouldn't still be in poverty. don't you think it is finally may be past time to guarantee equal pay for women's work? [applause] ms. clinton: i always tell crowds this is not a woman's issue, this is a family issue. if you have a wife, a mother, a sister or daughter working, it is your issue. that is why we have to get this fixed once and for all. let's make childcare affordable, and let us have more profit sharing, and let's do the kind of things that will lift everybody up. when i talk about raising equal pay for women as one of my primary issues, donald trump or somebody always says there she is playing the women card.
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i have to tell you, i don't believe that is what it is. i think we're playing the smart card, because we want everybody's incomes to go up. that is how we're going to get this economy really moving forward, creating new jobs. if that is playing the woman card, deal me in. i have also said i will pledge not to do anything that would raise taxes on people making less than $250,000 a year. we can go where the money is -- the millionaires and billionaires, the corporations -- to make them pay their fair share, to support the kind of growth that we need in our economy. we are going to close the
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loopholes and make sure that no multimillionaire can get away with paying a lower rate than a nurse or police officer or a teacher. remember in the debates that donald trump had not paid any federal taxes? for about 20 years is the best guess we've got. his excuse -- i loved his excuse -- it was he lost $1 billion in a year. i have been really pondering this. how does anybody lose $1 billion in a year, especially when you are running casinos? think about it. has anybody here ever been to a casino? usually, they say the house wins. donald trump says it was marked -- it was smart for him to avoid paying taxes. if losing $1 billion is smart, i
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think that is kind of upside down and backwards. i think people should be working hard to make their incomes to support their families, and that is what we are going to do. we do not want the kind of values that donald trump used in running his business to be in our government. he stiffs small businesses. my dad was a small business owner. donald trump has refused to pay all kinds of folks -- workers, small businesses installing drapes or marble or glass. he did not pay them. he just doesn't pay them, and he gets away with it, because he turns to the small businesses and says "sue me." my father never could have afforded that. i'm just glad he never got a contract from donald trump. our family would have been hurt by that.
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here is the bottom line, and here is what i need you to do. we have got to get everybody you know to turn out and vote. you have early voting now, and it is going to be much easier for some of you to vote early, and if you believe in any of the issues that we have talked about in this campaign, if you believe that women and girls should be treated with respect, if you believe that marriage equality should be protected, if you believe in science and believe we should take action, if you believe america belongs to everybody willing to work for it, and we should stand up against any kind of negative attacks, then i hope you will come out and vote. it is going to be a close election. pay no attention to the polls. don't get complacent. we have got to turn people out. i'm asking you to vote for me, i've asked you to send patrick murphy to the senate. i am asking you mo i