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tv   Donald Trump Holds Hotel Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Washington D.C.  CSPAN  October 27, 2016 7:00am-7:24am EDT

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diceglie. how this year's election differs from previous ones. ♪ host: good morning, everyone, on this thursday, october 27. our battleground series continues on the "washington journal." we will look at florida. many of you will be voting, not just for resident or congressional races -- four president or congressional races . and handful of states, many of you will be deciding if the minimum wage should be increased. we will begin by asking if your state should increase the minimum wage jack up if that is what you are earning, this is
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your number. we want to know what you are earning and how is it working jack of if you are a business owner, we want to hear from you. others, -- join the conversation on twitter or go to start dialing in so we can get your phone calls coming up. i want to share this article about the minimum wage. five states to vote on the minimum wage.
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take a look at this ad in washington state for a wage increase. [video clip] >> right now a single mom is working two jobs. initiative 433 can help. it raises the minimum wage. earn,e when people businesses and make more, and they hire more. any stiff 1433 is good for families, business and our economy. for athat was a group minimum wage increase in washington state. in colorado, yet ads by the chamber of con -- chamber of commerce against this idea of what it can do for businesses. colorado'so's -- >> minimum wage already increases.
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larger businesses and welfare areas can whether it. would bened businesses decimated. small would have no choice but to cut jobs. colorado's minimum wage already increases with inflation each year. amendment 70 goes too far. host: there you have arguments for and against. five states this election bordering on this idea. we want to know, should your state be raising the minimum wage? kentucky. good morning to you. i am an elderly gentleman and i frequent mcdonald's. they tell me they don't want their minimum wage to go up, because they are afraid they will be replaced i robots.
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host: that will all be automated. and window fry cooks help and so forth at the drive-through, it would all be robots. host: do you know how much they make an hour? caller: down here it is the minimum. host: do you know what that is? i heard they make a little bit above eight dollars an hour. the: a little bit above federal minimum wage which is $7.25 an hour. caller: they make about a dollar more. host: in ohio, making the minimum wage. good morning to you. what is it in ohio? caller: i think it is $8.15 right now. host: what does that mean for your family? caller: i work part-time, so i
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make -- i work an average -- right now they have cut hours because of a decline in sales. i make 17 to 21 hours a week. around $320 or so. host: so, if there was discussion about raising the minimum wage, what would it mean for you? might any position to find a different job, but i am ok with that. the problem is i work for a company feels like if minimum that they are going to have to make all of these cuts across the board. our manager does not get paid much more than we do as it is.
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she is a little bit above minimum. she feels like if it is raised, they may not raise her pay. if they don't, she says she's done. if she is done, i am done. i still feel it should be raised because people really need that income, you know? at a collar desk at $8.15, i am -- at $8.15, i am doing ok. nine dollars or $10 should be more accurate for minimum wage. a lot more places, people talk about how laces are going to go out of business. in my mind, maybe not everybody. , itel like some businesses is your bottom dollar. they will don't want to give up -- they don't want to give up one dime of what they make.
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i have a lot of trouble with that, the people that are the higher-ups that don't want to give anything up themselves and want to pass it all on to their workers. int: i want you to hang up turn up your tv. i'm going to go to seattle washington where there is a business owner. james, in seattle, a city that decided the city was going to raise the minimum wage. what is the impact? what did seattle decide? have you seen any impact as a business owner echo -- business owner? hurt.: it doesn't seattle has benefited from the minimum wage. wage is setminimum just seven dollars and $.25 an hour.
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and walmart, these billing as cannot take a little less. they don't want to pay no taxes. they don't want to pay their workers. these people are billionaires. all this is an excuse because they want to shift the labor -- instead of slavery, this is what goes on. when they used to bring the slaves to work, now they take the slave labor to the countries now. it is greed. they don't want to pay no taxes. this is what people are mad about. ifryone -- do you think these ceos don't want their bonuses and raises? it is not about the minimum people can about live without being on government assistance? james, what business do
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you own? james? we will move on to ryan in houston, texas. the federal minimum wage of $7.25. good morning to you. what are your thoughts about the state of texas and should raise the minimum wage? caller: i think so, because you've got people wanting to drive in cadillac trucks and mercedes and they want to see everybody else starving, and basically that they got -- that guy is saying is right. it is like in the medical industry, you got these people making hundreds of millions of dollars. you got people out here starving. i am talking about the value of living. you want to talk about the people that is selling drugs and doing this and that, but these people -- i know people that were literally selling drugs to take care of their families, you know what i'm saying?
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you are growing these jobs and you are working hard and getting less. you are disgusted and frustrated . all you are doing is living to pay bills. it is disappointing that these higher up people that's just around here like just living on the cloud. the rest of the people are just not even registering. i think the minimum wage -- that should not be a question. they are talking about go to college and finish college and all of this type of stuff. everybody not meant to go to college. that is what i have got to say. host: that is ryan in houston. $7.25 an hour has not been raised since 2009. the cost of living has increased nearly 12% since that time. -- york times on this issue
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what else is on the ballot? minimum wage. all the states considering increases, the wages already exceed the federal floor of $7.25. among them, washington is considered a trailblazer with major city torst pay its workers $15 an hour. experiencing a current with employers sing the changes are going to far and too fast for them to keep up. -- rural areas will suffer. south dakota's measure to decrease workers for teenage workers would pair an across-the-board increase that would pass in 2014. there is a story in the paper about the washington state proposal. we showed you the ad.
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this is from the associated press. campaign includes the association of washington business, the restaurant industry in the washington farm bureau. these are the guys that spent $50,000 to the $3.7 million to the no campaign. the yes campaign to increase the range -- increase the wage. the opponents have persuaded several new paper editorial boards around the state to come out against it. let's go to florida. joe who is earning minimum wage which is a dollar -- a dollars and five cents -- $8.05. caller: this is one of many -- because mrs. clinton is going to raise minimum wage.
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mr. donald trump thanks $7.25 is a lot of money. if you look at the record of donald trump, he hires contractors. contractors hire cheap labor. aliens orre illegal undocumented people. that is the whole borderline. hypocrite.p is a he says i am going to deport all of the illegal aliens while he is hiring illegal aliens in his companies. contractors. contractors hire illegal aliens. that way donald trump his hands are clean. the contractor to court, but not donald trump.
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his hands are going to be clean. the contractors, they can go to jail. they can go to the courts. point.erger let's get -- heard your point. good morning to you, ed. caller: thanks for taking my call. like so many other issues in this country, i feel everything can be fixed if they ever fix the tax codes. daughter16-year-old who just started her first job. she is 16 and a junior in high school. every two weeks she makes about $140. after her taxes, her social security and medicaid are taken out, she brings on less than $100. no reason why 16-year-old starting her first job needs to take anything yet. she is still a student. if they fix the tax code to
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where people who earn, not just 16-year-olds, it would be the same for adults who is working a second job. line andow the poverty he is not going to have to pay the government any taxes because just to pay each week and ask for a refund. what are we making these people pay taxes that don't need to pay taxes. it is just the tax code. you can increase the salaries by reducing the taxes. nobody else is going to suffer because this man makes a little bit more money each week which can go to his family. we talk about people on welfare and food stamps. they are paying their taxes each week and then they have to go on food stamps to feed their family. how ironic is this? change the tax code. i think that is the number one issue in this country.
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i am not a trump supporter. donald trump do not pay any taxes. the reason he did not pay any taxes, he did not do anything illegal. he used every legal means to not pay taxes because it is in our tax code. host: your teenage daughter, is she making $7.25? server.she is a she is paid five dollars an hour plus tips. each week i show her this is how much -- she says, only make five dollars an hour. i show her each week, here's how much you made. this is your hourly rate. these are your tips. these are how many hours you worked for review at these two together and you divided by that. you are actually making a dollars $.25 this month. -- making $8.25 this month. your friend at target who is making a little bit more than you.
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when you look at it with your tips, she is not making more than you. host: sorry about that. we will move on to prince in south carolina. you don't have a minimum wage. what are you making in our? caller: $7.50. host: what does that mean for you? caller: nothing, because when you do your homework and check all of the hotels that are being billed since june with the contractors and owners, you find out who they are hiring. they are not legal. how could that be beneficial to me and my family? host: do you know how much you make your week? a month? 220 -- $225 aly week. host: what are your bills like? $600.: over
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i had to move out of the house because it had mold and it. host: reminder to prince and all of you, you've got to turn the television down. caller: david, good morning to you. what do you think the impact is? -- television down. david, good morning to you. what you think the impact is? unemploymenter: insurance goes up so we can go anywhere from $.40 on the dollar. cost.s the hidden the is the real crux is redistribution of wealth idea. i'm going to give you a quick statistic. to 2014, the
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government-sponsored percent of the gdp. the next quote is from nation magazine. the middle class from 1970 to 2014 went from 62% of their share of the economy down to 43%. you've got a 19% -- it is the growth of government, the inclusion of government on all levels that is driving this argument. everybody has migrated into government service, out of the private sector because there is no private sector. government is where the benefits are, the pensions, the benefits, the expenses paid. sector, in the private and i already knew all of this to begin with. it is for real. you have to perform. are you still there? host: we are still listening.
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caller: sometimes you get , sometimesthe phone you're talking out into the ether. i appreciate you listening. that is enough for today. host: david, before you go, if the newer desk in your -- newark city raise them in wage. what have you heard about that? it is not out in the hinterlands where people work and function. there is no welfare state. it is creeping in. everywhere there is municipality, that net of government whether it is a local level, abandoned houses. people are leaving. i don't know where they are going to go.
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we are in a zombie economy up here. we're trying to build this timken village. work, butl going to it is not working. is -- explodesy out into directions. got a small business owner. let his employees keep what they make. they are looking in the couch for this change here in new york state. we are broke. thanks very much. host: david, a business owner in 18 states and the district of columbia -- and the district of columbia have taken action to raise the minimum wage since president obama called for an in january
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cities and localities have done the same, like new york city and seattle. , having astates minimum wage question on the ballot in two weeks, we are asking all of you what do you think your state should do? what is it like where you live? would have provided lines by those making minimum wage, business owners and all others. keep dialing in. i want to share some of the news. e-mails.on the new york times front-page story, donations to foundations. hackersils obtained by and being released by wikileaks month also revealing month alsw efforts to minimize potential conflict with the foundation led
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to power struggles and infighting among aids and mrs. clinton's family. one top aide to mr. clinton noted in an e-mail that the former president have received personal income from some donors against -- and gets many them.ive gifts from just a clinton accused her father's age of taking significant sums of money from my parents personally. of hustling during the addition of instant when clients for their own business and of even installing spyware on her chief of staff computer. -- the e-mails which came from the account of john podesta who led a leadership role is now the mrs. clinton campaign chairman has not obtained evidence to support the republican contentions that mrs. clinton performed any favors for


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