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tv   Colorado 6th Congressional District Debate  CSPAN  October 28, 2016 9:29pm-10:01pm EDT

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exchanges. if we start putting people into medicare cost of putting everyone into medicare, we turn it into a high risk full -- pool and we wind up collapsing that system the same way obamacare is collapsing. that system is set up for the benefit of our seniors. not only are we taking $716 billion out of medicare to pay for obamacare, congressman nolan's solution is to put everybody into medicare and collapse that system. nolan: the current system that is run by the insurance companies is spending on average about 30% of all of our health care dollars on administrative costs and the insurance company profits and executive profits. that is why we converted for seniors in this country into medicare which is a single-payer system. it operates court to a repeat -- for two percent to 3% and covers
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anybody, everyone pays into it. it is a wonderfully good program to emulate. most of the countries in the world have single-payer universal health care plans were everybody pays, everybody has got the basic fundamental care and everybodyguess what? they provide health care to their citizens for less money bettery get butter -- results. we do need to go to a single a or system. the it affordable care act does a lot of good things. the cap people with pre-existing conditions able to get insurance. it provided insurance for 18 million people. parents to keep their children on their policies. those are all good things. it required that women pay the same rate for policies as men. i do not want to eliminate any of that but we have got to take it to the next debt.
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governor dayton president clinton are right. we have a problem but the answer is not to turn it all over to this free market insurance company that is so costly administratively and so many of our health care dollars are wasted by going into ridiculous administrative procedures. mr. mills: if i may have a quick rebuttal. just because you have insurance does not mean you have access to care. the costs of health insurance have gone out. gone up. because it is so expensive, you cannot afford to use it. the other thing also is that we obamacare, that is inherently broken. we had systems that worked before. as far is pre-existing conditions are concerned, for the last 20 years, we have the health insurance portability and
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accountability act. if you had a pre-existing condition, you could go from one policy to another without worrying about it. the democrats want to ignore that that law ever existed. if you hit a lifetime maximum or you truly had a pre-existing condition, we had a social safety net to cover those people and that is what we should be working on. good solid social safety net. he is talking about people that already had insurance. there are millions of people with pre-existing conditions that could not get insurance and that is a fact. there are other things we could do. v.a. negotiates for pharmaceutical prices and i think the federal government should have the authority to negotiate. so we don't get these $600
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epi-pens. and 1000% increases. and every time the republicans have brought up the affordable care act, never once have they brought it up under an open role where any of us could offer suggestions for improvements. moderator: gentlemen, we are about to wrap it in a minute. please give me your response for reelected,ected, or what would you do to work on bipartisanship. mr. nolan: the university of virginia and vanderbilt did a study. they took amendments that had been introduced and bills and they found that my work was the most effective in the minnesota congressional delegation, second most effective in all 188 democrats in congress. -- i am a minority. i did that with good, strong,
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common sense solutions with common problems that we all face. than justod or better about anyone in the country at pulling together bipartisan support for good commonsense legislation. moderator: mr. mills, how would you work for bipartisanship? mr. mills: i was in grand rapids yesterday. onon members depend on jobs the iron range. they were upset about congressman nelson -- congressman nolan. he went in front of the tv cameras and call for bans on semiautomatic rifles. fixing a broken trade system. it was only after these people had lost their jobs, their livelihoods, did congressman nolan step up in an election year to bring in denis mcdonough, a dog and pony show which was too late of -- which was too little, too late. what i would do in washington is
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find people that are willing to participate in small groups that are going to generate ideas and have those ideas form larger groups and get legislation.. nobody gets anything done on their own, certainly not in congress. we need small groups to come together to fix these problems and have these ideas snowball. a good supporter of mine said the day that denis mcdonough came to the range changed everything. you may call it a dog and pony show but to the 1000 miners that went after work, and their families it was no dog and pony show. mr. mills: what about. the thousands that have been laid off since? mr. nolan: we will have them all back to work before we are dumb. mr. mills: it was too little too late.
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mr. nolan: i testified before the international trade commission. they were all business leaders, community leaders. anyd not see you there at of those. i have been there. i have got the job done. i have gotten the terrace. mr. mills: i was just meeting with them yesterday. moderator: gentlemen, we are going to have to leave it here. we are out of time. thank you to you both for coming in. there is more to discuss. for joining us. tonight at 10:00, you will see some results from our survey poll. turn that -- turn in for that tonight. tomorrow, former president bill clinton speaks at a hillary clinton rally in columbus, ohio. our live coverage begins at 2:50 p.m. eastern. and then at 6:00 p.m. eastern, we will have live coverage of donald trump at a rally in
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phoenix, arizona. see them both here on cease and. -- here them both here on c-span. between thebate candidates for the colorado sixth u.s. district c. mike coffman and state senator morgan carroll. they discuss immigration policy, border security, the health care law, and the presidential race. this is 30 minutes. ♪ >> democrats reid ribble his district hoping they could wrestle it away but republican mike kaufman proved to be a tougher match then they got. he has been to democratic challengers since then. last time, he easily won by nine points.
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now, state senator morgan carroll hopes to do what her fellow democrats could not. her allies are attacking kaufman, tying him to donald trump but he is taking a tough stance on donald trump. he called for donald trump to quit the race recently. right now, they go head to head in a race that could decide which party controls the house. >> this is decision 2016, the race for congress. and now, your hosts. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you for joining us. >> there is no studio audience for tonight's debate. >> we all loan chose tonight's questions. havehave not -- we alone chosen tonight's questions. homeone who is watching at tonight on channel 20 can weigh in on the issues as they are being discussed.
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there will be live polling on the bottom of your screen. >> the first is happening right now. you can weigh in on immigration as we continue our conversation. senator carol, let us start with a clarification and then a question. earlier this week, you told people -- you told us that people who enter the country illegally has not -- have not done anything wrong. >> i said the reason why people came here is not wrong. the same reason why my family life,ere -- for a better for religious freedom and opportunity. the process is itself broken. >> what you actually said is that they had done nothing wrong. confirmednot been what your critics would say is that you do not respect the law. >> sometimes, the law is unjust as it was in jim crow.
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we must of hold the rule law but the bigger and more important moral imperative from my perspective is to make sure that the law is just, right to come a and not hurting families. immigrant rights to me are human rights and the law is part of the problem. congressman kaufman, you have done a lot to reach out to the immigrant populations that were added to your district. they have a pretty good idea about the visions of the two major parties. senator carol's party is promoting policies to allow people to obtain legal status in our country, your party uses the word amnesty as a dirty word. i think the left and the right in congress is wrong. the left says you either have to have everything or nothing will get done and it should be in one bill.
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of the aisle, i think they are wrong also by saying -- we are going to secure the border and we want a step-by-step process. i don't see them taking the first step. both parties have to come together and compromise. immigration reform has to be about securing our borders, about having policies that grow the economy and also be compassionate about keeping families together. >> what have you done personally to crack through that dynamic? >> after getting the new , and going out and meeting the families, i have sympathy for the children. the adults that knowingly broke the law but the children that were taken here when they were very young. that group appear, went to school here. sometimes, they know no other country in the united states. i have cosponsored legislation that would give them a legalized
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status immediately and then give them a path to citizenship based on their work history, their education or military service. >> another question for you, i'm your military career to your votes against republican party leadership, your personal curse has figured prominently in the story that you like to tell to voters very the you feel that you displayed personal courage in your handling of donald trump? you straddle the fence. refused to commit. you abandoned him when other republicans did the same. one think i was the first to put out an ad separating myself from donald trump. after the video, i was the first member of congress to ask donald trump to step aside. i have been consistent on my positions regarding donald trump. have lousyh parties candidates quite frankly.
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i think the difference is that i am willing to take on donald trump. but morgan carroll is not willing to take on hillary clinton. she was silent during the e-mail scandal. silent when hillary clinton is giving speeches to wall street executives. senator carol, it is an unusual thing for a congressperson to reject their own parties nominate for president and not all gop members have done the same. you could say that he got there late but he did take his stance before ballots were mailed out to voters in colorado. do you really think donald trump is dangerous? >> this was too little too late. what we saw was dangerous and donald trump was obvious and repeated and over a long time beforehand. what we are seeing his political expedients. donald trump is tanking in the
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polls. the moral case against donald trump was there when he first cause -- called immigrants rapists. when he went after muslim americans and gold star family's. what changed it is that the call to step down was one, when it was legally too late and it is an act of self-preservation more than political courage. >> it was not politically too late. i am not a republican first. i am a marine corps combat veteran first. i was an elected official. i took an unpaid absence for the first gulf war. that publicly challenged administration. i criticized george w. bush about the iraq war. even though i did volunteer to go. i did not believe that the war was right but i believed that once we were in, we had to bring
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it to a just inclusion. i have a record of standing up to my party and putting the country first. and working carol has no record. >> you told me earlier this week that you do not see a connection between donald trump and drink the american political scene in prominence by promoting deeper liee lie -- the birther about president obama. that was the statement i made one time. i was wrong for making the statement. i said so. wayto somehow in for in any that it had any influence on donald trump is ridiculous. any issue with republicans like you criticizing hillary clinton. it was recently leaked that she believes in having one private position and one public position. it was a mistake i made kwok wrote years ago and i admitted
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it was a mistake. you said you think hillary clinton is trustworthy. why do you think so many colorado democrats think that clinton cannot be trusted? >> i think we have got a big tent in the democratic party and people have different parts of our platform and priorities they would like to see going forward. we have had eight years under a strong personality with obama. what i have seen is a remarkable showing of unity following what could have been a very divisive primary. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren were just out here. i think we have a lot of passionate folks that would like to make sure that we are seeing campaign-finance control, and when we saw them work together to get a new platform putting people first, we saw a lot of the party come together. >> we will continue this conversation and you can weigh in.
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tell us how you are making your decision in the presidential race. we will continue to talk about this. a lot of people are dissatisfied with both of the top two choices in the presidential race. what if anything needs to change about how the parties pick their nominate? parties should reflect on how we got to this position but the vote that we will make, whoever is elected, the first vote we will cast will be either for nancy pelosi or paul ryan. i am going to vote for paul ryan. nancy pelosi, when she was speaker of the house, she cramped obamacare through. now we have 20%-40% increases in the insurance exchange for colorado. she said we will know what is in it passes. morgan carroll will be there to vote for nancy pelosi. >> any changes to the primary
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policy itself? >> i think it needs to be longer. there needs to be more of a vetting process. i think the process was too long in 2012 and so they shortened it and i think that was worse. >> same question to you. need tonk both parties be honest about the fact that they need to reinvent themselves. inare seeing the collapse some ways of a two-party system and part of that is that much -- many of the folks that are registered now are unaffiliated. small dd to be more democratic. in candidate recruitment and training and feeling like there is more of a say. i think it would be healthy for both parties. to do a better job of reaching out more to the rank and file.
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we told the candidates tonight they would have a chance to ask questions of each other. senator carol. -- do yoution is accept any responsibility for the va boondoggle with the overrun or is it simply everyone else's? that come -- i took it over in 2013. i dropped out of the natural resources committee and transferred to the veterans committee to provide oversight. in april a gao report 2013 that said that it was hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. i put forward legislation to .trip the thva va refuses to turn over the
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report. we would not be where we are at leastterms of having the army corps of engineer takeover the project and they are doing everything they can to trim costs without my leadership. >> it is your turn now. 2009, you took a vote after representing the hispanic community for four years. the children that wanted an education, who were oftentimes working. you voted against the program. theare just -- you were deciding vote against the dream act. do you regret that vote? >> it passed under my leadership. like other bills, sometimes it takes more than one year to get there. you and your obstructionist congress, we got it done and passed.
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>> it did not pass in 2009. >> but it is law today because of may. forhave nothing to show your time in office. pledged to beth leaders in bipartisanship in congress. each to name au legislative accomplishment of the other that you respect and that you would have been happy to support if you were in the same body. kaufman, first to you. and accomplishment of your opponent that you respect. >> out. i do not know of one. >> senator carol? >> if it is a no answer, it is a
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no answer. toi think congress managed moves.two bipartisanship while i cannot say that congressman kaufman had a role in that, i was happy to see that happen. examples.two we might have included that when in the short round. we do have some short answer questions for you. the first one is -- have you ever done personal business -- government business through your personal e-mail? >> yes, because we do not get government e-mails. they are not separate accounts. >> sure. not do classified
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information. there are times when i have my weekendith me on the and someone e-mails something to my account and i e-mailed them back. but never classified information. >> we were just curious. based on the claims that he has made, do you believe donald trump is a sexual predator? >> i do not know what i do know that i have worked very hard as a member of the armed services committee on a bipartisan basis to work on preventing sexual assaults. trumpyou believe donald is a sexual predator? >> yes. the definition of grabbing someone without consent is the definition of sexual harassment.
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>> do you support the statewide ballot initiative? support moving to a primary system. i oppose both measures on the ballot right now for the details. >> because of the unaffiliated voters? >> the way it is written right now it elevates enhanced rights for on affiliates. i support the presidential primary. the other one, i do not feel comfortable with. tople ought to affiliate vote in a congressional or state elected office. >> can you name a democrat in the u.s. house who you deeply respect? >> quite a few. i mentioned jackie spiers from the state of california.
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i worked on the armed forces committee. tim walz from minnesota. we worked jointly on mental health for veterans. he is retired military as well. 's republican in the u.s. house that you deeply respect? >> republicans in congress overall would include for me little bit historic, bob dole and john mccain. >> this is talking about the wake congress and the government functions. democrats are hoping that your win in colorado will be part of a nationwide wave. there would then be liberal control of the supreme court. the last time that happened in
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america, was under jimmy carter. is that good for america? i think having a mix that reflects the country as a whole is good for america. i think for a while but we have seen though in contrast is obstruction. the two things we need to balance is that there can be problems with one-party control. what we are seeing right now is nothing more dedicated than trying to abstract president obama at every step. so the american people lose under a gridlock system. whether you are divided or unified on one-party control, the only way that works is if everyone's job in mission is to go advocate and represent the people in their community. otherwise you either have one-party real-world think or complete paralysis.
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>> how do you explain the votes you have taken on repealing? >> those were people who were under the medicaid expansion. i think it has hurt people. let us talk about the consumer protections. a lot of them already existed in colorado law. pre-existing conditions. portability. in blocking the ability of an insurance carrier to discriminate based on gender. need to reforml our health care system. obamacare has not done what it promised to do. at 20%-40%ing increases in colorado and the insurance exchange and that is
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punitive to middle-class families. >> a good segue. you are on record as being against colorado care. you think we will need a public option or universal coverage? what is the solution to the price hikes? stillquestion people are paying too much for too little health care. i do support a public option. i think health care is a right. besides adding the public option, think we need to take on negotiated drug prices through medicare. we need to rethink our antitrust laws. congress has a role to make sure that we are not getting price gouged and people are not getting sick and bankrupt. >> you have committed publicly to voting for nancy pelosi. of the agendaart
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outlined by hillary clinton and pelosi that you cannot support? needshink the piece that to be addressed is within the universal background check bill where we are looking at also making sure that we are adding the terror watch list. there are concerns about who is on the list. is it current? is it accurate? it needs to be two-step. adding that when it is an imperfect database is not the solution we are looking for. ona straight up vote universal background checks and the terror watch list, you would have to be a no vote at this point. >> we would need to clean up the terror watch list. our recent -- a recent poll in colorado found 59% of the donald trump voters said they may not boat for a republican
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that has come at against donald trump. you tried to position yourself as a check on hillary clinton. >> there are people that are upset. and god bless them but i cannot bring myself to vote for donald trump. of the day, the end they will look at who do they want as eager of the house. do they want to return to what morgan carroll would call the good old days where you have hillary clinton in the white house, potential democratically controlled senate and nancy pelosi. where they cram things through without a single republican vote and there are no checks and balance is on the white house. i think i will secure their votes. you said earlier this week that you do not support any check on a woman's right to an abortion.


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