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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:11pm EDT

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do tax reform and so does charles schumer, a potentially incoming democratic leader. but big ideas, you almost need a unified government -- all democrat or all republican, to get past the partisanship. host: he was willing to tackle the supreme court question, that would both of you give us a sense of what a supreme court nomination looks like with a slim democratic majority or the republicans retaining the majority in a hillary clinton administration? >> that is hard to predict. there has been some rhetoric from republican senators recently suggesting that they will take an obstructionist approach, which could lead to a change in the filibuster rules, allowing a
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nominee to be approved with just 50 votes. host: will she choose merrick garland? you heard from chuck schumer that he is not going to endorse mayor garland, but will talk privately to president clinton if she wins. democrats may want somebody more liberal as a nominee. the first question we need to ask, who the nominee be? it's not 100% certain. >> this phase of the story ends soon, but it sounds like a continues, as washington always does. you'll both be very busy reporters. thanks her being with us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> c-span brings you more debates this week from key u.s. senate races. monday night at 8:00 eastern, live on c-span, republican senator rand paul and democrat jim gray debate over the kentucky senate seat. and wednesday night at 8:00,
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live coverage of the louisiana senate debate between a field of candidates -- republican charles boustany, democrat foster campbell, democrat carolyn fleming,epublican john republican john kennedy, and republican david duke. at 9:00, kelly ayotte and maggie hassan debate for the new hampshire senate seat. now until election day, watch key debates from house, senate, and governor races on the c-span networks,, and listed on the c-span radio app. c-span: where history on full daily. -- unfolds daily. >> the white house has a special exhibit in time for halloween. visitors to the east wing will find several actors pretraining the ghosts of past presidents like abraham lincoln and teddy roosevelt, and former first ladies like dolly madison.
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>> i managed to save several items, including the wonderful portrait of george washington you saw. i saved portraits of myself and mr. madison. i also saved the recordings of the constitutional convention, where my husband served as secretary for president washington. when we ended up with the constitution. but i only wish this were wednesday because it was wednesday i would have wonderful ice cream and ask you all to give me a recipe and tell me where you are from, and we would share the recipe. any questions? i have heard different people reports it different ways, that i will answer this -- my husband had his second inauguration and
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i gleefully served peppermint ice cream. i've been known to, on occasion, popularize strawberry ice cream, which tends to not be as well received as the others. >> this is also where, on the new year, 1902, she and i stood here for about an hour meeting every american who wanted to come through the door. she held a bouquet of flowers; hands,n't want to shake so she would hold a bouquet of flowers so she didn't have to shake hands, but i shook every hands. 3000 hands in two and a half hours. this is the route we did that in. then we would entertain people
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in the red room before a state dinner. the east room, if anyone person is responsible for making it into a reception room, it was edith roosevelt. she was magnificent, and believe it or not, one year we entertained about 2000 people in that room. and i do know how they stood shoulder to shoulder, but the work got done. and afterwards we came down, and she is the one who started the trend of musicals in that room. before then, it hadn't been used for much, of stale place. -- a stale place. the magnificence of the white part thein good responsibility of edith roosevelt. unfoldsn: where history daily.
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c-span was created as a public service by america's cable companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. as and nation elects a new president, will america have its first foreign-born first lady since louisa adams, or will be have a former president as first gentleman? learn more about the influence of america's presidential spouses, from c-span's first ladies, now available in paperback it gives readers a look at to the personal lives and impacts of every first lady in american companion to a biography series that features interviews with leading first lady historians. each chapter also offers brief biographies of 45 presidential spouses and archival photos from their lives. affairs, nowpublic
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available at your favorite bookseller and also as an the book -- an ebook. >> bobby kennedy's last words were "on to chicago." the next day he was due to go to chicago and meet with a very powerful mayor, whose son was chief of staff to barack obama. there was a 70% or greater chance he would have endorsed bobby kennedy for president. >> tonight on "q&a," author and former "boston globe" reporter discusses his book "bobby kennedy: the making of a liberal icon." >> had bobby kennedy beat richard nixon, america would have been a different place, and some of the issues we are revisiting today, of racial tension and international discord, might be a little bit different if we had tried to address than 50 years ago. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on
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c-span's "q&a." >> with nine days to go before election day, hillary clinton was in florida today. this campaign rally took place just outside fort lauderdale. it's half an hour. [cheers] ♪ mrs. clinton: thank you! [chanting hillary!] mrs. clinton: thank you so much. i am so excited to be here. i want to thank you. [cheers]
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mrs. clinton: i want to give a big shout out -- i'm here with a lot of great people who are working so hard in this campaign. i want to thank evan, that you so much ken. remember the congress, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. congressman hastings. and your congresswoman, lois frankel. [cheers] mrs. clinton: i also wonder think sheriff israel for being here. and mayer resnick just gave me a key to the city. [cheers] mrs. clinton: i want to thank my longtime friend and such a great leader, chad griffin.
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human rights campaign president. i know chad told me there are a bunch of human rights campaign organizers. [cheers] mrs. clinton: as i've said many times, hrc sounds good to me. [cheers] mrs. clinton: well, my friends, just nine days left until november 8. nine days that really will determine the outcome of the most important election of our lifetimes. we cannot take anyone or anything for granted. it is great to be here at the manor complex, a place that means so much to so many. there have been ups and downs in all we have gone through over the years. and even in this campaign.
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i want you to know i have focused on one thing, you. your lives, your futures. the problems they keep you up at night, that is what i'm interested in and i am going to be talking about here today and throughout the next nine days. that is really what this election is about. there is a lot of noise and distraction but it comes down to what kind of future we want and who as our president can help us get there. i want you to know -- [cheers] [chanting hillary] mrs. clinton: i just have to say i know i'm preaching to the choir. [laughter] [cheers] mrs. clinton: i also, through
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you, want to talk to people who are still making up their minds. because we have a choice between a president who will bring us together, keep our country safe, get the economy working for everyone, not just those at the top. or someone who is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified for the job. [booing] [booing] mrs. clinton: donald trump is doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the american people. he is such a downer, right? and it is time for him to stop fear mongering, stop distracting from what is really at stake. and frankly stop disgracing our democracy. we can't let him get away with it. [cheers] mrs. clinton: here is the good news. america is great and we can make a greater if we work together.
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but we are seeing americans come together. democrats, republicans, independents to reject donald trump's dark and divisive vision for our country. it is really important that we make it clear to everyone in these last nine days what is at stake. i really believe the vast majority of americans agree with us. we don't want a president who demeans women. we don't want a president with plans to break up and support immigrant families. we don't want a president who perpetrated a lie that president obama was not born in america. we don't want a president who would appoint supreme court justices to overturn marriage equality. but i want you to know the energy we are now seeing in the campaign is not just about what we are against, it is what we are for.
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we also share a common vision. beyond partisanship and politics, it is a hopeful, inclusive america where everyone counts and everyone has a place, right? and that is exactly what i'm going to be fighting for in these last nine days. we are going to honor people, not insult them. donald trump has insulted more than half of our population. african-americans, latinos, immigrants, muslims, pows, women, and by what he has said, so many others who believe you have a positive future. i agree with that, you do. i promise you this, i will keep working every single day for you. and for the vision of america that we share. [cheers] mrs. clinton: i will tell you,
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my mom taught me to never ever quit. what does that mean? that means -- you got it. you got it. it also means when you are not to down, what matters is whether you get up again. [cheers] mrs. clinton: i have been fighting for families and underdogs my entire life. i am not stopping now. we are just getting warmed up. [cheers] mrs. clinton: we won't be distracted, no matter what our opponents throw at us. we are not going to be knocked off course. we know how much this election matters and we know how many people are counting on us. we are going to take to heart the words of our wonderful first lady, michelle obama. when they go low, we go high. [cheers]
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mrs. clinton: we are going to keep our foot on the gas because donald trump's strategy is simple. they even said it in his campaign. get women to stay home, get young people to stay home, get people of color to stay home, get the lgbt community to stay home -- it is all part of his scorched-earth campaign that goes against everything we stand for. do you know how we are going to stop him? by showing up with the biggest turnout in american history. [cheers] mrs. clinton: we need everybody to turn out and vote. women, young people, women of color, lgbtq unity, latinos, african-americans, americans from all walks of life. let's break every single record. let's make that the story of this election. [cheers]
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mrs. clinton: here is some really good news. this is amazing. more than 20 million people have already voted in this election. [cheers] mrs. clinton: most of those votes in the last few days, 3 million of those votes from right here in florida. [cheers] mrs. clinton: you only see numbers like that when people are standing up for what they really believe in. if all of you vote, if your friends, your families, your coworkers both, if everyone you talks to votes, we are going to make some really big history on november 8. [cheers] mrs. clinton: i want you not only coming up for me, i want to reelect members of congress and sent patrick murphy back to the senate. if there are still people that have doubts about the state of the election, we have heard some averages things in this campaign. i'm sure we will hear more in
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the next nine days. i was beginning to think that nothing we learned about donald trump could surprise me anymore. but yesterday the washington post the list and report that was truly stunning. it starts with a story of a ribbon-cutting back in 1996 for a nursery school serving children living with hiv and aids in new york. let me say this is important in part to remember, this is a story about children with hiv and aids. there was a big celebration honoring the donors who had supported the nursery school and all the kids and their families for whom this was the most important thing you can imagine. back in the 1990's, some of you remember, right? children were not welcomed in schools. and then unannounced and uninvited, guess who barges in.
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donald trump. he walks right up to the stage, he sat down in the seat that was being saved for a local developer who had made a generous donation. none of the people working for the charity knew why he was there. he was not a donor at all. he had never given a single dollar to help build the school. he just wanted people to think he had. so he sat on the stage through the program, even posing for photographs. when it was over he got up and walked out, no explanation, no donation. who does that? what kind of person does that? really. who will pretend to help kids to make themselves look good? i will tell you. the same kind of person who would pull a bait and switch on
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a high school chess team. back in 1997, he was principal for a day at a public school. that was a program we used to have in new york. the chess team is holding a bake sale to raise money to travel to the tournament. they were $5,000 short. he walked up to them and handed them a fake $1 million bill. at first the kids and their parents were excited, and they were devastated to learn it was a joke. a given $200 and drove away in his limousine. this story does have a happy ending. a woman read the story about donald trump's they hader, called the school and donated the $5,000. and the coach remembers this woman saying, i am ashamed to be the same species as this man. [laughter] [cheers] mrs. clinton: i have got to say
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-- any of you see the debates? i stood next to donald trump at three debates for four and a half hours, proving i have the stamina to do this job. [cheers] mrs. clinton: a lot of what we heard him say is part of a lifelong pattern. here is what the washington post concludes. for as long as he has been rich and famous he has wanted people to believe he is generous. he spent years constructing an image as a philanthropist by appearing at charity events and by making very public, even nationally televised promises to give his money away. it was in large part a big facade. a month-long investigation by the washington post found that trump had sought credit for charity he had not given or claimed other people's giving as
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his own. because he has refused to release his tax returns we don't even know if he's ever given anything, but here is what we do know. with donald, it is always donald trump first and everyone else last. he abuses his power, he games the system and does not left who was holding the bag. donald trump has a terrible record on lgbt rights. this election will determine whether we continue to progress we have made or v ripped away. we note from has promised -- know trump has promised he will appoint justices to overturn marriage equality and he will repeal president obama's executive actions to protect lgbt people from discrimination. and just this week a new story came out that tells us a lot
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about how he treats lgbt employees. it is the story of a maintenance worker at one of trump's golf courses. this guy works hard with his hands. probably there 12 hours a day, maybe more when it's the summer season. after he told his coworkers he was gay they started harassing him. they called him names. they even threw rocks and golf falls at him. it got so bad he ended up in the hospital. his supervisor saw all of this and did nothing. finally he went to the police for help. he was too scared even to come back to work. what did the trump golf course do? they fired him. this is a heart-wrenching story on a lot of levels. for starters, it is a painful reminders of the harassment, violence and discrimination too many lgbt americans still face
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every single day. it is deeply disturbing that instead of stepping in to stop this on acceptable behavior, trump's business punish the victim for coming forward. if that is held donald trump runs his business, what does it say about how he will run our country? we have made a lot of progress on lgbt writes. as that story reminds us, we have work ahead, don't we? there is still no federal law that stops an employer from refusing to hire someone because they are lgbt. or a landlord for refusing to rent an apartment to a transgender tenant. and of course there are still states were you can get married on saturday, poster facebook photos on sunday, and get fired on monday just because of who you are or who you love. here is what i will do as president. we will call on the congress to pass the equality act.
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[cheers] [chanting hillary!] mrs. clinton: and we will then be able to protect lgbt americans from discrimination in all aspects of our lives. we will work together to achieve the aids-free generation within our reach. we will take on homelessness, bullying and violence. particularly youth homelessness which disproportionately hurts lgbt kids. and we are going to end the harmful practice of so-called conversion therapy. [cheers]
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mrs. clinton: lgbt kids don't need to be cured of anything, they just need to be accepted and embraced and respected. [cheers] mrs. clinton: yes, we will bring people together to reform our gun laws and keep guns from falling into the wrong hands so what happened in orlando can never happen again. [cheers] mrs. clinton: some of you know chad griffin, and others know this issue is important to me. i have traveled to 112 countries as the secretary of state. i saw how countries around the world treated lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender people. i believe with all my heart of america has to lead by example. i want lgbt people in every corner of our country, because don't forget you have moved far away from a lot of the places
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where people are still scared to death. [applause] mrs. clinton: we are going to elevate this issue. we will talk about it. we will reach out. so when you vote in this election it is not just my name on the ballot, it is your future. it is who we are as a country. it is every issue we care about. make no mistake, lgbt rights are at stake. dignity for every american is at stake. the future of our economy is at stake. when the middle class derives, america thrives. we will make america the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. [cheers] mrs. clinton: if we're serious about supporting the middle class, we will be supporting families. the other day i was in pittsburgh. there was a woman there with her young child.
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we have some folks from pittsburgh. [laughter] mrs. clinton: she was shaking tim kaine's hand. she said again her hoping i could tell you are secretary clinton i had my baby three years ago and the next day i was fired. it has been a difficult pregnancy. i called to ask if i could take a little time to recover in the answer was no, don't come back at all. nobody, no parent should ever have to make that kind of choice. that is also true when we talk about paid family leave. caring for a spouse or partner, caring for an elderly relative. i want us to recognize the way we live today. it is no longer the 1950's. we need to support people who are part of committed relationships, of families, of marriages, and give everybody the support you need to actually do what is the most important thing in life. that is caring for each other. we are going to do everything we can to catch up to the rest of
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the world. affordable childcare, paid family leave, earned sick days, rising income. we will raise the national minimum wage. no one who works full-time should have to raise a family in poverty. we will guarantee equal pay for women's work. [cheers] mrs. clinton: we will make sure we not only grow the economy, but make it fairer. that is such a stark contrast with trump. he believes if you give the biggest tax cut to the wealthy, trillions of dollars going to the top that will somehow trickle down. it has not worked. it will not work. i believe we could grow the economy from the middle out in the bottom of. that is exactly what we are going to do. so my friends we have got a guy who will not pay his income tax -- i got to just say. [laughter]
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mrs. clinton: when we learned in the debate he lost $1 billion, and that meant he did not pay income tax for 20 years, he said that was smart. i thought to myself, how smart the you have to be to lose $1 billion? [cheers] mrs. clinton: and what kind of genius argue to lose $1 billion for running casinos? [laughter] mrs. clinton: it is serious because it means he has paid zero for the military, debt, genius argue to lose $1 billion health care, pell grants, our universities, our colleges, our highways. this is trump to a 't'. the story of him showing up and acting like he has done something, he shows up and criticizes our country. he shows up and discriminates against african-americans. he denied them the right to rent apartments. he chose to make his products in other countries, not america.
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he has built a career on stiffing small businesses. i think that personally. my dad was a small business owner. i'm glad he never got a contract from donald trump. my friends we have got work to do. let's get to that work. we have got to make sure we get everybody out to vote. let's get to that work. i want you to be able to say on november 9 you voted for a better future, you voted for a better america. [cheers] mrs. clinton: look how easy it is. wilson manor, city hall it's mrs. clinton: look how easy it just a half a mile down the street from where we are. if you are registered in broward county you can go to any early vote location and the county from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. all week. if you have been mailed your ballot, make sure you fill it out and mail it back today. you can go to to confirm your voting place.
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also help us these last nine days. every phone call you make, every door you knock on will make a difference. go to text 'join' to 47246. i do when anyone waking up on wednesday morning and seeing the results and getting depressed. i am against depression. we don't want that to happen in this election. i don't want people to be said because they did not do their part. we can't let that happen. i have to ask you, if you know anybody who is thinking about voting for trump, you have got to stage an intervention. [cheers] mrs. clinton: do everything you can to try to convince that person they surely care about something that donald trump is on the wrong side of. i guarantee you they do. after all, friends don't let friends vote for trump.
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i am so grateful to all of you. how many of you have already voted? [cheers] mrs. clinton: ok. how many of you will help us get somebody else to vote? [cheers] mrs. clinton: that is what is going to make the difference. change is coming. let's make sure it's the right kind of change. the choice is yours. we will do everything we can to build a stronger, better, fairer america to come together and heal the divides among us. we will prove once and for all that love trumps hate. thank you. [cheers] ♪
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>> "washington journal," live with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up monday morning, fox news contributor jim pinkerton will join us to discuss the latest news from the 2016 campaign trail, including his recent article about the foreign-policy choices facing a potential trump administration. e government studies senior fellow at the brookings institution will be on to talk about marijuana legalization, on the ballot in five states. he will also discuss congress, especially in states where candidates --
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will joiniversity -- us to discuss the legal issues the fbi's probe of hillary clinton's e-mails. b sure to watche "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. eastern monday morning. join the discussion. >> see sprint brings you more debates this week from key u.s. senate races. monday night at 8:00 eastern, live on c-span republican senator rand paul andjournal," . democratonday jim gray debate for the kentucky senate seat, and wednesday night at 8:00, live coverage of the louisiana senate debate between a field of candidates -- republican congressman charles boustany, foster campbell, andlyn fired, john kennedy, david duke. at 9:00, republican senator kell


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