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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 31, 2016 2:00am-2:46am EDT

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tot it would get from this essentially dissect every element of your life. >> watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span two. now the 2016 presidential campaign, with columnist and author and colder. joining us from new york nine days for the election is author and columnist ann coulter . thank you for being here on sees and. let's talk about the story everybody has been talking about. when you heard the news on friday about the f the out -- the fbi taking a look at more e-mails what was your reaction? i was at first suspicious.
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he has not been particularly in .estive day -- aggressive his agents were appalled at his refusing to recommend an invite closer examination it seems to have come out of the , the one incorruptible public service in the nation. . the one man who ago after public corruption matter which party no matter who is is the u.s. attorney for new york i think you pronounce his name --. he has gone after the head of the speaker of the house and new york state senate, he took down the posts -- most powerful man state, sheldon
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silver, went over wall street banks. he started working for chuck schumer. he is investigating anthony ting.r's sex st i assume that is where it came from. host: ahead log -- headline from back and forthst between the justice department the fbi warming -- warning mr. comey. would he have been criticized either way? guest: absolutely. know what is going to come out. unless itsumption is were pretty bad he would not have agreed to send the letter. what will you do wait for the end of the election and he would be the one who was responsible
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for the cover-up? i assume his hands were for the reasonugh the -- there is so much more corruption it is are used to be, timing percentage, something like 19%, not that long ago 64% of americans thought the government worked for the american people now it is miniscule. a lot of the reason for that is because of a corrupt press. call me did not want to turn did not start --comey want to turn into ken starr.
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it is the zero to go with the flow and protect the powerful. host: that would involve one from her perspective? guest: i don't know. this would be total speculation, is hillary isssue sending classified information and keeping them on a secure server and not for serving them. this is a violation of the long. this is the way they behave. or some reason congress thought it was the order for government officials to preserve government documents. she did not do that. she violated the law. we have a higher standard for the clinton. the standard or them is they have to admit that they intended it. that they have full content and malice. atuspect that looking
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anthony weiner's computer and devices andand his we do know the u.s. new york's attorney that he did not collect all of the computer devices from him. that is what started this whole thing and they are reopening the investigation. i want to talk to also about the republican party. this weekend marking a one-year anniversary of paul ryan becoming the speaker of the house. the new york times wrote a story .bout what is not for the gop any move by speaker ryan and his allies to rely heavily on democrats to pass legislation lash fromke it back the hard right element of his
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caucus and put his job is. --y are already educating agitating for a delay in party leadership. guest: a lot turns on what happens on november 8. paul ryan is living proof of what all americans are discovering. it has been a strange year this way. i have been a republican my whole life. i have never seen my ex republican party so clearly has just the polity -- party of the powerful. it is the ruling class against the american people. paul ryan, along with hillary clinton is champing at the it to pass the trans-specific -- partnership.
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he is dying along with hillary linton to rant on the state to 40,000 illegal aliens in this country. it is insane. i can't add to the idea that our government's reaction to 9/11 was to increase muslim immigration. before the 9/11. that was our ruling classes behavior. hopefully enough american pharoah wise to what happened. and will vote for the american party. host: let's get to your phone calls. the lines are open. tom is joining us from dayton, ohio on the public in line or a
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good warning. caller: hello. i have rum ohio. trump.ting for donald the idea of listen to the -- a less people that killed american were born here. but their parents were born -- -- havee parents are come in from the middle east. we sent our jobs overseas. you are right. we cannot keep bringing these people in because their kids will be fighting our kids and grandchildren. it makes me sick. if you don't stick with donald trump i am not going to vote for you but i will vote for donald trump. host:
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it's the same arguments i have heard my whole life. bill in marietta, georgia. you are really funny. but state were you born in? guest: why? caller: i just want to know where you get your views of stuff. taking a citizens weapons saying and that the police and military .an only have weapons the laws are being violated every day in this country. you hear people say take our country back. look at is what happening in north dakota. you talk about killing our kids attorney andu an
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i'm sure there are a lot of attorneys who look down upon you. bill and hillary clinton were very smart people out of the state of arkansas. you have a good afternoon and where were you born? i understood none of what you just said. kelly read clinton the smartest woman failed the d.c. bar exam. look at the history of hillary clinton. of has been first lady arkansas. then the first lady of the every scandal throughout the years involved her hiding stuff. from the whitewater documents, trump created 500 businesses, about it does in -- it doesn't
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went bankruptcies. let's fast-forward to her years in the white water -- in the white house. documents disappeared four years. housekeeper found them in a closet in the white house. the vince foster suicide. you had canterbury with evidence, ripping all of the files out of his office. lack of transparency. when hillary was trying to push national healthcare there was a human cry about how she was having private meetings about government doing our health care and you are having fast meetings that are not the open to the public. then she gets to be secretary of state. information from the public, the voters and the american people.
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what does she do as secretary of state? server for a private my classified government e-mails. the smartest moment in the world, the real problem isn't just that she is corrupt that she is just stupid. host: you are a graduate of cornell university and a graduate of university of michigan law school. to theget your reaction influence you have had in the election. how and culture related donald trump. guest: obviously i loved the quote. i do think for anyone watching whether you like or hate i wish you would read that one book.
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before taking me you want to read me. it will help you hate me more. adios, america, is the most important book. peter in new york, thank you for waiting. guest: good to see you again. used to see you on fox all of the time. on you did they stop you from coming onto the show? and you'll go on over made a remark about hillary clinton saying she had an affair with her back in the 1970's i have not heard it on the major .adio and i am curious
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guest: thank you. i noticed this when i was writing about the illustration. does clinton administration. informationwith being put on private servers. lydia, good morning. caller: good morning. in yourerested statement about the magna carta. i have a reference to it because after donald trump introduced his line on why he is a candidate you applauded him because you knew that he was reference to your work -- your book.
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declarations was better than the magna carta which in my opinion was obscene tuesday and not only because it to files the magnetic cartoon -- magna carta because it applauded you. if you go back and reference 2016eek which was nine, you can have an answer about the private server because it goes into how a private server e-mails that were not accounted for in the bush administration. where were you in that time. ? going through that issue? i don't think so. you are not at all genuine in your interest in the law. donald trump did not
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describe my book in his openings reach. i tweeted something -- to the contrary. it was in response to trump's immigration policy paper he put out. it was magnificent. i was tweeting like mad about it. i recommend that anyone watching this goal and looked about putting trump's policies on the first week i put out is trump's immigration policy papers the previous the greatest since the magna carta.
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private service, no secretary of state has ever used a private server of the. --me other point in their part you wrote about right oft's right part -- critics donald trump say he is not focusing enough on the issues much more on the personality. no.t: all chapter on these attacks in my book. no policies specifics. they kept using with him is he is pushing these popular fish us. ,ring jobs back to america
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build a wall. they keep saying he won't give us policy specifics. he has given us more policy specifics than any other candidate ever. it was hilarious. i never realized how much i hate politicians, including politicians in my own party. they have a way of pretending to answer a question without answering a question. example heres an of the way he talks around an issue. what will you do for small businesses? lecture on howle amazon does business but no answer on what he will do to help small as this is. they have all of these words they use. donald trump is not a
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politician. sometimes it may get him in trouble. you asked a question and he answers it. the reason he is winning because of his issues. he has fabulous judgment and in his. all of the other 16 candidates are taking positions that are 7% possible. arep cap taking issues that 80's percent possible. how does the media and the left attack him? they attack and for his personal agates. no one is voting for trout because of his personality. that's not like he got more votes than any republican in primary history. should know him. they have had plenty of warnings
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, going back to eric cantor losing his house seat on the issue of amnesty. look at their cheap labor seeking is less friends. three times they try to pass amnesty in the last decade. three times it was shut down, not because there was a huge faction protecting the american people that because the american people got wind of it and shut down the congressional switchboard. does the voters have to tell democrats and republicans we don't want amnesty. we need to protect our own people. that is his message and that is why they don't want to talk about it. minute residential
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debates and the first time there was a question on immigration was in our four of all of these debates. thequestion on immigration, question that has rocked the presidential year. host: when you look at the electoral map what surprises are you looking at? obviously general ideas about the states he will do better in. think i would want to get that specific now. marchctoral map that in pointing out that for a lead -- democratss to win, have been restocking the country 1970 abouts posed 80% for democrats. it's not fair for democrats to
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bring in 40 million people to vote for them. host: they come in and become american citizens and then get the right to vote. guest: the process of replacing americans to vote. look at what has happened to california. the state that gave us ronald reagan and richard nixon. it will never elect a republican statewide again. it's not like they have come up with a clever argument that one over the american argument thate over the american people. let bring in some more people and they did it with the immigration act in 1965.
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as for the electoral map in to look i wouldn't want that specific. there are a bunch of states that are available to donald trump. host: who wins the election. boswell, indiana. good morning. caller: god bless you and culture. ann coulter --. the october surprises here. get ready for it. it will be the best one since reagan. lookout, we will thank you for it. just keep doing what you are thank you.est:
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to spot himou have three or four points in the polls because i have never seen such a vicious attack on any public figure before, not even on terra palin here the ruling classes determination to stop donald trump has taken on astonishing levels. i wrote about the joe mccarthy. , there has been nothing like this before when you have every op-ed writer for the new york times scratching his chin and writing these awful columns about how donald trump resembles adolf hitler. the media is going to keep ,alling the media candidate they will call him adolf hitler. i do think you have to spot him
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at least three points and maybe more because there was not much of what is called the gravity effect where people are voting one way but not telling the pollsters about it. they were pulling republicans, a republican primary and what is striking about donald trump and i have noticed this from watching sees and and my travels around the country, and astonishing number of lifelong democrats voting for donald trump now. i have been surprised in my travels of the large number of hispanics, blacks, voting for donald trump. thing if you are a republican and your choice is whether you are going to tell the pollster know i will say tom cruise. but if you are a lifelong and black or hispanic
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there will be hesitation to say -- are voting or down from four donald trump. mp we trust,n tru awesome. theer: you mentioned yourney general of new york mentioned that he is not corrupt. have seen it yet. i agree with you that nobody seems to be up there in government. this was brought up and the only entity that is not corrupt his judicial watch. they have done a lot of
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good work. -- his record is impressive. he roots out corruption and he is not scared off. being, there will be things i will criticize about hymns on day -- about him someday. it is unusual in not being bought. ist: jen who says ann shouting the same races speech as the rest of the deplorables and this from john in north carolina, she is intelligent which drives the know nothings not. 30 years ago they find a
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races as somebody winning an liberal host:. cap we seen that this year. earlier this month hillary clinton had a 12 point lead over donald trump. the latest tracking poll gives her a two point lead. she lost 10 points. it looks like the poles are moving in donald trump direction. i suppose i should say what i have said all year, i figured it was a $.90 chance he would win the nomination and ace escape sent chance he would win the presidency. the polls will move closer in his direction. the posts are so at odds with life. am finding in my
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large groups of people who have not voted at all who have not voted republican at all enthusiastically for donald trump. host: henry from michigan democrats line with an coulter. caller: good morning. i am finding it very interesting that ms. coulter uses the term treason for her book. i am wondering if she considers treason when a party, the republican party, plots against is president's soon as he inaugurated to block everything but he wants to do, when a party set down the government and costs the country 24 ilion dollars, when a party fights against the president at every step of progress when republican
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governors refused to take the stimulus money to bring act the economy then blames the president for the most anemic recovery in history then 47 republican senators signed a document for the supreme leader in a to stop the president from a new rear arm steel that is very important. guest: no. political parties voting in congress, that's not treason. wins can he work was begun our i and? to this hysteria works very well with people.
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he has saved billions of dollars working in a majority democratic city and also with foreign countries. he has a massively successful business private practice. the market is a little bit more punishing. he obviously can work with all kinds of people and gets along with people. i was about to say if he wins, surely that will be enough to finally get the message through to washington that we don't want more immigration. we know democrats want to votes but the chamber of commerce need the cheap later.
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-- labor. .e need to dust off the floor i think the election of donald , the political outsider, with his party against him and the entire media against tim if he manages to win the election that will give the message through to washington that we want less immigration. it would be very easy to work with paul ryan. liberal overrust a three especially a republican. i want to get your reaction to what happened last week. it got a lot of attention with megyn kelly and new english. >> the three major networks
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spent 23 minutes attacking donald trump and 57 seconds on hillary clinton's speeches. you don't think this is a scale of iis >>? he is not a sexual predator. >> people like you using language that is inflammatory that is not true. >> new have no idea whether it is true or not. i am not taking a position on it. the words, you took that position. exactly the bias people are upset. i think your defensiveness on this speaks volumes. let me make my point. what i say is if trump is a sexual predator than it is a week story. saying saw on the tape
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he likes to grab women by the genitals and kissed him. then we saw 10 women coming for -- forward. he denies all which is his right. we don't know what the truth is. my point to you as a media story we don't get to say 10 women are lying. we have to cover that story. >> so it's worth 23 minutes to cover that and hillary clinton in a speech in brazil to a bank that pays her 20 -- 200 $25,000 per dream is an open border, that is not worth covering? host: the fox news channel last week. your reaction. people cannot go on tv
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and just stare at the camera and say nothing. they almost always say nonsense. trump gave a great speech in gettysburg that why did he say he is going to sue these women accusing him so that is what we will talk about. were going toy talk about anyway. of i think -- i get tired this with this response from most of the members of my party. you have to punch back hard if you are accused. the idea that someone who has been a celebrity, hiring at hisul people to work club and running all these really pageants he has never and seriously accused of any inappropriate behavior before. even people who were innocent who are billionaires get accused
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of inappropriate behavior. all these women coming forward weeks before the election. of course it is nonsense. there has never been any hint of it. we all heard about bill clinton, that was his first introduction and hisation where he wife talked about gennifer flowers. there were lots of rumors, --ansas state trooper owners state trooper spirit and built cost me less will cause be. mars -- the wrong rumors. nobody has heard anything about him at behaving inappropriately. there is the billy bush tape. congratulations, liberals. one million man hours going
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through every howard stern interview. .veryone says stupid things is noting class representative of the american people. contrary to what everyone is , donald trump was not saying that he likes to rap women. a vulgar way describing the shocking phenomenon of women liking rich men and liking to sleep with rich men. the phrase he was using when you are a celebrity you can grab them and the --. there is no admission of sexual assault. to hear these torry and if urgent who said everybody does -- she was still
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in her teens riding her presidential need ads from the resident of the united states. to everybodyen does it, it's here -- it's a personal life. host: we have one minute left. david from springfield, vermont. good morning. caller: i just wanted you to talk about donald trump and check out an e-mail that hillary clinton sent when she was at the state department and moving all of the classified information tech -- intentionally. check that out. there were not any headers on the e-mail. it was reported about a year ago
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on five and how did you get a hold of it. care: i think people take of that. if we'll have 30 seconds left i want to tell you this is your last chance to say look at how women, children plants and animals are treated in the third world. thank i will do fine and donald trump will do fine. i have enough money to get by. it is going to be the working class and middle last that will be gone under this corrupt government of the road publicans and the democrats and the media all backscratching and doing one another favors and bringing in the cheap labor and replacing americans with third world workers. we will argue about everything else. right now we have to save america and hope for donald trump. host: people can follow you at
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your website. what is your next project? guest: the 10th -- it depends on what happens on november 8. host: thank you very much. >> c-span washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. fox news contributor jim pinkerton will join us to discuss the latest news from the 2016 campaign trail including his latest article about the foreign-policy choices facing a potential donald trump administration. at then the senior fellow the brookings institution will be on to talk about marijuana legalization which is on the ballot in fives days. he will also discuss complex within federal and state laws. especially in states where cannabis is legal. and the university of texas school of law constitutional law
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professor will join us to talk about the legal issues at play in the fbi's probe of hillary clinton's e-mail. c-span'so watch washington journal live at 7:00 p.m. eastern on monday morning. join the discussion. >> on friday, the white house previewed its halloween decorations. visitors got a chance to experience dolly madison talking about her role as first lady. and president teddy roosevelt reminiscing about his time in ought -- in office. i managed to save several items including the wonderful portrait of george washington that you saw. i saved small portraits of myself. most important i also saved the recordings of the constitutional convention where my husband served as secretary for president washington when we ended up with the constitution and articles of confederation
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had failed. i only wish this were wednesday because it was wednesday i would be having some wonderful ice cream and ask you all to give me a recipe and tell me where you are farm and then we which are those recipes with gatherings at the white house. any questions? >> what is your favorite ice cream? >> i have heard different people reported different ways, but i will answer this way that when my husband had his second inauguration i served peppermint ice cream. i have been known to on occasion popularize strawberry ice cream and oyster ice cream which tends to be not as well-received as the others. [laughter]
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>> this is also where on new year's 1902, she and i stood here for about an hour greeting every american who wanted to come through the door and she held a bouquet of flowers. she didn't want to shake hands, so she would hold a bouquet of flowers, so she didn't have to shake hands, but i shook every hand, 3000 hands in about two and half hours and this is the room we did that in and then we would often entertain people in the red room before a state dinner. the east room, well, if any one person is responsible for making that into a splendid reception room it's edith roosevelt. she was magnificent and believe it or not, one year we entertained about 2000 people in the room and i don't know how they stood shoulder to shoulder,
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but the work got done and then afterward we came down and she is the one who kind of started the trend of musicals and such in that room. before then, it had not been used for much. magnificent white house is -- the magnificence of the white much of the responsibility of edith roosevelt. >> c-span's road to the white house continues with coverage of donald trump's campaign rally at grand rapids, michigan. will be innton cincinnati, ohio. watch both rallies here on c-span. eastern, night at 8:00 republican senator rand paul and democratic contender jim gray
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debate for the kentucky senate debate. debateisiana senate between a field of candidates including charles boustany, foster campbell, carolyn fayard, kennedy, and john david duke. at 9:00, republican senator kelly ayotte and maggie hassan debate for the new hampshire senate seat. now until election day, watch key debates on the c-span networks. and listen on the c-span radio app. c-span, where history unfolds daily. election day, november 8, the nation decides our next president and which party controls the house and senate. coverage ofspan for the presidential race including campaign stops


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